Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby SamuelOrona » Sun Apr 28, 2019 5:16 pm


(Macro/Micro F/m non-fatal vore)

Chapter One: 1692 Colonial Caribbean

On a college campus in the year 5150...

Professor Cassius Cannoli was a balding, slightly overweight man grading assignments in his office on a college campus, when a strange young man who wasn't one of his students entered the room. He dropped an electronic device onto Professor Cannoli's desk.

"I was paid to give you this," the man said, and turned to leave.

"What is this?" the professor asked, but the man was gone. A hologram appeared, generated by the device; it was of a face that was digitally modified to disguise the identity of the person speaking.

"I am a member of the Death Matrix, maybe you've heard of us?" the man said. "The man who delivered this device can't be traced back to my organization."

"Yes, but what do you want with me?" the professor asked.

"We've kidnapped your daughter Arwen, and if you contact the police, we will terminate her. You must do exactly as I tell you if you ever want to see her alive again!"

"You'll have my utmost cooperation!" said the professor.

"There is an unmarked vehicle parked in the alley near the back of the school. Get in, and you will be driven to a destination where more will be explained to you."

Professor Cannoli took the device, and went to the alley as the man had directed.

"This must be it," said the professor, and the rear door popped open. Once inside, the door closed, and the car ascended into the sky. Professor Cannoli couldn't see out of the darkened windows.

The same voice that spoke to the professor earlier came from the speakers of the vehicle as it flew.

"There is a time vessel that will be parked in a garage at your destination, there will be robots assisting us, any attempt to overpower them will result in your demise, is that understood?"

"Yes!" Professor Cannoli replied.

The voice continued: "The time vessel is equipped with everything you will need on your mission. You are allowed to acquire two helpers on your mission, from any time before the 25th century. You will not be able to alert the authorities of your own time, and you will not be able to return to the present until we allow it. You will have a time limit of 12 hours for each mission. If you succeed on a mission, you will be returned to this time, where you will receive instructions for your next mission. I am from far enough in your future that the authorities from your era will not be able to track me down."

"What is my mission?" Professor Cannoli asked.

"Once you've retrieved two helpers from the past, the time vessel and everyone aboard it will be miniaturized, and you will be forced to journey from time to time, and your mission will change with each time you travel to."

"What about food and water?" Professor Cannoli asked.

"You and your two companions will be given an immortality serum before your first mission, so you will not need food or water. The three serum flasks are located in a drawer beneath the main control console. Do you understand your mission?"

"Yes!" Professor Cannoli replied. "Anything to protect my daughter!"

"The onboard computer of the time vessel has a virtually limitless database, and can assist you with just about any problem you might have. When you acquire companions to help you on your mission, you must only acquire people who were listed as missing according to historical records."

"What do you get out of all of this?" the professor asked.

"I will be running a black market betting ring, and we will be placing bets on whether or not you'll survive each adventure. I stand to get very wealthy from your exploits!"

"I've heard of this kind of thing!" said the professor. "But I never thought I'd find myself in the middle of something like this! How many missions will I be forced to experience?"

There will be thirteen missions, after that, you and your companions will be released in a time of our choosing, some time in your future. But if you fail us in any way, by not following our rules, you will die. Any attempts to escape your situation or allowing someone to rescue will result in more missions being added to the list."

The car flew for a great distance, and landed; it pulled into a garage and the door popped open. A bay door slid shut behind him, and several robots assisted Professor Cannoli to enter the time vessel. It had six thrusters arranged in a circular pattern at the base of the vehicle, and a gangplank that led to a door hatch in the center of the vehicle. It was large enough for three people to fit comfortably inside. Professor Cannoli was ushered by a robot to enter the time cruiser.

The robot showed Professor Cannoli how to work the control console, and showed him how to disengage the control crystal, so his companions can't take off in the time vessel without him.

"Now, I will search the chronosphere for two companions to join me on my journey," said the professor, thinking out loud. "Computer, find a young man and a woman who are young and physically fit, on the day they ended up missing. I want two people who have the desire to leave their regular lives behind, and will accompany me willingly!"

Meanwhile, in the early 21st century, Tad Polaris was driving his sports car to a remote part of California's central coast. His girlfriend Tiffany Tisdale was with him, in the passenger seat. They pulled over in a spot high on a hill where they could see Morro Rock in the distance.

"Inspiration point, the best place to do our homework!" said Tad, as he placed his arm around Tiffany's shoulder. Tiffany smiled, and Tad continued:

"Do you ever want to leave your life behind and go on an adventure?" Tad asked.

"Sometimes," Tiffany replied.

Tad continued: "I was a football player in high school, but when I started going to junior college, I was too afraid to join the football team. My older brother went straight to Matheson University right out of high school, and joined the football team; he warned me that college football was nothing like high school, so I was afraid."

"You were a good football player in high school," said Tiffany. "You shouldn't have listened to your brother!"

"I've always been afraid to do big things, I just wish I could be given a chance to prove myself, to make a difference in other people’s lives. I wish I could leave this life behind and make a life somewhere else, and make bolder decisions."

"Don't you sometimes wish there was more to life?"

"Like what?" Tiffany asked.

"I mean, wouldn't life be better if we could go on some kind of adventure? If I could travel to other planets in our galaxy, or travel to other times, I wouldn't care if we never returned!"

"I would only want to go on an adventure like that if we were together," said Tiffany.

Just then, The time cruiser piloted by Professor Cannoli appeared, but the cloaking device was engaged. The door hatch and the gangplank were visible, however, and the two college students could see Professor Cannoli emerging from the time vehicle.

"Tad, look!" Tiffany pointed.

Professor Cannoli approached Tad's car, on the driver's side.

"My name is Professor Cassius Cannoli, I'm from the year 5150. I've disabled your vehicle," said the professor. "History documented that after today, the two of you were listed as missing, and never seen or heard from again. I need your help, I need you to come with me."

"If you're from the future," said Tiffany, "then why are you going bald? Don't they have a cure for that in the year 5150?"

"My ex-wife has contested whether or not my 11-year-old daughter is biologically related to me," said Professor Cannoli. "There are genetic cures for baldness, but if I got a procedure like that done, my wife could claim that my genetics don't match my daughter's genetics, because my dna pattern would be altered in favor of the new matrix."

"Do you have proof that you're really a time traveler?" Tad asked. "You know we can't just take your word for it."

The professor used a remote control device to make his time vehicle visible.

"I've de-activated the cloaking device, now you can see the time cruiser in all it's glory. After today, the two of you will never be seen or heard from again during the course of your normal lifetimes. I need your help!"

“What other proof do you have?” Tiffany asked.

“I see Morro Rock in the distance,” said the professor. “How would you like to see it erupt? It’s an extinct volcano.”

“Morro Rock hasn’t eruped in millions of years,” said Tad.

“I can take you back to the Oligocene epoch, when Morro Rock was an active volcano!” said the professor.

“Okay,” said Tad, “Lead the way!”

Tad and Tiffany followed the professor into the time cruiser and strapped themselves in. Professor Cannoli keyed in the time coordinates, and they made the jump twenty five million years into the past. When the professor opened the door, they could see an erupting volcano.

“We’re on almost the exact spot where we took off in your time,” said the professor.

Tad and Tiffany both had astonished looks on their faces. They unstrapped themselves and stood on the gangplank of the time cruiser, surveying the eruption.

“It’s beautiful!” said Tiffany. “But that volcano is much bigger than Morro Rock is in our time!”

“That’s because most of the volcano eroded between this past time and your century.” the professor replied.

"It looks like we have no choice, Tiff!" said Tad.

When they returned to the inside of the time cruiser, the professor closed the door and the gangplank, and explained the dire situation to the two college students.

"So you see, none of us will be permitted to live normal lives until we succeed on the thirteen missions the Death Matrix has established for us. If the three of us succeed, we will all be able to retire in the distant future."

"I'm okay with it, we would've ended up missing any way, why not live a life of time travel?" said Tad.

"But we only ended up missing because Professor Cannoli extracted us from our time," said Tiffany.

"If I hadn't extracted you, history listed you as missing, so you would have met some other untimely fate," said the professor.

"Your name is Cassius Cannoli?" Tad asked.

"Yes, said the professor.

"Can I call you Cash?" Tad asked.

"Yes, you may," said the professor.

"Why is the Death Matrix so unstoppable?" Tad asked. "Can't the police in your era do something to stop them?"

Professor Cannoli explained, "There is a regulator on all time cruisers that prevent them from traveling into the future. This benefits the Death Matrix, because they are from further in the future than I am, giving them a technological advantage. The police in my era can do nothing to stop them."

"What's our first mission?" Tad asked.

"Our first mission is to travel to Port Royal, Jamaica, on June 6, 1692, the day before the town was destroyed by a tsunami and Earthquake. The three of us and our time vessel will be miniaturized down by onboard neutrino dissimilators so we will stand about an inch tall, and that will be our size on each of our adventures. Our mission is to convince someone to escape the city. If we succeed on our mission, we will journey through time to our next mission."

"Well, let's do it!" said Tad. "Port Royal, Jamaica, 1692, here we come!"

"First we need to drink immortality elixir before we shrink," said the professor. He took out the three flasks, and gave one to Tad and one to Tiffany. After the three of them drank the serum, the professor gave each of them a ring to wear.

"Put these on! These rings will allow us to communicate with each other. They will also allow the time cruiser's central computer to track your location, in case you ever get separated from us." Tad and Tiffany put their rings on.

Professor Cannoli activated the neutrino dissimilators, and they all began to decrease in size, but were unaware of it because the time cruiser shrank along with them, and they had nothing to compare their change in size to. "Neutrinos are being subtracted from the quarks, gluons and electrons of our bodies, causing us to decrease in size, weight, volume and mass. Dimensional membranes will surround the miniaturized atoms of our bodies to protect us from the normal-sized environment."

"I've set the navigation computer for our target time, if I explained the complexities of time travel to you, it would take longer than our journey, because this is a really advanced time cruiser."

A few seconds later, the professor said, "We're here!"

The large monitor in the center of the room showed the town of Port Royal, somewhere below them.

"We have the cloaking device engaged, so none of the locals will be able to perceive the time cruiser. Another thing I forgot to explain, if we ever land in a time where they don't speak English, the on-board computer in the time cruiser will use mind control over a 20 mile radius to allow the locals to understand English during the time we are there."

The time vessel landed in an alley between two structures, and the door hatch opened, and the gang plank lowered.

"Tiffany, I'm leaving you here, so we can communicate with you if we need assistance." said the professor. "I'm taking the control crystal, so neither of you can take off in the time vessel without me, but Tiffany will still be able to assist us if needed."

Tad exited the time vessel, followed by Professor Cannoli. Professor Cannoli carried the control crystal in his hand.

"We have 12 hours from the moment we landed here," said the professor, "if we don't succeed, we will be stuck here when the Earthquake hits at 11:43 a.m. tomorrow morning!"

The three of them were trying to be careful, there weren't a lot of normal sized people wandering around at that exact moment. The crystal in the professor's hand caught a glint of sunlight, and a thirteen year old girl saw the glint of light.

"What's that?" she asked, and walked over toward the two shrunken chrononauts.

"Cash, look out!" said Tad. "It's a giant girl!"

Just then, the girl scooped Professor Cannoli up in her hand, and took the crystal from him with her other hand.

"What kind of a man are you?" the girl asked.

"I've been miniaturized!" said the professor. "I was once normal sized, like you!"

The girl clenched the professor gently in her left fist, and while holding the crystal in her right hand, she opened a locket she wore attached to a necklace on her neck, and opened it; she put the crystal inside, and closed the locket, and let it fall back to her chest. She unclenched her fist.

"I'm going to keep that crystal!" said the young girl.

"You can't keep it!" said the professor. "I need that to return to where I came from!"

The girl stood in one spot as she surveyed her captive. Tad was at her feet, jumping up and down, trying to get her attention.

"Hey! Down here!" Tad shouted.

The girl drew her attention to Tad, and knelt down and scooped him up, also.

"There's two of you!" the girl said. "I bet I can sell you at a tavern!"

The girl walked with Professor Cannoli in one hand, and Tad in the other, toward one of the many taverns in Port Royal in the year 1692.

The girl entered a tavern, and went to one of the tables where two men were gambling. She dropped Professor Cannoli and Tad onto a table, and hid them beneath the palms of her hands so the two men at the table couldn't see Tad and the professor.

The girl whispered to her captives so the others at the table couldn't hear her. "I'm Abigail, and now you're my captives. Maybe anyone will be interested in buying you from me?"

"Abigail!" Tad shouted, "You're in great danger! We're here to warn you!"

"Warn me?" Abigail asked. "Warn me about what?"

"There's going to be a great Earthquake tomorrow morning, and the entire city of Port Royal will be destroyed by tidal waves! You've got to get on a boat and get to the mainland!"

"If there's going to be an earthquake tomorrow, how would you know about it?" Abigail asked.

"You're talking to a man who stands one inch tall, and you're questioning how I know the future?" Tad asked.

"We're from the future," said the professor. "We came back to warn you!"

"What should I do?" Abigail asked.

"You need to book passage on a ship heading to Jamestown, there you'll be safe!" said the professor.

"I don't know of anyone who is heading that way," said Abigail.

"There won't be any survivors," said the professor, everyone in Port Royal will be killed!"

"I'm staying here in the tavern, to show you to some of the adults there." said Abigail. "I bet I can fetch a high price for you!"

"She won't listen, professor!" said Tad.

A woman who resembled Abigail arrived at the tavern, and sat down at the same table as Abigail. Abigail opened her hands, revealing Tad and the professor to the others at the table.

"Look what I found, mom!" Abigail told the others at the table. "These are my captives. Is anyone interested in buying them from me?"

Abigail's mother had cards in her hands, and put her cards face down on the table. "Are they clock work?" she asked. "They can move around on their own, Abigail, where did you get such expensive toys?"

"We're not toys!" Tad shouted up to the young woman.

"Then prove it, by stepping onto my hand," said the young woman. She placed her open palm down on the table in front of Tad. He stepped onto her palm as she commanded.

"We've come to warn you," said Tad, "this whole town will get destroyed by a tidal wave tomorrow morning, and you'll be killed along with everyone else unless you evacuate!"

"And how would you know such a thing?" the woman asked. "Are you some kind of a wizard?"

"We're from the future," Tad replied, "and history documents that this whole area was wiped out by tidal waves tomorrow morning!"

"I think you're lying!" said Abigail. "You're just a tiny toy man and you don't want us to keep you, so you're making up lies! If you mention anything about our town getting destroyed by a flood, I'll swallow you!"

"Abigail, you have to believe us! We're here to warn you about an impending disaster!" Tad shouted.

Abigail reached over and grabbed Tad from the young woman's palm, and shoved him into her mouth. With a tilt of her head backwards, she easily swallowed Tad. Abigail started laughing uncontrollably.

"If I can make you vomit him back up," said professor Cannoli, "will you believe us?"

"How would you make a girl vomit?" the young woman asked.

Professor Cannoli pulled out a device on a keychain. "This is a neural stimulator, it induces vomiting. If I aim it at Abigail's head, she will vomit Tad back up again."

"If you can make her vomit, I'll believe anything!" said the young woman.

Professor Cannoli aimed the device at Abigail's head, and a few moments later she vomited into a brass cuspidor close to their table. Abigail reached into the cuspidor and retrieved Tad, and brought him back to the table.

"Tad, are you all right?" the professor asked.

"None the worse for wear," Tad replied.

"Do you believe us now?" the professor asked the young woman.

"Yes," said the young woman, "I know of a vessel we can hire to take us to Jamestown."

"We need to tell Abigail where the time cruiser is located, so she can bring us with her to escape from this place," said the professor.

"Are you sure that's wise?" Tad asked.

"It's part of the mission," said the professor, "we can't go on our next mission until Abigail is safe on a sailing vessel heading away from this harbor."

"Where is it?" Abigail asked. "I overheard your conversation."

"Back where you first found us, there is a vessel that brought us here through time," said the professor. Take us with you and retrieve it!"

Abigail scooped up Tad and the professor, and headed back to the spot where she first found them. She carried the time cruiser, which was uncloaked by the professor, and brought it back to the tavern. The young woman had booked passage for herself and Abigail on a clipper ship heading to Jamestown.

Once on board and after leaving the harbor, the professor told Tad: "The Death Matrix deactivated the lock on our navigation computer that prevented us from traveling through time, and we can leave at any time."

Tad, Professor Cannoli, and Tiffany stood on the door hatch gang plank and waved goodbye to Abigail and her mother.

"I'm sorry I swallowed you, Tad! I hope you can forgive me! I wish you luck on your mission!"

The diminutive trio waved goodbye to Abigail, and headed inside. The gangplank closed, and Tiffany said, "Tad, you made a difference in someone else's life, and you showed bravery when she swallowed you!"

The professor said: "Tad will have many more chances to prove himself, Tiffany. We have the coordinates for our next mission!"

"Where to next?" Tad asked, as he and Tiffany strapped themselves into their seats.

"Pompeii, 79 A.D.," the professor replied, "the day before Mount Vesuvius erupted!"

"They don't cut us any slack, do they?" Tad asked, and the professor keyed in the coordinates to ancient Pompeii, and they took off through time once again.

To Be Continued!
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby SamuelOrona » Sun Apr 28, 2019 5:38 pm


(Macro/Micro F/m non-fatal vore)

Chapter Two: Ancient Pompeii

Once the time traveling trio arrived in Pompeii in 79 A.D. and they were hovering over the city, the leader of the Death Matrix contacted Professor Cannoli. His digitally modified face appeared on the main monitor.

"You have done well, Professor Cannoli, my gambling ring has made quite a lot of money placing bets on your adventure. This time, here in 79 a.d. you must befriend a 13-year-old Roman girl named Augusta living in Pompeii the day before Mount Vesuvius erupted, and convince her and her family to evacuate."

"I have the coordinates of Augusta's house locked into the navigation computer, we're ready to go!" the professor replied.

"You may proceed," said the leader of the Death Matrix.

"Cash," Tad asked, "earlier you explained briefly how miniaturization works. How do all the shrunken atoms maintain their integrity while shrinking? Does a computer keep track of the positions of all the atoms, or is it some kind of a chain reaction?"

"It's more like a chain reaction," the professor replied. "The repulsive force of electrons holds atoms in a specific pattern, so when the electrons shrink, this repulsive force diminishes, resulting in the atoms moving closer together while maintaining their original pattern in relation to each other."

"That sounds simple enough," Tad replied. "In your society, do people carry shrink ray guns?"

"Yes," the professor replied, "but they cost as much as a family vehicle, so not everyone has one. Most upper class people carry one, mainly women and children. Abductions are much more rare than in your century, because the weak have a way of defending themselves without causing harm to the abductors."

"Professor," Tiffany asked, "I'm learning to work the navigation console. It looks like we're ready to make the time jump."

Professor Cannoli walked over to the navigation console, and checked everything out.

"Yes, but remember, we stand an inch tall." said the professor.

"Why does the Death Matrix want us to stand an inch tall?" Tiffany asked.

"If we were normal sized, that would give us too much of an advantage," the professor replied. "The Death Matrix conducts betting on whether or not we will survive our ordeal, and the more the odds are stacked against us, the better it is for the gambling ring they're running."

The time cruiser cruised above Pompeii on an early morning the day before the eruption. The trio could see the wide expanse of the town on the main monitor.

"The automatic pilot will land us so we can make contact with the girl named Augusta the Death Matrix chose for us," said the professor.

The time cruiser descended onto a cobblestone walkway between two houses. The sun was up, but it was still early in the morning.

Professor Cannoli lowered the gangplank, and the trio stepped out to view their surroundings.

"As on our first mission Tiffany," said the professor, "I want you to remain in the time cruiser. Tad and I will have communicator rings so we can contact you if we need help."

"Cash, why was a specific girl chosen for us to interact with this time?" Tad asked.

"They want us to deal with someone who will cause the most conflict," said the professor, "they don't want our survival to be guaranteed. As before, we must warn her and her family to evacuate Pompeii before nightfall. We have twelve hours to complete our mission, or we will be stuck here."

"Is the time cruiser visible?" Tiffany asked from the doorway.

"Both ourselves and the time cruiser are invisible as long as we stand on the gangplank," the professor replied. "Once Tad and I step onto the ground, we will be visible to the locals."

Tad stepped off onto the ground. "You're right! I can't see you, Tiffany, or the time cruiser. Let's get moving! Is Augusta's home nearby?"

