Humanoid Prey Looking to be Churned Away[Reddit-Discord]

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Humanoid Prey Looking to be Churned Away[Reddit-Discord]

Postby SPHike » Sat Mar 25, 2023 12:55 am

Hello, if you are reading this it means somehow my title interested you enough for you to click on. With any luck for me this is because you are a hungry pred.

I rp as a prey almost exlucively, and rp as humanoids, which can be anything from humans, to elves, Tau, Pantorans, etc, or monstergirls like lamias and such, which even slimegirls. For sex I rp as female, futa, or femboy males.

I general look for male or futa preds, as I like cockvore quite a bit.

As for vore I tend to focus on cock, oral, and anal, but those arent the only one's I will do, just the one's I am most experience with rp'ing. if you like a type of vore I'd likely be willing to try it out. I rp pretty much only fatal, with almost no reformation, and generally prefer unwilling but like with most other things listed here, I am willing to be flexible.

Limits - These are the stuff I am not really flexiable on, almost everything else I am flexible on.
Ageplay/Minor stuff - Never, not happening. Probably just gonna instantly shut down the convo if it get's tried.
I won't play fat prey, but I'm fine with fat preds.
I don't like playing already existing characters, think Luke Skywalker and the like.
I won't play furry prey, but I'm fine with furry preds.
Nothing irl(by that I mean playing myself/ourselves etc, asking details about the person themself etc)

I am looking for people who are fairly literate. I don't mean typing lots of words. Just well written sentences. Short post rps can be great. I am very flexible with what I will do, and even more so with who I will rp with. If you have a type of you you want to try feel free pitching it to me, same with any settings, or other ideas. I also am not short on reference art if you like reference art. I work on a rp when possible basis, so I'll reply gnerally whenever I can, so if I don't reply I either managed to miss it/forgot somehow, or haven't gotten the time. Either way never feel worried to send a message checking in case I did forget. Also I love talking details. Maybe just a little bit too much, but of well.

When it comes to vore I as the prey like to be the one who describes the digestion of the chracter(s) that I am playing. The pred I prefer to have defining the actions, like swallowing, disposal if that happens, shaking their gut, etc, to which I react and tailor digestion. I can also do guro like stuff, snuff, etc if you like, or we can stick to softer stuff.

I can also do snuff and dolcett stuff

If you want to rp with me I rp on either reddit or discord. Just send a message there, don't send a pm here or reply. Preferably say that you came because of this post, so I know what details you have already seen.

Reddit: YousealGirl (u/WesealBoy)

Discord: Schooey#7092

Or just PM me here.

Last bumped by SPHike on Sat Mar 25, 2023 12:55 am.
I love to do vore rp's, and love to discuss details.
Reddit is YousealGirl (u/WesealBoy)
Discord is Schooey#7092
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