Vore Stories from porky11

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Vore Stories from porky11

Postby porky11 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:52 pm

Some time ago I have created a fantasy world.
Recently I extended it by some Planet, which is well suited for vore.
i'll just post a small story. More will follow.
I'm arleady interested if you like the idea.
I would like to post it in the gallery, too, but have no idea how to. I hope, someone can help me.

Code: Select all
You currently stay at home with your family, when Mom comes and asks you for help:
"Do you still remember Uncle Fil?"
You: "Yeah, he's pretty cool, what's wrong with him?"
"He called, because he lives relatively isolated and now, in the cold, he has run out of food. Could you bring him some?"
"Of course"
"You know, where he lives. It should not even take a day to get there. But you know, we Adults don't want to risk our lives in the cold. So don't worry if anything happens to you. Uncle Fil will be fine. We'll just send your siblings and later we can just produce more Children"
"I know, sounds rational"
"I have filled a backpack full of fruits, but be ready in case, it's not enough"
"You don't need to tell me that, I already experienced similar situations with other children, that often didn't come back afterwards"
"Good luck!"
Mom hugs you, then you start to go.
The cold bothers you much not wearing clothes, especially the icy wind is hard to endure, but you endeavor to endure. You do not want your uncle to starve because of you. He'll probably be out for a few days without food, and if you freeze, Mom will send some of your siblings anyway, but that's not neccessary.
When you're about to give up, a blizzard appears. But at least until it gets dark, you want to give everything again. You start to walk a bit faster, and it does't take long to discover a hut. When you arrive at the door, you are able to knock at it before you fall exhausted to the ground.
Shortly afterwards someone opens the door and immediately takes your backpack. He picks out a big fruit and devours it. Then you start to see black and believe, this is your end.
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Re: porky11 posts stuff

Postby porky11 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:15 pm

The story continuses:
Code: Select all
You open your eyes and notice, you lie in a tub of warm water.
A man is watching you. It's your uncle Fil.
Fil: "Hello, kid, you're still alive, I thought you were frozen"
You: "Hey, uncle, you must have been very hungry, I saw you starting to eat the fruits"
"Yeah, I first ate the fruits. I didn't put you inside until I had finished, hoping you were already frozen. That would have simplified everything a bit. The fruits didn't feed me enough"
"At least in order to get to our home, they should be enough. There you can eat as much as you want then"
"But with a whole child in my stomach this won't be as exhausting. By the way, I'm already looking forward to you"
"I was also looking forward to see you again and am happy now, so it's good that I did not freeze to death. I always found you cool, uncle"
"I also like you very much. I just was scared that it makes you sad to be my Meal now instead of having fun with me"
"Oh, don't worry. You should know, I can understand you well. I would have chosen the same way in your position"
"That's really cool of you. In that case, you could help me a bit. Is the water already hot? It's just heating up, because I wanted to cook you, but since you're alive, it's enough if you're nice and warm everywhere"
"Yes, it's pretty hot, it's almost starting to burn"
"Turn around a bit, so that your meat gets evenly warm everywhere"
"Good, I'll do it"
"Do you keep it a little longer? It would be cool if your meat isn't raw, at least directly under the skin"
"Yes, I'll let you know if I feel burns all over my body, but then get me out right away"
"When you are ready, I'm just going to shake you off and devour you whole, what do you think of that?"
"Sounds funny, I'm curious how it feels"
"Oh, do you still have to shit or piss?"
"No, I didn't eat anything on purpose when I left and I eliminated everything in a timely manner. I'm sure you do not like me shitting you in the stomach"
"Yeah, that's good. I'm already curious"
You turn a bit, so that the pain is distributed as evenly as possible on your body. As the pain slowly starts to become unbearable, you begin to scream. But Fil does not help you, and because of the pain you are not able to control yourself enough to help yourself.
As your screams fade, he finally takes you out of the water.
You: "Why did you have to wait so long?"
He: "I first had to add cold water so I would not burn my hands. Additionally, you will taste better now, your flesh almost feels cooked"
You feel a lot of pain under your armpits where Fil is holding you tight. Then he starts to shake you, which hurts even more.
Then he lifts you over and takes your feet in his mouth. He pushes you slowly from top to bottom into his gullet.
At the point where your skin invades it, it hurts a lot. The slimy fluid in his body is starting to feel good. When your legs are already completely in your uncle, the saliva feels like a balm, and your legs slowly get numb.
It doesn't take long until your upper body is in it too.
Then your arms impede him from swallowing you. You look around again, then you help him devour the rest of you by lifting your arms.
Soon after, your entire body feels numb. Without your arms, with which you can hold the esophagus in this pose well to gasp for air, you would probably already suffocated.
You always feel better where the burns are. It hurts a bit when Fil taps on his stomach, but that quickly fades and turns into joy.
Fil: "Is everything good in there? It was fun, wasn't it?"
You: "Yes, it feels really interesting"
"Then we have to say goodbye now"
He squeezes his own body tight as if trying to hug you, and you feel very bent.
You can feel, when he runs faster and faster, probably because he's on his way home, then you fall asleep peacefully.

