Story: The cuck [F/m]

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Story: The cuck [F/m]

Postby noego » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:39 am

Warnings for rough furry sex, fatality. Hope it doesn't break your eyes or mind of you choose to read it which you TOTALLY SHOULD NOT.

The cuck

When he came to he found himself looking at a harsh fluorescent light hanging from the ceiling perhaps 12 feet above him and feeling hard ground below himself. He blinked a moment and shut his eyes again.

The last thing he remembered before this was the judge passing sentence. 5 years. Five fucking years for having a few grams of dope! He let out a groan and wished for a moment for the black to come again.

"Looks like he's coming to, Bren", he heard a soft, feminine voice coming from his left.

A slap then shoved his face to the right, his cheek instantly starting to hurt heavily. "Ow!", he cried out as he turned to face his assailant.

It was a very large sow. Not very fat, just... bulky. Muscle under the blubber. The slap she then gave him on the opposite cheek to before served to prove she was a force to be reckoned with.

Before he could complain again, she screamed, "PRISONER A9853! YOU ASSAULTED OFFICER BRENDA PURCELL EVEN BEFORE YOUR INTAKE! YOU ARE THEREFORE TO BE GIVEN SPECIAL PROCESSING!" Spittle flew onto his face, her surprisingly minty breath hitting his face like a warm summer breeze.

She stood up from her squatting position over him and put her boot on his chest, very effectively keeping him there as he momentarily tried to get up. And it made it hard for him go breathe. He'd HIT someone? A guard on top of everything?

"Prisoner A9853", said the first voice he'd heard, softly. This made him realize how quiet the room was from the intake area. The walls were covered from floor to ceiling in white tiles, a shower head and an exposed toilet were nearby. On the opposite side of the room to those was the sole door, a desk, a chair, and another guard, another female, a rather small black cat. As the large sow, both were wearing grey uniforms, belts carrying cuffs, batons and cattle prods. They were also wearing the same style glasses with thick rims.

As he got a grip on his surrounding, the cat continued, "Jacob Fitzimmons. E. a. asinus anthro, 19 years of age. Young little donkey boy! Convicted of marihuana possession in the first degree. Will be staying with us from one to five years." She clicked her tongue and said, "At this rate, more like five. Assaulting a guard on the first day..."

"What the hell are you...", and stopped speaking as the sow put more of her weight on that foot on his chest, air escaping him. If she chose to put her full weight on him she might crack his ribcage, so he called himself to silence.

"PRISONER A9853 WILL REMAIN SILENT!", she shouted again. Even from afar, he could feel some spittle hitting his face. It had to be on purpose. He went with his instinct telling him to remain quiet. After a moment, the sow relieved the pressure from his chest and turned to the cat. "Please continue, Shell", switching from her ear splitting screaming to professional conversation level with ease.

The cat cleared her throat and said, "You assaulted officer Brenda Purcell, and therefore are to receive an enhanced search and confinement to the hole for a week as standard procedure." He shuddered at this. This was his first time in prison but he'd seen enough media relating how undesirable all versions of "the hole" were. The cat continued, "But we're all reasonable people here. If you behave, maybe we can... look over this incident, yes? Will you be a good boy, Jack?", tilting her head and smiling.

He nodded and said, "Yes, Ma'am", as quick as his speech would allow.

"Ok, you'll undress now", the cat said, now looking at the sow and indicating her to release him with a move of her head.

The donkey stood up as the cat continued and the sow moved her foot away, "What's a pretty young donkey with a first time marihuana possession doing in a high security prison?"

His eyes were fixed on the sow as he slowly unzipped the front of the orange jumper he found himself in. He was quiet for a moment but then saw Brenda move a hand to the cattle prod, at which moment he quickly replied, "I-I was, ah, dating the judge's daughter. She wanted me to get some dope and we got caught."

He now saw what might be Brenda's best attempt at a smile. It did not look good on her. Her face rotund, hair tied in a tight bun and a mouth completely unsuited to project happiness. She was not a looker. The scowl that promptly returned to her face was actually more flattering. As to the cat, she laughed amusedly, and commented, "Well, that would explain it. Wrong person at the wrong time, banging the wrong chick."

He shrugged off his the top of his jumper which then dropped down to his ankles, leaving him only in jail issued boxers and t-shirt. Boxers were definitely NOT his preferred choice of undergarment as it let him hang... too loose. Even for a donkey, he was very well endowed. The ladies, who were watching him closely took note of this fact, they let out a twin, "Oooo."

