"The Dark Abyss" (F/FM,Soft,Unaware, Giantess(s))

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"The Dark Abyss" (F/FM,Soft,Unaware, Giantess(s))

Postby ARD3N » Tue May 10, 2016 3:47 pm

Disclaimer: This story is not finished!
I was writing it for a friend, but couldn't find the inspiration to finish it. (Sorry, friend. :c)
I'd really like some feedback! This is my very first, long Vore writing. So please share with me what you think!
Thank you~

Characters (in order of appearance):

Kirstin - Long, brunette hair. Emerald green eyes. 22 years old. Blunt, short-fused, antisocial, caring when it comes to her real friends.
Jefferson- Short-ish brown hair. Amber colored eyes. 23 years old. Quiet, kind, secret vore fetish only Kirstin knows about.
Erika - Medium length, light-brown hair. Hazel colored eyes. 22 years old. Selfish, annoying, whiny, host of the party.
Katie - Black hair. Light blue eyes. 23 years old. Kirstin's "best friend", loud, always hungry, show off, attention seeker.

An exaggerated sigh was forced out into the open by the obviously agitated brunette, the female rolling her eyes at the male in her passenger seat. “You have got to stop doing this! It’s getting old, and I’m sick of arguing about it. Can we please just get out of the car and get this over with?” the girl requested angrily, turning off her vehicle completely before exiting the car and slamming her door shut. Looking to the other side of the car, her company pouted in her direction, only getting an eye roll in response. “Don’t even look at me like that right now. Let’s go.” The dark haired male simply shrugged and trudged along, following his female companion as they stepped up to a large, oak door. Kirstin slammed her fist against the entryway a couple times before someone answered the door. It was Erika, her longtime friend, and also a longtime annoyance. Their friendship was pretty up and down. They usually only hung out when the green eyed female was tricked into it, or she was feeling sociable. Which wasn’t very often. Forcing a smile, Kirstin greeted the party host and gave her a brief hug, stepping out of the way so Jefferson could, as well. Their host was already partially intoxicated, and the partygoers in the background seemed to be, as well. If only the two had arrived earlier. Maybe then Kirstin could be as relaxed as her so called “friends”. Instead, she had spent at least an hour arguing with Jefferson about how she didn’t want to go, but should, because it was their friend’s birthday. As far as the brunette was concerned, she didn’t really care whose birthday it was. She just wanted to drink, to calm her nerves. Fighting with her male companion always stressed her out, and alcohol was the perfect cure at that point in time.

Stepping into the house, the three lingered at the door for a moment before Erika grabbed onto Kirstin’s arm and drug her further into her home. As some sort of reflex, the brunette grabbed onto Jefferson's wrist and pulled him along, as well, wanting him to have to suffer just as much as she was going to. The group was then greeted by the other guests, most of them shouting a slurred greeting as they raised their drinks in the air. Erika returned their greeting by hollering back in response, while the other female gave a small wave. When Katie spotted her best friend, she quickly darted through the crowd of people, throwing her arms around Kirstin dramatically. “I’m so glad you decided to come! You’re going to have so much fun, I promise!” the short haired female spouted out excitedly, giving her friend a squeeze before pulling her towards a large table with several bottles of alcohol sat atop it. Reaching forward, the brunette grabbed a bottle of Vodka, her liquor of choice, and started pouring it into a plastic cup. Knowing she needed to catch up, she gave herself a little extra before pouring some soda into the mix. Kirstin then offered the bottle to her friend, but he denied her choice, grabbing his own favorite. When the two guests had drinks of their own, everyone held their cups upward for a cheers, Erika and fellow partygoers shouting out happily. The two newest guests simply smiled and played along, taking long gulps of their drinks afterwards.