"According to this smartphone," said the professor, "her home is right in front of us." Professor Cannoli pointed at one of the homes.

"Should we enter her house and find her?" Tad asked.

"I don't see why not," the professor replied, "we can't always rely on serendipity like we did in the colonial Caribbean."

Tad and the professor walked toward the front of the massive dwelling. "What are we supposed to tell this Augusta chick?" Tad asked.

"Within 24 hours, some time tomorrow morning, this entire region will be buried in volcanic ash," the professor replied. "Thousands of people will be killed instantly."

"What if she doesn't believe us?" Tad asked. "We had that problem with Abigail in Port Royal, remember?"

"I have a holographic emitter built into my smartphone," the professor answered. "I can show her a digital re-creation of the effects of the eruption, if I need to."

The professor looked at his smartphone. "According to the sensors in the time cruiser, a teenage girl is asleep in that room right there," the professor pointed at a window. "We're going to need to climb up that bush and reach the window sill."

Tad began climbing, and in a short time, he was on the window sill. The professor followed quickly behind.

"Hey, you're pretty spry for an older man," said Tad.

"People in my time are immortal," the professor answered, "so we have athletic abilities that only younger people in your time possess."

Once they were both standing on the window sill, they peered inside the bedroom and saw a fifteen year old girl sleeping on the bed that was against a wall in the room.

"Should we wake her up?" Tad asked.

"We don't have any way to access the inside of the room without using grapnel equipment," the professor replied, "so I think waking her up would be a good idea. Remember, the time cruiser gave everyone within a twenty mile radius the ability to speak and understand modern English, so she should understand us."

"Augusta!" Tad shouted. The girl stirred. "Augusta, wake up!" Tad shouted. The teenage girl began to awaken, rubbing her eyes and turning toward the sound of Tad's voice. When she saw the inch tall figures of Professor Cannoli and Tad, she sat upright in her bed.

"Who are you?" she asked, as she stood and walked over to the window sill. She held out her hand, and both men stepped onto her palm.

"We came to warn you!" said Tad.

"Warn me?" the girl asked. "About what?"

"Mount Vesuvius is going to erupt tomorrow morning," said the professor. "Everyone remaining in this town will be killed unless you evacuate!"

"Tiny people!" said the girl. She stood up and scooped Tad and the professor up in her hands. "By the gods, they've delivered you to me!"

"We're not toys!" said Tad. "We came to warn you about a volcanic eruption that will take place tomorrow morning!"

"You and your family must evacuate!" said the professor. "You must get to Nuceria Alfaterna, a town to the East of here. There, you and your family will be safe from the eruption."

The girl held her two captives firmly yet gently within her hands, and went and got her sister. "My twelve year old sister will love you!"

Augusta entered her sister's bedroom. "Bellona! You won't believe this! I found two tiny people in my bedroom!"

The other girl was about twelve.

"Bellona was the Roman goddess of war," the professor informed Tad.

"We can have them fight each other, and have people bet money on them!" said Bellona.

"That's a great idea!" said Augusta. "And whoever loses, becomes the food of the gods!"

"What do you mean by that?" Bellona asked.

"Whichever one of them loses, gets swallowed by me!" said Augusta, and both girls began laughing.

"How about we make a bet," said Bellona. "If the older guy wins, I swallow the loser, if the younger guy wins, you swallow the loser!"

"You've got a bet!" said Augusta.

"Let's take them into town after breakfast," said Augusta. Tad and Professor Cannoli stood on the table as the girls ate. The rest of the family was still asleep. The girls ate bread and cheese, and when they were done eating, Augusta took the two captives and carried them into town, followed by her younger sister.

Before long, a group of people had gathered to watch the fight. Tad and Cassius were in the center of a group of people who surrounded them. There was no means of escape without getting captured.

Tiffany could see what was happening from the safety of the time cruiser. She used her communicator to contact Tad before the fight began.

"Tad, you're a better fighter than Cassius, you should make it look good, then throw the fight! It's more important that the professor doesn't get swallowed, so he can explain where they need to evacuate to. He knows this area better than us!"

"Loud and clear!" said Tad.

Soon, the fight began. There were piles of coins in front of each person. Each bettor was on their knees or sitting Indian style, while others stood behind the people who were crouched down.

"Let the fight begin!" said Augusta, and Tad threw the first punch at the professor, hitting him on his right shoulder. The professor hit back, and they began trading punches. It looked like Tad was getting the better of the professor for a while, but then Tad allowed the professor to start winning.

Augusta cheered for Tad to win, and her younger sister Bellona cheered for Professor Cannoli.

Professor Cannoli used a combination to hit Tad in the face, and Tad failed to block the punches. Tad appeared dazed, then Professor Cannoli hit him with a right uppercut, and Tad pretended that he was knocked to the ground.

The crowd cheered, and Augusta collected her money, and put it in a satchel, then collected Tad and the professor in her other hand. "It was a pleasure doing business with you!" said Augusta.

"Now it's time to swallow the loser!" said Augusta, and she handed Tad to her sister.

Bellona raised Tad above her mouth.

"Prepare to surrender to the belly of Bellona!" said Bellona. "It will make me feel like a goddess!"

Bellona dropped the inch tall Tad into her mouth, and closed her lips around him. She struggled with him for a few moments, then successfully swallowed him. After he passed through her esophagus, she raised her arms in victory, and shouted, "I'm a conqueror!"

"You don't have much time!" the professor warned. "Everyone in this town are going to die unless you evacuate before tomorrow morning!"

Augusta and Bellona looked at each other.

"Do you think he's lying?" Augusta asked.

"If they have the magic to become small, they probably know the future, too!" said Bellona. "We'd better take him to our parents and warn them!"

The two Roman girls made their way home, with Professor Cannoli clenched firmly within Augusta's left fist.

Upon arriving home, their parents were awake and having breakfast. Augusta threw the money satchel down on the table. Her father Demetrius dumped out the money and said, "That's a lot of money, Augusta! Where did you get this?"

"I gambled with him!" said Augusta, as she placed Professor Cannoli on the table. "He says Mount Vesuvius will erupt tomorrow."

"Do you have proof, little man?" Demetrius asked Professor Cannoli.

The professor pulled out his neural stimulator and said, "I can use this to make your daughter Bellona vomit, she swallowed a companion of mine."

"Then do so," said Demetrius.

Professor Cannoli aimed it at Augusta's head, and she began to gag. After a few seconds, she vomited and Tad came out, and landed on the floor.

Bellona picked Tad up and placed him on the table with the professor.

"I can't believe I got swallowed by a titanic twelve year old!" Tad shouted. "You only have a short time to evacuate! Mount Vesuvius will erupt soon! It will be the most horrible destruction this part of the world will see in a thousand years!"

"Where is the safest place to evacuate to?" Demetrius asked.

"To the eastern side of Nuceria Alfaterna!" said the professor. "And you must leave soon, because it will take some time to get there!"

"I believe you!" said Demetrius. "You must have been sent here by the gods!"

Within an hour, the family had all of their belongings loaded onto a wagon, and horses pulled the wagon. Tad had explained to Augusta where the time cruiser was, and she retrieved it and loaded it onto the wagon. Before long, they were on their way to a town to the east.

Bellona had the time cruiser on her lap, while Augusta held Tad and the professor. Their father held the reigns and drove the wagon.

Once they arrived in Nuceria Alfaterna, they stopped the wagon and Bellona placed the time cruiser on the ground. The gangplank was lowered, and Augusta placed Tad and Professor Cannoli on the gangplank.

"You must not return to Pompeii for the next two days," said the professor to Demetrius. "You can never return there! Be sure to stay on the eastern end of this town."

"We appreciate all you've done for us," said Demetrius.

Tad waved goodbye to Augusta and Bellona, and the two shrunken men entered the time cruiser and the gangplank closed.

"The lock has been lifted," said Tiffany. "We're free to journey to our next mission!"

"Where to now?" Tad asked.

"Nazi Germany!" Tiffany replied.

"Take us there, Tiffany!" said the professor, and Tiffany manipulated the control console and they made the time jump to 1940's Germany.

To Be Continued!
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby SamuelOrona » Sun Apr 28, 2019 5:41 pm


(Macro/Micro F/m non-fatal vore)

Chapter Three: 1940s Germany

Upon arriving in the sky above Munich in 1943, Professor Cannoli and Tiffany became very drowsy.

"I'm really tired for some reason," said Tiffany, as she reclined on her bunk bed. "It's a good thing we have these bunks."

"I'm tired too," said the professor, and he reclined on his bunk.

"That's weird, I don't feel tired at all," said Tad, but they had already fallen asleep on their bunks. The main monitor came to life, and Tad could see the distorted image of the leader of the Death Matrix.

"Tad, I put your two companions to sleep, because I have specific instructions for you."

"Okay," Tad replied.

"When you get to Nazi Germany, you must get swallowed twice by two different females, and your companions are not allowed to use technology to free you. If you are to survive, you must get vomited up naturally without interference. The neural stimulator and the space warp will be offline, and you will be unable to utilize them. You are not permitted to warn Professor Cassius Cannoli or Tiffany Tisdale or tell them of your mission, if you do, all three of you will be executed by the Death Matrix. Do you understand your instructions?"

"Loud and clear," said Tad, and the screen went blank.

The professor and Tiffany soon awakened. Tiffany looked at the display screen of the navigation console, and said, "It looks like we're in Nazi Germany now. We're flying above the middle of a parade in Munich in early October of 1943!"

"Take us there, Tiffany!" said the professor.

Tiffany programmed the navigation console and the time cruiser took off for 1940's Germany. When they emerged in 1943, they could see the youth march below them.

"Land us in an alley near the march, Tiffany." said the professor. "The cloaking device is still activated, so we should remain hidden."

The time cruiser landed in an alley between two businesses, where there were no people. When the gangplank lowered, they could look out and see the backs of people's legs and shoes, as they watched the parade.

"Oktoberfest is in session," said the professor. "That must be the reason for the parade. Tad, the instructions say you know what we need to accomplish."

"And it's a secret," said Tad, as he walked out on the gangplank. The two of you just stay behind, and monitor me."

"The time cruiser will use the translator to allow any Germans within a twenty mile radius of here to understand English," said the professor. "And to you, it will seem that they are speaking English."

"I know the drill," said Tad as he exited the time cruiser, and made his way toward the crowd. It was an equal mix of boys and girls, so Tad approached one of the girls. She was wearing a skirt, with leather saddle shoes and socks that didn't go above her ankles.

Tad jumped onto her left shoe and began jumping up and down. The girl paid attention to the parade at first, but Tad's persistent jumping got her attention, and she looked down and saw him. The girl knelt down and grabbed Tad gently. She was about thirteen years old.

"Who are you and how did you get so small?" she asked.

"I'm Tad Polaris, I'm a shrunken time traveler."

"I'm Arabella Schwartz," said the girl. Some of the other children gathered around to look at Tad. "I'm a member of The League of German Maidens! What year are you from?"

"I'm from the early 21st century!" Tad replied.

"What year will the war end?" Arabella asked.

"1945," Tad replied.

"Did Germany succeed in conquering the world?" Arabella asked.

"Germany was defeated by the allies," said Tad.

"That is very upsetting," said Arabella.

"Maybe you could punish me by swallowing me, then vomiting me back up before too long?" Tad asked.

"I think I could," said Arabella. "You're certainly small enough!" Arabella turned and looked at the other children. "Do you think I should swallow him?"

"Do it for the fatherland!" said one of the other girls. "Send him straight to your belly!"

The children began chanting for Arabella to swallow Tad, so she lifted him above her mouth and lowered him in, onto her pink tongue. Her lips closed behind Tad, and she swallowed him with such force that he was instantly sent hurling down her esophagus.

The sphincter muscle that separated the esophagus from the stomach area opened, and Tad dropped into the murky chyme that composed the interior of Arabella's stomach.

When Tad was officially within her stomach, Arabella began to laugh.

Meanwhile, Tiffany was doing some research on Arabella with the central computer onboard the time cruiser.

"Professor, Tad and I know some girls in our home town of Bullet Bay who may be related to Arabella!"

"There should be an extremely accurate genealogy chart in the computer's mainframe that can prove whether Arabella is related to your friends."

Tiffany looked it up, and a family tree popped up. "Yes, just as I thought!" said Tiffany. "My two friends Kelly and Shelly Schwartz are the great grand-daughters of Arabella Schwartz! Tad can use that to his advantage! Will it hurt Arabella if I use the communicator to contact Tad while he's within her stomach?"

"No," the professor replied, "our communication system utilizes dimensional signalling, it has something to do with dimensional string theory. No radiation will affect Arabella if you speak with Tad."

"Tad!" Tiffany spoke into her communicator ring.

Inside Arabella's stomach, Tad could hear Tiffany's voice over the ring. "Tiffany, I can hear you!"

"Arabella is the great grandmother of Kelly and Shelly Schwartz, back in Bullet Bay! Maybe you can use that to your advantage!"

Tiffany turned her attention to the professor. "I'm worried about Tad! We can't even be sure what our mission is this time, or if we'll succeed! And I'm worried about Tad, he's in that girl's stomach!"

"Tad knows our mission, I'm sure he'll succeed," the professor replied. "Besides, he's been swallowed by two other girls, so he has some experience in that area."

Meanwhile, Arabella had other plans. She lifted her shirt to reveal her belly and laughed. "He was a fool for trusting me!"

An older girl spoke to her: "He's more valuable alive, you know!"

"Well, it's too late now!" said Arabella.

"Not quite!" said the older girl. "If we get some syrup of Ipecac, it will induce vomiting. Come with me to the pharmacy!"

The two girls walked to a nearby pharmacy and entered. The older girl asked the pharmacist about Ipecac syrup, and after being directed to a specific aisle, she found it and brought it to the counter to purchase it. She happened to have enough money to buy it. The two girls exited the pharmacy and entered an alley.

"Drink some of this!" said the older girl.

Arabella took a swig, and a few moments later, she vomited, and Tad came tumbling out onto the cobblestones of the alley below.

The older girl picked up Tad and held him in her hand. "I'm Anna, Arabella's older sister. I'm sixteen. What do you know of the future?"

"I know Germany surrendered in 1945," said Tad. "I don't know a lot of details about the war, but I know the two of you have relatives in Bullet Bay, California. That's where I'm from."

"We have no relatives in California," said Anna.

"But you will," said Tad. "Arabella is the great grandmother of two girls I know in my home town. Their names are Kelly and Shelly Schwartz."

"How could their last name be Schwartz, if our last name is Schwartz, and we are female?" Anna asked. "Surnames are passed won through the father!"

"He must be lying!" said Arabella.

"Can you help me here, Tiffany?" Tad asked into his ring.

Tiffany pored through the computer files. "I think I have an answer, Tad!" said Tiffany. "Arabella's daughter got pregnant out of wedlock, and put the baby up for adoption. It was a boy! He was adopted by the Maisons, but upon turning eighteen, he tracked down his family ancestry and had his last name legally changed to Schwartz! He is Kelly and Shelly's father!"

"I believe you," said Anna. "My father is a guard at a concentration camp, and he assists with the escape of some of the prisoners."

Back in the time cruiser, Tiffany could hear what the girls were saying to Tad. "That's true, Tad! They escaped from Germany during the war and came to America."

"In fact," said Anna, "My father has a plan for our family to escape Germany tonight, so it's fateful that you showed up today to verify that we will escape safely."

Back in the time cruiser, Professor Cannoli told Tiffany, "We can print out fake visas for their family, to help them escape."

"Did you hear that, Tad?" Tiffany asked.

"Yes!" said Tad, back in the alley. "If you take me back to my time cruiser, we can help you with fake visas and paperwork you'll need to escape Germany."

Tad directed the girls to the alley where the time cruiser was hidden, and the professor deactivated the cloaking device. Arabella picked it up, while Anna held Tad.

"Take the time machine home to our parents, Arabella, I want to take Tad to a tavern to celebrate one last time before leaving Germany!" Arabella did as she was told.

Meanwhile, Anna carried Tad hidden within her hands to a nearby tavern. When they entered, the architecture was Germanic, and looked like it had been built during an earlier period in German history. There was a bar extending across the length of one wall of the room. There were chandeliers, and tables with patrons sitting at them enjoying their beer. Some of the people were Anna's age or only slightly older, and a couple of girls who were friends of Anna's had followed her in.

"I thought you were only sixteen?" Tad asked.

"In Germany, the minimum drinking age is sixteen," said Anna. "WE can drink beer or wine, we just can't drink spirits until we're eighteen. You Americans need to get with the times!"

Anna stepped up to the bar and showed her ID. "Bartender, a mug of your best beer, please!" Anna slapped down a Deutsche Mark. The bartender took the money, and gave Anna her change, and filled a beer mug and set it in front of her.

There were other young people Anna's age in the tavern, some of them female. When Anna revealed Tad to them, the others crowded around her.

"It's a tiny American from the future!" said Anna. "I'm going to drink him down with my beer!" Anna dropped Tad into the mug of beer, and said, "For the Fatherland!"

The others said, in unison: "For the fatherland!"

Anna began to drink the beer, and Tad with it. Tad could've tried to fight the tide carrying him toward Anna's mouth, but he knew the Death Matrix would kill him if he didn't get swallowed a second time. He actually swam toward her mouth, and a few seconds later, was swallowed by Anna.

Tad plunged down Anna's esophagus, and landed in her belly. Beer continued to pour over him as Anna finished her beer.

"Another!" said Anna, as she slammed the empty mug down and placed another Deutsche Mark on the bar. The bartender made change and brought her another mug of beer, and took her empty mug.

Anna guzzled her second beer in record time, then ordered another. After her fifth beer, she began to feel sick, and headed to the women's restroom. She vomited into the sink, and Tad came tumbling out. She picked him up, and rinsed him off. She carried him home, concealed so others in public couldn't see him.

Meanwhile, Arabella had successfully brought the time cruiser back to her home, with Tiffany and the professor inside. She set the time cruiser on the table, and the gangplank lowered, and the professor stepped out.

Arabella's mother was home, and she saw the professor.

"What is going on, Arabella?" Mrs. Schwartz asked. "How did he get so tiny?"

"He's a time traveler, mom!" Arabella replied. "He's going to help us get fake visas so we can go to America! Anna has another shrunken time traveler!"

"Where is Anna?" Mrs. Schwartz asked.

"She went to a tavern, she's probably going to swallow one of the other shrunken people."

"You shouldn't be swallowing them," said Mrs. Schwartz. "Especially if they're trying to help us escape Germany! If the government ever finds out that your father has helped Jewish people to escape from the concentration camp he works at, we would all be killed!"

"We were just having fun with them, mom!" said Arabella. "I swallowed him once already, too. They claim to know my descendants, my great grand daughters. They have historical evidence that we will make a safe journey to America."

"Really?" said Mrs. Schwartz. "What else did they tell you?"

"We will settle in California, in the city of Bullet Bay." said Arabella. "They also said the war will end in 1945, and Germany will lose the war."

"Thank heaven for that!" said Mrs. Schwartz. "I knew this war was a mistake as soon as Hitler invaded Russia. Can they really help us get visas?"

"I can answer that," said the professor. "With my onboard computer, I can replicate visas that will fool anyone. I just need some time." The professor returned inside the time cruiser and began working on the documents. After about an hour, the computer was ready to replicate the documents.

The professor exited the time cruiser. "In less than a minute, the visas will materialize on the table, try to stay clear of that area," the professor indicated the middle of the table.

"Of course!" said Mrs. Schwartz.

Moments later, four visas materialized on the table, one for the father, one for the mother, and the other two for Arabella and Anna.

Just then, Anna returned with Tad, and set him down near the time cruiser.

"Anna, are you drunk?" Mrs. Schwartz asked, feeling her forehead.

"Yes, Mama," Anna replied.

"You need to be sober if we are to escape Germany tonight!" said Mrs. Schwartz. "Let me make some coffee."

"I can assist," said the professor. "We have technology that can clear her blood of alcohol. Just give me a minute." Professor Cannoli returned to the interior of the time cruiser, and worked the controls. Within moments, Anna sobered up with the professor's technology.

"Professor, we've succeeded on our mission!" said Tad. "I accomplished what the Death Matrix told me to do today, I think we can leave now."

"Tad's right, professor!" said Tiffany, who was at the control console. "The lock has been lifted, we can leave at any time."

"What is our destination?" the professor asked.

"Chicago, in the 1920's!" Tiffany replied.

