CLOSED: Flexible, Descriptive Switch looking for RP Partner

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CLOSED: Flexible, Descriptive Switch looking for RP Partner

Postby MidnightNoon » Thu Sep 16, 2021 7:56 am

I am not currently seeking partners sorry. If you'd still like to get in touch to possibly do something in the future, feel free to send a message.

Hello hello! Have you been having a good day?
I hope you have, and I hope you're comfortable and curious. This may get long and spicy, but I'd appreciate if you read it all before sending me a message.

I am a fairly experienced writer, and I've done some Vore RP but not much. Don't let that dissuade you though, I have plenty of experience in SFW RPs and vore writting, and I pride myself on being a good writing partner. I'm hoping to find someone with similar tastes whose interested in a relaxed 'post when you can' paragraph-based RP. Hopefully this can evolve into a sexy and engaging story, and maybe even start a new friendship.
I don't have a huge amount of time to do RP, and I'd rather progress at a nice steady pace rather than burn out all at once. So I'll probably be able to to write once or twice every few days on average. Once a day at max, once a week at min, depending on the pace we're going and how busy I am. But when I do post, I'll give lots of material to work with.
Session-based rp won't really work for me, due to timezones, schedule, etc.

Before going further, some rules:
  1. I won't RP with anyone underage, so please stop reading now if you're younger than 18. Underage characters are ok but there can be no sexual content involving them. (More info further down).
  2. I won't ghost you, and I'd like not to be ghosted back. If life is getting in the way, or interest is fading, please let me know, and I'll let you know if that happens to me. We can work out an ending, or put the RP on pause. Even if we never get the chance to pick it back up, it's better than just vanishing without a trace.
  3. If there's anything going on in the story, or one of us is doing something that bothers the other, we should communicate about it and resolve it like adults. We're all here to have a good time together, no one wants to be making their partner uncomfortable.
  4. Please put effort into the RP. You don't have to write a novel but please attention to what I'm writing and give me something to play with as well, make some attempt at description and flavour.
  5. Don't get overly sloppy with spelling and grammar, mistakes are fine, just make an attempt at checking.
  6. Anything else, we can sort out together OOC before we start or while we play.

If that all sounds good to you, then read on.

About me
I like to play as both a predator and a prey, there are aspects to both that I really enjoy. Sometimes I will be in the mood to get gurgled up, sometimes I wanna do the gurgling. Sometimes it'll be a story idea that makes me want to play one role over the other. But most of the time I'll be perfectly happy to play whichever you dont. That said, I'll greatly appreciate a partner who is willing to let me play either role from time to time.
Likewise, I can play any gender. I tend to prefer playing feminine characters, but males are fun too, especially cute ones.
I enjoy partners of any gender, however I tend to prefer feminine characters here as well, whether male or female. Buff or hairy male characters usually don't interest me, and I don't like 'slob' characters or extremely overweight characters (Think BigBig's larger characters, though I love their art). Chubby characters are all good though.
I enjoy basically any personality for the pred or the prey. Cruel, kind, innocent, uncaring, it's all great in different ways.
I'm not usually a fan of playing as / with characters from fandoms/cannons, but it all depends on the character.

I like to write with a lot of detail. Every sense described, every subtle sensation. I want you to know exactly how it feels as your stomach slowly pulls me apart, or how the gentle drumming of fingertips on my stomach echoes like rain on a soft roof around you. I try my best to only describe my side of things, letting you decide how they feel for you. And I like playing off the details you give, describing what your ideas feel like for me. You can look at some of my old stories here on eka's for an idea of how I tend to write.
My replies will be at least a paragraph long, often 2 and sometimes 3 if I have a lot to say. I try to avoid more unless it works well for the pace we're going and we're both writing around that much. I don't require you to match the amount I write, nor the level of detail (I know I can go a little overboard). But I would appreciate at least a paragraph or 2 would be and I will love any detail as you can muster. So long as you're playing with some of what I give you, and you're giving me something to respond to in turn, I'll be happy.

My general preferences for vore are unwilling prey, fatal vore, and detailed digestion. Detailed doesn't have to mean painful or gorey, I'm fine with tingly, numbing digestion or goopy digestion. But I like it to be descriptive and intense. After all, this is the last thing the prey will ever feel, their body slowly falling apart, reducing to a thick stew around them. I can do willing or non-fatal vore depending on the scenario, but I usually prefer unwilling and fatal. Prey that starts unwilling but becoming willing, or the opposite, are both plenty of fun though. See my "Preferences" below for more info.