A few drinks later, Kirstin pressed the back of her hand against her own cheek, feeling its warmth. “Oh shit. I haven’t eaten since earlier this afternoon.” she pointed out to herself, her eyes widening slightly as she realized she’d been drinking on an empty stomach, and that if she kept down that path, things wouldn’t end so well later that night. That was when she felt a tap on her shoulder, the brunette quickly turning to find Jefferson by her side. “What is it?” she asked, still kind of irritated with the male from before. He then asked if he could speak to her alone, the girl frowning slightly. What had she done now? Gulping down the rest of her drink, the female followed the dark haired male into another part of the house, where the two could be alone. The brunette crossed her arms across her chest and raised an eyebrow, curious as to what the other had to say. Before her companion could say anything, her stomach emitted a rather loud, angry growl, informing the emerald orbed girl that she better eat, and soon. She then looked up to her friend and noticed his goofy grin, knowing all too well that her company was beyond pleased to be in earshot of such an embarrassing noise. “Don’t… you dare.” she threatened, her eyes peering at his dark ones before looking away. “I haven’t eaten since earlier, okay? And all this vodka is starting to hit me…” Kirstin admitted, placing a hand on her stomach, where she could feel the organ groan and almost contract beneath her touch. All Jefferson did was giggle and cover his mouth, doing his best not to make a comment on her empty belly. Though, the male’s giggle didn’t sit well with the brunette, the girl grimacing slightly. “You know what?” she started, obviously embarrassed and frustrated with her company, “There!” she exclaimed next, shrinking her friend to about an inch tall.

Kirstin then stepped towards her newly shrunken friend and bent over, picking him up gently by the collar of his shirt. “What do you think of that, then?” she teased the small male, before tucking him into the tiny pocket on the front of her turquoise colored v-neck. The pocket was on the left side of her chest, just atop her left breast, so she knew the other would be held tightly enough by the fabric, and the cushion of her bosom. Jefferson would also be able to feel the soft vibrations of the female’s heart pitter-pattering in her chest as he rode along with his obviously larger companion. The brunette then lead the two of them out of the separated room, and back to the more lively area, where a few people gave her a puzzled look, questioning where her male comrade had run off to. “Oh! Uhh… He’ll be back. He had to… uh… Go buy some more booze!” she lied to the group, laughing nervously afterwards, only to have the group cheer in response, the young adults happy to hear about more libations.

Erika then got the group’s attention, shouting above the ruckus that the hot tub was heated up and ready. The small crowd then moved to the backdoor, each body trying to push past the other, wanting to get to the warm water that would further their intoxication. Though, Erika was the first, stripping down to her bra and panties in front of the whole mass of people, not caring who saw. She sported a light pink, lacey thong, which left the world to see just what the practically drunk female had to offer. Her bra matched in color, the material obviously struggling to keep the two massive mounds of flesh that were attached to her chest in place as she jumped into the warm water of the hot tub, the warm water splashing over the sides of the object. Emerging from the liquid, the girl leaned over the edge, exposing her massive cleavage to the partygoers. “Who wants to join me?” the female asked playfully, cupping her own breasts in her hands, jiggling them for the attendees. Most of the guests simply laughed, some shouting that the girl should flash everyone. Kirstin simply blushed and tried to look away, turning back towards the house, heading inside. Once inside, the brunette sighed softly and grabbed a plate from one of the many tables. She needed something to eat, and her stomach couldn’t help but agree, gurgling happy in response. Her slender hand grabbed some grapes, a few cheese cubes, and a handful of crackers of some sort. When she filled her plate to the best of her ability, Kirstin turned on her heel, and headed back outdoors.

