Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

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Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby yummy_SD » Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:40 pm

Hi, okay this is my second vore story. :) It came out alot longer than I was expecting, It does have some digestion so be warned. There is also a scat ending but it's labeled when to stop reading if your not into scat. Please leave feedback it's very appreciated. Thanks and enjoy :gulp:

by Yummy_SD

She was beautiful. Brent had never seen such an exquisite woman in all of his
life. They met in an English class at a local community college. Both were out
of high school, and trying to figure out what direction to go in life. He
started making small talk with her in class discussing music and movies, and 4
years later they moved into their first apartment together. Guadalupe was the
love of his life. Brent was an average looking guy, he dressed like a typical
southern California city kid. He had a small well maintained beard which Lupe
loved because she thought it made him look like Ryan Gosling. Guadalupe was a
short girl with long black wavy hair and thick rimmed glasses. She had
several tattoos of native American cultural things on her arms, since she had
grown up on an Indian reservation. She was a bit on the larger side, but was
confident and comfortable with her body, and Brent loved it too.

Lupe had been turned on by vore since she was a child. In her relationship with Brent she expressed her fetish to him. Brent slowly became more accepting and eventually enjoyed her fetish along with her. She would let Brent listen to the sounds of her chubby belly digesting the food trapped inside. Every once in awhile, their bedroom nights would get spiced up with a role-play or Lupe's sweet talks to Brent about how much she hungered for him. Brent enjoyed these
sweet talks, but sometimes Lupe’s voice was so convincing he wondered that if
given the chance would she actually eat her own boyfriend?

Lupe had recently got a new job working as an intern in a bio engineering
facility. Her work was simple since she was still a student, but biology
always fascinated her and she wanted to someday be the one conducting the
experiments and making breakthroughs. She admired a group of scientist at the
facility that were working on a way to increase the size of crops.
They hoped that when it was sprayed on food, it would expand without exploding, and double in size.

One night, the research team called everyone in the lab to come witness their first test
of the new growth serum. The people of the lab gathered around the test station where a small pile of strawberries was placed on a large table. Lupe’s stomach growled at the sight of the delicious strawberries, she had skipped lunch today and was hoping to get a big dinner
after work. Everyone watched in anticipation as a machine sprayed a small could of mist on the pile of berries. A gasp escaped everyone’s lips as they watched the strawberries shrink down to not much bigger than a vitamin. The experiment was a failure
and had somehow backfired. Everyone was disappointed but still impressed. The
research team all talked amongst themselves. The team announced they would hold a Q and A meeting in a few hours to discuss their experiment.

Chatter was loud in the lab as everyone talked about this astounding failure.
The only one who did not speak was Lupe. Lupe stared at the strawberries, her
heart had sank and her head was racing. Finally their was a way, she could
fulfill her desires. She imagined herself stealing the serum, dousing Brent in
it and gulping him down without second thought. He was probably at home waiting
for her with a nice home cooked meal, and she would bust through the door,
shrink him and then shove him into her hungry greedy gullet. She snapped out
of her trance when a coworker made a comment at her,
"Pretty amazing huh?"
Lupe replied "Oh..Yes very." Then she quickly excused
her self and left the lab for some fresh air.

She sat on a table outside looking up at the stars, she had taken her break
early tonight. Thoughts of Brent ran through her clustered mind. She thought
about her idea of stealing the serum, and then realized how silly it sounded.
There was no way she was going to eat her boyfriend. She had too much to throw
away, just to fulfill her fantasy. If she ate Brent than what? Would she just
let him digest in her stomach? What would she do once she digested him? Move
out? Keep acting as if nothing happened? She thought about how hard it would be
to explain how he went missing to his family and friends. This was murder she
was contemplating, she realized how serious a situation it would be if she went
threw with this. Her tummy would be guilty of third degree murder, and she
would be guilty of first degree. She loved Brent and thought about how much he
meant to her, he would be gone after that, no more dates or sex or even just
hanging out around the house, her boyfriend would be gone forever. She didn't
want this to happen but couldn't shake the idea that somehow he would be okay,
and be with her forever. She was not even sure if this would work, the serum worked on strawberries but not a human being. What if she poured it on him and it just killed him or made him sick. She was a nervous wreck trying to decide on whether or not she should indulge in her desires. She
noticed the time, and rushed back into work.

