Tracing [(F/f and F/m sort-of), Oral Soft Vore, Tentacles]

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Tracing [(F/f and F/m sort-of), Oral Soft Vore, Tentacles]

Postby noego » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:32 am

Hello! Another piece of bad piece of writing from me that may actually dangerous to your health. This time with sci-fi elements! Hope that, if you dare try it, you reach the end unscathed.


Long nature hikes were not his favorite thing in the universe, but in a still developing colony he couldn't say they were not to be expected. His current company however made it all worth it.


Jason had arrived not two months ago to Janesworld. Not quite at the fringes of civilization like it had been a century ago when the first landfall was made, it was at the beginning of the curve that turned a wild planet to a concrete and metal covered metropolis. The point at which you couldn't see the opposite edge of a forest from the edge you were at already at, but where things such as indoor plumbing were available. He was more of the central world type of guy, but the ebb and flow of the enormous bureaucracy needed to help manage trillions of lives more or less harmoniously landed him on this remote metaphorical beach.


"Hey, Lorry can we make a quick stop", he asked Lorraine, his companion on this hike and so much more. "Could use a break to rest my legs."

She had been walking in front of him. The tight pants she wore had definitely been an enticement to carry on, but they were still a ways from reaching where they would be camping and he didn't want to be too tired for the expected festivities. She smiled and said, "Sure, babe. I could use a tinkle myself."

He dropped his backpack on the ground and lied down on the ground, and hooked his hands behind his head. He looked at her as she dropped her pants and crouched. She was over a decade over than him but her milky white skin was flawless, and he'd never been able to tell if the carpet matched the auburn drapes because she kept herself groomed to perfection. He bit his lips and a hand moved to grab the suddenly tight crotch of his pants as his girlfriend let go a stream of pee on the grass.

She looked over at him then pointedly at his hand then clicked her tongue, "You never told me you had a thing for pee."

He laughed and said, "Not really... But if anyone can piss beautifully, that is you."

She laughed back in turn and pulled up her underwear and pants. She then leaped in his direction. She made an arch that at 1g would have made her Olympics material and was still impressive at Janesworlds 0.6g. She straddled his legs on landing and shoved his hand away, saying, "We can stop until you cum."

He groaned but did nothing to stop her. She smiled at his quiet acceptance and quickly pulled down his pants. His semi-erect member reached full hardness in her mouth and started using tongue and lips to stimulate him. She was a very talented woman in many, many ways, and sex was not the least of these. She quickly had him spilling his seed in her mouth, which he swallowed.

"You taste delicious, my morsel", she told him, and letting out a purr as she massaged his presently spent balls. Which she had made him keep shaved just as she did with herself. "I'll enjoy eating you all up."

This caused his erection to pause in it's deflation. "Sure you don't want to just stay here? If you keep that up I'll be ready for round two in no time, and then I can pay you back for the BJ."

"Nnnnnope. I have something extra special to show you where we're going", she said, "And I don't want it to get too dark before we get there." She stood up and offered a hand, which he took to quickly stand up himself. Once junk, pants and backpack were back in place, they were off again with brisk pace. His muscles were certainly not complaining anymore.


It had been rough adaptation from his home world where so much was available with a few words or gestures to your cel. Here, in a world with less than a million people, the net was pretty much empty. Sure, the bigger sites like 'Pedia got updated regularly. But the ping to the closest high population world was 3 months. It was like going back to when the 'Pedia was first implemented, all those thousands of years back.

Remarkably little had changed since those days, setting faster than light travel things aside. You couldn't make autonomous artificial intelligence much smarter than people without itself down due to problems they never explained to their creators. You couldn't extend life to much more than 200 years. No way was found to put minds into machines without those machines promptly shutting down as AIs would do. They couldn't even find a way to make VR work without making you want to vomit at some point. Returns really started diminishing at some point.

But even so, people carried on with their lives, working their jobs if they were capable enough to it, otherwise living languorous lives trying to make themselves capable but more commonly just enjoying the limitless mountains of entertainment that the previous generations with access to the net had given them.

He'd felt lucky he'd been able to get work in network administration. He was pretty good at it. So good he got posted help manage the fledgling network developing on the planet. As the alternative quitting the job and hoping to ever find some again, he'd accepted this challenge. To be fair the work so far had been fulfilling but he really missed his few friends and family. Losing the immediacy of contact with was very hard on him. This haunted him many times.

