The Planet-Swallower (horror/macro/digestion)

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The Planet-Swallower (horror/macro/digestion)

Postby BrentonDeja » Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:38 pm

(This is my first vore story; I would very much like some feedback, thanks!)

The Planet-Swallower
By BrentonDeja

Fear, panic, disbelief... these things are commonly experienced when one is faced with their end, when one realizes that they will not survive something that approaches. Even if that fate that is unusual and seems as if there would have been no way to avoid it--even knowing about it ahead of time--fear, panic and disbelief is the natural reaction. After all, it enables one to survive, should there be even the slightest chance of escape. But, when faced with an end on a tremendous scale, where hope is impossible and a gruesome fate is guaranteed not only for oneself but also one's entire world, the surreal nature of it may suspend this reaction, at least for a time, though it may be replaced eventually by unimaginable terror.

Kevin Adams was one such person--one of billions--that would be forced to experience this. It was late one summer evening while Kevin was taking a walk that it first appeared above: a monstrous shape that expanded from nowhere and drifted lazily across the sky. It was a creature of some sort, looking almost as a dragon with its scaly body, long tail and wings. The thing was a deep red color, the color of blood. At first, much like the hundreds of millions of others who had likewise seen it, Kevin was afraid, frozen in fear and staring up at the thing, unable to fully understand what he was looking at. Whatever it was, it was beyond huge, and it wasn't until its shape drifted by the moon and appeared to pass behind it that Kevin realized just how massive the thing was. It dwarfed the moon, but what he couldn't grasp at the time was that it was even bigger than it appeared.

It was more than enough to cause widespread anxiety across the Earth. People were panicking, even as authority urged them to remain calm, as whatever it was continued to hover in the sky. It had made no threatening moves, they reasoned, and it may just pass the Earth by without incident. Occasionally, it would change direction, and one time, it moved closer suddenly, doubling in apparent size in mere seconds. The thing seemed to peer about with its enormous eyes, though it may not have noticed the Earth, or at least did not pay it any mind.

Kevin had no family, and it was his day off from work--although, few people continued working once the thing appeared in the sky--so he spent all his time from that point sitting on the roof of his house, staring up at the beast and fixated on its every move as it drifted about for hours. Part of him realized that at any moment, it could approach them further, and he wanted to be ready in case it did... though he wasn't sure why, since he was pretty certain there wasn't anything he or anyone else could do if anything did happen. He did not feel comfortable until he knew for sure, however, and so he waited and watched.

The thing seemed to stop at one point, and it gazed about, settling for a moment upon the Earth. The sight of it staring directly at them caused another surge of panic, though they could not be sure it actually saw them. A full minute passed, and it grew again, filling the entirety of the sky with its face. At this point, the true scale of the beast was finally noticeable, and people began to openly panic, running for cover even though logically it wouldn't make any sense to do so. Kevin was gripped with terror, seeing this thing staring down at him, almost as if it looked directly at him, which he knew was impossible. He did not move a muscle; he only watched silently, and it watched silently back. The minutes passed agonizingly slow with no change in its position.

Finally, its jaws opened slowly, revealing its horrible maw leading into unfathomable depths. It had enormous teeth; each of them had to have been bigger than the moon. The maw grew larger, and Kevin looked at the horizon, realizing that it was slowly surrounding them. He knew what was happening, but his mind just would not believe it; it seemed impossible to even imagine. All he could do was watch the surreal scene unfold in front of him.

As the darkness surrounded the globe, Kevin began to become aware of another light source. The beast's innards seemed as if they were softly illuminated, allowing them, he realized, to witness the entire horrible experience that was about to befall them. He could see the wet flesh of its mouth, throbbing with life, and the twisted tunnel of its throat disappearing further than the dim view would allow. He became aware of a sudden scent, a foul odor that permeated everything, and realized that there must have been some sort of air within the beast's mouth, air that they had just plunged into. Though still paralyzed by the horror of what was happening, Kevin watched with a morbid fascination as part of him marveled at the complexity of the beast and wondered how something like this could have come into being. It was a mystery to which he knew he would never know the answer.

The teeth clamped shut around the Earth, not piercing it at all but actually wide enough that it was able to close over it in a single mouthful. In the next moment, a wind seemed to grip everything, though no one was pulled from the surface as Kevin half expected. Earth's gravity was still working, at least for the moment. The wind, as it turned out, was the precursor to the next step of this horrifying encounter, as the beast proceeded to swallow.

The scene unfolded above Kevin as if he were watching a movie at first. The folds of flesh along the beast's throat throbbed as the view abruptly accelerated towards it. The Earth began to tumble, the view around Kevin rolling to show the sides of the throat speeding past. For a moment, it grew closer and he was afraid he would be smashed against it, but the Earth continued its roll, until he could see back where they had come from, the dim light of the maw disappearing in the distance and hidden by the pulsing, fleshy walls. Kevin realized that billions of other people were watching this as well, a terrifying ride shared by the entire human race, and could only imagine what was running through their minds... or, ultimately, if it would matter any more in the slightest.