The rest of the shift went slow, the thought of Brent and the serum never
really leaving her mind. Finally the Q and A meeting was held. When the time
for questions came Lupe shot her hand up and prayed she would not look like a
fool in front of her peers. She was chosen to ask the first question. She
stood up and gathered her thoughts before asking her question,

"The serum works on living plant structures, but would it work on other biological life? Like a mammal?"

The head of the research team chuckled, "what do you mean the serum works? It was
a horrible failure."

Everyone in the crowd sort of laughed not really at Lupe
but more with her. Lupe was thrown off for a second then remembered not
everyone wants to use the serum for diabolical purposes.

She laughed along with the crowd,
"Well I mean assuming The growth serum had been a success."

The head of the research team cleared his throat then spoke, "Well I don't see
why not, I suppose the serum would work on any living thing."

Hours after the Q and A, Lupe's heart was pounding as she stood in a bathroom stall.
She had already clocked out of work. She could not believe what she was doing, hiding out in a stall to think about how she could steal the serum. She told herself, "I'll just get the serum, I won't use it
on Brent but I'll keep it and show him it and ask him if he wants to go through
with it." Her favorite kind of prey was unwilling and her desire to blindside
Brent with a shrinking serum still drove through her. But that would not be
fair to Brent she would get the serum and then ask what he thought about it. Better yet she would make herself throw Brent back up before she digested him.
She still had the small fading voice of reason telling her this was a bad idea, but she did it anyways, she dashed into the research lab. It was dark and no one was in the room at this time. Now was the perfect chance, she ran to machine and quickly typed in codes to get the serum. A
small bottle of yellow liquid came out a small hole on the machine. She grabbed
it and capped it and tucked it in her shirt.

She avoided contact with coworkers and carefully sneaked out the building. She
would probably have to find a new job, she didn't want to risk getting caught
in the future. She drove home her eye sometimes glancing at the yellowish
liquid she put in the passenger side. In that jar lay her desires, she had to
choose, a loving life and future with Brent, or a future with Brent as fat on
her body.

She ran into the door to her apartment and dropped her things on the table.
Brent came into the living room,

"Oh hey babe your home late, they keep you overtime at the lab?"

Guadalupe smiled at him. "Yeah but I got pretty good pay for it."

Brent smiled back at his girlfriend,
"That’s great, hey I made you a plate of dinner, its in the microwave you might need to heat it up, oh and check it out, I rented some cheesy b-rated horror flicks , I know how much you like those."

Lupe kissed Brent on the cheek and looked into his eyes. She saw all
the memories they shared and felt a strong love for him sweep over her. She
couldn't shrink Brent in less he said it was okay, she promised herself that.

"Whats up, do I have something on my face?" Brent asked noticing her long

Lupe pulled Brent down to the couch and sat with him.

"Honey, I think I want something else for dinner.."

Brent smiled at her in a kinky way,
"Oh are we doing another one of these vore things?
Well you know, I think I might be on the menu tonight."

Lupe kissed his beard covered cheek, It felt like she was
kissing Ryan gosling, "Oh if you only knew."

Brent was kind of confused and
asked, "what does that mean?"

Lupe sat back up and went into a more serious
posture. "What if I told you I found a way I could really eat you, would you
let me do it?"

Brent thought she was still teasing him and he replied in a sexy voice,
"Oh of course I'd let you eat me, I'd let you swallow me whole."

She stopped him, "No really. If I really could eat you, would you let me?"

Brent looked at her for a moment, "Your really serious? wow, well um.. I know how much it would mean to you if you really could eat me, but I'm kind of afraid of dying, especially in an acid bath." he laughed, "well I don't know, I guess If you really wanted to I'd probably let you eat me,
but only if I didn't get hurt."

Lupe kissed him and smiled at him,
"I stole this serum from work, it shrinks things, I could shrink you and.."

Brent interrupted her, "Wait wait wait, did you really steal
something from work?"
Lupe walked over to her things on the table and showed
Brent the serum, his face turned pale.

"Guadalupe what did you do?! You could loose your job for this! What were you thinking??"

she cut him off and got closer to his face, "I was thinking about you...The things we could do
together, we could fulfill our fantasy."