"Let's say goodbye to the Schwartz family," said the professor. They exited the time cruiser, and waved to Mrs. Schwartz and her two daughters. They entered the time cruiser, and strapped themselves in.

"Take us to our next destination, Tiffany!" said the professor, and they set off for 1920's Chicago.

To Be Continued!
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

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(Macro/Micro F/m non-fatal vore)

Chapter Four: 1920's Chicago

The time cruiser materialized in an ice cream shop somewhere in Chicago in the 1920's. The cloaking device was on, so the patrons couldn't see the time cruiser. Inside, Professor Cannoli instructed Tad and Tiffany.

"Our instructions this time are to convince a trio of girls to evacuate before a bomb goes off that will be set by a gangster. You must allow the gangster to plant the bomb without interfering with him, then convince the girls to evacuate."

"Who are the girls?" Tad asked.

"Alma Ashman, and her cousins Alice, and Beatrice." the professor replied. "There is a timer on the main control console telling us how long we have until the bomb goes off, and Tiffany can keep us updated on the time while you and I exit the time cruiser and make contact with Alma and her cousins."

The professor keyed in a combination of buttons on the control panel, and three images popped up on the main monitor. It was three girls, one blonde, and two brunettes.

"Here are photos of the girls we must make contact with, Tad." said the professor.

"They're cute," said Tad, then he looked at Tiffany and said, "in an objective way, I'm in no way interested in them."

"Professor, maybe you'd better sit this one out," said Tiffany. "I need to keep an eye on Tad."

"If that's the way you want it," said the professor. "It's time you went on a mission, too. I wouldn't want to keep you away from all the fun." Professor Cannoli took off his necklace and handed it to Tiffany. "This is my neural stimulator, use it on one of the girls if they swallow Tad again." The professor keyed the buttons that opened the door and lowered the gangplank. "There they are sitting at that table over there, both of you must hurry, we have just under twenty minutes before the bomb goes off."

Tad and Tiffany exited the time cruiser, and walked down the gangplank. Once they stepped off the gangplank, the time cruiser was no longer visible.

"They're over there," said Tad, indicating a wooden table where three girls in their early teens sat. The proprietor brought them their order, so Tad and Tiffany hid behind a table. One girl got a root beer float, another got a milkshake, and the third girl got a banana split. When the proprietor returned behind the counter, Tad ran up to the girl the professor had identified as Alma, the blonde, and got her attention. Tiffany caught up just as Alma looked down and saw Tad.

"What on Earth?" said Alma. The girl leaned down and held her hand out to Tad and Tiffany. "Go ahead, I won't hurt you!" said Alma.

"I'm Tad Polaris, and this is my girlfriend Tiffany Tisdale."

"I'm Alma Ashman, and these are my cousins Alice and Beatrice. How did you get so small?" Alma asked, as she placed them on the table. Her two cousins crowded around to look at the shrunken specimens.

"We were kidnapped by a terrorist group from the year 5150," Tad explained, "and they shrunk us and forced us to travel to different eras, so they can make bets on whether we survive or not."

"This is the fourth time we've traveled to," said Tiffany. "We're originally from the early 21st century, but we can never return there."

"Why not?" Alma asked.

"History documented us as missing," Tiffany replied, "we can never see our families again. But on the bright side, after we complete our thirteenth mission, we get to retire in the future."

"That is, if we survive all thirteen missions," Tad corrected.

"You're like Lilliputians, only small enough to swallow!" said Alma, and her two cousins giggled. "Can I keep you?"

"I don't think that's possible," said Tad. "We're on a mission!"

"What's your mission?" Alma asked.

Tad replied: "We're here to warn you about something that is about to occur, but we can't tell you yet."

"Why can't you tell us?" Alma asked.

"Those were our instructions," said Tad.

Alma was sitting with her forearms on the wooden table. Tad and Tiffany were in her open palm.

"You can sit on my forearm," said Alma. "It's like a cushion, you two might be more comfortable."

Tad and Tiffany walked up Alma's wrist to the center of her forearm, and sat down.

"It smells good," said Tad. "Alma, are you wearing perfume?"

"No," said Alma. "That's just my natural scent."

"Tad, don't get flirty with these girls!" said Tiffany. "We're here on a mission."

Alma took a drink from her root beer float and said, "Tad, I'm going to swallow you. You're just the right size for it!"

"Let's not be extreme," Tad replied.

"You can't talk me out of it," said Alma. "I've always wanted to be big enough to swallow a Lilliputian, ever since I read Gulliver's Travels. Sometimes I imagine myself as a Brobdingnagian, where a Lilliputian would be half an inch tall according to my scale."

"Alma might not ever get another chance like this," said Beatrice. "It's not every day we encounter shrunken people."

Alma used her long spoon to collect Tad, and lifted him up to the same elevation as her face. Alma licked her lips, then opened her mouth and dropped Tad in. She used her tongue to force him to the back of her mouth, then swallowed him. Tad plummeted down Alma's esophagus, landing within the ample space of her belly.

"People in my time write stories about stuff like this happening," said Tiffany. "You don't want Tad to die, do you?"

"I just wanted to know what it felt like to swallow a tiny person," said Alma. "I don't want Tad to get digested!"

"With this device," Tiffany held up the neural stimulator,"I can force you to vomit, and that will save Tad."

"We'd better go the the girl's restroom, so I can vomit in the sink," said Alma. She collected Tiffany, and walked to the restroom. While she was inside the restroom, a man entered the ice cream parlor. He was dressed in a business suit, and carrying a briefcase.

"Who do you pay protection money to?" the gangster asked the proprietor.

"The Capone-Torio gang," said the proprietor.

"We want you to pay us from now on," said the gangster. "My gang is moving into this neighborhood, and we're taking over."

Meanwhile, in the girl's restroom, Alma had just finished vomiting Tad into the sink, so she fished him out of the vomit and rinsed him off. Professor Cannoli came over Tiffany's communicator ring and said, "Tiffany, you only have a few minutes! It's okay to warn Alma now, and don't forget to have her collect the time cruiser, we need to evacuate when they do, or we'll be killed!"

"Who is that?" Alma asked.

"That was Professor Cannoli," Tiffany replied. "He lets us know what we need to accomplish on our missions, he was kidnapped by the Death Matrix just like we were. This ice cream shop is about to get blown up by a bomb set by a gangster! You and your cousins need to evacuate!"

Meanwhile, the professor turned off the cloaking device.

Alma held Tiffany and Tad in one hand, and opened the bathroom door with the other. She walked over to the table where her cousins were sitting, but didn't sit down. "We need to get out of here!" said Alma. "According to Tiffany, this ice cream shop is about to get blown up!"

"Don't forget our time cruiser," said Tiffany. "It's over there, against that wall. Professor Cannoli is inside."

Alma walked over and picked up the time cruiser, and the three girls evacuated the ice cream shop. After they were down the block a good distance, the ice cream shop blew up.

"It's too bad we couldn't save the owner of the ice cream shop," said Alma.

"Don't feel bad," said Beatrice, "we're just lucky to be alive ourselves!"

"It's time for us to leave now," said Tiffany. "But we appreciate your help, Alma!"

Alma set the time cruiser on the sidewalk, and both Tad and Tiffany stepped onto the gangplank.

"If you ever want to retire from time traveling," said Alma, "and you want to remain tiny, you can stay with me, I'll keep you safe!"

"We'll keep you in mind!" said Tad. "I wouldn't mind being your shrunken pet!"

Tad and Tiffany waved good bye, and entered the time cruiser.

"Because we've succeeded on our mission," said the professor, "the lock has been lifted by the Death Matrix, and we are free to go on our next mission."

"Where to this time?" Tad asked.

"The year 2112, the early 22nd century!" said the professor. "We're on our way there now!"

After Professor Cannoli keyed in the controls, Alma and her two cousins watched the time cruiser fade out of existence as it entered temporal space."

To Be Continued!
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

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”Small Timers”

(Macro/Micro F/m non-fatal vore)

Chapter Five: The Year 2112

The time cruiser appeared and hovered at a high altitude over a city surrounded by water on all sides, with monorails connecting one end with the mainland.

"We're in the year 2112," said the professor. "The entire city you see below you is located in the Atlantic Ocean, it floats and was created in the late 21st century. It was destroyed by an asteroid collision that was hurled toward Earth by the 22nd century equivalent of the Death Matrix. Hubris caused most of the people who lived here to fail to evacuate; they thought the defense grid was full proof, because it had stopped asteroids before."

“What’s hubris?” Tad asked.

“In Greco-Roman mythology, hubris was the sin of pride, usually punished by the gods,” said the professor.

“That’s the same mistake the builders of the Titanic made,” said Tiffany.

"What made this asteroid different?" Tad asked.

"It is almost pure gold and platinum," said the professor. The Death Matrix launched it from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and sent it toward Earth at a much faster velocity than the defense grid was prepared for. The pieces of the asteroid that didn't burn up caused problems for the world money system, because gold and platinum became so plentiful."

"What's our mission?" Tad asked.

"We must land at a high school in that city, and find a girl named Artemis Ashman. Coincidentally, she is a relative of Alma Ashman, the girl we just left in Chicago in the 1920's, though not a direct descendant. History documented her as surviving the asteroid collision, but we need to convince at least two of her friends to go with her when she leaves on the monorail for the mainland."

"This is the second time we'll meet someone who is related to someone we know," said Tad.

"I've noticed a pattern," said Tiffany. "All the girls we've encountered so far had names beginning with A."

"My daughter Arwen's name begins with an A," said the professor.

"Do you think if we survive these thirteen missions," Tiffany asked, "and your daughter survives, that your future self or your daughter's future self could be trying to send us a message? Maybe one of you infiltrated the Death Matrix in the same era as the version that made contact with you, professor."

"Anything is possible," the professor replied. "Only time will tell. Right now, I need to land the time cruiser in that school. It should be lunch time right now, so I need to find a secluded spot."

"How will we know when we find Artemis?" Tiffany asked.

The professor keyed in a combination of buttons on the main control console, and a photograph of a teenage girl popped up on the main monitor.

"This is her, she has medium length blonde hair and grey eyes. All the girls wear a school uniform, but today Artemis was wearing a pink ribbon in her hair. That should make it easier to spot her. One thing I should mention, in this era, neutrino dissimilators have been invented, so we might be mistaken for criminals who were miniaturized and sold at auction.”

The time cruiser landed on the concrete, and wind from the thrusters blew debris around as it landed. No onlookers could see the time cruiser, because the cloaking device was initiated. The professor keyed in the controls that opened the door and the gangplank, and they could see out. Multiple kids were milling about.

"I see her!" said Tad, pointing at a blonde girl with a pink ribbon in her hair.

"Excellent!" said the professor. "Tiffany, you stay behind, while Tad and I make first contact with Artemis." The professor grabbed the control crystal and put it in his pocket. “I’m taking the control crystal, so you won’t be able to fly the time cruiser, but you’ll be able to manipulate the cloaking device, and onboard neural stimulator or the space warp in case one of us gets swallowed, Tiffany.”

“Thanks, Professor,” Tiffany responded.

Tad exited the time cruiser, followed by Professor Cannoli. The girl they were meant to make contact with was nearby. She was standing around talking to two of her female friends. Tad knew they had to be quick, so they wouldn’t get spotted by other kids. They stayed close to the perimeter of the fence and beneath tables as they approached her, to avoid detection.

“Artemis!” Tad shouted. The girl looked down and saw Tad and the professor.

She knelt down and said, “Who are you? Did you escape from your owner?”

“We’re not criminals who were sold at auction,” said Tad. “We’re time travelers here to warn you about the asteroid collision! This whole city will get wiped out!”

Artemis and her friends started laughing. “You’re cute!” said Artemis. “The defense grid will protect us from the asteroid, it always has in the past!”

“This asteroid is too big for the defense grid to deal with!” said the professor. “It will devastate this entire city!”

“I’ll tell you what, you little imposters,” said Artemis, “you’re obviously using the asteroid as a tool to scare us, because it’s been in the news so much lately. If you don’t give up on this charade, I’m going to swallow one of you!”

“This isn’t a charade!” said the professor. “You need to get on the next monorail to the mainland!”

“That’s it!” said Artemis, “I don’t care who your owner is, they can sue me if they want to, but I’m swallowing you!”

“If I get killed,” the professor shouted at Tad, “get Artemis and her friends to the hills of West Virginia! It’s at a high enough altitude that they’ll be safe!”

“Sure thing, professor!” said Tad, and Artemis plunged the professor into her mouth. Because he was only an inch tall, Artemis had an easy time swallowing him. Professor Cannoli glided down the esophagus of the beautiful behemoth, and plunged down into her belly, where he treaded chyme.

Tiffany was in the time cruiser, and notified Tad. “Tad! The professor took the control crystal with him, we can’t leave this century without it!”

“You need to vomit up the professor,” Tad told Artemis. “He has a mechanism we need to power our time cruiser.”

“Can you show me the time cruiser?” Artemis asked.

“Tiffany,” Tad spoke into his communicator ring, “de-activate the cloaking device!”

Tiffany did as Tad instructed, and the time cruiser became visible.

“That’s impressive!” said Artemis. She dug through her purse and pulled out a small device. “This is a neural stimulator, it will make me vomit.” Artemis pointed it at her head and pulled the trigger, and she vomited on the ground. The professor dropped down onto the ground, emerging from her puddle of vomit.

“I believe you now!” said Artemis. “Where should we evacuate to?”

“West Virginia,” said the professor. “There will be a massive tidal wave, and you need to get to high ground. This entire city will be wiped out!”

“There’s a monorail leaving soon,” said Artemis, “when should we leave?”

“As soon as possible,” said Professor Cannoli. “Once people realize they’re in danger, there will be a bottleneck and most people will be trapped in the city, with no escape!”

“Do I have time to contact my family?” Artemis asked.

“There’s no time for that, you can call them when you’re in West Virginia. Your friends need to evacuate with you.”

The two teenage girls who were with Artemis looked at her. One of them, a brunette, said, “I’m not taking any chances, I’m going with you, Artemis!”

“Me too!” said the Latina friend. “Let’s get out of here!”

“Artemis,” said the professor, “be sure to grab the time cruiser!”

Artemis did as she was told, and grabbed the time cruiser and headed toward the monorail station, followed by her two friends. The brunette carried Tad, Artemis carried the time cruiser, and the Latina carried the professor.

Soon, they were onboard the monorail, heading for the mainland. Artemis had the time cruiser on her lap. The door was facing her, and the gangplank was down. Tad and the professor were in the hands of the other two girls.

“I could get into a lot of trouble for skipping school,” said Artemis. “You’d better be right about this asteroid!”

“In less than an hour, the asteroid will plunge into the Atlantic,” said the professor, “Anyone you knew at your school or in that floating city will be dead!”

“Trust us,” said Tad, “You’re doing the right thing by evacuating! The professor is from the year 5150, he knows the future!”

“A terrorist group is forcing us to go on missions in different times,” said the professor to Artemis. “Part of what makes this mission so difficult is trying to convince you three to evacuate when logic would make it seem otherwise.”

Just then, sirens began to sound from the area the monorail was passing through.

“Do you hear that?” Professor Cannoli said. “If you tried to evacuate your island city now, you never would’ve escaped from the cataclysm.”

“I appreciate all you’ve done for us, Professor!” said Artemis.

“Professor!” Tiffany popped her head out of the door of the time cruiser. “The lock has been lifted, we can leave now!”

The brunette and the Latina placed Tad and the professor on the gangplank.

“I wish I could keep you,” said Artemis, “but you need to continue on your mission and save other people.”

“A relative of yours wanted to keep us, back in Chicago during Prohibition.” said Tad.

“I can’t even trace my family back that far,” said Artemis. “What was her name?”

“Alma,” said Tad. “You’re not her direct descendant, but you’re related to her.”

“Try to help as many people as you can!” said Artemis.

Tad and the professor waved goodbye to Artemis and her friends, then entered the time cruiser snd shut the door.

“Our next mission is the Viking era!” said the professor. “Strap yourselves in!”

The time cruiser made the jump into temporal space, and disappeared from sight.

To Be Continued!
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby SamuelOrona » Sun Apr 28, 2019 5:50 pm

”Small Timers”

(Macro/Micro F/m non-fatal vore)

Chapter Six: Viking Era

The time cruiser emerged from temporal space above a rural area during the late morning, during summer. The blue sky was punctuated by few clouds, and the weather was neither hot nor cold, but mild.

“We’re in the Ninth Century,” said Professor Cannoli. “Below us is Scandinavia, home to the Vikings. Our mission involves befriending a girl named Astrid, and convincing her family to allow her to compete in a tournament along with her two older sisters, Sigrid and Gudrun. The tournament is this afternoon.”

“Is that the whole mission?” Tad asked.

“No,” the professor responded, “there’s more. Tad, you must allow yourself to get swallowed by Astrid, and we’re not allowed to use technology to make her vomit you up.”

“I hope she’s cute!” said Tad. Tiffany scowled at him. “I was just kidding, Tiff!”

“It’s summer time here right now,” said the professor, “but this winter will be the harshest in ten years, so it’s imperative that Astrid and her sisters win this tournament so they will have enough silver to buy food to last through the winter.”

“How do you know what the weather will be like this far in the past?” Tiffany asked.

“Time travelers traveled to prehistoric times and launched satellites into geosynchronous orbit to monitor Earth’s weather. The satellites are intangible and invisible, they exist on another dimensional plane. The results of that data were downloaded into the time cruiser mainframe before I left the year 5150.”

The professor piloted the time cruiser so it landed in front of a house where three teenage girls were practicing fencing. The oldest girl was about 17, and the youngest was about 15.

“I’m turning off the cloaking device so we can get their attention,” the professor announced.

The time cruiser became visible, and the youngest girl was the first to notice it. She dropped her sword and came closer. The professor manipulated the control console and opened the door and lowered the gangplank.

“That is Astrid,” said the professor, “the youngest of the three sisters.”

Tad exited the time cruiser and introduced himself. “I’m Tad, I’m here to help you and your family.”

The other two girls came closer to see what their sister had found.

“Are you practicing for a tournament?” Tad asked.

“My sisters are entering the tournament,” said Astrid, “But father won’t let me, because I’m too young.”

“There’s going to be a really harsh winter this year,” said Tad, “so you need to enter the tournament and win, so your family will have enough silver to buy food during the winter.”

The three girls started laughing. “You must be wrong,” said Sigrid, the oldest. “This has been the mildest summer in my memory! The winter will probably be mild, too.”

“No,” said Tad, “you must listen to me!”

“Astrid, take that thing and the tiny man in and show father.” said Sigrid. “Let him decide what to do.”

Astrid grabbed the time cruiser and Tad, and carried them inside. She placed the time cruiser on the dining room table, and held Tad in her hand. “Father, look what I found!”

Astrid’s father entered the room. He was astonished at what he saw.

“Hi there!” Tad waved at him. “I’m Tad Polaris!”

“I’m Thorsten, what manner of wizardry is this?”

“He says he knows the future,” said Astrid. “He says it will be a harsh winter, and I need to enter the tournament so we will win enough silver to buy food for the winter.”

“Can you guarantee that Astrid will be safe?” Thorsten asked.

Professor Cannoli popped out of the time cruiser and said, “Our vessel has teaching machines that can instantly make her an adept sword fighter!”

“What do you think, Astrid?” Thorsten asked his daughter. “Do you want the tiny people to teach you how to use the sword?”

“Yes, father!” said Astrid.

“Please,” said Thorsten, “do whatever you need to in order to teach Astrid how to be a better sword fighter.”

Professor Cannoli entered the time cruiser.

“What martial art are you going to teach her?” Tiffany asked.

“The Japanese art of Kendo,” said the professor. “I can re-wire her brain so she has the equivalent level of skill as someone who has practiced Kendo for ten years!” Professor Cannoli manipulated the control console, and a beam of energy shot into Astrid’s head.

“Professor,” Tiffany asked, “do you think that’s ethical?”

“I’m only concerned with completing this mission,” said the professor. “The normal rules of ethics don’t apply when you’re in survival mode.”

“How long will the process take?” Tiffany asked.

“Just a few more moments,” said the professor. “There! That should do it! She now has the skills of a master swordsman!”

Professor Cannoli exited the time cruiser and stood on the table. “Let Astrid spar with her sisters,” said the professor. “I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results!”

Thorsten ushered Astrid outside while carrying Professor Cannoli, and told her to pick up her sword. Astrid did as she was told. Thorsten ordered her to spar with her older sisters, Sigrid and Gudrun. Astrid used Kendo maneuvers that were unknown to her sisters, and easily defeated both of them during the sparring session.