Something he also missed, but would have never revealed to anyone, was his porn stash. Random inspection of data on cels was mandatory for all interstellar travelers, and while the stuff he had was perfectly legal in source and destination worlds, well, it wasn't something you really wanted to show to some customs officer. So, he sacrificed 3 months of wait while his encrypted information packages traversed the warp. Hardware was never free but you can't really hold information back.

While he waited for those to arrive, hopefully uncorrupted, he started scouring the local net for porn art. To his surprise, he quickly found an archive site that happened to host a lot of his favorite art in his particular theme: vore. So many images, animations and stories! The associated forum only had the creator participating so far. Glad to be able to offer an echo, he created an account and sent a private message. He received a response the same day and quickly they moved to a direct chat. Fetishes were still fetishes and being able to talk about them, share them and the net was still the preferred method to do these things.

They exchanged life stories as the days went by. She was a xenobiologist and had been here for two years already, studying the flora and fauna and usually at the outskirts of civilization. She wasn't a lead in her field, preferring to explore, gather data and otherwise getting her hands dirty rather than spending her days writing papers. Given the manner of their meeting, it didn't take them long to start role playing online. And given their high compatibility there, a furthering of their relationship to the realm of offline.

She had them meet first in a disco. Lots of bodies in a tight space. This made him feel strangely comfortable after living with so much wide open space these last months. They couldn't exchange much in the way of words, as the music was a at a volume that promised hearing loss if suffered through for more than a few hours per day. They didn't need to talk much though. He quickly spotted her, wearing a tank top, hot pants and knee high leather boots. Her way of greeting him was a grab of his crotch and after a few minutes of tight dancing they were off to his place to screw like rabbits.

After more orgasms than some might find believably, they rested together in bed, slightly sweaty in the well controlled temperature of his room. Her hands were between his legs, caressing his well spent junk. "Do you think I could get one more out of you, Jason?", she asked, looking into his eyes.

"I don't think you could get that up right now without injecting some weird nanos into it", he said with a pout.

She frowned and gave him a playful slap on his side. She turned and grabbed her cel. With it, she activated the screen wall before the bed and went to her personal page. "Maybe this'll do the trick", she said, and started a 2D movie.

It was a vore animation he'd never seen before. It was done in a cartoony style and it was good. It involved a voluptuous woman getting captured by a tentacle monster, repeatedly violated by the tentacles with many exaggerated moans and token resistance. It was VERY hot. He actually got hard again and they started fucking even as the tentacle monster swallowed it's victim.

"Ok, I'm done now", she said after what turned out to be the last of that evening's orgasms for each of them.

He nodded to her and pointed to her cel, asking, "Can I replay this?" She smiled and nodded, and he started the movie again. "This is FANTASTIC", he said, looking at it fascinated, "it almost looks real."

"Thank you!" she told him, "I cannot tell you how much work it was to get that looking like it does."

"You made it? Impressive! Quite the artist for a biologist", he told her, continuing to watch the movie.

She watched along with him and said, "Flattery will get you somewhere", and kissed him on the cheek as she watched along with him.

"You'll have to get me a copy", he said to her.

"I don't give copies", she smiled naughtily, "For you that means you have to keep coming to momma."

He chuckled and said, "Don't mind if I do!", and gave her a tight hug. "Do you have something like... my thing?", considering some of the preferences they had talked about before and roleplayed online.

She grinned and reached to pinch his butt, "Nope." She grabbed her cel and showed the thumbnails to two other movies, "Just more tentacle stuff. Tentacles/female. Have never been able to make something with anthros or humans."

"No?", he asked, "But that was so awesome! I though you were into anthro vore."

"Oh yeah", she said throatily, "You know my favorite scene. Lady seduces guy. Lady fucks guy. Lady eats guy. Guy is never heard from again. I've just never found a way to do it in a way that makes me happy with it. I'm pondering doing one with tentacles and a guy though!" and gave him a gentle bite.

"Oooh", he said, "If you had THAT I might go even one more round!"

"Well, I'll see what I can do about that. Right now, I have to sleep. No sleep means less artistic inclinations!", she said.

And promptly they were fast asleep with him spooning her.