These are my favorite things to include in an RP, I will jump at any chance to involve any of them. You don't have to share or use all of these, maybe not any, but it'd be great if there's something here we can both enjoy. Any scenario focusing on these, I will adore.
Spoiler: show
Slow, long term digestion
This is my absolute favourite. I love when digestion isn't just a few hours, but days, maybe weeks, or even months of slowly falling apart in the pred's belly as they go about their life. I like when the pred and prey both have to get used to their situation. Even once the meal has accepted their fate, they still have a long journey until it finally arrives. Vore isn't just a death sentence, it's a life sentence.
Day by day, the pred continues their life, visiting friends, going out, maybe still eating normal meals sometimes. Routinely they check their weight and proportions, maybe checking how the prey is doing, that they're processing healthily. Sometimes they might need to buy new clothes as their body absorbs the prey, bit by bit.
Meanwhile the prey is their captive passenger, entirely subject to their actions and their body. Time, location, even up and down all fade away until they can only tell the passage of time by the pred's schedule, and how much of their body is already floating around them. Day by day, their body becomes less and less their own, until it's impossible to tell where 'they' end and where the chyme begins. Eventually they're just a glassy-eyed head and torso, a ball of barely conscious mush in the shape of a potbelly, so far gone that even the pred doesn't even think they're still alive. Until finally the stomach or guts decide to finish with them, and the last living piece is reduced to pulp as the pred sleeps. And in the morning, they wont even notice a difference.

I like disposal as a part of vore, there's nothing more predatory than shitting out the remains of a once living being. However I prefer to focus on the act itself rather than the waste (apart from interesting items in the waste of course). The pred squats over a patch of grass or a public toilet, gritting their teeth as they push out the contents of their bowels. A heavy sigh of relief as they finally force out the skull that had been stretching their guts most of the week. They empty their bladder over the pile, then pat their newly flattened belly and walk away, leaving the muck-covered bones and scraps of clothing for someone else to find.
When paired with long digestion, I love the idea that the pred's body is gradually processing the prey as they melt, and the pred is routinely passing the digested matter. All this while the prey is still alive and conscious inside, listening as their own body is shit and pissed out, piece by piece.

Difficult vore and Indigestion
Who ever said digesting someone alive is easy, let alone swallowing them whole? Maybe the pred is inexperienced, or the prey is just making themselves difficult. I like when the predator also needs to adapt to having someone inside them, whether it's trouble walking or having no clothes that fit. I especially like it when the pred has to really work to keep their prey, they have to fight to swallow them, and fight to keep them down, nursing and rubbing their bloated belly as it aches. At least until the prey has softened up enough. Maybe the prey will be as much of a pain coming out as they were going in. Sure they'll be gone eventually, but they can at least cause some suffering back on their predator until then, from a minor annoyance to a crippling stomachache as they struggle.

The pred puking up indigestible material is fun. The pred puking up half-digested meat and bones is even more fun. The entire prey being puked up, half-digested and unrecognizable, that's great. Often this plays on the above. Maybe the pred has to desperately gulp them down again. Maybe they clean them up apologetically, trying to help them recover after accidentally going too far. Or maybe they just get rid of them, their appetite ruined by the sight of their half-digested prey.

Observer characters
There are so many ways that other characters can get involved in vore. The pred's partner, helping them get the prey down. Helping the pred digest with belly rubs, love and affection, maybe a good fuck. Or the observer gets involved with the prey, tormenting them or maybe consoling them. Or the observer isn't as involved, they're just another character the pred interacts with, a witness to the prey's slow demise, whether they realize it or not. Either way, having other characters who are significant in the rp is fun. Who plays these characters depends on the scenario, but often we can both play them, they're here to make the main event better.

Fatality, and prey being missed
The permanence of vore is my favourite aspect of it. It changes the preds life - atleast for a time - changes the preys life permanently, and changes the lives of everyone who knew the prey. That meal was a person with a life, dreams, friends and family, and they're being snuffed out all for the pred's selfish desire. I love seeing the world react to the preys absence, even subtly. Maybe people are looking for the prey, and the pred has to pretend they aren't boiling away in their belly. Maybe someone knows what happened, and they have to think about whats going on in the pred's belly while they're sitting across the room or even having casual a conversation with them.
(Note, this doesn't mean Perma-vore, I don't expect you to retire a character just because of one RP. But I'd like a prey's death be cannon within the RP itself.)

Digesting in public
It's not like the pred can just sit at home all week while they wait for their belly to shrink, they've got a life to get to. Maybe they need to conceal their belly, pretend to just be pregnant. Or maybe they don't care, giving a slap and a 'shush food' whenever their prey tries to speak. Or maybe they'll happily converse with their prey, even in front of other people. If someone comes looking for the prey, will the pred smile and shrug, "haven't seen 'em", while the prey is pushing through their guts? Or will the pred be honest? Maybe they're looking to have fun with this curious person, or maybe they're ready for seconds.