He moved away from her, "Your fantasy!
I mean I like it too, but It doesn't mean I really want to wind up dead in
your stomach!"

Lupe grew silent. She walked into the kitchen and turned on the microwave.
Brent walked into the kitchen that was still part of the living room, in a typical apartment style layout.

"Lupe..I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell its just..."

She interrupted him,
"No I know, I understand it's a big request to ask if you can eat someone. I mean I don't know what I was thinking, Stealing from work all just to eat the greatest guy this world has ever gave me."

Brent pulled a beer out of the fridge, and handed one to Lupe.
They both cracked the lids as the microwave dinged.

"I'm starving, I'm just going to eat this food..instead of you,"
She looked back at Brent playfully and more silly than serious,
"and we can sit down and watch those movies and just put that whole event behind us. What do
you say?"

Brent gave Lupe a kiss on the cheek, "I'll fire up the laptop."

ATTACK OF THE LIVING PLANT MONSTER, played on Brent's laptop. The couple
cuddled on the couch and watched the cheesy movie. As the giant plant gobbled
down its first victim, Lupe quickly shoveled chicken into her mouth. She loved
Brent's cooking and had to admit that was something she would miss too much if
she ate him. She drank from her beer can and let out a girlish burp. The plant
in the movie was now roaming the streets sucking down innocent towns folk.

Lupe laughed "This movies kinda hot," she said jokingly.

Brent rubbed Lupe's
belly, "Do you mind if I listen?"

Lupe smiled as she swallowed the last bite of dinner and sat the plate down on the coffee table,
"Go right ahead my dear."

Brent placed his ear near her navel. Her stomach was soft and squishy. He
could hear slight grumbles and moans deep inside her. Somewhere deep in there,
the dinner was digesting. He could hear her heart beat softly. With each
breath she took his head would gently rise and then sink again. Her belly was
like a soft breathing pillow. He thought about his memories with Lupe, and how
he always told her he would do anything for her.

His world grew quiet as he listened to her heart, It was the only sound that
mattered to him right now. The soft heartbeat of the girl he loved. He thought
for the rest of the movie about Lupe. Her stomach was now making less noise
but he still listened to her hypnotic heart beat. During the credits, he rolled
his head over to look up at his lover. She looked huge from this angle, like a

"Okay baby," said Brent.

Lupe looked down at him, "huh?"

"Okay Lupe, You can eat me." He said.

Lupe laughed, "Don't be silly I don't wanna hurt you."

Brent lifted his head up off Lupe and sat back up straight, he spoke again, "I'm serious.
Maybe we could tie a rope to me or something, or you could just puke me back
up before I get hurt."

Lupe looked at him in silence.

"If you promise to get me out of there before I get into too much pain. Then yeah, I'll let you eat

Lupe still hesitated, "What if something goes wrong and I can't get you out?"

She secretly thought to herself that nothing sounded more desirable than just
that. Once prey was in her tummy, it stayed in her tummy. But this was no
role-play, she agreed that she would have to get Brent out before he got
seriously hurt.

Brent held Lupe's hand and lovingly told her,
"If something happens and I don't make it, than at least I died in a pretty cool way, I would much rather die giving myself to you and being with you forever, than getting into a car crash or something lame like that."

Lupe laughed and gripped his hand.
"your serious babe? Do you really want to do this?"

Brent replied "I do."

Brent was naked and laying in bed. He stared up at the bedroom ceiling when
suddenly a nude Lupe came into his vision. She leaned down and kissed him.

"Okay honey, I've been practicing making myself gag, I think I should let you
out after about 45 seconds."

Brent nervously shook his head in agreement,
"Yeah I think I'll be okay for 45. Just be sure to get me out of there."

Lupe kissed him again, "I promise."

Lupe mounted Brent and gave him one last fuck. They made love passionately for about an hour. They both were getting pretty turned on over the whole situation. Brent looked into her eyes as he continued thrusting against her body. He thought to himself, "This might be the last time I get
to do this." Lupe gripped hard onto Brent’s back as she orgasimed. Brent hit
his peak and the couple both felt intense pleasure. Brent sucked and kissed on
Lupe's neck as he came. Lupe quickly grabbed the bottle by her bed side. She
poured the serum all over Brent's back as she screamed and climaxed.

