M/NonHuman/Pred into hard vore looking for partner!

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M/NonHuman/Pred into hard vore looking for partner!

Postby MyHeartInAcid » Tue Sep 14, 2021 5:38 pm

Looking for a partner who enjoys very graphic hard-vore stuff. For me this usually includes:
Flesh tearing,
Breaking bones,
Descriptive pain,
Graphic digestion
And of course lots of blood.

I can do any setting but am most in my element in fantasy setting. I have lots of characters I use, something I’d like to get more in depth about in PM. Also I can use (and may be better with) discord, if you have it just PM and we can add.
Also, it’s hard for me to work with responses that are very short. A small paragraph is best.

Some preferences, though i can do without these:
Drawn out,
Some scariness (in ways the predator acts)
Possible slight romantic stuff

Also, i can do disposal and suffocation stuff too, though completely optional.

For things i won’t do, all i can think of is anything involving vaginas. Ask me for anything else, i honestly don’t know too many fetishes.
Anyway, thanks and hope maybe this sounds interesting!
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