Female Bee in search of male prey

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Female Bee in search of male prey

Postby Holllo » Mon Sep 20, 2021 9:34 am

Right now i'm searching for someone to work an accidental digestion scenario. Where my character which will be right at the end is convinced to try vore for the first time. But all the pressure, nervous behavior and much more makes her slightly lost, which ends up with someone being digested.
So, as if it wasn't obvious enough, i need someone to play a character that can guide her through that, convince her, but don't be the typical "Uwu mommy eat me". It has to be organic and immersive.

I was thinking about the typical roomates, or maybe they are just friends who live together. Seems simple and generic, but i kinda like the premise. As for the said prey, i'm searching for the opposite gender. I will explain that better at the end.

Things that i'm NOT interested and WILL be a dealbreaker:
Sexual interaction- I don't want any sort of sexual interaction, innuendo, gropes, masturbation anything like that. It is vore focused.
Ferals- Despite loving Ferals, i only enjoy them on the Predator role.
Herms, Dg's pr any variation- Only male or female, no femboys. The more generic the character, the better. The player is the one who makes it special.

Things that are KEY:
Digestion- Without reformation, it is a one time thing, and the digestion should be a big deal. Someone is not coming back after all.
Obnoxious noises- Be it belly noises, burps or anything related to bowel movement.
Oral only- No matter the character anatomy, Oral only.

About the opposite gender, the main character I wanted to play is this Bee. I just like her vibes, and she has that Thick appearance, where the character isn't shown doing vore, but she sure could do it perfectly. However, if you have any other character, and want to make a request, I'm willing to try. Of course, if I like the character, and if your character is of the opposite gender.
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