The couple dismounted and laid on their backs together hand in hand. They both
gasped and panted covered in sweat. Lupe stared at Brent. He looked back at
her for 5 long minutes. Nothing happened.

Lupe sat up with a disappointed look on her face,
"your still big.." she said.

Brent laughed, "I guess I am. I don't
know what to tell you baby, I'm sorry things didn't..”

He was cut short as his body immediately shrunk to the size of a tic tack. Brent was still talking when
he suddenly realized his new surroundings. He dropped in panic and stared at the now city sized bedroom.
He stood up on the bed, and looked into the distance, the edge of the bed looked like it was at least a 3 mile walk away. "YOUR SO CUTE!" said a loud booming voice from behind him.

He jumped in freight. He turned around terrified and saw Lupe’s face
staring at him at his level. She was laid down on her front side. her face
resting close to his body. He was stunned, she looked even more amazing at
this size, but at the same time his natural instincts told him she was
terrifying. He tried to speak but couldn't. A massive gust of wind escaped
from Lupe's mouth and bombarded his body as she spoke again,

Brent sat on the massive sheet and finally spoke, "strawberries?"

He was confused, he didn't even remember agreeing to this, his body was producing massive amounts
of Adrenalin. Lupe clearly could not hear what he had said and leaned a little
closer to him. "WHAT?" her voice boomed around him.

Brent came to his senses, and remembered what was happening and where he was. He
looked up into Lupe’s giant eyes and then yelled as loud as he could,

Lupe smiled and spoke this time in a less excited voice,
"I bet it is. Are you okay?"

Her voice was still massive but not as booming as before. Brent looked around at himself.
He seamed perfectly fine, it felt more like the world had grown rather than he had shrunk.

"I'm fine I think. Just a little shocked!" Brent yelled up at Lupe.

Lupe spoke again, "I'm sure this is very shocking for you, It is for me too,
you should see what you look like from my angle! Your so cute I could just eat you up!"

Brent yelled back at her, "Wasn't that the point?"

Lupe brought her hand close to him. He watched the massive fingers approach him and eventually
shadow over him. Brent's body naturally froze in fright. His jaw dropped as
he saw a massive index finger and thumb reach down over his head and neck. Lupe
was so in the moment she wanted to pick him up the way she had always seen it
done in giantess vore art. She pressed her fingers together over his backside
very slowly and very gently. She looked down excited, her heart
raced and she watched as Brent’s face turned bright red. She suddenly noticed
his expression was starting to become horrified. she finally heard his small
screams escaping, "LUPE PLEASE STOP! STOP! STOP!" Lupe panicked and quickly
released her grip. She felt tears rising in her eyes, she did not like to see
Brent in pain. In less of course this pain was from within her tummy. Brent
gasped for air and held his throat. He yelled at his giant girlfriend. "Don't
pick me up like that! I felt like my head was going to pop! Lupe’s giant hand
flipped so the massive palm was laid out before Brent. "Climb on." she
instructed him.

Brent climbed onto her palm and sat. He then felt it lift off the ground, It
felt like a carnival ride as he was brought higher and higher to Lupe's face.
She was now sitting up and holding her hand like a red carpet to her mouth.
Brent slowly stood up and looked at her massive smiling lips. He recognized
the look in her face, it was hunger. He was extremely nervous. He was hit with
a wave of air as she spoke softly to him, he could smell everything on her
breath, it smelt like chicken and beer. He saw her massive monstrous tongue slapping
around as she spoke. He noticed every little detail in her teeth, he could
even see a small bit of food still stuck between two. It would be unnoticeable
to anyone normal sized. He watched as her tongue slapped around to
make sounds, this tongue looked like a horrible monster awaiting his arrival
into its cave.

He gulped in fear and then realized Lupe had stopped talking and
he hadn’t heard a word she had said, just a loud muffled sound.
"What?" he yelled at her.

"I Said, are you ready to take a quick trip to my belly?"

Brent paused, he had a moment of doubt but then saw the love in her eyes, and replied,
"Swallow me up Lupe!"

Her lips parted as she spoke one last time to him, "Go ahead and climb in. I
love you Brent. I'll see you in a few seconds."