“Can you use your wizardry on my other two daughters?” Thorsten asked. “Give them the same skills Astrid now has!”

“I can do that,” the professor replied. “Bring them back in the house, and I’ll use my technology on them.”

The three girls followed their father inside, while Thorsten carried the professor. Thorsten placed the professor on the gangplank, and he went inside the time cruiser and used the teaching tool to shoot a beam of energy into Sigrid’s head to re-wire her brain. Within a few moments, she had the same skills as Astrid. The professor then aimed the beam at Gudrun, the middle sister. Soon, she too had the abilities the other two had.

They went back outside to spar, and they their skill levels were equal; they could not defeat one another.

“We’ll win the tournament for sure!” said Thorsten. “Let’s go inside and have some mead to celebrate, and give you strength for the competition.”

They returned inside to the dining room table, and all three girls grabbed horns to drink from. Sigrid’s was the biggest, and Astrid’s was the smallest horn. Thorsten returned with a flagon of mead, and filled each of their horns.

“Astrid,” said Thorsten, “since you found the tiny people, maybe you should swallow one of them with your mead for good luck!”

“That’s a good idea, Astrid!” said Sigrid. “You’ll have the power of the gods helping you during the tournament!”

Astrid grabbed Tad, and shoved him into her mouth, then drank a huge amount of mead from her horn. When her horn was empty, the triumphant teenager threw it on the table and opened her empty mouth to show that Tad was swallowed.

“Let’s go to the tournament!” said Astrid. “It will be a good victory!”

“We must leave you and your vessel here in our home,” said Thorsten to the professor. “We don’t want anyone accusing us of using magic to win!”

Thorsten left with his daughters on a cart pulled by two horses, and the time cruiser was left on the dining room table. Tiffany and the professor stood on the gangplank.

“Can we watch the tournament?” Tiffany asked.

“I can launch a drone high enough so it can film the competition, and transmit it back to the time cruiser, where we can watch it on the main monitor.” said Professor Cannoli.

“Through the walls of the house?” Tiffany asked.

“I forget you’re not from my century,” the professor replied. “The drone will exist on another dimensional plane, so it will be intangible. Only we will be aware of it’s existence.”

The professor keyed in the necessary information and the drone was launched. Within moments, they could see Thorsten, Sigrid, Gudrun and Astrid riding in their horse drawn cart toward the tournament.

“Tad?” Tiffany asked, into her communicator ring. “We can see Astrid, the professor launched an invisible drone. We’ll keep our eyes on you.”

Within Astrid’s stomach, Tad was treading chyme that smelled like mead.

“I can hear you, Tiffany!” Tad replied. “I’ve actually wondered what it would be like to get swallowed by a Viking chick, so now I know!”

“That’s what you get for reading those online giantess stories!” Tiffany replied.

Before long, Thorsten and his daughters arrived at the tournament. There were very few female competitors, but Sigrid and Gudrun defeated the few females who competed. As the day progressed, they challenged male competitors and won against them, too.

Astrid fought against boys her age, defeating them easily, and moving up to compete against older male competitors.

“They’ve beaten everyone they’ve competed against,” said Tiffany to the professor.

“If Astrid doesn’t vomit Tad up,” said the professor, “then we’ll be stuck here, regardless of whether Astrid and her sisters win the tournament. Remember, there are two aspects to this mission, and we can’t use our technology to have Astrid vomit Tad up.”

“If we can get Astrid to drink more mead,” said Tiffany, “maybe we can get her to puke!”

“Puke?” Professor Cannoli asked. “I’m unfamiliar with that term.”

“Puke is slang for vomiting,” said Tiffany. “Maybe you can use mind control to get Thorsten to buy more mead. That wouldn’t be against the rules, would it?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” the professor replied.

Meanwhile, at the tournament, the final competition was in full swing. Astrid, Gudrun and Sigrid each were sword fighting opponents. Within ten minutes, their opponents were defeated. The three sisters were given large amounts of silver.

They presented the silver to their father, and he said, “This is enough silver to get us through two winters!” He purchased cheese, mead, and grain. They loaded the supplies onto the cart that was pulled by horses, and headed back home. When they got home, Thorsten and his daughters carried the supplies into the house.

When everything was put away, Thorsten said, “Now we can celebrate! Let’s drink some mead.”

Thorsten filled the horns of his daughters, and they drank their fill. Astrid had her horn filled three times, and started to get sick. She went outside, and vomited. Tad came barreling out onto the ground. Astrid picked him up and brought him inside, and set him near the time cruiser. Professor Cannoli was on the gangplank, while Tiffany was inside the time cruiser.

“Professor!” Tiffany said ad she peaked out at the door of the time cruiser. “The lock has been lifted! We can leave now!”

“Tad!” said the professor, “Let’s leave before Astrid swallows you permanently!”

Tad rushed inside without saying goodbye to Astrid and her family, and the professor activated the door, closing it and raising the gangplank.

“Where to now, Cash?” Tad asked.

“Imperial Russia, the summer of 1918! Strap yourselves in!”

The time cruiser disappeared from the dining room table, and into temporal space.

To Be Continued!
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby SamuelOrona » Fri May 03, 2019 7:00 pm

”Small Timers”

(Macro/Micro F/m non-fatal vore)

Chapter Seven: 1918 Russia

The time cruiser emerged from temporal space inside an elaborate mansion. The time cruiser was still invisible due to the cloaking device being engaged. Professor Cannoli addressed Tad and Tiffany.

"We're in July, 1918, inside the Ipatiev House in the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia, about a week before the Romanovs were executed."

"I did a report on the Romanov assassination in junior high school," said Tad.

"Will that do us any good?" Tiffany asked Tad.

"I know the names of the Tsar's daughters, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia." said Tad.

"Didn't they have a son, too?" Tiffany asked. "I remember when you did that report, you told me about it back then."

"Yes, his name was Alexei," Tad replied.

"Don't get too wrapped up in the Tsar's daughters," said Tiffany. "I know they're attractive, but you've still got me as a girlfriend, and I'd appreciate some loyalty." Tiffany looked at the professor. "What's our mission, professor?"

"The Death Matrix wants us to give the royal family the schematics for the Sputnik rocket program."

"What will that accomplish?" Tiffany asked.

"The Russians will have viable rocket technology decades before anyone else," said the professor, "at least on paper."

"If we succeed, maybe that's why the Russians were so far ahead of us in the 1950's!" said Tad.

"Remember," said the professor, "the time cruiser has a built in mind control device that will make the Russians understand and speak English. The part of their brain that processes speech will think they're speaking and hearing Russian, so they will have no clue that they are speaking to us in English."

"We have to be careful," the professor warned, "because the royal family is being guarded, the guards are downstairs, and the royals are here, on the second floor."

"Who do we give the schematics to?" Tad asked.

"One of us will make contact, while the other two stay hidden in the time cruiser, which will remain invisible," the professor replied. "Once the royal family has the schematics, we want the guards to acquire them, and hold onto them after the executions next week."

"I volunteer to make contact." said Tad.

"I thought you would, you're such a brave boy," the professor replied. "Stay in contact with us through your communication ring, and let us know when to teleport the documents that have the rocket schematics."

"Is there anything else?" Tad asked.

"I almost forgot," the professor replied, "if one of us gets swallowed and vomited up naturally, without the use of any of our technology, one mission will be subtracted from our itinerary, so we will have a total of twelve, instead of thirteen missions."

Tad and Tiffany celebrated by cheering.

"Should I tell them the truth about where I came from?" Tad asked.

"Under no circumstances are you to tell anyone about the upcoming assassinations. That would void our mission, and we would be stuck here permanently," the professor warned. "Just make contact, then let me know when to teleport the documents. As far as who we are and where we came from, it's okay to tell her about us."

The professor hit some buttons on the control console. "The main monitor shows who is in the room, Anastasia is sitting at the table reading a book. You need to make contact with her, Tad!"

"Sure thing, professor!" Tad replied.

Professor Cannoli activated the door and lowered the gangplank, and Tad headed out into the main room. After stepping off of the gangplank, the time cruiser was not visible to him.

The room was huge, and very elegant. There were ornate wooden book shelves from floor to ceiling. The furniture in every way looked like it had been designed for royalty.

"These people seem like gods, they're so wealthy!" Tad whispered to himself as he made his way to Anastasia's feet. She was wearing a white dress, with dark stockings and leather shoes.

"She's beautiful!" Tad couldn't help whispering to himself, but he caught her attention. She lowered her book to the table, and looked down at Tad.

"Who are you?" Grand Duchess Anastasia asked.

"I'm Tad Polaris, I'm a time traveler," Tad replied.

"Have you come to help my family?" Anastasia asked. She stood up from her chair and knelt down, and picked Tad up in her hands.

"Not exactly," said Tad. "A terrorist group called the Death Matrix is forcing me to travel through time, and accomplish specific goals before we can leave and journey on our next mission."

"What is your goal in 1918?" Anastasia asked.

"I have to give you the schematics for rocket technology that will allow Russia to launch a rocket into space, breaking free from the earth's gravity."

"Is such a thing possible?" Anastasia asked. "I know Jules Verne wrote a novel about traveling to the moon, but that is pure speculation."

"Sure!" said Tad. "The Americans sent men to the moon in 1969. The Russians beat us at a lot of firsts, though. They launched the first artificial satellite, and got the first man into space before we did."

"Excellent!" said Anastasia. "And how would you produce such a document? You're a very tiny man, so please forgive my doubts."

"I have partners standing by," said Tad, "and they will teleport the documents to this table, when I give the word."

"Then give the word!" Anastasia ordered.

"Professor?" Tad spoke into his communication ring, "I've made contact with Grand Duchess Anastasia, and I'm ready for you to teleport the documents!"

Inside the time cruiser, the documents were in digital form on the main monitor. Professor Cannoli pressed the button that would execute the command that would make a physical copy appear on the table where Anastasia was seated.

Within seconds, the document materialized in front of Anastasia.

"Ooh!" she exclaimed. "This is like magic!"

"It's a science so advanced that it seems like magic," said Tad. "I'm paraphrasing a famous science fiction author named Arthur C. Clarke."

Anastasia looked through the pages of the document. "So this will allow us to build a rocket that can travel to the moon?"

"No, Grand Duchess," Tad replied. "It will allow you to launch an artificial satellite into Earth orbit. The moon is too far away for a rocket like this to reach it."

Anastasia's other three sisters entered the room. They spotted Tad, and walked directly toward Anastasia. Grand Duchess Maria, the 19-year-old, picked Tad up from the table.

"What is this?" Grand Duchess Maria asked. "Is it a toy of some kind? Is it a clockwork mechanism? Did Dr. Botkin or Anna bring this to you?"

Anastasia quickly grabbed Tad from her sister Maria. "He's not a toy, Maria! He's a little man! He's been miniaturized and forced to give us scientific secrets. He's from the future!"

"You'd better not let the guards find him," Maria warned. "They would take him away from you! And what is this?" Maria indicated the document that had materialized moments earlier.

"It's the schematics for constructing a rocket," said Anastasia. "The Russians will be the first to launch an artificial satellite into orbit!"

Maria looked through the pages of the document. "This all looks very complex, I don't think this is a hoax, Anastasia!"

"Of course it isn't!" said Anastasia.

"We'd better show our father!" said Maria, as she took the document and carried it to her father. "You'd better hide your little friend, before the guards see you with him!" The two oldest sisters, Olga and Tatiana, followed Maria.

Anastasia took Tad, and lifted him to face level. "You don't mind if I put you in my mouth, do you? It's just to keep you hidden from the guards."

"I don't mind," said Tad. "I've been in plenty of girl's mouths before this!"

Anastasia gently placed Tad on her tongue, then closed her mouth with him inside. Just then, one of the guards entered the room. This startled Anastasia, and she accidentally swallowed Tad.

"What is that document?" the guard asked Maria, taking it away from her.

"It is the schematics for a rocket that can break free from Earth's gravity!" said Maria.

"Nonsense!" said the guard. He looked over the document, turning the pages, and was amazed. "This information is very technical, an engineer should look at it!"

"Give that back!" said Anastasia.

"No, Anastasia," said Maria, holding her back, "let him have it. There's nothing we can do at this point!"

Meanwhile, inside the time cruiser, Tiffany was watching the Romanov sisters on the main monitor.

"Tad has been swallowed by Anastasia," said Tiffany to Professor Cannoli. "If he is to be vomited up naturally, one of us needs to explain that to Anastasia."

"It will do no good!" said the professor. "If we warn Anastasia that she needs to vomit Tad up, then that will void our mission! According to the control console, the lock has been lifted, because we've given them the rocket schematics. So if we retrieve Tad, we can leave. We might need to use the space warp to get him out of her stomach!"

"I think we should leave it up to Tad!" said Tiffany. "He really wanted to succeed on getting one mission dropped from our itinerary."

"Then contact him, I'm just saying, if worse comes to worse, we may have to use our technology to retrieve him, and we can't use the space warp while the cloaking device is engaged."

"Tad?" Tiffany spoke into her communication ring. "Can you hear me?"

Meanwhile, inside Anastasia's stomach, Tad was chest deep in chyme.

"Loud and clear!" Tad replied.

"Do you want us to rescue you?" Tiffany asked.

"No!" said Tad. "Try to let her vomit me up naturally!"

Inside the time cruiser, Tiffany looked at the professor. "He wants to ride this one out all the way, professor!"

"Your boyfriend can be very stubborn!" said the professor.

"Tad?" Tiffany asked into her communication ring, "If we use the space warp to get you out of there, we'll have to disengage the cloaking device."

Inside Anastasia's belly, Tad replied, "Then we would be sitting ducks! Just leave me in her stomach for now, only use the space warp if there's no other way!"

"How is it in there?" Tiffany asked.

"There's more stomach acid than there was with the other girls who swallowed me," Tad replied. "I think Anastasia must be stressed out because of all the things that are happening to her family right now."

"Will he be okay in there?" Tiffany asked the professor.

"It is possible that if enough of Anastasia's stomach acid eats away at him, he could die."

"I thought that elixir we drank before our first mission made us immortal?" Tiffany asked.

"Immortal to normal wear and tear," said the professor. "But not to things like bullets, falls from high places, or stomach acid. It's just too corrosive; he can survive for a short while, but not indefinitely."

Meanwhile, the Romanov sisters were arguing with the guard who took the rocket schematics. "I said to give it back!" said Anastasia to the guard.

"This should be in the hands of the government," said the guard. "Where did you get this document?" The guard turned and yelled into the hallway, and more guards appeared.

"Scour this entire room, and find any sign that there has been an intruder!"

Three guards began looking through the room.

Meanwhile, Tad was having difficulty within Anastasia's stomach.

"Tiffany!" said Tad, "The stomach acid levels are off the hook in here!"

"Anastasia is experiencing a lot of stress," said Tiffany. "And the guards are shaking down this whole room. Should we use the space warp?"

"Yes!" Tad shouted into his communication ring. "Get me out of here!"

Professor Cannoli began activating the space warp. He locked onto Anastasia's stomach, then de-activated the cloaking device. A dimensional portal appeared in the floor of the time cruiser. Professor Cannoli could see down into Anastasia's stomach, and saw Tad swimming around in her chyme.

Meanwhile, one of the guards spotted the time cruiser while they were searching the room. He walked toward it, with the intention of grabbing it.

Inside the time cruiser, the professor reached his hand down into the dimensional portal, and grabbed Tad's hand, and pulled him up and out. Once Tad was safely inside the time cruiser, the professor hit the button that would send them back into temporal space.

The time cruiser disappeared from the guard's grasp, and the Tsar's daughters laughed at him.

Back inside the time cruiser, Tad asked, "Where to now, Cash?"

"1958, Bullet Bay, California!" the professor replied.

"Tad," said Tiffany, "we'll be able to see our home town before we were born!"

To Be Continued!
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

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”Small Timers”

(Macro/Micro F/m Non-fatal vore)

Chapter Eight: 1950's America

The time cruiser emerged from temporal space above Bullet Bay, California. The sun was just starting to set. The sky was pink and purple with some clouds, but it was a nice evening.

"It's Friday, May 9th, 1958 and we're above Bullet Bay, California," said Professor Cannoli. "You can see the town on the main monitor."

"What's our mission this time?" Tad asked.

"There is a girl named Ariana Armstrong who is somewhat of a juvenile delinquent, and it's our job to make contact with her and try to get her to do better in school."

"Are there any other objectives for this mission, professor?" Tiffany asked.

"Just one, if Tad can get swallowed and vomited up without using our technology, then we have another chance at getting one mission subtracted from our itinerary. I know we failed in Russia, but now we might have a better chance."

"Why is that?" Tad asked.

"We're ordered to land across the street from a house party where teenagers are sure to be, and we have to turn off the cloaking device."

"So if Ariana finds us, she can collect the whole time cruiser?" Tiffany asked.

"Exactly," said the professor. "I have the latitude and longitude of our coordinates, I'm landing the time cruiser there now."

The time cruiser landed near a vacant lot, and there was no sidewalk there, just a curb. The professor tried to land the time cruiser near a telephone pole, so it would be somewhat hidden, but it was still mostly visible.

"I'm launching a drone," said the professor, "to see what is going on around this area."

The drone shot up out of the top of the time cruiser, and ascended until it was so high, it could not be seen.

"Here is a photo of Ariana, I'll post it alongside a view of the party across the street," said the professor. On the monitor, on one side a cute blonde girl about sixteen years old was on the left side of the screen, while video of what was happening across the street was on the right side of the screen.

There were about a dozen girls and boys in their mid teens, standing around holding bottles of beer. Some teens exited the house, while others returned inside.

"That house still exists in the time me and Tiffany are from, and they always throw parties there. It looks like that party has been going on for some time," said Tad. "I'm surprised it hasn't gotten busted yet."

"You spoke too soon," said the professor. "The police are on their way now, my drone is transmitting the video now."

Three police cars pulled up to the front of the house where the party was in full swing. There was a mad dash to escape, as multiple teenagers, boys and girls, ran in all directions to escape the police.

Three girls ran out, then crossed the street and slowed to a quick walk. One of them was Ariana. while another of the three girls, a Latina, held a jacket that contained several bottles of beer.

"It's Ariana, professor!" said Tad. "I recognize her from the photo. I'd better exit the time cruiser and make contact with her."

The professor activated the door and gangplank, and Tad ran out to greet Ariana. The three girls were wearing poodle skirts and saddle shoes. Tad jumped up and down and yelled at the titanic teens.

"Down here!" said Tad. "Ariana!"

Ariana and her two friends were astonished when they saw the inch high man waving at them, jumping around.

"What is that?" Ariana asked.

"It looks like a tiny man!" said the Latina, as she shoved the jacket to Ariana. "Here, hold the beers while I collect him!"

The Latina knelt down, and tried to scoop Tad up. Tad jumped onto her palm and said, "I'm a time traveler from the future, I've been miniaturized!"

The Latina stood up, carrying Tad in her palm. "My name is Elle, Elle Dorado!"

"That's a cool name!" said Tad. "I need one of you to collect my time cruiser, I have two friends with me who are inside. I'm here to help Ariana become a better student."

"You'd better worry about becoming the food of the gods before you concern yourself with anything else," said Elle. "I have half a mind to send you straight to the depths of my Aztec belly!"

"You're just saying that because you're drunk!" said Tad. "You're too beautiful to swallow someone!"

"You would dare to challenge me?" said Elle. She lifted Tad above her mouth, and said: "You're just the right size for swallowing!"

Elle dropped tad onto her tongue, and closed her lips. With some effort, she was able to swallow her tiny captive. Elle and the other girls began laughing furiously when Elle had finished swallowing Tad. She stuck her tongue out to prove he had been vanquished.

"I want to find the other two he talked about, and swallow them, too!" said Elle, as she lifted the time cruiser in her right hand.

"We'd better get to my house first!" said Ariana. "We're still within easy reach of the police!"

Meanwhile, inside the time cruiser, Tiffany asked the professor, "How far is Ariana's house from here?"

"I'll put a map on the monitor," the professor replied, and within moments, a map that showed a red line going from the house where the party was to another house a couple of blocks away.

"She lives pretty close," said Tiffany. "If they plan on swallowing all of us, what can we do?"

"That has always been a possibility on every one of our missions," said the professor. "It could happen at any time!"

"Can we do something about it?" Tiffany asked. “Like using mind control to force them not to kill us?"