He cracked the slightest of smiles at this, it serving to remind him of his burning cheeks. Those were hard smacks. He removed pulled his shirt over his head, and dropped it to the ground, then shook off the legs of the jumper from around his ankles. He looked at Shelly as he hooked his fingers into his the waistband of his boxers. The cat nodded, and he bent down to push them off as well. When his head reached the nadir of his motion, he saw Brenda's feet move forward then felt her hands grab the back of his neck.

"Stay down, boy, turn around and put your hands against the wall", she told him, and released him.

Promptly, he did as he was told. He swallowed as the words "enhanced search" bubbled up into his brain. He heard a loud snap towards his right, where Shelly was sitting, and turned his head to look at her. The cat had just donned a latex glove on her right hand. She winked at him and proceeded to put on a glove on her left hand. Finally, she picked a large bulbous implement, with a long thin nozzle. "Is that an enema?" he couldn't help himself from asking with a quivering voice.

Brenda was quick to smack him on the back of the head, hard enough to leave him seeing spots for a few moments. Her screaming promptly followed, "THE PRISONER WILL NOT SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO!"

He nodded and bit his lower lip, lowering his head. He could see Shelly approaching how, the enema bulb in her right hand, and stepping behind him. "Stay still now", she told him. To underscore the cat's words, Brenda detached the cattle prod from her belt and used it to move his tail up and to the side.

Penetration wasn't that bad. The cat had lubricated the nozzle, so it moved into his rectum with minimal pain. This was definitely NOT how he expected a search, enhanced or not, to be.

"Such a good boy!", the cat remarked, squeezing the bulb. He couldn't help but to let the slightest of groans as a cold fluid invaded his bowels. He remained still though, the threat of the cattle prod very present in his mind. Compared to the other physical abuse he'd been on the receiving end of so far, this wasn't bad. It was even pleasant. Like when his girlfriend was giving him a BJ and surprised him with a digit to his rear. Perhaps he let himself too much into that memory because his member started to perk up. On realizing this, he bit his lip.

This didn't escape the cat, who said, "Oh, he's getting a chubby!" He saw Brenda shift her weight but didn't move further. He then felt Shelly's latex covered hands grabbing his balls. "It's ok, Jack. Men often enjoy anal stimulation", and twisted the bulb so that the nozzle, in turn, twisted around inside him. Again, it was more pleasant than he'd care to admit, and his stiffness grew. But then the cat said, "Alright now hold tight to retain the fluid." He squeezed his sphincter and the cat then pulled out the implement.

He didn't remember the last time he'd had one of these, probably in his infancy, if ever. The feeling was not unfamiliar though: he felt like he had to use the toilet as soon as possible. The cat let go of his sac and straightened, then said, "Well Jack, now you hold that for a minute", and gave his rear a caress. Brenda, for her part, reattached the prod to her belt.

She turned towards Brenda, and said, "So, do you think we send this one to the hole? He's being very cooperative, considering it's his first time."

"He's just manipulating you", the pig replied, "You like the young ones. It'll get you in trouble one day. No, I think he goes down the hole for sure."

"Don't make me, ah, pull rank on you, Bren Bren", the cat replied. Jack, still bent forward and hands on the wall could see the sow's fists clench at getting called that.

"I hate it when you call me that!" She went quiet for a moment then said, "Well, I can see him earning his way out of the hole, if he performs to my expectations. He's got the goods at least", and raised a boot to touch the tip of his penis, which refused to go down a bit. As much as he hated to admit it, he'd always liked women in charge. Women in uniforms…

Shelly then moved to his left side, opposite Brenda, and bent forward so her head was more on level with his, hands behind her back, still holding the bulb. "What do you say, boy? Would you like to give Brenda a nice rutting?"

He turned his head, slightly, to look at her. "I think I would like that, Ma'am", he said, hoping this wasn't just a trick to for Brenda to smack him again. Brenda's hands stayed still.

"Good boy!", she said with a sparkly voice. She was the least guard-like person he'd met during his entire ordeal so far. He wished it was her he'd be giving the D to. Brenda was definitely not easy on the eye. But he'd cope and think of better times. As it was, his cock was already at half mast and still climbing. "Now", the cat added, "You will go relieve yourself", one hand waving to the toilet.

He nodded and turned, slowly, his head to look up at Brenda, who said, "Prisoner will now use the toilet!" Her voice was loud but not at the roar she'd used on him thus far. He stood up, trying not to make any moves that might look sudden, and walked to the toilet. He bit his lips as his bowels emptied with a few embarrassing yet unavoidable sounds. He looked around for toilet paper, but there was none.

