Dating vore story

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Dating vore story

Postby ThisisHalloween239 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:55 am

I am thinking of posting this on my account, but before i do, I wanna see if people might like the draft and enjoy it.

Kelli had been looking forward to this for awhile, a date with a younger man, but her hopes had been dashed when he turned up. It was the same guy as the guy she had been chatting to online but he was fatter than the pictures and sported a rather rounded belly that reminded her of a pregnant woman. She frowned to herself as she sat in his car and stared out the window. He was taking her to a shady part of town and she was hoping this was as low as the date would go. She was a 5'7 300 pound red head who wasn't gorgeous and that was why she had been single for so long. Most of her weight was held on her midsection and chest, sporting a pair of F cup breasts not held in a bra from his request for her to wear as light clothing as possible, so she wore a loose top that showed her ample cleavage, no bra, no panties and a thigh length skirt so her pussy and ass wouldn't be on show. She had no idea that the reasoning was to be her end. She sighed again. She knew he was pregnant and that did turn her on so she composed herself to try and enjoy her date with her fetish fulfilled even if nothing else.

Kevin was a man driving his date to a bar. He had black hair, green eyes, physically fit, and 9 months pregnant with triplets. He made sure that she wore very little cloths and a skirt that exposed her ass and pussy. He was taking her to her favorite restaurant, he and his best friend (as well as the father of his children) ran the place, and they made it for men and women alike to vore to their heart's content. And that is what he planned for this poor, ignorant girl he had tricked into going on a date with him.

She raised her head as he pulled into the dark car park, a little turned on as a guy rested against a wall, hands stroking his exposed and huge belly with a popped belly button as he chatted up a young woman. To her he looked just pregnant but that was because she hadn't seen him consume the couple of teens a few minutes ago who were now cuddled in his gut. She turned away to her date just as it became obvious that the pair were fucking to try and enjoy their final moments together as the pair bulged out rhythmically. "I-is this the place?" She asked, none the wiser to all the vore happening inside which would luckily be over by the time he walked her in.

"yep, this is the place, and I can see you staring at my belly, and yes, I am pregnant." Kevin says as he exits the car "My best friend, Micheal and I own this place, so we can eat here for free." Kevin said stretching and then patting his belly he walked to the door, he opened it for his 'date' "Right this way.' he says politely

She looked around, most of the people had large bellies that made strangely loud gurgling noises. I accidentally bumped into a regular on the way to the seat, her belly huge as she looked at me with a look of anger and... hunger? I nervously sat down on the reinforced chair on the table in the centre of the place and sighed. This seemed dangerous and I tried to not look at anything but his belly to ignore his weight but there was a slight fatty wobble to him. "U-um, w-what is this place...?"

"This is the eat'um, it is a place where men and women alike can vore all they want." Kevin said was a waiter brought him two drinks "Here, have a drink, Micheal prepares the drinks and they are delicious." Kevin says handing her a glass with a green, transparent drink in it.

She took the drink and raised her eyebrow at the sheer size of the waiter. She took a large mouthful and gulped quietly as she processed his words in her head. "Mmmm that's good!" She cooed, glancing at her drink before looking to him. She felt rather happy all of a sudden but ignored it. "And cool! Although, what this v-" Her jaw hangs open as over his shoulder she watches a guy openly jerking off and rubbing his gut at the same time, that was weird on its own but the belly was stranger. A hand pushed out next to a round bulge, the back of a head, an ass shape under his navel and what seemed like knees under that. Not only were the bulges strange but there was a rhythmic motion made as a hand gripped the ass shape from the inside. "What the fuck..." She took another large gulp of the drink, not realizing she had finished it as her brain tried to process the sight she stared at.

"yeah, we get weirdos like that, but hey, what are you gonna do?" Kevin says shrugging as he gets up and gets behind Kelli, he then used his belly to knock her over. "Now for some fun." Kevin says as he grabs Kelli and slams her onto the table "Sorry, gotta feed these babies you know.' Kevin says ripping off Kelli's skirt off and dropping his pants.

She would try to resist but found her hands were hard to move, instead holding the table as her body felt incredibly heavy. She was consciously fighting it as first as her ass felt the cold air as well as her pussy and the warm belly on her back. By the time she felt the tip on her pussy lips she had hit the full affects of the drugs and stared at the fucking in the belly ahead of her, making her wet. "Oh my god..." Was all she could whisper as her weakened body succumbed to the strange drugs.

