Amanda (work in progress) F/m, semicon, digestion, fbb

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Amanda (work in progress) F/m, semicon, digestion, fbb

Postby spanxthanx » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:02 am

Hi, I'm not able to figure out how to upload anything to the gallery, I don't even know how to find another users gallery. So I'm just posting some far from finished work here.

Don't read it in it's entirety, unless that fancies you, but take a look at the size of the text and skim through it and give me some input.

Did you like it? (Apart from some logical inconsistencies and other problems, but this is just an early draft, so I hope you just skimmed through it.)
Would it become too repetitive if Amanda just eats a lot of people?
Would you like to read several pages about Neil before he meets his demise?
Is it too repetitive?
Is Amanda too stupid?

How many percent of the text should be devoted to vore action? Is there too much? Is there too little?
Did you happen to read the whole text AND like it (despite it's problems)?
Did you hate it?

I know that what I'm posting below is far from polished, but I have bigger ambitions than skills, I'm trying to write a book that's full of vore, about 30 times longer than the text below. So I'm just collecting some opinions here.

Amanda's website: (if too long to read, then just skim)

For several hundreds of thousands of years the metabolism of female humans have been climbing. When the hunter gatherers learned the skill of making more sophisticated tools the amount of calories that each hunter could collect increased. The bigger a woman is the more children she can get, so the event of sophisticated tools lead to evolution favoring bigger females. The female humans would grow well past their sixteenth birthday whereas male humans shrunk somewhat and reach their full height at fifteen. An alpha female could dominate a large territory together with some sisters, while keeping other competitors away. They have evolved ways of dominating and controlling the males. The more males they dominate the more hunter gatherers they have to bring in the food and make tools and clothes. One way to dominate a male is to swallow him alive, thus usually leads to the male being let out again in order to be useful. An alpha female would test the loyalty of her males by asking them to let her eat them, although most stronger alpha females can force an average male down their hatch most often social pressure was used to force a male to agree to go down. Today we live in modern civilization, but it is still common for girls to test their boyfriends, although very few end up being digested. Women who have digested more than a couple of men often have a bad reputation, unless the men agreed to being digested, usually due to a dare or on a gameshow.

Amanda was jumping up and down in front of her bathroom wall mirror, feeling her weight and strength, water droplets from her morning shower falling everywhere. She firmly pressed her hands against her stomach, to see if she could feel any extra weight. She stood 280 kgs heavy on the scale, mostly muscle covering her 8'6'' figure, about 10 kg more than yesterday. But she couldn't notice the extra weight as she was jumping in front of the mirror, not even the slightest hint. Stanward, no Stanly, or was it Stanny, whatever his name was and whatever's still left of him has probably been reduced to a coil of turds. As Amanda was pulling on her panties and spanx she fantasized about being able to still feel a last desperate wriggle, and had to go back in the shower.

As Amanda is eating her breakfast she's looking at highlights from the livefeed yesterday evening. Stan Smith, I knew it was Stan something, although there isn't much left of him, so he should call himself Stain Shith. Amanda uploads a selfie of herself and her boytoy Stain Shith from last night and goes to eat her cereals while watching the comments section. After a few jokes and some teasing she goes to a news site to watch the news, and something about a pumpkin festival somehow reminded her about a tangent of a dream she had tonight, her hand moved towards her tummy while she was deep in thought, trying to remember her dream. As she's stroking her tummy back and forth the dream comes back to her and she suddenly realizes that she might have left the camcorder running in the evening. She goes to check and sure enough the camcorder is still running, she goes back to see if anything stirred during the night.

Please Amanda, let me out, I'll do anything. Hey, Amanda, are you even awake? Amanda is lying on her back in the bed sometimes tossing sideways as her legs keep opening and closing at a firm rate, but her motions have the regularity of sleep and her breath is deep. I must have been asleep, I better upload this and get to school. Thanks Stain for making me money while I sleep. As Amanda pats her stomach to add emphasis to her words she remembers waking up with a fantasy about being able to feel one last desperate wriggle and goes back to shower.

