Female Pred/Prey looking for anyone to RP with (updated)

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Female Pred/Prey looking for anyone to RP with (updated)

Postby Slasher » Mon Feb 12, 2024 6:40 am

Hi, nice to meet whoever is reading this post! First, I’ll state that I can do a maximum of 60 lines, if the RP allows for such detailed replies, however I should also mention that I don't care how much the other person writes, as long as we're both enjoying it! I can Roleplay both in english and Spanish.

Here are the things I usually do, if asked, what I would maybe do, and what I never do

-Oral vore
-Anal vore
-Cock vore
-Shaft vore
-Bladder vore
-Nose/Ear vore (Not experienced at all in those areas but i'm willing to learn)
-Full tour
-Macro/Micro, I can compromise on something a bit bigger but that's what i'm most comfortable with
-(Regarding feral preds/preys) 1/8 to 1/10, that’s the minimum I’m comfortable with doing.
-Body exploration

My maybe, we'll see, let's talk about it beforehand

-My female OC being pred (Will specify later)
-My male OC being prey (Will also specify later)
-Body fluids (Apart from blood which I don’t do)

Will not do, even if I got paid to RP such things.
-You get the gist, anything that implies characters getting killed, being tortured, or everything inbetween).
-slime or criptid preds/preys (Have tried but I don’t know how to work with them at all)

In regards to my characters I have 2, one acts as a prey and the other one acts as a pred, I'm willing to shift their roles every now and then.

-Prey OC: Her name is Aura, she's always weary and distrusting of her surroundings, often finds it difficult to trust anyone and tends to run from problems instead of confronting them.

-Pred OC: Robin is bi, cares quite a lot of what others think about him. Often acts like a "big, bad pred" but tends to care about whoever he gets the chance to eat and play with, often making sure that they get to enjoy the experience as well.

*Updated: I can also RP several fandoms, from animes to videogames to some series and cinematic universes, will discuss when PM. However I only use my OC, have never found out how to RP as canon characters.

*Take into account that those are not certain personalities however, but that’s how I usually portray them in other kinds of RP. Speaking of which, I’m not limited to vore, I can do any kind of stuff apart from it.
When it comes to preys, I don't have any kind of preference, apart from "dominant"/assertive preys. In regards to preds I prefer furry/human ones, but I'm not at all picky.
I would rather use discord, since I have already experienced quite a few issues when it comes to messenger notifying me or not allowing me to recover certain messages, plus I have already been hacked twice and I don’t want to leave anyone hanging. Just take into consideration that I'm in a +1 Greenwhitch European timezone, so sometimes It may take me a few hours to reply.

*Updated: I've been having some problems logging in recently, so here's my discord. Please read before adding.
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