Hola Male Pred searching Female prey

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Hola Male Pred searching Female prey

Postby FelixJoestar » Thu Jun 23, 2022 2:11 am


I wanted to try new things so here I am, looking for a partner to be devoured by me. I have very little experience with this topic. My English it's not perfect, my main language is spanish.
I'm and always identify as a pred, and am looking for female prey, yum. :gulp:
I prefer to use my selfinsert OC in case you like to use yours

RP Like:
M / F
I love this one
Oral vore
This is my favorite kind of vore
Tail Vore
a classic
Same Size
I like the idea of ​​eating someone of normal height
Different Size
I quite like this idea because it can become more realistic than the previous ones
Play with my prey because of its small stature
Soft Vore
I like the idea that my prey arrives safely in my stomach
I use the mine, Felix the human with tongue of frog
Another thing I like is to lick the feet to my prey. I also used to eat my prey that has not shoes

Dislike Rp
Cock Vore
Anal Vore

I know what you're thinking, what can this guy offer me unlike anyone else around here? well I can offer you a good friendship if that's what you like, and I may also draw some scenes of the role-playing game that we are playing at the moment (be careful only if I decide, not if you ask me for the purpose of having free drawings)

I'm from Mexico, if you speak Spanish you are more than welcome.

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