Bestial impregnation
A non-vore kink I'm interested in is characters becoming pregnant with non-human children. Whether a feral wolf filled their belly with pups, or a drider's ovipositor pumped them up with eggs. Either way, they're now full of young and motherly love. All the fun of regular pregnancy, but a little more exotic. Even if it's a human impregnated by a demi, that's different enough to be fun. I also just like if characters naturally lay eggs, eggs are cool.
This one I'm less familiar with but eager to give it a go, whether it's part of a vore RP or a non-vore RP.

This is so much fun, more fun if it's involving vore in some way, whether the prey is the pet, the owner, or someone else. It's equally fun when there's fucking involved. I'd prefer the pet not be human for this, either a demi, furry, or feral. Whether they're intelligent or not can be decided as part of the scenario, both are fun. This is another I don't have too much experience with but I'll gladly try it.

Young preds and prey
I'm willing to involve young preds and prey, as playing with their innocence or their cruelty can be a lot of fun. However there cannot be anything sexual, explicit, or lewd when young characters are involved. If a scene involves a young character, then it is purely focused on vore or just PG storytelling, and descriptions may be lighter. If we want to involve this, we need to discuss it OOC to make sure we're both comfortable with the scene, but if we can do that and respect each other's boundaries, then it'll be great.

Hopefully something in there has interested you, or at least sounds fun to try. See below for my other likes and how I feel about other aspects in vore.

These are all my general tastes and preferences. Anything in here is a potential option when playing with me. If there's anything I don't mention here or in my "Won't do"s, then feel free to ask about it and I may be interested.
Spoiler: show
"Like"s are my general preferences, and other things I really enjoy. I would usually like play with these if you're happy with them.
"Can do"s are things I don't usually feel particularly strongly about, but I will enjoy them plenty if we want to involve them, and Ill gladly play them up if they interest you.
"Ask me" are things that I might be willing to do, but I either need to be in the mood for it, or it depends on how we do it. I'll gladly discuss these with you if you'd like them.

Vore types:
- Oral vore
- Absorption
- Vampiric vore
- Tail vore
- Crops (like a bird)
- Fatal vore
- Soft vore
- Object vore
- Semi-hard vore (drawing blood and maybe breaking bones but not killing the prey before they are swallowed)
Ask Me:
- Anal vore
- Unbirth
- Soul vore
- Non fatal
- Reformation / Reincarnation
- Hard vore

- Willing Pred
- Unwilling pred
- Unwilling to willing Pred
- Unwilling Prey
- Willing to unwilling prey
- Unwilling to willing prey
- Accidental
Ask me:
- Willing prey
- Willing to unwilling pred

Species (Pred or prey, me or you):
- Humans
- Demis, civilized or wild (probably my favourite)
- Carnivorous / omnivorous Furrys
- Carnivorous / omnivorous Ferals (intelligent or not)
- Birds and harpies. Birbs are my fav.
- OCs, whether invented for the rp or pre-existing.
Ask me:
- Herbivorous Furrys and Ferals
- Cannon characters
- Ponies

Size ranges:
- Samesize
- Prey is significantly smaller than the pred.
- Prey is child-sized compared to the pred.
- Prey is just too big to fit into a single mouthful, and will need more than one swallow.
- Pred is significantly smaller than the prey.
- Pred is child-sized compared to the prey.
Can do:
- Micro prey, around mouse sized. Small enough to get down in one gulp, but not much smaller.

Digestion options
- Graphic and painful digestion (but not so painful that the prey passes out, that's too easy.)
- Graphic tingly/numbing digestion (still just as graphic and uncomfortable but not painful).
- Intestines, whether the prey is still partially alive and digesting, or if they're just goop getting absorbed by this point.
- Prey still alive and barely conscious for most of digestion, long after they would have died realistically, until they finally turn to goop.
Can do:
- Goopy digestion rather than graphic and realistic.
- Prey passes out or dies earlier in digestion.
- Prey stays conscious after death as chyme, waste, or fat.
Ask me:
- Rapid / instant digestion.
- No digestion.

Disposal options:
- Hinting / Passing mention (they had to go to the bathroom).
- Descriptive scene, without much detail on the waste itself.
- Pieces of clothing, jewlery, phones / etc in the waste.
Can do:
- No mention of disposal at all.
- Disposal with a bit more detail about the waste itself.