Just as she had stepped outside, the brunette had plucked up a grape from her plate, bringing it to her lips. Her name was then called, and she looked up from her plate, only for her pale party host to grab the underwire of her bra and tug swiftly upward, completely revealing her gigantic breasts to the female. Eyes wide, the green eyed girl swiftly inhaled, bringing the grape with her intake of air, almost choking her. Kirstin coughed softly for a moment before the whole grape slid down her esophagus, the female having swallowed the entire fruit completely. As she caught her breath, her eyes looked back up to her host, who was swaying her chest back and forth, flaunting her perfect breasts, and her especially perfect nipples. Grabbing her throat, the brunette massaged it gently before she took a seat near the hot tub, listening to the different conversations that were being had. She then remembered her tiny friend that had been tucked away, looking down to the tiny pocket on her shirt. When she was sure of his safety, the girl went back to eating the goodies she had attained. Jefferson could surely hear the girl’s heart as it beat steadily, the only sound to disrupt it being the one that came from her stomach when the grape hit its entrance. The organ contracted and gurgled happily, accepting the small offer quickly, wanting as many nutrients as it could get. When the female felt the gurgling in her stomach, she looked down to her pocket once more, wondering if her tiny comrade could hear it. Suddenly, Kirstin felt a presence and looked upwards, only to see a topless Erika leaning over the edge of the hot tub once more, staring at her. “Uh… Can I help you?” she asked nervously, wondering if the girl had seen her tiny companion. “What are you looking at? Do you have something in your pocket?” the annoying girl pried, reaching one of her wet hands forward, trying to expose the tiny male.

What are you doing!” the brunette exclaimed in response, jerking her body backward, avoiding the girl’s nosey fingers. “No, I don’t. Please don’t touch me. I don’t want to get wet.” Kirstin requested, only for her host to pout slightly and pull away. “Come on! Get in the hot tub with me. If you don’t, I’ll splash you.” Erika then threatened, a mischievous grin on her lips as she cupped her hands and submerged them in the water. The irritated brunette scoffed in response and narrowed her eyes at the girl. “Fine! Jesus. Just let me at least finish eating.” she spat angrily, Erika responding with a giggle and an excited twirl in the water. Grimacing, Kirstin plucked a cheese cube from her plate and tossed it into her mouth, the cube tumbling across her tongue, and towards the right side of her mouth. She then began chewing, her teeth easily able to tear through the dairy product, mushing it and essentially chomping it up into smaller pieces. The brunette had always loved cheese, and couldn’t help but smile while she ate another cube, swallowing the mush that was left from the other piece. As she ate, her salivary glands were producing a massive amount of liquid, the new cube practically swimming when it was tossed into Kirstin’s cavernous mouth. The saliva soon got to work on the small cube, breaking down as much of the food as it could before her teeth and tongue did a majority of the damage. When it was chewed and mushed into a paste-like substance, the brunette swallowed happily and reached for a grape, placing it directly between her teeth. The pearly whites then crushed the fruit, its juices exploding in the girl’s mouth as the green sphere met the same fate as the cheese before it. Though, the tasty juice of the grape only made the girl salivate more, the liquid easily carrying the smashed fruit down her throat, and towards her stomach.

When her plate was cleared, Kirstin stood up and tossed it in the trash, before returning to Erika. “Hey, uh. I actually didn’t bring a bathing suit, can I borrow one of yours?” the girl asked sheepishly, knowing she hadn’t brought one because she had no intention of swimming. She actually hated the water, hardly even getting in the pool built in her own backyard. Her longtime friend smiled and removed herself from the warm water, her top half completely bare, while her pink thong appeared almost translucent, Kirstin having to avert her eyes. Erika then guided her back into the house, and into her room, where she rummaged through a set of dresser drawers, obviously determined to find something. “If you don’t have an extra it’s fi-“Kirstin had begun, but was cut off, her friend swinging around quickly to reveal a dark red, almost burgundy bikini. It was obviously a bit big for the brunette, her gracious host sporting obviously larger breasts, and wider hips, but they’d have to make it work. “Can you help me into this thing, then?” Kirstin requested, Erika giving her a simple nod. Turning away from her host, the brunette grabbed the edge of her shirt and tugged upwards, leaving her torso almost fully exposed, only her bra keeping her from being completely nude. It was a pushup bra, which was black, but was covered in dark blue and dark gray designs, and also clasped in the front. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed Erika staring and turned a deep red. “Do you mind…?” she said urgently, holding her recently removed shirt against the front of her chest. That was when she remembered Jefferson and quickly removed him from her shirt pocket. Since she was basically topless, she had nowhere to really relocate him to. Improvising, the girl stuffed him between her cleavage and dropped the shirt to the floor. Kirstin then reached for the clasp on her bra and released it slowly, letting her breasts fall naturally. Though, she made sure her dark haired friend was okay, still nestled in between her boobs. The brunette made sure he stayed nestled by cupping her own breasts and keeping them supported. They fit just about perfectly in the palms of her own hands, the warmth emanating off her chest easily meaning there was a slight layer of perspiration between her breasts. Hopefully Jefferson could hold on while she got dressed.

