Hoboman stories (Updated)

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Hoboman stories (Updated)

Postby Hoboman » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:35 pm

I've been working on this story for some time, and I finally have it ready to post! I did originally write this for the Write-A-Thon on the General page.

Martin yawned and rolled out of bed smiling. Usually this was an ordinary Saturday.. But this was no ordinary Saturday. The vore festival was back in town, and while usually he restricted himself to one woman at a time, here was another chance to really gorge himself. For Martin, the saying was "The early boy gets the girls." Martin chuckled and slapped his belly, which jiggled slightly. He stripped off his shorts and put on a pair of semi-tight blue jeans, but decided to remain shirtless to avoid having it ripped by his expanding gut. As he turned to head downstairs, Martin stopped and took a moment to admire his "trophy rack" which consisted of items such as heels, sneakers, phones, even bras and panties taken from the women he had consumed at previous festivals, many of them from the previous one. . He smiled at the memory and his stomach growled in agreement.
Walking down the stairs and through the kitchen to the front door, Martin's mother Catherine looked up.. "Not having breakfast?" Martin just smiled. "Oh, I will. Just not here. The Vore Festival is on today, remember?" Catherine looked surprised briefly and then smiled. "Oh, that's right. I'd forgot. I'd love to go, but I've got work. " Her smile then turned to a smirk as she ran her hand down her front and patted her stomach. "Though I might snag something on my lunch break." Catherine, like her son, was a veteran predator, of which her ample figure was proof. Martin jokingly asked "Really Mom? Don't you think you're big enough as it is? Maybe you should go on a diet. Besides, don't people give you gas?" In mock outrage, Catherine retorted " You're lecturing me? After you stuffed yourself so much you couldn't walk last year? And I wasn't the one who farted so much we had to leave the windows open for days." That was both of us", Martin said while rolling his eyes. "Well, I need to get going. " Be careful not to get eaten! And I expect to see you home with a nice big tummy of girls, you hear me?'' his mother called after him as he headed out the door. Martin just turned around and patted his ass with one hand. He called out as he walked away "No promises!"
"And here we go," Martin said to himself as the festival finally opened. He'd gotten there about half an hour before it finally opened at 10am, but this at least gave him time to survey the crowds to pick out prey. As he walked in, a black-haired girl in a purple bra and black shorts caught his eye, then a blonde in orange showed up beside her, clearly her friend. He thought about trying to gulp them both, but he desisted. Mom always said never go for more than one person at a time, Martin thought. A moment later, a woman standing next to a booth a few feet away caught his attention. She was Korean, short but with C-cup breasts and juicy looking hips that jiggled beneath her very revealing short shorts and tank top. Licking his lips in anticipation, he quickly ran up behind her and pressed himself against her, cupping his hands to her breasts and taking a moment to feel her trembling body before whispering in her ear . "Hey there, sweet thing. I'm in need of an appetizer and you look so cute in that outfit I could just eat you up. So why don't we kill two birds with one stone?" With that, his jaw unhinged and snapped up her head. Martin was so ravenous that he didn't stop to savor her. He gulped hard three times, rapidly swallowing her entire torso and her legs, just leaving her feet dangling in his mouth. He paused and then- *Gluck!* sending a last bulge into Martin's midsection. Fully ensconsed within him , the girl curled up. From outside, her outline could be seen. Unlike most of Martin's meals, this one just settled down inside him and accepted digestion. Now the stomach kicked into high gear to begin processing its first arrival of the day.
Martin sighed contentedly and gently patted his rumbling gut, which wobbled in answer. The sound of clapping dragged him back to reality, as he noticed the knot of onlookers. A few already sported large bulges. As he hitched up the back of his pants and set off in search of more prey, he noticed one mid-20s Indian looking woman lookign at him who seemed like she was very turned on. Only about ten minutes later, one of the women who had seen him swallow his first meal approached and said while stripping naked, "Listen, that was one of the hottest things I've ever seen. Watching you eat that Korean girl like a pro really got me moist." Martin was slightly taken aback by her willingness, and could only reply, "Hmm, really? "Oh yeah.'' At this point she was pressing on his stomach, almost straddling it. "There is nothing I love more than a confident pred, and I just gotta be in there.'' And with that, she launched herself headfirst into his mouth. Martin briefly almost gagged on her head before swallowing, engulfing her up to her shoulders. He decided, that since she wanted to be inside him so badly, he might as well take his time a bit. He began to probe her upper body, and noted a faint taste of body wash. As her breasts entered his mouth, her nipples suddenly hardened under his tongue's caress. The enjoyment of the meal was beginning to make him hard already. Inside him, the girl began to moan with pleasure, a sound that vibrated in Martin's esophagus and echoed up and out of his mouth. Working his way down her middle, he took brief notice of the fact that she had a belly ring. As Martin's mouth reached her hips, the front of which had become wet and slippery, he could hear the moaning in his stomach grow louder. He lightly sucked on her round buttocks and brought his tongue back to taste her lower reaches. As he did so, the girl's moaning reached a crescendo as she finally came and a strange but sweet taste hit his taste buds as a stream trickled over his tongue and down his throat. Finally, he slurped up her legs and swallowed once more, sending the bulge into the young man's already gigantic stomach.
"Oh, you tasted amazing." Martin smacked his lips and sat down against a wall.
"Well, it's only just begun'' The girl's muffled voice giggled from beneath his skin. Suddenly she began to move around, almost humping the stomach walls. Martin's stomach began to wobble, slosh and gurgle as acids began their work and his pants tightened drastically. "Yes, yes.." Martin said, panting. "You like it?" " Oh God, yes" The stomach walls contracted further, revealing the squirming shapes of the women inside.
"Keep going, don't stop, '' Martin whispered in quiet ecstasy.
"Was it good for -" The girl's weak last words were cut off by loud gurgling and several loud crunches as the stomach began in earnest to break down its load .
Martin tried to say yes, but could feel an object moving up his throat, and let out a resounding "BUUUURRRRRP!" He sat there breathing heavily, a dark patch spreading across the crotch of his jeans, his now softened stomach sloshing. He only then noticed the saliva and stomach acid covered panties and bra of the Korean lying a few feet in front of him next to the other girl's clothes. As he struggled to his feet, he gingerly grabbed the underwear and the newly devoured woman's shoes and put them into a plastic bag lying next to him.
"Another festival, another momento.''
Several hours later, Martin stood in the middle of the festival, looking around in frustration. The only person he'd eaten in hours was a small, mousy looking girl. She'd been little better than a light snack, Martin having been able to shove her into his mouth and down his gullet with a single gulp. The number of preys were rapidly dwindling, and he'd have to come up with something soon if he wanted to beat last year's record. Then, he had an odd feeling. He wasn't sure if that was an idea or just gas from the last girl he'd ate. "You know, I'm gonna take on a few preds and branch out a bit more, he thought. A smirk came to his face. "Yep, that's exactly what I'll do. Then he winced as a cramp made its way through his abdomen and out of his rear with a quiet but noticeable *pbbbfffthh* Both. Definitely both.
Walking through the crowds, he kept his eyes peeled for a nice, full woman, a task made slightly more complicated by his immense gut jutting out nearly two feet, which gurgled with seemingly every step. His search suddenly ended as he watched a very striking Latina in a tank top and jeans almost dragging a small blonde girl behind a pavillion. He followed as discreetly as possible, and watched as the blonde was gulped down feet first. As her head disappeared down the pred's throat, he decided to make his move, putting on a facade of shyness.
"Uh, hi."
"Ooh, now you're nice and big. Good to see you got fattened up for me. You're gonna be tough to digest.", she purred while throwing her hair back.
"Actually, I had other plans." Not wanting to waste any more time, Martin turned sideways and back instantly. His titanic stomach hit her square in her own belly, causing her to sprawl and hit a pole, falling to the ground unconscious. He quickly removed her shoes and crouched down next to her feet, taking them in his mouth.
The third swallow took her up to the waist, just as she began to wake up. "Wait, what are you doing. Oh, no. No no no." *GULP* Martin unhinged his jaw even further to jam her full stomach into his mouth. *GULP* "You can't do this!" the woman begged tearfully. Martin didn't respond, too focused on getting her down. *GULP* Her stomach and chest went down, presenting a massive bulge in his throat. Now only her head remained. "Please. I don't wanna"- *GULP* Her last ditch plea for mercy was interrupted as he dispatched her head. She didn't go quietly, desperately flailing and screaming the entire way down. Martin just grinned to himself as she landed in the gastric tomb with a splash. Her angry protests swiftly turned to screams of pain as the acids began to take their toll. "And that's 4," Martin said as he dropped her necklace into his bag.
The day continued to pass, and Martin continued to eat his way around the festival. By 7pm, he had over a dozen women inside him. Most had largely softened, but three had been freshly swallowed and were still kicking. His stomach now jutted out vertically as far as he was tall. More and more people stared as he walked, jiggling and sloshing noises preceding him. He'd heard an announcement for an eating contest at 7:30 and decided to give it a try. As he took his position, he saw with surprise the same Indian woman who had watched him earlier come up to the stage and take the spot next to him. She was easily over 6 foot and with generous assets shown off by a black bikini, even without the massive belly.
"Glad I ran into you. I've been searching for you all day,''
"Oh, yeah, ever since you downed that first girl. Impressive technique, she smirked. She then looked down with interest at his stomach. 'You've clearly been busy. How many do you have in there?'', she asked in a clearly lustful tone as she reached over and stroked it. "Twelve. All women, all of them delicious'', Martin said with a flirtatious smirk. "How about you?"
"Hmph. Lucky. I've only got eleven, and some men in there, but there was one woman that had to be at least 300 pounds. She took forever to go down. By the way, the name's Parvati, and you? Martin."
Parvati was about to respond when a whistle sounded, signalling the start of the contest. All four contestant had to eat 6 women in the shortest amount of time. The winner got 1000 dollars. Martin quickly grabbed the first and swallowed her in two gulps. Beside him, Parvati latched onto one with the speed of a snake and dispatched her south as quickly. Martin grew increasingly full and he almost had to force himself to swallow the last one. He still wound up tying with Parvati for 1st place, at 1 minute 30 seconds.
Parvati sat back and moaned while rubbing her bubbling belly. "Oh, that was so so good, but I feel so full now.''
"Oh, God yes,'' Martin replied. "I can't even stand right now." His stomach had become so large he was now laying on it, listening to his body's inner workings. He felt at once utterly bloated and a distinct sense of achievement. They were sitting next to each other in a private tent just away from the stage. "At least we'll be given a few hours to digest to the point we can walk,'' and Parvati nodded. "So, what do you want to talk ab-UUUURRRRP!" A heel from one of the girls came up out of her throat and landed with a bounce on her stomach. Ooh, excuse me,'' she said mischievously.
"Well, you'll likely be interested to know that this is a new record for me, "Martin said, and slapped his gut proudly. Last time, I only ate 11. Now, it's 18. " Parvati's eyes widened and she whistled. "Damn, that's good. Now let me tell you a bit about myself.'' They then spent what seemed like only minutes discussing their lives, occupations, hobbies, but mostly their mutual interest in vore. Parvati had actually started earlier than he had, eating a school bully at the age of 7. About 5 years ago, she had even swallowed her own parents. I really think, I like this girl, Martin thought. As Martin told her the pet shop story from when he was 11, she started chuckling. When he got to the part where he swallowed one of the small fish tanks by accident, she laughed hysterically. "And you better believe that thing was a BITCH to pass,'' Martin said while rubbing his butt. He'd just been about to tell her the Quebec incident when he grabbed the sides of his stomach and winced slightly. He could feel his gut muscles moving as his first courses began their journey into his intestines, and several wet gurgles illustrated the point.
"Something wrong sweetie?,'' Parvati frowned.
"No no, stuff's just moving into my intestines is all."
Parvati chuckled and smacked the roof of her gut. "Well, good luck to both of us, because in my experience once the intestines take over, things get gassy.'' She then leaned over so her shapely rear was facing Martin, and promptly inflicted a prolonged, bubbly fart on him as if to illustrate her point.
"Oh, damn. You reek.'' Martin laughed and waved his hand in front of his face, trying to clear the air of Parvati's intestinal odor. Then he looked at his watch, realizing that it was after 10:30."Oh CRAP, is that the time? I'm gonna need to get home." "How time flies when you're having fun", Parvati quipped. "Don't I know it." Martin's stomach had now shrunk just enough that he could walk, barely. As he struggled to lift himself to his feet, a short, sharp fart slipped out and Martin briefly turned red. "There. You see, I told you.'' Parvati said, grinning. They both laughed for a moment, and Martin finally got to his feet, his stomach bobbing and sloshing with a *BLURT BLRP BURBLE*. He stood awkwardly for a moment unsure of what to do next, then Parvati broke the silence. She looked down at him, smiling.
"Now this was fun, but I'd hate to think this is the only time we'll get to see each other this year. I'll get to the point. I like you, you like me." "Glad one of us is actually saying it", Martin replied. Parvati handed him a piece of paper. "Here's my number and address, so next time you want to arrange something, call me." Martin silently handed her his information, then finally found his course to speak. "How's next week sound? Maybe a movie?" "It's a date, then," Parvati said huskily. She then bent down, their bellies squishing together, and kissed him on the cheek. "Until next week'', she said as she semi-waddled towards the exit, her still rumbling belly leading the way. From behind, Martin could see her hips and breasts jiggling with additional fat from her meals. "I suppose you can call tonight our first dinner date," Martin called jokingly after her. Parvati laughed uproariously as she walked away.
As Martin exited the festival for another year, the crowd that had come in was substantially fewer in number. The movement inside him had completely died down as the next phase of digestion began. The sounds of digestion and sloshing bellies filled the air, as men and women alike left full of delicious prey. Multiple times, he had to stop to avoid running into someone sumo-style As he slowly walked home, the jostling movement caused him to belch several times in rapid succession. , "Mom's gonna love this. Now I just gotta figure out how I'm going to get in the door.'' Finally reaching his house, he could see all the windows were already open. He surprisingly managed to squeeze himself through the from the door with little trouble.
He was right, Catherine did love it. As soon as she laid eyes on his titanic orb of a stomach, she immediately began grilling him on the day's events, looking extremely proud as he talked. As Martin discussed Parvati, her eyes lit up. She looked a bit disappointed when he said that he didn't eat her and asked her in no uncertain terms not to try and eat her herself. The pride came back when he stated their arrangements for next week.
Martin yawned. "Well, I'm dead beat. I gotta get to bed." He carefully made his way up the creaking stairs, gut sloshing and burbling all the way. Just as Martin reached the top of the stairs, his body chose that exact moment to expel some gas in a very loud fashion.
"I was right to open the windows!'' Catherine called from downstairs. "Well, goodnight.'' Martin just rolled his eyes and chuckled as he headed into his room. ''Tomorrow will certainly be interesting,'' he muttered. He removed his new trophies from the bag and arranged them on an empty part of the shelf. Not even bothering to undress, he went straight to his bed and laid down on his side, which creaked and groaned under his weight. The rhythmic gurgles and groans of his inner plumbing quickly put him under.
Martin awoke the next morning as sunlight hit his eyes. Looking over at his clock, it was 11:40. "Man, that was some food coma I had." He looked down to see that his stomach had drastically shrunk from the size of his bed to 'only' resembling that of a nine month pregnant woman. His belly felt empty, but the rest of him more bloated. As for the rest of him, he had a little extra muscle but was otherwise unchanged. He quickly took a shower, dressed and ate a late breakfast. As Martin was sipping on coffee, his guts began to burble and groan. A few minutes after that, he found himself letting off farts every minute or two. About an hour later, the coffee fully kicked in, and Martin felt a sharp pain in his lower bowels along with pressure in his rectum.
Ooh boy, here we go...'' Martin muttered as he stood up, folding his hands over his aching midsection. Catherine quickly pointed him outside, walking behind him. They had put in an order for a new toilet designed to handle post-vore bowel movements, but until it got here, Catherine had rented a specialized portapotty. Martin walked inside partially bent over, shut the door, and sat down, hastily unzipping his pants and pulling them down around his thighs. He pressed his legs together with one hand on his left knee, the other clutching his stomach. Grunting, a burst of air exited his anus, and several seconds later Martin sighed as the first log was finally pushed out. The pressure within him released as his colon pushed the remains of 18 women down and out. Martin could actually feel his stomach begin to flatten. Nearly 30 minutes later, one last log dropped with a splash accompanied by a fart, he sighed in relief and it was done.
Martin sat there for a moment, panting. He paused for a moment to wipe some sweat from his forehead. Wow! That was a longer one than last year!, he thought. His bowels emptied, he reached for a toilet paper roll to clean himself. Finished after several minutes and nearly a whole roll , he stood, zipped up his pants, and took a quick look at the aftermath of yesterday's feast. There was no trace of human remains or belongings in the brown pile. Every one of them had been digested completely and utterly. Martin stepped out and shut the door behind him. "Whew!", he exclaimed, patting his now flat stomach. "Feel better, Martin?" Catherine inquired. "Never better." He grinned. "I can't wait for next year!"
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Re: Hoboman stories (Updated)

Postby Hoboman » Fri Dec 06, 2019 8:09 pm

Here's a new one: based on a request. The main story can be found here: https://aryion.com/g4/view/568002

