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Postby CatanthroFreak » Sun Dec 16, 2018 5:01 pm

[This is set on a world in a Space Station 13 server, species and such are not my own creations save for Miwarr Malakos and Jennifer Brown. These names ARE my creations for two of my characters and this is their story. :3]

It is a dark night on Virgo Four, at an apartment complex and Jennifer Brown, an extremely voluptuous mouse girl with large curves and a jiggling potbelly, is sitting at a desk wondering what exactly to write, a stack of paper on the table, a free sheet in front of her. This might seem odd to use in the 26th century but old traditions die hard and this writer is not one to break tradition from her home planet of Earth. It seems that she can't easily come up with something and the murine puts her pen down and heads over to her refrigerator in the next room. Jennifer squeaks in annoyance when she notices how bare of meats the contents are and slams the door shut, a grumble of hunger emanating from her pudgy gut. With her slender tail twitching as she walks over to the door, the mouse-girl bangs at the console at the side of her apartment door, opening it right up as she leaves only to turn around and lock it with a keycode in the pad on the other side. A few minutes later and Jennifer is in the shadows of an alley, waiting for an unsuspecting meal, not very far from her own apartment, such is her confidence that she won't be traced back there.

Before starting this hunt, the predatory mouse-girl had taken the opportunity to call Central and ask for a backup impanter with one implant, and they're pretty much used to that, transporting the requested item to the murine writer's coordinates. Once on the ground, Jenny plucks it up and puts it into her cleavage, sloshing with milk resulting from her past meals. The hungry mouse-girl's long blonde hair rustles in the soft breeze as Jenny waits for a meal to walk by, once that directly interests her enough to ensnare. A few passerbys walk past, not hearing a thing, though each time Jenny sees someone, her grumbling gut grows louder, hoping it sensed a proper meal. The first passerby was a Teshari, wearing red, as if from the security department on Virgo Orbital Research Establishment. Then the next one was a Tajaran, wearing the garments of an Overseer, commander of the station that Jenny works on. Another pair of passersby are unfamiliar to her - an Unathi in yet another Security outfit, though more fancier, as if they were a head of the department. The other one walking with the lizard-like being was chattering happily away with him, her size rather small, though she seems to sport a feline-like tail. These two pass by without incident and no others walk by for several minutes......

Finally, after another half hour of waiting, and loud grumbles of hunger, the mouse-girl resolves to not let the next one pass her by, whatever happens. Not another minute after that resolution passes when another Tajaran walks into view, spurring the hungry murine on, leaping forward and knocks the feline over, mewling in surprise and protest! She attempts to reach for her sidearm but Jenny's tail deftly moves downwards and tugs it out of the holster and tosses it out of reach of the struggling catte. Strangely enough, her squirms stop after a few minutes, apparently knowing what's happening here. To put audible words to this, the unknown feline says, "She believes that...... You want to eat herrrrr, yes? May she, errrrrrrr, know yourrrr name, at least~?"

In surprise at the apparent willingness to become a meal from the Tajaran, clad in another Security officer's outfit, cloak covering a rather juicy set of breasts, a gentle sloshing inside them, indicating that the preycurity officer has had her meals like the murine. In response to the posed question, accustomed to at least some etiquette to fellow crewmembers, Jenny sighs and says, "Wot? Bloody 'ell, kitty......~ Y'really want t' be a meal, don't'cha~? Jolly good, it'll make this much easier, kyehehehehe.~ Anyway....... M'name's Jennifer Brown.~ Wot 'bout you, you preyslut o' an officer~? Ironic that you want t' be food t' a mouse like me, kyehehehehe.~"

A squeak of delight would be exhaling a rather foul breath out of the murine's lips as she speaks, making the feline officer scrunch her nose up while purring softly in contentment, knowing that her end is soon to be met. "Herrrr n-n-name is Miwarrrrrrr. Miwarrrrrrrrrrr Malakos and sh-sh-she...... Does want to be.... She loves to be food to herrrrr fellow crrrr-crr-crrrrrrewmemberrrrs. It is one of h-h-herrr duties she considerrrrs imporrrtant to herrrrr.~ And, affirrrmative. She rrrrealises that it would be considerrred irrronic that she would not mind being food to a perrrson that, no offense meant to you, is of a species that is norrrrmally considerrrred food to feline species."

Normally, Jenny would become indignant at being called food, and a dark look passes over her face at the mention of being considered such. Though this passes as the predatory mouse-girl knows Miwarr isn't trying to be belligerent to the writer and the murine smiles, licking her lips and then drags her tongue alongside Miwarr's cheeks, drenching it in saliva as Jenny takes out the stored backup implanter, swiftly jamming it into the neck to inject it. The catte reflexively grunts in pain from the injection, chuckling as she recognises this, having gone through it herself when she once caught a suspicious-looking rabbit jogging in the area. That day may have ended up with the rabbit making a meal out of the preyslutty offficer. Seems that a similar thing is happening here as the mouse-girl is satisfied with the cream-like flavour of her prey, moaning softly before a series of footsteps of a passerby brings her out of her very public display of predatory actions.