"Prisoner will now flush the toilet and shower!", Brenda commanded. She and Shelly now stood together a good four yards away from the showers and toilet. Brenda tossed a bar of soap towards the floor beneath the shower heads.

Jack paused for a moment and bent forward to pick the soap, eliciting a laugh from Shelly who observed, "Lovely ass." He turned away from the pair and turned the faucet handles so the water ran warm. He let his fur soak for a few moments closing his eyes and enjoying the water.

"Don't dawdle, A9853", Brenda ordered. Quickly he began lathering himself.

As his hands reached his midsection, Shelly said, "Bend down and show us as you wash yourself there... Want to make sure you're REALLY clean."

He bent forward, exposing his ass to them, hands moving a bit slower, as he felt they wanted a little show. No words of warning came. He washed between his buttocks and then his balls and penis. His shaft, that had flagged on his trip to the porcelain throne once again perked.

"What a slut", Brenda said, "Stand up. Face us. Jack yourself off."

Her words left no room for hesitation, and the cat remained silent, and so he did. Awkwardly, he began stroking his dick for the pair as the still running water rinsed the suds off him, Brenda and Shelly muttering indistinctly to each other. Brenda never lost sight of him but Shelly had turned to face her, her lithe body pressed against the sow's much larger one. Now that he was able to look at her with a bit more attention, Jack noticed that Brenda had a really good rack. To be expected for one as curved as her. Definitely up his alley.

Shelly was now getting handsy with Brenda. And was still wearing her gloves. Jack could not see what her right hand was doing as it was behind Brenda's back, but her left was caressing the sow's breasts. The sow's face betrayed no emotion, though her pink skin had a definitely deeper tone than it had when he'd faced her earlier. Shelly's hand left Brenda's chest after a few moments, then with great finesse undid the sow's belt, and her hand dove into her pants. "Hot!", the cat said, head turning to look at Jack, still beating his meat, albeit at a slower pace.

"Am I going to get a threesome by going to prison?", Jack asked himself for a moment. As consolation prizes went, this was one he'd never EVER had come close to think about.

Shelly gave Brenda's ear a slow lick, eyes still fixed on then stepped back from the pig. She licked the latex covered fingers that had just spent a few moments caressing Brenda's nethers and said, "Dinner is served!"

Brenda snorted irritated at the cat and walked backwards towards the desk. She sat down, quickly undid her boots and dropped her pants. She scooted back a little and spread her legs. "Show me how good your tongue work is", she said, in her softest tone yet.

Jack did not hesitate to move forward, still dripping wet from the shower. He knelt before the desk and put his lips and tongue to work on the sow, grabbing the edge of the desk with his hands. He'd had much practice with this. His girlfriend was the stereotypical child of strict parenting: a bit of a rebel, and in her particular case, a freak about sex. She'd taught him how to do what he was going to do. Sure, she had a trim bush while the pig before him had a full one, but he found the essentials to be pretty much the same.

It might taken him a few minutes of licking big lips and small lips, and very much the sow's fairly big clit, to get her to start moaning and gently rocking her hips. "Oh man. He's actually good!" Jack smiled to himself, and continued working his tongue with enthusiasm.

Shelly had been standing behind him, watching with her hands crossed over her chest, quietly purring to herself, eyeing the proceedings with great attention. The first sign he got that she was joining the festivities was her fingers on his perineum. More precisely, a pair of sharp claws. They almost didn't register, but the tiny bit that did brought to head the image of great discomfort. He started to move away but the sow's powerful thighs shut in and locked him in place. "You have to please me too", said Shelly, "And I'm a bit less... conventional than Bren Bren over there."

The pig snorted angrily and said, "Don't call me that you fucking cat! And you, prisoner, keep licking!" The thighs around his head were tight enough to risk smothering him if he wasn't quick to relieve the pressure so as best he could, he started eating her out again.

The cat moved her claws down over his full testicles and then trailed them over his completely cock, light enough that he could feel their prick as they crossed a crease of skin or a vein but not enough they draw blood. Her other hand moved to grab his dick, this one still covered in latex as well as having a generous amount of lube applied to it, and started pumping slowly away. She then grabbed his sac, that barely fit her dainty hand and squeezed fairly hard while her teeth pricked at the flesh of his right buttock.

He let out a groan, and the thighs around his head tightened again, but he wasn't moving from this position just because of this. He was actually enjoying himself. Even though he was technically getting raped, his whole being was looking for orgasmic bliss. And the pig's sex was not half bad. She was immaculate even despite the thick mat of hair that covered her groin, and he was finding it most enjoyable to explore the inner section of her love canal to collect some honey. Suddenly, she released her thighs somewhat and scooted herself forward more so her ass was half hanging half outside the desk. "Eat my ass, bitch!", she grunted at him, one hand grabbing his hair and pushing down with considerable force.