The planet continued its tumble, and at once a tremendous tremor suddenly shook Kevin and everything around him. It was like a sudden earthquake of the worst magnitude, and it flung Kevin from his rooftop, tumbling through the air for a moment before splashing into the lake near his house. Not much water had been left in the lake, since the tremor had thrown a good deal of it out, and after returning to the surface of the water, he saw his house collapsed from a massive buckle in the landscape. What Kevin did not know at the time was that the planet had struck the side of the throat during its descent, a blow that had smashed across northern Africa and the Mediterranean, gouging both from the face of the Earth. In a way, those people killed by the impact were the lucky ones, as they enjoyed a quick death.

As Kevin pulled himself from the lake, he saw the spinning view of the descent above him, as they emerged into a much larger area. Far in the distance, he glimpsed their destination: a seemingly endless sea of frothing liquid nestled within the monstrous walls of throbbing flesh. The foul scent encompassing him now was unbearable. He knew they had entered the beast's stomach, and the true hopelessness of the situation began to finally weigh in on him.

It wasn't the only thing that weighed in, as the pull of gravity from the center of the beast was finally growing strong enough to be felt. It was rapidly overpowering the Earth's gravity, and it felt as though the landscape began to turn sideways. Kevin held onto whatever he could find, but thankfully, the pull stopped at about a forty-five degree angle. The sea below them was rushing up, eager to accept its meal, and in less than a minute, Kevin clenched his eyes shut, bracing himself as they plunged into the powerful stomach acid.

It did not submerge the planet as he was expecting, but rather, the planet bobbed back up, a splash of acid spraying across the "upper" half. It eventually settled down, coming to a slow drift as it floated half-submerged. Kevin blinked a few times, suddenly counting himself fortunate that he was on the "safe" half. Antarctica, most of South America and portions of eastern Asia were not so lucky, as they began the process of being digested by the powerful acids, which would very gradually eat away at the planet itself as well. As it turned out, the acids were powerful but relatively slow-acting, and as the planet floated in the dismal, frothing sea, it became clear that there was still yet some time for the rest of them.

Kevin climbed the now steep surface to try and get to higher ground. His car had fallen away somewhere so he had to make due on foot. Others he encountered had the same idea as him: get to "higher" ground, as far from the acid as possible. They did so out of pure instinct for their safety, though Kevin dimly wondered what good it would do. Eventually, in who-knows-how-long, the entire planet would be digested anyway, and even if it wasn't, the beast would probably excrete what was left of them into space, to die in a cold vacuum instead.

It took days, but he and many others--those who had neither been splashed by the acid during the plunge or had fallen off and pulled in by the beast's gravity--congregated to a location further away, one of many such groupings around the world. Global communications were in disarray, as the tremor from striking the side of the beast's throat had caused massive devastation, not to mention that satellites were no longer where they should have been. Still, Kevin was able to at least get an impression of people's reactions around him in the congregation: fear, panic, disbelief... some people still clung to a shred of hope, though many more were realistic about it and knew that they had no future, that before long, the planet would sink further and further into the horrible sea below and be completely digested by the beast. There had been a rash of suicides from those who did not want to meet their end this way. Others prayed to their respective gods for mercy or to be saved; still others had succumbed to the belief that the beast was a god, for what other explanation was there? A select few people were actually elated; while they had been initially fearful, they eventually welcomed and were even excited by the prospect of being digested by a cosmic-scale creature. These people spent their time staring up at the undulating walls of the stomach far in the distance, waiting for the end with bated breath.

Kevin was unsure how he felt. As they days turned into weeks, he began to wonder if the end would be all that swift, or even if it would come in his lifetime. He shuddered at the thought of children being born into this, of generations growing up and knowing no different than the remnants of the Earth floating inside a giant beast's stomach. He prayed that, come what may, at least that would never happen.

His fears were unfounded, though. In a month's time, the submerged portion of the planet had been partially dissolved enough that the sinking level of the planet began to be more noticeable. Before long, people were on the move again, heading for even higher ground however possible. The only ones that remained behind were the hopeless, and the fanatics who welcomed it. Kevin wouldn't know what became of them, though he had a pretty good idea. He joined the rest of the people, all gathering at what was now the Earth's new "north pole", as far as they could possibly go. It almost seemed as if the dissolving of the planet had begun to speed itself, as the acid level was becoming noticeably closer with each passing day, until eventually they knew it would be a matter of hours before it was all over.

Kevin tried desperately to get as far inland as possible, but the people were too tightly packed. He felt the ground sway beneath his feet, saw the frothing acid growing closer, and despite the weeks and weeks of hopelessness and preparation for the end, instinct took over and he realized that he did not want to die, not like this. The ground literally began to break up beneath his feet, and at once, people around him began plummeting through the cracks and into the acid. He somehow managed to grab hold of a large chunk of rock about a hundred feet or so wide that separated away from the main group. As he watched from his perch on the rock, thousands of people began to scream and panic as their last refuge broke apart beneath them. He saw them writhing in the waves, arms reaching out in a desperate plea to be saved before they dissolved slowly into nothing. The cries of pain and agony around him rose to a cacophony, and as he saw the distant walls throbbing eagerly and the mass below him churning and boiling, he knew at last that this was Hell.