Erika soon handed over the top and helped Kirstin tie the strings to it tightly, tying the ones across her back first, before moving to the ones around her neck. When her breasts were firmly fastened in the top, the brunette relaxed, knowing her companion was safe. Her hands then fell to her sides and started undoing the button on her black, skinny jeans. When the material was no longer fastened, the girl slowly tugged the fabric downward and exposed her pale thighs, along with her pale bottom. She hadn’t exactly planned on changing, so she had decided on a simple, black thong. It had lace, and a little bit of frills, but was nothing extraordinary. The brunette now stood in the room in a bikini top, and a thong. Thank whatever holy being that there wasn’t a mirror for her to look into, or she’d surely be embarrassed. Blushing, Kirstin pulled down the thin fabric that covered her most intimate of parts, tossing her panties to the pile of clothes she had created. The bottoms to the bikini were rather large, but luckily, they had ties on each side, so she could tighten the bottoms to her liking. As she did so, Erika found herself staring, but as she did so, her longtime friend seemed to get larger and larger, or…wait! The intoxicated female was actually getting smaller by the second! As she shrunk in midair, the host quickly began falling towards the ground, but somehow managed to grab onto one of Kirstin’s bathing suit ties. As she panicked, Erika swung back and forth, wanting to shout out to her friend, but finding herself unable. When Kirstin was done adjusting the bikini, she turned around, only to discover she was in the room by herself. “Erika…?” she said softly, moving around the room a little bit, to see if she was hiding, or possibly passed out on the floor. When her friend was nowhere in sight, the brunette shrugged her shoulders and exited the room. “She must have gone back outside already.

The brunette made her way around the somewhat familiar house and headed back outdoors, a few of the party guests making comments about seeing her in a bathing suit. Peering at the ones that did, she quickly stepped towards the hot tub and was about to get in, before Katie asked her for a favor, “Can you bring me a couple of those mini cupcakes? I’m starving!” Nodding, Kirstin turned around and walked towards a table that had been brought outside, an assortment of desserts placed on its surface. During her trip, Erika had managed to climb up one of her bathing suit strings and made it to the edge of her accidental captor’s bottoms. As the larger girl approached the table, the small host hopped onto the table, and darted her way to the plate Kirstin had been reaching for, hoping her longtime friend would notice her. Unfortunately, she did not, and placed a couple of sweets on the plate’s surface, almost squishing her friend in the process. “Hey! Watch it!” the smaller girl shouted angrily, grabbing on to the paper that surrounded the cake’s bottom half as the plate was lifted to the same level as the brunette’s breasts. Peering across the way, the tiny brunette noticed the missing male from earlier. Eyes wide, she began waving and jumping up and down, trying to get his attention. “Jefferson?! Is that you?! Help me!” she demanded as loud as she could, hoping the boy would come to her aid. Jefferson managed to get his arms loose and started waving back, trying to push himself out of his companion’s cleavage. After a small bit of wiggling, and a large amount of arm strength, the dark haired male managed to get himself free and stood atop Kirstin’s left breast. Though, it was a little unstable, the tissue jiggling slightly as she walked over to the hot tub once more. Jefferson tried to keep his balance as he walked towards the plate, wanting to help his obviously panicked friend. When he thought he was close enough, he made a mad dash for the plate and jumped from his keeper’s breast, landing with a small thud.

