Poll: I Have Many Preds and I Cannot Choose

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Poll: I Have Many Preds and I Cannot Choose

Postby HisashiHinata » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:41 am

Hi. I'm... I'm very conflicted with what I should do next. Which is why I'm gonna put the pressure of multiple people's expectations to motivate me! (OwO)/

How am I gonna do that?

Polls, duh. Pick multiple pred or just one, but leave an explanation please here, like a little plot. Think of it as a kind of request. Execpt, I choose the pred, but not the plot.

Here you go! http://www.strawpoll.me/15514217

I guess I'll be in charge of the plots then too, huh?

Isabelle - The systematic disappearances of all of the other females in town seem weird, huh?
Morgana - A cat turning into a car and people going in. What happens when they're still inside when he changes back?
Bonnie - Sequel to the Judy Hopps story I made
Mr. Rawr - An alternate ending to that episode of Dr. Lollipop.
Bea - An alligator feeling hungry in a town full of tasty prey. What could go wrong?
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