Her mouth then opened wide like a massive cave. Brent could see the saliva strands stretch with her
opening mouth then break apart as her giant tongue extended out of her maw
and presented itself to him. Lupe was starting to look less and less like his
girlfriend and more and more like the giant plant monster from the movie. He
ignored every natural signal his body sent him and forced himself to slowly
step out onto her tongue. It was slippery, he could see massive lumps all over
it, some pink and some white, these must have been taste buds. Her tongue felt
like very wet mud and Brent struggled to keep his balance. He slowly got down
on his knees and gripped onto the wet tongue-like surface. He did not believe in
God, but he found himself praying for Lupe to vomit him back out, as he felt
the tongue slowly bring him inside her mouth. The smell of chicken,beer and mouth
was strong, he could see her massive tonsils,wet pink gums, and the uvula hanging high above
him. He turned his back and saw the massive teeth slowly coming down closing
off the light and his view of the outside world.

Lupe shut her mouth and started tossing Brent around on her tongue. For her it
felt no different than tossing around a tick tack within her jaws. He tasted
salty and sweet, It was a wonderful feeling. Her heart raced and she was
almost shaking, she was so excited her dream was finally becoming true. She
wanted to savor this moment and enjoy it as much as she could. She thought
about nothing except for Brent being tossed and trapped in her mouth. She
gently flicked him around on her tongue, thinking how much he must be enjoying
it inside, she tried to make her tongue move in sexual ways.
Inside Brent was having a horrible time, he was not prepared to be thrown. He
felt sick as the tongue would rush through the air and then wrap around him
and pound him against the roof of the mouth. It pushed hard and it hurt him
pretty bad. Nothing was broken but it felt like he was getting his ass kicked
by a giant slimy monster. His body was soaked in sticky saliva. He could feel
it running down his body.. It tasted the same as his spit. He never noticed how sticky and slimy this stuff was until his body was completely doused in it. The tongue fought with him for what felt like an entirety before finally it brought him over to past the uvula and to Lupe's waiting gullet.

Lupe was tilting her head and had her tongue rolled back so its tip hung over
her throat. She tried to swallow but something was wrong. She felt a wave of
saliva rush down her throat but she felt no Brent. She could taste him, he
was on the tip of her tongue hanging on. This brought extreme pleasure to
her, she felt so powerful. She could actually feel his tiny movements on her
tongue. Inside Brent gripped and climbed for his life. He hung onto her tongue
and stared down into the massive throat hole under neath him. He saw the
sphincter open and close in an almost seductive manner. He knew this was what
he had signed up for but he couldn't help it. Just as most people can not make
themselves run over the edge of a cliff, he could not let go of the tongue. His
mind had taken over and was telling him to do what was best for his body and
not jump into his doom. Lupe tilted her head as much as she could and was now
starting to become frustrated with Brent. She quickly shook her head and
tongue and swallowed hard. It was the same as any other gulp, she felt like
she had just swallowed a tic tack whole.

She felt it go down her throat and disappear in her chest. Her nipples grew extremely hard and she quickly started rubbing her clit. She had never been more turned on. It happened so fast for
Brent, the next thing he knew his body was pushed into the throat and was
being pulled towards his girlfriend's stomach. He felt the slimy walls of her
esophagus pull him down. he could not move he felt like he was trapped
in between two sumo wrestlers. There was a slight pause before he felt the
scphicnter shoot him out into Lupe’s pit of a stomach.

It was pitch black, he could not see anything, it was very humid, and
uncomfortable. It was a very tight squeeze, her stomach didn't seam much
bigger than the throat, it must stretch when more food enters it. He could not
get a good grip on anything. He could smell acidic vomit, along with an even
stronger smell of chicken,beer and mashed potatoes.
He was experiencing the same kind of tossing the tongue gave him, her stomach
was churning him. He felt a large wet mush slap against his face hard as if
someone punched him with a wet boxing glove. He got a mouthful of chicken
flavor and could tell it was a chunk of chewed up, half digested chicken. His
body was then submerged into a warm sticky liquid, it burned his skin.
It felt like the same kind of burn salt water gives. He could
feel it sting his eyes and nose, he got a mouth full of it and it tasted like
puke with watered down beer. It was pretty unpleasant and Brent decided it would be best for him to
keep his mouth and eyes shut tight on the rest of his journey, he couldn't see
anything anyways. He could hear Lupe’s heart thumping away. He also could hear loud grumbles and roars all around him as his body was beat by the stomach walls, forcing him to constantly be submerged in stomach acid, chicken or mashed potatoes. He had to open his mouth every so
often to take a large gasp for air.

