Switch looking to be/be eaten by feral/monster/unusual preds

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Switch looking to be/be eaten by feral/monster/unusual preds

Postby LilMissHorse » Tue Aug 09, 2022 8:29 am

((While you are free to message me about my rp ad, do note that I am currently away for the week on a camping trip and will not be able to answer any notes until I return on the 19th of this month))

Hello I am Asra and I am a prey leaning switch that will also play pred if you can catch my interest. IRL I am female but I have played both male and female characters and prefer to play either male, ambiguous or agender when pred and play female as prey. I will only play as a female pred, again, if you can catch my interest with an interesting scenario. Below I have a list of all my likes and dislikes, please read thoroughly and I have highlighted when certain things only pertain to me being pred or prey.

I am kinda in the mood to either play or be eaten by snakes or worms right now, so def hit me up if you are interested in that. (Though if somebody is interested in me playing a demon for them, I kinda want to give that a go as well)


-Unwilling prey
-Same/similar size (a bit of size difference is okay)
-Fatal/Implied Fatal
-Oral Vore
-Literate partner, like you don't have to write a novel but at least a paragraph or two is required.
-Writing in 3rd person

(lots of these are optional)

-Male, NB or ambiguous gender preds
-Feral Preds (I especially like snakes and worms)
-Monster Preds
-Demi/Demon Preds
-Alien Preds
-Plant/Spider/Unusual preds
-Human prey
-Implied Digestion
-Smug/Taunting or Mean Preds
-Constriction/Entrapment (like with a web)
-Tight Bellies
-Big Bellies
-Bone Disposal
-Casual Vore
-Grab and Gulp Scenarios
-Tail Vore
-Fun settings


-Anthro Preds
-Sex/Rape (I will usually only do this if I am prey)
-Anthro prey
-Demi Prey (Satyrs, Elves, centaurs etc)
-Feral prey (only if doing feral on feral scenarios)
-Belly Humping

(gotta be in the right mood)

-Female pred (if you want a female pred, most likely it will have to be a feral or monster. Though I am also willing to try out a tail voring succubus for this as well)
-Willing to Unwilling
-Hypnosis (hard maybe)
-Canon Characters (I will only do this if I am somewhat familiar with the character)


-Willing Prey
-Human Preds
-Scat/Watersports/Vomit (just most gross stuff really)
-Hard Vore

Currently I only Rp through DM's because of some bad experiences with people on discord. So please understand. I will try my best to check regularly for replies and let you know if I have to take time off.

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