The roof of the school was 4 meters high, the girls could crouch down and then spring up propelled by massive thunder thighs to leap up towards the roof like frogs and high five it. High five was a joke that some of the girls played on the boys. At four foot eleven Brad Bradley couldn't even dream about reaching halfway up towards the roof. One of the benefits of being part of the puny sex was size, the school felt like a palace to him. But in a big world there are big distances and Brad couldn't run even half as fast as a woman, and he was running late. He's had a crush on a girl in his school for almost a year and he discovered that she has a youtube channel. Looking closely at her Venus Mount he had tried to decide whether he could see any hint of Stain Shith underneath. Most students were already in their classes but after Brad rounds a corner he sees Amanda walking in his direction. Shyly he comes to a halt as she approaches. Brad is standing there in the hallway, apparently late himself. Amanda figured out Brad had a crush on her a long time ago, she could even tell the anonymous profile he had made. One of the benefits of being part of the bigger sex was that that included brains. Less forward irl, shyly bent over head with pupils directed upwards looking at her tummy. Amanda slows down as she comes closer and puts a swing to her hips but pretends not to see him. She's walking straight towards him, but right before his nose touches her waist she makes a slight skip and leaps over him. Her taint clears his head, the lower part of her thighs brushes slightly against his shoulders, but she is so big and energetic that she's able to make this leap blend into her walking. She lands on her toes like a cat without making a sound. Turning her head Amanda catches Brad stealing a brazen sneak peak and her spandex clad butt. *Keep aspiring towards it Brad*, she doesn't say it, just giggles, as you hear her giggle you wonder if she's thinking the same thing.

In paleontology class you hear about a prehistoric species of human where the males and females were roughly the same size. You compare to how there wasn't any hint left of Stain Shmith on the morning after selfie, just the usual roundness of Amanda's Venus Mount. You could see the belly shrinking already while he was still wriggling, not that you could see the wriggling except when Amanda was still. In the old days a few dominating alpha females could monopolize an entire continent, at one point of time there was thought to be only about one thousand females, each with armies of submissive hunter gatherer males bringing in the calories, cooking and preparing things. The rest of the females lived between the territories of the alpha females and had relatively speaking fewer kids. Of course all females who reached adulthood had lots of kids, but most kids, especially female, died early in violent feuds over the right to the men and hunting grounds. Alpha females were often challenged, they kept their territories only as long as they could stay stronger than any other female who might challenge them. Brad's thoughts kept drifting towards Amanda during the class. Wonder if she would have been an alpha female? Of course in today's civilized world there was no such thing as alpha females, but then why was Amanda a celebrity online who could trick lots of dudes to go down on (and sometimes in) her?
Hi, I'm Amanda!
Don't let a big girl scare you, I won't bite:P Is there anything you want to challenge me in? If you win you get a night you won't forget, even if you lose you're in for an unforgettable night. Take a look at my schedule and see if you're willing to make a bet, but remember: I get to keep losers!

Monday-Tuesday, high odds: Early in the week I usually study, and even though I could study and have someone churning away inside me at the same time it usually destroys my concentration. However if your willing to risk a 50% chance of me digesting you I can swallow you in the afternoon, after about an hour I will flip a coin on camera and you get to call heads or tails. Heads and your head will come back out my mouth together with the rest of you, tails and you come out the tail end.

Wednesday, tracks: How fast can I run with you in my tummy? Usually pretty fast! After the practice and showers you get to accompany me home, if I managed to set a new season best I'm usually tired and just go to sleep, otherwise I'll let you out and we'll have fun. First week of the season I'm always killing it on the track! But maybe you'll catch a lucky break later on after I peaked?

