big scary monster kaiju lady seeking food >:D

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big scary monster kaiju lady seeking food >:D

Postby melodywave » Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:28 pm

hi! :D

im craving something specific lately, but I’ll put my original seeking post underneath this one!

ive been on a binge of watching a lot of kaiju movies lately, pacific rim and godzilla mostly
and i really wanna make a kaiju character and toy with some little humans~!

specifically what I have in mind is:
- big size difference
- anything from anthro to just a straight up giant snake or lizard
- weird internals. im talkin glowing, tendrils, lots of slime, weird effects like aphrodisiacs or some way to drain your energy and strength so you can’t move <3
- multiple stomachs
- lewd sexual stuff >:3 those tentacles aren’t just for show!!
- endo (or at the very least, long, long, long digestion)
- Single prey, any gender or species
- oral, AV, or UB! Each of them have their own very very fun quirks, so I’d love any~!
- Unwilling <3 struggle lots for me~

I’d love to brainstorm and come up with some big monsters, anything from a huge octopus lady to a crocodile with hottt steamy tight internals

hmu with your discord tag and I’ll add you when I’m free!
(btw, I’ve been getting a lot of replies lately so it would be really awesome if you could put a bit of extra effort into the description of yourself to make yourself stand out!!)
(im also still totally down to just chat with anyone <3)
original post!!

i’m kinda new here, ive used the site for a while but this is my first time making an account to post like this!
id love to meet new people and make new friends, or maybe set up some roleplays!

when it comes to vore, here are my preferences and stuff!

pred vs prey: I’m a switch! lemme eat u >:3 or swallow me up! both sound wonderful <3
unwilling vs willing: definitely unwilling or reluctant!!!! idk how a willing roleplay would even work (unwilling to willing is hot tho,,, same with willing to unwilling)
gender: i like everyone!!! im comfy playing female, male, nonbinary, and anything else! and playing with them all, of course!!! (lately ive been in a big mood to play as/with femboy characters,,,)
types of pred/prey: literally anything!!! tired librarians, wealthy businessmen, plant monsters, sentient snakes, monster girls, you name it!!! i love making interesting characters, and love playing with people who have interesting characters too!!!

general kinks:
- vore obviously
- butts!!! (AV included!!)
- smothering!!
- bondage/tentacles
- mind break
- scent play
- possessive characters
- sticky slimy goopy stuff!!!! slime characters, mud pits, everything <3
- hypnosis
- struggling <3
- all types of digestion or lack thereof, from endo to hard vore
- maw play
- a lot more!!!! but we can talk about that stuff, one on one <3

i can really get into anything, especially if my partner is into it, so even if your kink is something like breastfeeding or hyper cocks and it’s not on my list, don’t worry, I probably still really like it!!!!!

my ideal RP partner: personality is what matters to me!!! id like to find someone who I can roleplay with, but also talk to and maybe even play video games with! im gonna be much more likely to respond to people who make themselves stand out with their reply!!

thank you for taking the time to read all that! if you’d like to rp with me, send me a reply with your discord tag and I’ll add you if you seem cool!!!! and, I hope you have a nice day!

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