Realising that what she is in the mood for is not meant to be out in the open, Jenny gets up, pulling up Miwarr from the ground while the murine's tail picks up the dropped taser gun and moves over and hangs in the air before the feline, trusting her to not take advantage of it, knowing that she'll just follow the mouse-girl wherever she goes. Getting the hint that the hungry writer was trusting her, the officer nods and takes the offered taser and holsters it back where it belongs, taking both her belt and attached holster off and putting them into her backpack, the catte mewling all the while before yowling in surprise when Jenny's tail roughly wraps around Miwarr's waist, pulling her up against the bustier predator, the impact resulting in sloshing from the pair's mounds. Squeaking in satisfaction, the mouse-girl grows just a bit taller, using her NiF to grow several inches taller, giving the Tajaran a boobhat as she purrls happily against the chest of her predator.

This doesn't last long, though, and a seventh person walks on, trying hard not to pay heed to the public act of lewdity. This prompts the predatory writer to push the preyslutty officer out from underneath her bust, whispering into the feline's ears. " 'Ey now...... Y'seem t' be quite submissive.~ Want t' follow me 'ome and meet your doom~? I promise you, you'll bloody love it, kyehehehehe.~" As if to indicate just what she meant by the intonation, the mouse-girl chomps her jaws in front of the catte, who widens her eyes in excitement at going through such a painful time, a mewl of delight bursting through her muzzle as she nods, suddenly starting to fiddle with a hidden collar.

At the sound of a small jingling behind the jacket of the Tajaran, the mouse-girl's ears twitches, prompting her to demand, "Oi, show me wot that sound is, would you please~?" A cough from the catte is follow by Miwarr tentatively unzipping the winter jacket and the blue-glowing holocollar's inscription of 'Pudgeslut' can be seen clearly in the dim glow of the streetlights. At the sight of the collar inscription, the murine writer squeaks in delight at the revelation. " 'Ey now.~ Y'really want, no...... Like this, don't'cha~?" Leaning forward, Jenny takes a bit of a nip into the feline's right ear, piercing it between a pair of sharp front fangs, drawing a tiny flow of blood from it. Normally, this would make Miwarr yowl in protest and pain, but all it does is make her mewl heatedly, her bushy tail swishing behind her in excitement.

After another few moments of letting the pudgeslut of an officer's ear stay in between the jaws of the writer, the hungry murine pulls back and whispers into the other ear, "C'mon, my pet.~ Will y'follow me 'ome~? I promise t' give you th' best night o' your many lives.~ Thank gods for resleevin', aye~? Y'get t' come back for more o' this, kyehehehehehe.~ Now..... 'Ow 'bout y'take one last look at th' sky b'fore I bring you t' my apartment for th' fun, 'ey~?" Without waiting for the catte to answer, Jenny forces her prey to look upwards, getting a view of several bright stars among the rings of Virgo Four, barely visible because of the streetlights and all.

This offered stargazing lasts for a couple of minutes before the predatory writer starts walking off, the grip of her tail still wrapped around the preyslutty officer's waist forcing her to walk with her new mistress in the direction of her apartment, where after a brisk walk of ten minutes, they traverse a flight of stairs to the front door of the complex, walking through, the catte not allowed to take one last look outside before the doors shut behind her, quickly being tugged to the lift by Jenny who squeaks softly, petting at the punctured ear and whispering as they go to the floor that the murine lives on. "Now, then...... Y'seemed t' like your ear getting pierced that way.....~ I think I might get even rougher with my new pet, maybe you'll lose..... A few limbs~? Or d'you want t' keep your paws and rub away at my stomach walls while th' acids slowly grows aggressive enough t' slough off bits of flesh, workin' their way t' your organs, endin' your life after an eternity of exquisite pain~? Or...... Maybe I should..... Aye, I'll just show you.~ Oh, here's our floor.~"

Ding! The lift doors open up to a carpeted hallway and the mouse-girl yanks on the feline's jacket collar, pulling them along a few dozen yards to Jennifer's apartment door, punching in the keycode to unlock it and it opens up before them. Then, expecting her prey to walk right in, the murine writer lets her tail go slack along with her grip on the collar. A simple glance from the mouse-girl to the feline then a point from a slender tail is all that Miwarr needs before she walks inside obediently, the apartment rather modest in size, just a kitchen on the right side of the doorway, a living room with a desk stacked with paper from earlier. There's a bedroom to the right of the living room as well but for now, the catte takes her seat onto the couch in front of a screen built into the wall for the tenant's viewing purposes in various programmes and films. This would go unused, however, as Jennifer walks in, the door swishing shut behind her and locking with a button push from her tail.

