M Prey looking for any pred and casual rp

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M Prey looking for any pred and casual rp

Postby iwaitsilently » Mon Nov 29, 2021 9:25 am

I've mostly just lurked here for awhile, but I do have decent experience with RP.

I only do things on Discord.
Add me at Spectre#2304 if you think we match up well! ^w^

I'm really in the mood for more casual stuff. Not much build up, just diving in. Double points for approaching IC and/or plenty of teasing.

I don't really mind most preds, but I do have some preferences.
- standard furry fair like foxes and wolves
- dragons, feral and not feral
- anthro sharks
- tanuki (thank a friend that got me into them)
- a lot of pokemon, anthro and feral, generally the fluffy ones or the dragons
Note: human preds are far from my favorite, but I guess it's fine

I approach vore in a fluffy, playful manner. If you're someone into the darker side of it, uhhhh...

ok so kinks and stuff:
- disposal*
- slow digestion (painless)
- big bellies
- OV and AV
- i don't mind sex in the rp, but vore is my focus
- reform (not a fan of permavore)
- cuddles and softer approaches
- soft vore

dislikes (note: many of these are instant turn offs)
- super overweight preds
- gas
- bad smells (my biggest turn off, it's a long story)
- gore
- pain
- unwilling
- cooking
- hard vore

*Disposal is something I greatly enjoy, but I'm still open even if you aren't into it. It all depends on how much I enjoy being around you and your personality over all!

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