After he landed, the demanding girl from before came running to his side, wrapping her arms around one of his arms, squishing it against her bare breasts. “Oh my god! What do we do?! Why would she do this to me?! I don’t deserve this! This is my party!” Erika rambled quickly, looking around the plate, wondering how the two of them could possibly escape. “Maybe, if we climb on top of one of the cupcakes, she’ll be able to see us!” the girl thought of quickly, beginning to tug the male towards one of their possible escape vessels. When the two were staring upward at the sweet mountain, Erika demanded the male give her a boost, Jefferson rolling his eyes before intertwining his fingers and offering his hands to the girl. The bossy female quickly placed her foot into the palms of his hands and reached upward, not exerting much effort as the male lifted her as high as he could. “Just a little bit higher! I can almost reach the edge of the wrapper!” she demanded once more, Jefferson's dark eyes looking upward, trying to judge the distance that was left between his host’s fingers, and her desired destination. Instead, all he got was a full view of the girl’s behind. It was rather pale, but he thought the pink thong was cute. Blushing slightly, the male then gave her one last push and let her foot go as he projected her upward. The short haired brunette grabbed on to the cupcake’s wrapper and shouted excitedly as she pulled herself onto its surface. “What about me?” the male questioned shortly afterwards, having to cup his hands around his mouth so she could hear him. “Find your own way up!” Erika shouted selfishly, walking away from the male, and more towards the center of the dessert. Sighing, Jefferson grabbed onto the wrapper and began his climb upwards, unbelieving of his host’s selfish nature. Especially after he had voluntarily come to save her.

Jefferson finally reached the top of the cupcake when he noticed that Kirstin had begun getting into the hot tub, plate in hand. That’s when he remembered she had gotten the sweet treats for Katie, not herself. Wide eyed, the male watched the exchange and how his viewpoint had changed, realizing the two shrunken people were now in Katie’s grasp. “Oh fuck.” he muttered softly, turning on the cupcake to look at his previous captor, figuring the brunette had no idea of what she had just done. “Katie, why are you wearing your stethoscope from HST?” one of the hot tub loungers asked, laughing afterwards. A booming voice could then be heard, and the two tiny companions couldn’t help but turn around, looking at their new captor. “You guys remember when I swallowed that whole cupcake at Erika’s thirteenth birthday party? Let’s see if I can do it again!” the disgusting female bragged, getting a couple chuckles from the group, and a few “do its”. Kirstin, concerned, furrowed her brow and shook her head, knowing her friend could choke, but said nothing, knowing she was going to do it anyway. That was when the short haired girl reached a hand forward and plucked up one of the delicious snacks, showing it to the group in the hot tub before tossing it into her mouth. Holding her mouth open, the female exhibited the whole cupcake, Erika and Jefferson looking upon it in fright. Before the two could even form a sentence, Katie snapped her jaws shut and swallowed the entire baked good. Both of their eyes watched as the rather large lump in the girl’s throat moved downwards and out of sight, disappearing behind the dark haired girl’s massive breasts. Looking to one another, Erika gave Jefferson a panicked look, tears beginning to form in her eyes. “We have to do something, or she’ll swallow us whole, too!” the girl exclaimed, burying her face into the male’s upper arm. That was when Jefferson looked to his friend and explained, “We’re going to have to jump.