Thursday, chess: On Thursdays I play chess. I've spent many a wild Thursday night with chess players, the better one between my thighs, the worse ones between my intestines. As usual I will swallow you in the afternoon and then you get to call your chess moves. Although I play with two hours on my clock plus sixty seconds extra per moves you have no time controls, you can play for as long as you last. If I beat you you get to play best out of 3, but beware, not many last that long. I have to warn you that I usually lack in sportsmanship, but if you should manage to beat me I'll let you out.

Friday, highest bidder: During the week you can give me your odds in the Friday Thread of that week. As usual first I swallow you, and then I generate a random number to see if you get out. Whoever offers me the highest probability of getting to digest them gets the chance to share my bed on Friday night.

Saturday, community poker: On Saturday night I play poker with my fans, you get to choose who gets to be inside me when we play. Volunteers agree to be digested if I win. Be warned, you'll take a dive if the community takes a dive.

Sunday, how long can you last: You get to make bets on how long you can last inside me. I'll swallow whoever agrees to be swallowed the earliest during the day. If you can last until 6 pm I'll let you out. Either way you get to share my bed.

As you browse her website you wonder what kind of people take on such bets, but at the same time you can't help but getting a little hard. You see how much effort she has put on her website, it looks professional. When you read about Mondays you realize you often see her with books in her hands, she's a hard worker and judging by how massive she is she works out hard too. Maybe that's why there was nothing left of Stain Shmith the day after, her body just claimed him. Her metabolism is just that much higher because of her workout, on that note Sunday is for suckers, free meals. As you peruse her site you remember what she told you earlier in the hallway and you notice which bent you fascination is taking. Was there a smug selfconfident dominating air to her stride? Or was it simply flirtatious? Lascivious? Brad had been ingested several times, mostly on parties, but usually no one agreed to being digested, and no girl wanted to get a bad reputation. Boys used to tell horror tales about gulp'n breakers during sleepovers, but that was about as rare as the homicide rate. A gulp'n breaker is a girl who gulps you down and then breaks any agreement she made as to letting you out. Usually if someone got digested it happened because they went on record making a stupid bet that they ended up losing while in her tummy. If you lost a bet while outside the girl you could just refuse to let her swallow you, unless she was much stronger it was unusual for a girl to be able to force someone down. Usually people were not suicidal enough to make bets about their lives with someone who could digest you alive, but Amanda seemed to get a lot of that.

You finished your tiny lunch a long time ago, but since lunch hour is tailored to the need of girls you still have plenty of time playing with your tablet, you play a couple of games of HearthStone as you watch the piggish girl in class gulp down her dinner. A lot of muscle. like most girls, but slightly more fat. It's clear that she doesn't exercise to keep fit, she just relies on her natural female hormones to keep her somewhat fit. You recall that there is a bad rumor surrounding her, and that she did stay home from school the day James went missing. As you idly compare Harrietta with Amanda and contemplate the differences between people you notice that she caught you looking her way. She lets out one of her usual burps and you find yourself getting at least slightly hard if though not totally turned on like on Amanda. This is not ideal, this is not Amanda, you know that, but you find yourself getting harder anyway. As you stare she opens her mouth and beckons you with her tongue while her one hand is shovelling more food into her mouth and the other is pushing between her thighs into her taint. Like a cold shower you suddenly realize what happened to James and why Harrietta is sitting alone while Amanda has a website and is popular. Part of your mind is wondering where this is leading, the other is struggling against your curiosity to avert your gaze. During your internal struggle you remain staring at her, as though mesmerized by her tongue that takes breaks from shifting food around in order to beckon you to become a part of it and her hand that is patting her tummy as if you were already there and her victory burps to celebrate that fact. You become harder and harder and forget everything about trying to avert your gaze and finally you resign yourself to the fact that she's probably thinking you're hard for her. You find yourself unable to move away or avert your gaze for as long as she's pigging down her lunch, as you see her go for seconds, or perhaps thirds, you realize you're in for the long haul.

