Pokemon story: The risks of travelling without a partner.

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Pokemon story: The risks of travelling without a partner.

Postby chimcharinsanity » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:44 pm

Howdy everyone - Long time lurker finally deciding to create something myself for once. I've written many times in the past, but this is my first vore story, as well as my first time posting here. It's a pokemon vore story that features a human girl, a female buneary, a female lopunny and a male Luxray. Implied digestion. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did creating it :D Let me know if I should continue making stories for you all :)

WORD COUNT - 4,169

TAGS: Pokemon, Human, Buneary, Lopunny, Luxray, various other Pokemon, Implied digestion, Evolution, Role Reversal, ?/F, F/M

*Crinkle* *Crunch*

The sound of leaves rustling beneath my fluffy boots was harmonious. I often found myself walking through this forest to help ease my nerves whenever life back home got too much to handle. I know they say you shouldn't travel without a Pokemon, out of risk of being attacked by a large predator, but after hiking as often as I did, I grew numb to the potential dangers of the forest. I hardly even flinch at the sound of bushes shaking from Ratatas or Bidoofs, or branches bouncing sporadically from a Starly taking flight.

Occasionally I would listen out for these ever persistent noises only to be greeted with silence. I think that's the scariest thing anymore. The silence. That's a keen indicator that the Pokemon are intentionally trying to stifle their movements in order to escape detection. It's always been because of me, but a thought always pops up in the back of my mind every time this happens that sends shivers wracking through my back.

'what if they're hiding from something else. something... BIGGER.'

I jump and turn around, expecting to see a beast glaring down on me, but as usual, I'm faced with a phantom. Not an ACTUAL phantom, like a Gengar, or even a simple ghastly, which in and of itself was terrifying, but simply empty space.

"I really need to stop worrying myself so much. There's never anything here, why do I cause myself such unneeded stress?" I ask myself, knowing I had no answer.

"Bun-bun!" Came the all too familiar sing-song voice of my favorite forest resident. I instantly turned around and was overjoyed to see the Buneary I had grown to love so much bounding towards me, before making a final jump right into my outstretched arms. My parka was pressed back into my chest as the fluffball in my arms wriggled to make itself comfortable.

"Crystal!" I called out hugging her tightly to my face, causing my makeup to rub into her fur. I let out a soft giggle at the sight but pushed the thought aside as I felt her fur dig itself back into my neck again. I hold her tightly for several seconds, before remembering what I brought with me.

"So!" I say, sitting on a nearby log and setting her down beside me. A few pokemon gathered round, always intrigued to see our interactions, but never brave enough to venture out and meet me. I pull open my purse and dig through for a few seconds, before finding the baggie I was searching for. "I ran down to the bakers earlier today..." I trailed off. Without hesitation, I received an elated shout of "BUNEARY!!" at her excitement.

She knew what that meant after all.

"Aaaand he hooked me up with more of your favorite snack!" I proclaimed, exposing the baggie to reveal the Poke Puffs she became so familiar with. "Sweet Poke Puffs, for a sweetheart like you!" I chant, opening it up and handing her one. She immediately grabs the confection and starts munching on it.

I take this time to lower myself off the log, so I can lean back on it and look up above through the break in the trees to see the natural sunlight filtering in. A passing Mankey looks over at me as it passes through but hurriedly scurries off as soon as I wave to it. I felt a paw on my shoulder and glance over to see the Poke Puff was already finished and a drooling mouth begging for seconds.

"Maybe you should finish off the first one," I chuckle, covering my mouth with my hand as I recognized the familiar coloring of the frosting staining her lips, along with an unmistakable sprinkle stuck to her fur. She recoiled before licking her face clean and looking over at me expectantly. "You're such a goof," I joked ruffling the chocolate colored fur, eliciting a nervous chuckle.

"Here." I spray placing the bag on the ground and tearing it open so she could help herself. Eyes widening in shock, I see them dart between me and the treat, expecting this to be a trap. "It's safe, help yourself." I laughed. Transitioning from shock to joy, she dug in as she mercilessly devoured all the small snacks. I watched the snacks slide quickly down her throat and into her petite gut.

I've never told anyone this, even Buneary who was basically my best friend, but I've always been sort of fascinated with watching people and Pokemon alike eat. Not that I'd ever want to experience that firsthand, but I loved watching the bulge pass through their skin, getting progressively larger, before reaching the turning point, and shrinking just as fast.

