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My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:46 pm
by keiraknightleysfood
Hi all! I've written a three thousand word story that I wanted to share here! (Synopsis below)

Synopsis: Joe can hardly believe his luck when his beautiful friend Dísa agrees to go on a date with him. But are there other motives behind Dísa's decision? Joe soon discovers that his newfound girlfriend is not all that she seems...

Not Quite the Date I had in Mind

Chapter One: The Question

Joe was a very shy young boy, scrawny and blonde-haired with glasses. Many girls thought him handsome, though he had never had the confidence to talk to any of them. Dísa was different, though. She was a beautiful young Icelandic woman with fair skin, fiery red hair and beautiful dark green eyes. Joe often thought that Dísa possessed a quiet confidence and maturity beyond her years. She not only liked him and shared the same interests: she had also shown signs of liking him more than a little. She spent far more time with Joe than anybody else did. She even laughed at his jokes. Eventually, Joe decided to ask her out. Why did the boy always have to do the asking?

Usually Dísa met Joe on the way to work (he was a writer for a small copywriting firm, she a freelance decorator and occasional artist), but today Joe instead found her walking alone. She had seemed especially quiet the last few days and when she had spent time with him she had often seemed on edge, eyeing him in a curious way that made him a little uncomfortable. Joe’s lack of confidence was such that he often doubted his own theories, but he couldn’t help but feel that the look in Dísa’s eyes meant something significant. To him, that look said “You’re not bold enough to make a move on me, are you Joe?” He sighed. He would go through with this. He liked Dísa too much not to. But he would never forgive himself if she refused him.

As the two of them walked they said little. At last they came to a quiet street and found themselves alone. Joe drew a deep breath. If he kept his mouth shut then two minutes from now he would be at work. He would spend all day wondering what could have been. It was now or never.

“Dísa,” he said gently – it sounded almost a whisper to his own ears – “Can I ask you something?” Dísa did not immediately reply. Joe hoped that she had not heard. It was not exactly the best start. A second or two later, though, Dísa looked at him. “You already have asked me something,” she answered, allowing a small smile to spread across her lips. God, she was gorgeous when she smiled. “What did you want to say?”
“I…well…erm,” Joe lost his nerve as her dark eyes locked with his own lighter blue eyes, but the look Dísa gave him was not ungentle. He found his courage. “I was just wondering if you wanted to have dinner with me…or something.” His heart nearly stopped. Her expression was unreadable. Had he just lost his best friend?

Suddenly Dísa’s face lit up, as if she’d just heard him.
“You’re asking me out?” she beamed. “Oh my god! Joe, I never thought you’d actually do it! That’s why I’ve been so quiet lately…I was trying to build up my courage…to, you know…” she blushed, causing Joe’s heart to skip a beat. His face also turned bright red. “I’d love to have dinner with you! How about tonight? Where were you thinking?”
“Ah! Good question!” Joe hit another pothole. His house was a mess. He rarely ate out. He was about to tell Dísa this when she said “Why don’t you come back to my place after work? That way we can have a bit of privacy.” She winked at Joe, causing him to blush again.
“Well…sure!” Joe answered somewhat sheepishly. Disa laughed.
“Excellent! See you there about six. I’ll have some wine ready.”

Chapter Two: The Date

The day passed by in a flash. Joe thought about nothing and no one but Dísa all day. He still couldn’t believe it. He was dating the girl of his dreams. Several people in the office noticed that Joe’s head wasn’t exactly on his work that day, but they paid him no mind. He was, after all, a quirky fellow.

Joe arrived at Dísa’s house a few minutes early. That was his manner: he liked to be precise, but he knew Dísa was a little more laid back in that respect, so he waited until the clock struck six before he knocked upon the door. It was not long before the door opened to reveal the beautiful Dísa. Beautiful hardly described her. She looked amazing. She was wearing a tight red top that clung to her curves and exposed a bit of her belly. Her jeans were skinny and she wore a lovely gold necklace. Her top, Joe couldn’t help but notice, also displayed an ample amount of bosom. He blushed. He hadn’t meant to stare at her body. Dísa if anything seemed flattered: she was smirking.