She felt a hand on her back as he guided himself into her dripping folds. The drugs had consumed whatever consciousness was resisting the rape and had turned up her sex hormones to 1000%. She bit her lips as she watched the send in the stomach continue. Once he was inside her pussy, he held her hips, she cooed in pleasure, unable to do much more as she eagerly glanced at all the sexual vore happening until she realized they were watching her. She blushed and bit her lip as she was rocked by his thrusts. As he bucked into her, she felt his cock twitch, at first she felt the warmth of her juices down her thigh but also the fear started to come back to her. She realized what was happening as she was being watched. She suddenly felt disgusted as her top was torn off. She was sobering up by the time he gripped her thrust and dragged her up, cumming inside her as she whimpered in fear. "Don't eat me..." Was all she could think of saying as the drugs slowly released their grip on her.

"ah, that was great, now you can help me feed my babies.' Kevin said grabbing kelli's feet, he opens his mouth and sticks her feet in his mouth, he started sucking on them before continuing to swallow her whole. Kevin started to smile while continuing to swallow the poor girl whole.

The woman panicked and knocked the drinks and food off the table before gripping it as she was being easily devoured. She struggled to keep hold, however still very weak from the drugs as she struggled against the pulling that dragged her downwards rather easily. Kevin started swallowing her more, pulling in her body, further into his mouth, he puts one of his hand on his belly, feeling her legs kick around he shoved her in more, half of her torso was in his body. Her tits rested on his chin as she felt her body forced to curl up in his belly slowly as her ass entered to. "S-stop! I'll do whatever you w-mmmph!" Her eyes bulged as her head sunk in and she screamed, eyes flicking around the room as she waited for the final gulp.

Kevin then engulfed her head and swallowed one last time, on outline of her terrified face could be seen in his throat. Kevin;s belly grew to an enormous size, he belched, the belch caused him to cough up her phone.Her phone's screen cracked on impact as the slightly looser stomach allowed her to struggle slightly. Soon a pair or hands wrapped around him from behind with the hands on his belly and a kiss on the cheek.
"Oh my god, babe, seeing you indulge your straight side is hot. How did she taste...?" His boyfriend who owned the restaurant cooed.

"of all the women I have eaten, she was definitely my favorite, not too fat, not too thin, just right." Kevin said rubbing his huge belly in delight "What should we do with her phone?" Kevin asked

He grinned and grabbed the girl through his belly. "Good, she looked real tasty..." He looked at her phone. "Why don't we go to the back room and send her friends something to remember her by?" He rubbed his lover's belly slowly.

"ooh, you naughty boy, I love that idea." Kevin said taking off his shirt and stretching, he grabbed her phone and followed his friend into the back room

He took the phone from Kevin and grinned. "What do you want? Stylish or sexual? I want you to be naughty and show off her bulges." He teased as I struggled and he opened the camera and took a candid photo from the side to show the sheer size of his belly.

Kevin climbed on a table and kneeled, her put his hands on the back of his head, and gave a sexual expression, he made had completely showed off his belly, showing off how it squirmed, he looked right at the camera, and smiled, he then took out a marker and wrote on his belly, he wrote that she was delicious, and they were next., then looked at the camera and gave a sinister smile

His friend bit his lips and took a picture, setting it as her profile pic on Facebook and twitter. "N-now that's hot!" He groaned. "How about one for her mom?" He grinned, clearly getting turned on

"Oh yeah, definitely," Kevin said rubbing his belly, the marker writing still on it "Oh man, I hope this is not permanent marker.' Kevin said

He took another snap. "Anything for her best friend? Maybe bulged her face out or something? Oh and we need one for her dating profile!" He bit his lip. "A-and hurry because I need to fuck you right now."

Kevin then did a different pose, placing his hand down in his pants with one hand and blowing a kiss with another hand

He took the pic and dropped the camera safely onto the seat behind him, walking over and rubbing the sides of the belly, lustily kissing the surface as the meat struggled within. "Hope we didn't forget anyone but I can't stop now!" He teased.

"to be honest, I kind of hope too.' Kevin said rubbing both his squirming belly and his friend's head. "Now, go ahead and strip me lover, I need someone to help me digest this meal." Kevin said

He looked up from the belly and smiled as he stood, peeling the tight shirt off and dropping it to the floor. He grinned as the girl inside was still struggling. "Try to keep her alive at least until he start, she needs to hear how much she's helping us get off~" He cooed, patting her imprints as his hands ran under the belly and managed to peel his boyfriend's pants and boxers off. "God it's been awhile since we've done it with you so full..." He bites his lips and kissed the belly button.