Thus, as time permitted, they continued to meet, browse porn and engage in sex, with an increasing emphasis on how she was going to eat him in various ways, with some BDSM thrown in for good measure. It wasn't as much as he'd like. Her line of work had her traveling frequently into the wild. Then one day a few months later she suggested him going with her on one of her trips. The destination was quite away from the edge of civilization, but in the light gravity of the planet they should be able to get there in less than a day. They would then spend three days in seclusion, with nothing much to do except enjoy whatever entertainment they brought or, more likely, each other.


They reached camp about 30 minutes before their initial estimation. It was a wooded area through which a brook ran. He rather clumsily set up the tent while she went around collecting wood for the campfire. They had brought along some things to cook but also preserves in case they didn't want to bother with cooking. Doing things in a more primitive way was her thing and he indulged in any way he knew how, but it was hard escaping a life of comfort even with the incentive she provided.

After he was done with the tent (he hoped after reviewing the instructions one last time), he stood up and looked about, and saw no trace of her. Well, he did see her boots next to a pile of sticks and twigs of various sizes. Upon more careful observation of his surroundings, down towards the brook, he saw her neon red shirt hanging from a tree. Grinning, he followed the trail she had made with her clothing, which led him to the section of the brook where she sat, water dancing around her form. She looked at him and licked her lips, and soon he was astride her, fucking with an intensity he found odd. As if the surrounding untouched nature that made him, and her, a bit more savage, he thought.

After the rutting they lied next to each other in the water, and she asked, "Can you keep a secret?"

"For you, I can keep all the secrets in the world", he said trying to convey on his words how earnest he felt speaking them.

"Seriously. This could land me in prison and unemployment", she said, sitting up and peering down at him.

Her heavy breasts were hard not to ogle in this position, and he did for a moment, then looking at her face, surrounded by wet hair and looking savage, but also vulnerable.

"Seriously. If you told me you killed someone, I would not speak a word." He paused and said, "You didn't kill anyone right", now apprehensive.

She paused for a moment, eyes wide with surprise, then laughed hard, the laughter echoing around the very quiet forest that surrounded them. "No, I haven't killed anyone. It's just... I'm not that big an artist as I've led you to believe. I wanted to show you how I make my animations."

He now sat up and said, "You do your animation here?"

"Well... the... base of it", she said. "So, I have your promise of secrecy. Before I show you though, you have to promise trust me and not to be scared. Nothing I'll show you is actually dangerous. Do you promise to trust me?"

He nodded and said, "I promise." To be fair he was feeling very uncertain. Asking someone not to be afraid was surely something that would make one rather afraid, but he did trust her.

"Alright!", she said with an ear to ear smile, "Come along."

She grabbed a bag she'd left by and put on her hiking boots. And nothing else. He followed suit. The walked a few hundred meters along the stream before coming up to an out of place, rugged metallic box. She opened it and pulled out the contents, which turned out to be some wide area lights and a 360 degree camera and some drones. The power source for these was in the bag she'd brought along with a few vials with fluid in them. They had colored labels but no text from what he could read. Also some sex toys.

"So you're going to meet my... friend Nessie", she told him as she set up the equipment, his eyes on her form as she moved, his penis growing hard at the sight, "She's not quite a she but as close as it gets comparatively. She's very, very dumb and one of the few native species that shows any interest in us... with the right incentive." Indeed, there animals that occupied the niches such as mosquitoes or wolves, or even trees and grass he'd, but none had really taken an interest on their exposed flesh, he suddenly realized. "It's to be expected. We breathe a similar mix of gasses but don't share a lot of chemistry", she continued, "But Nessie is an odd one that I've been studying for a while... And kind of enjoying if you know what I mean. If it came out I'd be ruined, out of a job and probably with a stint in prison."

Prison was really not that different from being unemployed these days. Just even less mobility and access to the things that made people's life enjoyable. Like sex and porn. There was no death penalty but many chose euthanasia over death by boredom. It was not a place he'd want to put her in. So, he made the ancient gesture fingers moving over lips, indicating silence.