“Do you want to come in, or are you going to stare at me all night, darling?” the words were spoken softly but Dísa still managed to make them sound provocative. Joe nodded. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I hadn’t meant to-” “Don’t be sorry,” Disa cut him off. “Come in. Let’s have some wine.”
Dísa’s living room was spacious and, as might be expected from somebody who worked as a decorator, it was immaculate. She gestured for Joe to sit on one of the sofas whilst she went into the kitchen to bring out some wine and nibbles. Dísa knew that Joe’s preference was for red wine, though she preferred white, but it seemed that she had planned out everything perfectly. The bottle of red wine she’d bought certainly didn’t look cheap. Joe raised his glass to her and sipped slowly. Dísa came and sat next to him.

“This is incredible,” he told her. “Where did you get it?” “Oh, just down the road, from the off-licence,” Disa said. Joe thanked her, but then there was an awkward silence broken only by the sound of them nibbling on the crisps Dísa had brought out. Eventually Dísa spoke.
“Joe,” she began, “I’ve wanted to tell you how felt for a while now, I’m just so pleased that you’re finally here and that we’re dating. I know you’re shy. I didn’t want to make you ask me, but I just couldn’t have faced it if you had said no. I thought we had something, but I had to be sure.”

Joe sat still for a moment. His next response surprised her. He leaned forward and kissed her passionately on the lips. Dísa pulled him closer. Suddenly Joe pulled away, but Dísa held him tight. “I don’t feel so good…” Joe said. That was the last thing he remembered for a while. When he woke up, things were very, very different…

Chapter Three: The Truth

When Joe awoke, he felt incredibly strange. It was hard for him to grasp. He did not feel unwell, but rather he felt as if something was wrong. What it was he could not say. His vision was a little bit hazy. Had it all been a dream? It would be bloody Sod’s Law if it had been. Did he really think that he would ever be lucky enough to get to kiss Dísa?

“So you’re awake.” Joe jumped ten feet in the air as his vision seemed to slowly restore itself. The voice was unlike anything he had ever heard. It seemed to come from all around him. It was then that Joe realised that he was standing on a wide floor next to something that looked remarkably like a sofa leg. With astonishment it came to him that that was exactly what it was. For the first time since opening his eyes, Joe looked at his body. He had always been petite by the standards of most men, but now he was…miniscule! Hardly even the size of a mouse! What on earth was happening?

Frightened, Joe looked around him for the sound of the voice. It was then that it hit him. He was in Dísa’s house. That voice…once he had gotten over the shock of hearing such a loud sound, he realised that the tone of the person speaking sounded remarkably similar to Dísa…
“I’m glad to see you conscious.”

This time Joe followed the direction of the sound – and there she was. Dísa was huge. She stood above him, her legs at least twenty times as long as he was. Then there was the rest of her. She still wore the same clothes she had worn on their date, which made Joe think it was the same evening. The aftertaste of wine lingered in his mouth, which meant…what on earth was going on?
“Where am I? W-what happened?” Joe asked. “What happened is that you drunk some wine, dear,” Dísa told him. “A very special wine, as a matter of fact: I designed it hoping that you might like it. I didn’t actually get it from the off-licence. I made it myself. It has a curious side effect.”

“I don’t understand…the wine made me smaller? Why?”
“That’s right, my boy,” Dísa giggled. “As for why…well, I’ll let you think about that.” Joe was still at a loss. He did not need to wonder for long. A sound like an earthquake made him jump up again. Joe shuddered. It was the sound of a huge stomach growling.
Dísa simply looked down at her belly, then chuckled, then looked at Joe. “Right on cue,” she said. Joe almost stopped breathing.

“Y-you’re going to eat me?” he cried out, terrified. “Yep,” Dísa smiled. “That’s right, babe. You didn’t really think I invited you over for dinner, now did you? I like my men more muscular. But you’ll do for other purposes. No darling; I invited you over for dinner-for my dinner, to be precise.”
Joe could hardly believe what he was hearing. He’d heard tales of immortal, ageless giantesses before, but they were only in storybooks. Dísa may have looked a little younger than her actual years, but that was no reason for him to suspect…Who was this girl? What else had she not told him?

