Squall Writes - KH Vore

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Squall Writes - KH Vore

Postby Squall » Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:51 am

It's been awhile since I actually wrote something that I could finish, but here's something. The setting is the KH BBS game and I'm using pre-established characters. I also know this isn't toptier/not very descriptive, but I just had to post it to get it out of my system. I hope you guys enjoy.

Aqua's Birth by Vore

Aqua made her way to the Queens Castle. She ran into the prince and told him Snow White was in the woods. She walked into the castle, exploring it. She found a magic mirror and the mirror sucked her in. She fought the mirror and beat it, but before it forced her out, it blasted her with some kind of weird beam. As she reemerged out of the mirror room, the Queen was waiting there. Her belly was stretched out and making sounds. She said that she found a delightful princely morsel tramping through the woods. Aquas belly growled and she clutched it, bending over slightly. The Queen saw that and laughed, telling her she was cursed also. The Queen slowly sauntered over to Aqua, her maw stretching in preparation for the consumption of Aqua. She got close, then gasped as Aqua straightened up, a hungry look in her eyes. Aquas' mouth stretched and the last thing the Queen saw was it going over her head. Aqua had engulfed her up to her shoulders. Aqua tore the queens clothes off, wanting easy access to the meat. She felt the bulge of the prince in the queens stomach, pressing out. "Oh well, two meals in one.", she thought as she sucked in the queens breasts and her mouth came to rest against the stomach. She backed the queen against the mirror and forced her up, pushing her legs horizontally, the vertically above her head. Aquas mouth crested around the belly bump, then sucked it down into her mouth and down her throat. She jabbed two fingers into the queens snatch. They slid in easily and as she pulled them out, her hand was covered in femcum. "She's getting off to this." Aqua used both her hands to pull apart her lower lips and darted her tongue deep inside. She gave the queen a few orgasms, the queens fluids squirting out and tiring her out so that Aqua was able to finish sucking down her legs, trapping the queen in her belly. She left the castle, her stomach digesting its contents. As she returned to the dwarves house, she saw they were sad that Snow White was still sleeping. They asked her where the queen was. Her belly had scrunched up enough, so Aqua lowered her tights and squatted. A large turd plopped out. "That's her right there." They were aghast. "You guys said that Snow White was sweet, so let's see if she is." Aqua tapped her keyblade against the glass, shattering it. She licked her lips and kissed Snow White on the mouth. She then moved to Snow Whites legs and lifted them up, licking each of them in turn. She looked over at the cowering dwarves and grinned. "She's even sweet enough to eat." she said, then lifted both legs and stuck them into her enlarged mouth. She swallowed, the knees sucked in. Aqua got a grip and lifted Snow White up so that her dress covered Aqua. Aqua tongued Snow Whites vagina, and it began flowing, fluid trickling down into Aquas belly. Snow White began to stir. She felt something warm around her legs and between them. She looked around and saw the dwarves cowering nearby. "What's going on?", Snow White asked. Her dress was pushed up as Aqua swallowed more of her. She met Aquas hungry eyes and screamed. Aqua reached up and tore Snow Whites bodice open, casting it aside and she sucked Snow Whites breasts quickly into her maw. Snow White had to kneel to get room in Aquas belly, so as her head went through Aquas mouth, Aqua said to her, "say goodbye to your friends". Snow White sniffed and tears ran down her face as Aquas mouth closed. She swallowed one last time, her belly expanding with their new contents. She squatted over the casket and smirked over at the dwarves. "time to finish this" She hugged her belly tight, cracks emanating from it as it quickly digested. As the stomach shrank, the dwarves watched in horror as a large glob of shit was pushed out of Aquas ass onto the casket blanket. She strode over to the dwarves. "Gravity", she growled as they flew up into the air. Her mouth opened wide. "onto the next world" she said, patting her squirming belly.
