M Prey looking for F Preds or M Prey to Chat with

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M Prey looking for F Preds or M Prey to Chat with

Postby CupOfTea » Wed Sep 15, 2021 4:03 pm

Hi there! I'm Will and thanks for stopping by on my page!
It's probably obvious but I love vore and I'd enjoy sharing that appreciation with other people. Most of my experience with chatting or role-playing with vore comes from my own writings about it and some experience chatting to others about it. I like to be descriptive, be that a few quite detailed lines or a longer exposition of my thoughts and feelings as I watch a man be swallowed alive or myself being gulped down. Most of all I enjoy making sure my partner has the best experience they can with it; no one's ever going to have the exact same interests and perspective on vore but that doesn't mean it can't be made into the best experience it can be for the both of us!

In terms of my own interests, I'm very much into the unwilling side of vore, and I love a pred that simply just takes what they want, eating a man because they can, not particularly because they have any need to eat men. How that actually manifests is really up to you. I like cruel preds, cruel but kind preds, shy preds, guilty preds, utterly evil preds, or any combination of those really! The characters and their feelings are what I love most as they're what make each role-play or chat different! Not too many ways for someone to be eaten but plenty of ways that the reasons could be different, the reactions different or any exploration of the setting outside of the vore itself.

On the subject of settings, I like a wide variety of loose backgrounds to put the characters in, be they fantasy, sci-fi, modern, historical or fictional. If you have any specific to try out let me know because I love giving other people's worlds or fantasies a try! I have some basic ones myself that I rely on but nothing I'm going to force anyone to do

I'm open to any different kinks and interests you may want to include if they're something I can jive with. I do have my limits but when it comes to the main parts of swallowing someone or digesting them I like it pretty much any way that can be imagined. If you enjoy a particular phase of vore I'm happy to put more attention and focus on it, such as the teasing or talk at the start, the eating itself, or the digestion.

One extra thing is I don't mind chatting with other prey like me if you think it would be fun. Not sure what that would look like but I know tracking down a pred can be hard sometimes. I'm not one to play an F Pred so would most be chatting like a couple of preys if you'd be into that!

Anyway, thank you for reading and if you're interested I hope to hear from you soon!

The Necessities:

Digestion/Fatal Ending


Oral Vore
Anal Vore
Absorption Vore
Humiliation (The being eaten by a Pred kind of humiliation)
Weight gain/targeted growth. (I mostly like prey being eaten for some vain reason, like adding size to a woman's figure. Not too into extreme weight gain or more general gain)
Mass Vore
Outlines of Prey, face imprints hand imprints
Sentient fat
Soul vore/destruction

Food play or Cooking Vore
Hard Vore
Age play
I'll do my best to be considerate to all your interests but these are things I'm just not comfortable with

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