Little Witch Academia vore rp, Akko noms my Oc

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Little Witch Academia vore rp, Akko noms my Oc

Postby ChihiroIsBestBoy » Sat Oct 16, 2021 7:17 pm

(Note, in this rp all characters are aged up to be 18)
Hello there. I’m a prey who is only sometimes up for Switch, I’m a male prey looking for a partner who could do around 3-5 sentences for replys in an rp.

For what I want, I’m looking for a female prey open to soft oral vore mostly. Digestion would be allowed just not on my character but it would be used for another thing I’m interested in, weight gain. I’m open for other kinds of kinks but those vary. (I.E multiple vore types, and being sat on, etc)

Stuff I don’t wish for in rps would be disposal, feet, sweat, gore, graphic digestion, and bondage. Other things I feel neutral about so you may want to ask before we start.

I like people who have a good grasp of the english language with english at minimum being their second language. (Ironically since I might be making grammar mistakes as I type this. Also don’t worry about typos, happens to the best of us.)

I also prefer people who could play the characters like how they’d act in the show or games. No being cruel and sadistic for no reason when your character is supposed to be nice.

The rp in question would be about Little Witch Academia. You would be playing Akko Kagari and I would be playing my OC, it would be a first meeting rp that would show then growing feelings for each other over time. The only real settings I would know to use are various rooms in the Luna Nova magic school and the town that appears in the show itself.

Last thing. I would only rp if we message each other on discord since I’m not really on Ekas all that much so dm me your discord too if you wish to rp with me.

With that, I hope you do this rp with me.

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