"We aren't permitted to use mind control to affect free will," said the professor. "All we can do is hope that we can convince these cannibalistic conquerors that we're better off alive than dead, because of what we can do for them!"

"There must be something proactive that we can do," said Tiffany. "Elle seems very dangerous! Can't we use mind control to find out what their innermost desires are, and exploit that knowledge?"

"I hadn't considered that," said the professor. "I'll look through the set of rules the Death Matrix left me." Professor Cannoli started reading through the text on a small monitor on the control console.

Meanwhile, the three teens were walking to Ariana's house, and were almost there. Elle carried the time cruiser, while Ariana still held the jacket that contained multiple bottles of beer.

"So are we going to finish partying at your house?" Elle asked.

"Yes," Ariana replied, "my parents are out of town. They went to Santa Barbara for their wedding anniversary."

"I think I should keep this time machine," said Elle.

"The shrunken guy you swallowed said they were here to tutor me," said Ariana. "I think I should keep it!"

"Let's find a pair of dice and roll for it," said Elle.

"Okay, that sounds fair," Ariana replied.

Meanwhile, inside the time cruiser, the professor finished reading the rules set forth by the Death Matrix. "We're able to read their minds and exploit that knowledge, just as you suggested! I'll do that now!"

Professor Cannoli hammered across the controls with his fingers, coaxing the buttons to initiate the mind control device so it would scan the minds of all three girls simultaneously. Within moments, the computer notified the professor that it had the results.

"They all want an advantage when it comes to gambling," said the professor. "If we can manipulate the outcome of any bets they make, say by controlling the dice, or giving them sports information in advance, then we can win them over."

"Will the rules allow us to do that?" Tiffany asked.

"Let me read through that section of the rules," the professor responded.

"Hurry, professor!" said Tiffany. "That map says we're only a few houses down from Ariana's house!"

"According to the rules, we can manipulate the outcome of bets!" said the professor.

"Tad!" Tiffany shouted into her communication ring. "We've got a plan, hang in there!"

Just then, the three girls arrived at Ariana's house. Ariana got her key out of her purse, and opened the door. The three girls entered the home, and Ariana turned the lights on. Elle set the time machine on the dining room table. Ariana set the jacket on the table, and set the bottles of beer upright. There were six bottles.

"That's two for each of us!" said Elle, as she used a bottle opener to open one of the beers. She began guzzling the beer, until she had drank the whole thing in less than twenty seconds.

"I think I'm going to be sick!" said Elle, as she rushed toward the bathroom. She stopped up the sink, and vomited into it. Tad came tumbling out, into the puddle of vomit. Elle grabbed him, and rinsed him off.

"Hey!" said Elle, "now I get to swallow you again!"

"First, take me to my two friends!" said Tad. "We've got something important to tell you!"

When Elle carried Tad into the dining room, Ariana had returned from her bedroom with a pair of dice.

"I found the dice!" said Ariana.

"Stay here in the time cruiser," the professor told Tiffany. "In case we need help."

Professor Cannoli exited the time cruiser, and walked down the gangplank.

"I'm Professor Cassius Cannoli, and I can be of great assistance to you!"

"Yeah?" Ariana asked. "How so?"

"If you don't swallow us, we can help you win at gambling. If you invite people over here, and you gamble with dice, I can use my technology to manipulate the outcome so you'll always win!"

"That sounds like a good idea!" said Ariana, licking her lips.

"I still want to swallow this tiny guy again!" said Elle. "It makes me feel like a goddess!"

"But we can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams!" said the professor.

"I don't want to be rich," said Elle, "I want to feel like a goddess!"

"You must listen to reason!" said the professor.

"I don't 'need' to do anything," said Elle, "especially not coming from a pint sized man who stands an inch tall! There are supposed to be three of you, I'd like to swallow all of you. Make the other one come out of your time machine!"

"Elle," said Ariana, "maybe we should listen to him, we can make a lot of money!"

Elle thought about it, and set Tad down on the table. "I guess you're right," said Elle. "I get a little bit drunk, and I turn into some kind of a cannibal! I'm sorry, tiny one!"

Tad walked over to the professor. "So we're going to make them rich by gambling?"

"I showed Tiffany how to work the control console to manipulate the dice," said the professor. "Ariana, take the dice, and predict the outcome, and Tiffany inside the time cruiser will match that outcome."

"Okay, how about seven?" Ariana asked.

"Now throw the dice!" said the professor.

Ariana threw the dice, and got a five and a two.

"Again!" said the professor, and Ariana threw again; this time, she got a six and a one.

"Again!" said the professor, and Ariana threw the dice a third time, and got a four and a three.

"Do you see?" the professor asked. "With us in charge, you can't lose!"

"I need to make some phone calls!" said Ariana. "If I keep your time machine in my bedroom, can you manipulate the dice from there? I have to keep you guys hidden!"

"Yes," said the professor, "our technology utilizes dimensional string theory, so we can use force fields projected from other dimensions to force the dice to land as you choose."

"Okay, get back in your time machine, both of you," said Ariana, "and I'll carry you to my room. I know some kids who love to gamble, and some of them are rich!"

Within an hour, the living room was full of teenagers who had been at the other party earlier that night. It was an equal mix of boys and girls, the average age between 14 and 17. Some of the kids had brought more beer. The record player was going, and they were listening to rock and roll.

By this time, Ariana had a stack of cash next to her on the dining room table. She was betting with some boys on the football team, and they were angry that they were losing. Ariana got lucky once again, and collected her winnings from one of the athletes.

"How does she keep winning?" he shouted, as he beat his fist against the table. He got up and left the party.

Elle whispered something in Ariana's ear, and got up and went to Ariana's bedroom. The time cruiser was on the dresser, with the door open and the gangplank down.

"Tiny one?" Elle asked, and Tad came out.

"Yes, goddess?" Tad asked.

"She's winning too much, they're going to know she's cheating unless you have her lose once in a while. Just don't let her win every time, unless she's betting everything."

"Will do!" said Tad, and he went back inside the time cruiser to tell the professor.

"The Mexican chick with the epic legs told me you can't let Ariana win every time," said Tad to the professor, "they're starting to suspect she's cheating."

"You mean Elle Dorado?" Tiffany asked. "I'll never forget that name!"

"Just don't let her lose when she bets everything," said Tad. "That's what Elle said."

"At what point are we going to tutor Ariana?" Tiffany asked the professor. "I don't feel safe here, that girl might try to swallow us again."

"We can contact one of Ariana's teachers," said the professor. "With the control console, I can contact anyone through the existing telephone lines of this era. Maybe we can convince her to tutor Ariana for free."

"Can the time cruiser central computer calculate who the best teacher to contact would be?" Tiffany asked.

"Actually, that's not a bad idea," said the professor. He implemented Tiffany's plan, and got some results. "It says here, Ms. Warren is the most suitable."

"Call her up, professor!" said Tiffany.

Within moments, Professor Cannoli was speaking with Ms. Warren.

"I need someone to tutor Ariana Armstrong," said the professor. "She's struggling in school, and needs someone to help her get back on course."

"I'm always willing to help a student in need, that's why I became a teacher!" said Ms. Warren. "Give me the address, and I'll be right over."

"It's 238 Newport street," said the professor.

Just then, Elle entered the bedroom with two younger girls.

“Tiny one?” Elle asked, indicating she wanted to speak with Tad.

Tad exited the time vehicle and walked down the gangplank.

“Yes, goddess?” said Tad.

“My mom doesn’t know about the party, and she asked me to watch my 13-year-old sister and her friend. Can you entertain them, and keep them out of trouble?”

“Sure, no problem! One of your teachers is coming over right now to tutor Ariana,” said Tad, “so you need to hide the beer!”

“Which teacher?” Elle asked.

“Ms. Warren,” Tad replied.

Elle left the bedroom and went to the dining room.

“Ariana!” Elle shouted. “Ms. Warren is coming over right now!”

“Hide the beer,” Ariana replied, “there’s another refrigerator in the garage, we have several cases of root beer, we need to swap the beer for root beer before Ms. Warren gets here!”

“Won’t your parents get mad that all that root beer is missing?” Elle asked.

Ariana waved the cash she won in front of Elle’s face. “Elle, I can buy more before they get back!”

By the time the teacher arrived, all the beer was hidden in the garage, and the kids who remained were drinking root beer. Ms. Warren arrived at the door, and Ariana let her in.

Ms. Warren pulled out a pocket watch, and said, “I’ve come to tutor you, I’ll stay for two hours, free of charge. This pocket watch will keep the time.”

As the teacher and Ariana studied at the table, Tad tried to entertain Elle’s younger sister.

“So your name is Rhea?” Tad asked.

“Yes, I was named after one of the Titanides,” said Rhea.

“Tad!” said Tiffany, as she peaked her head out the front door of the time cruiser. “The lock has been lifted! We can leave any time!”

“Okay, I’ll be right there,” Tad replied.

“My sister said she swallowed you,” said Rhea. “Will you let me swallow you, too?”

“You’d have to vomit me up afterwards,” said Tad. “It wouldn’t be a pleasant experience for you!”

“I don’t mind at all,” said Rhea. “I’d love to swallow a shrunken man!”

“Tad!” said Tiffany. “Let’s go!”

“I’ve got to leave,” said Tad. “My girlfriend is getting fussy.”

Rhea grabbed Tad and shoved him into her mouth and swallowed him. She raised her arms in victory after Tad was in her stomach.

Meanwhile, inside the time cruiser, Tiffany was concerned. “Professor, if we use the space warp to get him out of that girl’s stomach, will that cancel out the part of our mission where Tad was vomited up naturally?”

“I don’t know,” said the professor. “But it looks like we have no choice, we need Tad, and we have to get him out of the stomach of that giant girl!”

The professor activated the space warp and pulled Tad out of the dimensional hole that appeared in the floor of the time cruiser.

“Thanks, Professor!” said Tad.

“We completed our mission, our next time is the era of the Aztec empire in Mexico!” said the professor. He activated the controls, and something weird happened.

“There’s a power surge the likes of which I’ve never seen before!” said the Professor.

Just then, the power went dead.

“Professor, what happened?” Tiffany asked.

“I’m not sure, but we’ve reached an unknown time. I need to use the manual override to open the door,” said the professor.

When the door was open, and the three of them were outside, they were still in Ariana’s bedroom, and Rhea and her friend were still there sitting on the bed.

“Rhea is still here, we never left!” said Tad.

“We’re not in the twentieth century any longer,” said the professor. “But the power in the time cruiser went out, so I can’t be sure what era we’re in!”

“Perhaps I can clear this up!” said Ms. Warren, who had just entered the bedroom. “You’re a thousand years farther in the future than the year you are from, Professor!”

“How can this be?” the professor asked.

“I’m your daughter, I’ve been working all of this time to free you from the Death Matrix. I pursued a career in law enforcement, and when technology progressed to the point where we were superior to the technology of the Death Matrix, I infiltrated their group in the past, and manipulated them so they would bring you to me.”

“You posed as a teacher in the 1950’s?” The professor asked.

“Yes,” said the professor’s daughter. “I still must get back to that time, so the Death Matrix doesn’t figure out what I did. But before I do, I need to explain other things I did. I created duplicates of the three of you and your time cruiser, and they will go on your remaining missions, not knowing they aren’t you. The Death Matrix won’t know, either. They left to the era of the Aztecs when you were brought here.”

“But what about the kids at this party ?” the professor asked. “Why were they brought into the future?”

“They are duplicates, I created them when I created your doubles. They will have to integrate into my era, just as you will. Here is a neutrino dissimilator, it is programmed to re-enlarge you, it will bypass the dimensional lock the Death Matrix put on you.”

Arwen pointed the device at the professor, and he was instantly re-enlarged. She then re-enlarged Tiffany and Tad, in that order.

The professor hugged his daughter.

“I can’t believe the nightmare is over!” said the professor.

“Welcome to the year 6150!” said Arwen. “after you are de-briefed, you will be free to live in this time period without any further problems.”

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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

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F/m Fatal Macro/Micro Vore, Crush

Chapter One: Welcome to San Jose


A technologically advanced space battle cruiser the size of a small city hovered over San Jose, California. A reporter named Arlen Thompson was on board the futuristic vessel and was being interviewed by the owner of the space cruiser. They sat in chairs in front of a backdrop of control consoles and blinking lights.

“So let me get this straight,” said Arlen, “Your name is Kay-Lar, you’re from an alternate reality, and you’re also from fifty thousand years in the future, and you’ve come for the single daughters of every family in the city between the ages of 16 and 21, so you can turn them into your concubines, and if we don’t comply, you’re going to shrink the city and steal it?”

“That is correct,” said Kay-Lar. “My space cruiser is equipped with a powerful neutrino dissimilator that can reduce a city small enough so that it can fit onto a tabletop.”

“If we don’t agree to your terms, what will you do with the city once you shrink it?” Arlen asked.

“I’ll place it in a secluded rural area near a suburban development, so it can be discovered by a female high school athlete, and I can document it for my entertainment. I have an affinity for cheerleaders, so I’ll put the city where it will soon be discovered by one. With my mind control technology, I can summon a girl with a lot of aggression and compel her to discover the shrunken city, and I will force others to avoid that area.”

“How long can shrunken people survive?” Arlen asked.

“Their miniaturized bodies require food and water that has been reduced to their equivalent scale, so they would die of thirst in a matter of days once they run out of bottled water.” said Kay-Lar.

“And what about the girls you want to abduct?” Arlen asked. “If you shrink the city, what happens to them?”

“My androids will abduct them with space warp technology regardless of whether the city agrees to my terms.”

“How do you prevent people and homes from getting cut in half by your shrink ray if they’re on the perimeter of target area?” Arlen asked.

“My technology is so advanced it is beyond your comprehension,” said Kay-Lar. “Nobody will get cut in half.”

“I think I can speak for everyone in saying we will in no way comply with your demands!” said Arlen.

Then let the games begin!” said Kay-Lar, as he stood up. “A shuttle cruiser will take you back to the city.”

Once Arlen was safely home and he shuttle cruiser had returned, Kay-Lar resumed his sinister plan. One moment the city was serenely there, and in another moment, it was reduced to a tiny fraction of its former size. To people outside the perimeter of the area affected, it looked like the city had been devastated. A barren wasteland stretched for miles where the city had once existed.

The space cruiser descended, and a robotic mechanism cut beneath the shrunken city, and scooped it up. Once onboard, the space cruiser ascended up into the sky, and was gone.


Chapter One:

Lacey Lynch was wearing her red and white cheer uniform with her school team “Titans” emblazoned on the front as she made her way through a rural area on her way home from cheer practice. She took a short cut through a meadow that was located between her high school and the suburban development where she lived.

She set her pink and white backpack down when something caught her eye. It was a city, but on a much smaller scale than normal. The tallest buildings were only about a foot high, and the perimeter of the city filled a circle about ten feet in diameter. The vehicles parked on the roads were small enough that their occupants wouldn’t be any larger than ants.

Lacey circled the city, then knelt down to see if this was an elaborate model, or something else. She picked up a vehicle, then lifted it closer to her eyes to get a closer look. She ripped off the hood of the vehicle, and saw that the engine was intact.

“This isn’t a model,” said Lacey. “This is real! This must be what happened to San Jose the other day, I saw it on the news, but everyone thought the city was destroyed!”

Lacey dropped the car and stood up and put her hands on her hips.

“Okay!” said Lacey firmly. “I don’t know how this happened, but you are all under my dominion now! I am in control! If you don’t come out of your hiding places, these majestic legs of mine will send my feet crashing down on your tiny city!”

Lacey lifted one of her feet, and said, “Here is a sample of my power!”

Lacey’s shoe-clad foot came crashing down on a section of the city. She smeared her pink Converse back and forth, causing a wide swath of destruction.

“If you don’t come out, I’ll cause more destruction!” Lacey shouted. “You’ll know how it feels to get conquered by a titan!”

Soon, dozens of people came out of their homes and gazed up at Lacey. From shoes to head, they saw her pink Converse and white ankle high socks, her tanned, muscular legs beneath her ultra short skirt, the short sleeved red and white cheer uniform showing off her tanned arms, and her long brunette hair tied in a pony tail. She had a smirk on her face, and the look in her gray eyes looked as if she was satisfied with her role of predatory dominance.

“I may only be fourteen,” said Lacey, “but as far as you’re concerned, I’m a deity!”

Lacey knelt down, and got on her knees. “I saw the news, so I know the city of San Jose was miniaturized and taken, but now that you’re here, you might as well provide me with entertainment!”

Lacey placed her right hand on the ground, palm side up.

“Climb onto my palm, I command you!” said Lacey. “As long as nobody else knows about you, I can do whatever I want with you! Since ancient times, the powerful have exploited the weak!”

About two dozen ant sized people were now standing on her palm.

“I’ve always wanted to swallow shrunken people, that would make me feel like a goddess. Prepare to become my next meal, you’re about to become the food of the gods!”

Lacey stood up and lifted her hand to her lips, and swept her tongue across her palm, dominantly lapping up all the victims and sweeping them into her mouth. She tilted her head back and swallowed; once the shrunken people were on their way down her gullet, she laughed maniacally.

“Are there any among you who would dare to challenge me?” Lacey asked. “Who would challenge a mighty goddess?”

Lacey began to walk across the cityscape, crushing homes and buildings in the process.

“It’s like this entire city is my own private playground!” Lacey giggled as she stomped on a section of freeway that was elevated. She crushed it and the vehicles that were stuck on it. She kicked a building, destroying it.

There was a college football stadium, and some of the people who worked there were in the control room. They activated the loudspeakers, and one of them asked, “What do you want from us?”

“There’s two things I want from you, “ Lacey answered, “for you to either get crushed beneath my feet, or for you to go sliding down into my stomach! For those who want to end up going on a one way journey to the depths of my teenage belly, just gather into a large group, so I can scoop you up easier.” Lacey giggled after saying this. “You’re all going to die of thirst and hunger whether I kill you or not, that’s what Kay-Lar said on the news, so I might as well get some enjoyment out of you.”

About a thousand tiny people gathered in the parking lot of the college football stadium, there was plenty of room for them, because there weren’t many cars parked there. They caught Lacey’s eye, and she knelt down and placed her hand palm side up, as she had done earlier.

“Thanks for making my job easier,” said Lacey. “Now, surrender to my hand, and prepare to get swallowed!”

About a quarter of the captives climbed onto Lacey’s palm, but she lifted her hand before the rest of them could climb on.

“Whoa, not all at once,” said Lacey. “There’s time for all of you to end up with a turn in my titanic tummy! Just give me time!”

Lacey lifted her hand to her lips, licking her lips as she smiled. She swept her tongue across the tinies, and they plunged into her mouth with ease. They were so small, all two hundred or so of them fit easily within her mouth. As she did before, Lacey tilted her head back and swallowed, sending the captives plunging down her esophagus to swim around in her stomach chyme.

Lacey placed her hand down again, palm side up as before, and another two hundred or so captives climbed onto her palm. Lacey stood up, and walked over to her backpack, and unzipped one of the pouches.

“I’m taking you home with me, I want to have fun with you at my leisure, and I’m worried someone else might find the city,” said Lacey, then she dumped the captives into the pouch in her backpack and zipped it up, then put it on.

“You’ve got a raincheck on me destroying your tiny city,” said Lacey. “I’ll be back here this time tomorrow to finish you off!” Lacey stepped on the shrunken city multiple times as she made her way out and exited the secluded meadow and returned home.

To Be Continued!
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby ashu31 » Thu May 23, 2019 5:51 am

Interesting write ups..!!!
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby SamuelOrona » Sun May 26, 2019 11:22 am

ashu31 wrote:Interesting write ups..!!!

Thanks, what stories did you like?
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby ashu31 » Wed May 29, 2019 4:46 am

It was good reading .
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby SamuelOrona » Sun Jun 09, 2019 12:34 am

ashu31 wrote:It was good reading .

Did you read all of it?
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

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A scientist from an alternate reality shrinks all of the adults on Earth!

Chapter 1: Origin of the Thunder Children

Somewhere in Geosynchronous Orbit above the Earth...

A large metal sphere emerged from an inter-dimensional vortex, and positioned itself in Geosynchronous Earth orbit. The sphere was large enough so that from the surface of Earth at night, it was as large as the moon, even at that immense distance from the Earth. A female scientist who was also the pilot of the strange craft took over every radio and television frequency.