After lunch hour is over you remember the rumors about James and Harrietta, you doubt that James would have agreed to being digested but maybe Harrietta flirted a bit with James in order to plant some reasonable doubt. As she's walking away in her black jeans, fabric stretched to the limit, your realize that she has ass. But you don't want to become part of it, at least not yet titillating as though the thought may be. Compared to Amanda she's slightly bigger, even though Amanda has a couple of inches on her, but Amanda is definitely more muscular and smooth, you realize that those jeans are shapewear, whereas the firm Amanda doesn't need any shapewear, she stays the same sexy shape even in her birthdaysuit and that's not shapewear. You figure that even though not by any means in bad shape without them, her jeans does flatter her, she would probably not come to school wearing mere spandex shorts like Amanda.

As you walk in the hallway after the last class of the day you bump into a nerdy looking college guy in glasses. Hi, I'm Neil, do you know where the school track is? I have, urm, an appointment. As you show him to the tracks he strikes up a conversation about sport statistics and betting, he's made a bunch of money on race tracks and has found a fool proof way of getting a highschool girlfriend on the tracks. As he explains how statistics works and how you can figure out when an athlete peaks and troughs you start getting jealous as you think about Amanda's website. As you were about to leave since you didn't want to vitness a smartass from college using statistics to find a safe way going where you only go in your suicidal fantasies Amanda instructs you to stay and sit down. You recognize him now that he takes his glasses of, why, it's Wednesday Nerd, or Neil. As you watch Amanda warming up bouncing up and down you find something else is going up and down, throbbing, you can't help but getting a little wet, nor are you able to hide your excitement, at most you're able to preserve your dignity by covering with your shirt balled up in your lap. You're glad Amanda's focused on her training, and that that obnoxious college dude is away in her tummy, you're eyes feast upon Amanda's spandex clad booty without anyone paying heed, totally unnoticed, no need to sneak these peeks, because they are free peeks, the kind you get when a girl has turned her back on you. Amanda understood why Brad had come to look, in fact she half expected him to place some kind of bet on her website these days. She tracks all users who log in, and she's figured out which user Brad is, way to obvious although he doesn't seem to realize it himself. She was hoping Brad would make some foolish bet on her site, like playing chess against her, and then she would let him win and get him in her bed. Brad probably needed an excuse to stay so Amanda told him to stay put in case she needed anything, just to give him an in. If only she was free tonight, then she would invite Brad over, but she owed the night to Neil since Neil made the bet that she wouldn't set a new season best this Wednesday, and Neil always seemed to be right. Nerds are always right. As Amanda was warming up and thinking about Brad her heart kept thumping harder and harder, the blood veins in her thighs expanded and allowed more oxygen to flow, adrenaline was rushing through her making her muscles work harder. It was strange, did her heart really beat stronger than usual, not just faster? Neil couldn't say for sure, but numbers don't lie, according to the theory of statistics this was her weak week. The jumping always made him nauseous, being trapped inside Amanda's tummy while she was doing gymnastics and acrobatics as part of her usual warm up routine sometimes made him puke, not that it made any difference in Amanda's tummy, that was already full of hot stomach acids. But this time he could swear he was puking more than usual, he was dead exhausted already from the warm up before any of the actual track practice had started. 6.54 seconds! Just three seconds above season best, in the first run! He was expecting her to announce a time north of seven seconds! Amber felt her heart race, she also felt Brad eyes longing for her, if only she hadn't made arrangements with Neil. It's stupid when she thinks about it, she never gets to eat him and he's not her type. Too smug and condescending with his nerdy statistics. She looks at the 100 meters in front of her as every fiber of her being is struggling to do it's best. Freight as though she runs, her mind is burdened by the wisdom that the theory of statistics is always right. But at least she can try, her abs are squeezing the contents of her stomach hard to keep it firm as her legs take explosive rapid strides on the track. Due to her immense strength she's shaking like a rocket during takeoff, during some of the practice practice runs this shaking causes Neil to slush around slightly in her tummy, tight though as it may be, and this slows her down slightly. But the optimal technique that makes her gain a slight speed advantage is to use her abs to squeeze her tummy hard as a rock. At first Neil thinks he heard wrong, he seeing stars because he wasn't able to breathe while Amanda's tummy felt like a restraint jacket cast in concrete. 6.41 seconds! At first Amanda became so excited she forgot to relax her abs, Neil usually complains when she keeps him too tight for too long, and she doesn't want any of her fans who place bets on her site thinking that she's unfair, if she loses her good reputation she'll get a lot less bets. Even though she dislikes Neil she does realize that his bragging on campus brings her college students who are perhaps less smart. So she better release her abs to let Neil be comfortable. But then Amanda realizes that she won the bet, the theory of statistics has been proven wrong and the theory of hormones has been proven right. Neil isn't exactly in a position to complain to his college buddies that Amanda wasn't enjoyable enough, at this point Neil doesn't matter since he lost the bet. Most of her fans get a hardon when she manages to take cheap shots at the losers, but her reputation would suffer a lot if she doesn't let those who won their bets out in reasonable shape, or if she's unnecessarily cruel against them. But since Neil just became a meal she's free to do what she wants.

