Girls Rule, Boys are Poo. F-Pred, seeking M-Prey.

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Girls Rule, Boys are Poo. F-Pred, seeking M-Prey.

Postby Rosa » Tue Jan 24, 2023 8:03 pm

Hey there, folks. See the title. Discord only.

A little about me. I like it rough. I like it cruel. I like the vicious preds, the callous ones, the ones that never saw you as a person anyway. I like my digestion gross. Brutal. Final. Fatal.

I like to cut your pride down. Destroy your ego before my stomach destroys your body. I like to toss spiritually hollowed-out prey into a mouth pooling with warm spit. I like to be unable to feel those last struggles in my blast furnace belly. I like leaving no evidence of your humanity. Just a rancid crap I have no way of mentally connecting to that snack I had a day prior.

Sometimes, you need to put a man in his place. That place happens to be my large intestine. Talk to you soon!

Must Haves
-Micro/Macro Vore
-Unwilling Prey
-Fatal Digestion

Optional Kinks
-Semen Play
-General Grossness

-Mom/Son Incest
-Willing Prey

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