"Neary?" I heard a curious bunny pipe out, snapping me back into attention to see Buneary staring at me. Her head tilted slowly to the side as she inspected me carefully. This was the third time she's caught me staring at her throat and eventually she'd realize something was up.

"Err. Sorry! I just drifted off again, it's nothing! Really!" I lied, waving a dismissive hand in front of me, in an attempt to get this conversation elsewhere. Unsuccessfully I should add. Crystal hopped off of the log and laid her head on my stomach, glaring into my eyes.

I felt my nerves begin to crack and I knew my most personal secret might cost me my friendship with the one I cared the most for. I tried looking away, but I still felt the intensity of the stare hitting my core.

I sighed in defeat and shook her off. “OK, OK, you win. Just. Give me a moment to explain..” I requested. She raised her head and gave me a small it of space. I looked over, noticing the, now empty, bag of PokePuffs and grabbed it.

I opened my purse once more and place it in, pulling out a small mirror to take its place, peering into it. My shoulder length cherry blossom pink hair blew elegantly in the crisp fall air. My sunset orange eyes looked distantly back at me, worry lines forming from what was to come. Closing my eyes, I replaced my mirror and looked over.

“I.. I have this secret no one knows about and I'm not sure how you'll react to it…” I began, searching for the right words to use. Buneary looked at me expectantly, wanting to know what caused me such hesitation. I took a moment to collect myself, trying to calm down.

I suddenly remembered where I was and instinctively listened out for the subtle noises that always eased my weary mind. Only this time, as it often happened, I heard nothing. My mind raced over the possibility that they were listening to me as well, thus the silence.

Then I heard the soft crunch of a snapping twig and disturbed leaves behind me. I quickly turn my head to the source in fear and I'm instantly met with a fierce gaze, beating down on me. I freeze. Buneary took this time to look behind as well and stopped dead as well as soon as she recognized the hungry scowl of a Luxray beating down on us.

“Crystal, I… sa- save yourself.” I force out between fearful sobs. She snaps her attention to me and I stop her before she has a chance to complain. “No! I'm not letting you die too! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!” I shouted, before stopping. That was the first time I've ever yelled at her. She whimpered off at me, before hopping away from through the trees.

A small part of me felt bad for what I've done before every other part of me remembered the looming threat near me. I timidly look back at it and cried a little, praying for something to change its mind a deep, hungry growl assured me that wasn't the case.

It stepped forward and suddenly leaped at me before I knew how to react, pinning my chest to the ground. A trail of slobber dripped off it, staining my cheek. Twin tears trailed towards the grass beneath me, wetting even that.

I looked into the emotionless eyes of my predator, wishing now, more than ever, that I had a Pokemon with me for protection. "Please." I whisper quitely. "Please don't." I beg, as tears begin forming in my eyes. With an uncaring grunt, Its jaws suddenly parted and lumbered forward, engulfing my entire head in one sickening *SCHLOP* turning my world very dark.

Tasting the stale air inside its mouth, I thrashed wildly for the first time, praying it would amount to something… anything. My prayer went unanswered as it licked my face thoroughly, periodically choking me with its tongue. My eyes wafted up at the stench that wanted its way into my nose.

A panicked yelp escaped me as I was forced forward as the first gulp echoed around the slimy tunnel. I felt the tongue probe me neck as eagerly as it had my face. A deep growl resonated from in front of me, further solidifying my place as nothing but food for this lion. "No! Please! somebody help me, it's not too late!" I cried out, despite knowing help was never coming.

“BUN! BUN-BUN! BUNEARY!” I faintly heard through the outstretched neck skin. An observer from the outside would be able to recognize my panicked face in the bulge in his neck change to that of worry in half a heartbeat.

“N-NO! PLEASE, RUN AWAY!” I attempted to call out through this beasts throat. Another growl escaped from my fleshy tomb, only this one sounded far less hungry and much angrier. Possessive almost.

“BUN. BUNEAR. NEAR NEARY! BUNEARY!” I heard her call out once more before suddenly it became a little easy to see inside the throat.

‘Wh- what's going on out there?’ I thought to myself, looking at the mucus-covered innards of my assaulter. I nearly threw up at the sight but managed to keep it down. I didn't want to add to the stench.