He could still breath but it was like he was in a giant hot tub that was
fighting to keep him down. In one horrific moment he felt a contraction that
pushed him upward and squeezed him into a pool of mashed potatoes. The mushy
liquid tasted like potatoes, butter, and acid. It irritated his face, but he
noticed the wall was not contracting again. He was stuck with his face
submerged in this glop. He needed to breath and started to panic he pounded on
the rubbery stomach walls, trying to force them to go back up but they held
his head down tight. This was it, he was going to die like this. With his face
in a pile of half digested potatoes in Lupe's stomach. He deeply
inhaled the goo trying to breath, it felt like he had just breathed in a
face full of mud. Finally the wall popped out of place and sent him flying up
out of the food. He quickly breathed and wiped his face. He was so relieved
he would live. Then he felt another chicken chunk fly into his face.

Outside of his acidic hell Lupe had just let out a belch, which saved Brent’s life.
She was spread out on the bed fingering herself intensely. Just hours ago she was
at work plotting this whole thing, and now her boyfriend was trapped in her
stomach. She rubbed her pussy hard as she remembered who was inside her. Brent
was inside struggling to stay alive he prayed that Lupe would not forget to
let him out, he could not wait for these 45 seconds to be up. As soon as Lupe
vomited him out he was going to go off on her, and tell her he would never do
this again. It was torturous. Lupe fingered hard and climaxed again and again
when she turned her head she saw the clock and stopped. It had been a whole 12
minutes Brent had been trapped her stomach.

Lupe jumped from the bed and made a mad dash for the bathroom. She leaned over
the bowl then stopped herself, thinking it would be better to throw Brent up
into the sink so she could easily pick him out. She saw herself in the mirror,
she was bright red, with sweat running down her, she looked scary. She felt a
strong guilt rush over her as she looked at her chubby belly, it jiggled as she breathed, it almost felt like it was mocking her. She stuck her fingers down her throat and tried hard to make herself gag. She
coughed and hacked but nothing came out other than saliva. She looked in the
mirror even more panicked. she yelled out loud to herself "COME ON DAMMIT! BRENT

She struggled and gagged but nothing came out. Finally she broke down into
tears and fell to her knees. Brent was in her stomach and she was slowly
killing him. The greedy indulgent side of her began to speak up. "This was
your fetish from the beaning, this was your goal, to trap him in the stomach
and have him digest whether he liked it or not." she thought to herself, "I'll
never have another chance like this again, Brent is in my stomach and he's not
going to come out, might as well enjoy it." She stood completely still hoping
to feel any type of movement from Brent. She felt nothing, all the stories she
had read were lies, you can't feel anything once it's in your stomach.

She walked back to bed wiping the tears from her eyes she laid down. "Oh
Brent.." she said out loud talking down to her stomach,
"What Have I done... I love you..Thank you."

she decided to let her body do what it does naturally, and enjoy it, she was
going with her original plan. Brent swam through her stomach juice and was being churned
even harder now, she could even hear slight grumbles coming from within her. She
could only imagine how intense and frighting that must be for Brent, she
didn’t want to think about it. Brent was having trouble getting air. He felt
like the deep breaths he was taking were only giving him less oxygen. He was covered in
chicken bits and acid, he kept thinking, "When will this be over." He was in
tremendous pain and was losing his grip on life.

Lupe felt guilt again. She remembered that if the stomach has no air, Brent might quickly die of sufication. She thought this might be better than slowly digesting her acids, so she ran to the fridge and grabbed another beer. She quickly opened it and began to chug, she thought she might
be able to burp out all of the air Brent is relying on, and give him a
somewhat peaceful death. She chugged and chugged until the can was empty. She
dropped the can and then stood for a second patting her chest. Inside of her
stomach Brent could now feel a rush of cold bubbly beer pouring into his
chamber of doom. Now he would almost certainly drown. He noticed the walls
stopped churning and the entire stomach stood still. He swam up through the beer
and found a small area at the top where he could breath. His head barely
bobbed above the surface of the beer. He gasped for air and yelled out loud at
He knew it had been longer than planned. He knew what was happening, Lupe had
chosen her pleasure over his life. He tried to think, maybe he would be with
her forever now, he tried to remember that this was something he had sort of
wanted from time to time, and that he was in the belly of his loving
girlfriend not some sort of monster. "I love you Lupe." He said, knowing she
would not hear him.

