Switch looking for a Naga themed rp! (F/M, Digestion)

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Switch looking for a Naga themed rp! (F/M, Digestion)

Postby AnonymousXX3 » Mon Sep 25, 2023 8:32 pm

Good day!

So after playing multiple pred scenarios, I was looking to play some prey this time around. I am a switch, but will be playing exclusively prey for this scenario

Digestion and F/M is a MUST! (Outside of fulltour). I LOVE disposal. It’s a part of the system just like the acids

1. Annoying Mouse - So this was inspired off of an asmr where a prey annoys a sadistic naga and drives her to say “screw the consequences, digesting you will be worth it”. Only in this scenario, she eats him. Ideally the Naga is a crueler/uncaring pred, so maybe some of the tomfoolery is justified. Or maybe the prey does something innocuous that sends her over the moon? Either way, no one is innocent in this scenario

2. Yandere / Serial Eater - This girl has a habit of admiring herself, or the prey. To keep herself pure, or to keep the prey to herself, she outs to eat the character. The digestion will be ritualistic, where the pred treats herself as the prey is prepared for her intestines. Expect twisted love and/or indifference from the pred

3. I can TOO eat you - This one is a willing/semi willing scenario where the the pred explains how she could swallow the prey. The prey is doubtful, and either annoys the naga or emboldens her to prove it. So she does, much to the prey’s horror, and conveniently, the only way out is not through her mouth. Ideally, the naga should be smaller than the ored for this scenario to sell the prey doubting her.

My kink list: https://www.f-list.net/c/myvorerpkink

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