Moments later the light faded and the internal darkness made itself known once more suddenly I felt the Luxray recoil a little, before it started eating me much faster, practically inhaling me down to my waist in seconds. As soon as the torrent of swallows began, it ended as I felt the Luxray stumble backward.

It slowly almost hesitantly started spitting me out and I felt the wind blowing softly on the parts of my skin that had soaked with thick saliva. It was cold, but compared to how hot it was inside of the tight restraints I was in, it was definitely a welcomed change. Soon, I was able to breath fresh air once more, as my head finally escape the hellish environment it was encompassed in. Blinking the overwhelmingly bright light out of my eyes, I suddenly felt a renewed sense of panic pulse through my every nerve.

“CRYSTAL, GET OUT OF- OF...uh… Wh-what?” I blinked, as my eyes darted over to where I believed Buneary’s voice last was. Only, she wasn’t there. Instead, standing in her place was a beautiful, elegant Lopunny, smiling warmly at me.

“Lopunny!” It announced, enthusiastically, as I began piecing it all together.

“Then that means the light I saw when I was in the Luxrays throat?” I mused, getting a nod in response. “And it’s panicked swallowing was because you?” Again, with that same, patient nod.”OMG, YOU EVOLVED! CRYSTAL, I’M SO HAPPY FOR- OMG, NO!” I shout as the Luxray made a mad dash for her.

I looked on in a mixture of fear, and sadness as it pounced Crystal
in the same manner at had to me minutes ago. Only, Lopunny being a Pokemon, are far faster than I could ever be and evaded the attempt with ease using agility. Her calm demeanor only made the entire scene seem planned, yet still chilling. I looked on, not sure what expression I was wearing after she dodged the strike, but when the Luxray hit the ground and spun on its feet to meet Lopunny again, I gulped.

It loud out a loud, bellowing roar in an attempt to intimidate her, but she was having none of it. She remained poised, ready to strike at a moments notice. Something the Luxray took note of and growled lowly at. It began circling her, trying to find some sort of opening. With no warning, the electric lion leaped at her once again, hoping to catch her off guard. This turned out to be a mistake, as she jumped up above the feral beast, spinning in mid-air and kicking it with all her might, sending it flying into a nearby tree.


The sound of its body cracking the trunk was almost deafening and I looked over at Crystal, astonished at what I had witnessed. Another thump was heard as I looked over to see the Luxray fall from the perch its body created and land on the ground. I saw it open its eyes weakly and attempt to stand on its legs again, coughing in pain. It was now that I finally noticed, as I looked down at its battered and bruised form, that this Luxray was a Male. Not that it made much of a difference to me now. With grace I never could muster, Lopunny slowly walked over to the injured and panting Lion, baring down on it with a look that screamed ‘NEVER mess with her’ before landing a pound attack on it.

Standing above her unconscious enemy, she relaxed the look on her face, before turning to greet me. She swiftly walked over and embraced me in a hug, as I was still paralyzed by the events that just transpired. She noticed my apprehension and retreated, as I took a moment to compose myself. I looked over to the defeated Pokemon on the ground, then glanced back to Lopunny, quickly darting over her throat and staring into her eyes.

“S-sorry… I’m just… coming to terms with all this. The Luxray… almost being completely eaten… you evolving to save me AND kicking the Luxray into a tree?! It’s… a lot to take in…” I said, more to help myself digest the knowledge and help me understand it better… ugh, bad choice of word… than to remind her of what happened.

“This is the most that’s ever happened to me in such a short period, I don’t know what to think…” I admitted as she crossed her arms patiently for me. “But… I do know what to say.” I continued. I looked over at her, square in the eyes and whispered a heart-filled “Thank you…” before racing over to embrace her in a hug. She accepted it and returned the gesture.

We stayed like that for several lovely moments, before I pulled away, a thought having crossed my mind. In all the chaos, I never got the chance to tell her my secret. Looking at her again, I noticed a strand of saliva connected between us and swiftly removed my Parka, revealing my loose fitting pink Tee. I rubbed some more goo that got drenched in my hair off, before giving up and sitting down again.

She followed me and as always, remained silent to give me time to sort myself out. Biting my lower lip, I began.