Looking downward, the two pondered their chance of survival, but when they turned their gaze back to the giantess that threatened their lives, the couple nodded at each other in agreement. Erika then wrapped her arms around Jefferson's upper arm, shaking slightly as the two of them walked towards the edge of the cupcake. Suddenly, the ground beneath them began to shake, and they glanced over their shoulders simultaneously, watching as they were brought closer to the dark haired girl’s mouth. “We have to go! Now!” Jefferson commanded urgently, running for the edge of the dessert, dragging the female behind him. The closer the tiny couple got to the edge, the closer they were brought to Katie’s mouth. Just as the giant girl was about to place the cake on her tongue, the two jumped for it. The drop was pretty far, and the impact from the water would surely hurt them both, but they forgot about one thing. Well, two. Her breasts. As the two fell, the girl screamed her lungs out, while Jefferson looked downward, noticing their pale landing location. Her breasts were definitely large enough for the two to land on, and dependent upon which direction they turned, or moved, they’d still be able to land on them. Her chest was decorated in a navy blue bikini top that could hardly support her rather large bosom. Luckily for the top, the water was doing a wonderful job of assisting the strained material, making them a tad bit lighter than normal. The stethoscope that the female was sporting was also in sight, hanging between the girl’s enormous breasts, resting against them comfortably. Soon enough, their destination was quickly approaching, and the two had no time to come up with a plan of action. That was when they made impact. It wasn’t as rough as Jefferson thought it would be, but it certainly wasn’t smooth, either. Upon making contact with Katie’s chest, the two were bounced off of the fleshy mounds, and projected into the water. Feeling the slight impact, Katie looked down to her chest and swatted at it gently. “I think something bit me!” she complained, before tossing the delectable treat into her mouth, swallowing the item completely.

Erika sputtered out water and struggled against the moving liquid, trying her best to get ahold of herself as she looked for her companion. When Jefferson emerged from the water, he gasped and coughed a bit, rubbing his eyes due to the chlorine. He then swam over to his female friend and hooked arms with her, beginning to swim away from the giant being that had just tried to ingest them. Though, the two struggled against the water, especially when a low, terrifying groan echoed through the air, and made the water around them begin to shake. It was as if Katie’s stomach was giving them a warning sign; telling them to steer clear, or else it would ingest them, as well, and happily, at that. Wide eyed, the two turned back around and swam their hardest, wanting to be as far away from the gluttonous beast as they possibly could. That was when something floated past them. Something white, decorated with blue designs. It was the chlorine dispenser! It was happily floating around in the rotating water, minding its own business. Jefferson then pointed to the device, and Erika nodded her head in agreement. Swimming in its direction, the two grabbed onto its edge and attempted to climb aboard it, finding it difficult with its wet surface, and their soaked bodies. The selfish female then started to climb atop it, and turned around to look at her friend, who reached out his hand. She ignored the gesture and kicked her foot backward, knocking the male backward, and causing him to lose his grasp on the edge of the device. The male was then swept away by the current, trying his best to swim back to his only chance at survival. Water was constantly rushing over the boy, trying to suck him beneath its mighty surface, invading every orifice that it could. The burning sensation in his eyes had returned, and when he least expected it, he was being pushed back against the floating object. This time, Jefferson didn’t rely on the stupid female to help him aboard; he grabbed onto the plastic and pulled himself upward onto it, with all of his might. He didn’t immediately attack the girl, like he should have. Instead, he lay there, trying to catch his breath as the device traveled across the surface area of the violent water.

When his body was done returning to its normal state, the dark haired boy sat up and looked over his shoulder, at the girl who had ignored his request for aid. “I… I didn’t know what to do! I was panicking! I’m sorry!” Erika apologized profusely, more than likely not meaning a word of it. Jefferson simply peered at her with his dark orbs and watched as the people around him seemed to be lost in their own world. Would anyone ever notice the two of them? He could only hope. He certainly didn’t want to be trapped in the watery wasteland forever, and he certainly didn’t want to be found by Katie and her constantly hungry stomach. Sighing, the male looked out across the water, and to the brunette giantess, wondering if she’d ever save him. He’d have to get to her. Get her to notice him somehow. Maybe if the device floated close enough to Kirstin, he’d make another jump for it. He pondered his outcomes before Erika came to his side and began bothering him once more. “We have to get her to notice us! If we don’t, we’ll be trapped like this forever!” the female stated obviously, poking at the boy’s shoulder, trying to get his immediate attention. When she noticed it wasn’t working, she stepped in front of the boy, and put her hands on her basically bare hips, cocking her head to the side. “Don’t you think I know this? I’ve been trapped like this longer than you,” the male snapped in response, turning his gaze away from the bare chested woman, even if her boobs were wonderful to look at. She had left him high and dry twice now, and Jefferson was certain he wouldn’t let it happen again. Standing up, Jefferson waited for the most opportune moment, and when the device was close enough, he shoved Erika backwards, and into the water. Of course, it was in front of Kirstin, and after he had a small chuckle, he jumped towards the brunette giantess. Grabbing for her bathing suit top, the male had closed his eyes momentarily, not wanting anymore of the stringing water to get into his eyes. He then opened his eyes and noticed the dark red material that was in his grasp. He had made it! Looking around, he noticed Erika had made it as well, holding on to the thin piece of cloth that was located between the breast pieces of the bikini top. The man then made a gesture and pointed upwards, signaling that the two of them had to climb, and although Erika was more than pissed with the other, she agreed, and started her venture upward. Turning back, Jefferson noticed his placement was a little more elevated then the rest of the breast. He then began looking around more, his eyes widening when he realized he had latched on to Kirstin’s nipple. The presence of his hands must have been obvious to her body, because it began to perk up slightly, beginning to prod the male that had made contact with it. Blushing, Jefferson began climbing, and just in time. Feeling a slight sensation, Kirstin reached down to her chest and ran the tips of her fingers over the sensitive area of her breast, wondering what had sent a twinge of pleasure throughout her chest.