"You mean…all your affection for me-everything-was just a lie so that you could get me alone and then eat me?” “Yup,” said Dísa, “What can I say, Joe? You catch on quick!”
She grinned at Joe; once that grin would have aroused him. Now it made his whole body shake. Dísa reached down and seized him in between her tremendous hands, hands which he had once thought so dainty. Now Joe stared at the huge face in front of him, with eyes that seemed to delight in his terror. Joe had never seen Dísa look at him like…wait…now he understood the look she had given him not long ago. She had been eyeing him up as food!

Joe cursed himself. Suddenly he was angry. It was a strange feeling for him.
“This isn’t the first time you’ve done this, is it?” he snarled at the face in front of him. He was met by scathing laughter. “Hell no, babe! Let me know once you’re in my belly. You’ll find more than a few bones down there.”
“You see, I’m rather good at seducing men. I’ve mastered the art." She smiled wickedly. “You’re proof of that. As it happens meeting you worked out perfectly. I’d just finished digesting my last victim-Steve was his name-or was it Alan? Whatever. I needed another sacrifice. You’re going to be inside me for a while. You see, the stomach of a giantess is an interesting place. It digests its prey slowly. Steve took three years for me to fully devour. You’re small enough to swallow, but you are still just as nutritious as you were before I shrunk you. There was never a lot of you, but I like to have a smaller victim every now and then.”

Joe could only shudder as Dísa brought him closer to her mouth, so that the boy could see her big sharp teeth. “I won’t use these,” she told him. “I’ll swallow you whole. I nearly forgot the best bit: my belly doesn’t allow its victims to die. You’re going to be alive the whole time, right to the end.”
Her laugh cut through Joe like a razor. She was loving every second of this.

“Any last words, my boy?” Dísa asked, her smile widening. “Out with them if you do…my belly won’t wait forever.” “I thought I was in love with you,” Joe said quietly. “That’s all.” “How precious,” said Dísa “Bye bye Joe.”

Without any further warning Dísa opened her mouth, licking her luscious lips loudly as she drew Joe closer. She chuckled as she wrapped her tongue around him, at the same time as Joe made a sound that was both frightened and disgusted. Dísa played with him for a while as if he was a toy, rolling him around in her mouth, but soon her stomach began to gurgle once more. Joe could only shut his eyes and shiver as the beautiful girl he had admired for so long pulled him towards her throat. Then, without hesitation, Dísa swallowed Joe up in a single gulp. She lay down upon her unoccupied sofa, sighed happily, and let out a burp of finality.

Chapter Four: The Beginning of the End

“Oops…excuse me!” Dísa giggled. She loved it when her food made her belch. It had been three years since she had consumed a live meal: Dísa had forgotten how much she loved the feeling.
In her belly Joe struggled and squirmed. Already Dísa’s body had begun its work upon him. He felt groggy and unstable as the acids bit at his skin. For a moment he thought his end was inevitable. Then he remembered what Disa had said to him...if she had been telling the truth…

“This is only the beginning of your end, my Joe,” Dísa told him. My Joe: the implication was obvious. Dísa now considered him a part of her, no longer an independent entity but rather someone who belonged to her. “What do you think of my belly?”

Joe hesitated. He’d liked her curves once…from the outside. He found far himself less comfortable inside Dísa. He had never imagined that he would ever be inside her in this fashion. Panicking, Joe did the only thing he could think of. In a desperate attempt to escape he punched continuously at the walls of Dísa’s stomach. His host did not seem put out. In actual fact, she seemed amused.
Dísa chuckled as Joe’s punches made tiny indents on the surface of her belly.

“Joe darling, this is perfection! It’s like having a massage from the inside! Oooh, that really tickles! OUCH!” The smile on her face disappeared as poor Joe full on kicked her. “How dare you!” she screamed. In only a moment, the smile reappeared on her face. “That’s not very nice, little man! You will suffer for it!” The muscles in her stomach began to tighten…

Joe’s punches soon became pleas of mercy. Dísa’s laughter was scathing as she mocked his futile attempts to harm her. Her voice sounded like an earthquake to Joe. Joe’s voice, by contrast, could barely be heard even by Dísa, so she found a stethoscope and attached it to the skin around her belly button.

“Can you hear me, babe?” Dísa asked. It was a loaded question. She knew he could. She had only asked in order to get an answer from her prey, who had not yet said anything audible. A “Yes” from down below proved that the stethoscope worked. “You didn’t answer my question,” Dísa reiterated. “What do you think of my belly?”
“Well, it’s kind of dark in here…and noisy…this was not quite the date I had in mind...”