She winked and said, "Alright then!", enthusiastically. She then grabbed her favorite pair of leather cuffs and her favorite buttplug, the one with the bright pink heart at the base. She gave the plug a lick then pushed him back against a tree. She then pressed her hard nipples against his chest, and her pubic mound against his. His cock quickly engorged as she kissed him voraciously. Once she felt his cock palpitating against her warm, moist vulva, she moved the plug behind him. He groaned as she pushed it in quite forcefully, but the sensation was more pleasant than painful as she had trained him quite well. Then, her hands grabbed his and pushed them back so she could bind him around the tree. She broke the passionate, sloppy kiss and stepped back, "Enjoy the show!"

Then she turned and went back to the metal box where she'd laid out her vials and flasks. He watched, penis bobbing before him, as she slowly rubbed some fluids over her skin, then pushed an egg vibrator into her vagina and something he couldn't quite make out in her mouth. Once done with her preparations she slowly walked to squat, wide tree some meters away but close to where she'd set up her camera and lights.

His eyes opened wide and gasped as the tree moved. Tendrils fell down from the foliage and wrapped themselves around her. He opened his mouth to scream but then realized that this was oddly familiar. He'd actually seen something very much like this. In her movies. He ran his tongue over his lips then closed his mouth and watched.

The plant, or animal, wrapped its tendrils around her torso against which she'd kept her right arm pressed. Her left was tugging at the tendrils around her as her legs still rather than kicking as she'd done in the movies. Her back was turned to him and he couldn't make too much detail from the distance he was at, but he made up the details with what she'd seen from her movies. He saw the tentacles grabbing at her legs and spreading them, he didn't see the one that would go into her sex. He imagined that the reason she'd kept her arm next to her torso as she was grabbed was so she could masturbate. The large tentacle that was it's mouth was already present, the tip open like a flower. Drool would probably be falling from it while the tentacles held her in place or ravaged her.

It was just a few minutes of her "struggle" when the mouth tentacle moved down, quickly engulfing her head and shoulders. More slowly he saw it take the rest of her. He saw her legs tense and spasm when she was up to her waist. He found himself smirking at this, she'd given herself an orgasm. Then, slowly, the rest of her followed, until she was only a outline disappearing into the foliage, close Nessie's trunk. He swallowed, realizing that this was as far as any of her movies went. His heart started pounding quickly again.

Some seconds afterward, the tree shuddered and the mouth quickly expelled it's occupant onto the ground, all tentacles retreating into the foliage.

He let out a breath of relief and said loudly, "Are you OK Lorry?", his voice concerned.

He saw her raise a hand and make the OK sign. After a few moments she stood up and walked towards him slowly. Not a in pain, but rather that gait people have after orgasms, when knees are a bit weak still. The sudden fear at the end had softened his penis somewhat, but watching her smooth skin covered in slick saliva made him perk up again.

This didn't escape her notice, and her right hand, still covered in the creature's saliva moved to cup his well groomed balls. She said, "So, Jason, are you ready to be my model?" There were not enough "yes" in the universe to quite describe his assent.

She then untied him, and went with him to the brook. As she bathed, she described the scene she had in mind: an amazon would bring a virgin sacrifice to the tree god. There she would defile him then make him into food for the god.

"Are you sure you want to peg me? I would rather you tied me up and did cowgirl... Or even... reverse cowgirl", reaching to caress one of her generous butt cheeks.

"I'm sure", she said, "I want the vic to be good and fucked and nice and hard as he goes in. You know how much I like tapping your booty." She winked and said, "But don't worry, I'll be there as it swallows you and jerk you off. By then you'll let out a nice load I think. The ultimate money shot!"

"Can't you add it in with effects or something?", he asked, his balls already feeling ready to burst, as did his cock.

"It's not the same", she said pouting, "Pretty please? I promise I'll never do it again."

He smiled and said, "Ok, I can do this for you, get fucked and eaten. But you'll owe me!"

She licked her lips at him and said, "Such a good AND delicious morsel." She then gently swatted his hand away from her ass and said, "Now, let's go eat and sleep, and tomorrow we film! It's late and Nessie needs some time to recover from having to spit me back out."

It was getting dark. And so, with an aching penis he followed her down the stream and up to their camp after cleaning up and putting everything in the box. They ate packaged meals and went to bed. It took a while for him to fall asleep. This was going to be a very unique experience and it made him apprehensive. It's one thing to watch a movie and another to be an active participant of it. Then again, he could hardly pass something like this without trying it at least once. He tossed about, musing this and all the rest but sleep did finally come to him.

