Human Prey looking for Male/Female Furry Pred

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Human Prey looking for Male/Female Furry Pred

Postby MrWar » Wed Oct 13, 2021 5:07 pm

Hello and welcome to my RP sheet! This is my first time roleplaying vore on this site, but I have some erotic roleplaying experience under my belt, so I'm no single sentence, badly written rookie. :D

Now before we get down to what I like/don't like, I'm going to lay some ground rules that you have to follow before I agree to RPing with you.

Rule 1: I require a Semi-Literate to Adv. Literate partner. This basically means I can do anywhere from a single paragraph, to many. My personal sweet spot is 3-4 paragraphs per post, but I'm open to trying anywhere within the specified range. Anything less than two paragraphs however, bores me. So don't be lazy in your writing.

Rule 2: Good spelling and grammar is a MUST when RPing with me. I can understand the occasional typo here and there, it happens to me too, but don't write like a 4 year old. Proof read your work BEFORE you post it.

Rule 3: Good sense of punctuation. Know where to place your commas (for example: "I would like to, but I'm busy at the moment"), periods and parentheses. Not that this is a deal breaker for me, but at least know how to separate your sentences as well as clarify their meaning.

Rule 4: Effort is required, no exceptions. Story is great, Settings are great, but what really matters are the characters!

Rule 5: Obviously be nice and polite. Treat me with respect and I will do the same to you. :-D

Rule 6: Don't Rush. Please. It makes me anxious, and the more anxious I am, the less likely I am to continue a roleplay.

Now that those rules are out of the way; Where do I roleplay? I mostly use PM, but I'm also willing to use Threads if that is what you wish. I also have a Discord if you want to roleplay there on a private server. So feel free to simply PM me with your username, or ask for mine and we can get started.

Thanks for reading all this so far, now lets get to the meat of this RP sheet! Starting with likes.


Being the Prey
Being either Male or Female depending on my mood
Being a Human Prey
Feral/Demi/Anthro Preds of either gender
Oral Vore
Hard Vore
Soft Vore
Cooking Vore: My favorite kind of vore.
Anal Vore
Cock Vore
Graphic Digestion
Unwilling to Semi-Willing Prey
Fatal Digestion
Non-Fatal Entrapment
Full Tour
Macro/Micro play
Humans being seen as food
Leans towards First POV, but I am capable of Third POV too.

Neutral Towards

Being the Pred: I write better as the Prey.
Human Preds: I'll only accept Human Preds if it involves Macro/Micro Play, so Giants and Giantesses only.
Willing Prey: Not much of a fan of Prey willingly wanting to be eaten unless they have a death wish. At least make the willingness believable.
Sexual Content: I would prefer not to have too many sex scenes to the point where they overshadow the vore scenes. Vore is the ultimate goal here.
Gore: Don't go overboard.
Scat: Disposal only.
Unbirth: Only if it involves Age Regression.


Too much Sex: I'm mostly here for the vore.
Age Limits: Anyone looking to be under the age of 13 or over the age of ~50 doesn't really catch my interest, sorry!
No Info: If there's no detailed info in your PM or even seeking/profiles/etc. on what you want, I might pass.
Rushing: If you need an update, I don't mind. However if I haven't posted a reply yet/have clarified I'm still working on it (especially with replies over two paragraphs.) please don't rush me!
Second POV: No referring your characters as "You". Too vague for my tastes.
Crushing: Not a big fan of the stomp aspect of Macro/Micro Play.

Ideas for Scenarios

Idea 1: A Human (either male or female) ends up in some alternative version of Earth where Anthros replace Mankind as the dominant species, with the Humans being an extinct species due to over eating in the past. So this Human would literally be the last Man/Woman on Earth and VERY valuable to just be eaten by any Anthro, the King would want this very rare Human captured so that he could feast on him/her. Of course, if this Human doesn't get captured, there is a chance for some bad endings where he/she gets eaten by Anthros that are not the King.

Idea 2: Takes place in the world of MLP where a male Human, who has lived in Equestria for a while, is brought along with Princess Celestia, Luna and Twilight to the Griffon kingdom for diplomatic reasons and he ends up as the main course of the banquet. Since Ponies are Herbivores by nature, they won't eat their former Human friend (though that doesn't mean they can't eat meat).

Anything involving a Human being cooked and eaten by a Anthro is my big craving right now!
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