To say Parvati Mondal was hungry would be a vast understatement.
Granted, she always had a big appetite, but now the young Indian woman was absolutely famished. “Good, that just means I can stuff myself more.”, she said to herself. Tonight, her friend Patty had invited her over to a party. According to her, over 40 people were expected to show up. For Parvati, this was just an opportunity to eat some folks. When someone said ‘house party’ she heard buffet. It was one reason she was rarely invited to house parties, but that was fine with her. That’s not even counting the time last month where she had gone to an actual buffet, then proceeded to gobble up everyone and everything in sight.
The curvaceous young woman chuckled at the memory. “My finest hour.” After digestion, it had been the biggest shit she’d ever taken in her life. The restaurant’s management had been annoyed, along with the customers and waiters after the reforming system had brought them back. Except one, anyway. But they couldn’t take legal action, as Parvati had been well within her rights as a predator to eat them. The law clearly stated that a predator had the right to eat anyone they pleased, when and wherever they pleased, with exceptions of vital jobs like nuclear plant workers and related. In other words, as long as your gluttony doesn’t result in any disasters, anything goes. “It was so worth it.”
As she drove through the neighborhood, Parvati wondered if this would be too much for herself to handle. There were 40 people there, and 20 had been enough to fill her up. Then again, she had consumed a ton of regular food, and she felt like challenging herself. “Tonight, I’m going to eat them all.” Stacy was well aware of her friend’s predatory habits, thankfully. There were times she even encouraged them.
Parvati heard the music before she even caught sight of the house. I pity the neighbors. Parvati hated to admit this to herself, but she felt a little nervous. 20 eaten was her current record, and tonight she would strive to more than double that number. She had some trouble finding a parking job, but she managed. “Dressed to kill, figuratively speaking” Parvati mused. She’d never been one to get fancy, so she went casual. A blue tank top and black yoga pants with sandals, formfitting to highlight her D-cup breasts, smooth light brown skin, well-sculpted hips and bubble butt. Her black hair hung loose, down around her shoulders.
“Hey, Parv! Glad you could make it!” Stacy greeted her at the door. “Yeah, wouldn’t miss it.” Parvati really was glad to be here. She noticed her friend, wearing a black top and red skirt, had a bloated stomach. “Had an early dinner, I see,” she smirked. “Yeah, some douchebag wouldn’t leave me alone. Now he’s chilling in my gut. “Where’s Martin?” Patty inquired.
“Can’t make it, he’s sick tonight, was going to go take care of him but he insisted I go have fun.” The Indian replied. “Well, enjoy the party, Stacy waved her inside. “Yes, doors are locked. And, please try not to eat too many people this time, but just in case, I’ve locked the place down.” the short blonde woman added wearily. “Sure!” “No promises,” Parvati added under her breath. She chuckled darkly.
Heading into the living room, Parvati caught more than a few stares. Which was fine with her, as long as no one got grabby, a surefire way to be her meal. A few people she knew waved to her, and she called back in recognition. So far, so good.
Then someone she hadn’t expected chimed in, a nasty mocking voice. “Well, well, if it isn’t ‘Wide Load’ Mondal.” Parvati cringed, she knew that from college. “Hi, Karen,” she sighed. A petite, yet busty and curvaceous redhead, a thin, smug face and narrowed eyes stood there, a smirk on her face. Karen had gone to college with Parvati and hated her, thus she had mocked her every chance she got. Parvati remembered eating her twice before, but she never learned her lesson.
She sighed. “Really? Almost 5 years and you still can’t let this go?” Karen shrugged and ignored that. “Hey, it’s not my fault if your fat ass has gotten even fatter.” At this point, Parvati was glaring at Karen and she was starting to attract attention. “Ok, Karen. Seeing as I’m such a saint, I’m going to give you one chance before this gets ugly. Shut up, and back off.” Karen merely rolled her eyes. “Make me.” Then Parvati’s gut emitted a rumble and her expression changed to a devious smirk, she felt saliva welling up in her mouth. Clearly it was time for another lesson.
This bitch really furthers the meme stereotype of Karens everywhere. Parvati walked closer, putting her inches from Karen. “I have three words for you, Karen. Dinner Is Served.” With that, she clamped her hands firmly on her shoulders. The redhead gazed around worriedly, as if realizing the situation. Parvati unhinged her jaw with a loud crack, and Karen had just enough time to see her gaping maw bearing down before Parvati engulfed her head, silencing a scream. She screamed as loud as she could, kicking and flailing about, fingers spasming from sheer panic. It was an incredibly humid, damp chasm she found herself in, not especially tight, until she slid beyond the dancing uvula, where her head began to squeeze down a narrow tube - the esophagus. Karen really wasn’t all that bright, and from what she’d heard, it wasn’t the first time that she’d gotten herself eaten even before Parvati.
Karen flailed of course, but Parvati pinned her arms to her side, to ensure she couldn’t escape. Parvati gulped hard twice, swallowing Karen up to her waist, pulling her off her feet. Aware of eyes following her, Parvati truly did not care, lost as she was in savoring her first course. Inside her throat, the redhead thrashed about, coated in saliva and pushed along by the esophageal muscles. “You fat bitch! Let me out of here right now!” She yelled, despite knowing to herself full well that the only way she was coming out of Parvati Mondal was as a bowel movement. Below her, the fumes and grumbles of the stomach wafted up, making her cough.
With difficulty, Parvati yanked the heels off Karen, and squeezed her ass just to hear the muffled squawking, then pushed in her hips and legs. She wormed her tongue in underneath her rival’s underwear and skirt, taking a moment to nibble on her ass and lap at her pussy, to humiliate her as much as anything else. Hoots and cheers erupted from the crowd of onlookers as the other woman’s legs kicked even harder, serving only to inch her further into her rival’s maw. “Eat her! Eat her!” The sooner she slurped up this bitch the better. Parvati had to admit, for being such a bitch, Karen always tasted delicious, and it didn’t take long for cum to flow out of her.
“Come on, let me, oh-oohhhhh!” Despite herself, constricted as she was by the hot, wet throat, angry at being devoured yet again, Karen was overcome with pleasure and her body was wracked with orgasm as the tongue lapped at her, cum dripping all over Parvati’s mouth and down her throat, feeling the warm liquid soaking into her. All her anger vanished, replaced with blind bliss, the monotonous heartbeat pulsing around her. A sudden wet gulp and a jerking motion shoved Karen into the stomach headfirst with a yelp, and the woman curled up tightly inside the dank, dark gastric pit, empty aside from her and her own bodily fluids. Already the air was filled with rank acidic odors, and her own secretions mixed in.
The stomach muscles contracted around her, and above the grumbles of the digestive system, Karen heard the cheering, coming down from her erotic high and back to the reality, her anger returning. “WHAT THE FUCK?! YOU PEOPLE ARE CHEERING THIS SHIT? GET ME OUT NOW! SPIT ME UP! She began to rant and rave as she kicked and punched at the elastic surface, merely creating indents on the surface of Parvati’s round brown belly.
Parvati dabbed cum from her lips and sighed happily, revenge best served cold yet again. She became aware of a muffled yelling, followed by ticklish kicking. “Oh, come on. The party’s just getting started, and you’re complaining? You’re in a fun, wet place thanks to me.” She snickered and patted her tum as she gazed around at the crowd. Parvati was reminded of that chick she’d eaten at the buffet joint, same bitchy attitude.
What Parvati wasn’t expecting was the reaction. She had expected horror, panic, and screams like her last big feast. Instead, they were cheering and clapping. Well some were, anyway. A few had panicked and were trying to make for the exits, only to find them blocked, windows shut. “Oh, don’t be so excited, you’re *URP* all next,” she declared cockily. “Really?” One guy, black, skinny and shorter than her by a decent bit said, looking hopeful. “Yeah!” An Asian girl in a miniskirt next to him chimed in. “Will and I always like to be eaten together, and frankly that was such an amazing display you just put on. Think you have some room for us?”
Parvati always enjoyed a willing meal, and smirked, cocking an eyebrow. “Oh, I’m sure I’ll *urph* manage,” she replied.
The Asian girl looked eager with anticipation and she spoke up again. “Just one request, miss, if it’s not too much trouble. I was wondering if you could swallow Will while shoving me up your ass. Name’s Alice, by the way.” The onlookers made noises of agreement, and though she was no stranger to either of those things, Parvati blushed slightly. She’d never tried both at the same time, but hey, first time for everything. Fortunately, she’d taken a shit just before she left, so her bowels were nice and empty for this woman. “Sure, bon appetit to *burp* me,” she replied cheerfully.
“Ok, here we go.” Parvati pulled down her pants and underwear and bent over in position, parting her cheeks for Alice and opening her mouth wide for Will. Her belly, Karen still protesting, hung down along with her breasts. The Asian woman had stripped down as well, and couldn’t help but bite her lip and blush with excitement, seeing that round, firm ass and puckered anus just waiting for her to shove herself up it. “Ready when you are, hun!” She called up to Will, who nodded in reply.
“Well, here we go, go for it,” Parvati nodded and opened her maw, the man sliding his hands in and she grunted as she felt the woman slide her arms in her backside, rectum stretching and anal muscles pulsing to accommodate this. The man had a certain tang to his flesh, and the woman was small, so sucking her up wouldn’t be much of a problem, though eating people from two different ends was something she was unused to, but nonetheless, Parvati began to swallow Will, slurping up his arms, head and shoulders within a matter of seconds. Her gut began to swell further as the first parts of the couple entered her. She reached down and began to stroke his manhood, feeling it swell beneath her caress.
Parvati finished off Will first, sending him down to join Karen with a few more hefty gulps, though not before tasting his pulsing cock a few more times and turned her attention to Alice. She didn’t eat people via her ass very often, so it was a new thing for her. Alice took the opportunity to shove her head and shoulders up into her, making Parvati gasp with the sudden, not unpleasant shock. Her bowels clenched instinctively, slurping emanating from her rear, pulling Alice in up to her waist. She felt and heard a moan.
Alice moaned in arousal, struggling not to finger herself as her upper body was pulled into the goddess-like Indian’s lower depths. The slimy walls of the colon undulating and squeezing her up into the body, the gurgles and groans both around and above her, but most of all the rank, earthy smell of her gas drove Alice mad with lust. She couldn’t wait to reach her stomach so she and Will could have a good long stomach fuck. Parvati was quite turned on herself by now, a flush in her cheeks as she enjoyed Will’s aftertaste, the feeling of his girlfriend wiggling around inside her rear getting her going. Martin had texted her, and he would be in here quite soon, which was good because she would need a good post-meal session of sex. She should have been more bothered by displaying her naked ass to a room full of strangers, but she wasn’t. Most of them would be devoured anyway.
Parvati grunted, clenched up, and the last of Alice disappeared up her ass with another slurp, the wiggling ever present throughout her intestines as the girl inched her way towards her final destination, Parvati’s stomach.
In the dark, oozing, slimy, grumbling depths of Parvati’s stomach, Karen had stopped struggling in favor of pouting silently, the other man next to her, after all, what was the point? That fat bitch had seen fit to eat her yet again, but next time, Karen would have to call in her big sister to help her get even. A sudden lurch and delighted shout made her squeal in alarm as someone else launched into the stomach. “Hey!,” she complained.
In the tight gastric sack, she could do nothing to avoid it as the pair began to attack each other in a lust-filled craze, causing the belly to bounce and the air filled with their cries but Karen hated every second. “Ugh! Get a room you two!”
“Mmm, delish.” Parvati slowly pulled her pants and underwear back up, wiggling her butt at everyone in sight as she did so, knowing it was a good way to lure in future meals. She was acutely aware of being filmed, and knew before she was done eating, there’d be a dozen videos of this evening on the internet. *BRRT* She let slip a fart by accident, but apart from a few grimaces, no one seemed to care. She could sense eager eyes of both men and women on her in all corners, and some fearful, not wanting to be devoured, but many were. She could feel Will and Alice going at it in there and was happy she could make their night.
“So, who’s *burp* next?”
Then a quartet of girls piped up, Parvati recognizing them as cheerleaders from the local college. All were tall, with long-ish hair. One was a tall, willowy redhead, lean and muscular. Another was a Latina, a third was black, with a pony-tail, and the fourth was blonde. The last three were all possessed of meaty curves and delectable looking bodies that made saliva well up in her mouth. Cheerleaders tended to be natural prey items, and just by looking at them, Parvati could tell they were total gut sluts. She’d snacked on them a lot back in high school, and they never got any less delicious. Martin in particular loved them, as she’d fed them to him more than once and chowed down herself.
The redhead spoke first. “I’m Pam, and this is Tamara, Sofia and Jen.” She gestured to the other girls, who nodded. Parvati could see eagerness in their eyes, and the blonde looked genuinely turned on. “Alright girls, strip down and get in a chain, you know the drill, we’ve done this before.” Hoots and hollers came from the onlookers as the four stripped down, revealing the soft curves and contours of their bodies. Pam in the front, the four laid down in a chain, holding onto each other, each girl’s face pressed up against the ass of the next, beginning to pleasure each other with their tongues as panting, moans and slurps filled the air, to the delight of the rowdy, drinking crowd. Pam held out her hands so Parvati could begin.
Parvati laid down atop her gut directly in front of the girls, and gazed into Pam’s bright blue eyes. The cheerleader’s cheeks were flushed red, and she was panting while Tamara ate her out, about to be eaten alive herself. Parvati opened her maw, but Pam was clearly eager to get in there. “Oh, just eat us already, you sexy beast!” The cheerleader, lost in her lust, shoved her arms into Parvati’s mouth and down her gullet. Taken by surprise, she swallowed hard, slurping up Pam’s face, and proceeding to start on the girls, a living link of sausages. She couldn’t take too much time.
For the quartet, being devoured was the height of ecstasy. They had provided four course meals in the past for both men and women alike, countless times. Yet as Pam was forced down the voracious Parvati’s gullet, the wet, undulating muscles of the throat coating her naked body in sticky saliva, the humid warmth and constant motion causing her nipples to harden, she knew that this gorgeous creature was the best predator she’d ever had.
Parvati slurped then gulped, running her tongue along the flesh for a second or two to get her taste, then swallowed, going further up the chain. She swallowed Pam’s hips, then brought in the black girl, Tamara’s head, tasting leaking cum from Pam’s nethers as the girls pleasured each other. She nipped on Tamara’s nipples, eliciting a cry of delight, before continuing. She gorged herself at will, seemingly slurping the four gorgeous, voluptuous cheerleaders down without stopping for air. The discernable shapes flowed down her vast throat.
The last girl, Sofia, was purring like a kitten, buried though her face was in her friend’s ass. Parvati was beginning to bloat out now and figured she might have to be fed once she was done with her. The girl lactated uncontrollably within Parvati’s maw, a stream of warm milk flowing down into the stomach. The other girls inside laughed and splashed as they were showered with it, but Karen had already slipped into unconsciousness, and Will and Alice were worn out from their lovemaking. Parvati gently pushed the girl’s hips into her mouth, poking at her now wet, pulsing vagina to push it in, causing a squeal of pleasure.
Sofia rubbed her body all along the soft tongue, cooing as she entered the humid cavern and the predator tasted her. “Oh yes, eat me, aren’t I delicious? Gobble us all down, we’re all yours.” The strands of saliva, her hot breath wafting gently onto her, it was all so great. She was so randy that the moment she felt the tip of Parvati’s tongue enter her, the dam burst and Sofia shrieked in orgasm, coating Parvati’s tongue and her own body in a stream of cum.
A loud moan from her predator rang out as well, and Sofia panted for a moment before being flung up and down into the gullet with an enormous swallow that rang in her ears. The ridged muscles of the esophagus kneaded away at her as it pushed her steadily down into the woman’s body, her heartbeat thudding in Sofia’s ears, the cheerleader’s body pushed, heavy, squelching sounds filling her ears as every part of her lovely, slender form was covered with a vile, sticky substance. It was undoubtedly human mucous, designed to begin the early stages of processing quantities of food, and the fumes of the belly wafted up, voices of her compatriots giggling in pleasure.
The sphincter opened with a squelch, and Sofia was catapulted headfirst into the dark, humid, utterly cramped gut, landing atop Tamara and Pam in a splash, her face landing in someone’s crotch. She pulled herself up out of the pool of acids, milk and cum, pinning against the walls. The muscles endlessly pulsated, moving them about. Sofia never got tired of this, the swallowing, the knowledge that they were somebody’s food, to be broken down, dissolved, digested, then reduced to a pile of shit. Then, she felt one of the girls’ lips press against hers as the stomach descended into a pre-digestive orgy.
A long rumble, then Sofia felt fluids dripping onto her, then her skin tingled, knowing that digestion had begun at last, and she buried her face into the elastic, gooey flesh of the stomach sac, eager to partake in the delicious ecstasy of the digestive process, happy to have done her part to sate the hunger of this goddess.
Parvati always enjoyed making her meals climax, added a bit of flavor, and she traced the last of Sofia down into her gut, panting. She figured she would need to sit, her back was killing her.
Right when the thought crossed her mind, a particularly long belch blasted forth, forcing her lips into a vibrating circle, her tonsils quivering, her uvula waggling madly. It was loud enough to shake the room and crack a window. She recovered from it quickly, wiping the drool from her face, before sighing contentedly.
Parvati slumped against a wall to catch her breath. Her stomach was past her legs at this point, and jiggling with movement, as it processed its load, not even close to being done yet. “Ok, if you want to get eaten, line up and we can work something out. If you don’t, well, I’ll get to you later.” Most of the rest of the guests, the willing ones anyway, lined up in front of her hoping to be the next to take the plunge, some rubbing her belly to try to get her to eat them sooner.
And so it went, partygoer after partygoer disappearing down her gullet into her increasingly stuffed tummy. Her stomach bloated out further and further with each person downed, but from the deep grumbles, Parvati could tell digestion was starting to break down the earlier courses to make sure she could fit everyone else it.
One girl, a rather plump brunette in a pair of Daisy Dukes stepped forward, and thrust herself into Parvati’s mouth butt first. She couldn’t help but nibble on the soft orbs of flesh in her maw, Parvati loved BBWs, it was something she and Martin had in common as predators. With surprising strength, she downed the woman in three swallows, pinning her legs to her front but careful not to hurt her spine. She slurped another man, a rather beefy looking 20 something with short spiky black hair clean out of his shoes when he put in his face. Parvati grew bigger and bigger, yet she never felt full, needing to eat more. Lost in a voracious bliss as she ate, before she knew it she had downed the last person in line. “Best. Party. Ever.”
Now there were just four people left, two men and two women, the ones who were less than thrilled about being gobbled up, cowering in the corner, unable to escape the predations of the hungry Indian. Parvati stared them down with a menacing smile, predatory gleam in her eyes as her immense belly churned and groaned, beginning to process its feast at last as her earlier ones had gone quiet. But there were still more treats to come. One girl, a spiky haired brunette, yelled out for help. “Stacy, let us out of here! We came here to have fun, not be dinner!” Parvati heard Stacy’s voice over the din. “No can do, Nikki. Parvati and I have been friends for a long time, and I’ve learned not to get in her way when she’s hungry lest I end up in there. Besides, next time you won’t get eaten, I promise.” Stacy looked over at Parvati and snapped her fingers. “Bon appetit, mon amie.”
“With *brap* pleasure. Time for dessert.”
Demonstrating surprising agility, Parvati lunged forward, her belly big enough to pin the group against the wall, fighting desperately to free themselves to no avail. Digestion was not a permanent affair, but it was incredibly painful, or so Parvati had heard. She had a perfect track record of never being involuntarily eaten and intended to keep it that way. She was feeling rather bloated now but needed to finish these four off. Plus she could almost smell the desperation on them, and unwilling prey fought more, and they would be a nice contrast to the rest of the people she’d eaten tonight.
Her head whipped forward with serpentine speed and her mouth stretched further than usual, taking in two of them at once, a short, weasel faced guy and a tall, fat redheaded chick. Parvati rarely ate two at once, but now she was making an exception. A massive swallow took up their heads and shoulders, Parvati inclining her head back to allow gravity to aid their descent into her. Inside the cramped gullet, the pair fought for their freedom, to no avail, the elastic throat muscles keeping them pinned tight. Their muffled pleas echoed out. “Let us out! Don’t eat us! Help!” Parvati rolled her eyes, they were so cliched, and the kicking was only making them sink deeper and deeper in, barely having to swallow.
With one final gulp, the two were sent kicking and screaming to her awaiting gut. The last two grunted as the expanding gut pressed them even harder. “Oh, don’t worry, you won’t be there for long,” Parvati murmured softly, but was cut off a burp. *BRAAAAAP* The gust of wind blew their hair back, pressing them back against the wall, and her stomach walls closed in briefly, showing the outlines of those already within. Parvati’s belly cut loose with a long, extended grumble. *BBRRRMBLEE* “Hear that? My stomach is waiting. Time to do your bit.”
Before they could do anything, Parvati lunged once again, a loud slurping filling the room as she sucked them down with barely a swallow, these two were a lot smaller, and with a few more swallows, they landed inside her with a splash. And then a scream, as Parvati took a breath, having finished her feast at last.
“Oh..*BURP* God.. so..full,”
Parvati was now laying spread eagled atop a giant ball of her own flesh. The gravid glob writhed madly beneath her, stuffed with dozens of men and women. She felt absolutely bloated. Parvati could no longer stand, or for that matter see over her now titanic stomach, which almost rose to the ceiling and stretched out ten feet or more in front of her, indents still rising and falling on the brown orb as its contents still jostled about for room within. Most of the earlier snacks had settled down and started digesting in earnest by now, but at least twenty were still moving. I’m gonna be so fat after this, but at least with my metabolism that won’t last long. Parvati bit her lip endured countless feet, knees, fists, and fingernails constantly pounding and clawing against her stomach walls, some fighting for freedom. Her cheeks flushed, and she felt herself leaking cum, the struggles of her meals never failing to provide an erotic thrill.
Inside her stomach, however, the pain was in high abundance. Fumes of gas rose in sifting, slithering waves from the plopping surface of the acidic soup, swirling and bubbling with activity, with life. Enzymes, triggered by the additional weight inside the stomach, had filtered into the fleshy, undulating sac courtesy of microscopic openings dotted around the bottom, where deep below the surface resided the tight opening to the intestines. It was already open by some small degree, anticipating the delivery of processed parchments of waste material that would be extracted further, drawing every available ounce of nutrients to be subsequently absorbed into the muscular walls. For most, the pain was mixed with pleasure even as they temporarily expired within their devourer.
Thirty two of the forty men and women inside had now expired, their bodies now busily dissolving away as the flesh was stripped from their bones, revealing skulls and other pure white bits. Eight still were conscious, positioned atop the remains of their fellows in a hellish stew of acids, blood and human bodies, some crying out in ecstasy, others in agony.
Aside from the sounds of her internal plumbing, the room was silent. The music had been turned off, effects of her meals, from phones, shoes, clothing to jewelry lay strewn about the room. The sound of slow clapping caught Parvati’s attention, and Stacy was sitting on the couch, cradling her own, comparatively small belly, looking in awe at her friend’s rampage. “Wow, you did it. You really did it, never knew you could eat that much before, and honestly. I’m not even mad.”
“Thanks, Stace. Neither did I, and quite honestly, this is a new record for me. Kinda proud of that, really.”
Parvati yawned, feeling suddenly quite drowsy. Then again she usually did after a big meal like this one. “Ugh, I’m full, for once in my life, I’m completely, utterly stuffed.”
“What’s that? Parvati Mondal is finally full? Hell must have frozen over. “
“Ha ha,” Parvati rolled her eyes.
“Since you’ll be spending the night,” Stacy gestured to the mountainous gut in front of her, “just be sure not to clog the toilet when you’re done with them.” Parvati prided herself on her very efficient digestive system, so she should be able to walk again by morning. And speaking of which, a bassy fart slipped out right as Stacy finished talking. *PPPRRRT* “And one more thing, I’m opening the windows because once you’ve had a meal, your ass becomes downright lethal. Scratch that, it’s lethal 24/7. Been that way since we were kids.” Stacy meant to sound annoyed, but she had a grin on her face as she talked.
Parvati shrugged and chuckled. “Touché.” It wasn’t like she had irritable bowel syndrome or anything, she just seemed to be inherently gassy. Might just be a pred thing. *BRT* Another fart, warm and pungent, proved her point.
Stacy waved her hand in front of her face to ward off the smell. “See, I told ya. Well, I’m beat and I’ll just clean things up in the morning. In the meantime, sleep tight, cause I’m heading to bed too. So, have fun digesting that bunch.” The parking situation tomorrow was going to be interesting.
Parvati grinned. “Yeah, have fun with that creep you ate earlier.” Truth be told, her own belly made for a very nice bed, a warm, soft, round orb to sleep on. “Well then, pleasant dreams, ya glutton,” Stacy said teasingly as she shut off the lights and left the room, leaving Parvati to sleep atop her enormous, brown bean bag belly. Which had by now softened, and she felt cracking and squelching as her stomach crunched and broke down the meal in earnest, whisking Parvati off to sleep. Rarely a day went by without a meal for her.