It was really not necessary for her to do that. He was happy to do this as well. Again, his very open minded GF had taught him things. In any case, his tongue went there and started doing it's thing, the sow's tail tickling his chin. Once more the cat was to surprise him, her tongue now setting out to do as he was doing. She didn't stick to it though, just lapping a few times and giving him a few prods while still pumping his meat before pulling her face back and putting her hand behind him. He grunted as she plainly forced two fingers inside him, but otherwise carried on.

Brenda was really enjoying herself, fingers massaging her clit while his tongue, which was actually starting to get a bit tired, continued tossing her salad. He wanted to beg to be allowed to play with himself, his cock lubed by his own fluid in addition to what the cat had applied with her hand, but the pig had him right where she wanted. And the cat was taking advantage of his predicament. Her index and middle fingers were quickly joined by her ring finger. Then her pinky! Fortunately she had slender fingers, but still at this rate she was...

"He's looser than you", the cat told to the pig with a delighted smile her fingers now making a cone of sort and she pushed her whole hand against his anus.

"Fuck you cat!", Brenda yelled. She then grabbed Jack by the hair and forced him to look up. When her eyes met his, she said, "Are you my bitch? My scrumptious ass licking bitch?"

He groaned, fingers gripping hard at the desk, the cat finally managing to her her hand to the wrist inside him. This was not the most painful thing he'd ever experienced, but it was up there! But still the friction of the cat's knuckles against his prostate was almost enough to make him climax. Now this was way beyond the boundaries of his explorations, beyond watching some videos with his GF. His cock, again, did not flag and soon enough he found himself saying, "Yes Ma'am", with a humiliatingly squeaky voice.

"He's kind of my sock-puppet now", merrily commented Shelly, her hand twisting inside Jack, and then moving in further.

"You're disgusting, Shelly", said the sow. To Jack she said, "Now you get to put your big fat cock in me."

Jack whimpered and said, "May I, ah, fuck Brenda, Miss Shelly?" She did still have his balls in her hand, claws prickling uncomfortably.

"You may. Oopsie daisy", the cat replied, and let go of his balls, "But I get to keep my meat glove for now."

"Oh god!", Jack said and got up, his motion shadowed by the cat. Moving as fast as he could while having a good portion of someone's (admittedly thin) forearm in his ass, he got into position against Brenda, who scooted back on the desk.

"Come on pretty boy", Brenda said, "Shelly's got nothing on some of the boys on your block. Now give me your dick!" She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in for a wet, sloppy kiss. Her other hand grabbed his cock and helped it in to the entrance of her vagina.

Jack then used his hips to push in. He got in with surprising easy. In his experience he'd make women hurt for a while, but if Brenda did, she did not reflect it at all, her tongue wrestling against his, her slobber smearing his lips and some of his snout. Like the rest of the situation, the kiss had something of an... exaggerated feel. Unlike the rest, it also felt natural. Primal even. It made him wild. He quickly got in to the hilt and pushed back, getting the cat's arm further inside, but it wasn't painful enough to override his need for release, that was just as savage as Brenda's kissing.

He rutted her with abandon even while the cat held her arm steady, letting him do the work. Jack only held back to prolong the pleasure. "I want it all", Brenda said, while momentarily breaking the kiss, "All inside me! Give it to me. Make me cum, you fucking cunt!"

He wanted to hold back further, but he couldn't for more than a few more thrusts, and he came, gloriously. Several shudders of his hips covered the inside of Brenda's sex with his orgasm. If he hadn't had the cat behind him, he'd have dropped to the floor then.

Brenda then grabbed Jack's forearms and pushed them behind his back. The cat, using just one hand applied cuffs to his wrists. "I think", Shelly said, "You get the hole in the end. Gwen sends her regards!"

Jack turned his head and said, "Gwen?? But I did...", and then found his head being pulled towards Brenda. The pig had grasped him by the back of the neck and was pulling him towards her impossibly distended mouth. "Don't! Please!" said as his snout was pressed against the back of the sow's throat. He couldn't do much with his hands now tied behind his back, and Brenda preemted any kicking by hooking her legs around his thighs.

His head became a bulge in Brenda's already large neck with little trouble. His shoulders took more effort, as it was to be expected. But without much air to breathe, already tired by his previous activities and the considerably strong sow that was devouring him, he really stood no chance. Brenda bent down against him, getting more and more of the smaller male into her horribly distended mouth and into her torso, to the acidic vat of her stomach.

