First Absorbtion Story: Bondo

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First Absorbtion Story: Bondo

Postby ACannedHam » Thu Apr 08, 2021 12:15 am

Sunny Saturdays in the summer are truly one of the greatest joys of life in rural Montana. The possibilities of what you can do with the day are endless ranging from spending it at the beach to working at home to get things done.
Unfortunately for Meredith her husband Dave has chosen the latter. This particular Saturday Dave has been working away in the garage on his project car. For most people this would not be an issue; but for Meredith it is becoming one. He had told her; promised her that they would do something fun this weekend. He had said “Honey, this saturday is going to be special, we are gonna have the most amazing day.” That was Thursday. It is now 6:30pm and they have done absolutely nothing with the day. After breakfast he had said “I'm going out to the garage for a second, i'll be right back”. That was hours ago.
With dusk fast approaching Meredith stands in the kitchen, wearing a draping sun dress that flatters her curves in all the right ways. She is leaning over the sink doing the small amount of dishes from the gathering they had last night with some friends.
“Eight weekends,” she thinks, “Eight fucking weekends in a row he has been out in the damn garage with that car”. She's beginning to think that he is actually more attracted to the car then to her. To most people this would be the most ridiculous thought ever.
Meredith is what most people consider to be idealistic small town beauty. She is tall, but not too tall coming in at around 5’8”. She has a gorgeous, girl next door face that is framed by the cascading blonde locks that have a slight natural curl. Looking down would reveal that her body is fit and tight, with the most perfect tantalizing DD cup breasts. They are sitting above a flat stomach with the hint of abs (shining through the slight bit of fat that she wants to lose before summer is over). The way she is currently leaning over the sink also reveals the perky and firm ass that she has put so much work into keeping and maintaining. These perfect cheeks give way for a shapely legs with feet currently stuffed into these cute pumps she purchased on the weekends while Dave was working. The outfit plus the woman wearing it would make just about anyone do a double take.
She had dressed this way in the hopes that they would be going on a date like they used to. She had hoped that Dave would take her to one of the new restaurants that opened in town. Or that they could go for a walk along the river path. Or that he would take her up to the ridge above the town like they used too. If she was being honest with herself that's what she actually wanted the most. They used to have this ritual, every Thursday they would take the truck up to the ridge with some weed and sit and get stoned while watching the sunset and the stars that would follow. They would kiss each other until kissing wouldn't be enough for them. They would shed their clothes and make love, grinding against one another, thrusting and moaning in that truck until they both had their fill of pleasure.
Getting lost in the day dream Meredith dropped the glass she was washing, breaking on the floor beneath her, snapping her back into reality. “Shit!” she exclaims, a little red in the face from recalling those memories. She goes and fetches the broom and dustpan to clean the mess that her wandering mind had created.
As she cleans she cant help but think more and more about those nights and the hot steamy sessions they used to have in the bed of that truck. She finishes cleaning the glass and dumps it in the bin but all the while cant take her mind off her husband. It has been days; maybe a week or two since he and her husband have made love and for Meredith this feels like a lifetime. She tentatively brings one of her hands up her front, lifting the dress up exposing the white lacy thong she is wearing underneath. She sends one of her manicured fingers with purple nails downwards, plunging it past the undies to feel herself below. She finds that her secret place is dripping, literally oozing with excitement. As she pulls her hand back an idea starts to form in her head. It is a positively naughty idea but even the thought of it excites her even further.
She begins to strip, lifting her sundress over her head exposing the lacy white thong she is wearing and the matching bra containing her beautiful shapely breasts. She abandons the sundress on the kitchen floor, the thought of dishes long forgotten. She quickly runs down the halfway to the bedroom to get a little something then rushes to the garage door. She stands in front of the door, heart beating a thousand times a minute, her pussy matching every pulse, feeling her excitement beginning to soak her panties though. She thinks to herself “I cant believe im going to do this”. Before Meredith can think herself out of this she pushes the garage door open and strides in.