It felt like it would take forever for the two to make it to their destination, but with enough determination, they could do it. As if clinging to the wet material wasn’t hard enough, the couple found themselves having to avoid slipping, and water that splashed upward, trying to sweep them away. After a few minutes of climbing that felt like ages, the tiny pair had made it to the brunette’s shoulders! Smiling at each other, the two panted for a few moments before standing up straight, trying to regain their strength. Then, their surface started moving, the large female moving her arm to retrieve something; a drink. Erika had quickly latched on to Jefferson when the ground started moving, but regained her balance when Kirstin’s arm had returned to a normal position. Now the female was holding a drink next to her chest, and just above the water. The two then turned and looked upward, wondering how they were going to get her attention. “Maybe, if we get to her ear, she’ll actually hear us, “Jefferson suggested, shrugging his shoulders afterwards. “How are we going to get up there, though?” Erika whined in response, crossing her arms across her chest. That was when Katie’s voice could be heard once more, announcing to the entire world that she wanted people to listen in on the whole cupcakes that were making a commotion in her stomach. She went around the entire hot tub, forcing the stethoscope ear buds into the party guests’ ears, some laughing, some humoring her, and others just telling her she was gross. When it came to Kirstin’s turn, the brunette was reluctant, telling her best friend that she wasn’t interested, and to just leave her alone. But Katie couldn’t take no for an answer. Frowning slightly, the dark haired girl pulled away momentarily, before launching a sneak attack. Well, more like a force attack. Pushing her breasts against Kirstin’s shoulder, the boisterous female shoved the buds into the girl’s ear and forced her to listen to the gurgling madness that was her stomach. Of course, the other two, weren’t so lucky. Upon impact, the force caused the tiny couple to fall. And not just fall, but tumble. Down Kirstin’s chest, and straight into her cup. When the two came up for air, all they could see was clear liquid, and the red cup it was in. Other than that, the smell of alcohol burned their noses and eyes. Just what had they gotten themselves into now?!
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Re: "The Dark Abyss" (F/FM,Soft,Unaware, Giantess(s))

Postby GameOfPickles » Thu May 12, 2016 1:14 am

I like it so far! The writing is very descriptive and the story is catching my personal interests. Also your grammar is solid and the writing is enjoyable to read. Overall, it flows pretty well! I would love to read the next parts of this story. Great job!
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Re: "The Dark Abyss" (F/FM,Soft,Unaware, Giantess(s))

Postby Peterscig » Sat May 14, 2016 2:38 am

You are interested in the same to me.
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Re: "The Dark Abyss" (F/FM,Soft,Unaware, Giantess(s))

Postby Kain » Fri May 19, 2017 1:36 pm

This one kind of flew under the radar I think, great writing style, good setup, hope to see more.
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