Arriving in a castle, she talked to a prince. He told her about a girl who left a party after dancing with him. He was searching for her. All she left was a shoe. Aqua with her slightly deflated belly kept looking for new meals. She left to Lady Tremaines house after finding out that was the closest house. Deliberating outside Cinderellas house, the fairy godmother decided to intervene. She shrunk Aqua using her magic and sent her to help Cinderella out. Finding a mouse pushing a key, Aqua helped him get the key to the door. After he unlocked it. he turned to thank her and her maw descended upon him, sucking him down into her belly to expand it with the digesting dwarves. As she waited for cinderella to leave the room, she saw the Lady Tremaine and her two daughters fail at fitting the shoe. She slid down the staircase railing, her size increasing as she reached the bottom, until she was full size again. She told the princes attendant to let her try the shoe on. Cinderella arrived in time. She sat and the attendant began to walk over to her, only to be tripped by Lady Tremaine, the glass slipper shattering. Cinderella brought out her own and put it on her feet. After Cinderella left, Aqua stood outside the house wondering what was next. The attendant came running back yelling danger. Aqua ran to Cinderella and picked her up, telling her to run. Aqua faced the Corrupt Pumpkin which was summoned by Lady Tremaine. After defeating the Corrupt Pumpkin, Aqua saw the Lady Tremaine and her two daughters sneaking off. Her stomach growled. "You get back here!" She dashed after them, Lady Tremaine looking back in horror and tripping each of her daughters in turn to escape. As each fell, Aquas maw opened and she scooped them up legs first to slide down into her belly, joining the digesting pile below. Lady Tremaine just stared in horror and backed away as Aqua strode up, her huge belly knocking the Lady down. Aqua turned around, sliding her tights down to expose her gaping ass. "I'm going to shit your daughters onto you, since you all are shit." Her belly compacted, grinding the contents down. Turds began to rain down on Lady Tremaine. Clothes began dropping out, including her daughters dresses. Upon finishing, Aqua stared down at the shit covered lady. "your not done yet", she minced. The scat began surrounding the lady, covering her from neck to feet. She looked like a log or a cigar with her head sticking out. Aqua back up, her ass surrounding the lady and sucking her head inside. She began thrusting back and forth until her ass let out a squelch. Lady Tremaines body swelled out in the shit log and burst into shit. Aqua squatted, shitting out lady tremaines partially digested skull. "The darkness in my ass took you." She pulled her tights up and continued on her way to the castle. She got there as the prince was running down the stairs to cinderella. Cinderella began running up, but Aqua got there faster, knocking cinderella to her feet and sucking her down quickly. The prince ran into her belly. He could feel and see cinderella pressing out. "say goodbye to your princess" Aqua grunted and sloshed her belly, cinderella quickly stopping moving. Her maw opened up and slapped over the distracted prince, sucking him down to stew in cinderellas partially digested remains. After devouring the prince, she taunted him through her belly. "That's what you get for thinking I'm that bitch." She walked down the stairs to where the attendant was and pushed him to the ground. "i thought you were supposed to take care of your prince? well, im taking care of him." Her stomach crushed its contents and forced them through the intestines. She turned around and spread her ass cheeks. Shit splurted out, smashing to the ground, fragments flying off and hitting the attendant. With an empty belly, she turned around, walking past her mess. The fairy godmother appeared in front of her frowning. "My magic was supposed to help you" "it did" Aqua grabbed the fairys arms and swallowed them. "no bib bob boo for you" Before grabbing the fairys head and shoving it in there, Aqua told her it mixed with the evil magic of another person to give her more strength. The fairy stewing in her belly, Aqua left to another world.
She arrived in the Enchanted Dominion. Going towards a castle, she ran into Ven talking to Maleficent. Ven ran away and Maleficent played a booby trap on Aqua. Her belly jostled as she landed, the contents being shook up. She ran into the prince and more fairys. They all were able to escape, but Maleficent wouldn't let them cross the bridge. She summoned thorns and turned into a dragon. Aqua grinned at the prince, saying that "she got this" She let the prince throw her onto the back of the dragon and began swallowing the dragon. Her belly swelled outward. Maleficent turned back into her human self in surprise. Aqua and the prince smacked her and he helped shove Maleficent down her throat. "now you belong to me" Aqua got a taste of his arms and found them savory. She licked her lips and sloshed her belly. They ran up to the top of the tower where a girl lay sleeping. The prince kissed the girl, and as the girl woke up, she was dragged down the bed, screaming down Aquas throat. Aqua then jumped onto the prince, her mouth swallowing his head down, the rest of him following quickly. Her belly very bloated with all its contents, she sat on the bed, sloshing her belly, pushing and pulling on it, crushing the bodies within to mush. The three fairies had arrived by this time and finding Aqua with a large belly, questioned what happened. She pointed down to her belly and said she ate them. The three fairies began summoning magic, but Aqua was faster, casting Magnet on her mouth and sucking the three down quickly. Her belly becoming more engorged, she let out a massive burp, sucking excess air from her belly and making the fairies pass out. Her belly spread out in her keyblade flyer, but got pressed in the faster she flew.