As the voracious Indian slept, snoring atop her bubbling, Mount Everest-like gut, it did process the enormous load within faster than Parvati had anticipated, an effect of the predator’s metabolism she possessed., as the next phase of the digestive cycle began. The thick chyme mixed with bones swelled the obtuse lengths of the small intestine, aiding the process of secondary digestion extracting whatever little nutrients remained, targeting those located in the bone-marrow especially, sliding them along a tunnel that only grew in crushing darkness. Sucking any remaining nutrients left, the remains were funneled into the colon, extracting whatever water could be found, solidifying it all into a massive load of thick, brown shit. Parts of bones and skulls rubbed against the colon walls, tickling her lightly, and causing the woman to giggle in her sleep.
The entire process caused no end of gas to seep from Parvati’s sculpted backside, at first glance one would never suspect such a lovely woman of being being capable of it. Every minute or two, another round of farts ensued, some loud, some silent, some wet, some dry. Surprisingly, Parvati never awoke, being too accustomed to her own bodily functions by now. Even with the windows open around Stacy’s house, the air quickly became incredibly pungent.
By the time Parvati awoke, yawning, she blinked the sleep from her eyes to find that she was now on her side, her once monstrous belly now reduced considerably. It stretched out as far as if she was pregnant with quintuplets, so that wasn’t saying much. The aroma of cooking breakfast and brewing coffee cut through the gaseous fog that had built up overnight. *BBRRPT* She ripped a loud fart as she stretched. “Oh man, that was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a week.”
Stacy came in, hand over face. The air was still thick with Parvati’s farts. “Whew! Glad you did, Parv. Not sure what it is about eating people that makes some preds so gassy, but you’re right at the top of the list. Got coffee, eggs, bacon and toast out for ya as soon as you’re up.”
Parvati smiled warmly. “Thanks Stace, I owe you one.” Despite appearances she was quite hungry.
Stacy chuckled and raised her hands. “Only thing you owe me is not destroying the plumbing. Now come on, let’s eat.”
“You know, even without eating everybody, that was one hell of a party last night,” Parvati said, washing down a mouthful of eggs with a slug of coffee. “You really know how to organize a party, Stace.” She grunted and released another fart. *PRT*
“Heh, glad you think so, and you’re always welcome. You know, I’m honestly kind of glad you showed up to turn the place into your personal smorgasbord. It’s way more entertaining.” Stacy added with a smile. She didn’t eat nearly as many people as Parvati did, but she was always happy to enable her long-time friend’s habits.
Parvati could feel the shifting in her bowels, but nothing immediate. “Hmm, I think it’s your lucky day. I should be able to get home before I need to drop the kids off at the pool, so to speak.”
She could see a visible feeling of relief on Stacy’s face. Even without vore, Parvati was known for her prodigiously large bowel movements. “Well, there’s a relief.” The blonde woman arched herself forward and let off a wet fart, followed by a deep gurgle from her gut. “Especially since this prick seems about ready to leave himself, and I’d hate to run the risk of you shitting yourself. You can leave whenever, no need to rush.”
Slugging down the last of her breakfast and releasing a contented belch, Parvati stood up. “Yeah, I better get going. Got some stuff to take care of at home, and then need to go check up on my baby, see how he’s doing.”
“Alright,” Stacy replied. “And give Martin my best, hope he’s doing better soon.”
Parvati turned to leave, and let out a silent one as a parting gift. “Alright, catch you later.” She turned and gazed at the house, still strewn with the possessions of her meals. They’d be back before long to claim them. Their cars still parked outside, Parvati got into hers and began the drive home. Of course, she hadn’t counted on the drive knocking things loose down there, and a few silent, warm farts seeped out, then a subtle but noticeable movement in her lower guts.
Parvati felt the familiar pressure in her backside, only more intense. Considering what a meal she’d had, no wonder. An instant after that, she nearly crashed the car and almost doubled over as a jolt of pain hit her, then the urgency redoubled as she struggled to keep her sphincter closed. No way am I making it home without shitting all over the car. If it was possible for her knuckles to turn white from the way they were gripping the steering wheel, they would have.
Fortunately, there were specialized public toilets designed for predators who had been caught away from a nearby restroom when their meals were ready to be let out, even in a suburban neighborhood like this there were two or three, that fed directly to the sewer and reformers. The trick was finding it.
Parvati slowly cruised the streets, sweat running down her face, legs shaking and anus barely clenched shut holding back the load as she looked anxiously. Then she spied one.
The sight of that toilet was one of the most beautiful things Parvati had ever seen in her life. Pulling up as close as she could, as carefully as one could while having an emergency, she shuffled towards it, hands clamped firmly over her rear, gut gurgling and sloshing, and thankfully it was empty. Parvati hurried inside, slamming the door shut, and locking it.
“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon”
She whispered frantically as, hands shaking, she lifted the lid, and yanking down her pants and panties just in the nick of time, slammed her beautiful ass onto the seat and immediately cut loose with one of the longest, most disgusting farts she’d ever had in her life, one that .
The walls shook, and immediately shit poured out of Parvati into the bowl, a veritable torrent. “Ah!” She gasped, feeling sweet relief upon her and her belly beginning to shrink, even as the air grew foul. She flushed, time and again to keep it from overflowing. No doubt people would have been able to hear but she didn’t care.
After nearly twenty minutes of this, Parvati felt herself empty at last. Her stomach was flat, no indication that there had once been 40 human beings crammed inside of it. “Wow! Best. Meal. Ever.” She had turned to fingering herself, odd as it was, taking a long shit made her horny like no one’s business. Now, came the final part, wiping. I just hope those people I ate don’t get mad at me when they come back.
Parvati, after finishing cleaning her ass, pulled up her pants and took a moment to sniff the air, having come back to her senses. “Oh man, I managed to disgust even myself! A new record.” The smell in the air was absolutely horrendous, the earthy smell of shit mixed in with something else.
She flushed the last of the massive pile, and turned on the fan. These toilets were equipped with such things, and a fan. Washing her hands, Parvati stepped out, feeling refreshed.
“Ahh! Sweet relief!”
Several people were now walking by, but none spared her a glance. Nothing unusual around here, after all. Parvati returned to her car, and set off for home, and then she would go over to Martin’s. That massive bowel movement had left her turned on, and she hoped he would be up to a good tumble in the sheets. But if not, no worries.
Now, Parvati just needed to find another meal. She was starving. Again.
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Re: Hoboman stories (Updated)

Postby Hoboman » Mon Mar 09, 2020 9:11 am

And here's a new one, for the 26 Vortnights Challenge. Main one here: https://aryion.com/g4/view/587607

For Rebecca, this was a good day. In addition to her salary, which she had just gotten a raise on, the tips had been good, and the customers polite and courteous, really helping her mood. At the age of 23, her chocolate brown skin, long black hair, C-cup breasts and plus sized figure, especially her ass, accentuated by the tight shorts and white cropped top she wore as her uniform, it was no wonder. She had originally taken this job for a relatively easy source of money, but over time she’d come to like it. This place was decent to its employees, unlike certain other franchises.

Of course, there was always the risk of being swallowed whole by a customer who had taken a liking to you. Rebecca had seen a few of her coworkers go out that way but had managed to avoid that fate so far. “Bunch of pigs,” she muttered. Though the pay and benefits were worth running the risk of padding someone’s butt. Granted, she herself had indulged a few times, as her waistline and rear made apparent, but she was nowhere near as gluttonous as some. Her last meal had been a drunk idiot who decided groping her was a good idea. Touch my butt, go into my gut . Fortunately, most customers were satisfied with the shrunken people, made via cloning technology with the explicit purpose of being consumed that were provided both as part of dishes or as entrees themselves, albeit they were out of those here today.

A voice called out from the back.


Rebecca turned and could see her boss, Anna, looking both frazzled and excited for some reason. She went over to her to receive direction.

“Table 4, and from what I hear, we got a celebrity from overseas. We may not know who she is, but be extra nice, she might pay extra, and every good review is a godsend.”

Rebecca craned her head and could see the booth in question. At which sat a massive Japanese woman in a black T-shirt and jeans that strained to contain her body, a round face with a deceptively placid, gentle appearance, short black hair, porcelain skin, enormous breasts and a round fat belly. Yet her eyes and expression had a predatory look to them that suggested she should not be underestimated, as her girth attested. She was easily 300 lbs. Rebecca could hardly tell from here, but she seemed to be freakishly tall in addition to obese. “You mean that fat Asian chick?” Anna nodded. “Ixnay on the fat part. From what I heard of her, people that mock her weight tend to end up padding her ass and waistline, if you know what I mean.” Rebecca sighed. “Well, she seems like she’ll be a big spender at any rate.”

Ohori Fujiko waited impatiently as the waitress approached. Her appearance had turned a few heads in multiple senses of the word. She was not one to abide disrespect, and those that unwisely poked fun was on her hips and down the toilet within hours. After all, in some cultures, an appearance like hers was considered the height of beauty. That, and Fujiko had had no trouble attracting men and women alike, her bulk only meaning more to love, but to court her was to court death. With one exception, all her past lovers had wound up a meal for the wrestler. One had been eaten the night before a match, serving as a nice protein boost. She was honestly glad people in America didn’t know who she was, grateful for a bit of anonymity. Back home in her native Japan, she was renowned as a champion sumo wrestler of her all-female league.

She was equally famous for devouring her opponent at the end of every match, and Fujiko remained undefeated. Having adoring fans worshipping her form, and occasionally practically jumping down her throat was fun, but it was nice to get a change. She had been visiting friends here, but had a bout coming up in a week, and needed to keep her weight up.. That, and it was the 16 th anniversary of her first human meal, and celebration was in order. Her American friend had recommended this restaurant as a fine place for a predator of her stature to seek out a meal. Her hungry gaze took in not only the food being eaten, but the customers and employees as well. As far as Fujiko was concerned, most people were merely toys for her amusement and meals to be savored, and she paid little mind to their wellbeing in both cases. She enjoyed nothing more than dominating them, sitting on their faces, forcing them to rub her belly and more before gobbling them up for good. Growing up, along with her sisters Akio, Miwako and Yuriko, taught by their mother, all people, no matter color or gender, and no matter how attached any of them grew to one, were their prey.

In Kyoto, her female sumo division which had been underground for quite some time, held to an ancient tradition. The victor consumed their opponents, whole and alive, to assert their dominance at the top, of which Fujiko was one such victor. She was beautiful in a sense feminine features showing through her loose black pants, dark top showing her enormous breasts, and enhanced by layers of excess fat, but with firm muscle beneath.

Fujiko struggled to control herself, smelling the air filled with all sorts of delicious foods, but she couldn’t go eating everything in sight this time. Fujiko had to admit, that the dark-skinned waitress coming to take her order looked quite scrumptious in and of herself, the way she carried herself and her curves. But not yet. She’d have to try other items on the menu first before it came to that. Lunch before dessert . Yet, she could not help but imagine pinning the waitress against a wall, feeling her wriggling beneath her body, stripping her naked and making love to her, but she put such thoughts out of her mind.

Rebecca decided she had best get this over with, as she left the back of the restaurant, rather apprehensive and annoyed at the same time. Drawing closer, her first impression of the woman was cemented in her mind. What a lardball .

“Welcome to the Grab n’ Gulp Restaurant, ma’am, my name is Rebecca and I will be your server today. May I take your order?” Holy shit, she’s huge, even bigger than I thought, and I really don’t like how she’s eyeing me . Rebecca now could tell this woman was easily over six feet tall and the waitress struggled to take her eyes off her slightly moist lips and hungry eyes. Her breasts were like watermelons, and she could see rolls of fat barely concealed beneath the shirt. It was a look she’d seen many times before. It scared her, and Rebecca had no intention of being this fat bitch’s meal.

Fujiko enjoyed eating curvaceous women in particular, and well built men. In spite of her girth, according to her doctors she was in otherwise quite decent health. Fujiko spoke up at last, demonstrating a surprising command of English with a soft accent. She was surprisingly soft-spoken for someone so big. “Yes, I think I will have three platters of buffalo chicken wings with extra barbecue sauce, two double bacon cheeseburgers, two large fries, and oh yes, a large lemonade. I will order dessert later.”

"Are you sure you want all that?" Rebecca leaned her ear forward to confirm what she had just heard. She had seen big customers on other occasions, but none of them had ever eaten anything quite like this before. This was certainly a first for her.

Fujiko nodded eagerly, still wearing a pleasant smile. Inside, she was scheming on ways she could eat this waitress. If she wanted, she could easily just order her for dessert, and have her fellow staff serve her up on a plate, waitress was an item on the menu, but few people actually went through with it, expensive as it was, but Fujiko was a wealthy woman and could afford it. It also meant ordering her the customer could do as they pleased with the waitress besides eating her, plus Fujiko had a mind to wipe that contemptuous look on her face. Rebecca, yes that was the name on her tag. "Yes, I do in fact want all of that," she said as the waitress went off.

After a good twenty minutes or so, the food emerged, laid out in front of the customer. Fujiko had a hungry smile on her face, eyes alight as they placed it. She would give the other waitresses a hefty tip, as Rebecca would not be needing it in her belly. Rebecca began to walk off. “Enjoy, lardass,” she muttered, not expecting to be heard.

"I heard that." Fujiko's expression changed from one of eager anticipation to one of distinct irritation, as she had heard that. She reached out and slapped the waitress’s ass, eliciting a squawk. It bounced a bit, which she noticed. Then, Fujiko reached out, grabbed Rebecca by the arm, then pulled her in, face inches from hers. "An aside, I do not abide disrespect. Especially regarding my weight, those that do, tend to regret it, if you understand my meaning." Her stomach growled again in reply. Predators were becoming more well known and more common, Fujiko being one of them. The threat of digestion was enough to get one to do as she asked, usually. Her tone was one of iron, dominating. "Now, as I eat, I know how you can apologize for that little insult. You will rub this belly of mine," Fujiko gave it a pat, which jiggled in reply," "vigorously. Don't, and I shall devour you now. Do a good job and I may spare your life. Am I clear, Rebecca?" Fujiko smiled again, a menacing one this time.

At once, her previously world weary and sardonic attitude melted away, replaced by utter terror at the idea of stewing away in the woman’s gut.. “Y-yes, I will,” she whimpered softly, in fear of the Japanese woman. Her hands now sank into Fujiko’s flesh, beginning to knead to help her meal properly digest.

"There we go, good girl," Fujiko cooed darkly, taking an opportunity to pat Rebecca’s head, relishing the terror of her meals. She had no intention of keeping her word, as the waitress was intended to be Fujiko's dessert. With that, Fujiko dug in, taking a big bit of a cheeseburger, savoring the rich greasiness and a bit of it running down her chin, which she hastily cleaned. She may be a glutton, but she had some standards after all. Fujiko ate with gusto, every bite chewing, swallowing and sinking into the pit of her belly. Spices tended to make her gassy, and food like the wings burned a bit coming back out. This, combined with the waitress, would make for an especially interesting bowel movement when digestion was done. As much as she was eating, it'd be barely noticeable when she was done, as Fujiko was quite large already. The feeling of her hands running along the rippling flesh of her gut was so deliciously wonderful, though not needed, as the wrestler had a very powerful digestive system.

Rebecca quivered in terror, continuing to rub. Her hands danced over the ripples of fat and flesh with all her might. Right now, Rebecca could only see Fujiko’s flesh, the low ominous gurgles of food melting away inside, and the thought that if she got careless, she would wind up just another morsel among the food she was serving now horrified her.

Oh, poor naïve Rebecca. Fujiko was much smarter than she looked, and cleverly concealed from her her true fate. "Ah, that feels burp grand, keep going, sweet girl." Fujiko shoved the rest of a cheeseburger into her mouth and swallowed it whole, followed up by a sip of lemonade to wash it down, before tearing into her fries. She did so with surprising dexterity and grace despite her own blatant gluttony. Fujiko enjoyed the build up to her living meals, the knowledge that this thick, scrumptious young woman not much older than her would soon be stewing away along with the food she was serving was enough to arouse her. But she continued to eat, occasionally patting the waitress’s head. Dominance was so sweet.

Fujiko paused every minute or two to let off burps, with no need to excuse herself as other patrons, the few here as it was not a busy day, were doing the same. Normally, while she ate a lot, humans included, she didn't eat much greasy food, which is why the burgers, wings and fries tasted oh so wonderful. She stripped a wing bare in seconds, ate the meat, then moved onto another one, one after another, having finished both burgers and much of the fries. She felt her belly beginning to bloat a bit, but she felt far from full, there was so much more to go, and she kept glancing down at the waitress, Fujiko's face radiating smug superiority and gloating.

Eventually, Fujiko finished her meal, daintily dabbing her lips with a napkin and belching heartily.


Her stomach gurgled and glorped, beginning to process its latest arrivals. Rebecca stood up unaided, gazing warily at the woman. Fujiko was ready to drop the bombshell.

“Well, if there’ll be nothing else, I’ll go and get your check.”

Just as Rebecca turned to leave, she felt the woman’s meaty hand wrap around her arm, yanking her back with surprising strength and a harder grip that made her wince. She looked around and could see a cruel smile on the woman’s sauce smeared face, a fierce gleam in her eyes. “Yes, there is one more thing,” Fujiko purred, then chuckled, her bulk jiggling. “I want you for dessert.”

Rebecca’s eyes widened. “What?!” This couldn’t be happening, she couldn’t be about to be eaten. Then, she felt hands on her shoulders. Rebecca turned about and saw her fellow waitresses, Marcy and Alice holding her in place, apologetic looks on their faces.

“Sorry Rebecca, but it’d be one of us if not you,” Alice said, and Marcy nodded silently, tears in her eyes.

Rebecca’s blood ran cold. In that moment, she knew at last her number was up. She tried to back up, only to be shoved forward, her vision blurring as she teared up. “Please, no, you don’t have to do this, don’t eat me, I don’t want to die..”

For Fujiko, the moment was so sweet. She relished the terror in Rebecca’s eyes, the knowledge that she was about to die, everything made her prey taste all the sweeter. She opened her mouth, and reaching out, pulled the waitress from the grip of her comrades and headlong into the wrestler’s gullet, silencing a scream.

The waitress tasted quite pleasantly sweet as Fujiko began to merrily gulp her down. Rebecca tried her hardest to break free but no matter how hard she tried it only resulted in more of her being swallowed. “MMF MMF MMMMF!” She cried in terror as her head was shoved into Fujiko’s throat.

