Sub female wanting to find some preds for a Warrior Cats RP.

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Sub female wanting to find some preds for a Warrior Cats RP.

Postby PrincessAkiza » Wed Jul 21, 2021 11:03 pm

Hello there I am a sub girl looking to do a warrior cats role play with us as characters we talk about and can do multiple rps with different cats.~

We can have the rp as dirty and kinky as you want since I am limitless as we can have my character be killed by yours to go onto other cats or just keep going with the pair we have.

My favorite kinks are- Hard vore, soft vore, anal vore, cock vore, piss, humiliation, abuse, smothering, cheating, paw mouth cleaner, cuts, biting, face sitting and rimming and much more~

I am limitless so we could do any kink you would like master x pet, public, all the way through, toilet play, etc, Anything you wish.

Also no one liners please through the rp and make sure to keep yourself entertained~

My Telegram is @Clairesluttoy My Kik is ClaireShaw415 and my Discord is Rogue Zoroark#8762 you can send a message here or to one of these, hope to see you there!~
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