"So... we never got to finish what we were talking about earlier..." I informed her, as our earlier conversation flooded through her again. "See... ever since I was a kid, I had this bizarre fascination that I never understood. Even now I can't explain why I love it so much." She seemed mesmerized by my words as I explained myself.

"I don't remember exactly when it was, but I remember seeing someone drinking some water or maybe soda and watching the bulges slide down their throat. I became obsessed with it, to the point I would go to small food shops and order a small snack and a drink just to watch random people I've never met eat. I've never once pictured myself as the food and today confirmed I'd rather just be a spectator, but I'm still so fascinated in it." I said, catching myself as I realized I was rambling. She was staring at me, which made me blush.

"That's, uh, why you sometimes see my staring at your throat. You always make the cutest bulges..." I admitted, quickly hiding my cherry red cheeks. She continues to stare at me before eliciting a short laugh and beaming at me with the brightest smile.

"Lopan!" She expressed, letting me know that she was perfectly fine with that and she's just happy she had been making me happy with something so simple. A few rustling leaves to our left alerted us to a small Ratata sniffing curiously at the unconscious body of the Luxray. It got close to its face before a loud snore scared it away. Chuckling, I addressed the elephant in the room. Rather, the Lion in the forest.

"So, that only leaves one question. What are we gonna do about him? I mean, you can obviously defeat him without worry, but he'll drive out all these poor creatures from their homes. We can't exactly carry him though, either." I said, trying to figure out the best course of action. Much to my dismay, I heard a deep growl coming from the Luxrays stomach, disappointed to have lost its potential meal. Well, I can't say I share its point of view.

Almost immediately after its growl ended, a softer, more feminine growl erupted behind me and I quickly turned my attention to the source. I rather famished looking Lopunny. "Are you still hungry? I brought like 10 PokePuffs!" I scolded her.

She hid her face from me, trying to distract herself. "I guess that was a little harsh. Between evolving and fighting, you probably burned all them away by now. Her stomach growled again and she blushed before she looked to the sleeping beast lying past me. I looked back and forth between her stares and the Pokemon near my feet. Putting two and two together I stared at her.

"You couldn't possibly be thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?" I asked slowly, watching her nod an affirmative 'yes' in response. "There's no way! He's bigger than you in every way! You've never even eaten a meal a fraction that size, your stomach couldn't handle it!" I reminded her. As if it was hurt by my accusation and in an attempt to challenge what I said, her stomach let out a much louder, wetter growl than her previous two. I buckled at the sound and proceeded to walk slowly out of her way, as she made her way past me.

She walked gingerly over to his motionless body and suddenly the forest grew deathly quiet again. I looked around and noticed dozens of Pokemon gathered around, intent on watching the scene before them. From the Mankey passing overhead and the Ratata that had been scared off, to even some new visitors like a Poochyena and-

"omg, that's a Treecko" I mumbled softly to myself. Treecko was my favorite pokemon growing up, so seeing one here felt like destiny. When I was 10 my parents didn't think I should pursue my dream of being a Pokemon Trainer, wanting me to stay on the farm. It's been 4 years and I still haven't forgiven them. Snapping out of my daydream, I turned over in time to see Lopunny placing her hands on either side of the Luxrays face, before opening her mouth wide and plunging it inwards.

I looked on in awe, feeling an odd mix of justice and that same familiar fascination I always get. I heard her moan in approval as her tongue flicked eagerly across the face of her prey. Her hands dug deep into his throat as she forced more of him into her, creating the single most large bulge I have ever seen in a neck. One that would grow to be impossibly larger in the moments to come. Watching the spectacle before me I felt my hairs stand on end as I felt 'happy goosebumps' pop up everywhere.

It was at this moment that I saw Lopunny look at me directly from the corner of her eye and give me a wink. My face reddened quickly before I felt tingles all over my body. She looked back down at the cat before her and traced a hand down her neck before pushing them under his arms and forcing them into her mouth. She visibly strained to get them both in, but after a moment of angling them, they slipped right in and she pushed them to the back of her throat, adding to the already mesmerizing sight.

Next thing I knew I was sitting down on the leaves beneath me. Not voluntarily mind you, but because my mind was unable to concentrate on anything beyond watching this play out. She grabbed the fur of his midsection and pulled with all she could, feeling his head push through the opening to her greedy stomach. Had he been awake, he'd have front row seats to see her stomach acids slowly rise up.