Since this story is finished now, I think, which kind of story I should write next.
I already have some ideas:

- focus on vore and sexual things:
* Meat factory visit
* Vore party
* God of vore

- focus on story:
* War of gods
* Revolution of children

Feel free to tell me, what you want to read.
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Re: porky11 posts stuff

Postby porky11 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:30 pm

My next story, first chapter:
Code: Select all
"Hey, Kid, do you know a trustworthy adult to protect me?"
"Yo, my man already protects me for some time. I may ask, if he likes to have more children"
You look at the kid, which is still sexless and is a bit chubby:
"No, you don't have to. I'll just ask another adult"
"You may ask the parents over there. One of their children is my friend"
You go, where the kid pointed at. They seem to have many children, so you are very sceptical, that they really have the time and interest to protect you.
The father of them already comes to you:
"Hey, you seem to look for friends, is that right?"
"Yo, do you want me to play with your children?"
"Yeah, that would be nice. We will have a party. Do you want to come?"
"Oh, you let me come? You are cool. I hope it won't hurt much"
"No, you'll just be a guest. You're a very nice kid. You should search for a protector"
"That's what I'm doing here. Do you know someone?"
"Go to that house over there. There lives an old friend, who is pretty lonely. He would be happy to have a kid with him"
You look at the house: "Thanks"
"He knows where I live and when we'll have our party. So just tell him, that you met me"
"I'll do it. See you"
You think, he really wants to help you. It often helps to pretend you don't have problems with what they may do with you. Then they'll often trust you and will really be nice to you.
But now you didn't even have to pretend. You would have had fun with many children, so it would not have been that bad.
While thinking you go to the house and knock at the door.
You have to wait some time, until someone opens it.
"Hey, a kid! Who are you?"
"Your friend sent me"
"Oh, come in"
You go inside. You are not sure, if this is some kind of trap, but since this would be a very compilicated plan, and you already accepted, you don't think so.
You look around in the living room. It seems not to be that tidy.
The adult: "I hope you like it here"
You wonder, if the adult is male or female. It's difficult to recognize, since you lived just with other kids before, and that sexful persons often wear clothes doesn't let you see his genitals.
The adult already sits at the sofa: "Hey, come here and sit down"
You go to him and sit down.
"Can you tell me about the person, that sent you?"
"He was a man, had many children, …"
"Ah, I know, who it was"
He takes you in his arm:
"So what do you want from me?"
"I want you to be my friend"
"Cool, I need a friend"
"Nice, will you protect me?"
"I think so"
He starts to caress you. You already like him.
The adult: "I get hungry"
"Oh, can I help you?"
"Yeah. But it's probably too late to go outside to get something"
"I understand. So what will we do then?"
"I'm not sure. We may have to wait"
You start to cuddle with him. You almost thought, he already needs your help that way.
"You are naked. I know, what we could do! Follow me"
You follow him to his bedroom.
He takes you and puts you into the bed.
He: "Now don't move, I'll have a surprise for you"
You try to lie still, but also are a bit scared. Then you feel something at your feet. It tickles a bit and even feels wet. The children at your home may have been right. You cannot trust adults.
You look at him and he is licking your feet.
He recognizes, that you look: "Hey just relax, don't look"
You don't say anything.
He: "I'm sorry. This was not meant to be the surprise. Your feet just looked so cute. But now just relax"
You try to relax. This time he probably won't stop at the feet. You close your eyes.
Suddenly he starts to tickle you almost everywhere. You can't control yourself anymore and piss, when his hand is near there. He doesn't stop and tickles you with his wet hands.
When he stops, you are not scared anymore, even if you don't like being tickled.
He: "This probably was a bit too much. I hope you still liked it"
"It wasn't that bad"
"Hey, I have a better surprise for you"
He goes to some locker and brings a pink suit. It contains trousers and a sweater.
"You should wear this. It's probably meant to be a pajama. But I'd be happy if you wear it the whole day"
You try to take it on. You never wore clothes before. It's a bit difficult, but you don't need help.
It feels really soft. You like it. It even dries your wet skin"
The Adult: "You seem to like it. Don't worry about your piss. I'll clean it, when it starts to smell"
"Thanks. Why isn't it soft at my pee hole?"
"Some time ago I had a boy, who was allowed to wear this. He often fapped, so it got sticky and hard there. He was a delicious cutie"
"Stand up now, I want to see you in your new clothes"
You stand up and show him some poses.
"Really sexy, kid. I could fuck you at once"
He just takes you and hugs you very tightly in his bed.
But then he starts to just caress your back with his big hands. You also start to hug him.
Soon you feel his hand at your butt. He even removes your trousers a bit and caresses your naked butt. He even slaps you a few times.
You: "Hey, that hurts"
"I know, but I like it. You know, you are mine now, right?"
"Yes. But can you stop anyway?"
"Just once a bit harder, are you fine with that?"
"I am. But then let's sleep"
You look at his face. He nods. Then you feel a very hard slap and almost have to cry. But then he caresses you, so you feel comfortable again. Soon you both fall asleep.
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Re: Vore Stories from porky11