Her words were muffled beneath the walls of flesh of Fujiko's mouth, throat, and soon to be stomach. She ran her tongue along Rebecca’s face, and got a nice sweet cherry aftertaste, perhaps of bodywash. She would take more time with the waitress, but there was more food to eat. GULP GLUKR Two large gulps sent Rebecca’s head, shoulders and chest into her gullet, and the waitress was in for a rare treat. She would be one of the few people who got to see Fujiko's stomach empty, though not for long. Fujiko grabbed the waitress's flailing legs and began to push them deeper into her mouth, another swallow forcing her hips in, Rebecca’s standard issue dress having gone up, displaying her red panties. Fujiko chuckled as the hips entered her mouth, eager to have a bit of fun. Her tongue probed and prodded at the waitress’s nethers, some customers turning from meal and conversation to observing the spectacle. She pulled the panties off, setting them to one side, as she would find some use later for them. Fujiko did enjoy keeping trophies of her meals.

All around Rebecca it was hot and humid, the tight confines of Fujiko’s throat pulsating, her heartbeat thudding around her, barely able to blink, face coated in hot saliva, almost unable to breath. She could smell the hideous fumes of the stomach beneath her, making her gag. The waitress then felt a lurch, and was suddenly catapulted headfirst down the throat, sealing her within Fujiko as Rebecca completed her journey into the great bulk of the sumo wrestler’s body.

She sank beneath the muck, then a moment later surfaced, retching, having accidentally swallowed a bit of it. Rebecca tried to make sense of everything as her world shook around her, unable to get a footing in the noxious soup, the floor of the stomach constantly shifting.

A belch flowed from Fujiko’s lips, her belly quaking, signaling the end of her meal. She sighed and reclined, picking her teeth clean with one hand on her gut. That had been quite delicious.

Fujiko softly laughed as she cradled her belly, deep under all the muscle and flab Rebecca was still desperately fighting to escape, but their efforts produced nothing but minor ripples and jiggles at the surface, like so many people the glutton had devoured in the past. And just like them she was doomed to perish in the belly of the wrestler, to be nothing more than additional flab on her belly and ass, and a big pile of shit.

Deep within Fujiko’s body, her stomach churned harshly, incessant motions preventing her prey from gaining a foothold. Acids mixed up with chewed up foods into a toxic mixture that bubbled and fizzed, sloshed and rumbled. Rebecca had had so much to live for. She had been about to get her degree, and to find her place in the world, only to run afoul of some gluttonous woman and meet her end inside the foul pit of her gut.

The wrestler sighed, happily feeling her prey fighting. “Strange. I just ate you, and I’m already hungry again. Mmm, perhaps I should find you some company.”

The bloated Japanese woman cast a hungry gaze at Alice and Marcy, who quivered.

This latest comment triggered a fresh round of struggling, Rebecca’s face appearing for a moment as an imprint on Fujiko’s skin. Her voice was muffled and filled with anguish. “You bitch!”

Fujiko just slapped her stomach hard to quiet her down. “Settle down! Food does not talk!” She returned her focus to Alice and Marcy.

“Now, I think I’m in need of another *urp* waitress. I’ll leave it to you to decide which of you sates me.”

A scuffle promptly ensued, as the once friendly coworkers now fought frantically to avoid being the one to join Rebecca in the predator’s bowels. Fujiko just watched with amusement, a chuckle making her vast frame jiggle. Then, she opened her gaping mouth so the winner could force the loser in headfirst. Alice now got the advantage, forcing a struggling Marcy towards Fujiko’s salivating maw. “Alice, what the fuck are you doing?! You’re my friend. We don’t have to do this, we can just run, no way a fatass like her could catch us!” Marcy was now pleading desperately, eyes welling up with tears at the prospect of her own impending demise.

Alice shook her head, looking quite regretful herself. “I’m sorry, Marcy,” she choked out, then shoved her friend towards Fujiko.

“Alice, no wai-MMMPPPH!” Marcy’s last protests were cut off as the fat bitch grabbed her by the arms and shoved her headfirst down her gullet. Marcy’s legs kicked and fought in vain for her life, and she sank quickly down the predator’s throat.

Fujiko was eager, and hurried up with eating Marcy a bit quicker than she had, Rebecca, but still took time to play with her prey a little. She had found that every person she ate tasted differently, and that Marcy here certainly had a more sweet taste to her, and took every chance she had to feel up this girl, pinching her ass and nipping on her tits, it was enough to make Fujiko quite randy. But she slurped down the girl all the same, taking a bit of time to lather up her buttocks before gulping them down, then the legs and feet followed in one big swallow, sealing two waitresses away inside of her.

Alice stood by trembling, observing the obscene spectacle, knowing she had condemned two of her coworkers to a prolonged, digestive demise. She spoke up right as Fujiko gulped down the last of Marcy. “D-did y-you enjoy your meal?” she asked quietly.

The gluttonous wrestler was about to answer, but a belch exploded past her lips instead, bringing with it a torrent of saliva, the aftertaste of her meal, and several items belonging to Rebecca and Marcy, which were coated in acids and juices, splattering to the floor. “Hmm, pardon me.”

Fujiko nodded, and handed Alice a 20 dollar bill. “For such impeccable service.” Then, she patted the waitress’s butt with a softly whispered “Good girl.” Alice just blushed, and walked away, feeling a combination of relief at living to work another day, guilt for betraying two of her coworkers, and a strange sense of arousal. The wrestler’s gut was even more alive with movement now with two buxom young women trapped inside, battling to escape. But there was none, and they would only add to Fujiko’s fat, part of her belly and ass, a nice addition for her upcoming bout. Fujiko stuffed Rebecca’s underwear into her pocket and got up. She wouldn’t be needing them anymore.

As Fujiko turned to depart, she gave a warm smile to Anna and gently rubbed her swaying gut. “This was a wonderful meal; I can see why your restaurant came so highly recommended. I shall be sure to leave a review.”

Anna watched the gluttonous, Amazonian woman lumbered away, belly squirming and the muffled shouts of Rebecca and Marcy still echoing throughout the restaurant, and looked over at the table with bemusement, where the discarded sneakers still lay, the only marker of the pair’s passing.

She shook her head. “Well, there goes another satisfied customer, and two of the best waitresses I ever had.”

With the meal concluded, Fujiko’s digestive system began to go into full swing, beginning to process its enormous feast. Rebecca and Marcy’s panicked cries soon turned to screams as acids first dissolved their clothes then began to eat away at their flesh, red blotches appearing resembling burns. The sumo wrestler lumbered down the street, paying little mind to the passersby who wisely gave her a certain berth, as no one wanted to be next. In contrast, back home in Japan, Fujiko often found herself with a knot of admirers after a good meal, practically worshipping her and occasionally she would add one to her body. Of course, despite her own predations and bulk, a fair number of people clearly

Fortunately, this was a relatively small town, so it was only a short walk back to the hotel where Fujiko was staying. All the while, the jostling movements only made her prey’s predicament worse, her gut jiggling even harder while screams emanated from within. Fujiko relished the agony her prey suffered as they perished slowly within her. She made her way up to her room, flopping on the bed, which creaked beneath her weight, and simply listened to the noise, savoring every moment of it.

Rebecca and Marcy, though weakening fast, continued their movement, the latter’s betrayal forgotten, unable to accept the fact that they were nothing more than a meal for a cruel predator. A few minutes later, they lost consciousness and went still, expiring at last in the belly of the beast. “There we go, girls. Just let my belly take care of you,” Fujiko purred. She belched, tasting of cooked meat and the after taste of her fast food meal.

The wrestler reclined on her bed and just relaxed to let her meal digest in peace. She began to hear crunching sounds, and her gut began to break down the bodies of the two waitresses. Over the course of that afternoon and evening, Fujiko’s meal was pushed into the intestines, absorbing any nutrient from her feast, the two serving to add a barely perceptible new layer of fat to Fujiko’s big, beautiful tits, belly and especially her rear as she got up to piss, and afterwards, checking her new additions in the mirror.

“Mmm, thanks to you two, I’ll be in excellent shape for next week,” she gloated. Her gut continued to shrink, now hardly noticeable from her usual fat, a continual stream of digestive gurgles and groans resulting as her meal was pushed further along, and Fujiko noted with some glee she could see a lump being pushed along her abdomen, no doubt a bone or someone’s skull. In that precise moment, Fujiko felt an all too familiar urge in the pit of her bowels, and smiled. Now came the best part of her meals, and rather than sit down on the toilet, Fujiko left her room once again and headed downstairs.

While she had nothing against using toilets at all, in situations like this, Fujiko just felt like an au natural disposal was needed, especially as she always liked the breeze on her lower reaches. Which was one reason at home, she had an outhouse in addition to a normal toilet. Plus, she decided to take pity on the staff and not force them to handle a potential clogging.

As she sidled out behind the hotel, Fujiko located a tall, oak tree that stood close by the local cemetery, a fitting place. No one was out, and it was quite dark, so no risk of being spotted. Fujiko found a suitable spot, where she knelt down, with pants and underwear at her knees, and spread her thighs apart. Exposing her behind to the cool air and elements, Fujiko released a rippling fart, then gasped, closing her eyes, feeling the fecal matter of her feast flow down her constricting rectum before it plopped out onto the ground with a series of deft, soft thuds, accompanied with a string of farts. Even through the breeze the odor smelled rank, with the unmistakable scent of death thrown in. Fujiko felt more and more relieved, almost aroused, with every turd that slipped out of her rear, and after several minutes, felt the last of it exit.

Fujiko felt utterly relieved at last, her bowels emptied. Then, thought to herself that she hadn’t brought anything to wipe with, before remembering she did. Fujiko smirked as she pulled Rebecca’s panties out of her pocket and used them to wipe herself off with, the fabric feeling quite pleasant as it brushed up between her cheeks against her anus. “Ah, velvet soft.” To an untrained eye, it would look as though some woman had had an accident here. Of course, they would not pay a second glance to the bone fragments strewn about embedded in the load. Two young women, lives cruelly snuffed out, reduced to a pile of excrement under a tree.

Fujiko tossed the panties onto the pile, wiggled back into her pants, and paying not a single further glance to her leavings, departed the scene Now, her belly felt empty, and would require sustenance soon. Perhaps human. She was feeling quite aroused from the combination of today’s meal and having a nice, long bowel movement. She decided it was time to seek out a partner for the evening, and a potential meal. There was nothing Ohori Fujiko loved more than the hunt, except the thrill of the kill.
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Re: Hoboman stories (Updated)

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“Martin! Hurry up, or we’re going to be late for your appointment!”

“Yeah, I heard you Mom! I’m coming!”

Martin Stirling hurried about his bedroom, throwing on pants, a belt, and shoes as quickly as he could. He was still cursing himself silently for forgetting this. Today was his annual physical with his pediatrician, Dr. Meng Ru . He supposed it was going to go well, after all, he thought he was in pretty good shape. Martin looked about normal for a fourteen year old boy , and was still growing, not to mention rather lanky. He exercised a fair bit, and ate fairly healthy. Martin had a pretty big appetite, especially since he started hitting puberty a couple of years back, and as of last year, he had expanded his diet to include a rather unorthodox sort of food.

Of course, in scientific terms, it meant he had activated his predatory gene, something that lay dormant in most people, and gave them the ability to swallow other people whole and alive. Scientists were still trying to figure that one out. Martin’s first meal had been none other than his decidedly unpleasant math teacher. She had been a wonderful meal, despite her personality, and he smiled at the memory. Martin had, since that day, had a near insatiable appetite, especially for those of the female persuasion, but had learned to control himself on his mother’s advice, to take it slow for the first couple of years. He’d eaten only a handful of other people since then, and he was curious to know how this change had affected his body since the last time he’d visited Dr. Meng. Of course, he would be sure to ask.

He hurried down the stairs, where the harried-looking Catherine stood anxiously waiting. “Finally! To the car with you.” Martin shrugged apologetically. “Sorry, but we’re not far, and even if we’re late, she’s pretty understanding about these things.”

As they pulled in at the local practice, Martin felt relieved to notice that it wasn’t too busy. This was fortunate, he hated long waits more than anything. He was working on his patience, but that was a work in progress. He had to admit, the nurses here were without exception gorgeous, though he had to remind himself he was fourteen and thus shouldn’t even bother.

The receptionist got them signed in, and now came the hard part. Waiting. Martin figured he only had a few more years with Dr. Meng before he started seeing an adult physician. As he searched for something to read, a particular magazine caught his eye. On the cover was a tall, photogenic black woman with a prize-winning smile, cradling her round stomach, the imprint of a hand could be seen.

The title was Predators Digest . Lame pun aside, which still elicited a chuckle from him, Martin figured that there might be something in there of help to him, and even if not, it was interesting to read about other, more experienced predators and their meals. His mom leaned over and her eyes lit up. “Ooh, definitely give that a read, Martin, there’s plenty in there to help a hungry young person like yourself. I’ve got a subscription, and I’ll be sure to let you read if you find anything you like or helpful in there.”

In bold on the cover were titles such as ’10 Tips for New Preds’, Best Ways to eat your prey, ‘ Stomachache? Here’s some foods to eat to help break down hard to digest fabrics’ , ’Pred-prey relationships: Ideas for spicing it up and how to make it work, Pred stories of the Month , and more. Martin was glad that there was plenty of stuff for both genders in there, along with male and female specific. He noted that when it came to vore, preds, and prey in the popular mind, women tended to get more focus than men. There were also some prey focused magazines that he was aware of, but obviously he didn’t fall into that category.

The time flew as Martin read through the magazine. This was honestly a lot more fascinating than he had thought, there was some good, helpful advice in this. Next time he ate someone, he’d be sure to remember those tips. After about 20 minutes, but what seemed like a few seconds, a nurse came out, a short 20 something redhead. Martin recognizing Barbara.

“Stirling, Martin? Dr. Meng will see you now.”

With that, Martin got up. “Well, that’s me,” he called to Barbara and followed her back. “So, Martin, how have things been going for you since last time you were here?” the nurse asked with a perky smile. “Oh, pretty great. For starters, I did become a pred for the first time. But then again, you know that, I called that in when I was supposed to.” Barbara giggled. “Yep, we did. Good for you! I remember my first time, though I was a bit younger than you.” The nurse had an average chest, but Martin could see she had a very well rounded butt, which seemed to be where most of her meals went.

Barbara pointed him into one of the examination rooms. “Ok, just in here. Get down to your underwear and the doctor will be in to see you in just a second. And I hope you’re hungry!”

“Don’t worry, I am.” He didn’t quite get what she met, not yet. Martin nodded and entered, and as soon as the nurse closed the door behind him he began to strip down. It wasn’t the first time he’d done this, but he always felt nervous about getting this close to being naked in front of girls. The exam room was rather cool, raising goosebumps all over his skin. Martin set his clothes and shoes on a chair in the corner, got up on the table, and waited. In the silence, his stomach let out a deep grumble, and he recalled acutely how hungry he was. Martin couldn’t wait to get home and have something to eat.

Now that he had a chance to sit down and look around the room, Martin now noticed that this exam room was a bit different than the ones he had been in in the past. The medical posters on the walls Aside from the usual, this table was more like a bed, and a very comfortable one at that. To his delight, there were other vore magazines on the table. And

Martin was snapped out of his rumination as the door opened and in walked Barbara, accompanied by Dr. Meng Ru herself. She was clad in the white lab coat doctors wore here, open at the front, revealing the blue jeans and red blouse, which had a sizable window, showing off her generous cleavage. Sleek black hair tied off in a bun, square glasses, at age 37, a round, friendly face, and a plump, plus-sized body.

“Well, if it isn’t my favorite bottomless pit! So, I’m glad to hear you’re a pred now! Welcome to the club, Martin!”

Martin did his best to avoid blushing, the doctor was quite pretty. With the onset of puberty, it meant there were certain disadvantages to being examined by a female doctor, and his newfound predatory inclinations only made it worse. Doctors and nurses fell under the category of ‘Don’t eat unless you have permission.’ He grinned in response to the comment on his predation and nodded. “Thanks, Dr. Meng. I most certainly am. And it’s amazing!” He suspected the reason she was so curvaceous was due to her diet, as he recalled one time he had come in for physical and she had seen him right after having lunch.

The doctor nodded. “Yeah, it is. But we’ll get to that in a minute.” She put on a stethoscope and walked up to Martin. “Now, I just have a few questions. Have you changed your diet at all since last year, aside from the obvious?”

Martin shook his head. “Nope, stuck to the usual. Plus I’ve been exercising at the same rate as I have been.”

Meng nodded. “Good, that’s very good. Now, ever since you ate your first person, have you noticed any changes in your body at all, digestion, metabolism, that sort of thing? And feel free to be frank regarding your bodily functions, you’re in good company here.”

He nodded. “Yeah, now that you mention it, I have. When I eat regular food, it goes through me a bit quicker, and I have to poop earlier too. I mean, it’s properly digested, but the whole thing just sped me up in general. Plus, I fart a lot more now too. And when I eat people, I do get a lot of pudge, mostly on my stomach and butt, but those go away inside a week. That’s just an effect of my pred gene, right?”

Barbara and Dr. Meng exchanged knowing looks, they were no strangers to gassiness. “Yep, no worries about that at all, Martin. You’re just a growing young man, coming into your own as a predator. Puberty is helping too. Now, let’s get the rest of this physical done. If you don’t mind stepping down so we can examine you?”

“Oh, right. Sure.” Martin stood up to do so, getting off the table, and to his intense embarrassment, noticed his cock had chosen that moment to stand to, tenting out his briefs. “Uhh, sorry.”

Dr. Meng waved it away with a smile. “Nothing to be ashamed of there, that happens all the time at your age, you’re among medical professionals here, doctor’s confidentiality. If you could pull down your underwear for just a moment.”

Martin blushed even harder, but did as instructed, allowing Dr. Meng to do a cursory inspection of his genitals, before moving onto getting his weight, and the usual physical inspection, his blood pressure, pulse, mouth, ears, eyes, and he had to admit the stethoscope was cold as hell. Why is it ALWAYS like that?

Dr. Meng had Barbara typing up the results and now spoke directly to Martin. “Everything’s looking good so far, just one more thing. This is the first appointment you’ve had since your pred gene activated, of course. I want to make sure for certain everything is working as it should be in there,” she added, giving his flat stomach a pat, making Martin blush even further. “So, we’re going to give your belly a test run with a substantial meal.”

Martin nodded and frowned slightly. Now he was sure he knew what she meant, but kept quiet to allow her to talk to confirm that.

Now Dr. Meng looked downright excited. “Which means, I want you to eat me. I trust that gut of yours is up to the task of processing a meal like myself.”

At this little revelation, Martin shot up, eyes going wide. and his stomach simultaneously made its eagerness known. He tried to maintain his composure, which was difficult considering the plump, gorgeous woman in front of him. “Yeah, I think I can do that,” he said, trying and failing to contain his eagerness.

“Excellent, I knew you could,” Dr. Meng commended him. “Once your stomach has done its share of the work on me, I want you to take these digestive aids,” she added as she pointed to a container full of blue pills, “I’ll leave two of them with a cup of water for you. They’ll speed up my trip through your intestines, and of course you’ll need to dispose of me before you go, and the toilets are directly across from this room. And after that, our reformers will take it from there.”

While she said this, she began to strip down, obviously not wanting to have her clothes get digested in a patient’s gut. Martin watched now, not even bothering to be ashamed as he stared in undisguised eagerness as the doctor pulled off her clothes, her underwear was a white bra and panties, and she took those off as well. This left her plump, curvaceous, juicy body on full display for the young predator, her slightly chubby stomach and decent sized breasts bouncing a bit and making him drool.

Dr. Meng smirked as she could see his eagerness. “My, somebody’s hungry. I think it’s time for an early lunch.” She took a step closer, and Martin felt himself stiffening down there again. “Alright then, I’m ready to begin if you are. Barbara will help you get me down.”

Martin’s guts were at this point perpetually making noise, which in the examination room amplified the symphony. The teen was getting some pangs and was just eager to eat. “Ok, gotcha. So, should I just keep standing here, or do you want me to get back on the table?”

“Just lean up against it, I think, as you’ll want to be laying down when you’re done, trust me, most preds do, I certainly have. Now, are you ready?”