"People of Earth, I am Hannah Hexley, an anthropologist from an alternate reality. I am also from one thousand years in the future, so my technology dwarfs the technology of your primitive era. In the society where I came from, there are no protections for the people of other realities. I am performing a scientific anthropological study on your world. Exactly 24 hours from now, every adult on the planet aged 18 or older will be reduced down to one centimeter tall. Each person thereafter who reaches their 18th birthday will be miniaturized by my neutrino dissimilator cannons. My goal is to see how the children of the world conduct themselves in a world with no adult supervision."

A mischievous smile crept across Hannah Hexley's face. "I will allow the governments of this world to contact me during the interim, my translators will make it seem that I can communicate in their own language. But try as you might, my mind cannot be changed. In the new order, robots I've programmed will assist the children of the world and provide them with food and clothing. The robots will maintain power stations, so you will continue to have electricity. The robots will also teach school, if the children decide to attend school. All miniaturized adults will be rendered immortal. without the need for food or water, and will not die of old age. The only thing that can kill them is being dissolved in stomach acid. This will be my final message, I will have it repeat for the next 24 hours."

Meanwhile, at a secret military base...

General Barger received a call from the President of the United States.

"I'll try to contact the invader as soon as possible, Mr. President!" General Barger hung up the phone. "Colonel, the invader has sent us a frequency code that we can use to contact her. Get her on the line!"

A large monitor soon lit up, and Hannah Hexley's face appeared.

"I'm General Barger, I answer to the President of the United States. We are prepared to bargain with you, we have gold, silver, and uranium in large supplies that we are authorized to negotiate with. Make us an offer!"

"Nothing you have is of value to me," said Hannah. "I come from a post scarcity society where anything we need can be replicated very easily."

"Then what do you want from us?" General Barger asked.

"I want to see the results of my experiment carried out," Hannah replied. "Your reality is separate from mine, so I can alter your history without causing any danger to my own reality. I'm interested in studying human nature to see what the weakest in a society would do if they were granted absolute power."

"It could result in the deaths of billions!" the General shouted.

"I've anticipated that," Hannah replied, "my government has authorized me to conduct this experiment on your reality. There is nothing you or anyone on your planet can do to stop me!"

The screen went blank.

"She closed the channel, General!" shouted a lower ranking military officer.

"What time will she shrink all the adults of the world?" one of the military officers asked.

"About noon Pacific time tomorrow, 3 pm Eastern time," the general answered.

Meanwhile, in Bullet Bay, California half an hour before the miniaturization takes place...

Three adults were watching television while one of them, a woman, cut some green melon in an adjacent dining room where she could see the television.

"Neil, is any of this for real?" the woman asked.

"All the channels are repeating Hannah's message," said Neil, "I don't know if she has taken over the Internet or not. Ben, can you check it out?”

Ben got on the computer and began to look into things.

"All the news sites are reporting what's happening, Hannah hasn't taken over the Internet," said Ben.

"If this is real," said Neil, "it's good we cut our vacation short to come home, or we would've been stuck out in the boonies when we got shrunk!"

"About that, Sassy," Ben said to the woman, "the idea of leaving our smart phones behind and embracing nature might have sounded like a good idea, but it could've been our undoing!"

"How long before everyone gets shrunk?" Sassy asked.

"Just under half an hour," said Ben.

"Should we get supplies in town?" Sassy asked.

"According to what I'm reading online," said Ben, "experts think we should stay in our homes."

"What's the consensus?" Sassy asked. "Do most people think it's a hoax?"

"That metal globe in the sky isn't a hoax," said Ben. "Most people think all of this is really happening."

"Should we go into town?" Sassy asked.

"We might as well," said Ben. "No matter what we do or where we go, we're not safe from Hannah Hexley's miniaturization weapons!"

Neil got into the driver's seat of his late 60’s muscle car, while Sassy got in the passenger seat, and Ben sat in the rear. Neil drove into town, and they were surprised to see no other drivers on the road.

"It's like a ghost town!" said Neil. "Ben was right, if we hadn't been on that road trip without our phones and a broken car stereo, we would've known about all of this sooner."

"We're probably better off," said Sassy. "If the stores aren't cleared out, we can take what supplies we need and get back to the house."

The car pulled into the empty parking lot of the local supermarket, and Neil parked right in front of the store. They got out and went in, and the automatic sliding doors slid open for them. The store was ransacked, devoid of almost all supplies. The three of them walked the empty aisles in silence, until Sassy spoke up.

"I guess we're in a bad way," said Sassy. "I'm really sorry guys! I feel like this is all my fault."

"Don't blame yourself, Sassy." said Neil. "It won't matter any way. The recording did say we would be rendered immortal."

Just as they left the store, they saw a kid of about fourteen with the hood of the car up, and he had yanked a wire from the distributor cap.

"Hey!" Neil shouted. "That kid just yanked the coil wire! We have to get it back or our car won't work! Stay here with the car while I go after him!"

The kid was already around the corner of the building when Neil began chasing after him. Ben and Sassy followed close behind. When Neil was just about to catch up to the kid, the kid threw the coil wire down and abandoned it. Neil knelt down and picked it up, then raced back to the car.

"You two should've stayed with the car, in case more of them show up!"

When they got back to the car, all eight plug wires were missing. Neil threw the coil wire down and rubbed sweat from his forehead.

"The plug wires are all missing!" said Neil.

"What can we do now?" Sassy asked.

"We can make contact with those kids and try to make a truce with them," said Ben.

"Ben, how long until we shrink?" Neil asked.

"Just under ten minutes," Ben answered.

Just then, three kids appeared on the edge of the store property. It was a boy of about thirteen wearing shorts and a tee-shirt, a girl about a year older wearing a short mini-skirt and tank top, and an eleven-year-old girl wearing pink shorts and a pink blouse. They appeared to be related. They approached the three hapless adults.

"We know the kids who took the parts from your car," said the boy. "We can help get your car parts back."

"You were stupid for coming out into an exposed area like this," said the older girl.

The youngest girl was carrying a plastic jar, with a lid that screwed on. She held it and manipulated it in her hands as she watched the three adults.

"I've always wanted to hold shrunken people in my hands," said the youngest girl. "You will be our first conquests!"

"What will you do with us when we shrink?" Neil asked.

"We will collect you," said the older girl. "My sister Lydia has a jar to contain you."

"Most of the other adults have evacuated the town," said the boy. "What brings you here?"

"My girlfriend Sassy thought we were spending too much time on our phones and tablets," said Neil, "so she suggested we get out to nature. That's where we were when that crazy chick from an alternate reality took over the television and radio channels. We just got back into town not too long ago."

"Do you have any friends we can collect when all of the adults shrink?" the older girl asked.

'It's just us," said Neil. "My name is Neil Downs, this is my girlfriend Sassy Sumner, and my room mate Ben Dover."

The kids laughed at the names.

"I'm Gianna Savage, I'm fourteen" said the older girl, "this is my younger brother, Victor Savage, he's thirteen, and our younger sister Lydia Savage, she's eleven."

Meanwhile, above the Earth, the time drew near for the miniaturization process to begin; Hannah Hexley's metal sphere projected a force field around the Earth about a minute before the shrinking process was set to start. When the countdown reached zero, billions of neutrino dissimilators fired simultaneously, targeting every adult on the planet.

Neil, Ben and Sassy were shrunk down to a centimeter tall instantly. Almost instinctively, they ran under Neil's car to hide.

"We have to escape from those thunder children!" said Ben.

"Thunder children?" Sassy asked. "How did you come up with that name?"

"That's what people are calling them on the Internet," said Ben. "That's the correct term.”

Gianna knelt down to address the tiny trio.

"If you don't surrender to us, other kids will capture you and they might kill you! You're safer with us."

"We'll take our chances!" said Neil. The three adults who now stood one centimeter tall ran toward the center of the car. Meanwhile, Victor stood on one side of the car near the passenger's side door, while Gianna stood on the other side of the car near the driver's side door.

"Lydia!" said Victor. "There's enough room under the car for you to crawl under and get them! We'll capture them if they run out from underneath the car!"

Lydia crawled underneath the car, while the other two kids knelt down and peered underneath.

"Maybe we should trust them!" said Sassy, as Lydia reached to grab them and missed.

"Never trust thunder children!" said Ben.

Neil ran toward the front of the car and tried to reach the entrance to the supermarket, but Gianna caught up to him and stomped her foot down in front of him. Her pink sneaker filled his field of view. Gianna knelt down and captured him easily.

"I caught you!" said Gianna triumphantly, as she stood up and showed her conquest to her brother Victor.

"My sister already captured one of you," said Lydia. "It's better if you just surrendered to me!"

Sassy took the bait, and stepped into Lydia's reach; Lydia grabbed her and stuffed her into her plastic jar. Lydia set her other hand down, palm side up, and pleaded with Ben.

"We've got two of you, what good would it do for you to be out running around at one centimeter tall? You could get eaten by a cat or a dog running loose. At least with us, we can take care of you."

As Ben stood and pondered what Lydia was explaining to him, Victor reached his arm beneath the car and grabbed Ben while he was unaware.

"I got him!" Victor shouted.

Lydia and Victor crawled out from beneath the car, and the three kids closed in on each other. Victor and Gianna dropped their captives into Lydia's jar.

"Let's head home," said Gianna. "We need to check on our parents!"

The home the children lived in was only about a block away from the supermarket. They reached their house, and Gianna used her key to open the front door. Lydia carefully held her jar of captives securely while her siblings looked around.

"Mom?" Victor asked.

"Dad?" Gianna asked.

A man and a woman who stood a centimeter tall ran out into the open. Gianna scooped them up and set them on the dining room table. Lydia dumped out her jar of captives, making the total five miniaturized adults.

"Are you these kids parents?" Neil asked the man.

"Yes," the man replied.

"Can we trust them?" Sassy asked.

"I don't know," said the man. "All three of my kids are pretty independent, they don't like taking orders, and they like being in charge."

"That doesn't sound too good," said Neil.

"Once our children found out that all the adults in the world would be shrunk today, they couldn't stop talking about how fantastic it will be when they capture some captives."

"All three of our kids want to swallow someone alive!" said the woman. "I don't think there's any hope for you!" The woman introduced herself to the others. "I'm Beverly Savage, and this is my husband Earl."

"Nice to meet you," said Sassy. "I'm Sassy, this is my boyfriend Neil, and his room mate Ben."

The children started laughing. "Tell them your last names!" said Lydia.

"I'm Neil Downs, and Ben's last name is Dover! Get it, Ben Dover?"

"Gianna, do you know where the dice are?" Victor asked.

"I'll get them," said Gianna, and she returned a minute later with the dice. She dropped them on the table, and they were slightly higher than the height of the five miniaturized adults. "Did you want to gamble?"

"I want to win your captive," said Victor. "I own Ben, you own Neil, and Lydia owns Sassy." Victor shook the two dice in his cupped hands, and tossed them on the table. "Highest score wins!" The tossed dice came up a three and a five. "Eight points! Your turn, Gianna!"

"This is the first time I've ever felt like a poker chip!" said Neil.

Gianna took her turn, and got two sixes. Gianna threw her arms up in victory. "I win! Now I own two of them!"

Victor set fifty dollars down. "Lydia, I'm putting up fifty dollars against your captive."

"Okay!" said Lydia, and she threw the dice and got a four and a three. Victor tossed the dice and got a six and a five. "I won the woman!"

"Now I don't have a shrunken captive!" said Lydia.

"I'll give you one of my captives if you make the three of us root beer floats!" said Gianna.

Lydia ran into the kitchen and got a two-liter bottle of root beer from the refrigerator and some vanilla ice cream from the freezer, and got out three glass mugs from the cupboard. She scooped out ice cream into each mug, then poured root beer into each mug until they were full. She brought the root beer floats into the dining room, and set them down on the table.

Each of the three kids grabbed a mug.

"We should all take an oath," said Victor. "We should pledge to conquer as many adults as possible!"

"We should also pledge our allegiance to Lydia," said Gianna. "She's the youngest, and we will shrink before she does, so we'll need her to take care of us when we turn eighteen."

"To Lydia!" said Victor.

"To Lydia!" said Gianna, and the three kids drank from their mugs. Gianna took one of her two male captives and handed him to Lydia. "Now Victor has Sassy, I have Neil, and Lydia has Ben!"

"What should we do with them?" Victor asked.

"I think we should let Lydia decide!" said Gianna.

"I say we swallow them!" said Lydia, licking her lips. "Then we'll feel like gods!"

Gianna took Neil and dropped him into her mug, then Victor dropped Sassy into his mug. Lydia observed her siblings, and followed suit by sticking Ben into her mug. The three kids clanked their mugs together and gulped down the rest of their root beer floats; their captives were gulped down, also. Neil plunged into Gianna's mouth, and tumbled down her esophagus. Within two seconds, he landed with a splash in the depths of her belly.

Victor lifted his shirt to reveal his belly button, and Gianna lifted her shirt and patted her tummy.

While within the belly of Gianna Savage, Neil tried to hold his breath as long as possible, but eventually, he lost consciousness, and the last thing he smelled was the root beer and chyme he was swimming around in.

The End
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

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I did some major revisions in my story “Thunder Children of the Apocalypse” so if you liked that story, you might want to go back and read it again, I added a female antagonist and some detailed scenes that enhance the story.
I'm a writer/artist interested in making non-fatal giantess vore comics
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby SamuelOrona » Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:06 pm

“Micro Invasion (Chapter 1)”

Author’s note: There is no vore in chapter one, the first vore scene is in chapter 2.

Chapter 1: Arrival of the Micros!

Thousands of space ships hundreds of miles wide showed up in Earth orbit. The inhabitants of the saucer shaped space vessels were one centimeter tall humans from a more technologically advanced alternate reality that split off from our own reality at some unknown time in the past. They came from a prison planet orbiting a star that was about to go Supernova. The society they came from released them, on the condition that they remain shrunken, and never return to their home society. This was more cost effective than trying to find some other way to relocate them.

They chose to journey to our reality, and don’t have enough fuel to go anywhere else. The leaders of the governments of Earth decided to allow them to live among us in exchange for some of their technology, such as nuclear fusion reactors and faster rocket propulsion technology. The only tech they didn’t seem to have was a way to return themselves to normal size.

Within six months, the Micros were integrated into society, and because they outnumber normal sized people a hundred to one, they are now considered by many to be nothing more than pests...

At Bullet Bay junior college, on California’s central coast...

Alondra Adonis was a thickly built 20-year-old Latina, muscular yet somewhat lean. Her bikini didn’t leave much to the imagination. She swam in the indoor pool at the junior college, doing laps as other class mates swam also. She enjoyed the water, and simultaneously fulfilled a physical education requirement for her kinesiology major.

Unknown to Alondra, a group of Micros were trying to steal her lunch. The lunch was in a duffel bag near some benches that ran along one of the walls of the indoor swimming pool. Two of them had grabbed a tuna sandwich in a plastic baggie, and were pulling it from the duffel bag.

When swim class was over, Alondra got out of the pool with the other students and went to retrieve her duffel bag. She caught the Micros in the act of trying to steal her lunch. “Those little bastards!” Alondra shouted. She lifted her bare foot and tried to crush one of the Micros under her foot. Her foot came down and landed firmly on one of the Micros, and Alondra applied pressure until the Micro screamed.

Another young woman heard the scream of the women Micro, and ran over.

“Alondra, you can’t do that!” The other woman shouted. “You can get charged with a crime for hurting them!”

“Terra, you’re putting too much on it! They were stealing my lunch, so I wanted revenge.”

Terra picked up the Micro Alondra had tried to crush. “I’m taking him to the Micro hospital on campus.”

Terra carried the shrunken victim, and walked to the area of campus where a Micro village was set up. There were buildings arranged to form a town on the scale of one centimeter men. Terra found the hospital, and knelt down to place the Micro near emergency room doors. She looked like a colossus compared to the tiny structures surrounding her.

Two Micro nurses came out with a gurney and wheeled the injured Micro into the tiny emergency room. Terra stood up and surveyed her surroundings. Alondra was standing nearby.

“Is he going to be okay?” Alondra asked. “I can’t get a charge right now, if I go to jail it’ll screw up my financial aid.”

“Don’t worry about him,” said Terra. “I think you can only catch a charge if you actually killed one of them.”

The two women walked side by side back to the pool.

“That’s a relief,” said Alondra. “I heard there’s a house party tonight, there are supposed to be Micros hired out as entertainment. Do you want me to take you?”

“Sure!” said Terra.

To be continued...
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby SamuelOrona » Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:09 pm

“Micro Invasion Chapter 2”

Chapter 2: There’s no escape from Conqueror Kelly!

In the outskirts of the city of Mojave, California, in a trailer park mainly surrounded by the Mojave desert, a 13-year-old Hispanic girl named Kelly Cartel watched as a saucer shaped scout ship belonging to some Micros crashed not too far from the trailer park. Intent in capturing some Micros, she set out into the warm but not overwhelmingly hot October day and tried to track down the scout ship.

She carried a small plastic jar in one hand, and scoured the desert in search of the scout ship. After about fifteen minutes, she spotted it in the distance; it was a silver disk about three feet in diameter. She could see a dozen different one centimeter tall Micros scurrying about in front of the fallen scout ship. When she approached, they tried to run back to their spacecraft, but Kelly ran and intercepted two of them before they could return to safety. The two remaining Micros tried to run, so she stomped her left ankle high boot clad foot in front of them and knelt down and captured the two of them, and set them in her jar.

When Kelly stood up, the other Micros tried to run back to the scout ship, so she turned and walked back toward the trailer park, knowing she was unlikely to capture more. Upon entering the trailer she lived in with her parents, she went to her bedroom and closed the door. She dumped out the jar on her desk, and her two Micros fell out and stood up, looking at their captor.

“I’m Kelly Cartel, I’m your new owner!” said Kelly triumphantly. “From now on, you’re my property!” Kelly turned on her stereo and slammed her fist down on the desk near her two captives. “Dance! I command you to dance!”

As the two tiny captives danced, one of them told Kelly: “We have microcircuitry and transponders built into our uniforms, so we can be tracked and located by our people!”

Kelly put them back in the plastic jar, and screwed the lid on. There were air holes built into the lid. Kelly carried her captives into the living room, where her father was watching the Dodgers playing in the National League Division Series on television.

“Daddy, I captured two Micros, and one of them told me they have transponders built into their uniforms, since you’re an electrician, can you build something so their microcircuitry gets damaged?”

The father looked at the captives, then looked at his daughter and said, “I can build an electromagnetic pulse bomb that can melt some of the microcircuitry.”

“How long will it take you to build it?” Kelly asked.

“I can jerry rig one together inside of an hour,” said the father, “but you need to take it out into the desert far from the trailer park so you don’t damage the wiring in the trailers.”

About an hour later, Kelly marched out into the desert with her jar containing her two captives in one hand, and the pulse bomb in her other hand. The sun hadn’t set yet. Kelly was far enough out into the desert so that she couldn’t see the trailers. She set the jar down in the sand, not far from the crashed scout ship, and activated the pulse bomb. Within seconds, the microcircuitry in the two Micros uniforms was damaged beyond repair; it goes without saying that the scout ship’s microcircuitry was damaged beyond repair, as well.

Kelly returned to her trailers and showed her Dad the two captives. Kelly’s father agreed that the pulse bomb worked.

Kelly took them to her bedroom. She unscrewed the lid to her plastic jar, and dumped out her captives.

“What can you do now?” Kelly asked. “Your transponders are fried!”

One of the captives looked at the captive who warned Kelly about the transponders and said, “Great job opening your mouth! Now we can’t be tracked! The scout ship will probably never fly again!”

“How did I know her father was an electrician?” the other captive said.

Kelly picked up one of the captives and held him above her mouth. “I haven’t had my dinner yet, so maybe I should swallow one of you!”

The tiny captive struggled, and Kelly dropped him into her mouth and swallowed him, then laughed. She lifted her shirt and looked at her belly.

“You savage tyrant!” said the other captive who was still standing on her desk.

“I’m not going to digest him,” said Kelly. “I’m going to vomit him back up!” Kelly walked into the bathroom and plugged up the sink, then stuck her finger in her mouth and gagged herself until she vomited. The swallowed captive was ejected from her esophagus, and plummeted into the sink, directly into the vomit. Kelly rinsed him off and returned to her bedroom.

Kelly took out her cell phone and called her cousin in Bullet Bay. “Alondra? This is your cousin Kelly Cartel in Mojave. I know where there is a crashed scout ship! How soon can you get here?”