Dísa giggled. There was silence for a moment, filled only by a few low rumbles from her vast stomach, before Dísa heard Joe calling her name. “What is it?” she said dismissively. She wanted to sleep now. Eating somebody whole was joyful but tiring work. Her stomach needed time to readjust to the presence of its new victim. “I thought there was something between us, Dísa. I thought we had something.”

Dísa scoffed. “We did have something, darling. Or rather, I had something. I had you for dinner. You were delicious.” Joe did not seem pleased by the compliment. Soon came frightened screams and kicks, enough to elicit a belch from Dísa. “Oh my!” laughed Dísa, before she loosed another very loud burp, bringing up Joe’s glasses as she did so. She couldn’t help but smile at the irony. Joe would not need good eyesight any more. She would keep them so that she might remember her victim in years to come. She had eaten so many people during her life that she had forgotten most of their names.

“Did you hear that, Joe?” Dísa asked, smiling. “That was a belch of satisfaction. I think we’re going to have fun over the years.” The response of screams did not indicate that Joe shared this opinion. Not that that mattered. The amount of fun Dísa would have was directly proportional to the amount of pain Joe would suffer.

Dísa began to massage her belly, which purred with delight as it set about digesting the poor, helpless Joe. As she thought about how she would slowly squash and then crush her prey, a process that would take years, Dísa began to fall into a deep sleep, her belly moving in an almost rhythmic fashion.

Her victim’s pleas went unheard throughout her slumber. Joe curled himself into a ball and tried to shut out his fears as the gurgles that surrounded him began to grow louder. He could hear Dísa sighing happily as she slept. She had been the girl of his dreams…but now that dream had turned into a living nightmare, and the world would never know of Joe’s final fate.

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:48 pm
by Bright
A very enjoyable story I say.

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:56 pm
by keiraknightleysfood
Bright wrote:A very enjoyable story I say.

Glad you enjoyed it :-D

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:51 am
by GameOfPickles
This is great! A very good read. Would love to read more from you.

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:27 am
by keiraknightleysfood
GameOfPickles wrote:This is great! A very good read. Would love to read more from you.

Thanks! I've got several stories in the works!

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:56 am
by spanxthanx
I like it. When I read the plot I can understand what the characters are thinking and I find out about things when the main character does. I also like the concept of prolonged digestion, not many stories like that around. I think I've learned something about creative writing while reading this, this story is one of the better ones on here, far better than the one I'm working on.

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:13 am
by keiraknightleysfood
spanxthanx wrote:I like it. When I read the plot I can understand what the characters are thinking and I find out about things when the main character does. I also like the concept of prolonged digestion, not many stories like that around. I think I've learned something about creative writing while reading this, this story is one of the better ones on here, far better than the one I'm working on.

Thanks for the feedback and the very kind words! :-D I've always had a thing for prolonged digestion, I will explore it in more detail in future stories separate from this one. I think it comes from the whole Sarlaac pit thing from Star Wars...the thought of being digested alive very slowly and tormented the whole time excites me for some reason.

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:54 pm
by hersnack
This is the type of Giantess vore that was very common on the net 10 or 15 years ago but is rare now. Hope you post more along this line.

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:07 am
by keiraknightleysfood
hersnack wrote:This is the type of Giantess vore that was very common on the net 10 or 15 years ago but is rare now. Hope you post more along this line.

That's an interesting observation. Most of my stories have similar themes to this so expect more in future!

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:07 pm
by Hestia042
I would like to Narrate this for you, upload it to your gallery and mine, go chapter by chapter. What do you think?

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:04 pm
by bartek21
Please more

upload it to your gallery

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:27 am
by keiraknightleysfood
Hestia042 wrote:I would like to Narrate this for you, upload it to your gallery and mine, go chapter by chapter. What do you think?

WOWIE! What an offer! Judging by the quality of your other work, I'd be honoured!

Re: My first story (3,000 words!) F/M

PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:28 am
by keiraknightleysfood
bartek21 wrote:Please more

upload it to your gallery

Thanks, glad you liked it, still working things out round here lol, so will upload to the gallery soon! :-D

Sequel to my first story, 1500 words (F/M)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:33 am
by keiraknightleysfood
Hi all! Having been pleased with the reception of my first story (which can be found here I have written a sequel....Synopsis below:

Synopsis: Following Joe's unfortunate date with Dísa several years ago, the boy now finds himself coming towards the end of his time in the belly of the wicked woman, for she has now found herself a new victim upon whom she plans to work her delights...

