Rules for seeking roleplay or conversation on

If you are looking for partner trying to arrange a roleplay or conversation, feel free to post them here, one topic for each player only! Check the rules for more info!
Forum rules
Seeking partner! forum rules:
1) 1 topic (thread) per player only. Check rules if you need help finding your old thread. There is no deleting thread option here.
2) Reply by private message only.
3) Seeking partner forum are for personal classifies only. Not for discussion or arrangement!
4) When replies. Check the classifies carefully to see how the owner wish to be contacted.

PS: This is the only place for seeking roleplay advertising on!

Rules for seeking roleplay or conversation on

Postby Eka » Mon Jan 30, 2006 10:41 am

This forum is for you to advertise yourself as the player or your characters for roleplays or looking for conversation about vore, whether it is for the forum roleplay, Instant messenger, or our roleplaying chat room or whichever other medium you choose except real life activity.

First and foremost, read the Site rule first~! ... about-site

After that, if you are interested in role-playing, check here for general roleplay guideline: This is highly recommended for people who are having a problem finding roleplay and point out a few things you might be doing wrong in the result of a lack of interest.

Finally, the rules for ‹ Seeking partner!

1) One topic (thread) per player only! We have players who have over hundred of characters, and we have thousands of roleplayer, if everyone post once on each character they have every few weeks, we will see nothing but characters!

Tips: To find your old topic (thread)

1) click on the forum Search
2) type your name into "Search for Author"
3) then pick "Seeking partner!" under the "Forum" in "Search options"
4) under "search within" click "First post of topics only"
5) under "Display results as:" click "Topics"
And you should find your topic!

2) To get more attention to your post. Scroll to the very bottom and look for the Image bump icon. You can bump your own topic once every 3 days. If you don't see the button, that means time is not up yet!
1) Do not make a new thread
2) Do not ask to delete your old thread

3) Reply by private message only!

4) This is the only place on this site for seeking roleplay advertisement! Other parts of the, including forums, gallery, blog, wiki, or comment, even chat room*, are all inappropriate for seeking roleplay solicitation!

* chat room has it's own rule on seeking roleplay method and is very complicated. See here for details.

Besides that, have fun!

If you have any question, ask in this thread!!
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