Lupe let out a massive belch, it would put most guys to shame. It was a strong stinky beer belch,
She knew all the oxygen in her stomach had to be in that gassy relief. Brent could hear the burp from the inside, he could not breath. His oxygen was gone. Brent's world slowly faded and he lost memory of where he even was. The last thing he heard was Lupe’s heart beating away.
His body sank into the toxic concoction of Lupe’s stomach brew. Lupe rubbed her stomach as she lay on the bed. She thought about how Brent had rubbed it so many times before. She gently massaged around her belly button. When she was a little girl her grandmother would rub her stomach when ever Lupe had a tummy ache. She would pretend there was a group of small people trapped in her stuffed belly swimming around inside her. Now it was real, she was now a grown woman with a grown man digesting away within her monstrous stomach. She started fingering herself again and decided she was going to enjoy the rest of this. eventually she fell asleep spread out on the sheets as her
stomach pushed Brent further through her body.

She woke up in a fright and looked around her apartment room. Brent was
nowhere in sight and naturally she wanted to go look for him but then
remembered where he was, somewhere inside her intestines. She sat up in bed
and looked down at her pudgy belly. She then saw Brent walk into the room and
lay down next to her in bed. She felt extreme relief.

"Brent I had the worst and best dream!" she said to him excited it was all just a dream.

Brent did not look at her, he kept his head facing forward,"It's not a dream Lupe."

She was shocked and gripped the sheet. "what?"

Brent kept his head forward and explained, "I'm in your colon right now Lupe, My body has been completely broken down, I Think I've still got some bones in one of your turds."

Lupe remained quiet and started tearing up.

Brent continued, "Yeah, I'm kinda just like my spirit or something. I guess since I died inside
of you we have some sort of a connection."

She leaned over to him, "Brent?"

Brent turned his head to face her and revealed that the other half of his face
was just bones and muscle mush. Lupe looked away in fright.

Brent spoke, "Sorry babe. Your little girly stomach packs a punch. Thankfully I didn't feel this when you burped for me."

Lupe was afraid to look at him but held onto him.

He spoke again, "I'm really pissed at you that you broke your promise."

Lupe cried, "I'm so sorry Brent I didn't wanna hurt you, it just felt so empowering to have you in my gut."

"It's okay Lupe. I'm glad I went out like this. Like I
said, it's probably to coolest way I could die."

Lupe sobbed harder.

He pulled her closer to him,
"Look, I want you to do me something while I’m gone, just move on with your life and
find someone else, be happy and don't feel guilty over me. Don't regret this
it was a one time chance and you took it. I'll love you no matter what."

Lupe looked up at him, his face was kind but the melted side was still repulsive.

He said his final goodbye, "Don't worry I'll always be with you, I'm a big layer of extra fat on your ass
now, you were right when you said everything you eat goes straight to your

Lupe laughed and then a great white light shown into the room.

She opened her eyes and found herself laying naked spread out on the bed. She
realized that was just a dream. She sat up and felt her stomach growl for more
food. It was morning outside and birds where chirping. She felt fine and
normal, maybe a little bloated. She came to grasp the reality of the situation, that
was just a dream and Brent had been murdered by her, he was digested and is
now in her colon and in a layer of fat on her ass.