Martin did as instructed, and if one looked down at his groin, he was clearly more than ready. “Yeah, I’m ready.” Dr. Meng nodded and held out her arms. “Good, now open wide and say ‘aah.’

“Aaa-Nph!” Martin closed his eyes and did so, only to be cut off as Dr. Meng thrust her arms into his mouth without warning. “Now, take as much time as you need to swallow me, we don’t want you choking,” she reminded him. Martin gave a nod, of course unable to reply properly, but now he began his meal.

He stretched his mouth a bit, to accommodate as the doctor moved her arms about in his maw, and Barbara now had her hands around the hips, in preparation to begin pushing her down Martin’s throat when she got that far. Martin felt her hands brush against his uvula and did the only thing he knew how to do, swallow. A quivering bulge pressed outwards against his throat as he took down Dr. Meng’s hands, the doctor stepping closer to him, and Martin’s face was red again as he could see Dr. Meng biting her lip. Then, he decided there was no point in messing around, and swallowed again, pulling her face barely inches from his, his tongue licking at the delicious bare flesh of the doctor, Martin found himself panting and groaning.

“Mmm, that’s it, there we go. Come on, Martin, eat me all up, you know you want to!” Martin had seen the best way to entice a relatively new pred to eat someone was to talk to them like this, and it was certainly working. The teen gave an enormous gulp, yanking Dr. Meng off her feet and pulling her arms down his throat, and her head into his overstuffed mouth.

Barbara was smirking, the nurse clearly enjoying the show. Martin had to lean back now to accommodate the extra weight on his body, so she grasped Dr. Meng’s ass a lot more firmly, enticing a squeal of pleasure from the doctor within Martin’s chest, which he heard, and Barbara hoisted up the doctor’s legs and hips, beginning to slowly push her down Martin’s throat, to help the teen get her down more easily.

The tangy taste of Dr. Meng exacerbated Martin’s appetite, and the patient began to gulp down the doctor with increased pace, every swallow pushing her further down. Her skin was silky smooth and utterly delicious. Wearing nothing save his underwear made it much more interesting to observe his meal, and the way the woman was pushed further into his body, squeezing so tight that every inch of Dr. Meng was well visible, fitting like a glove.

Martin made a point of savoring her delicious breasts, treating them like ice cream cones, his tongue running over them thoroughly, coating them until they were slippery with saliva. Within the gullet, the good doctor was having the time of her life, panting hard with arousal while saliva dripped down from the walls of the undulating gullet, and down below could hear the boy’s noisy stomach, which was expecting her. “Mmm, yes, Martin, gobble me all up..” Martin’s cock was rock hard by now, throbbing with delight as his growing gut pressed down on it, just a little more stimulation needed.

“Well, Martin, it’s been so fun so far, but I think we’d better hurry this up, after all, we’ve got other patients to see,” Barbara reminded him. Now, that seemed to snap him out of it, and Martin felt silly for letting himself get so lost in his own predatory instincts. The nurse pushed Dr. Meng down further, aided by the lubricants of his saliva and Martin’s own gulps, as the doctor sank further and further down.

Martin couldn’t help but especially enjoy her chubby belly, finding that women made better prey when they had some meat on their bones, which from the noises coming inside of him, she was enjoying as well. Unable to resist, he smacked at her big, juicy ass, seeing the cheeks jiggle as Barbara shoved them inside his maw. Just like he read in the magazine. “I think you can take it from here, just be careful not to eat me too,” the redhead chuckled, carefully retracting her hands. His gut was now growing by the second, as more and more of the doctor was squeezed down into it.

Like Barbara said, Martin figured it was time to finish his meal. Giving a bold nibble to Dr. Meng’s ass, running his tongue beneath her underwear to sample what lay beneath, he gulped twice, swallowing her hips and rear, and with little difficulty slurped down her feet and legs to finish up. The final swallow sent her down, and Martin could see her tightly curled up, his stomach squeezing against her enough that Dr. Meng’s entire body was clearly visible. “Whew! Well, that’s taken care of.” Barbara helped heft him onto the table with a grunt.

The nurse began to look over Martin’s figure, running a hand along his now bloated abdomen to make sure he’d gotten her down well and things were alright. “Now, you’re new to this, so normally she’d take a while to digest, or maybe not, given what you’ve told us about your digestive habits. Just stay on the table, recline yourself and relax, it should help digest your meal faster. And here’s the digestive aid for when you want it,” Barbara said as she set them on a tray next to him. “I’ll check back up on you in an hour or two to see your progress. If you haven’t seen fit to take the pills by then, I’ll administer them.” With that, the nurse took her laptop and left the room, leaving Martin, clad solely in his underwear, alone with the doctor in his gut.

A soft sigh flowed out from Martin’s lips, still shining with a layer of saliva that he hadn’t bothered to wipe away just yet. Wait until he told Mom about this, especially as she had never been able to eat Dr. Meng, though she had expressed her desire to do so multiple times.

Within the boy’s belly, Dr. Meng got adjusted to her new surroundings. For all her predator habits, being made prey for once felt deeply arousing to her, plus the humid, warm chamber felt wonderful in contrast to the exam room. All she could hear was the thudding of Martin’s heart, plus the perpetual gurgles and groans around her, plus the rumbling below. It was difficult to breathe, what with the walls squeezing her so hard, the acidic air, and she felt drops of liquid seeping from the walls onto her body, which was already beginning to sting, and the doctor was already feeling lightheaded.

But now, she had some observation to do before digestion set in, and activated the light on her glasses, and illuminated the stomach, the dark red, ridged walls of the belly in constant motion. She then began to shift around a little more so that she could find the entrance to Martin's belly from his esophagus. She then started feeling around toward his torso, experimenting with how far inside his body she was. The doctor began feeling around the spongy, wet, slimy, stomach walls with her hands, pushing out and stretching it in some places, making the outline of her hands visible from the outside. Then, she went down and around, feeling around where Martin’s other organs, such as the large intestine were.

She reported to Martin, her tone matter of fact, like she was doing a typical physical, not inside the stomach of her patient. “Your heart rate is perfectly normal. Muscles are kneading quite nicely, and from this tingling the acids are already beginning to flow. So far, it looks like you have a very efficient stomach, and it seems your digestion is a bit speedier than even many other predators.”

All this was quite interesting to Martin, and he listened, one hand atop his gently rumbling gut where Dr. Meng’s head was. “Huh, good to know. It really feels good in there when you move like that, Doc. Keep it uuuUUUUUURRRRRP!” His ensuing belch brought up both her headlight and glasses, which landed on the floor with an echoing clatter, spittle and acid covered.

Dr. Meng covered her ears, gasping for breath a bit as the stomach walls abruptly closed in around her, the gastric chamber shaking from that burp. Acids were pooling around her feet and leeching from the walls all over her. Her skin was turning red and blotchy, parts of her beginning to feel melty as hair was falling off. Yet it didn’t feel any worse than a light tingle, thanks to having taken a pill to prevent painful digestion right before hand. She was getting a bit lightheaded, but would keep going for a bit more. “Everything is going as intended, and from the feel of it, your internal organs are a bit different from other people’s, next time you come in, we’ll do some X-rays or perhaps an endoscopy to see. In the meantime, your stomach is already digesting me in earnest, and I’m about to lose consciousness. I should provide you with a nice layer of pudge and fat on you, and ought to be a firm, but not too hard, bowel movement. Apologies for any flatulence I incur in advance, and I’ll see you in a little while.”

Martin couldn’t help but do a double take in response to that piece of news, but he also knew he wouldn’t be able to ask now, too little time, as her movements were already feeble. But his curiosity had been piqued. “Wow, I really want to know what my variance is now. In any case, see you later, Dr. Meng.”

The doctor yawned and curled up, making herself as comfortable as possible. “You too, Mr. Stirling.” And with a few more gurgles, heralded by a series of loud crunches, Dr. Meng Ru went still, at last expiring inside of him. Martin knew that before long, he’d see her again, but it was still fun to enjoy her acidic demise while it lasted. “Well, I guess my gut is in working order then,” he said jokingly, poking at his sloshy belly, which had begun to round out as the acids flowed and his meal’s body was slowly being broken down.

Now, Martin figured it was time to take those pills. His mom was outside waiting, and he couldn’t keep her waiting forever. He popped them into his mouth, downed them both with a gulp of water, heard a plop and fizzling noise as they hit his stomach. He burped again, several times as his gut released a bit of gas that was accumulating thanks to the rapidly intensified digestion.

Before his own very eyes, Martin watched his stomach shrinking, to slightly bigger than a bowling ball and looked around to notice his own butt fattening considerably, to the point where his cheeks were almost as round and jiggly as Dr. Meng’s were. He could feel his intestinal muscles pulsating and squeezing, shoving along her remains, and knew before long he’d have to let her out. He gave them a slap, watching the jiggle, and grinned. He had found that when he went to school after having a meal like this before working the weight off, girls really seemed to like his butt. “Well, Doc. Looks like you went right to my ass, after all.” At this precise moment, Barbara walked back in, and gave him a good once over, smirking. “Well, Mr. Stirling, it seems that the pills worked as intended.”

Martin nodded. “It certainly did, and it didn’t take long for my stomach to do its part on her.” Barbara pulled out a stethoscope and squatted down, placing it atop his paunch and moving it along his belly. “Hmm, it seems your intestines are pushing her along at a steady rate, everything seems normal in there, and I can hear some gas building up.” As if on cue, Martin farted, unable to control it. *BBBRT* He still had some qualms about farting in front of women, and looked sheepish, waving his hand in front of his face. That one was especially earthy and pungent. “Whew! Sorry about that.”

Barbara didn’t even flinch. He probably wasn’t the first person to fart in front of her, hell, she did it quite a bit herself, being a fan of spicy foods. “No need, Martin. We all do that. Now, as soon as you feel the need, go ahead and go to the toilet. And don’t worry, your clothes will be here when you get back.”

By this point, Martin felt Dr. Meng hit his large intestine, and this triggered a wave of farts, one after the other. *PRRT BBT PPHHT* Barbara just got a can of Febreze and sprayed a bit. “Again, nothing to worry about, this is perfectly normal. Plus, Dr. Meng and I come in here with full meals all the time, sometimes a patient too. This level of flatulence is just perfectly normal for predators.” Martin had figured. Then he felt one coming and lifted his butt to let it off, his cheeks rippling as he expelled a burst of gas. *PPPPRT* This one had been a bit wet. Then, he felt a familiar urge and shifting. “Well, it seems it’s about time to go,” Barbara observed.

With that, he decided he better hit the bathroom, and Martin, uncaring of who saw him in this condition, got up and opened the door, thankful the toilet was just across the hall, as more gas seeped silently out of him. The last thing he needed was to shit himself all over the floor here in the doctor’s office, especially since it consisted of the remains of one of the doctors. But to his horror, the door was locked, and Martin could hear movements of someone inside, and he frantically jiggled the handle for a moment.

“Oh God, come on, hurry up, hurry up..” Martin said frantically, moving from side to side, clenching with all his might. His belly rumbled, insistent on pushing out this bowel movement, feeling it pressing against his backdoor harder and harder. If he didn’t get in there soon, he would make a mess.

At last, the toilet flushed, just as Martin was hitting his breaking point. Out stepped a nurse holding a magazine, looking rather confused at why this boy was standing outside the toilet in his underwear, but didn’t pay any further mind. Martin hurried in, hands shaking and locked the door, closing his eyes and leaning against it as his guts gurgled. The air was a little ripe, signaling the nurse had had a good shit herself, but Martin didn’t care, as he would be adding to it.

He pulled down his underwear and sighed as he sat down on the still warm toilet seat, for once thankful it wasn’t cold. Martin unclenched, relaxing his bowels and it began immediately. He felt his asshole stretching as it slowly pushed out a heavy log, crackling and inching its way out of Martin, not so much dropping as snaking its way out before landing in the toilet. He didn’t feel anywhere close to empty as another one worked its way down the pipes.

One after the other, numerous thick, solid turds flowed out of Martin, making him feel like a living toothpaste container, perpetually straining and on his tip toes, determined to get it all out, and he began to gradually empty, and eventually, pushed out one last turd, and then he was done. At this point, all the gas that had been bottled up by his shit came rushing out in a massive fart that echoed in the bowl. *PPPPPPPPRTTTTT*

Martin couldn’t help but snicker at that. “Wow! That was a big one, even for me.” With that, he started wiping, which was pretty easy considering this wasn’t nearly as wet as other BMs he’d had in the past. His belly did hang out a bit, and his legs were thicker as well, besides his ass.

He couldn’t help but notice something about this particular shit he’d taken. Most of the women he ate often made for gassier, a bit looser shits, but Dr. Meng had been a lot more solid and firm. The digestives had seemed to have had an additional effect, as normally he shit out full bones and sometimes the skulls of his meals. Now, there were only a few flecks of white, in a number of solid, dark brown turds. “Huh, more you know. If Barbara asks, I’d better tell her how this went.”

With that, he flushed the toilet, washed his hands, and walked back to the exam room to get his clothes back. Albeit, Martin wasn’t quite sure how well they would fit him now. Barbara watched him come back, and did one last inspection of his body. “Hmm, fat deposits evenly distributed on your abdomen, legs and butt, typically a lot of preds have one area on their body the fat from their meals go to. Well, Martin, I believe this concludes the physical. As soon as you get yourself dressed, you’re free to go. Dr. Meng will be…indisposed for a couple of days, so got to reschedule some of her appointments. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask and she’ll definitely get back to you by next week!”

“Ok, thanks!” Martin now turned to the task of getting his outfit back on, which proved to be easier said than done. His shirt now rode up a bit, showing off some of his newly acquired belly, and his pants were barely holding together now, but he’d get home soon and put on something looser.

He walked back out to the reception area, where Catherine was still waiting with a magazine in hand. She raised an eyebrow and smiled wryly at the sight of him, clearly having some idea of what went on back there. “Well, I was wondering what took so long. Didn’t stop for a snack on your way, did you?”

Martin shrugged. “Maybe, maybe not. But in any case, everything’s working just fine, and I’m in great shape for my age, according to Dr. Meng. Plus, she also mentioned my guts were a bit different, but things got…. sidetracked before she went into detail, so we’ll have to call later to check on that, I’m really interested.”

“Ooh! Now that is interesting.” Catherine knew exactly what he meant by sidetracked and seemed enthusiastic to know what was so unique about his body. “Well, in the meantime, let’s head home.”

Martin was excited to get home, too, to get online and tell his friends about today’s little adventure, brag too. His best friend Will was a pred and they traded stories of meals, and he was going to go hang out with him after school tomorrow, and maybe snag something to eat. “Yeah, let’s go. I could use something to eat, anyway.”
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Re: Hoboman stories (Updated)

Postby Hoboman » Tue May 19, 2020 5:21 pm

“The shit I do to make a living.” Teresa yawned and grunted as she tried to stay moving, taking a sip of coffee. She hated it when he got stuck with night shift. Normally when she worked at this store, she had the day shift, but she'd been forced to come in more than once, now among them. At least she got paid extra for this, that was the only solace. That, the fact no one was here, her computer which he got away with when no one was looking, and of course her coffee and take-out. The Latina wondered what the point of night shift was, no one was here. No one ever came in this late, and if they did, they'd be greeted by the sight of a dark, curly-haired, short but buxom Latina, and Teresa had to admit, she wore the blue shirt and khakis pretty well, straining against the curves of her body, especially her ass. Of course, she'd often gone out late at night to find someone to eat, but no such luck today. She hadn't been in the mood, anyway. Teresa just sat at the front, waiting and watching for somebody, anybody to come in.

The bell chimed, and Teresa looked up to see a customer walk in, at once getting a sinking feeling in the pit of her gut. This woman, probably in her early 40s, looked like every stereotypical Karen she’d ever heard of. Between her dolled up blonde hair, yoga pants, a snooty expression on her face, and absorbed in her phone, Teresa knew this was going to be trouble.

Leslie yawned slightly, feeling a bit hungry. She’d just gotten off a date with her latest boyfriend, and her kids were both on their own tonight again. This store seemed like a real dump, but she figured she might as well. She didn't eat much on her date so maybe she could find a decent snack here. She decided to try her luck just for the hell of it. Pushing at the door the little bell rung to alert whoever was there that a potential customer had stopped by. She didn't even bother passing a glance to the worker there as she instead made her way to the snack food section.

“Uh, excuse me, ma’am?” Teresa called out, but the woman, still self-absorbed, paid her no mind, heading into one aisle. She sighed, it was going to be one of those nights, but she figured the woman would call her if she needed assistance.

Leslie made her stop at chips and what not, none of the various brands looking any good to her. Of course, the snooty, pretentious woman needed a snack that fit her personality. The woman’s impatient voice rang out at last, rather shrill in the quiet of the store. “Hey, senorita, whatever! Little help here?”

Teresa hurried over, doing her best to suppress a sigh. Be patient, she told herself. You can’t go devouring everyone in sight, no matter how much you might think they need it. “Yes, ma’am. Were you looking for something in particular?” She put on a fake smile and did her best to control herself.

Leslie scoffed. This little bitch didn’t seem too bright, which wasn’t surprising. She wondered if she was legal or not. She’d never liked Mexicans, or whatever nationality this employee was, but she hoped this girl would be useful. "Ugh...really? You couldn’t have guessed that based on me searching? I guess I do need help. I'm looking for snacks, obviously. A very specific one too. You had better have low-fat, Sam’s potato chips. These places are pretty lax brand wise, but I really want one of those.” The older woman’s lip twisted as she looked at the girl, Teresa her name was, up and down. A chunky little bitch, not nearly as fit as she was. “Well?” she asked, not getting an answer quick enough.

“Hold on a moment, I’ll see what we got, not entirely sure, but I’l do my best.” Teresa said, some hint of impatience in her voice. She hated being rushed, especially when it was by someone like this. She scanned the shelves, struggling as she heard the woman humming obnoxiously, eyes boring into the back of her skull. “Listen, I need to be home soon, I’ve got better things to do than watch you struggle with your own supplies.” Teresa merely exhaled, gritting her teeth and continued.

At last, she saw a telltale red bag, unfortunately it was at the top of the aisle and she needed a step ladder. “Ok, ma’am, I think I found what you’re looking for, but I’ll need a moment.” Fetching a step stool, Teresa got up, straining on her tip toes, and Leslie looked at the girl’s body, judging her silently. She considered herself fit and toned, not like this fat Mexican pig. “Woah,” Teresa wobbled for a moment, then got her hands on the bag. As she tried to get down, her body betrayed her and let slip a fart, warm and loud, echoing in the store. *BBBRT*

Leslie stood, folding arms impatiently, tapping her foot. “Do you have the stupid chips or not?!” Then, the sudden surge of gas from the Latina’s hindquarters made her flinch, the smell hitting home and hard. Leslie gagged dramatically, fanning the stench away with the other hand. “Oh, good God! What crawled up your fat ass and died?! Though, considering what your kind of people eat, the swill they call food, I suppose that’s to be expected.”

Teresa felt a tinge of red go across her cheeks. Partly embarrassment, partly anger. She hated it when people made fun of her bodily functions, and she really hated it when she was stereotyped in such a casual manner. Huffing, ignoring the woman’s remarks, she got the bag, pressing it into Leslie’s hands. “Here’s your damn chips, happy now?”

Leslie furrowed her brow, unhappy with what she had been given. “That’s it? I know I didn’t spend the last precious few minutes to be sassed off to by some uppity little bitch like you, and suffer whatever shit stains you just pushed into your pants. Though, to be fair, Mexicans aren’t the best or brightest, but they do work cheap.”

Now the racism was just over the line for Teresa, and her temper flared, refusing to let this hag get away with that unchallenged. She narrowed her eyes, glaring angrily. “Listen, I’m from Puerto Rico, which is part of the US, so take that geography lesson, lady.” Teresa was one more incident away from really cutting loose on her.

Leslie’s face contorted in outrage. “How dare you, you disrespectful little bitch! Where’s your manager? I’m going to have a word and see to it you get disciplined for this, or better yet, fired!” Little did she know. She had never held much respect for minimum wage workers, and others she deemed beneath her.

