LF Fire Emblem Partners

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LF Fire Emblem Partners

Postby SelkieEmblem » Wed Oct 13, 2021 9:27 pm


As you can tell, I am looking for partners who are willing to write other Fire Emblem characters from any of the mainline games -- This includes Heroes!

If you are unfamiliar with the characters, but wish to write with them, I have no issues writing cross-overs or with OCs/fan-characters! While I would prefer someone who could write other FE characters, it isn’t a total requirement!

I'm fairly new to the boards, so please excuse me if I take a while to get back to your PM or if this is formatted strangely/very poorly.

Ultimately, I'm just looking for a literate partner who can write Fire Emblem characters. Past that, I am mostly limitless. I'll write just about anything you wanna write so long as you can write an FE character. Despite this, I still do have some preferences, but they aren't at all requirements for a roleplay.

As you can see, Selkie is the primary character I write. I would love Fates or Heroes characters to write with , but it's not a requirement!
That said, I can write just about any character in the series! Be it Caeda from Shadow Dragon, Myrrh from Sacred Stones, all characters are on the tables!

Role Preferences
I would prefer to be the Predator in these roleplays, but I have no issues being the Prey! Similarly, if we end up including something like stuffing, I'd prefer to be the feedee, but have nothing against being the feeder.

Vore-related Preferences
I absolutely love Oral and Cock vore, but all other vore types are usually fine with me.
I also love multiple prey -- the more, the better!
Whilst I'm not big on size-difference, I can write it, but the smallest I'll go with humanoid prey is 1 ft!
Same-Size is my preferred size, but I also really like bigger prey!
Digestion is also really nice, but not required. Should Selkie be the prey, I do ask that reformation take place afterwards.
I have absolutely no preferences in terms of gender -- all are welcome!
Just because I don't have it listed as something I enjoy a lot doesn't mean I won't write it! Just ask and I'll be happy to write it with you!

I don't have many requirements! I just want someone who can write more than 3 sentences per response and can roleplay as Fire Emblem characters.
One thing I do ask is that you be patient with me, as I can take a while to respond depending on my mood. A few bumps are welcome, but try not to overdo it!
My absolute wont-do is feet stuff. Anything else is on the table, but somethings may take a bit more convincing than others.

If you can write more than 3 sentences and can roleplay as a Fire Emblem character, feel free to take me up on my offer!
I am almost limitless and will write whatever you want to write, except feet-stuff. I will match your length in regards to replies.
I can write just about any Fire Emblem character spanning across the entire series.
Feel free to PM me and we can start discussions about how we wish to go about this! Hope to ea- meet you there~!

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