In the morning, he had some questions that he'd come up with during his restless evening. Over breakfast, she went over his concerns. The way she manipulated the creature was with some pheromone-equivalents she had concocted after studying this creature for a while. The fluid she'd rubbed on herself made her otherwise unappetizing flesh taste edible. The way she got a tentacle to penetrate her sex was with a concentrated variation of it in a ball that, as the tentacle pushed then relaxed, it released more fluid and thus got a thrust-and-pause, or fucking motion, as she described it. Yes, the tentacles were plenty enough to hurt but only if you struggled real bad. The creature was evolved to only exert as much energy as needed and thus would only use strength when it was called for. Finally, when he wanted to be spit back out, he'd have to bite down on a plastic sachet, that would activate the creature's vomit reflex.

His concerns allayed, they went over to the "set" once more.

She hooked up the lights and camera, this time also deploying small drones around the area for extra angles.

"You are REALLY dedicated to your hobbies aren't you?", he told her once everything was to her satisfaction.

"Well, it takes dedication to make good material for guys to fap to", she told him as she adjusted the straps on the biggest strap-on she had. She then turned to face him and gave his smaller dick, a slap with it and added, "Little Jay is ready. Are you?"

"Yes, Mistress", he told her and turned around so cuffs could be applied to hold his wrists behind him.

Once secured she pointed towards the tree and said, "Show time!", her voice already in definite dom mode, and slipped him the sachet with the vomit inducing solution. The "sauce" lotion was already applied, the fluid releasing egg already in place in his rectum.

She had him walk before her as they approached the tree, and a couple meters before the tentacles would be able to snatch him, she pushed him roughly, causing him to fall on his knees. She put her right foot between his shoulders and pushed forward and thus he found himself with his ass in the air.

"Oh god of fertility! I bring you my quarrel. Please let the harvest be plentiful, our girls health, our boys of some use before they come to meet you!", she said, her foot now pressing his head against the ground.

It might just be his excitement, but she thought she'd said that perfectly. Enough to make him a bit scared. The right kind of scared when you're in a sexual dominance situation.

"Please!", he said as she now moved behind him to remove the buttplug. The pink heart base was out of place in this situation but she'd edit that out. "Let me go! No one has to know, I want to live!" Acting was not his thing, but surely this was something they could fix later as well.

"The god would know!", she said getting in position behind him. And reaching around to grab his dick she added, "Your body knows this is the right thing to do. Your dick is hard for it!"

He just whimpered then let out a groan as she thrust her dildo inside him. This one was at the edge of what he could handle without pain, but still, she was being rough! She started reaming him like never before, and soon he found himself crying in pain.

"Take it!", she said loudly. Nessie's foliage shifted slightly as she did. They were out of her reach, but she was aware of them, he noticed. "Ah! The god is happy with our performance!", she said, "You should be happy to know a woman like this before passing on for the good of the tribe!"

He was supposed to ad-lib something here but the stimulation was too much so he just whimpered. After a few moments, he felt her right hand on the back of his head, fingers grabbing his curls and pulling back even as she pushed in the dildo to the hilt. In normal circumstances, he'd have orgasmed already, even without stimulation to his member, but the way she'd done him had managed to kept his dick hard but make his anus very sore. He could feel her hips shudder behind him. At least she'd gotten something out of this bit.

Without releasing his hair, she slowly stood, and he followed suit, urged by the painful tugging of his hair. He felt her nipples, and the dildo as she pressed against her back, "Good", she whispered at him then kissed the back of his neck. He shivered at change of tone only to feel himself thrust forward against the tree. "I hope your meal is delicious", she yelled at Nessy, whose tendrils promptly fell from the foliage and quickly started wrapping around his torso.

He yelled as they squeezed around him, a lot harder than rope would be in a normal BDSM situation. Painful but not enough to cut of his breath. He yelled, "Spare me, please!", his voice now sounding a lot more genuine. His legs kicked until the tentacles of the beast wrapped around each and spread them. One tentacle found his anus and was quick to slip inside. A soft wizzing sound revealed a drone had gotten into position to capture this violation. He started struggling harder but suddenly he felt Lorraine's hand cupping his balls. He'd almost thought for a moment this was actually happening, that the scene was not just a scene with a very weird third wheel. He relaxed a bit and the tentacles did so as well.

