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Dragon pred/human prey lf partner. (Lots of kinks supported)

PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2021 5:37 pm
by AureliusB
My usual ad still applies, but i am now also looking for:

Update 14.10.21: More into a prey mood, so pred will be appreciated more^^
Roleplay partners that are into Jurassic Park / World scenarios. Dino x human prefered but wont mind any other. Fine with playing pred or prey.
Only oral vore, soft with digestion or hard. Prefered fatal, but could also end with reformation.


As said this usually 21 ft male western dragon (can change my size if required) is looking for prey to eat. I am fine with a lot of stuff:

-soft vore, with or without digestion (i have a crop for the once that wont like digestion, i can spit you out later. Though you will be coated by saliva and slime)
-full tour service (explore my while internal body without the risk of being digested.)
-oral, anal and cock vore are possible.
-willing and unwilling preys are welcome
-you just want in my maw, but not get eaten? Thats fine, mawplay rp only is possible.
-pre-vore topics are okay. You can give me snout pats or feed me fish before your the Main course.

Recently growed a huge need of being prey, prefering to play as human x3
Kinks are the same, highly prefered non-con Situations. If you have a good scenario for consensual in mind i may change my mind.

I am also a huge fan of hard vore, and i wont mind doing it detailed! Not wanting to scare people, details can be discussed in pms. I need more hard vore x3