The music is the first thing she hears, some old rock and roll song playing away on the radio. Dave's truck is parked in one bay, backed in so there's space between the workbench and the bed. In the other bay is Meredith’s competition. Dave is hunched over the door of the ‘67 mustang, sanding back and forth on the body panel, Bondo sitting on the floor between his knees. He is wearing an old gruff pair of jeans,black boots down below. He has on one of his terrible(yet extremely hot) old tank tops that do a fantastic job at showing and defining his bulging muscles. His back twists and moves as he brings the sandpaper back and forth over the door. He is absolutely filthy and covered in the stuff, with bondo on his tanned arms and all over his chest and pants. His long gold hair is hidden behind a ballcap that she is now sure is also covered in a small layer of bondo too.
“You are just as handsome now as you were when we used to go on our little Thursday dates” Meredith says.
As he didnt her enter her, this startles Dave who drops the sandpaper and turns and stands abruptly. She watches his handsome, chiseled face go from surprised to interested to aroused. Taking her in is quite the sight, standing there in those pumps with nothing on except the white bra and panties. As he begins taking it in, looking at his beautiful wife he begins to stammer “I...I kno…. We were...uhhh somethin today…. but … ahhhh” is all Dave gets out.
Meredith stops him by saying “You owe me, and I know just the way you can repay me”. As she speaks Meredith reaches up behind herself and un does the clasp of her bra letting it drop down onto the dirty floor. Her symmetrical, tear drop shaped natural breasts hang free, nipples hardening in the slight breeze. She turns to the truck, unlatching the bed and letting the tail gate drop down. She stands, ass to the tailgate and stips her only remaining piece of clothing, discarding her sopping wet panties on the floor as well.
Dave is stunned, honestly not knowing if his wife is being real or really what is going on. She calls to him “Care to return the favor”. That one little statement is all that his brian needed to catch back up to reality. He begins to stirp in an almost frenzy like state, discarding his garments all over the garage with no care as to where they land.
As he strips he can feel his manhood engorging. By the time he stips his udnerwear away and throws them at the bench his 8 inch member is almost painfully stiff. During this time Meredith has lain down on the truck bed, legs and feet pointing towards the ceiling putting her pretty pink pussy on display for Dave to see. She props herself up on her elbows and drinks in the sight of him. Gorgeous muscled arms and all still coated in bondo from the work left discarded. She reaches over, grabbing the lube that she had brought from the bedroom and hands it to Dave. He immediately pops the top and squirts a massive amount on his thick pulsating cock. He uses his right hand to smear it around, pushing the extra up his pelvis with some sliding between the crack of his ass.
Watching this act sets Meredith over the edge prompting her to say “Honey, put that thing in me right now”. With a goofy smile Dave walks forward and spears Meredith with his member. For the two of them sparks fly. She strains her legs outwards while clinching ever so tightly inwards with her incredibly tight pussy. Her walls rub against the intruding member with oh so much pleasure. Dave tenses with pleasure, straining his well muscled back and squeezing his ass cheeks together. This first moment is so perfect neither of them want it to end, but they both have a greater pleasure to pursue. Dave pulls slightly outwards eliciting a gasp from Meredith who doesnt want that perfect object to escape her secret palace. Dave then presses back making her moan in delight and squeeze down with all her might. They move like this for several moments, in harmony with one another each voicing their pleasure to one another.
“Faster!” Meredith almost screams at Dave, prompting him to increase the pace. In what feels like seconds after Meredith has the most incrdible orgasam of her life, her pussy clamping down harder than it ever has before. To Meredith this is the height of euphoria, nothing else but this feeling existing to her in the world. Dave registers someone as slightly wrong but continues away like the good husband he wants to be. He turns his head up, looking at the ceiling, enjoying the pleasure of his wife's pleasure as he pumps away inside or her.
