Seeking a fairly long term rp partner. Clingy.

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Seeking a fairly long term rp partner. Clingy.

Postby Metera » Fri Oct 15, 2021 10:46 pm

Hi, I’m looking for a fairly long term rp partner with few to no limits, and I like to get straight to the point so. I prefer to use OC’s more than anything, I will not rp with furries, but Demi-humans are okay, such as catgirls, Fox girls, that kind of thing. My loves are: Vore ( all kinds ), disposal, scat, gas ( burping and farting ).

My likes are: Unwilling, willing, sweat.

I’ll go more into detail about that in my DM’s on discord, as I prefer to rp over there. I’m also looking for a pretty literate person, knowing how to rp well, and also enjoy the company of as i’m pretty clingy and don’t like when people are too busy.
I’m into every gender, but when it comes down to men I prefer femboys since they’re really cute. Females are fine. Age limit for me is 16, anything below that is a no-no.

I like to work out the rp ideas and things like that in my DMS. My discord is Metera #8811. I also typically enjoy same-size vore, and don’t like a HUGE difference in size. ( Skyscraper level ) Tallest I’d go is about 13 feet height wise. I enjoy tall women thoroughly. I’m okay with being a predator or prey, it doesn’t matter as I’m pretty flexible. I also really enjoy being almost babied, and kinda cared for. This of course, isn’t a necessity.

Dislikes: Furries, extreme hyper, tentacles.

Another thing, I am a pretty jumpy person, so I enjoy doing multiple rp’s. Always one at a time, but I’m not particularly creative when it comes to ideas, so I’ll need help with that. I’d love to discuss more in my DM’S. Please do not DM me here and go to my discord, which is Metera #8811, Finally, if you lose interest don’t just ghost, say that you lost interest and go about your day.

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