Amazingly, the rock he floated on held up, at least for a short time. The din around him faded, cries vanishing little by little until only the sound of the churning acid around him remained. Kevin didn't know it, but somehow he managed to become the last remaining human. The rock he was perched on began to break up little by little, and he closed his eyes, knowing he had only a minute left at most before it was his turn. There was no avoiding it now, and he was as ready as he could ever hope to be. He held his breath and prepared to take the plunge...

Not just yet, little one...

His eyes flew open at the pleasant, feminine voice that resonated in his mind. A moment later, he realized he was floating in the air; beneath him, the last chunks of rock slipped beneath the acidic waves, vanishing from sight. He looked around to try and figure out what was holding him up, and shouted, "Who is that? Who are you?"

A chuckle resonated through him, and he heard the voice in his mind again. You have spent so much time within my belly, yet you know not who I am.

Kevin felt a surge of anger, realizing he was speaking to the beast, and yelled, "Why?! Why did you destroy everything? How could you do this to us, monster?!"

I am no monster, came the reply. I did what I must to survive. Allow me to congratulate you on being the longest surviving member of your people. Much like myself, actually... you and I are more alike than you realize.

"But," Kevin protested, "but our entire species... our planet... everything we had..."

Fear not, little one, the voice said. You will not miss them for long. I promise you that.

Kevin wondered what the beast meant, and figured he meant that he would be dead soon. He clenched his eyes shut and said, "Fine... Kill me then, if you must."

Another laugh echoed, the stomach walls around him shaking, and the voice reassured him, I am not going to kill you. No, instead you will be reborn...

Before Kevin could say anything else, he felt everything twisting around him and his surroundings faded away to solid black. He became aware of tiny points of light in the darkness, until his vision cleared and he realized he was looking at a starry sky, a sight he hadn't seen for some time.

While he marveled at this, the feminine voice returned in his mind, Turn around, little one, and let me have a look at you. Confused, he spun around in the zero gravity of space, and saw the creature, the dragon he had seen when it had first arrived, only now it was not much larger that he.

What's going on? he said, surprisingly without having to move his lips.

The dragon smiled and replied, Look at yourself. I have given you a new body to replace your old. You are a celestial dragon now, like me. Kevin looked down at himself, and sure enough, he had a scaly body similar to hers, except a deep blue color instead of her red. He flexed a claw, realizing that it did indeed belong to him. Peering over his shoulder, he saw his tail and wings, and was able to move both of them with minimal effort.

How... Kevin said. Why...?

To be honest, she said, I did not realize your world was populated. You have my utmost apologies for eating it without making sure it was uninhabited first. It was fortunate that I sensed you before I digested you. Restoring your planet was impossible, so this was the only way I could ensure your survival.

I see... he said. He felt sorry for everyone else, but at the same time incredibly relieved that he would survive after all, albeit in a different form. He looked back at her and asked, What now?

Now, she replied with a smile, we have much we can do. Where I was alone before, there are now two of our kind once again. This, then is a cause for celebration. Allow me to repay you by showing you the wonders of the galaxy.

She started flying off into the deep expanse, and he followed close by, eager to learn and experience all the galaxy had to offer. As they left behind the place where Earth once was, he cast a brief glance at Mars and asked, Is it all right if we stop for a bite first? I'm starving...
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Re: The Planet-Swallower (horror/macro/digestion)

Postby Ragtime » Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:47 pm

That was... interesting. I liked it a lot. Too bad for Earth... destroyed because of a mistake.

The story was well-written, and easy to understand. Great job!
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Re: The Planet-Swallower (horror/macro/digestion)

Postby Brains2 » Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:50 pm

You could do better to describe what's happening more than just saying what happened. Writers call this "Show, don't tell". The way you use the third person omnipotent, omnipresent voice made me feel very distanced from the action.
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Re: The Planet-Swallower (horror/macro/digestion)

Postby Kobra » Mon Nov 17, 2008 8:41 pm

I felt the fear and panic.... Good story.
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Re: The Planet-Swallower (horror/macro/digestion)

Postby anotherew » Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:54 pm

Yeah - liked it, though the ending wasn't expected.
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Re: The Planet-Swallower (horror/macro/digestion)

Postby trainboy911 » Thu Nov 20, 2008 6:25 pm

anotherew wrote:Yeah - liked it, though the ending wasn't expected.

thats the way i felt after reading it. weird thing is i like to see pictures of stuff like this not read stories, but i think some of the good "painters" are found in stories. If that makes any since.
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Re: The Planet-Swallower (horror/macro/digestion)

Postby Kitti » Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:45 pm

Of course.. It was a female. D:

I guess it was okay, the revelation of the female ruined it for me though.
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Re: The Planet-Swallower (horror/macro/digestion)

Postby sabrina_diamond » Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:30 pm

Wow, that is a very interesting story! ^^ Nice descriptions and a great twist at the end, I feel sorry for the rest of the population and Mars though... Although I did like the female dragon-alien because she spared Kevin. :D
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