Postby porky11 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:03 am

Part 2 of the second story

Code: Select all
The next day, when you wake up, your new protector is already gone, so you get up.
You consider, where you should look for him, but there he already comes.
He: "Hey, now I'm really hungry. Come, you can help me"
You both go outside.
He: "Hey, cutie. Let's have some kid because of our new relationship. You decide. Do you prefer chubby or athletic?"
"It doesn't matter. I prefer just normal kids"
"So just look for kids and talk to them. You know, what to do?"
"I think so. I'll get one for us"
You go to a sexless kid, that walks around. It seems to be a little chubby, but still pretty agile.
"Hi there. You look cool. Wanna be friends?"
"Hey, why not. We can play video games at my home"
"That would be cool, but I don't have time for that now. We'll have breakfast soon. Do you want to join?"
"You'll let me join? I thank you. I don't have a family, and so don't get food that often"
You laugh: "But you don't look slim either"
The kid also laughs a bit.
Then you go to your friend.
The other kid: "Do you know that adult?"
"Yes, I live with him. He protects me"
"Aren't you scared, he'll eat you some day?"
"No, he's a good person. Are you scared?"
"A bit. Maybe I should go home and play video games alone"
"You don't have …"
Your friend: "Did I hear video games? I like them. When I was a kid, I played them the whole day"
The kid: "Oh, cool. Do you like fighting games?"
"Yes, that's my favourite kind of game. Do you have some?"
"I have some pretty new game. Do you want to try it?"
"Yeah, I didn't play some for many years. Let's go to your home. You'll see, I'll still be better than you, even if I don't know it yet"
"I don't think so. Let's go. We'll see"
"But if you lose, you'll get our breakfast. I'm very hungry"
"Good, you have no chance anyway"
They both run away to the kid's house. You still stand there and wonder, what's going on. You never played video games and don't really understand the fascination about it.
You slowly follow them. You can still see, which house they enter, so you don't need to hurry.
When you finally reach the house, you first have to find the room, they are in.
They are sitting on a bed and watching into some kind of window while holding some weird things with buttons.
Your friend to you, a bit sad and angry: "Hey, I just lost"
"No problem. Just kill him"
"I don't want to until I won. But I'm also hungry. You should be breakfast instead. Then he can be my new friend"
The kid: "Hey, what are you talking about? Do you want to give up?"
The adult: "No, I just decided to have my friend as breakfast instead of you. You will be my new friend?"
"You wanted me as breakfast? I thought, you want to be my friend"
He sounds a bit sad.
"But since you really want to be friends now, I think, that's all right"
You: "If you really like him that much, I'll be your breakfast. But can you really trust him, kid? He may just replace you with a better friend, when he finds one, as he just does with me"
The kid stops moving and just sits there thoughtfully, then it suddenly stands up and runs away.
You follow it and catch it: "What shall we do now?"
Your friend: "I'm not sure what happened. Maybe he is yet better suited as our breakfast. Where should we start? Do you like arms?"
"Yo, they taste good"
Your protector takes a big knife from his belt and wants to cut off his arm:
"Hey, are you alone here, kid? We don't want to scare your siblings or friends"
The kid: "No idea, I didn't see anyone for many days"
You: "I didn't see anyone here, when searching for you. It should be no problem"
The knife already touches the arm.
The kid: "Stop, why not start with the legs?"
You: "Why?"
"I can't run away then. And I can finish some video game with my arms"
Your friend: "That sounds good. But you won't finish the game. We will play until I win a fight"
"Will you let me play the game, when you win?"
"No, then I'll kill you"
"And when I never lose"
"Good idea. When you never loose, I'll let you play that other game. So you won't let me win. But now, let's cut off a leg"
He uses the knife to cut off the leg. It's very sharp, so it doesn't take long. The kid cries, because it hurts very much, but then the wound starts to heal, and the kid really likes the feeling. It even looks like it is a bit high.
The kid: "Let's continue"
You: "I'll take the leg, search the kitchen and make something nice out of it"
You are not experienced in cooking. You just take the little leg, take it into the oven and wait.
When you think, it's finished, you take it out and bring it back on some plate with some knives and forks.
Your friend: "It is even better now!"
The kid: "Yeah, this feeling really helped me"