To Be Continued...
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby SamuelOrona » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:19 pm

”The Conquerors of Quoris”

Description: A starship finds a lost colony and a lieutenant is shrunk and sold at auction!

F/m Macro/Micro non-fatal vore

Chapter 1:

Captain Drake Driscoll of the United Earth Republic Star Cruiser Delaware and his crew emerged from the time barrier into orbit above an Earth-like planet known as Quoris, about 35 light years from Earth with the newly developed spatial/temporal drive. When they opened hailing frequencies, they had found a colony of people descended from a lost convoy that was declared lost in space over a hundred years earlier.

“Lieutenant Coronado, I want you to take a shuttle craft down to their capitol, and make contact with their leaders. The United Republic will be very interested in making contact with a lost group of colonists.”

“Aye, sir!” said Lieutenant Coronado, as he proceeded to the shuttle bay. He entered a shuttle craft and the bay doors slid open, and he deftly piloted the craft to the surface. Once he landed in a space port on the outskirts of the main city, he was greeted by a group of delegates. It was lightly raining.

“I’m Lieutenant Chavo Coronado, I was sent here by Captain Drake Driscoll of the United Republic star cruiser Delaware.”

A woman in her early 20’s greeted the Lieutenant. “I’m senator Kylie Kessler, I was sent here to greet you by our President.”

“You’re kind of young for a senator, aren’t you?” Lieutenant Coronado asked.

“I’m 23. Don’t they have senators my age back on Earth?” Kylie asked.

“In our history we have, but it’s rare.” Lieutenant Coronado replied. “Most senators on Earth are in their thirties or even much older than that.”

Just then, Kylie slipped on the wet surface, and Lieutenant Coronado caught her before she fell, and grabbed her around the waist.

“You shouldn’t have done that!” Kylie shouted, as the body guards escorting her drew their weapons on him.

“What’s the problem?” Lieutenant Coronado asked.

“Civilians are forbidden to touch a senator,” Kylie explained. “You’re going to have to be miniaturized and sold at auction!”

“Are you people insane?” Lieutenant Coronado shouted. “I saved you from falling down! Any way, I’m not a civilian, I’m a military officer!”

“As far as our law is concerned, anyone not part of the Quoris military or governing body are considered civilians,” said Kylie, “and according to our laws, you are guilty.”

Lieutenant Coronado pulled out his communication device and contacted the Captain. “Captain Driscoll? I think you need to get down here as soon as possible!”

A short time later, Captain Driscoll was being briefed by his commander, a blonde woman in her thirties named Tiffany Thunberg on board the Delaware about the turn of events.

“So according to their law, Lieutenant Coronado is to be miniaturized and sold at an auction,” said the commander.

“Who typically buys shrunken captives at these auctions?” Captain Driscoll asked.

“According to what our artificial intelligence has learned, usually families with 12 or 13 year old girls buy them, so the girls can use them as masturbation aids so they can explore their sexuality. The captives are typically passed on to the girl’s daughter when she reaches maturity.”

“This is completely insane!” said Captain Driscoll.

“There’s more,” said the commander. “Draconian laws like this were passed because there is a shortage of captives. They lost contact with our civilization, so they developed their own weird culture based on shrinking criminals, and as the criminal population dwindled, they made the laws more strict so they could keep up with the demand for shrunken captives.”

“What legal recourse do we have?” Captain Driscoll asked. “Is there a way to acquire Lieutenant Coronado without violating their legal system?”

“The only way would be to win him back by gambling, but you would need to ante up with another potential captive, so one of us would need to volunteer.”

“Have our chief engineer try to tap into temporal space and find out what will happen to Lieutenant Coronado over the next 24 hours,” said the captain. “Our technology is more advanced than theirs, and hopefully we can use it to our advantage.”

Meanwhile, back on the planet Quoris, Lieutenant Coronado was led to the court room where he would be sentenced. The judge and lawyers were similar to judges and lawyers back on Earth, but the courtroom procedure was much more brief, however. Within a span of minutes, Lieutenant Coronado was tried, found guilty and sentenced to be miniaturized and sold at auction.

He was led down a hallway to the miniaturization chamber, where he was reduced to just under two inches tall. A young woman retrieved him, and carried him to the auction. Once inside the auction house, there were throngs of people in the bleachers waiting to bid on Lieutenant Coronado. They all held devices that would allow them to place bids.

Captain Driscoll read the temporal reconnaissance report given to him by his engineer, and memorized some crucial information. He took a shuttle craft down to the capitol city to try to reach the auction house when the buyer came into possession of Lieutenant Coronado.

Back in the auction house, an android led the bidding, and processed the bids from the audience members. Within fifteen minutes, the winning bid came through, and Lieutenant Coronado was handed to the mother of a 13-year-old girl with dark hair and brown eyes. The mother handed Lieutenant Coronado to her daughter. The girl had an older cousin accompanying her and her mother, she appeared to be in her early 20’s. Captain Driscoll approached her as she left the auction house with her family.

“Hi there!” Caption Driscoll said with a smile. “I’m Captain Driscoll, it’s my star cruiser up in orbit. Can I buy you a drink?”

The young woman was quickly taken by Captain Driscoll’s muscular frame and rugged good looks. “Sure!” she said, and she wrapped her arm in the captain’s arm and walked with him to a coffee shop. “I’m Bethany!”

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Coronado was held firmly within the hands of his teenage mistress. They arrived at her home within minutes, and the girl raced to her bedroom and closed the door, and set Lieutenant Coronado on her desk. He stood just under two inches tall, the people of Quoris use the metric system, so he was at a height that measured to an even number in centimeters. The girl was wearing a miniskirt and tank top, and mid calf boots.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” the girl asked.

Lieutenant Coronado didn’t know how to respond. The girl smiled when she saw how angry Lieutenant Coronado appeared to be.

“I always imagined my captive to be somewhat unwilling,” said the teenager, “so it’s kind of exciting to see you so upset about this!”

The girl set down a device on the desk.

“That looks like an antique neural stimulator!” said Lieutenant Coronado.

“It’s not an antique, it’s new!” said the girl. “I’ve always wanted to swallow a shrunken man, so now I’m getting my chance. This device will induce vomiting after I swallow you! Sending you crashing to the depths of my belly will make me feel like a goddess!”

“Can’t we talk this over?” Lieutenant Coronado asked.

“How will you feel when you surrender to the belly of a teenage goddess?” The girl asked, then she lifted Lieutenant Coronado up and above her mouth, and dropped him in. She forced him to the back of her mouth and swallowed him, then started laughing uncontrollably.

At the coffee shop, Captain Driscoll pulled out a chair for his female companion. As they sat at a table, the woman offered to buy him a cup of coffee because he didn’t have any form of currency.

“I wouldn’t want you to be put on the auction block for something as simple as stealing!” said the woman with a laugh.

When their drinks came, Bethany initiated a conversation.

“So, how does your new star drive work? Your vessel can travel faster than light?”

“It doesn’t actually move us past light speed, it works by manipulating time,” Captain Driscoll replied. “My engineer could explain it better than I can, but in layman’s terms it actually took us hundreds of years to get here, but because subjective time was slowed down almost completely, to us, the journey seemed instantaneous. We also moved back in time, so our chronometers match those back on Earth.”

“What about all that momentum?” Bethany asked. “I had a boyfriend who is a science major in college, and he said the immense speeds would crush the hull of a typical space craft.”

Captain Driscoll Continued: “We have inertial dampeners that are tied in with the time warp technology, it takes many months for that momentum to dissipate, but because of the way we can manipulate time, it creates the illusion that the momentum is dissipated instantly.”

“Are your people going to share that technology with our people?” Bethany asked.

“Eventually, but how and when depends on my government,” Captain Driscoll replied, then took a sip of his coffee. “So how important are shrunken slaves to your society?”

Bethany took a sip of her coffee and replied, “I was given my captive at thirteen, and I couldn’t imagine masturbation without a shrunken captive at my beck and call. I plan on turning him over to my daughter when she gets to be that age. Of course, I don’t have any kids yet, so I need to find a husband first. We’ve needed new people in this colony for quite some time, when more people settle here, that will really help us out.” Bethany took another sip of her coffee, and continued: “Our society is dependent on utilizing criminals as slaves, and our society can’t function any other way.”

“So your younger cousin owns my Lieutenant?” Captain Driscoll asked.

“Yes, she’s probably using him as a sex toy by now. We were worried there would be no further captives when she turned thirteen, but when your ship arrived in orbit, we knew we had another chance!”

“What if I challenged your cousin to a dice game, and the winner keeps Lieutenant Coronado?” Captain Driscoll asked.

“Who would you ante up as a bargaining chip?” Bethany asked. “It would have to be a member of your crew.”

“I’ll offer myself,” Captan Driscoll said, “if I lose the bet, she owns me as well as the lieutenant.”

Bethany almost choked on her coffee. “That’s unprecedented!” she shouted. “Whether you win or lose, that would be a major historical event on my world!”

“So you could convince her to gamble with me?” the captain asked.

“I’m sure she would have no problem with that,” said Bethany. “It would make her incredibly famous!”

Within an hour, Captain Driscoll was in the living room of Bethany’s younger cousin. Lieutenant Coronado was on the table, slightly smaller than two inches tall. Bethany’s younger cousin had long since vomited him back up. There were some dice on the table, and the room was crowded with people aiming their cellphones at the event to document this historic occasion.

“Whoever gets closest to whatever roll they predict wins that round,” said Captain Driscoll.

“Best three out of five!” said the thirteen-year-old. I predict I’ll get a ten and a twelve.” She threw first, and was off by a small margin. Captain Driscoll threw second. Two icosahedron twenty sided dice were being used, and the captain accurately predicted the numbers of his two dice, and won the first round.

The girl threw again, but was off by a larger margin than before, then the captain threw again, and beat her score. For a second time, Captain Driscoll accurately predicted the exact numbers his dice would land on. When he won the third round, she screamed: “Best four out of seven!”

“You lost!” said the captain, “you can’t change the terms of the bet! I won three out of five, so I won!”

“He’s right!” said Bethany. “You gambled, you lost, but look on the bright side, at least you’re the most famous girl on Quoris!”

The young teenage girl slammed her fist down on the table. “I don’t want to be famous! I want my little man back! I only got to use him a couple of times!”

Within the hour, Captain Driscoll and Lieutenant Coronado were back on board the Delaware, and Lieutenant Coronado had been restored to normal size.

“We’re about to leave orbit,” said the captain. “We need to bring a report of this previously unknown colony to the United Republic, we’ll all be seen as heroes.”

“Your plan to use time travel to win the bet was ingenious!” said Commander Thunberg. “You knew how those dice would land, they had no chance of winning against us!”

“Yes,” said the captain. “Hopefully they won’t catch on. Lieutenant Coronado, what exactly happened to you when you were alone with that bratty teenage girl?”

“I don’t want to discuss it!” Lieutenant Coronado said bitterly.

The other officers burst out laughing, and the star cruiser Delaware left orbit and returned to Earth.

The End
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

Postby SamuelOrona » Fri Oct 18, 2019 1:55 pm

”Micro Invasion” Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Night of the Party

Sultry Latina Alondra Adonis gave her classmate Terra Torrance a ride to a party. They got out of Alondra’s small pickup truck around the corner from the party house, and walked up to the front door where several people were standing around talking, and went inside. Once they were in the dining room, a crowd of college students were crowded around the dining room table. Alondra and Terra had to look over the shoulders of the other people to see what they were looking at.

“Micros!” said Alondra, “They’re looking at a group of Micros.”

A reporter from their junior college newspaper had a camcorder and a microphone aimed at a male Micro who was sitting on an upside down thimble next to an empty glass casserole dish. A small futuristic device that resembled a ray gun was next to the other items. There were other Micros sitting on a length of cardboard that had been cut and folded to resemble a bench.

“So you volunteer to get swallowed at parties?” The female reporter asked.

“Yes, we need to make a living somehow,” said the Micro. “So many Micros have cultivated a reputation for being pests by stealing food from normal sized humans, I felt the need to prove our worth by making an honest living.”

“Who will swallow you tonight?” The reporter asked.

“I can answer that,” said an athletic blonde female college student. Her long blonde hair was pulled into two long braids on either side of her head. “We held a drawing earlier, and those who wanted to swallow a Micro paid for a ticket for ten bucks a shot. Dozens of us bought tickets, some people bought more than one, and my ticket was selected, so I get to swallow this little guy!”

“What’s with the casserole dish?” The reporter asked.

“It’s for me to vomit him back up,” the blonde woman replied. “If we used too deep of a container, the Micro could drown.”

“How exactly will you induce vomiting?” The reporter asked.

The blonde woman picked up the futuristic device that resembled a gun. “With this device! It’s a neural stimulator, it affects the area of the brain that causes us to vomit. It’s one of the many examples of technology that the Micros have shared with the people of Earth.” She set the device back on the table.

“Let’s get this party started!” shouted a guy in the crowd.

The blonde woman grabbed the Micro and said, “l guess it’s tummy time!” She lifted the tiny one centimeter tall man above her mouth, and said, “Prepare to journey to the belly of a goddess!” The other party goers could see her shirt rise as she lifted the Micro, revealing her naval ring. The blonde woman dropped the Micro into her mouth, and forced him to the back of her mouth with her powerful tongue. Saliva washed over the tiny man as she swallowed him, sending him dropping swiftly down her esophagus. When he was firmly and unequivocally within the depths of her belly, the cute blonde raised her arms in victory and stuck her tongue out, as if to prove her prey had been successfully vanquished. The people in the room cheered loudly.

Before the blonde woman could reach for the neural stimulator, Alondra’s cell phone rang. She answered it, and after speaking for less than a minute, she put her phone back in her pocket and told her friend Terra, “Do you want to ride with me to the city of Mojave?”

“Where’s that?” Terra asked.

“It’s about fifty miles East of Bakersfield. My cousin found a saucer shaped scout ship about three feet in diameter, and my Uncle built an electromagnetic pulse bomb that disabled it. She wants me to drive over there and pick it up, and see if I can sell some Micros and split the profits with her.”

“Yeah, we don’t have school tomorrow, but let’s see if that Micro survived first!” said Terra.

They watched as the blonde woman used the neural stimulator to make herself vomit into the casserole dish. She fished the Micro she had swallowed out of the vomit, and he was alive and well. The group of college students started clapping.

“Okay, let’s go!” said Alondra. The two college girls exited the party and headed back to Alondra’s pickup truck.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t drink alcohol at that party,” said Alondra, “I’ve got a lot of driving to do tonight!”

To Be Continued!
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Re: Macro/Micro GTS Vore stories by Samuel Orona

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"Micromage & Vector Girl"

This is a story I started writing around 2006 under the name Ace Corona, it was originally called "Microman & Sally" but I recently heavily edited it, since my writing skills have improved greatly since then. There is vore in chapters 3 and 6, and the story is complete. This story has a total of 7 chapters.

Chapter 1: Origins

At a mall in Arizona on a Saturday afternoon, in the stage area where a presentation was to be held, a man in his late 30's and a 15-year-old girl stood behind a curtain. The two performers were a Hispanic man named Mike Roman, a.k.a. Micromage, and the young woman was Moxie Miller, a.k.a. Vector Girl. Mike was wearing a futuristic spandex uniform that accentuated his muscular physique, while Moxie was wearing a mini-skirt with mid calf boots, and a tank top and gloves. Both of them wore a belt and a wristband with a built-in communication console that actually worked, so they could communicate with each other as their characters do in the video game.

The announcer stepped up to the microphone: "And now for the main event you have all been waiting for, your favorite video game characters come to life, give it up for Micromage and Vector Girl!"

The curtain began to rise, and the crowd of kids went wild. Two little boys in the front of the crowd asked Mike a question.

"Micromage!" said the first boy, "Can you really shrink?"

"No," Mike replied, "that only happens in the video game!"

"What a rip-off!" said the boy.

"I bet Vector Girl can't even grow, either!" said the second young boy.

There were two bins in front of Micromage, one with Micromage and Vector-Girl video game cartridges, and the other with Micromage and Vector-Girl comic books. Mike and Moxie began tossing them to people in the crowd. The young people went wild, each of them clamoring for a prize.

"And don't forget," said Mike, "the next installment of the Micromage and Vector-Girl videogame comes out next month!" After all the games and comic books were given out, the crowd dispersed.

A teenage boy in the crowd approached Moxie. "Are you doing anything tonight, Vector Girl?"

"We're going out of state in a couple of days, so I can't really get involved with anyone while I'm on the road," Moxie replied. "Sorry!"

About an hour went by as Mike and Moxie answered questions from the few remaining people who were left after the crowd had diminished. Eventually, the crowd dispersed completely.

"I only got hit on once today, do you think I'm losing my touch?" Moxie asked.

"No, there'll be others. But I think you should consider going out with one of those boys one of these days. You don't really have much of a social life like other girls your age."

“No, we're traveling to malls all across the country,” Moxie replied. “I'm not really in a position to have any kind of a real relationship."

A middle aged woman approached Mike. “Is your name Mike Roman?” the woman asked.

“Yes, it is,” Mike replied.

“I have a fantastic idea,” said the woman, “the name Mike Roman sounds a lot like Microman, you should use that as the name of your character.”

“There’s a problem with that,” said Mike, “Microman was trademarked when I created the Micromage and Vector Girl video game, that’s how I came up with the name Micromage, because it wasn’t taken.”

“Well,” the woman replied, “if you try to use the name Microman, I’ll sue you because it was my idea.”

Mike pulled out a business card and handed it to the woman. “This is my lawyer’s business card, contact him if you have any questions. You’re the third person to approach me with this concept this year alone.” The woman took the card and walked away.

Mike and Moxie exited the mall and entered the parking lot looking for their car, a convertible known as the Micromobile.

Mike and Moxie got into the Micromobile, and Mike drove them back to their hotel. Mike parked, and they got out and entered their hotel room. Once inside the hotel room, Mike got on the hotel room phone and called room service, and Moxie used the remote control to turn on the television.

Mike was on the phone talking to room service: "Yes, I'd like a pound of boneless, skinless chicken breast, preferably baked, half an avocado, and an order of brown rice, and broccoli." Mike turned his head to look at Moxie. "What would you like, Moxie?”

"A protein style cheeseburger and a baked potato," Moxie replied. "And some broccoli."

Mike told them what Moxie wanted, and hung up.

A newscaster on the news on television was saying, "--and a scientist who worked at the research facility said they have a neutrino dissimilator that could miniaturize people or objects, and claims he was told to keep it a secret. Whether or not these claims are true remains a mystery, but a spokesman for the facility claims there are no neutrino dissimilation experiments currently being conducted at the facility."

"Mike, we need to go check that place out! It's in this area!"

"Why should we go there?" Mike asked.

"Because!" Moxie replied, "If we could sneak in, we could get some pictures of you near actual miniaturization technology! It would give us street cred!"

"But we could get busted by the police if we get caught!" said Mike.

"You're the one who always complains that the kids are disappointed that we don't actually have the powers of our characters! This is our chance for you to acquire actual shrinking abilities!”

"If you buy a map of this area, I'll drive us over there. This is your project, Moxie.”

Moxie pulled out a map book and held it up in the air. “I already have a Thomas guide for southern Arizona!"

"Okay," said Mike, "we'll go there after we finish eating."

Fifteen minutes after they finished eating, they were down the street from the research facility. Mike drove past it, then parked down the block and pondered their next move. They exited the Micromobile, and Moxie had a pair of wire-cutters, and gave them to Mike. He cut through the chain-link fence.

They crawled through the hole Mike made in the fence, and hid behind a dumpster.

"You stay here," said Mike, "I’m going to go take a look."

Mike disappeared inside the facility. Moxie waited a few minutes, then followed after him. Two guards emerged from a different door than the one Mike had gone through, and started smoking cigarettes, but the door they were guarding was open. Moxie found a lug nut that was on the ground, and threw it to the other side of the yard, and the guards went after the sound. Moxie proceeded inside without being spotted.

Moxie approached a computer terminal. Within less than a minute, she found the homepage that has a link to the page with a map of the complex. Finding her destination, she snuck off in that direction.

Meanwhile, Mike had found the neutrino dissimilation chamber. After studying the control panel for several minutes, he figured out how to work it. Moxie showed up with her camera.

"Mike, why don't you step inside for a photo?" Moxie asked.

Mike stepped inside, and Moxie pushed the button that sealed the chamber door, and Mike was trapped inside. He beat on the titanium door hatch, but to no avail. Mike activated the communication device on his wristband to talk to Moxie.

