Switch Seeking Switch/Pred Willing to Play Vtubers

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Switch Seeking Switch/Pred Willing to Play Vtubers

Postby Kashii » Tue Oct 05, 2021 5:20 pm

Hello! I'm seeking some new experiences to fill out some of my niche cravings and *hopefully* get back in the swing of writing. I almost exclusively roleplay on Discord, but I can sometimes make exceptions.

When playing predator, I'm more than willing to work around your interests and fill out whatever you may desire, but I would like the same treatment returned to me as a result. If I'm on the prey end, my preferences tend to vary by mood, but I love playing around with unique concepts and ideas if you have any. I almost exclusively prefer scenes done with macro/micro, and I don't really enjoy metaphysical concepts like the soul persisting after death, but aside from those general guidelines, I'm really open to any new thing you want to try!

I am somewhat verbose, and like to make some pretty hefty responses. I don't expect you to match my post length at all, but I would like more effort than the usual one-liners. If you're willing to go the extra mile for my cravings, I'll happily return the favor in spades for whatever you may want. I've got a ton of characters I can use if you don't favor canon stuff whenever I'm playing predator.

Oh, and other characters I enjoy in fiction are also completely on the table! I'm more than happy to play as and with characters from games/anime, and I do my best to stay in character for such scenes. However, as the title suggests, I have been particularly interested in playing with scenes involving Vtubers in some capacity, so if you are interested in that, I'd greatly enjoy a couple scenes between us involving them. I have a particular love for Ninomae Ina'nis, but Juniper Actias, Akai Haato/Haachama, and LaynaLazar are close to my heart as well.

If you're interested by any of this, feel free to shoot me a message! We can discuss more deeply about preferences and characters and whatnot, I'm not as picky as I'm sure this post makes me sound. I'm not exactly sure how to end this off, I'm pretty new to making requests if it isn't obvious, but if you got this far, thank you for at least reading!

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