Short vore fic I wrote, ft. giantess, foodplay, and burping!

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Short vore fic I wrote, ft. giantess, foodplay, and burping!

Postby unwillingfood » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:13 pm

Not much more to be said, hope you enjoy! ... no-manners
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Re: Short vore fic I wrote, ft. giantess, foodplay, and burp

Postby ForTheGloryOfEcchi » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:55 pm

Can you post it here? Tumblr requires an account...
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Re: Short vore fic I wrote, ft. giantess, foodplay, and burp

Postby unwillingfood » Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:39 pm

For those of you who don't have tumblr, here's the entire story!

No Manners
There was dizzy, and then there was this.

Nausea didn’t even begin to even resemble what could accurately describe this sensation. His sense of space was constantly shifting and up, down, left, and right became meaningless as they unendingly traded meanings half second after half second. The only thing that remained as a constant was the warm, soft coil tightly wound around his waist.

During this disorienting experience, his entire setting was reduced to something just in the background. White noise to the focus he needed to maintain as he struggled to gather his bearings while he hung in middair, suspended by a stpaghetti string.

The bustle of the office kitchen, the ding of the microwaves, even the laughter nearby from a young woman didn’t seem to warrant much observation in the face of his current dilemma.

“Oh my god, stop it! Jeez, you’re awful! Leave him alone, haha!”

“But just look at him!”

When her face did make its rounds through the ever revolving point of view from his winding suspended state, he saw a young woman, no more than twenty one with a very satisfied look of amusement across her fair face, unobstructed by her wavy blonde hair, strategically tied off to the side.

It didn’t seem to matter that he was flailing. Or screaming. Or, when he could, assemble meaningless, vulgar threats to chaotically spit in whatever direction he had twisted to for the half second he was there.

“Jessica, you always do this, just get it over with! That’s what I do!”

To demonstrate, Jessica’s friend Alice, sitting across the table produced a frantic young man from her tupperware, pressed him against a shallow, thick layer of sweet and sour sauce, held him, and slowly yet briefly dragged him through it before raising him to her mouth, placing him within, and muscling him down with an audible gulp.

“See! Now stop playing with your food!”

“But they’re so… funny” She said, hypnotized by his continued twists and turns, prolonged by her rebalancing of the fork from which he hung. “Like, what do you think it’s like for them in there?”

“Jessica, can you honestly imagine anything pleasant about what goes on inside your stomach?”

“Huh…guess not. They sure are fun, though.”

“They’re food. Now treat them like it and let’s hurry! I wanna get back in time for our meeting with the other interns!”

“Ok, ok!” she reassured, snapping out of her trance and positioning him and the noodle he remained trapped in above her mouth.

“Oh my god, this is an office! You can’t eat like that!” Alice reminded her with a dash of embarrassed urgency.

“Huh?” distracted, Jessica didn’t realize the severing of the noodle and the collision of her meal’s body between her breasts. Reacting instantly, she pushed them together, embellishing her ample cleavage and muting his protests.

“Haha! Think he’d rather stay in here? Hahaha, let’s ask him! Here? Or tummy?” She mocked down to her chest.

“Haha oh my god just stop! You’re making a scene! Now let’s gooo!” Alice pressured, unable to hide her own amusement.

“Ok, ok.”

Surrendering to their schedule, Jessica retrieved from petrified little man from between her soft, warm breasts and pinning him to her tongue, wrapping her lips around her finger which she slowly pulled out, leaving him between her jaws.

Her palette palette consisted of a well establish, aromatic setting of marinara which briefly dominated his every sense. The pungent aroma flooded his head while even the humidity of her fleshy, cavernous prison seemed to be tinged with the almost palpable fragrance.

Sauce and half digested remains of pasta noodle loosened from the braod, hot surface of her tongue and began to dissolve against his skin as she pushed him from cheek to cheek, wrapping him against the suctioning musle as it retrieved her ounce of flavor from him before he was spent and sent to the next phase of his journey as a purely utilitarian being to benefit the casual, yet primal need of the young woman who earned him through her role in the food chain alone.

As damply noisy as she savored him, Jessica smacked her lips and audibly navigated her tongue within her mouth to Alice’s disgust.

“God, I swear, you have no manners, Jess.”

Completely caught off guard, Jessica aggressively released a past her parted lips, almost as if a receipt to confirm the arrival of her morsel to his new home.

“Yea, but… haha, oh well!” and together they were off to finish their day, joined by their struggling company within.
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