Teresa rolled her eyes and scoffed. “Yeah, yeah, keep dreaming. I’m working night shift, she’s not here, so I’m the only one here. Which, I suppose makes me the manager. You got any more complaints or are you gonna take what I nearly killed myself to give to you?” Teresa’s patience was running quite thin at this point, and was on the verge of snapping. She was still feeling hungry, after all.

She watched with a bit of satisfaction as the customer’s face now turned red with rage, and grinned, watching the woman lean in, jabbing a finger square into Teresa’s ample chest. Leslie “No one, but no one, gets away with talking to me like that. Either go back and look again for what I want, and do it right this time or,” she snickered, holding her phone, “I put in a call to ICE and tell them about the illegal squatting here?” Leslie felt like such a genius coming up with that piece of blackmail , but in the process had sealed her fate.

Now that had done it, Teresa was done playing around, and she still had plenty of room left in her gut. “I got three words for you, lady. Dinner. Is. Served.” Teresa often made a point of eating the rude, and this woman was top on the menu at the moment. She put the woman in a headlock, deceptively strong for someone only perhaps 5’4” and began pulling her to the back, towards the bathrooms.

“What the fuck? Dinner? What are you doing, let me go! Have you got any idea who I am, what I’ll do to you?” Leslie screamed threats from the girl’s grip, flailing endlessly, and even knocking some items off the shelf in her mad struggle. This girl was just as rough as all her kind, and Leslie intended to make her pay dearly.

Teresa slammed the woman against the wall, almost getting lightheaded from inhaling the sickly sweet aroma of her perfume. It would make her taste a bit worse, but Teresa didn’t need to take her time here. “I’ve been nice, but I’m done, and now I’m going to shut that mouth of yours, permanently.”

Despite her own cockiness and continued flailing, Leslie did feel a sense of dread at that moment. “What, you’re gonna stab me, shoot me, or call your ganger buddies to put a hit on me?,” she snarled. “I don’t fucking think so. I’m gonna make sure you rot in prison for the rest of your miserable life!”

“Heh, dream on, not gonna happen.” Teresa was very good at covering her tracks, especially when it came to her habits. She had to admit, for all this woman’s annoying bullshit, she had some meat on her bones, and would be a decent meal. The Latina’s belly was feeling quite empty, for all that take-out, and she gave Leslie a menacing grin, and with expert ease opened her mouth, jaws sliding down and her victim’s demeanor abruptly changed as Teresa’s warm breath wafting across her face. She was probably not going to taste great, but the taste of justice done was satisfying enough for Teresa, who now struck, shoving in Leslie’s head to stop her screaming.

“W-what the fuck?!” That was the only answer Leslie could muster as her confusion turned immediately to fear as the employee opened her maw wider than she could ever imagine possible. Faced with the pulsating gullet, she screamed, shrilly, before it was muffled by the girl’s body. Leslie began to flail harder, trying to pull herself out of the mouth. What the fuck was this thing?

Teresa took a lick of Leslie’s face, and was hit with her perfume, but otherwise the woman tasted quite acceptable. Nonetheless, she figured she wouldn’t play around too much with this meal, and took a hefty gulp, holding the woman’s arms in place as she slurped her down bit by bit, before long working her way down the abdomen. Teresa’s shirt began to ripple as the bulge of Leslie’s head travelled down, squished into the flesh and making horrified expressions on the Latina’s throat. She was slowly traveling down and being followed by the rest of her body. The stench of stomach acid were quick to rise up and coat her body in what would have been strong belches if she wasn't blocking the path.

Leslie was a fair bit taller than Teresa, not quite as thick but definitely voluptuous, making a decent mark as she was pulled deeper into the girl’s body, and her face pressed against the pulsating sphincter of the stomach, where she, not knowing it, would end her life. Then, Leslie’s face was pushed into the stomach, the fumes and gurgles hitting her nose and making her want to vomit. It reeked of half digested Chinese in here, and smelled of death to boot. “Uuh! Let me out, let me out!” All she could do now was helplessly beg for her life.

Teresa whirled around so that her back was against the wall, using it as support while she enjoyed her meal, thankful she’d untucked her shirt for this, as it was the only way to avoid tearing, and briefly relinquished her grip in order to unbuckle her belt too for good measure. She’d given this bitch a chance, but she’d been so relentlessly obnoxious, not to mention racist, that Teresa could only conclude she was doing the world a favor by taking her out of it. The normal quiet of the store was broken with slurps, gulps, grumbles, and the occasional muffled scream. By now, half the woman was down, and her big hips needed swallowing. Teresa had to admit she did have a good ass, and squeezed the soft, warm cheeks as she worked them into her throat. With a few more hefty gulps, the woman sank behind her lips, Teresa removing her shoes, and with a swallow, the woman was pushed into her now swollen gut.

Leslie felt a lurch, and yelped as the woman was thrust headfirst into a gurgling, bubbling pool of muck that was Teresa’s dinner. She got a mouthful of it and nearly retched, gasping as she struggled to right herself. It was dark, she could hardly breathe, the air was humid and foul, all around her the slimy muscles of the stomach walls pushed in, constricting her even further, all while deep, rumbling noises deafened her. This bitch had eaten her. She’d heard about people who could ingest others whole, but had never dreamed it would happen to her, she wasn’t going to die, that couldn’t be. Leslie just tried to process this, then felt a smack.

Teresa looked down at herself; her shirt had ridden up, exposing her belly, which was now a round brown orb, the woman’s outline faintly visible, her now unbuckled pants had ridden down a bit, exposing her red panties and the crack of her ass, not that this would make her seem less desirable. “Whew, now that was a meal.” She gave her stomach a slap and belched lightly. *RRUP*
She suspected this woman wouldn’t be the gassiest meal she ever had.

Teresa wobbled behind the counter and collapsed into her chair, which creaked, now being shared by two. This was good, eating people was killer on her back, and she would need a few hours to process this lady a bit more before she felt like getting up again.

By this point, Leslie had recovered from her initial shock, beginning to fight. She wasn’t outraged so much at being eaten, but what she was sharing a stomach with. “How dare you digest me among common Chinese food! At least eat something else befitting someone like me.” Teresa snorted derisively. “ Huh, priorities. Really, cause I just had some cheap takeout garbage, which, all things considered, fits your description *urp* perfectly. Oh, and I’m not going to use the toilet when I’m done with you, gonna squat in a bush or use a port-a-potty. You don’t deserve that kind of dignity.”

This provoked a roar of rage from Leslie, and her thrashing intensified, bumps rising and falling on the Latina’s gut every few seconds, making Teresa laugh. “Ok, I gotta say, you’re one of the livelier people I’ve eaten in a while, so that makes up for your taste.”

“And will you stop talking about shit and gas, that’s so disgusting,” Leslie whined. “Sorry, no can do, lady, you should be more focused on trying to stay alive rather than complain about my bodily functions.” All Leslie could do was listen. Then, she got a smirk, feeling a little schadenfreude. “Well, good luck, sooner or later people will notice I’m gone and track you down! Plus, how you gonna account for my bones in your shit?”

Teresa had an answer ready for this. Her body was quite efficient, even more than other predators, so she was confident that no bones or other incriminating evidence would be left behind when it was time to answer nature’s call. “Yeah, don’t worry about that, my body has its ways, plus I can just toss your phone and purse in the dumpster, so there’s that. So, adios, I guess.” She could hear a particularly loud gurgle from her belly, and smiled, knowing digestion was beginning, the bitch didn’t have long left.

“I’m still not gonna be digested, I’m getting out of here, and when I do you’re gonna be sorry. If you’d just given me what I’d asked for, none of this would be happening! This is why you’re so fat, you can’t control your appetite.” Leslie paused her grumbling as she felt an itch. It started at her neck, and rapidly worked down her whole body. Feeling around in the gastric darkness, she noticed her clothes were feeling tattered, and the itch grew worse. “Hang on, I feel funny, I’m itchy.”

“Well, if you had been a bit more polite and a little less racist, I might not have eaten you in the first place, and no, I’m not fat.” Teresa snapped back at her meal. “Yeah, my stomach’s starting to digest you, from what I hear it’s pretty unpleasant, you’re gonna have a painful time.” Not that Teresa cared, this woman deserved every bit of agony she was about to receive.

Now the reality of what had happened, was happening, hit Leslie full force, and she began to fight harder than she had ever fought before, kicking and punching at the elastic stomach walls, the itch being replaced by a sharp pain. “Please, let me outta here! Look, I’m sorry I called you these things, I’m sorry! I don’t wanna die! Let me go!”

“No can do, what I eat goes through my system like any other food. Before long, you’re gonna be padding my T&A, and shit in a toilet or fertilizing a field somewhere, so you better make peace with God now, just in case.”. She didn’t eat anyone she didn’t feel truly deserved it, though. So children were out for sure.

It was really beginning to burn, the elastic walls squeezing Leslie so hard she felt her ribs crack, the air making her throat itch, her hair falling out in clumps, and though she mercifully could not see it, her skin falling off her into the sizzling acids, which had reached her neck. All the while, Teresa sat smugly in her chair, listening to the shoe. She was glad she couldn’t see what her stomach was doing to her meals, but after all the crap she’d gone through tonight, hearing this lady screaming in pain was music to her ears. “Y’know, I just *uuurp* realized I never got your name. Not that it matters now, you’re just dinner anyway. So settle down in there and digest, dinner.”

Leslie had never been in so much agony as she had now, and she had lost all feeling in her legs, which had no doubt had been stripped of flesh by now. She began to cry as she still struggled, less and less with every second, striving to keep her head above the rising pool of acids. “N-no! No! Anything but this! L-Let me out, you fat pig!” This wasn’t the end Leslie had pictured for herself, but now here she was, being torn apart in the stomach of a hungry Latina girl.

*UUUUURPPP* Teresa belched loudly, quite grateful to have no one else around, and figured that must have taken most of the air her prey had left. Leslie was beginning to feel lightheaded now, her body was on fire, she could hardly speak as she was falling apart, in utter agony. How typical this was of her kind, to be so barbarous to people like her. “I don’t want…to die…not like—” Before she could finish, Leslie felt herself drift out of consciousness, head sinking beneath the bubbling acids, and with that, Leslie was no more.

Teresa felt the woman shut up at last, going still and allowing her gut to go to work on her meal in earnest now. “Finally. It wasn’t anything personal, I just had to shut you up.” The only response she received now was a soft burble, and Teresa was grateful this area was deserted at this time of night, so no one could see her like this. “Well, at any rate, lady, whoever you were, thanks for the meal.” She took note of the woman’s discarded phone, purse and shoes, those could be easily tossed in a dumpster.

“Hmm..” The Latina now had some time on her hands, and was about to go back to surfing the Internet, and the whole mess had gotten her rather worked up. Taking a quick look around, Teresa hurried to the women’s restroom, yanking down her pants and underwear, and sitting down. She didn’t need to go, just work off a bit of steam rather, her hands worked down, beginning to gently finger her wet clit, listening to the crunches and rumbles within her gut as it broke down the woman. Teresa’s bosom rose and fell, cheeks flushed, feeling rather excited at pleasuring herself, the sense of risk doing this in a public restroom spurring her on.

“Hnng..yes..” Teresa began to buck a bit, her heartbeat increasing, precum beginning to leak, thinking. She had eaten a woman whole and alive, was busily digesting her, and she was going to come out again in a matter of hours. As poop, and no one would ever know of what had happened save Teresa herself, and the bitch would hopefully become a layer of fat on her breasts, or her ass. A lot of her recent meals seemed to go to her butt lately. There was just something inherently gratifying and deeply erotic about taking someone’s life and reducing them to fat and shit. This woman was only the latest that had met their end in Teresa’s gut, and she could feel it all, the muscles working, her gut pulsating, acids flowing as the woman’s body began to soften and break up. She screamed in orgasm, legs stretching out as she threw her head back, cum gushing out all over her fingers and the toilet seat.

The rest of the night went by uneventfully. When the time came, at 6:00 am exactly, Teresa clocked out, grabbed her stuff, and left the store, making sure to toss the former effects of her prey in the dumpster outside. A few people stared, but she just happened to look pregnant, and driving home was no trouble. Teresa got a shower, the hot water running along her stomach felt heavenly, and after a few hours of rest, had breakfast.

Teresa’s mom raised an eyebrow at the sight of her daughter. “Really, another one, that’s three this week. I eat people too, but they have to do something more to earn a place in my belly.” Teresa became defensive. “You weren’t there, Mom. You wouldn’t have stood for her comments either, she couldn’t have been more blatantly racist if she tried. Throwing around stereotypes like candy, and even threatened to call ICE on ‘the illegal,’ and didn’t listen when I said I was from Puerto Rico.”

The older woman grimaced slightly, then nodded. “Well, that certainly adds some context to it, but you really ought to be more careful about your activities, we need to stay discrete for now.” This, Teresa could agree with. “Ok, Mom. In the meantime, I’m gonna go hang out with Janet here in a bit.” “Sure thing, just be careful,” her mother warned. As Teresa turned to go, she let off a long fart. *PPPPRRRTTT* “And don’t eat anyone else until your last meal is out of your system,” she added, while waving a hand in front of her face. She didn’t have room to talk, of course, her daughter was a chip off the old block in that respect.

“Right, but I should note I’m gonna need to dump her soon.:” Teresa squeezed into a red cropped top and black pair of shorts, her figure plumped up a bit, and the shorts clung to her ass quite nicely, her crack quite visible. She began to walk down the street, heading to the local park where her friend Janet was waiting. A good, long walk and jog would get her system moving. Janet was a bit skinnier than her, but wearing a similar outfit.

“ Hey, Teresa! Hmm, had another eventful night shift, right?” She cast a knowing look at Teresa’s midsection, and her subtly enhanced figure. “Yep, sure did, she was annoying, didn’t taste all that great ,but it felt good to rid the world of one more Karen, plus she was just so obnoxiously racist and you know how I feel about them, ” Teresa remarked proudly.

Janet agreed. “Amen to that, and wish I could have been there last night, haven’t had anybody in weeks,” she bemoaned. Teresa gave her friend a pat on the back. “Well, we can have a girl’s night out to go find some real nasty types for us to snack on, how does that sound?” Janet smirked. “Sounds great. Race ya to the other end.” With that, the two women began to jog around the park, Teresa’s assets bouncing and jiggling appropriately, providing a show for several onlookers. Her ass was expelling no end of gas, in alternately short and long bursts, all the while the predator could feel the load working its way down.

After a few minutes, Teresa abruptly stopped in her tracks, raising a hand for Janet to stop while pressing the other against her doughy belly. “Hold up.” The remains of her meal was weighing down her colon at this point. “Be right back, gotta take a dump.”

Janet nodded. “Sure thing, no rush. You gotta go, you gotta go.” She was well acquainted with her friend’s urgency. Teresa turned and headed off to find a place to relieve herself, fortunately there was a row of port-a-potties close by. “Oh, gracias a Dio,” she muttered. Teresa hurried into the nearest one, locking the door, thankful it was recently put in and therefore clean, not to mention in the shade. She noted that her meal provided a bit of extra padding, her cheeks jiggling as she sat down.

Teresa’s body shuddered with delight as her colon constricted, forcing out the hefty, dense mass. The smell reeked of death but that wasn't something that she cared to much about anymore, but it certainly would be funny to see the face of the next person coming in. One solid hunk slowly pushed out of Teresa’s body, a subtle squelching as she expelled the waste. She had to take a deep breath and force the rest of the shit out, which happened to be plenty more then what the first part was. This was accompanied by a long string of farts. A noise of disgust from a woman next one over caught Teresa’s ear, and she rolled her eyes. She could hear what was going on over there, so that lady had no room to talk about her farts.

Once it was all said and done Teresa felt a little tired and sore, but at the same time refreshed and energized. She had not felt a hint of bone in there, and knew that that woman had been entirely digested, now consisting solely of a massive pile of human waste, in a park port-a-potty of all humiliating places.

Teresa had long had a reputation for stinking up bathrooms, and pitied whoever would come in here next. She practically gagged, taking a sniff. There was even a hint of perfume amidst the usual stink of excrement. “Damn, lady, even full digestion didn’t get rid of that perfume, that was strong stuff.” Just grateful that these were maintained and someone kept toilet paper on roll, she quickly wiped, taking a lot quicker than she had thought.

Teresa stepped out into the fresh air, sighing and patting her belly, feeling quite relieved. “Feel better?” Janet inquired. “Don’t I know it.” The two women began to resume their jog, and later on, Teresa’s phone buzzed, the Latina predator picking up. It was Katherine, a family friend and a member of the police department’s Vore Division. They often ate perps or hired it out to certain individuals, herself among them on occasion.

“Hey, what’s up? Hmm, you say you’ve got someone for me? “ Teresa’s lips curled into a smile as the officer spoke, describing the target. “Sure thing, I’ll be by tonight to deal with them.” Her mom couldn’t give her grief over this one, and Teresa was quite happy to get another meal. Today was her day off, and tonight she’d feast.
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Re: Hoboman stories (Updated)

Postby Hoboman » Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:42 pm

Moving into the neighborhood had been quite arduous for Nick and Sarah Lewis. Especially considering that Sarah had been pregnant with twins for much of it, but now they were officially settled in. A good thing too, Sarah looked ready to pop any day now, looking as if she had swallowed multiple watermelons and her already sizable breasts jiggling with every step.

They made an interesting pair, Nick being African American, late 30s, tall, slightly overweight, and pulled down quite a bit of money at his particular line of work. Sarah was a dark haired white woman of 31, a few inches shorter than her husband, a round, smiling face and an otherwise thin build. She normally wore pants, but right now she was clad in a horizontal striped white and red sleeveless dress, her pregnant stomach jutting out.

“Just wanted to say thanks for coming over to welcome us in,” Nick beamed. He and Sarah were standing on their front porch, chatting with a small knot of their new neighbors. He felt glad to have moved to the suburbs, and these people were a lot more welcoming than he had expected.

“Oh, no problem, we’re always happy to meet new neighbors,” Pam West chimed in. She was a short, plump, late 50s, matronly looking woman.

Sarah’s eyes lit up as she had an idea. “I was wondering, any of you want to come over tonight? A dinner party, maybe? Something casual so we can get to know each other a bit better.”

A murmur of agreement went through the group, that sounded good. “That sounds great,” Tom Roth said. His wife, Billie, an early 40s Afro-Latina woman with a ponytail, wearing jeans and a red T-shirt, chimed in. “What time would work?”

Nick had some ideas. “About 8 sound good?”

“Yeah, sounds good, at any rate, we’ve gotta get home, but see you then!” Tom and Billie turned and left, followed by Pam and her husband Alexander.

Nick smiled at his wife; she always was the social one. “Glad you thought of that, anything in specific you wanted us to make?”

Sarah shrugged. “Meatloaf, I guess.” She pressed both her hands to her back. “Oof! Gonna need to get off my feet, my back’s killing me. And the kids have been kicking a lot lately.” Her tone changed. “Just think, in a matter of weeks, we’re gonna be parents!”

The prospect of fatherhood had Nick a bit nervous, but also excited at the same time. “Yep, we will. Now I think let’s get you in, it’s been a long day on your feet.”

They were just about to go inside when they heard another voice. Nick and Sarah turned to see a figure much different from the other neighbors standing before them. She was easily Nick’s height, if not more, perhaps six feet. The woman was around Sarah’s age, clearly East Asian, her cheekbones narrow and angular, lips ruby red with lipstick, her dark hair in a bun, wearing tight black shorts and a white T-shirt, and though she was relatively slender, she still had enough curves to make Nick and Sarah both take notice.

The woman’s stance was deliberately provocative, her smile confident, almost a smirk, and her eyes kept flicking over to Sarah. The pregnant woman had to admit, there was something unusual, almost predatory in the way this woman eyed her up, as if she was a piece of meat. If only she knew.

The stranger spoke at last, her voice low and husky. “Oh, hello. I live down the street and was out for a jog. I just saw people coming over to say welcome, and I figured I’d pop over. My name’s Wu Zhelan, by the way. “

“Nick Lewis, this is my wife, Sarah,” Nick introduced himself, and Sarah smiled shyly, waving her hand. Wu had to admit, that smile was quite cute, and unbeknownst to the couple, it made the big pregnant woman look even tastier. “Good to meet you, Nick, and you two, Sarah,” Wu nodded politely, gaze lingering on the latter.