Other things:
- Post disposal/digestion scenes (the pred getting on with their life, probably involving another character for the prey to play. Or it could just transition into an ongoing story with that pred and a new prey.)
- Other food in the belly / the pred eating while prey is inside
- Accidental vore / digestion
- Belly rubs
- The word "tummy"
- Pet names
- Burping
- Weight gain, but not so much that the pred becomes a potato. I like it if the pred's body is changed by the prey, either permanently or they have to work it off.
- Pred player taking over after the prey's death, or the prey player continuing to describe the journey of their remains, ether's fun.
- Entrapment, whether in mouth, cleavage, clothes, a collar or cage, in other bodily cavities, or something else. Not a fan of entrapment in a belly where digestion isn't imminent.
- Pregnancy & Impregnation
- Breastfeeding
- Bestiality
Can do:
- Sex. I'm more interested in the vore usually, so I can take or leave this, but I'll enjoy it plenty if we do.
- Farting.
- masturbation / pleasuring in belly.
Ask me:
- Cooking
- Inflation
- Hammerspace

I'm also ok with skipping scenes, incase there's a part of vore that doesn't interest you, or you want to get right to the juicy part:
- Skip setup (still need to establish ooc but can be simple)
- Skip swallow
- Skip straight to in-belly.
- Skip digestion (straight from swallow to disposal) I don't want to end the RP right after swallow, either digestion or disposal has to follow it.

Won't do.
These are things that are just off-putting to me. I won't enjoy including them in the RP, and it'll just kill the fun for me.
Spoiler: show
- Breast vore
- Cock vore
- Bladder vore
- Scatplay
- Gross characters / slobs
- Super overweight characters.
- Hyper bodyparts
- Real life characters

Scenarios and Ideas
Here's some scenario ideas that I'm interested in. Maybe one of them interests you too and this can be a starting point for an RP. This is just things that came to mind, don't feel like you need to pick from this list.
Spoiler: show
A couple own a predatory pet in a world where vore is somewhat accepted, maybe still taboo or illegal. One of the couple is home alone with the pet. They are meant to feed the pet before going away for a trip alone, but they get eaten instead. The partner comes home to find the pet full of struggling food, but doesnt realise it's their partner, they think their partner fed the pet and left on the trip. Slice of life ensues as the prey is slowly digested by their own pet, while their partner is still taking care of it.
This is a scenario I've played before but it died quite early, and I'd love to try it again. There's so much fun that can happen here, taking the pet to the vet for a checkup, going to the park, playing with other pets or getting fucked by a stray. Maybe the owner has some fun with the pet. And of course, lots of belly rubs.

The new puppy
A young character brings their new puppy to school. Their best friend is jealous of all the attention the puppy is getting, and eats it. The owner eventually figures out what happened, and tries to tell the teacher, but of course they aren't believed. And we see where it goes from there. This one would be great for an inexperienced pred, it could be their first prey of many.

Feral on Fairy fun
A group of fairys or just micros are out exploring a forest, but the wildlife proves too much for them to handle. The idea here is a bunch of tiny people getting eaten and/or fucked by small wildlife, frogs, snakes, foxes, squirrels, spiders, plants, all sorts. Could just be one scene with one micro, or a bunch of small scenes as each member of the party disappears, one way or another.

Vampiric belly rubs
This is not a scenario but an idea to go in one. A vampiric pred that gets too stuffed partway through draining their prey, and they have to stop so they can digest and make some room. The light-headed prey is made to rest with them and even rub the preds bubbling belly as it processes their own blood through the night. Maybe they're happy to do this, maybe they're forced, or just too dizzy from blood loss to complain.

Pregnant/mother pred
A pregnant predator who's prey becomes nutrients for her unborn young. Or a mother pred who uses their prey's nutrients to produce milk for her child. This is also a good opportunity for the other parent to feed the prey to the mother.
A similar option is parents hunting prey so that they can give it directly to their pup, so that their pup can learn to be a predator. Feral or wild demi preds would be preferred for this.

Thanks for reading! I hope you've enjoyed reading my post, and I hope it wasn't too long. Have you found something that interests you?
If you are keen to chat, please send me a PM. Tell me about yourself, what ideas and kinks here sound fun to you, and what other interests you might like to play with. Hopefully we share a bunch of tastes, and we can make an interesting story together. I'm up for longer RPs or shorter ones, and even ongoing if we're a good enough match. I don't mind much where we play, but PMs or Discord are preferred.

I'm not wanting to juggle many rps at once, so I'm sorry if you respond but I end up too busy to play with you. But I'll gladly make friends to possibly play together in the future!

That's all. I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you have a lovely day.
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