Male pred looking for M or F for cuckhold vore.

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Male pred looking for M or F for cuckhold vore.

Postby Jet45 » Sat Jan 28, 2023 4:11 am

I’m looking for people that find a very particular scenario hot, that would be happy to chat about it and possibly RP it with me.

Firstly, this involves male preds and male prey, so if that’s not your thing, you may as well not bother (or want to) read any further…

It’s basically a cuckhold scenario where you and your wife/husband are a hetro couple that have a lacking sex life. Reluctantly the husband allows his wife to allow another man into the relationship as a bull, to add some spark to their time in bed. She finds me from a forum. A huge muscled bull. 7ft4 350lbs and hung.
We do have our fun in the bedroom. At least I do and the wife to some extent.
Keeping this short, hubbie becomes a snack and rides out the rest of the session in my stomach, only to be digested during the night after.
This is predominantly humiliation based, with the other feelings that would arise in such a situation. His wife may be for or against what I do.

I really don’t mind people identifying as the husband or wife, but would prefer they play the irl sexual orientation.
I primarily chat on Discord, but DM me here if this is of any interest.

24/09/22 *** - UPDATE - ***

Not had anyone interested in playing as the wife or gf who wants to have some fun with me, whilst their man is packed within my stomach. Real life females only.

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Male human pred, looking for oral vore.
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