Tags: Vore, digestion.
(For those interested, there is going to be an audio version of the first part narrated by the lovely Hestia042)

The Delights of Digestion

Chapter One-No Mercy, No Escape

Over the last two years Dísa’s life had been going swimmingly. Her popularity both as an artist and decorator had soared to the point that she could barely keep up with the jobs and commissions that were being sent her way. It was paradise. If things carried on like this, she would never be short of a penny again. She had even found a man who seemed like excellent boyfriend material, though she thought that she would wait a while before moving things on to the next stage. Joe’s life, meanwhile, wasn’t going so well.

When Dísa had first gulped Joe down, the boy had found that he could see little but blackness in the vast cavern that made up Dísa’s belly. Since then, his eyes had accustomed (well, his one eye had, for he no longer had his glasses – Dísa had burped them out – meaning that his lazy eye had eventually lost all vision). Gradually he had begun to see the vast pools of acid that surrounded him and sometimes engulfed him. He had no idea how he had survived this long without being reduced to nothingness, but Dísa had swallowed him with the assurance that his suffering would last for several years. The strangest thing was that he never seemed to feel in need of food. His body never changed either – he was amazed that his long blonde hair still remained intact, and indeed most of him still did; clearly, Dísa would wait until the very end before dismantling him piece by piece.

He shuddered. It had been nearly three years now. That was how long Dísa had spent digesting her previous victim. He knew his time was coming. The only small comfort was that Dísa actually still remembered his name (she had forgotten that of her previous victim long ago).

“Well, Joe,” Dísa said suddenly. The sound of her booming voice still shocked him. It took him a moment to remember that she had housed him in the very centre of her body. “It seems I have found someone who might make a nice little boyfriend,” she chuckled. “He’s called Gary, mild-mannered, quite sweet, just like you were when I first met you. Only this time I might have to do the asking out myself. I thought you were the shyest man I’d ever met, but this guy-I’m surprised he’s not living in a lighthouse! He’ll soon wish he was.” Joe knew that Dísa was smiling. He could feel it. “He’s a bit bigger than you were,” she laughed, “So I think he might last me four years. I don’t know how I’ve held on to your scrawny bones for this long – you’ve lasted nearly as long as my last little friend – but then, you’ve fought for it, and given me much pleasure. But very soon I will have no further use for you.”

She spoke without emotion. There was not even a hint of the bubbly woman Joe had fallen in love with in her voice. This was the real Dísa, the Dísa that no one but her victims ever saw. Her stomach gurgled very loudly and Joe felt the muscles that surrounded him tighten. He was thrown against the fleshy wall above him and held in place firmly. Dísa spoke again, and now she sounded angry.
“Well, boy?” she snarled. “Don’t you have anything to say?”

“Please don’t eat me!” Joe cried out. A second later he wondered why. He knew it was futile. Dísa laughed. He could see the smirk on her face without even needing to lay eyes on her. Over the years he had tried almost every day to escape his terrible prison, only to be rewarded with scars and bruises from the acids of the woman’s fiery belly.

A vivacious burp from Dísa told Joe that digestion was underway.
“Oh wow!” Dísa exclaimed. “You know how to make a woman belch, don’t you Joe?” she giggled. “Don’t worry; you’ve still got a few days left. Then my stomach will devour you. I still remember how you struggled and kicked all the way down, as I swallowed you whole…then once you got to my stomach…” Dísa’s cruel grin spread across her face as she placed a finger on her belly and poked Joe, causing him to squeal. “I’m going to miss you, my boy,” she laughed. “I wish you had a little brother, or something. I’d happily eat him up too.” She licked her lips, imagining…

Joe’s thoughts ran wild as he heard his host’s lips smacking together. He had heard everything she had said relating to him and his fate. It was not a comforting notion. Whatever Dísa had in store for poor Gary, Joe knew it would be just as bad if not worse than what he had faced…

Chapter Two-The End of Joe

Dísa’s skill at seducing men was something of a marvel even to her. She never tired of it. The fact was that she had it all. She was not only gorgeous, but well-read, good-mannered and literate in her speech. She dressed well and her locks of fiery hair set men’s passions alight. Her white skin was smooth as crystal, her dark eyes enough to enrapture with a single well-timed glance.