"Why did you shut the door hatch, Moxie?” Mike asked over his wrist radio.

"Because I want to get a picture of you shrunk, and I knew you wouldn't go for it. Sorry, Mike!"

Moxie studied the control console and figured out how to work it quicker than Mike did. Within seconds, she activated the neutrino dissimilator cannon that was aimed downward at the heart of the chamber where Mike was trapped. In an instant, Mike was shrunk down to about one inch tall. Moxie jumped up and down in excitement and pushed the button that opened the door hatch. She scooped Mike up in her hand.

"We did it, Mike!" said Moxie. “Now you're really Micromage! Let me get a picture of you now!"

In the control room, however, a guard didn’t appear to be as thrilled as Moxie. He picked up a phone.

"Let me speak with the director. We have a power drain in the neutrino dissimilation chamber. We have intruders, I have them on camera now!"

Five armed guards rushed into the room Moxie was in. She was surrounded, and brought to the room of the director of the facility. Carrying Mike in her hand, she sat down as she was asked to by the director of the facility.

"I'm Duke Hollister, the director of this research facility. What you have done is inexcusable! The two of you broke in here and utilized our neutrino dissimilation technology without permission."

"Sorry!" said Moxie.

"There's no need to be sorry, it's too late for that. Perhaps the three of us can work together for our mutual benefit."

"How?" Moxie asked.

"I recognize you and your miniaturized partner as Micromage and Vector Girl. You are celebrities. If we allow you to use our technology, all we ask in return is that you advertise our company. We are going public in a few weeks, and we need all of the publicity we can get."

"I'm willing to do it," said Mike.

"Me too!" said Moxie.

"I will have you re-enlarged immediately, Mr. Roman!" said Duke Hollister.

Mike was carried to the chamber where he had been miniaturized, and the guards reversed the process. When Mike emerged from the chamber at normal size, the director handed him a belt with sophisticated electronics equipment built into it. Mike put the belt on and fastened it.

"That has both a neutrino dissimilator to shrink you down to size, and a neutrino assimilator to re-enlarge you back to normal size." Duke Hollister handed Mike a device built into a strap. "You attach that control gauntlet to your wrist, and it will control the device built into the belt. You don't need to enter the neutrino dissimilation chamber to shrink. That was just a prototype we built before we developed this more sophisticated design. On your belt is a neutrino dissimilation device that will shrink you down to any target size you punch into the sizing scope built into your wristband."

As Mike put the wristband on, the director continued: "You will be given an electronic tablet that explains your powers and the technology. Understand?"

"Understood!" Mike responded.

"If you are ever in somebody's stomach," the director continued, "you will not be able to re-enlarge. This is for the protection of anyone who swallows you. I want our company to benefit from the publicity of your new shrinking ability, but I don't want anyone getting injured with our technology. I know that places you in potential danger, but I have no choice."

“I understand!" Mike replied.

“There is a way for you to escape if you do get swallowed by someone, the information is in the electronic tablet.”

Duke Hollister pulled out an I.D. card from a drawer in the desk he sat at. It was attached to a lanyard. He got up, and went to a safe in the back of the office, and slid the card through the scanner, which opened the safe. Duke pulled out another belt and control gauntlet, but this set matched the colors of Moxie's uniform.

"And this is for Moxie,” said Duke, as he handed the belt and control gauntlet to Moxie. She took them from him and tried them on.

"You've got something for me? Are you serious?" Moxie asked, as she took them from him and tried them on.

"We have dimensional technology that allows someone to grow, and their strength increases in proportion to their size," said Duke. “Of course, the theory is more advanced than the theory utilized in your video game."

"Yeah?" Mike asked. "Was I on the right track?"

"Your theory involved dark matter and dark energy, and our version opens a tear in the center of each quark, gluon and electron composing the sub-atomic particles of Moxie’s body."

"That's intense!" said Moxie. “Is it safe?"

"Yes!" Duke replied. "Partially phased matter from another space-time continuum that exists on a larger scale is forced through the center of those elementary particles, causing them to increase in size, weight, volume and mass."

"How is this possible without violating the square-cube law?" Mike asked. "Couldn't she be crushed by her increased body weight?"

"Since the excess matter is partially phased," said Duke, "we control what aspects of it affect Moxie’s body. We can increase her size, mass and strength without increasing her weight, thereby circumventing the square-cube law." Duke Hollister handed an electronic tablet to Mike. "The details of the theory are all there in black and white, in case you want to review them later. The technology controlling your shrinking and re-enlarging abilities are in there, too."

"Thanks!" said Mike, and he handed the tablet to Moxie.

"Would you mind telling me where all this technology came from?" Mike asked. "And who you people are? This stuff is thousands of years removed from anything our government is currently capable of!"

"I think I owe you that much," Duke replied. "I am part of a team from twenty-thousand years in your future. We were actually counting on the two of you breaking in here tonight. The worker who reported us to the news was following my orders.”

"Oh, really?" Mike responded. "What brings you here? Is the world in danger or something?"

"Something like that," Duke replied. My government doesn't choose to get involved in matters pertaining to the distant past. There have been two or three wars between your time and mine where information detailing the 21st century was largely erased due to electromagnetic pulse."

"What kind of a threat are we facing?" Mike asked.

"A man from my century has traveled back to your time, to exploit it."

"What does he look like?" Mike asked. "What name does he go by?"

"From checking your near future, we know he goes by the name of Amnesio, master of mind control. He has three teenage nieces he travels around with, about the same age as Vector Girl. We developed this research facility because we knew you would be in town at this time, so we could give you the technology you'll need to protect yourselves from him."

"How dangerous is Amnesio?" Moxie asked.

"He's going to try to kill you. Our goal is to level the playing field by giving you these abilities!"

"Why won't your government try to stop Amnesio?" Mike asked. "They could travel back in time and apprehend him!"

"Our government won't finance a mission through time to deal with anything from before about five thousand A.D."

"Why not?" Mike asked.

"According to time travel physics as we understand them in our century, it is impossible to alter the past. My government feels that Amnesio poses no threat to our livelihood, so they won't authorize a mission into the past to stop him."

"So who do you represent?" Mike asked. "Why have you come back to help us?"

"We are part of a private non-profit organization that relies on donations," Duke replied. "I am a volunteer."

"That's so typical!" Mike replied. "People will never change! Governments are all the same! Ran by bureaucrats who don't care about anything but money!"

"Mr. Hollister," Moxie asked, "will we be allowed to keep our powers after we defeat Amnesio?"

"Yes, absolutely!" Duke replied. "But that's only IF you defeat Amnesio! It's not a guarantee that you will! Let's go to a larger room so Moxie can try out her new power!"

Mike and Moxie followed Duke to a large warehouse that is at least a couple of stories tall.

"You should have enough room to grow here, Moxie. Use your gauntlet to program your target height. Program it to grow three times your current height!"

"Is there a time limit before I can return to normal size again?" Moxie asked.

"Unfortunately, yes!" Duke replied. It takes an incredible amount of power to enlarge you to giant size, so when you leave here, it takes time for your belt and gauntlet to re-charge. We have enough power here to return you to normal size without waiting the first time, though."

Moxie programmed her gauntlet as Duke suggested, and she started growing. She stopped growing at fifteen feet tall.

"This is incredible!" said Mike. "Your technology really works! Making someone shrink is one thing, but growing? It's beyond belief!"

"Moxie, would you like me to call you by your real name, or would you prefer Vector Girl?" Duke asked.

"You can call me Vector Girl, now!" Moxie replied.

"Vector Girl, pick up one of those barrels at the edge of the room!"

Moxie walked over and picked up one of the barrels, and held it at eye level.

"Now pick up another!" Duke commanded.

Moxie walked over and picked up another barrel, and started to juggle them.

"Those barrels weigh eighty pounds each!" said Duke. "Moxie, see how far you can throw them!"

Moxie threw the barrels at one of the walls of the warehouse, and they hit very hard and bounced off and hit the floor. One of the barrels rolled over by Mike's feet. Mike tried to lift it, and found it to be very heavy.

"You weren't lying about that thing weighing eighty pounds!" said Mike. "How strong does she get? Is there an upper limit?"

"The larger she grows, the stronger she gets!" said Duke. "We haven't tested the upper limits of her abilities yet, you might want to take her out to the desert and find out on your own."

"I want to get bigger!" said Moxie. “Is that okay, Mr. Hollister?"

"I'd prefer that you tested out your powers on your own time," Duke replied. "The larger you grow, the more power it takes to restore you to normal size."

"Do you want me to return to normal size right now?" Moxie asked.

"Yes," Duke replied, "we will use our technology here in the warehouse to do that."

Duke Hollister motioned to some of his men, and they got some devices attached to hoses and surrounded Moxie. There were three men, and each with a device. Duke activated a remote control device that he held in his hand, and the three hoses discharged a strange purple energy that engulfed Moxie, and brought her back down to normal size. Moxie ran up to Duke and Mike.

"That was so much fun! Mr. Hollister - -"

"Call me Duke!"

"Thanks, Duke!" said Moxie. "Do we have to keep our powers a secret?"

"Eventually, people are going to figure out you have these powers, but initially, I think you should keep them a secret until you're ready to reveal yourselves to the public!"

"What happens if I accidentally swallow Mike when he's shrunk, or a normal sized person when I'm giant-sized?" Moxie asked.

"What?" Mike asked.

"I mean, hypothetically?" said Moxie. “I'm not saying I would do that, but what if it did happen?"

If you do swallow Mike, don't leave him in your belly for too long, or he could suffocate. I would suggest using the neural stimulator built into your gauntlet to make yourself vomit, in case that happens. You also have fire suppression technology from our century built into your gauntlet. Every you need to know is in that electronic tablet I gave you.”

"Thanks, Duke!" said Moxie. "But what happens if I swallow someone when I'm giant sized? Like, if I'm three hundred feet tall?"

"If you have someone in your belly when you're giant-sized, when you return to normal size while they're in your gut, they will shrink proportionately."

"Proportionately?" Moxie asked. "So if they seem to be an inch tall to me because I'm hundreds of feet tall, when I return to normal size, they would end up at one inch tall for real?"

"Precisely!" said Duke.

"Moxie is very intelligent!" said Mike.

"One thing you don't need to worry about is for one of Vector Girl's victims to somehow gain her powers." said Duke.

"Why would we be worried that they could gain her powers?" Mike asked.

"The center of every quark, gluon, and electron of Moxie’s body has a dimensional lock that opens when she activates her growing power. When she swallows someone at giant size, they have a similar mechanism employed in the quarks, gluons and electrons of their body when Moxie returns to normal size."

"So it might be possible for them to grow like Moxie?”Mike asked.

"We specifically formulated Moxie’s Vector Girl abilities so a swallowed victim would shrink when Moxie returns to normal size, but they wouldn't have those dimensional locks composing the elementary particles of their bodies."

"How would we go about restoring them to normal size?" Mike asked.

"There are two ways," Duke replied, "You could bring them here to this facility, or you could use your neutrino assimilator to re-enlarge them one at a time."

"That sounds so cool!" said Moxie.

"One more thing for you to remember, Moxie, is that if you are ever in handcuffs or manacles of any kind, you can't try to re-enlarge yourself or you could get seriously injured."

"I won't forget, Duke!" said Moxie.

"One more thing, Moxie, your powers are on probationary period, you won’t be able to grow until we re-activate your powers when we feel you’ve earned it by proving that you’re mature enough to handle it. My men will show you to the front door." said Duke. "I have a lot of paper work to finish, if you don't mind."

"If we have any more questions, how do we get a hold of you?" Mike asked.

"Here is my business card," said Duke, handing one to Mike and a second card to Moxie.

"Thanks for all you've done for us, Duke!" said Mike.

Mike and Moxie exited the research facility. It was night time. They headed for the Micromobile, and Mike held the passenger door open for Moxie.

"Do you think we'll wake up tomorrow and this will all have been a dream?" Moxie asked.

"Don't talk to me until we get back to the hotel room," said Mike, "I think Duke and his men might be listening in on us."

Ten minutes later, Mike pulled into a parking space at the hotel parking lot. Mike and Moxie exited the Micromobile and headed into their hotel room. Once inside, Mike closed the door to the room.

"Don't ever try to talk me into doing anything that crazy again!" said Mike angrily. "I can't believe you sealed me inside that chamber!"

"I was just doing what was best for both of us, Mike... it's not like you were hurt or anything."

"That doesn't matter!" said Mike. "You completely did whatever you wanted to and used that neutrino dissimilator on me! You had no way of even knowing if I'd survive or not!"

"Okay, I'm sorry!" said Moxie. “I don't know why you're making such a big deal out of all of this!"

"I'm going to the store, stay here!" said Mike, and he left the hotel room.

Some time later, Mike pulled up in the Micromobile and parked, then headed to the hotel room carrying a large grocery bag. He entered the room and closed the door behind him. Mike pulled out bottles of beer and began dropping them into an ice chest that was already there in the room.

"What do you think you're doing?" Moxie asked. "You're a hero, and kids look up to you! You can't drink beer! I'm pouring this out!"

Moxie took the ice chest to the sink, and opened each bottle with her bottle opener that was on her keychain, and dumped each bottle down the sink.

"Now I'm going to the store, to get us some root beer!" said Moxie, and she went out the door.

While Moxie was gone, Mike decided to test out his new miniaturization technology. He activated the control gauntlet built into his wristband, and shrunk himself down to an inch tall. When Moxie got back with the root beer, Mike was nowhere to be seen.

"Mike?" Moxie asked. "Micromage, if you shrunk yourself, you need to let me know!”

Moxie hunted the hotel room, and when she pulled up a corner of the bed spread, she spotted him, and grabbed him.

"We have to be at another local mall here in Arizona tomorrow," said Moxie. “We don’t have time to test out your new ability.”

Moxie propped Mike up on her thigh, as she read through the technical manual given to Mike by Duke Hollister.

"It says here that the atoms of your body are partially phased," said Moxie. “Over 99 percent of the matter composing the elementary particles of your body are in another dimensional continuum."

"I'm curious as to how different their theory is compared to the one I came up with in my video game," said Mike.

"From what it says here," said Moxie. “A dimensional membrane keeps the matter in that other continuum separated from the matter over here in our own space/time continuum."

"Kind of like a cheese cloth separating the cheese curds from the whey when making cheese," said Mike. "That's how my character describes it in the video game. Does it say anything about the excess matter that is converted into neutrino particles and held suspended in some kind of force field in that other dimension?"

"Does your video game describe that happening like that?" Moxie asked. "It doesn't say anything about that in this technical manual."

"Use the business card Duke gave you to call him up and ask him personally," said Mike.

After Moxie called Duke on her cell phone and put it on speaker phone so Mike could hear, Moxie asked the question, and Duke replied, "That's one aspect of the neutrino dissimilation theory Mike got wrong. It would take the amount of power generated in one minute by an exploding medium-sized star to suspend the neutrinos that were subtracted from your body in a force field in another dimensional continuum for a period of one year. With our theory, he could stay shrunk for a year without using any additional wattage than what was used to shrink him in the first place."

"So what happens according to the theory you guys use in 20,000 A.D.?" Moxie asked.

"Once the excess matter is subtracted from Mike's body by the dimensional membrane, those neutrinos shoot off into that dimensional continuum, and are never recovered. During the neutrino assimilation process, neutrinos are subtracted from atoms in the air surrounding Mike and are transferred to his body, thereby re-enlarging him. The only time that wouldn't work is if he was in a vacuum, such as outer space, because there would be no surrounding atoms available to subtract from and transfer to his body."

"Anything else?" Moxie asked.

That’s all you really need to know about it,” said Duke. “I hope that explains it, Moxie, I need to get back to work."

"Thanks, Duke!" said Moxie, and she hung up the call.

"Well, I'm not planning on going into space any time soon," Mike replied, "so I guess I'll be okay. In the video game, the discarded neutrinos fly off into space, and during the assimilation process, other neutrinos from atoms in the air around the shrunken person are taken and re-assimilated into the miniaturized atoms, re-enlarging them. So at least I got that part right."

"Let me see about the assimilator function," said Moxie as she flipped through the technical manual.

"A lot of this stuff is really technical," said Moxie. “I doubt your theory is as complex as the stuff in this manual."

"It was never meant to be a hundred percent scientifically accurate," said Mike. "As long as I got the general idea correct, that's what counts."

The next day, Mike was at normal size and both he and Moxie were dressed up in their costumes as they pulled up in a parking space at another mall. Moxie waited in the car as Mike got out and headed in the direction of the mall. He turned around when he realized Moxie wasn't coming with him.

"What are you waiting for?" Mike asked.

"I'm waiting for you to open my door for me!" Moxie responded.

Mike walked over and opened her door for her. They walked together toward the mall.

"Are you going to shrink for the audience?" Moxie asked. "This is the first time you actually have shrinking powers!"

"I haven't made up my mind yet," Mike replied, "I still think it might be a good idea to keep my shrinking ability a secret. What do you think?"

"I don't think it matters," said Moxie. “You could always tell them it was special effects or something."

As they walked through the front doors of the mall, an older man in a business suit approached them.

"Hi, you must be Micromage and the lovely Vector Girl... I'm Randall Havenhurst, the manager of this mall. This is the first time we've had an appearance like this, and there's a huge crowd waiting! I was getting worried you wouldn't show up!"

"Moxie just takes a while to get ready." said Mike. Moxie scowled at Mike for that comment.

"Is there a reason you're meeting us here at the door, Mr. Havenhurst?" Mike asked.

"Yes, there is," Mr. Havenhurst replied, "we've had a threatening phone call this morning. I'm assuming it's just a hoax. I didn't want to evacuate on this big day!"

"If you're concerned about our safety, maybe we should leave and come back in a couple of months," Mike suggested, "We'll be back in this state at the end of Summer."

"I won't hear of it!" said Mr. Havenhurst. "My mall needs this kind of publicity! If you left, it would look like we couldn't deliver on our promises! Do you know how big Micromage and Vector-Girl are around here? There are throngs of kids lined up to get your autographs! We haven't had business like this since a pop star made an appearance in this town last year!"

"Mike," said Moxie, “don't be a chicken! It was probably a hoax or a prank call!"

"Yeah," Mike replied. "you're probably right."

Meanwhile, outside, three vans pull up and a group of ski-masked men holding machine guns jump out of the side doors and hustle toward the doors of the mall. An older man saw them.

"Hey," the old man said, "is this some kind of a show you're putting on?"

One of the gunmen shoves the butt of his weapon into the guy's head, and he fell over. The gang leader shouted to the half dozen other ski-masked men: "Move, move, move!"

Inside the mall, Mike and Moxie were in position and waiting for the curtain to rise when the bandits ran in with their machine guns. Nobody was shot, but there was a lot of noise and shouting, and some women screamed in terror. Mike jumped down from his platform and tried to disarm one of the suspects, but was knocked across the side of the head with the butt of a rifle and hit the floor. Mike was out cold!

Moxie nursed the wound on Mike's head by applying pressure to it, and listened to the demands of the gunmen.

"Okay," said the gang leader, "we made a phone call earlier to the director of this place, and we made a few demands!"

Moxie looked at Mr. Havenhurst, and scowled at him; she knew this was his fault.

"There's a vault," the gang leader continued, "that is one hundred feet below this mall! Inside are gold and silver bars! I want those bars delivered within two hours, or I'll handcuff all of you, and rig this bomb to go off after we leave!"

Mike woke up.


"Shhh!" said Moxie quietly as she placed her finger over her lips. "Be quiet!"

Two of the gunmen walked around with chains and handcuffs, and cuffed the people one by one to the furniture of this part of the mall. He handcuffed Moxie and Mike to each other, then attached a chain that connected them to a metal clothes rack. Once the criminal was out of earshot, Moxie whispered: "You can shrink and go find the vault!"

Mike adjusted his gauntlet, and activated the shrinking mechanism. He shrunk down to an inch tall, just as he had done the night before. The metal handcuff stayed normal size, and Mike was able to slip right through it. Moxie picked him up in the palm of her hand.

"Good luck!" said Moxie, and she set Mike on the floor.

Mike ran to an air vent that was nearby, and used a pocket knife he had on him to cut open a section he could climb through. Once inside the vent, he turned on the lighting system that was part of his costume that had at first been designed as a prop. Just then, one of the gunmen approached Moxie and asked: "What happened to the guy who was handcuffed to you?"

The masked gunman raised the machine gun and took aim at Moxie as she tried to think of an answer...

To Be Continued!
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