M/Fu Pred LF Feminine Prey

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M/Fu Pred LF Feminine Prey

Postby Balotony » Thu Apr 18, 2024 10:12 pm

NOTE: If you suddenly get very disinterested with me, I expect a warning before you decide to dip. I've had several people leave quietly, I almost never know why, but if someone tells me beforehand, well then I at least know I shouldn't be expecting someone anytime soon, will I?

With that out of the way...

Yo, I'm a pred, you're probably a prey, I wanna eat and possibly bang you as well. If you're keen for that, then I hope we can get right along.
I mostly play male preds, futanari also if I am in the mood, why? Well I'm dominant, I want to be on top, why else am I eating people? Also because it's just easier to dominate someone when you're dicking them down instead of the other way around. I like feminine prey, don't care if you're male, female, androgynous, so long as body hair is at a minimum and you are at a minimum lean, I'm cool (unless you're playing something anthro, which I guess I can make an exception for the hair thing). And I can work with a minimum of a short paragraph, so if you can manage to write at least that, again, we'll be fine. With those out of the way, I guess I can begin with what else I want...?

I can play just about any pred, but for a general rundown of what I'm most likely to use, look below:
- Humans: Basic
- Aliens: Go fucking hog-wild here
- Anthros: Not a furry, can do them
- Monsters: Name it, I can play it

Beyond those other qualities, you can effectively apply my list of preds as stuff I would also want to eat, except more... tame? Idfk.


Here are stuff I like
Fatal (Non-fatal also works, but the danger still has to be present)
Willing Prey (Most preferred)
Unwilling to Willing
Unwilling (Least preferred, but I can work with it)
Willing Pred
Larger Pred
Smaller Prey
Sexual Content (Vore is kinda adjacent to that for most of us, so it shouldn't be a problem unless otherwise)
Oral Vore
Soft Digestion
Tighter Bellies
Female/Femboy Prey

Here are stuff I dislike
Anything involving the bathroom
Hard Digestion/Vore
Transformation (turning someone into an object)
Fat Prey/Preds
Anything involving the 3 big bad philias

You want some examples of what we could do if you don't have a lot else to try with me yourself? Look here.
- You, a teacher at Ridgemane's School for the Uncouth & Voracious, are tasked with teaching a classroom full of practically adults who have been committed due to their unrestricted predatory behavior, which paired with hormonal angst and disobedience, creates a dangerous environment. Your job is dangerous, because at any moment, one of your students may jump out of line, and the dean will simply have to get a replacement while you stew in someone's guts. Any interactions with the students outside of correctional therapy or in a professional setting is also warrantable by immediate termination from the job; they are "almost" criminals after all, wouldn't want to get caught talking to them. Meaning you are always walking a thin line... You managed though, until now...
- A group of campers venture into the woods for the exact reason why they'd be out there. Except there's one problem, something is watching them, and its hungry. If multiple, it'll pick off the campers one by one, taking its sweet time through the night to catch and digest them all. By the time the final prey is standing, alone, well, they can end up joining the same fate as their friends... or they can survive. Fight or flight responses and quick, intelligent decisions may just save your pretty hide, but beware, you don't know how long you'll last...
- You are a boy, girl or whoever with a mission... make a good impression on the mother of your partner or suffer the consequences. You come from a poorer family than these aristocrats, a far poorer family, so impressing the larger woman is a near impossible task even with your A-game. But there is a chance... will you succeed in winning the hand of her child, despite your riff raff origins? Or will it all not be enough, and you'll find out why so many of your partners' exes were confirmed "missing."

I can also enjoy some "canon" roleplays, playing characters/ocs in already established medias, so, here's a list of added properties and some scenarios:
- Orc Massage: Word spread around that the local orcish masseur has expanded their business with an added subscription, one that anyone who joins gets access to regular and intrepid massages, and a special "deep clean" option that has got many curious. Most who go in for the deep clean come back refreshed and absolutely positive! Of course, there are a sparse few who decided they needed to spend a bit longer there, and didn't come back... Maybe you'd like to take the risk?
- Pokemon: There's a lot we can do with this, discuss further if so.
- Monster Hunter: (Particularly want to eat Guildmarm or Cheval from MH Stories, you do you, but if you are willing to play those two, I would love it) A fair bit can also be done with this too. Whether as a companion/partner/escort to an absent-minded hunter meant to watch over you, trouble is bound to be afoot in the Frontier, where rogue groups unrestrained by the overarching laws of the world and powerful monsters are bound to roam, with a lack of foresight, one's bound to end up dire trouble. Of course, given how things tend to turn out without one's trusted hunter, they may find themselves with little in the ways of protection...
- Do you know Mr. Grayson? You know, the gray DILF rabbit teacher made by Ms. Pigtails/SkyGuyArt? Small, affably cute and condescendingly business-like, absolutely no nonsense? Yeah, him. If anyone shares the sentiment of wanting to have him squirm around in someone's gut after a long fucking, you're not alone. (Reference for the bunny: https://us.rule34.xxx//images/3912/1d8e ... 80219.jpeg)

If you're interested, hit me up at my discord (indooka), since I'm not a big fan of the PM stuff here. Feel free to ask about anything you'd like to do too.

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