Of course, if she had had a long-term boyfriend she would never have been able to play her little games with her victims without being discovered. Consequently the men she invited to her home were usually just for one-night affairs and no more. She liked her men muscular when she bedded them, but for her playthings she preferred him to be weaker, often slim and boyish, sometimes long-haired and feminine like Joe. Gary had been a catch because she had been fantasizing about a larger meal for a while.

Dísa had eaten Joe on an empty stomach. The nutrients from her newly devoured meals kept her alive for years whilst the victim lived. Once they were fully digested the nutrients of the deceased victim still sustained her for a period of months, but she had still been hungry by the time she had finally swallowed Joe up. This time, though, she would have a feast. Gary would be devoured shortly after she’d finished with Joe, and so she would feel fuller than she had in many a year.

Not that anyone would know, of course. She never put on weight. The day after consuming Joe somebody had actually complimented her on her slender physique. She laughed. Her life was delightful.

She was suddenly disturbed by a loud sound from deep inside her that sounded akin to a scream. Of course, that’s exactly what it was. Joe had awoken from his restless slumber to find the bones of Dísa’s last meal resting at his feet. Shocks like that never ceased to unnerve him, though he should have been used to them by now.

“Oh, Joe, my darling,” Dísa smirked, talking to him in the tone that a woman might use to address her lover. “It’s been a wonderful ride, but the day has finally come. Oh, I’m going to look so much younger and my skin will be so much clearer once I absorb all of you into me! Soon there’ll be nothing but bones to remember you by. Night night, dear Joe.”

With that, Dísa grinned, shut her eyes, lay herself upon the sofa, and listened.

She took off some of her clothes so that her stomach could stretch, and allowed her belly to undulate in a rhythmic motion as it began its work upon Joe. The last noises Joe heard in his final moments were the sounds of a woman laughing and smacking her lips together between furious belches.

Dísa continued to listen. First there were screams, then inaudible pleas, then finally, after a few minutes, silence.

“Honey? Sweetie? Can you hear me?” Dísa’s grin grew wider as no response came from within. Then she cackled.
“Splendid. Well then, I guess that’s the end of you. Now you’re fully devoured. A shame. You would have made a lovely little boyfriend for some other sweet girl like myself who didn't share my appetite. But you achieved so much more. Your sacrifice was not in vain. Bye-bye babe.”

A tremendous, mind-blowing belch from the happy Dísa signalled that her victim was gone for good. It was her stomach’s way of announcing the end of its food, and it happened involuntarily every time she finished with someone. She began to massage her belly as she lay there. Moments later another belch followed, and slowly, one by one, Dísa burped out Joe’s tiny bones until only a few remained to line the floor of her stomach. Whatever else was left of him would soon make its way towards her intestines, and then… Dísa giggled. She licked each one of the bones dry with her long tongue, put them into a jar under the bed with Joe’s glasses, and giggled until she fell into a deep, contented sleep.

Re: Sequel to my first story, 1500 words (F/M)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:05 pm
by Hozomat
Good story ! It is well written, well rythmed. However, 3 years to digest ? That's really a lot ! I guess Disa doesn't have a very human metabolism, but I'm pretty sure Joe would've died long ago on the other hand ^^

Re: Sequel to my first story, 1500 words (F/M)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:36 am
by keiraknightleysfood
Hozomat wrote:Good story ! It is well written, well rythmed. However, 3 years to digest ? That's really a lot ! I guess Disa doesn't have a very human metabolism, but I'm pretty sure Joe would've died long ago on the other hand ^^

Glad you liked it! As I said it's a sequel, the prolonged digestion thing is explained in part one. It's just an idea that I like so I wanted to include it.

Re: Sequel to my first story, 1500 words (F/M)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:37 am
by spanxthanx
I was hoping for a sequel. Micro is uncommon today. This story has inspired me to try to write a story myself, but it's a lot more difficult than I thought.

Shrinking is the only realistic type of vore, well, apart from the shrinking itself of course.