She caressed his balls with one hand, the other pressing against his abdomen. She could feel the tentacle playing its game of feeling the pheromones and pushing in, then stopping and pulling back out. She move this hand to his cock and started slowly masturbating him. "Good, good. Let yourself go", she said as she caressed him, "Reward awaits on the next life. We are allowed giving you this as a send-off."

Jason started bucking with his hips, trying to get himself to orgasm, but she denied him, keeping him almost on the edge as the tentacle in his rear continued to abuse him. But what really had his attention was the mouth. Fat drops of drool fell on his face as it hung above him, an indistinct fleshy passage receding into darkness eager to receive him. "It's going to eat me!", he said.

As if on queue, it moved forward, engulfing his head and turning everything into blackness. He felt it take in his shoulders and then start squirming around him, pulling him in. It was very erotic. Not what he could have expected but still, he was experiencing being devoured, even as his girlfriend jacked himoff, now in earnest. He felt the tube take him up to his chest and abdomen. He needed to cum before it took him in! With his hands tied he wouldn't be able to get himself off. Fortunately he was already close, and with his girlfriend finally giving him full stimulation he managed to reach climax. He shuddered hard, and he could imagine covering Lorraine's face in semen. It was easily the hardest orgasm he'd ever gotten. He only felt himself come out of the post-orgasmic daze as his knees entered the tube. Finally the tentacles let go of his torso and retreated from his ass. That was going to be sore for a while, but it just felt... worth it.

He put the sachet between his teeth, ready to bite into it and spit once his feet came in. He wondered if Nessy could be coaxed into getting the two at the same time, for a moment, and felt the the tube wrap around his feet. About time too, it breathing int the tight, wet, squirming tube was hard, and it wouldn't be long until the CO2 level got high enough that he'd pass out. He bit into the sachet, making sure to force all the fluid in it and spit it out.

The first thing he noticed was that there was no reaction of the tube to eject him. The next, that his mouth went numb. He tried shifting his legs but found they were unresponsive. He tried again, with all his might but he barely managed to push against it. Something was wrong. And he panicked. But couldn't do much more than breathe and scream and feel himself pulled up.. And then there was a bend. Now he was moving down, head first. An acrid smell presented itself, and then his head was pushed into a pool of it. By the time the rest of him was submerged, he was already unconscious.

Lorraine held of masturbating furiously as she was making extra sure every little detail was captured. The slight bumps as Jason started struggling. She wished she could have avoided using the muscle relaxant to get some real impressions on the feeding tube, but she wanted to avoid hurting Nessy. She was the star after all. In any case she followed Jason as he made the trip into the foliage then down along the trunk, where the stomach lied. He would be there for a couple of days and the remains be excreted. She filmed every second of it and even took samples of the resulting stool, because regardless of biological differences, acids treat all flesh more or less the same. Above all, she was a scientist, and this is a rare experiment to partake, and seeing what was retained by Nessy and what rejected would be very interesting from the scientific perspective. And besides she needed to make sure there was no partially digested plastic or leather left behind that might raise questions.

Once home she made sure to remove her site off the Net and set it up elsewhere. His cel was thoroughly destroyed and disposed of along the way back through the wild. Hers had stayed behind and anyone checking would only find her not leaving her quarters for a couple of days. Him, he'd gone camping and disappeared while making his way back.

The finished movie took her a few weeks of free time with her AI editor. She replaced each of them with with an anthro fox and him with a anthro bear, with the help of an AI editor she'd trained herself, incidentally helping remove all possible identifying elements she could think of.

It earned her more orgasms than Jason was ever able to get her otherwise. Her new boyfriend, Phil, another fellow voraphile she'd met through her new site, found it very inspiring as well. She was now looking for the next scenario that might be better than Jason's. She really owed it to Phil to make the most of him, just as she was sure Nessy would.
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Re: Tracing [(F/f and F/m sort-of), Oral Soft Vore, Tentacle

Postby blergle » Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:21 am

I like it, I was actually hoping she'd be doing what she did. That is a fun read. Side note--your plant's name changed from Nessie to Nelly at some point.
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Re: Tracing [(F/f and F/m sort-of), Oral Soft Vore, Tentacle

Postby noego » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:25 am

Thank you for the kind comment :). And for noticing the name change too!
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