She didn't know how to feel, she was almost in shock. She thought this would just end here like one of her stories but the sad reality was now she would have to deal with life without her boyfriend. She had killed him. She felt her bowels tighten and her colon churn. She had to do what her body had to do. She walked to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. A wave of pee first rushed out along with some horrible smelling farts. Chicken always gave her bad gas and the beer had made her pee pretty strong. She couldn't tell if Brent had given her any type of gas, really he was too small to do any kind of damage to her digestive system. She put her elbows on her knees and her palms under her chin. She pushed her asshole and let the first long brown log slide out. she sighed. She thought she might as well look at it, maybe there was some hope Brent was alive. She stood up and looked into the bowl. It was a normal looking pile of shit, probably the chicken and potatoes from dinner. Her gut growled at her, she was not done yet. She sat back down and pushed out another small fart before releasing a smaller rolled up turd. She looked at this one and saw something strange about it. It had a small, very dark brown spot in it. It must have been Brent’s blood mixed with her dead blood cells. She bent down to look at it but backed up slightly from the stench. It smelt like a typical bad shit. She saw what looked like a small femur bone sticking out of the pile. She knew that was it. That was her boyfriend. She didn't wipe she sat back onto the bowl. She pulled a magazine off the counter. She opened it and tried to read to distract herself from her horrible situation. She looked away from the magazine for a second, and thought about what she would do now.
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby Indighost » Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:54 pm

8O 8O 5 star story my friend
this is high quality Eka's material here
well done

-well written
-interesting relationship / emotions
-good descriptions in the sexy parts
-all segments of story focused on the main event
-full digestion
-good length

This story has it all!
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby yummy_SD » Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:00 pm

Thanks alot! I was worried this would be way too long for a vore story but I really tried to go all out and capture the characters emotions and everything. Glad you liked it!
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby Indighost » Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:06 pm

yummy_SD wrote:worried this would be way too long for a vore story

You have obviously not read my or elportero's stories.

This is the perfect length - as long as it needs to be :D
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby deleteduser120 » Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:56 am

Lovely. Needs some editing but the idea is good and it sounds so much like myself- though I wonder if I could really do it in that situation. I do love my bf...

Nicely done. I can really empathize with the pred- being, well, a larger woman and all, and having the desire to would be a tough choice. It really would.
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby yummy_SD » Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:07 am

Glad you could relate to the pred. :) I wasn't sure if she was realistic enough I wanted to make her more like an actual person and not just a mindless predator.
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby deleteduser120 » Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:22 am

yeah, well, its a tough line, I know. Even with mine! Some are easy- I just do what I would do- other preds are more like my evil side. I have trouble with prey sometimes, I don't want them to be unrealistic but I do talk to tons of prey so I hope it shows.
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby yummy_SD » Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:20 am

I think you capture prey pretty well in the stories of yours I've read. It's easy to overlook prey since they seem to be some what of less important character lol
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby VoreFan362 » Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:46 pm

Nice story!
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby Indighost » Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:18 pm

yummy_SD wrote:[Prey] seem to be some what of less important character lol

I think that this is in fact what you did well: They key to the best vore stories is that the character of both pred and prey are equally deep, well developed, and fleshed out.
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby yummy_SD » Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:10 am

Thanks again for the feedback guys :D
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby huitcinquante » Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:39 am

Nothing bad to say on this story, and I enjoyed it a lot !
Especially loved the stomach scene, very well done;..
Silly, did you say silly ?
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby deletedaccount505 » Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:07 pm

I'm definitely watching you.
"It doesn't matter who you are on the outside, but it does matter who you have digesting inside."

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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby TheNewBreed6X » Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:37 am

This was an awesome story ^.^ not to sound gross or anything but this story made a mess on me lmfao. I was imagining it to be me & my gf. 5 star classic my friend, well written, a masterpiece :D :D :-D <3
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby TheNewBreed6X » Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:38 am

I really got into it and it has amazing visuals :P
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby yummy_SD » Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:39 pm

TheNewBreed6X wrote:This was an awesome story ^.^ not to sound gross or anything but this story made a mess on me lmfao. I was imagining it to be me & my gf. 5 star classic my friend, well written, a masterpiece :D :D :-D <3

Thank you :] I would hope people feel that way about my stories. :3
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby Sora » Mon Sep 26, 2011 1:31 pm

Sorta reminds me of Hugo and Kimberly by Mamabliss! ... UN!_1.html

For those who haven't seen it! ^
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby Maurt899 » Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:39 pm

W kept me enthralled up to the very end. Loved the vore and such, im not a fan of digestion and murder, so the ending kind of went from awesome-hot to depressing-sad.

even tho it said it was a digestion story, i was still holding on to the hope that he'd be freed at the end. funny how a good story can do things like that.

good story.
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby ublover1 » Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:34 pm

Nice story i liked it:)
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Re: Hungry Love (F/m vore story)

Postby yummy_SD » Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:51 pm

Thanks everyone :]
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