"I know, she'll feed our baby real nice won;t she?" Kevin said rubbing his bloated belly, knowing that the girl inside was going to be slowly burned alive and turned into nothing bit a pile of mush. "I love you so much." Kevin grabs his lover's head and kisses him on the mouth

Brad smiled as he kissed his boyfriend, the girl still lively as his cock pressed through his pants against the skin of his boyfriend. He shakily pushed his pants and boxers down to his knees, hard cock pressing into the side of his belly. "Yes, she will. God, I'm so glad I managed to talk you out of eating me on our first date..." He bit his lips and looking him in the eye. "As a reward for eating this slut, why don't we give our kid a sibling...?" He bit his lip again, grabbing the ass of his meal through the belly.

kevin smiles "Oh you bet you gorgeous person." Kevin said kissing his boyfriend's face

He turned around and grabbed a collar, putting it on and handing Kevin the leash that was much too long for real use but there was a reason to it in their sex. Kevin smiled and slapped his belly to hammer home that he was next. Biting his lip, Brad watched as the end of the leash was slowly swallowed by Kevin. "Let's hope you finish faster than that time you ate Jeremy..." He cooed as he bent over the sofa, feeling the hot and heavy belly rest on his back and squirm. He whimpered in pleasure as he felt Kevin insert his cock and listened to the sounds of him swallowing until the leash was tight. "F-fuck... cutting it close this time...?" He whimpered as his boyfriend started to thrust hard, taking a small gulp so Brad was being slightly choked by the collar. He bit his lips as he pushed back into his lover's hips. Kelli squirmed as she wasn't sure why there was a weird leathery string entering the gut with her.

Brad felt the balls against his ass tighten as he got closer to being cummed into. His boyfriend didn't stop or slow the swallowing, bringing Brad into a kneeling position until he felt breath on the back of his head and drool running down his back. "G-god... you're gonna eat me, aren't you...?" He spoke as a hand covered his mouth. He couldn't help but bite his lip and throb a little more as he felt a row of teeth stretch over the back and top of his head. Brad rolled his eyes as he gripped his cock and rubbed it as he felt his boyfriend's slip out of his ass. Brad knew he hadn't pleased him in time but didn't struggle due to the lust. Pulled by the collar, his head sunk into the mouth, sucked and licked as he felt his voracious boyfriend jerk him with one hand and invert him over his head with the other. There was a slight whimper heard before the slow gulps. With his body sinking down, Brad was overwhelmed by his body being surrounded by his lover, cumming a huge load onto the already engorged gut. He felt the unforgiving Kevin simply slurp the rest of his inside without a struggle as he was packed into the stomach along with his previous meal, cramped up against her soft body.

Kevin belched and rubbed his stomach, now bigger than ever "Oh Brad, I should have eaten you when we first met if I knew you were gonna taste this good." kevin said as he lies down on the table and relaxes as his date and boyfriend were gonna digested in his belly until they were nutrients for his baby. "I hope you guys make my baby grow big and strong." Kevin said

He felt his date squirm weakly as his meals shifted. There were muffled voices inside as he felt the space feel less filled. Brad had convinced the poor woman to enjoy a final fuck. She had wrapped her arms and thighs around him. Kevin felt the rhythmic motions from his gut along with their soft moans. An evil thought crossed his mind. He had full control over them, he could let them finish or clench his powerful stomach around them. There were so many brutal possibilities for him.

Kevin then takes the marker and writes on his belly "Daddy was here." he then pulls out a camera and takes a picture of his belly "So the baby will know what happened to its other daddy.' Kevin said as he looked at the photo

The unfortunate picture had a clear image of a woman's ass and read "daddy's here, you're next." Due to the previous message. As the meals fucked inside the belly rocked back and forth as Kevin realised he much preferred eating to sex, a revelation that would likely lead many to his stomach and ruin any hopes of a normal sex lif

"oh well, I got my babies, and in the end that's all I need, isn't that right sweeties?" Kevin said directly to his belly, while he rubbed it, he was going to give birth in a month he was gonna be a dad "Daddy is gonna kept you two well fed." Kevin said while rubbing his belly.

The fucking kept going in his stomach until their movements had inadvertently wasted a lot of oxygen and forced the air towards the top of the gut as the walls gripped them tightly. Brad realized only when it was too late and pushed a hand out against the stomach wall. "W-wait, don't you dare belch!"

Brad pushed his hands out hard to get through to his lover, who simply smiled. He watched as the bulge of his date's head went from relaxed pleasure to a panicked look around. Feeling his dominance, Kevin rested his foot on the sofa and reached under to start rubbing his cock. Slowly he opened his mouth and let go of a huge belch. The once tranquil sexual motions from his stomach transition to muffled screams growing quieter until both simply squirmed, hands pressing weakly out as they were starved of oxygen until weakly falling still, the only movement caused by his own jerking off.

As he felt his gut get to work, he finally cummed. He relaxed on the sofa, his belly groaning and churning as the still shapes in his belly as he flicked through the images on his phone. He knew he was hot and simply smiled, rubbing his belly as he enjoyed the slow gurgles and churns. He was single, but he didn't care as another guy messaged him on the dating app. With a grin he rubbed his belly and decided to reply later.

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Re: Dating vore story

Postby M1942017 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:52 am

Para tener un

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