Club Belly Part l (bbw, F/M, Soft)

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How should the story end?

She digest him
She keeps him in her belly forever
He experiences the effect of the drug while in her belly
No votes
she spits him out
No votes
she swallows her friends as well
he some how escapes her belly
they fall in love and she swallows him when ever she wants now
the military/ friends save him
she has intercourse with him in her belly
gives oral sex with him in her belly
regurgitates him so another friend can swallow him
she gets eaten next
she spit him out and they have sex
she spits him out finds him again and eats him again
experiments with other drugs
No votes
the military is involved with her swallowing him
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Club Belly Part l (bbw, F/M, Soft)

Postby bigwillylandis » Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:11 am

Club Belly
Even before the wheels of the C-130 Cargo plant touched the tarmac of Little Rock Air Force Base the all on board knew where there destination would be that night. After three months acting as a peace keeper on the Sinai Peninsula some rest and relaxation was in order, The department of Defence shared that sentiment and saved the crew a spot in the cargo hold of the huge plane.
Little Rock, Arkansas isn’t the first place one would pick to go on vacation, but they took what they could get. None of the soldiers returning from the mission in Egypt were particularly excited about there destination, but the crew, having been there on numerous occasions told them the fun that was to be had in the city. Being that they had to full weeks of leave at their disposal, they would have a blast.
The pilots told them about bars where the college girls went. The flight medic told them about night clubs the college girls went to to dance. The loadmasters told them about stipclubs the college girls danced at to pay tuition. A few officers on board settled among themselves to go across the Arkansas River to a little soulful place named club Prost.
That night the dark tall and slender Lieutenant James Lee prepped himself for his first taste of American civilization in what felt like years. He walked out of the officer quarters where his partners were waiting just as there ride was pulling up. They climbed into the car, and headed to club Prost. It was a Friday night and streets of downtown flowed more violently with people than the Arkansas river that ran parallel to it.
They walked into the gritty looking brick building. An oriental rug graced the floor beneath a wooden pool table. A DJ proceeded over the happenings controlling the atmosphere with music. Liquor flowed freely here and women were in no short supply, but then again men weren’t either. The men stood on the walls, played pool, and sipped from their cups appearing unconcerned. They understood it was a competition to be sexier, manlier, cooler, sophisticated, refined even more than any other man in in the room. That is if they wanted a women’s attention. While the women looked unconcerned with the matter, they did take notice, and were in competition of their own.
While James had the swagger that his military bearing afforded him, and the physique to complement it, he still wasn’t top dog in the room. That title went to the known hustlers in the room. The girls seemed to gravitate towards them. Dancing sensually amongst each other, not acknowledging the presence of the men whose attentions their bodies were demanding. He accepted that he would have his work cut out for him tonight until he caught a pair of eyes gazing towards him.
Across the room with the hustlers dancing with a her friends was a girl that was best described as fat. Her set on him again it was obviously no coincidence. She wore a jean shorts that exposed her massive jiggly thighs and hugged her more than ample butt. A tight black tank top that that was stretched by a large belly that protruded out in front of her, partially exposing her dark bronze tummy, the tramp stamp on her back. Her long black hair hung down attempting in vain to conceal the large hoop ear rings in her ear. All of this topped off by a red polo baseball cap.
The girl whispered to her friend and pointed towards him. The friend looked towards him smiled and giggled. He liked this opportunity. She seemed to have a group of friends that he and his friends could hang out with. Under the pounding beat, screaming rant of a rapper, and through the flashing lights, she looked at him again. This time he motioned her to meet him at the bar. She whispered something to her friend and obliged.
He stood at the bar when she approached he motioned for the bartender. “Get whatever you want” he told her. She approached the bar and casually placed her hand on his chest.
“blue motorcycle” she whispered to the bartender. She looked up to his eyes. “Thank you babe, whats yo name”.
“People call me Tye” he lied. “Whats your name?”.
“My name is Tierra” she said grabbing her drink as he paid the bartender. “But people call me Shunta”.
“Well its great to meet you Shunta” he said holding out his hand to shake her. She looked him in the eyes grabbing his hand. Instead of shaking it, she pulled him towards the dance floor. He followed without arguing. She lead him to a sidewall pushed him against it, turning around she began to grind on him. She was a heads length shorter than him but her massive butt was somehow high enough to reach his crotch. She casually sipped on her drink keeping him occupied with the soft feeling of her giant butt teasing his manhood.
Three songs went by, and to each she gyrated her hips to the beat. Throw her bottom back against him. As each song ended he expected her to walk away. Complain about being tired, and go back over with her friends. She wasn’t going any where she had pined him between the wall and her butt, and James or Tye as she knew him, wasn’t complaining.