6.41 seconds! Oops shoot I did it again! At first Brad doesn't understand what the victory dance is about, although he enjoys seeing Amanda turn her spandex clad body around, even though Neil is destroying the picture a bit. But then Brad got an idea and used the school wifi to check Amanda's website to see what her current season record is. 6.51 seconds! Could smartass Neil really have been wrong? About ten times heavier and almost twice as tall, filled with explosive muscles, clad in spandex, 6.41 is mind bogglingly fast for such a massive sexy body. As Brad contemplates what it's like to be trapped tight like in a rock inside a rocket with it's own will, filled with hot stomach acid, that goes from 0 to 100 in 6,41, he can't help but getting even harder. As he's pressing his balled up shirt even harder into his crotch he's hoping that Amanda won't notice. Barely over half my height and less than half my girth, his feet don't even reach the floor as he's sitting on that chair, I bet I could stove him into my back pack. He seems to be enjoying my size, the only girl in school that's bigger than me is Harrietta, but I have more muscle than her. So he's turned on by muscle then. Amanda takes a deep breath and squeezes her abs as hard as she can, trying to make her tummy as hard as the rest of her body. Ouch, now she's squeezing harder than she ever has before, my neck is about to break. Whatever she's doing I have to talk her out of it. Listen, I've got some money saved up, wait she can't hear me that was barely a whisper, I'm not getting enough air to speak. Hey listen, I've got some money saved up but I'm beginning to see some stars, so if you wouldn't mind stop squeezing with your abs, hey? Wait, that was just a thought? Am I making any sound? I've got no air in my lungs, I can't hear anything since I've got hot stomach acid in my ears, but neither can she hear anything since I've got no air in my lungs. If I tried to move I might snap my neck, so it's as well that I'm not able to budge an inch. What is she doing? Some kind of victory dance? I better wait until she has calmed down then I can talk some sense into her. Stupid highschool brat I'm loaded, we must negotiate. 6.39 seconds! Wait, what is she doing, she has already won, I'm willing to negotiate, it doesn't matter by how much she wins. Why is she doing this? Is she trying to impress on me?!? She would make a much better impression on me by coming to her senses and let me negotiate. I'll tell her what's what as soon as she's done goofing off, stupid highschool girls, you just wait until I can speak girl, not even a muscular brute like you can keep their abs flexed all the time. Just wait until you're exhausted from goofing off, then I'll speak. 6.37 seconds! Shoot I did it again! Amanda kept trying to improve her season best, it seemed to enthrall Brad, and also she wanted people to stop saying that she's intentionally improving her season best by just a little bit at a time. She could feel Brads ogling eyes all over her, worshipping her strength and speed. She devoted her whole mind towards the task of running faster, every fiber of her body was filled with the urge to contribute to her explosive speed optimally. She felt exactly how much force she could exert from her thighs, precisely how to swing her arms and how to breath. She had all but forgotten that Neil was even there, instead she felt just how her abs should squeeze to minimize the gyration. The faster she ran, the more she could feel Brad's ogling eyes all over her, and the faster yet she would run. 6.24 seconds! At this point she completely forgot that Neil even existed, since that was a really good time even for a good athlete with an empty stomach. 6.19 seconds! It's as if her stomach completely follows the rest of her body, like it's completely firm, she must have really strong abs. It wouldn't surprise me if Neil was squeezed right out of existence by those strong abs.