"I already understand, how it works, but everytime I think, I win, it does some fancy tricks"
"Yes, you really get good"
You: "Let's eat now"
Your friend: "With a full stomach, I'll get better. Do you also want some, kid?"
The kid: "Just taste a bit"
It really tastes good, and it's quickly finished.
They immediately coninue playing afterwards.
You just stand there and wait.
The kid: "He really is better with a full stomach. Cut off my other leg!"
You: "One leg was really a bit small"
You cut off the leg, while they play. The kid doesn't get distracted.
You go away and prepare the other leg.
When you come back, the kid is happy: "I never was that good. Everything I do is perfect. I will never lose"
Your friend: "He is right. I'll never win this way, don't distract me"
You eat the other leg by yourself. You are happy to have such a big meal. You never had that at home, you almost never had meat at all. After that, you decide to go home alone.
Some adults look at you, but they probably think, you already have a sex, or at least have adults, that would miss you, so they didn't talk to you or just take you.
At home it gets boring after some time so you try out the TV. After some time you start to like it, but only the shows with real people.
In the evening your friend finally comes back. You were just about to go to bed.
You: "Hey, finally back"
The Adult: "Yeah, I won! Not just once, I won multiple times"
"I finally found out, how it did these special moves. After it lost, it couldn't believe it and wanted some revenge. And since then I never lost until it gave up"
"Cool. And where is it now? Did you kill it?"
"It was fine with me eating him then, so I ate it as a whole"
"Oh, is it still living?"
"I still feel it moving. Just touch"
You touch his belly and feel some movement.
Since you kids are much smaller than adults, the belly isn't that much bigger.
You: "Can it still speak?"
"I don't think so. It must be out of air"
The kid: "I can still hear you. He is really the master now. I hope he can teach you, too"
You: "That's weird, I'll go to bed"
Your friend: "Wait, I'm really horny now. Could you strip for me?"
"Nah, whatever. Why not?"
You both go into the bedroom and you start posing. Then you slowly move down your trousers a bit.
He: "Nice, I can see your pee hole. It's very sexy, when there are no genitals yet"
"Soon you can even see my ass hole"
You want to turn around, but then he says "Come into the bed and raise up your ass in my direction"
You do, what he wants while leaving your clothes on.
"I like that"
He slaps softly the dressed ass.
"Now show me your asshole"
You pull down your trousers a bit and he caresses your ass chink. Then he even sticks his fingers into your hole.
It feels a bit weird, but your ass seems to be stretchable enough, so it doesn't hurt.
Then he rubs his trousers to your ass.
"You know, what's in there?"
"No. I hope, it's a vagina"
"I'll unpack it, then you will know"
Soon you feel something thick in your chink. This has to be his dick, so he is a man. You can imagine, what will follow and you are right.
He sticks his dick into your ass. But it doesn't hurt. He just makes small moves, while trying to have much physical contact to you.
Then he starts to caress your belly and goes down to your pee hole.
It feels weird, even weirder as when you did that with your friends some time ago.
Even if there are no genitals yet, you really get horny.
The man: "Yo, you'll become my next fuck girl, right? You'll be a cute girl. You really are cute"
"No, I'd rater like to become a boy"
"Oh, really? Too bad. I'll try to find a way. You'll be a good sex toy anyway, cutie"
"Thank you"
"I'll rub your dick instead of your pee hole. Maybe I'll even lick you down there and taste your semen, when you become an adult"
He moves a bit harder and pulls his dick out.
"Now I'm finished and my semen is already in your as. The next time you are allowed to lick mine.
But for now, would you like me to lick your pee hole a bit?"
You turn around and show him your pee hole. His dick is already packed away again, so you don't see it. His sperm already tips out of your ass and your trousers and the bed get dirty.
You look a bit sceptical.
The man: "I'll have to wash it tomorrow. You should go out naked then. But now, just enjoy"
He pulls your trousers off, throws it away and starts licking your pee hole.
You really start to enjoy it. You even fall asleep meanwhile.
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Re: Vore Stories from porky11

Postby porky11 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:20 pm

I wrote a new short story.
You'll see it in my gallery. I have a gallery now.
Here I'll still add stories, that are not finished yet, like new chapters of the story I started here.
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