Re: Sequel to my first story, 1500 words (F/M)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:44 pm
by keiraknightleysfood
spanxthanx wrote:I was hoping for a sequel. Micro is uncommon today. This story has inspired me to try to write a story myself, but it's a lot more difficult than I thought.

Shrinking is the only realistic type of vore, well, apart from the shrinking itself of course.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad I've inspired your writing-keep at it! Writing is a challenge but it's so rewarding once you get into the swing! I'd love to read your story when you're ready to show it! :-D

The Boy and the Witch (F/M), 1,700 words

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:34 pm
by keiraknightleysfood
Hi all! Here's my new story, a simple piece written today quite quickly for a bit of fun-enjoy!

Synopsis: When young Tom becomes lost in the woods, a friendly woman offers to give him shelter in her home. Unfortunately, she has reasons of her own for agreeing to help him...

The Boy and the Witch

The little boy walked through the woods. Where was his family? How had he lost them so easily? He could not remember the way home. At this point, he was getting very nervous. It was starting to get dark and very soon, in maybe another hour, he would not be able to see anything at all. Worse still, he was frightfully cold. He shivered as he huddled into his fur cloak.

In the distance, the boy saw a small campfire burning. A hunched figure was sitting in front of it; their face was covered by a cowl that obscured their features.
Curiously, the boy edged closer. He knew that talking to strangers was dangerous, but in the circumstances he had little choice. He needed to get home!
The figure heard him approaching and turned away from the campfire. Their face still remained concealed.

"Hello there, erm…excuse me," the boy began awkwardly. "I was just wondering...I'm lost and I was wondering if you could help me get home."
The figure removed the cowl, revealing the face of an attractive woman. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties. “Oh, my poor boy, of course I’ll help you,” she smiled. “It’s getting dark, though. You might want to come to my house, just for tonight, and then we can look in the morning, darling.”

“Why thank you, miss!” the boy replied, offering her his hand to shake. “My name’s Tom, by the way. It’s a pleasure to meet you!”
“Nice to meet you, sweetie,” the young woman replied. “My house is just up this hill, follow me.”
Tom followed the woman as she led him up the hill towards what appeared to be a quaint little cottage with a thatched roof. Secretly Tom thought that he would like to live in such a place when he grew up. It was quiet and very peaceful.

“Come inside, darling,” said the woman, smiling as she unlocked the door. “You must be starving from all that time alone in the cold.”
“I am,” Tom admitted. The house was far more spacious than its exterior suggested, and the walls kept out the cold so well that Tom immediately felt better as he passed through the door.

“Come take a seat,” the woman gestured to a large wooden dining table. Several chairs were set around it. “I’ll be back in a minute with something for you to eat!” With that she disappeared off into her immaculate kitchen.
Tom sat as instructed. He was still in awe of the amazing house. If this lady's cooking was as nice as she was, he was in for a treat. He almost began to think that it might have been worth getting lost for.

The woman soon returned with several large plates of food of all kinds: vegetables and meats, cheeses and fruits (among other things). “Eat as much as you like!” she said with a smile; and knowing full well that the food had been cursed.
“Thank you so much miss!” the boy replied, his eyes practically popping out as he stared at the amazing array of foods in front of him. How on earth she had cooked so much so quickly, he could not guess.

“Might I ask your name, miss?” he said before tucking in, having suddenly realized that she was just “miss” to him at present.
“Oh, that’s not important, darling,” the woman said evasively, “we’ll talk more in a while.” Her beaming smile soon returned. “Please, eat! I’ll be back to join you in a while. I have a few…jobs to do.”

Tom piled some of the meat onto his plate and began to eat. It was honey-cured ham of the finest quality.
"Oh my, this is delicious! It's incredible!" the boy said before realizing that the woman had left the room. He continued to eat…and eat...and eat...and eat, until eventually he thought he might burst. To begin with his appetite had been fueled by pure hunger, but soon it became something else, more akin to wanton greed; yet he could not help himself. Somewhere in his head a voice told him to stop, but he found that he simply could not. He continued to pile masses of food onto his plate, more than his little body could accommodate. He thought that he might be sick soon…what was happening to him?