Just when an R&B song was coming to an end and the way her body was grinding on his, he wasn’t sure if his pant would be able to contain him much longer. Suddenly Shuntas friend walked up. Shunta stopped dancing. Her friend whispered something in her ear. She nodded at her. Turning around she placed her hand on his chest like she did at the bar.
“You gonna chill with me tonight babe” she asked on her tippy toes. He nodded yes. “Give me some money so me and my friends can get some weed then.”
“But I don’t smoke” he said shaking his head.
“Its for me and my friends” she said caressing his chest. “Ill make it worth your while later, I promise.” He sighed reaching for his wallet he pulled out twenty dollars and handed to her. She motioned for her friend who came and took the money. The friend made her way over to a hustler in the corner. They talked for a minute, and made an exchange. Her friend nodded towards Shunta. She grabbed his hand again, pulled him towards the door.
They walked outside. “Hey Lee where you going” his partners followed him outside.
“Hey im cool im hanging with them tonight” he said pointing to the group of girls that followed them outside.
“Wow how you get this lucky to find this beautiful group” one of his friends said smiling.
“Could we go with you guys to” the other guy chimed in.
“I really don’t even want to” one of the girls spoke up.
“Me either” a particularly beautiful Spanish girl said. “can we stay here with you guys?”
“Ummmmm” His friends said, not quite believing there luck. “Sure. We will see you later Lee.”
They began walking towards the parking lot. The SUV lights blinked when it was unlocked. Lets get in the back she said opening the door. Two other girls jumped in the driver and passenger seat while the rest loaded into another vehicle.
“Where we going?” he asked as they drove down the road.
“My girls got an apartment on the other side of town” Shunta said reaching under the seat.
She pulled out a brown paper bag and red cup. Out of the bag came a clear bottle with a brown liquid sloshing around in it. She unscrewed the cap to the bottle, and poured some of the brown liquid into the cup. She hadn’t him the cup, and began to rub his leg. He took a sip from the cup. It burned his throat and warmed his body, and he relaxed. He was beginning to surrender to her touch and the feeling of her body pressed against him, filled his mind with thoughts about the night they would soon spend together.
They arrived at the apartment. He stumbled out the car they laughed together as he stumbled as she helped him up the steps. Her friend had already unlocked the door when they reached it. He plopped him down on the coach. She poured him another cup which he struggled to sip. Her friends began the ceremonial process of rolling the blunt. Instead of participating Shuntas eyes were concentrated on him.
“Let me help you get comfortable” she said pulling his shoes off. “How long do I have you for?” she asked
“Im free for week” he said smiling.
“Mmmmm” she moaned. “So youre all mine for week”.
“If you want me”.
“I might not be able to let you go” she said. She looked down at his lap and saw his firmness. She rubbed her across it through his blue jeans. “You know ive been feeling this poking me from behind all night. I have away of handling boys who keep poking me from behind.”.
“How is that?” he asked.
“She swallows them” Her friend chimed in. “My girl is a man eater”.
“O you swallow” he said smiling real hard.
“Yep” Shunta said. “I can swallow you in one gulp. It’ll be easy. I bet you don’t believe me. I can show you better than I can tell you”.
“Well show and tell” he said.
“I was hoping you would say that” Shunta said standing up. “follow me”
He hurriedly oblidged as she led him into a bedroom. She clothes to door behind him and began to undress him. Starting first with his shirt, pulling it off him enjoying the skin-to-skin contact it facilitated. She got on her knees before him and began to unbuckle his belt. His jeans dropped from his waist exposing his erect member.
“Mmmmm” she said admiring how it protruded from his boxer shorts. “Looks like someone is excited to see me”. She ran her fingers along the protrusion in his boxers. He moaned. She giggled.
“Let slow down a little” she said guiding him to sit on the bed. She removed his socks. “Lay down” she said, pushing him back on to the bed. I want to show you a trick. He did not resist. He could not, there was something strange about what he drank. He followed her every command. He was down for anything that happened.
He felt he tongue caress her toes. Then her lips wrap around his big toe. She sucked on it moaned, as if enjoying its flavor. She gave the treatment to every toe. It sent shivers through his body. He gave into the caress of her mouth as it seemingly engulfed each of his toes. She seemed to enjoy his flavor.
She put both of his feet together. Placing the toes in in her mouth. He had never felt this sensation. It was as if butterflies crawled on his skin. She attempted to cram his toes in her mouth somehow succeeding at the seemingly impossible task. She began to suck on his feet drawing them deeper into her mouth. All the time teasing them with her tongue.
She slurped, and sucked on them for a few minutes. She seemed to receive pleasure from it even more than he. Suddenly the door creaked open slowly. James looked over and saw all of Shuntas friends standing in the doorway giggling watching. He then realized something was off about this situation. His hairs stood on the back of neck when he looked down and saw her mouth stretched impossibly wide, and his feet disappeared in her lips.