“So, we’re having a dinner party tonight to get to know the new neighbors, and I was wondering if you’d like to attend,” Sarah asked. She had some slight misgivings about this woman, but brushed them aside.

Now, Wu’s expression changed into a delighted, giddy grin. “That would be great! I’d love to! What time?” This was a perfect opportunity for her, and she silently thought to herself how it would feel to wrap her lips around that big stomach and swallow it down. The rest of the neighborhood was well aware of Wu’s unusual dietary preferences, but she typically went into the city and never ate people close to home, that, and she threatened to eat them if they tried to stop or expose her.

“About eight or so,” Nick replied. He was also getting something off about this woman, but she did seem nice otherwise and he liked to see the best in people. She was quite pretty, but that was hardly a factor, as he was a married man.

“Ok, sounds good, I’ve got to finish my jog and I’ll be over tonight. See you then.” With that, Wu resumed her exercise.

“See you then,” Sarah called as she left. At last, she and Nick headed inside. “She seems nice,” she said to her husband as she got herself situated on the couch. “Yeah, she does, there’s just something about her I can’t place, something weird.” The two brushed it off, and Nick began to prepare for the dinner party.

All the while, Wu could not believe her good luck. These two clearly hadn’t been told about her, and she would take advantage of that. The man, Nick, was cute, she had to admit, but his wife was just so plump looking and delicious. That cute smile, those round breasts, that enormous belly with unborn children, it just meant she would be more filling. The predator in her relished snuffing out multiple lives for her own hunger. Wu loved pregnant women, they were some of her favorite meals, albeit they were more trouble to get down, but she would manage. Tonight was going to be fun.

At last, eight o clock rolled around, Nick and Sarah had whipped up mashed potatoes, meatloaf, and an assortment of other dishes, along with apple pie for dessert. Sarah was waddling more than walking, and she felt quite hungry, which, given she was eating for three, made considerable sense. The table was set for seven in all. The doorbell rang, and the guests began to arrive. First Pam and Alexander, then Tom and Billie.

“This all looks great, you two really know how to cook!” Pam complimented.

“Thanks, but Nick did most of the work,” Sarah added, getting a rare grin from her husband.

As the guests began to tuck in, Sarah and Nick could not help but notice that they were one person short. “Hmm, dinner’s ready, it’s eight, and Wu Zhelan hasn’t shown up yet, anyone know when she might be here?” Sarah was wondering when the admittedly gorgeous Chinese woman would arrive. She hadn’t anticipated the reaction of the other guests.

There had been a smattering of casual conversation, but that died away as soon as Wu’s name was mentioned. The other guests went silent, and looked around in what could only be described as concern and alarm. “Well, we don’t know,” Billie said. “Most of us don’t talk to her much, she kind of does her own thing.” They were all aware of her predatory habits, and didn’t want to get on Wu’s bad side.

Tom spoke up, stammering a bit as he spoke. “The thing you need to understand about Wu to start with, is that she has a very…..selective diet.” Nick and Sarah were confused, not knowing what they ment.

Sarah furrowed her brow, that sounded oddly ominous. “Well, that shouldn’t be a problem, I can easily whip up something she’ll like.”

As if on cue, the doorbell rang once again, and Nick got up. “Hold on, I got it.” As he opened the door, there stood Wu, eye to eye with him. She had traded out her casual attire for a skintight red dress that cut off well above the knee, leaving little to the imagination. Nick swallowed, turning a bit red, not expecting this at all. “Oh, hey, Wu, glad you could make it.”

Wu sauntered inside, smiling right back. “Glad I could too, sorry I’m late.” Her eyes zeroed in on Sarah, seemingly ignoring the feast on the table. “This all looks amazing,” she said cheerfully. Wu walked into the dining room, but rather than take the empty seat, she walked right up behind Sarah. “And I heard what you said, by the way, and don’t worry, I think I can find something for myself,” she purred, rubbing Sarah’s shoulders and whispering in her ear.

Now this had taken a turn, and the others didn’t dare object. In fact, they looked pretty interested, Tom and Billie especially, as red patches had appeared on both their cheeks. Nick was confused, a little outraged at this woman seemingly making a move on his wife, and somewhat aroused by this himself.

“Now, I just have one thing to ask of you, Sarah, before I join in, and by all means, you all can keep eating,” Wu announced. “Could you pull your chair out a bit, please?”

Sarah stammered, beet red and shaking. “Uh, s-sure, Wu.” She did so, showing she was not wearing any shoes or socks, still in her dress, enough that there was plenty of space, and Wu squatted down in front of her. Her hands began to wander all over Sarah’s stomach, leaning her head against it. “My, my, look at you, Sarah, so big and round. When’s the due date?”

“Um…next month? And why do you keep rubbing me like that?” Sarah was feeling confusion, apprehension, and had to admit, a beautiful woman like this giving her such attention was quite appealing. Wu didn’t answer, as she was inspecting the meat and wasn’t about to say so.


Wu’s stomach let out a deep rumble of anticipation. She was feeling quite hungry after all, and Sarah was about to be the main course of tonight’s dinner. For someone like Wu, she had quite a big appetite. She swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and looked up at the assembled guests, all of whom had stopped eating to watch. They, excluding Nick, knew what was about to happen, but had never seen it in person before.

“Sorry about that, everyone. I think I’ve found my dinner anyway,” Wu said, fixing her predatory gaze upon Sarah. She lifted the woman’s legs, a bit swollen, rubbing her feet. Then, Wu opened her mouth as far as she could and slid in Sarah’s feet. At once, she began to lather and nibble on them, the rough soles pressing against her tongue, until Wu swallowed, pulling them into her throat.

“W-what’s going on here?” Nick watched his neighbor shove his wife’s feet into her throat and swallow. Pam stood up and gestured for him to sit down. “Tom said Wu had a unique diet, and it’s mostly people. Right now it seems like she’s settled on Sarah, and there’s very little one can do when she’s started eating. I’m sorry for this, Nick, but unless you want to be next on her menu, don’t try to stop her.”

Wu flicked her eyes back, nodding, and she took another swallow, thankful that Sarah’s legs were so easy to get down, the easiest part of a meal. That swollen belly with twins near due date loomed above her, and she would have considerable trouble getting it down.

Now, even as her legs were being forced into the hungry Chinese woman’s gullet, Sarah remembered what she had heard. Predators were relatively uncommon, at most one in 20, and disproportionately female. She and Nick had never encountered one until now. Yet, feeling the hot, wet flesh squeezing against her feet, Sarah felt a shiver go up her spine. She was facing the prospect of being eaten alive, her life snuffed out prematurely and her children never having a chance to live, and yet, meeting Wu’s hungry gaze, she felt quite turned on, her nipples hardening. Sarah bit her lip, face flushed, and winked at Nick. “Don’t stop her, we came here to host for dinner, and I’m going to play my part. It’s only right we be hospitable.

Smart girl . Wu thought to herself, working her way now up to Sarah’s thighs. *Gulp…gulp…gulp….* Every swallow, wet suckle, and more, filled the ears of everyone present. Sarah began to pant as more of her was being pulled down into the hot, wet depths, and she let out a coo of bliss, and now ran her hand down beneath her dress and stomach, running her fingers in and out of her clit.

Everyone save Nick was enraptured by this now, and Billie was fingering herself as well, even Nick tried to suppress some of the feelings he was experiencing now. He was in shock, his wife was being swallowed by this Chinese woman they barely met, and he couldn’t do a thing to stop it.

Wu felt her dress begin to press out as Sarah’s feet were pushed into her stomach, making her prey giggle. She could see the pregnant woman playing with herself, and this was too good. Wu always had a way with her meals, she always found a way to make them accept their fate as food. Sarah had a distinct taste to her, pineapple with a hint of mango, plus pregnant women exuded something else that made them such delicacies.

Now, approaching the stomach, she figured she would take her time. Wu began to stretch her jaw, her lower one reaching Sarah’s bottom, and her tongue stretched out to begin lapping at her prey’s nethers. Sarah closed her eyes, pulling her fingers away, allowing her predator to pleasure her. Nick was good with his tongue as well, but this was even better.

Never in his entire life had Nick ever thought he’d see another woman going down on Sarah, let alone while eating her whole. He was too shocked to do anything now, simply sitting down and watching, like a train wreck. He could hear Billie in particular moaning happily as she seemed to be getting a kick out of this. “So, how is she?” he said, in an effort to be polite.

Wu gave a thumbs up and tried to open her mouth more, but it only came perhaps halfway up Sarah’s immense belly. She knew it would be trouble. She stretched and stretched, feeling a crack as she unhinged her jaw in full now, and could feel the babies inside kicking. All the while, her tongue pushed deeper into Sarah, and hitting the right spot, her prey hit climax. “H-hh-aahhAAAH” Sarah bucked wildly, and gushed her feminine fluids all over Wu’s mouth, which she gulped down greedily. The predator herself was now feeling a rush from what she was doing, resisting the urge to shove her own fingers up her clit.

Wu was sweating, her jaw felt like it was on fire, yet, somehow she crested the hill and brought her mouth over the top of Sarah’s stomach.

“Ooh, now you have me,” Sarah panted, still coming down from that orgasm but still quite horny.

What had started as a dinner party turned into something Nick hadn’t been expecting, it felt more like human sacrifice than anything else. Wu pulled her jaw over Sarah’s belly, and briefly gagged as she nearly choked, a series of hefty swallows pushing it down her gullet, all while the babies kept kicking. *gulp…gulp….mgulp* He tried to engage the others in conversation. “Let’s find something to talk about and leave her too it,” he said. The five of them began to pretend to ignore the pregnant woman being devoured alive.

Anyone close enough to see could tell the predatory woman’s stomach was stretching out, as Sarah’s legs were pushed down inside, folding into a cramped position by the muscular walls, and Sarah knew it would be much more cramped. She could not wait.

Wu almost wished she had worn something different, as she felt and heard her dress tearing under the strain. Every swallow brought down more of Sarah, even as she worked her way up to the chest, she knew this woman was all hers. Sarah was by far the best person she had ever eaten so far in her life, and this was an unforgettable evening, especially as she had observers this time.

Sarah yelped in delight and giggled as Wu bit down and suckled on her milk-laden tits, it was almost a shame she would never produce any. Inch by inch, she was sinking further into that dark, gastric abyss, in which she would end her life as food for another woman. And she was alright with that, her only regrets being she would never be able to raise her children, and how Nick would be deprived of her and them. As Wu worked up her head, she turned to look at Nick one final time. “Goodbye, Nick, I love you-“ Sarah’s final words to her husband were silenced as Zhelan pushed the woman’s head into her mouth, bulging her cheeks out and a few strands of hair hung limply like spaghetti. All Nick could watch now was the love of his life vanishing past a pair of crimson lips.

Everyone was dead silent, the only noise being Zhelan’s slurps, smacks, and swallows along with Sarah’s giggling in delight. The red dress the predator had worn was now torn, her belly spilling out. Now, the moment of truth.


Zhelan swallowed hard, signaling Sarah’s death knell, as the woman’s head slipped into her throat, the bulge of Sarah’s face swelling and sinking past her breasts, the woman curling up into a fetal position as she was squeezed into the stomach.

Zhelan gracefully dabbed a bit of saliva from her lips with a napkin, one hand lying across her voluminous stomach, the ache in her jaw barely noticeable now. Her dress had completely torn, but that was of little consequence, a replacement was no trouble to buy. The atmosphere of the dinner party had turned awkward and silent, not that she cared, she got what she had wanted. She smiled at Nick, and it was more smug and slightly menacing than happy. “I must say, thank you for the meal and your wonderful hospitality.” The predator felt quite sated now, as she felt Sarah squirming about lightly within the confines of her stomach. She pulled herself up, straining from the weight, into Sarah’s now vacant chair, sitting properly among the guests. “Now that was a meal, I’m stuffed.” She sighed, turning into a moan, then bit her lip, cupping her breasts with both hands. Her nipples were rock hard, visible through the fabric of her dress, having neglected to wear a bra. Zhelan’s face was flush, and she stroked her immense belly slowly and sensuously. Devouring someone was one of the most erotic experiences possible for someone like her.


The stomach walls kneaded and churned around Sarah, squeezing her into a tight fetal position, difficult with her own belly as it was. There was no room otherwise, the stomach fitting her like a glove. The air was rank and hot, utterly humid. Her entire body was soaked with Wu’s saliva, her dress soaked and if she weren’t inside a stomach, her curves and tits could be quite visible. All around her, she could hear the heartbeat and breathing of the woman who had eaten her, and Sarah heard her speaking, but the words were too muffled for her to hear. “Thank you, Zhelan,” Sarah whispered. She had secretly nursed a prey fetish for years, and she was glad she had been a good host and a better meal for this woman.

At this point, the remaining guests resumed their meals, and Pam, Alex, Tom and Billie were giving Nick silent but knowing looks of sympathy. Nick did his best to steer the conversation elsewhere, as he still wanted Zhelan to feel welcome here. The mood lightened a bit, as the others seemed to be used to their neighbors’ voracious shenanigans. Eventually, after the pie had been dished out, people seemed done.

Tom stood up, clearing his throat. “Well, this has been a great evening, but we should be going. And Nick, if you need to talk, Billie and I are available.” Pam and Alexander said the same, and they all filed out, leaving him alone with the bloated predator who had consumed his wife.

Nick was conflicted, but resolved to fulfill his role as long as she was here. It’s what Sarah would have wanted. “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed this evening and your dinner was up to your expectations.” His tone was quiet but polite.

Zhelan smiled contentedly. He’d been such a great host, and he had let her eat his pregnant wife, that was a real sacrifice. “Oh, it certainly was, handsome. The atmosphere was great, and the main course, MM! She was the best, had a bit of trouble getting her down. But don’t worry, she’ll be put to good use as tit and ass fat.” She knew he was in grief already, and it was a heady sensation, she delighted in it.

*BWUUUORRPP* The Chinese predator emitted a sizable belch, and within the stomach, Sarah felt it tighten almost painfully around her as her dress was torn from her body, flying up the esophagus and splatting on the floor of the dining room. It was now all Nick had left of his wife, that saliva soaked dress.

“ Mm, excuse me. Well, before I ruin your chair, I think I’d better get home. I got some digesting to do, after all,” Zhelan snickered, and her face contorted in exertion as she grunted, hefting herself to her feet with great difficulty.

“Oh, and if it’s any consolation, she should lose consciousness before digestion starts, pity, I love screaming, but still, hope that helps. If you’re feeling up for anything ever, I live across the street.” With that and a wink, Zhelan walked towards the door, getting stuck at one point, before idling out, sashaying her hips and hoping Nick was staring. Perhaps after the mourning period, she might give him a shot.

All Nick could do was watch this woman walk away with his wife and children that would never be born trapped in her stomach like a piece of meat. In the space of a single day, his life had been shattered, he had been a man about to become a father, and now he’d lost it all. At least he’d made Zhelan happy, but it felt like a hollow victory.

Zhelan felt glad she was an experienced pred, because she was having considerable trouble on her feet, thankfully she was close to home. Her enormous stomach, hanging down to her knees and jutting forward several feet, bounced and wobbled from side to side as she walked. “Sarah, you were just delish! I’m going to be frank with you, big preggos like yourself are my favorites! I had my eye on you ever since you arrived.”

“ Imph gld Ish ws tshty ”

The reply from her gut was quite muffled, and Zhelan could hardly make out the words. But she knew the sentiment, her prey always accepted it. She was kind of tuckered out from today’s run and the exertion of swallowing this woman, so going home to relax and sleep off her food coma was just what the doctor ordered. Her legs and feet were aching already.

Sarah could not help but laugh a bit as she bounced about, it felt quite fun. Being in a stomach wasn’t quite as bad as she thought it would be, she was breathing easier than expected. But digestion hadn’t kicked in yet, of course.

Zhelan squeezed herself through the door, compressing her prey even further, and stripped off what remained of her dress. She had gone commando, so now she was stark naked. “Ah, much *urp* better. By the time she headed to bed, digestion was sure to kick in, as her stomach was getting rather noisy as it was, trying to figure out how to handle this big, plump piece of meat.

Within the confines of the woman’s stomach, Sarah could hardly hear a thing, muffled by the thick walls of flesh, heartbeat, breathing, and of course, the occasional rumble of the stomach. She just sat back and enjoyed being food as Zhelan went about her evening. Sarah listened as hard as she could, wondering what her predator was doing.

In truth, Zhelan had done a few quick clean up things pre bed time, and had already showered after her run, so she could just go to bed as she pleased. “Ah, this was a good day. New neighbors, a full gut, everything went as planned.” And another preggo added to her tally.

*BBBRMBLE* A loud growl caught her ear and Sarah felt the wind knocked out of her as the stomach walls pushed against her hard, her face pressed into the slimy muscles. She felt stomach slimes secreting all over her now, and a slight tingle on her body as acids began to pool at the bottom of the stomach. “Well, little ones, it seems our time is running out,” she said quietly, giving her stomach a rub. “I’m sorry, that I could not have been a proper mother to you. But perhaps I can in a better place,” Sarah said mournfully. That was her one regret.

Zhelan yawned. “Well, Sarah, seems like we’d best be getting to bed. I’ll be seeing you on my ass and in my toilet tomorrow, hope you don’t make me too gassy.” she snickered. She knew the woman couldn’t hear her, but didn’t care. Gloating was so delightful. Her belly had let out several rumbles, and she knew digestion was beginning. “And hey, since your hubby’s single now, I might be of assistance.”

Waddling to her bed, Zhelan heaved herself onto it, easing the ache in her legs at last. “Good night, Sarah, I hardly knew ye, but you were a fantastic neighbor and an even better supper.” Zhelan fell asleep almost instantly, and began to snore quite loudly.

Inside, Sarah could hear the snoring, noting her predator had fallen asleep. The gurgles and groans around her grew more intense, the stomach kneading and squeezing growing harder. More and more acids were flowing now, and she knew her digestive demise had begun. “Forgive me, Nick, I needed to do this. I hope you’ll be able to find happiness.” Sarah felt quite content, wishing only she could have given birth before becoming a meal. She was getting quite sleepy now, and Sarah nuzzled into one side of the stomach, falling into slumber as the acids rose around her.

Zhelan had known that it would likely take considerable time to digest Sarah, as big as she was. As Sarah’s movements inside her slowly ceased, the stomach began its work, acids slowly eating away and beginning the long, arduous process of breaking Sarah down. It was considerably slower, for all the loud grumbles, fizzes, bubbling and churning, taking its time in pulling her apart. It started with her skin, clumps of hair falling off as well.

By the time Wu Zhelan awoke the next morning, she was surprised to see that her belly was still surprisingly large, and she felt much of Sarah’s body still floating about in the sloshy organ which had shrunk only to her knees. “My, aren’t you a resilient one, Sarah. Oh well, by the end of today I’ll have thoroughly processed you.”

Her gut still sloshed and churned, determinedly working on its pregnant meal. That had been a lot of meat, and Zhelan figured next time she’d go for someone smaller. “Hmm, a smaller meal when I’m done. I know! Those kids over at the playground. They’re free range so those little shits should be easy pickings!” Smirking, Zhelan went to make breakfast, and as she ate, it seemed to facilitate the digestion a bit, each bite that plopped into her belly only adding. Crunches and groans at last could be heard as Sarah’s form was finally being broken down into a soupy mass. “Probably shouldn’t be out yet with a gut full of preggo soup. At least I got a day off.” Zhelan hadn’t expected it to take this long to digest her.

At this point, it was best to just relax, so Zhelan sat down on the couch in the living room, the impact provoking a massive slosh from her belly, as if it were an organic balloon. “At least the benefit of being at home is I can sit around naked.”

While she watched TV, the intestines at last began to receive the first of her meal, sucking and burbling noises abounding as peristalsis pushed the remains of Sarah into the small intestine. It was so loud that Zhelan had to turn up the volume. A couple hours later, she decided to do some exercises, putting on some yoga pants and a sports bra. First came some jumping jacks, then yoga, laying atop her shrinking belly. Then, just as Zhelan did a position that put her ass in the air, a bubble hit her bowels and she farted quite loudly. *BBBRRRRT* “Sarah, guess you did exactly what I told you not to do,” Zhelan joked, continuing her workout. This sped things up a bit, and by the time Zhelan was done, her meal had hit the colon. Fart after fart left her colon as she sat on the couch, stark naked once more.