The next place she arrived was Radiant Garden. She began looking for her next meal. She was pointed up to the castle by a passing duck. Upon reaching the castle, a little girl was beset upon by enemies. Aqua pulled the girl to her side. A mouse showed up then, wielding a keyblade. He told her to get the girl to safety. As her stomach was empty, she lifted the girl above her head, swallowing her quickly. Her belly swinging around, she helped the mouse defeat the enemies. After the enemies were defeated, she puked the girl back up. The mouse said that the girl was very important before he disappeared in a flash. She and the girl were left. "Hi, I'm Kairi." Aqua considered eating Kairi again, but something warned her not to. She instead passed some of her power to Kairi, making sure she was safe in the future. An old woman came running up, a really busty girl with green hair following closely. "time to go" Kairi waved bye. As they were walking away, Aqua dashed by them, grabbing the busty girl. At the bottom of the stairs, Aqua ripped the girls clothes off and shoved the girls breasts into her mouth. She nommed them and then sucked the girl down while Kairi watched from the top of the stairs. Aqua patted her belly, looking up at kairi and up her skirt. Her tongue shot out and went underneath kairis skirt, licking her and making her feel weird. The tongue recoiled and Aqua took off. She saw an enemy flying away in the distance, so she hurried to the point. She met up with Ven and Terra again and they took down another enemy. Ven gave her and Terra a location of another place. On her way to leave, she fought a boy in a red and black costume, thoroughly beating him. She ran into ven one last time, and then she took off, her armor compressing the girl in her belly and digesting her just a little bit more.
She arrived at a brigtly lit place, some weird guy in a suit telling her he was a superhero. Aqua stepped up to play the hero role since the "hero" was too chicken. She took out the sportsball enemies with ease, her belly jiggling as the girl inside melted under Aquas fierce movments. She then met the Queen of this place, yet another mouse. Her mouth watered in anticipation of another meal. As Aqua sat in front of the stage, Queen duck walked out and Aquas belly growled. As the "hero" jumped on the stage, trying to steal the show, Aqua began to get impatient. "Fine" she yelled and jumped on the stage. She barreled towards the duck, her mouth going over the ducks head, sucking her in like spaghetti. The "hero" had grabbed the mouse queen. She turned towards him, her belly expanding and swinging. "feed her to me" she growled. the "hero" shrugged and before he could move, aqua had half his arm down her throat. "let her go or your going in there with her" he pulled his arm out really quickly, leaving the mouse queen inside her. the audience could see them both in there moving. not for long, she thought. she grabbed her belly, caressing it, then began slamming it violently against the ground. A loud crack was heard, then her belly went still. She sloshed it as it began to shrink, her belly becoming taut. She pulled her tights down, aiming her pucker towards the back of the stage, then let rip. Shit shot out of her ass, huge clumps hitting the back of the stage and building up. She finally finished when the pile almost reached her at the front of the stage. "that was a real shit show" She grabbed the "hero"s hand and walked off the stage. Where would she travel next, she wondered.

Please let me know what you think and how I can get better at writing descriptively/post examples. A future project is one based on The Walking Dead S1 called The Voreking Dead(tentative title). Thanks.
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Re: Squall Writes - KH Vore

Postby NeyNey » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:24 am

Can't say I'm that familiar with Kingdom Hearts characters. But, as for writing, maybe try using more paragraphs etc. Also flitting from one vore scene to the next so quickly maybe isn't for the best, try and give a bit more breathing room and spend more time between.
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