“Shunta, we done rolled the blunt” the girl that brought the weed said twirling it in her fingers. “So what about this in one gulp business you were talking about earlier”.
Suddenly James felt the force of her mouth suck him in. He looked down at Shunta her lips were up to his knees. He froze with fear. He felt her throat constricting around his shins, as she slurped again. Now he was up to his waist in her mouth. Her tongue fondling his still erect manhood. She moaned still enjoying the experience. She managed to maintain eye contact with him, even with him halfway down her throat.
“Get him girl” the friends cheered. “The sooner you get him in yo belly the sooner we can smoke this blunt.
James began panic. He struggled, attempting to pull himself on to the bed out of her mouth. She grab his arms. While pulling his arms she made a powerful gulp, sucking him down to his chest. She held firmly to his arms he was attempting to swing at her. Each girl cheered wildly at the spectacle.
“Come on girl” the friend spoke again. “finish with your lunch so we can get on with the party.
Just then Shunta began to stand up. Lifting him up off the bed. She stood straight up tilting her head back.
“Byyyyye” the girls said waving at James.
With a powerful gulp she swallowed him down. He disappeared in her mouth. Her now massive belly now bulged from under her black tank top. It wiggled with his struggles from within her stomach.
“What happened to swallowing him in one gulp?” the friend asked while rubbing on her giant belly.
“He was taller than I thought” she said after burping. “Delicious though” attempting wrap her arms around her full stomach. “I need to smoke before he gives me indigestion with all that wiggling around in my belly”.
Shuntas friends helped her to the couch. She collapsed on it. The size of her belly made it look impossible that she would ever be able to get up without more assistance. She sat there rubbing it seemingly pleased with the increase of girth, feeling of fullness that James provided her.
“Sorry about that, babe” she caressing her belly as it wiggled. “I know that won`t cool, me swallowing you and what not. You were delicious if that means anything. I know you probably have blue balls after I got you all worked up. Feel free to finish what I started, I don’t mind you doing that in there” she finished giggling.
The girls had already lite the blunt and began the rotation. The room filled the potent smell, the smoke filled the room. One of the girls passed the blunt to Shunta.
“This is going to make you stop struggling” Shunta said grabbing the blunt. “This is going to be the best contact high you ever had. The faster you relax the better this will go for the both of us” she said before lifting the blunt to her lips and inhaling.
James sat in awkward ball in Shuntas stomach. It was dark, wet, and all he could hear was the sound of her voice, and the sound of her body processing his presence within it, and determining what to do with him next. He was scared, he didn’t know this was possible. He knew the next step was for the digestion process to began. There was no way out, he was trapped. All he could think to do was kick and struggle. Maybe he could fight so hard that she would let him out.
Suddenly he felt her stomach contract tightly. The stomach walls squeezed in around him tightly. He thought the digestion process had begun. He realized that she had taken a deep breath. Suddenly the tight confines of her belly filled with smoke. He began to cough. He knew what that smell was. She was getting high. He attempted struggle more but the smoke was overwhelming him. Fighting was making it worst. It began to take affect quickly.
Shunta passed the blunt along. The kicking in her stomach began to subside. Just as she had planned, the smoke she had inhaled had filled her belly and had an overwhelming effect on her captive because of the lack of air circulation. With that, he became more agreeable to her stomach. Then there was the dual feeling it gave her. The feeling of being high made even more pleasurable when the munchies she usually got, were counteracted by having a full stomach. Nothing filled her up like a man did. Going to the club picking a man out that looked both delicious, and filling, getting him to buy the weed, and then swallowing him whole. It was the perfect set up. Her friends enjoyed the free weed, and the entertainment of watching her devour her prey, so they helped set it up.
“There you go babe” she said enjoying the fullness of him within her. “just chill. I know being in my belly ain`t that bad. Ill take good care of you I promise. You feel so good in there. You keep acting right then I won’t digest you. I might even consider spitting you out. That depends on my mood. For right now I like you being in there, so that’s where you going to stay”.
“Stop playing with your food” one of her friends said before sitting down beside her. She pulled the stretched tank top up and began rubbing Shuntas belly. “This is the biggest ive ever seen your belly. It looks really full, but anyway guess what? I picked up something new at club Prost.” She opened her hand and showed for small pills. “They call it molly, they say it will have you turnt. We know what happens if you smoke weed with a man in your belly, what you think will happen with this?”
“I know what a molly is” Shunta said enjoying the belly rub she was getting. “I never did one with somebody in my stomach, let me see”.
She grabbed the pill out her hand, and swallowed it as effortlessly as she swallowed james.
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