At first he was afraid to get into Amanda's back pack, he's never seen her run like this, such out of control explosive strength, almost as if her athletic performance was some sort of uncontrolled sexual energy. But he realized that Amanda had an urge to take him to bed and no is no answer to someone ten times your weight. After having blown of more energy than she thought she had Amanda started slowly jogging home, with one price in her tummy and another in her back pack she was exited to get home. She could swear she heard Neil mumbling something about money! Gifts? To a girl who's gonna digest you? Well, why, that's sweet Neil, didn't know you had such a kind heart! Something about a trunk, good thing the camcorder is still running I'll take care of that trunk as soon as I'm done dealing with a bunny turned sex addict in my back pack and a Neil turned meal in my tummy. Too exhausted to answer Neil Amanda keeps jogging home, where she has more pressing matters to deal with. Perhaps I'll ask Neil why he's giving money to a girl who's turning her to shit, but first I'll show Brad what explosive muscle power can do in bed. He got pulled out of the back pack and thrown into the bad so fast that he looked like a rag, and felt, like a ragdoll. Before he knows it Amanda is straddling his groin, her knees in his armpits and her feet folded under his butt, squeezing him just gently so I don't hurt him too much. He weight ten times less, I have to be careful before I learn exactly how much I can press. She was squeezing him really hard, but he could tell she was just using a fraction of her strength. He tried to control himself when she started to alternate the pressure she applied rhythmically, but she had him on three and continued to pump him dry of all he had. In the end he was exhausted and fell asleep right in her crotch, as she released him he drifted deep into sleep. She had never done it quite like this before, usually it was either sex or digestion. Now she had it all, and even some money sprinkled on top. That was so sweet of you Neil, she patted her tummy to lend emphasis to her thought. She felt awkward, usually there wasn't a third party present when you have sex, she always turned of the camcorder when someone won a bet and collected their price. She wasn't used to other people vitnessing her when she's having sex. Even if she had done it with Neil several times before it felt different now, today Neil was an outsider. She wanted to thank Neil for being so sweet, but that would aknowledge that he was there, and that would make it awkward. At least Brad was sound asleep, so it wouldn't be too awkward. Maybe if she quietly sneaked to a different room, without waking Brad. No, she was too tired to move. Maybe if she squeezed her abs, to prevent Neil from responding, but it felt cruel to deny someone their last words. But Neil wasn't exactly speaking now, he hadn't spoken since the jogging trip home. Amanda, I love you, you can have all the money in the trunk. Why couldn't those remain his last words? Besides, the camcorder wasn't running, and she felt so tired, she would probably not remember anything that he said now. And as much as her body craves to replace it's energy he wouldn't have a chance to last till the morning. Amanda kept stroking her tummy with her hand as she lay on her bed pondering, with one exhausted lover sleeping soundly beside her and another exhausted lover inside her, sleeping? Not yet, he was awake, but wouldn't be for much longer, now that the sex act was over was his opportunity to bargain, he had told her where the money was. Surprised that she haven't let me out yet, I need to let her in on how much is in the trunk. No, that would feel desperate, it's easier to negotiate if she starts, I can feel she's about to say something. Thanks Neil, you're my honey, thanks for the meal and the money. Although you're a fool for love, never met someone who gives gifts to me even when I'm gonna digest them. Amber felt that Neil inhaled in order to be able to answer, but she quickly hardened her abs as hard as she ever could to expel the air out of Neil's lungs before he could answer. Wow, Neil, you hopeless romantic, I'm digesting you, you won't last for many more hours, yet you still have something to say to me. Sorry Neil, enough sugar, no more sweet talk. Amanda's abs were beginning to ache from having used them harder than ever before in her life, so she turned around on her stomach and after one last squeeze with her abs to expel all the air out of Neil she used her weight to weigh on her belly to compress Neil so that he couldn't speak and then she quickly drifted to sleep. Sorry, Neil, but you speak so sweet I want to be able to remember your last words. Usually I let my meals ramble into the night, but usually they don't love me when I'm digesting them.