As her body processed what had once been a woman with two unborn children, Zhelan’s body gained some noticeable assets. A large portion of the preggo had gone straight to her ass, her plump derriere making her feel like new clothes, especially panties, would be a good item to buy now, especially considering the strain her newly thickened thighs would cause. Zhelan noted her squishy cheeks and legs had begun sinking into the couch cushions.

Getting up from the couch, Zhelan admired her new form in her bedroom mirror. “Mm, Sarah, you really provided me with a nice new figure, haven’t you?” Zhelan had been slender yesterday, and now she bordered on plus size territory. “You won’t be going to waste, I promise that much.”

Of course, Zhelan would not be going anywhere just yet, as it seemed like what was left of her late meal had other ideas at that moment. Another wet fart slipped out, followed up by a throbbing in the bubble butt she'd been appraising, the Chinese temptress made a quick dash to the toilet, fattened porcelain rear jiggling with every step.

The moment her bountiful bottom hit the seat, Sarah and her twins returned at last as a thick load of shit from the predator’s anus. Zhelan sighed, tongue lolling out and began to finger herself in arousal as more deep-brown turds emerged from her sphincter, plopping into the bowl. Traces of bones of the once lovely pregnant woman and strands of her silky hair emerged with each heap of dark, steaming shit that Zhelan passed, the predator straining, sweat on her forehead, and wiggled her legs and hips to help.

As suddenly as it had started, the deadly but beautiful womans colossal bowel movement came to an abrupt end, a sputtering series of farts erupting from her backside as the flow came to an end. Zhelan was surprised at how much she was sweating, pausing to think about the smell, which was utterly rank. Thank God for air freshener.

“Thanks for dinner last night, Sarah, but, damn. That was tiring, and hurt a bit.” Zhelan quickly wiped up, being quite careful as her bottom was quite tender now. Having nothing else to say, she flushed, repeatedly, watching the pile of shit circle and vanish into the sewers. A young woman, expecting children, came to a sudden demise.

Zhelan returned to her room, having expected this sort of weight gain. She had plenty of loose fitting dresses, and she had other meals down the line, namely those children at the park. She had to admit, she looked downright gorgeous. Perhaps Nick would be receptive to her in the future?

The world was full of possibilities, after all.
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Re: Hoboman stories (Updated)

Postby Hoboman » Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:50 am

This night out was looking to be pretty promising, and Sarah Little had her eyes on one guy in particular. He was sitting there, drink in hand, relatively small and skinny, maybe 5’2” but big enough to be a filling meal. She noted he was effectively her polar opposite; Sarah being somewhat taller.

The African American woman was rather overweight, her melon like breasts, fat belly and jiggling butt which her green T-shirt and tight pants barely concealed were testament to years of easy meals. And this guy was about to join them. Sarah could tell this guy was looking for a one night stand, and she wouldn’t need to work hard at this. From the look of his attire he was on the wealthier side, too. There were plenty of pred and prey bars, but this wasn’t one. Nonetheless, Sarah figured she should snatch this guy before someone else did.


The man was taken by surprise as he turned in response to Sarah’s voice, turning a bit red as he took in her curves. Sarah knew plenty of guys, and women, liked big girls like her. “Oh, uh, hey,” he stammered in reply.

The predatory BBW knew talking him out of here would be easy. She leaned over the bar, giving him a good side view of her cleavage. “So, nice place, huh? By the way, my name’s Sarah. And you?”

“Uh, Bobby,” he replied. Bobby had short, mussed auburn hair and He hadn’t been expecting to run into someone quite like this. “And yeah, it is. Been coming here for a while, and you?”

Sarah was quite practical and wanted to get right to the point; she’d have plenty of time to tease him when she got him back to her place. “Hmm, Bobby, that’s a nice name. And nah, just discovered it last week, wanted a change of scenery, figured this seemed like the place. And you’ve got some good taste, this is nice.”

Bobby now smiled, seemingly relaxing a bit. “Thanks. One reason I came here is that there’s a lot fewer people who’d try to eat me, and I’ve been in too many ‘pred’ bars already. This place is a lot safer for someone like me.” He had absolutely no idea that this woman talking to him was one of those people, letting his guard down prematurely.

Sarah nodded knowingly, keeping her true intentions unknown. “Yeah, I can imagine. I’ve seen a few of my friends get gurgled over the years, it’s sometimes nicer to come somewhere a little lower key.”

“Yeah, ditto, watched a buddy of mine get eaten by this big, tall blonde lady, real Amazon type,” Bobby recalled. A lot of men tended to get either devoured by female preds or in bed with them, and this happened to women too. There were men, almost exclusively late teens to mid 20s who ate women, to say nothing of lesbian and bisexual women preds along with gay and bi men. He was relaxing somewhat now, talking to her was proving to be quite helpful in calming him.

Sarah actually knew that chick he described. Tara had been a friend of hers going back a long time, and they often had eating contests together. Not that she’d mention that. “Yeah, that sucks. Never been much for eating people myself,” she lied through her teeth, a bit of relief quite noticeable from her intended prey.

Now, she adjusted a bit, her ass and breasts jiggling. “So, wanna get outta here and get to know each other a bit better?” She gave him a knowing wink.

Now Bobby seemed to calm down a bit, though his face turned beet red, thinking it over as he gazed at Sarah’s gorgeous bulk. The idea of getting intimate with this goddess really made coming out here worth it. He’d always had an attraction to bigger women, and yet he’d never been able to muster up the courage to ask somebody out. And now, someone had propositioned him. Bobby, in this moment, felt like the luckiest man alive. If he had known what Sarah really had in store for him, he might not have thought that way. “Sure, I’d love to. Your place or mine?”

Bobby shrugged. He had walked here, but didn’t mind going over to someone else’s house. It couldn’t be that far, after all. “Why not yours? I don’t mind.”

Sarah felt relieved to hear that. She liked to digest her prey in peace at home, “Ok, hun, then let’s go.” She got up out of her seat and beckoned Bobby to follow, which he did, still transfixed on her wonderful body.

“Happily.” Bobby was smiling stupidly, eager to get home and get intimate, and followed Sarah out into the parking lot, watching her pull something out of the back of her car. Sarah was leaving nothing to chance and smirking to herself. “Could you turn around for a second, hun?” Bobby nodded, confused. “Uh, sure, what’s this about-?”

He was barely able to finish when he felt a blow to the back of the head, losing consciousness almost immediately and crumpling to the ground. Sarah chuckled and pulled out a big gray bag, looking around to ensure no one was watching, before pulling Bobby into it. Normally, she liked bringing home her prey on their own, but in this case, she wanted to have some fun. Placing the sack containing Bobby in the back, Sarah got into the car and drove home. All the while, her belly let out growls of hunger, eager to be sated. She could not help but imagine how Bobby would taste, and it was enough to make her wet.

Sarah hefted the bag over her shoulder and walked into her home, feeling a brief wiggle and hearing a groan as Bobby was coming to. Inside the bag, Bobby awoke, unsure of what happened. His head was throbbing, and he couldn’t see, all around him it was dark and it felt like he was in some kind of sack.

At last, he saw light, and Bobby was dumped onto a bed, grunting. “Well, look who’s come back to the land of the living,” a familiar voice called out, and he looked about to see Sarah. The BBW was no longer in her usual clothes, but had stripped down to a bra and panties, revealing the fat of her belly, thighs and breasts, every inch of her wonderful ebony body on full display.

“S-Sarah? Did you knock me out?” Bobby still didn’t understand why he was here. She nodded, ready to bring it home on him, and she was a bit peculiar in grabbing meals. She wasn’t as straight forward.

“That’s right, hun. Couldn’t have you running away before I gobbled you down,” Sarah snickered, pressing a finger into her flabby belly, which made a distinct, low noise in response. “Hear that, my tummy wants ya.”

Bobby’s face fell and his blood ran cold as he now realized exactly why Sarah had approached him in the first place. “What? Why? If you’d wanted to eat me, why didn’t you just do it back in the club when you could have just gulped me?”

Sarah chuckled deeply, her belly and breast quaking. “Well, I felt like toying around a bit, that was too straightforward. I do that a lot, and wanted to change it up with you. Now, take a good long look, you’re gonna be squeezed out of this big ass of mine when I’m done with you.” She turned around, squatting over him, hovering her ass in front of his face. Then, abruptly, she sat down, engulfing Bobby’s face and upper torso underneath her flabby cheeks.

Bobby’s eyes widened. “Wha-MMPH!” His words were cut off, barely having enough time to protest as Sarah sat down on his head, the chocolate colored cheeks pressing around him and pushing his face up between her crack, barely covered by her panties. Bobby was pressed down into the mattress, barely able to breathe, the only air hot and inhaling Sarah’s own musk.

Sarah loved to sit on people, and she wiggled her ass, pushing him down further. She was tempted just to shove Bobby up her rear, but not this time, he was going down her throat. “Hmm, what’s that, babe? Sorry, can’t hear you!” The feeling of a man’s face wedged between her asscheeks was quite pleasurable indeed. “Hmm, you’re lucky I’m not feeling gassy,” she teased, then lifted her ass off his face and sat down on his chest instead.

Bobby gasped for air as that fat ass lifted away from his head, only to wheeze as Sarah sat on his chest. He continued to plead as best he could.

“Listen, this is crazy! Let’s be honest, you don’t want to eat me! I’ll give you indigestion or something!” He kept squirming, but Sarah had him pinned; his movements only jiggled her bulk. “Let me go and I’ll give you whatever you want! Money, cars, you name it!”

This did not dissuade Sarah one bit, and she had enough money to be comfortable financially. “Sorry, hun, but you’re mine for keeps. But don’t worry, you’ll be part of this big, fat body forever, just like everyone else I’ve eaten.”

“I’m not food!” Bobby continued protesting in vain. At this point, though, looking up at Sarah’s round face and her ravenous eyes, he knew deep down he was done for, not that it would prevent him from putting up a fight.

“Sorry, sweetie, but I got my hands on you fair and square, under any rules of predation I can eat you if I like, and I’m gonna,” Sarah casually replied. “Just think. As big and fat as my butt is now, you’re gonna be adding just a bit more to it, barely noticeable. Maybe my tum and girls will get some of you too. But you’re kind of a shrimp. Still, big enough to be a decent meal. Gonna gurgle away in my gut, and be pushed out of this ass as a pile of shit tomorrow.”

Bobby found himself sobbing uncontrollably now; the prospect of his imminent gastric demise terrifying him. He’d seen friends and ex-girlfriends get devoured, and hoped beyond all hope he wouldn’t join them. But that was not to be.

“Mmm, yeah, keep that up, it’ll only make you taste better.” Sarah rolled over and then pinned him down, staring him in the face. “Sorry to cut this short, sweetie, but I’m hungry, and it’s time for you to do your part.” Sarah’s lips parted, revealing a salivating maw practically dripping with it, in the back, Bobby could see her uvula.

“Sarah, please-No-MPH!” Once again, Bobby was interrupted mid plea, and his head was thrust into warm, wet darkness, and Sarah’s tongue lashed out at his face, covering him in her hot, sticky saliva.

Sarah closed her eyes to imagine how he looked in there at the moment, the taste of peanuts and mint hitting her at once, and she had to concede both of those were good. Every person she ate had a different flavor to them, there was just something about predators’ taste buds that let them pick those up off people. Rolling over onto her back, Sarah kept Bobby’s body firmly pressed against her own as she began to eat him, noting with a chuckle he seemed to be liking it despite everything, judging by the poking she felt down in his groin.

She took a hefty gulp, stretching her mouth, pushing Bobby’s head and shoulders into her throat, and using her hands firmly gripping his butt, began to shove more of him inside her. Sarah was a loud eater, moaning, grunting, slurping and smacking while consuming her prey, and Bobby’s smaller form wriggled about in her grip, seeking to escape. But that would not happen, of course.

Despite his best efforts, Bobby continued to be forced down the big black woman’s hungry throat, and down below him he could hear her heartbeat, breathing, and the telltale rumbles of the waiting stomach, all while her throat muscles squeezed at him hard, leaving him no room to move about. In spite of his own terror, his cock was throbbing hard, his body finding the experience indelibly erotic, helped by the fact that Sarah was squeezing his ass.

Sarah had taken care to strip down Bobby a bit before eating him, and he was only wearing his boxers. She stroked his erect shaft with one hand, and felt a shudder of pleasure going down her meal’s back even while he was being eaten alive.

Despite his protests, Bobby had to concede Sarah’s hand action was incredible, his arousal interrupted by a squelching and push that thrust his head into the stomach. The big woman pushed his hips into her mouth, feeling the throbbing member hit her tongue and she moaned in pleasure, running her tongue under Bobby’s boxers to gently stimulate him.

It didn’t take much, as he was already quite turned on. Bobby gasped and hit climax, going rigid as he felt a warm gush of his fluids, all over Sarah’s tongue, trickling down her throat. The pred grunted in pleasure before finishing off Bobby with a few well timed gulps. That had hit the spot, and she felt a bit of cum run down her cheek as she closed her eyes, feeling Bobby slip down her gullet and fall into her stomach.

“Mmm, babe you were delicious, and that cream topping, Mm!” Sarah cleaned up her mouth, laying back, enjoying the afterglow of the meal and feeling Bobby inside. He had been small enough to make only a barely discernable bulge, hardly standing out against her rolls of fat, which nonetheless jiggled greatly as he fought inside her, a handprint occasionally surfacing.

Bobby struggled to right himself, all while the undulating, slimy walls of the stomach squeezed in around him. It was fairly roomy in here, which made sense considering how big Sarah was, but still, the air was hot, humid, with a sharp scent of acid, though it hadn’t yet started to flow. The walls squeezed about him quite hard and a rush of air went past him back up his predator’s gullet and the stomach vibrated as Sarah’s belch echoed around him, making him cover his ears.

*BRAAAAAAPPPP* “There we go,” Sarah chuckled, patting her stomach. “Ya know, there’s really nothing like a good after dinner burp, especially when you just ate somebody.” The gut began to make considerable noise, and Bobby felt his skin begin to tingle, his eyes widening in fear. Knowing exactly what this meant, he redoubled his struggles, pushing on the stomach walls, hitting and kicking. “Let me out of here! Please!”

Sarah just rolled her eyes in response to Bobby’s muffled pleas, barely discernable through the thick layers of muscle and fat. She saw the imprint of his hands, panicked face and body outlined for a few moments, which was always fun to see. “Sounds like my acids are going to work. Sorry Bobby, it’s been fun, but it’s time for you to digest for me. ‘Sides, as much of a weak looking little bastard you were, some other gal would have gulped you if I hadn’t. You were never anything more than just food. You’ll be better off as butt fat and shit anyway.”

The gut was roiling now, muscles churning and pushing, the air rapidly beginning to go stale and acidic, Bobby coughing as the acids began to fill up the gastric chamber, being pushed under at one point and spitting out a mouthful. “P-Please! I’m not food! I can’t die! N-Not like this!” The tingling was turning to a burning sensation, the acids up to his neck as the gurgling intensified.

Sarah never knew why her prey always did this. “Um, let me see. I just swallowed you, you’re sitting in my gut being digested as we speak. So yeah, you’re *uurrp* food.” She slapped her sloshy gut and the indent of Bobby’s face disappeared. Sarah yawned and stretched. “Now, this has been a long day, and I need to sleep off this meal.” With that, Sarah laid down and closed her eyes, cradling her stomach as she fell asleep, snoring quite loudly.

Her snores thundered in Bobby’s ears, and he groaned in agony, knowing his fate was sealed. He could feel his flesh peeling off him, the acids biting deeply into his body, which felt like it was on fire. He could hardly breathe now, and he was fading fast. Never had he thought that he would end up as food for some fat black woman, and this was what his life amounted to. Bobby at last succumbed, sinking under the bubbling acids and losing consciousness, his last thought was how he was little more than quick meal and a morning bowel movement.


As if sensing its’ contents demise, the stomach released an echoing growl, going to work in full to break down Bobby. His bones were broken up by the squeezes of the stomach, acids stripping his flesh away, bit by bit over hours, reducing him to chyme bubbling in Sarah Little’s stomach, with pieces of his bones thrown in. As Sarah slept, her snores comingled with the sounds of her active digestion, occasionally overshadowing it.

The chyme was squeezed into the small intestine, emptying the stomach, and the predator would no doubt be hungry again when she awoke. All the while, Sarah dreamt of many things, most of them eating related. Despite her own bulk, Sarah was an experienced pred and had a fairly efficient digestion; helped by the relatively small meal she had had for herself this time.

The intestines enriched Sarah’s large body with what she could get from Bobby, and by the time the sun rose, the colon had taken over, beginning to extract any remaining water. She awoke, feeling enriched. “Oh man, there was a good meal, thanks hun,” she patted her belly and was answered with a growl. Sarah inspected herself. Her tits had a bit of extra bounce to it, her belly had a little bit of flab and her thighs were a bit thicker. “Not bad, more than I was expecting from a pipsqueak like you. Nice bit of pudge, that’ll help me get more meals.”

She could feel her colon pushing what was left through her vast body, and as if on cue Sarah ripped a fart. *Praaabbbt* “Whew! Bobby, you really didn’t like being in me! Eating something oughta move you along.”

Sarah went down, still in her lingerie, as she wasn’t going anywhere just yet and felt a bit freer in this outfit, and now that her stomach was empty, her appetite was piqued once again and it craved more. Sarah prepared for herself quite a spread, fruits, egg, oatmeal and bacon. The oatmeal in particular contained plenty of fiber, which for Sarah, being the predator she was, was vital in keeping her system moving.

As she dug in, Sarah read a news article on her phone, noting how the number of preds was increasing, but the number of people being eaten was declining. Granted, there was also efforts to promote cloning as an alternate food source for preds to ensure they didn’t gobble people into extinction, which was going quite well, running certain trials now.

All the while, her meal was pushed deeper into her bowels, the colon receiving signals from her brain now that food was coming in, to make room by expelling the most recent meal. It displaced considerable gas, making its way out of Sarah’s famously huge ass. *PRPT BRAAAPT PPPRT PPRT* Sarah, like most preds, was pretty open, and thought nothing of ripping one in public.

She finished up eating, setting her empty dishes aside, and sitting back, patting her fuller belly. “Ah, yum! Now, sweetie, I think it’s time to let you out.” Sarah idly got up, feeling the need, and headed upstairs to her bathroom. She noted the pile of Bobby’s clothes lying idly by her dresser, making a note to toss those out later on. Aside from the loaf of shit and bits of bone compressed in her rectum, they were all that remained of him.

Sarah pulled down her panties and planted her ass on the toilet, thinking of how cute Bobby had once been, and how unappealing he would look now. Sarah took a deep breath and clenched, beginning to push out her shit. She recalled how her mother had always told her to eat her vegetables; though to be fair, she did, and imagined how swallowing people might get her an admonishment, especially one like Sarah had gotten visiting last week. Her hand began to rub her abdomen in a circular motion, digging deeply into her fat.

“I wonder what you’d think of all this now,” she muttered as Bobby began to descend, “Oh well, ya provided some important protein.” Sarah grunted as she felt a log push past her pucker, then fell clear into the bowl. Her mind was now entirely preoccupied with emptying her bowels, which thankfully was proving to be an easy task. Sarah almost never got constipated or got indigestion.

Every log squeezed out of Sarah’s rectum felt rather hot, from being so long stewing within her body, plopping into the toilet and piling atop one another, and Sarah’s rubbing helped smooth things out. Taking a deep breath and quietly pressing, she pushed the last log out and felt herself empty.

Sarah could not count how many men, and women as well, had met their ultimate fate as a smear on her toilet bowl. Wiping her ass and standing up, she smirked at the pile she had made of Bobby, yet another victim of her digestive tract. The air was kind of earthy and a bit pungent, but this was nowhere near the most foul smelling BM she’d ever had. That distinction went to that blonde bimbo she’d snacked on last month. It had almost been enough to make her vomit, and digesting those airbags of hers had taken some doing.

“Welp, see ya, Bobby. You were cute, but not that cute. Especially now.”

Sarah flushed, watching his remains circling the drain and disappearing. Now her mind turned to tonight, and what future meals awaited.
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