Omori Vore Roleplay! Otherwise known as Ovorei!(I'm a pred!)

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Omori Vore Roleplay! Otherwise known as Ovorei!(I'm a pred!)

Postby Voracious Cutie » Mon Oct 25, 2021 10:22 am

Are you a fan of the indie game Omori? Well if you are read on ahead, if you aren't I recommend stopping here as I will spoil a lot about it!

So, let me lay out what I am interested in plainly and simply, I am interested in doing a roleplay using the characters and setting of Omori! With me playing a male pred from the cast, devouring either female or male prey. It could be a long term or short term RP, set in the real world OR Head Space, whichever you enjoy. Mari never falls is a fun alternate time line for doing vore stuff in, but there's plenty of options for how to do vore stuff here! I am open to willing, semi-willing, and unwilling vore types! I would heavily enjoy if we include disposal! I have plenty of different ideas, be it pre-accident, Basil letting Sunny devour him to fertilize some flowers. Perhaps Kel eating The Maverick after getting annoyed after too many races, Hero gulping down Kel for a permanent time-out. Sunny swallowing up and dumping Aubrey in the park! If it involves an Omori character getting turned into a mound or food I am MORE than open.

I am heavily literate and usually available to RP!

If you are interested please shoot me a message on Discord at Voracious Cutiepie#9191

As for a proper kinks list!
Oral Vore
Anal Vore
Soul Vore
Very light weight gain
Femboy and Male Preds
All types of Prey
Skinny body types
All types of prey-willingness
Graphic and Gooey digestion

Disposal Eating

I hope to see you! This AD never expires!

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