As the first sunrays found their way through the window into Amanda's eyes she realized that she had rolled over onto her back in her sleep. She quickly flexed her now somewhat sore abs to keep Neil from saying something, as sweet as he turned out to be it would be totally awkward to hear a morning greeting from her exlover Neil turned meal. But then she felt her tummy and realized she didn't to use her abs to keep him from talking. As she was stroking her somewhat sore abs and massaging Meil in her intestines she absentmindedly pondered whether Meil had managed to say anything into the dead of night with nobody awake but him. If so nobody would know, since she always keeps the camcorder off during sex. The closest thing she has come to recording sex is when she's masturbating while someone is inside her. But tonight the camcorder was definitely turned off, so no one would ever know. Oh, Meil, you romantic fool, lonely confessing his feelings in the night. Sore tummy though, ouch, good thing I came up with the idea of lying on my belly. Now Meil can't speak, it would be totally inappropriate of him to speak after he's vitnessed us having sex. As she felt her tummy press against the mattress and apply pressure on Meil, she felt how she could relax her abs. Pressing down, heavier and heavier, and relaxing. Oh no, now this stupid highschoolgirl is gonna sleep on top of me. She's using her weight to compress me, I'm probably more exhausted than her lazy ass, but I better keep awake until she turns around on her back. As if I didn't have more important things to do than to wait for a stupid highschoolgirl to turn her ass around so I can speak. How long has it been? My skin is burning, I see stars, oh she's finally turning around, wait until she gets a load is this. Neil uses his last strength to inhale. Listen you stupid highschoolgirl, let me out this instant, and then you'll get the money! You can't just digest me AND keep the money, that's not part of the deal. You don't get the money then! They are snoring, both of them, pigs! Stupid highschoolgirl. Wait, she's stirring, is she finally letting me out? About time stupid highschoolgirl, about time that she lets me out, and in the nick of time too I'm just about done, I don't have any more energy to speak, better wriggle a little back and forth so she doesn't go back to sleep. Back and forth, yeah she's definitely stirring I just need to keep rocking a little bit back and forth for a short while, back and forth, Amanda felt sleepy, not quite awake, not quite asleep. Her abs felt a bit sore, it felt better sleeping on her stomach to apply pressure on them, she turned over and drifted back to sleep. She dreamt that Neil had changed his mind about giving her his money, but too late, you can't stop a smartass highschoolgirl when you're in her tummy.

An insurance policy, I wouldn't have guessed that Neil had insurance. It's an envelope filled with cash, sure was insured indeed. There's a note inside: Hi Amanda, if you're reading this that means I've lost a bet that I've made on your website, take this money. Ps. I'm hoping to get closer to you during our Wednesday practices, love, Neil. Oh Meil, well, you can't get closer to me than you did last night, so I guess you just got what you always wanted, that explains some things, although it's kinda weird to get turned on by a girl turning you into a turd.
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Re: Amanda (work in progress) F/m, semicon, digestion, fbb

Postby Ember69 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:03 pm

I really like it, it's very detailed which is good.
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