Soon there was no food left on the table, at which point Tom’s host returned. She barely resembled the woman Tom remembered. Her beautiful face was now fixed upon him. Something about her expression terrified the boy. She walked up to him and pinched his chubby belly. "Look at you, you fat little brat!" she snarled.
"I-I'm sorry!" Tom stammered, looking at her with wide eyes. "I-I don't know what came over me! I just couldn't help myself! I didn't mean to eat all of your food!"
“What have you done?” she snapped. “Look how fat you’ve become!” she prodded his stomach again, causing him to cry out.
"Ow!" Tom said, "Don't do that! Miss, I really can't tell you how sorry I am, I don't know how this happened...I just something was making me eat it all...I can't explain..." he trailed off.

His host did not seem to hear him. Her expression did not change.
“You are a disrespectful young man,” she told him.

Then she laughed.

It came out of nowhere. It was more akin to a cackle than anything else. A cruel look appeared on her face as she smiled.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to punish you,” she said, her grin widening. Before the boy could reply, she had grabbed him and forced him against the wall.

Tom’s head spun with the impact. He felt sick. What was she doing? It suddenly occurred to him that coming to this house might not have been a good idea. It was...strange. Even though he was a boy, he knew that this woman would be deemed attractive by most men. Why then did she live alone? And what was going to happen to him?
The witch looked at the boy in a curious way that made him writhe internally.

“You foolish little shit,” she laughed.
What happened next caused the boy to shake from head to toe. The woman began to grow to such size that she filled the entire room. She towered over him, looking down at his tiny body as if he were some kind of bug. Picking Tom up as he quivered, she looked him, smiled, and popped him into her mouth.
Muffled screams came from within as her lips closed. The boy cried for help at the top of his high, unbroken voice; but it was no use. The witch tossed Tom around, wrapping her tongue around him, tasting his youthful flesh. She rolled her eyes back in ecstasy. He was delicious.

“Let go of me, you horrible witch!” the boy shouted out from within her mouth, as soon as he had got over the shock. He began kicking and screaming furiously. He opened his mouth to shout again, but it was too late. The woman swallowed him whole.

With the deed done, the witch returned to her normal size, and her stomach began to expand thanks to the presence of the boy inside it. She burped in satisfaction. Her cackle filled the room. “Stupid brat! Idiots like you always fall for my act! And they always end up in my belly!”
Her stomach gurgled as the witch massaged it.

"You evil bitch! You let me out!" poor Tom screamed. "How could you do this to me?" a jolt of fear shot up his neck when he realized what his host had said only moments ago. "Y-you've done this before?" he said, shaking. "How many times?"
“Many a time,” she said with the same evasive look she had given him earlier, though now he could not see her face. There was amusement in her tone. “Don’t worry,” she laughed. “Digestion will be slow, and very, very, painful.”

“D-D-D-Digestion?!!!” the boy shrieked. “You-y-you’re going to-”
“Turn you into mush?” his host finished for him. “Yes, my dear. Very, very slowly.”

“And then-” the horrible realisation hit him. “Then you’re going to…” He didn’t finish. “What happens when the body is down with food?” the witch asked him.
He couldn’t bring himself to say it. “Then you’re going to-”
“Yep,” the witch cackled, slapping her full belly.
“How long will it be before…before it’s over?” the boy asked. He could feel a slight itch upon his skin as the acids in the witch’s stomach began to work on his scrawny body. “I’m not ready to die.” He said. “I’m still so young.”

“Spare me,” the witch told him. “I’ve heard it all before. I don’t care. I’ll take as long as I like to digest you. I think I’m going to keep you on overtime for all your questions.” She smirked.

Well, that was that. If he was doomed, one more question couldn’t hurt.

“Why do you do this?” he asked, probing her. “I mean…there are easier ways to get food. You already had a houseful. Why do you prey on little boys?”
“Because I can, darling,” she answered. There was honesty in her voice, but no emotion.

Tom squirmed as growls resounded out from all around him.
“It’s only going to get worse from here,” she promised. “You’ve not been in my belly very long…very soon the real pleasures will begin…”

“One day someone will teach you a lesson!" the boy shouted. "My mother always says that bad people get their comeuppance!" Of course, he knew that he would not live to see that day.
“Uh-huh,” the witch smiled. Tom’s words were meaningless. Both of them knew it. Very soon the boy would be little more than a pile of lifeless bones. The witch chuckled as she wondered who her next victim would be…