Bee queen's special treat (F/reader, honey transformation)

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Bee queen's special treat (F/reader, honey transformation)

Postby Blonde » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:28 pm

(Hey, here's something I wrote at 3 in the morning for my tumblr, accepting criticism and whatnot, may contain some grammatical errors, enjoy.)

The excessively sweet scent of honey within the hive was overwhelming as your exhausted body was carried by a couple of underlings to the queen’s chamber.

The two drone bees giggled as they dropped you unceremoniously into a sticky puddle of honey.
The queen herself was eager to rise from her throne to size up her visitor.
She giggled as she watched you struggle to get up from the sticky pool of honey.
“Here, let me help you.” she spoke softly as she grabbed you by the shoulder and pulled you up with ease and let her get a closer look at your honey coated body.

“I’m so happy to have you, I’m absolutely famished… You’re one lucky treat, you get to be the queen’s personal little honey mix.” she licked her lips and pulled you closer. Her stomach let out a loud growl as you were pushed up against it.
She slowly dragged you upwards and planted a kiss on your forehead.
She continued to pepper kisses on your face before landing one on your mouth, her tongue reached in and pinned yours down playfully as she moaned in delight.

Once she was satisfied, she pulled away and smiled.
“I just wanted to taste you a little first. Since you won’t be passing down my throat…” she smirked and brought attention to her large bee abdomen hanging out of her back. “You’ll be pushed right past my stinger and into my little personal honey brewery in here. Don’t worry, it’ll feel amazing… Much better than my stomach, I can assure you.” she sat down to get herself into a more comfortable position to take you in.

“And once you’re all processed, I can just inject you straight into my belly.
You’re going to make me so bloated afterwards… But I’ll sleep it off!”
the opening beneath her stinger opened up with a wet slurp. Strings of honey lined the entrance.
She held onto your shoulders tightly as your legs were lowered down into the warm depths of her organic honey factory. And with her sitting atop her abdomen, her legs were free to constrict you and easily put an end to any struggling.

“Shh, calm down. Stop kicking! It’ll feel good… and you won’t have to worry about going to waste… I’ll make sure to drink every last drop of you.” she laughed proudly as she pushed you further in, your lower body slipped in with ease. Your feet were starting to feel what her depths were capable of.
It felt like a sauna in there.

Her legs reached around your shoulders and pulled you closer, pressing your face up against her vagina.
“Since you’re still conscious, make yourself useful on your way down.” she bucked her hips against your mouth, her legs held you tightly in place but did little to stop your descent into her honey pot.

She stifled her moans as she rode your face for a couple of minutes before finally reaching her climax. The queen’s body twitched forward and she let out a pleased moan. Her legs dropped you into her honey maker and it swiftly closed after your head passed through. She continued to pant and gasp in the afterglow of her climax as you were carried deeper into her with powerful contractions.
It even sounded like it was gulping.

You could feel the queen moving around as you reached your destination, deep inside her abdomen. She moved on over to her throne and caressed her abdomen, feeling your form within. It was sweltering in there. Hot, clear juices oozed out of the wall and began to fill the chamber. They didn’t hurt, quite the contrary it felt incredible. It had a sweet scent to it, not too different from the honey and although it began to soften up and convert your body into honey, you were loving every moment of it.

Much to the queen’s delight, your body writhed around from pleasure.
“Oh my… You humans make such cute little noises in there.
It’s so satisfying to hear loud and clear that you’re enjoying it.”
you kept on moaning up until you were completely submerged in the viscous, digestive juices. And even then you didn’t bother to deny the juices entry to your mouth.
Your hand reached down, you wanted nothing more than to touch yourself right now. Nothing else mattered to you anymore, you just had to get this immense pleasure out of your system right here and now.
It didn’t take long for you to finish at all, adding your own little ingredient to the honey slushy. Just in time too, as your body was already starting to melt down, you watched as your body was converted into honey with terrifying efficiency.
Your surroundings tightened around you and your sensitive body was given even more orgasmic sensations from the constricting honey pot.

The queen hummed sweetly from outside and hugged her abdomen tightly as your form softened up into a mushy, pudding-like consistency.
“Oooh~ You made a little slosh sound… That means you’re almost ready…” she gently swung her abdomen back and fourth. And sure enough, it made a satisfying, but distant sloshing noise.
“Are you still conscious in there? You’ve stopped moving around… Oh dear, I suppose I should make the final preparations.”

She grabbed the abdomen with her hands and roughly kneaded it and massaged it, effectively stirring it’s continents to make sure that it’s properly mixed and refined.

“Mmmh… I think you’re ready. Say hello to my stomach, honey.” another sphincter opened up in the chamber and carried the batch of honey you contributed to steadily into her stomach. She bit her lower lip and sighed in satisfaction as you padded her belly out, she felt it extend out a little as the last of the honey dripped into her stomach. On the outside, it felt like a comfortable pillow.

She couldn’t help but drool a little as she thought back on what you tasted like during her kiss.
“Thank you so much, you were delectable… Your contributions will not go unnoticed…” her stomach gurgled happily as it began work on the large batch of honey.
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Re: Bee queen's special treat (F/reader, honey transformatio

Postby Rendezvore » Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:28 am

*Dives in!*

And now, we have an interesting fan transcript to go with Echidna Wars scenes. Any inspiration from that?
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Re: Bee queen's special treat (F/reader, honey transformatio

Postby Blonde » Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:13 am

Rendezvore wrote:HONEY!! 8O
*Dives in!*

And now, we have an interesting fan transcript to go with Echidna Wars scenes. Any inspiration from that?

Yep, this is a straight up Echidna wars fic, but I decided to change the title in the end.
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Re: Bee queen's special treat (F/reader, honey transformatio

Postby ryanshowseason3 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:35 am

Well it was great wherever it was from.
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Re: Bee queen's special treat (F/reader, honey transformatio

Postby Hanzo » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:38 am

Personally I feel like it would be better if the reader ended up as sentient honey. Like, a honey slime of sorts.
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Re: Bee queen's special treat (F/reader, honey transformatio

Postby SwallowedByPetticoat » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:00 pm

Wow, I really liked this!
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