If either of them were paying attention at this moment they would have noticed something has gone extremely wrong for the young couple. Neither of them really registered it at first, just mentally chalked it up to meredith being extremely tight. It felt like his cock was trapped, moving meredith as a whole back and forth instead of sliding in and out. Not that this feeling was bad, Meredith was ridding one orgasam to another, moaning her excitement as Dave trusted. After several more moments where there should have been Dave's cock entering in and of Meredith’s beautiful pussy there was something else going on. Daves penis, along with a bit of his pelvic region, began to look like stretched hot cheese. Every time he thrust forward he would come back but not quite as far as the time before. Dave didn't notice however, still staring at the ceiling enjoying this strange sensual pleasure. Everytime he would pull back against this strange suction, a pulling would stir prompting Dave to press forward more and more. Meredith was lost amidst this peasue, eyes rolled back moaning, holding her breasts and enjoying this intense heat and pleasure focused on her pussy.
Dave after these strange couple of moments Dave finally looked down and the sight took his breath away. Where these were previously his cock entering in and out of his wife’s vagain now looked like flesh flowing into flesh. His darker skin tone gave way to her beautiful white skin, the two mixing at their contact points. His jaw hung slackly, not understanding what he saw before him. The sight was immense, but the pleasure he felt was even greater. The experimentally pushed his pelvis forward, pushing what he thought would be his cock deeper into her. Instead as he pushed his pelvis in his pelvic region sank into his wife’s nethers. He tried to pull his pelvis back but in vain, he could not free his pelvis for any backward motion. To Meredith this felt incredible, her pussy felt fuller than it ever had before, squeezing and squeezing upon something impossible.
As Daves pelvis sank and melted into her vagina his body contorted impossibly, bending him backwards, slumping towards the floor. He barely registered that his heels were touching the back of his head. To him every part of him that touched his wife's body for like a full erogenous zone, nothing except sheer raw sexual feeling. He did not know what was going on but was lost among sensation. He raised his hands in a feeble attempt to stop the consumption of his body. He placed his hands against Meredith's legs on either side of her lips to brace himself. He watched in disbelief as where his hands touched her skin they began to merge with her as well. He continued on, pushing into her at a headlong pace with nothing to stop himself. The feeling of this bonding however, he didn't know if he wanted it to stop.
Meredith didnt know what was going on, all she knew is that this was the best sex the two of them have ever had. She bounded from orgasam to orgasam putting her in a slight haze. She felt herself contracting and an intense heat but now there was a new feeling. A weight, pulling from below, threatening to put her off balance and fall off the truck bed towards the floor. This weight was also pulling her to the biggest climax of her life. Meredith reached down to stimulate herself to cross that final line towards the goal, but when she reached down she found a path of fluffy hair instead.
Dave had since sunk into his chest level, his chest seamlessly flowing into the nethers of his wife. Although he could no longer feel his legs or cock his entire body(at least what was left) he was in immense ecstasy. He felt like he was continually contracting, flexing and pumping to try and reach new heights. Merediths had felt across his face and he was in heaven, the touch more heavenly than anything he had felt before.Looking down he was now up to his chin, flowing completely into the nether region of his wife. Her fingers entered his mouth and he found himself slobbering around them, sucking on them like he would know nothing else. From above Meredith suddenly pulled, forcing the rest of Dave into herself, bonding him completely. As he bonded his eyes went under so he only felt the changes. His mouth inverted upwards, teeth becoming flesh meant for gripping and squeezing. His nose became a point of such immense pleasure that he could not stand it any more and then together, they came.
As Meredith came down from her climax she looked down between her legs, removing her fingers from her o-so-sensitive snatch to grab the jar of bondo that was sitting on the box of the truck above her. On the side it said “do not mix with silicone based lubricant, may have sticking effects”. She put it down and arched her head back feeling nothing but a great and deep consoling and said aloud, “Well i guess he made it up to me:”
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Re: First Absorbtion Story: Bondo

Postby Straxacore » Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:31 am

Very nice. I hope to see more from you :)
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