Once Brenda had him to hips, Shelly finally pulled her arm out from his ass. He took a good look at the gaze and his juice covered cock. "Aw, he went all soft!" she said, then grabbed his limp member and started sucking at it. No reaction was forthcoming, though she could feel his weakening pulse through the spongy flesh. She stopped her attempt when Brenda passed his buttocks, so she stepped back and watched as the the long floppy cock disappeared, soon followed by Jack's barely quivering legs and feet.

Shelly quickly disposed of the remaining glove, then of the glasses. Brenda had already disposed of her own glasses, and was lying down on the desk, breathing with difficulty. "You were great, honey", the cat said, and gave Brenda a loving kiss, that was received with the same level of love.

Shelly then moved between Brenda’s splayed legs started to clean up her lover’s matted sex with her tongue, head pressed against the growling stomach above her. There was a lot of creaking and growling come it as inside, Fitzimmons did a whole lot of fizzing.


She quivered and was breathing heavily when she finally clicked off the monitoring system, the two had done their scene and now they deserved a little relaxation. She'd gotten everything she wanted on camera. Well, not everything. There's only so much you can do when all you have is fixed hidden cameras in various places and the cameras on the lenses. But it also gave it a raw, voyeuristic feel. It felt JUST right for her as she watched the screens while holding a vibrator against her sex.

She really was a freak, having plumbed watched all sorts of legal porn, but this is what really got her rocks off. For whatever reason, what did it for her was guys getting eaten by girls. It might have gone back to a documentary she saw when she was at the edge of puberty. It described the mating behaviors of praying mantises and black widow spiders. That would also explain her rather voyeuristic approach she’d taken to her kink too.

And so found herself going into the deep web, and got in touch with shady people. She managed the difficult feat of getting into the underground world of snuff film productions while also managing to stay outside of other's belly. Her dad being a judge helped matters more than one could imagine. She even convinced him to have the verdict reading at the right time for her accomplices to nab her now former boyfriend with ease. Setting up the stage at an abandoned, out of the way factory was easy enough, and disposing of the remains would be as simple as a word defecating in the woods.

This particular scene was going to make her a pretty penny. The sponsor wanted to have a prison scene and while she couldn't star in it, she could at least have her boyfriend do it. It was convenient since he was going away for a while and she wouldn’t have access to him, and the way she plotted things out he was none the wiser.

She didn't feel too bad about delivering her guy to the gut of a powerful predator. He was hers to give away to another woman if she wanted and she had. And that woman had turned him into mere food. She flicked on the monitors, rewinded the footage, grabbed the vibrator she'd set aside and turned it on before applying it to her crotch again. But as she pleased herself to the debauchment of his now ex, she realized there was one thing to be sorry about.

She WAS going to miss his big dick.
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Re: Story: The cuck [F/m]

Postby JimmyJoeIII » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:49 pm

I'm not sure this is cuckolding. Rape, sure, but cuckolding is a submissive partner watching while the dominant partner has sex with a third party. Is Gwen meant to be the cuck here? Because she's definitely assuming a dominant role here.
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Re: Story: The cuck [F/m]

Postby noego » Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:32 pm

Strictly speaking, "A cuckquean is a wife with an adulterous husband." These two are not married but he is being willingly (as far as he knows) adulterous. At least until he "gets sent to the hole."

I don't know how it goes for cuckolding but for cuckqueaning it's much more variable from what I've read. I've read one testimony (which might actually have influenced me in this instance), where the self-proclaimed cuckquean fantasized about having her shy coworker *eduit* do her husband */edit* and eventually have her get pregnant by him but just because she wanted it.

I've also actually dated a woman who is a dominant painslut. When prompted for an explanation, she made it make sense in a pretty graphic way that I won't go into detail, and it makes sense when you see it.

Also note that Shelly, in this scenario, is also a dominant cuckquean. Brenda is engaging in adultery with Jack with participation by Shelly, which I read a lot about in cuckquean fiction.

And yeah, the whole scenario is kind of stretching definitions and possibilities, but damn it, we're talking about a story where anthro animals eat each other whole.

To be fair, now that you've mentioned it, I'm on the edge of putting "cuckquean" in the initial disclaimer because most people ARE going to think cuckold rather than cuckquean, but that kind of ruins the twist at the end? Although now that I realize Shelly could be interpreted as a cuck it keeps the twist safe.

Do you think the above is fair? Sorry if I dragged you along into something you didn't want to read, wasn't my intention.
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