Reaching forward again, Crystal grabbed his butt and shoved that into her mouth with a hungry snarl. I heard her moan again, clearly happy with his flavor, or the feeling of fullness she was experiencing.

"Oh!" I shouted, causing her to start. "How could I have forgotten!" I said, reaching into my bag. I was so enticed watching her, I totally forgot to get pictures to remember this moment. I took my phone out and opened up the camera app, only to see her giving me a 'are you kidding me' look. I sheepishly gave her a smile and snapped a shot. I avoided her glare and looked around, feeling my jaw drop.

There were pokemon EVERYWHERE. hundreds of them, sitting here watching her eat a Pokemon many of them had probably been fearful off, cheering her on. I snapped a few shots of the various pokemon, before looking back to Crystal, who seemed to have been waiting for me. As soon as I was watching, she took a long, powerful swallow, practically inhaling his legs into her mouth. When she finished the only thing remaining on the outside where his feet and tail. I took another shot as she posed for the pic, wanting to see this later herself.

I saw another Buneary hop up to her and place a hand on her belly. Crystal rubbed the little ones head and shooed her off, slowly swallowing down the length of his feet until only the star at the end of the tail was left outside. I took a final pic, which she winked for, before watching her slurp it into her mouth and swallowing one last time, sealing him inside permanently.

There was a moment of hushed murmuring spread throughout the forest before it erupted into a cacophony of cheers and praise all aimed towards the pokemon that saved my life. I ran over and gave her the tightest hug I could muster.

"CRYSTAL! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! How... how does he feel in there?" I asked. She placed a hand on her bulging gut and sighed happily, giving me a relaxed smile that read, "it feels fantastic." I smiled and placed a hand on her stomach, feeling it move above the massive lump of meat that had been deposited inside.

"That's so cool..." I whispered, losing myself in the moment and rubbing her belly without hesitation. I looked up at her and blushed again, seeing her blushing at me. "O-oh... sorry..." I said, taking my hand away. I felt her hand grasp mine and raise it back to her stomach. I nearly squealed with joy, before rubbing again.

"It looks like we aren't going anywhere for a while huh?" I joked. She leaned back and allowed herself to get lost in the moment. "Get some rest Crystal, you've earned it," I whispered, hugging her one more time. I sat down next to her, continuing to rub her stomach when suddenly I felt something on my shoulder. A small group of Pokemon gathered near and sat next to me, while others looked on from a distance.

"Feel free to touch it, everyone, no need to feel shy. This big guy will take a while for someone as inexperienced as Crystal here." I offered. Looking around the forest at all the young, innocent faces, I was suddenly really happy my parents never let me be a trainer. I can't imagine being anywhere else but here now.

"Hurry and digest Lopunny. We need to be ready to keep this forest safe at all times." I say, more to myself than anyone as I lay my head on her stomach and allow myself to drift away.
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Re: Pokemon story: The risks of travelling without a partner

Postby CrimsonFangX666 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:35 am

Not bad, not bad. Perhaps place this in your gallery as well and turn it into a full story? Your character may not want to become a trainer, but who said she/he still can't go out adventuring with Crystal the Lopunny? Travel the region, "battle" trainers or just wild pokemon. Maybe carry around pokeballs as a safety precaution for Lopunny in case she gets hurt. Suck her into a ball and take her to a pokemon center. No one ever said you had to be a trainer to buy pokeballs. Unless that's an unspoken rule in the Pokemon World.
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Re: Pokemon story: The risks of travelling without a partner

Postby chimcharinsanity » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:23 pm

CrimsonFangX666, I don't actually have a gallery, which is why I posted it here. A gallery would be the first place I'd put it, but I gotta put it where I'm able. As far as turning this into a full story, I was considering making a sequel wherein they either are the 'guardians' of the forest, or she's out and about having battles and whatnot.

Another thing to note is that she wanted to be a trainer, but when she turned 10 her parents didn't want her to follow her dream and forced her to stay home and work on the farm. In the sequel, I will go into detail about how she wasn't allowed to own pokemon, based on her parent's rules, which is why she snuck off into the forest and made friends with Buneary. She doesn't 'own' Buneary, but they still trust each other as much as a trainer and a pokemon would.

Thanks for taking the time to read through and comment on my story, I really appreciate it!
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