As the submissive preycurity officer sits on the couch, waiting for her new mistress to command her to do whatever is wished of her, the murine predator saunters in, placing the spent implanter onto the kitchen countertop, pulling off her shirt and bra, letting them drop to the floor behind her as her sloshing mounds make themselves heard to the feline whose ears twitch in excitement at the noise. Yet she doesn't jump and try to grab at the breasts, surprisingly. No! She keeps herself seated as Jenny sits down right next to Miwarr, leaning over and breathing long and slow, acrid and humid breaths washing over the Tajaran's face as the mouse-girl's bust is just as high as her feline's face.

A forceful squeak from the mouse-girl prompts the catte to look up at her mistress' face, glancing downwards at the leaking, sloshing tits as Jennifer giggles. "Well, now.~ We're finally 'ere, aren't we, my delicious pet~? Are y'ready to begin our fun by maybe..... Losin' a leg or two~? You don't really 'ave a choice in th' matter, lass. You're mine t' do with as I please. I never let a meal get away from me, kyehehehehehe.~ Now...... As your mistress, I command you t' take all o' your gear off. Unless you want t' get resleeved with no way of gettin' your stuff back when you come back t' get it~?" Seems like that the feline does want to get her gear back, especially her collar which she quickly pulls off and gives it to the mouse-girl, mewling softly as it gets placed on the arm of the couch. After that, the preycurity officer gets up and practically tears off her jacket, cloak attached it to. This is swiftly followed by her red security jumpskirt being unzipped at the top, letting her own mounds, covered with a bra, plain and white. After that, the preyslutty catte climbs out of her jumpskirt, kicking off her red winter boots. This leaves Miwarr wearing nothing but her bra and panties, her backpack already having been taken off before the jumpskirt.

Once the Tajaran officer is sufficiently 'unwrapped' enough, the mouse-girl gets up and with her hands she grabs the feline by the waist, pushing her over to the ground and moves to the footpaws, giving them a few tender licks that sends the kitty wriggling in a ticklish fit, mewling and giggling. Jennifer giggles as well, seeing this, before she opens widely, taking the catte's right paw into her maw in its entirety, wrapping the flexible tongue around it before slowly closing the lips over the ankle and suckling upon Miwarr's paw. Then after a few minutes of savouring the flavour, Jennifer opens her mouth again and clamps down hard, slicing her front teeth cleanly through flesh and bone in one fell swoop, a gushing of blood emanating from the stump which is licked upon by the mouse-girl's tongue as she squeaks in delight at the coppery taste mixed with the cream of the severed paw in her maw that she now begins to chew as the feline gingerly pulls her stump out, whimpering now that the initial yowl of pain has passed. As her predator chews on her lost paw, each resounding crunch reverberating against the walls makes the catte's ears twitch in excitement even as blood continues to pour out of the stump, coagulating on the white tiles of the floor, staining it with the red of blood. For her prey, the mouse-girl chews noisily and with her maw open with every crunch, flecks of flesh and bits of bone now scatters on the growing pool of thick blood.

Finally, after a few minutes of this teasing open-mouthed chewing for the Tajaran's benefit, the mouse-girl grins in a mixture of lust and hunger, swallowing the pulpy mass of flesh and marrow. This makes for a large lump travelling down the throat which is traced down with a finger as Jenny moves to the stump, opening her maw again to take it in. Instead of taking it slowly, biting chunk after chunk, the murine writer lets her fangs scrape along the flesh as she swallows as gently as she can, her esophagus not being as gentle, the strong muscles pulling and squeezing brutally on the catte's leg, sending her reflexively writhing in pain, her lips bitten as she struggles to not yowl in reaction, only purring as she also enjoys the painful aspect of this savagery. It's not another two minutes before Jennifer's lips are right up against the right buttcheek, tongue extended and breaching the preyslut's pussy, sending her mewling in heat and groaning in pain as her stump is pushing against the bottom of Jennifer's stomach, the esophageal muscles compressing around the leg, threatening to tear it out of the socket.

After a few to several minutes of tongue fun inside of the pussy's pussy, Miwarr's back begins to arch in preparation to let loose a series of squirts of femcum. The feline can faintly feel the mouse-girl giggling from seeing the massive leaking from the slit just before a sudden clench of the jaws would pierce the thicc flesh and....... RRRRRRIIIIIIP!!!!!!! Jennifer doesn't give another warning past the biting before a forceful yank pulls the entire leg away in a shower of blood and flesh, ligaments torn to shreds in the process. While her powerful gullet brings the severed leg to her stomach, the murine writer quickly moves to the other leg and gnaws it off at the same location as the first, leaving just two bleeding stumps at the waistline while the kitty mewls both in pain and arousal.

Before she could pass out from the shock, the catte's predator, after moving aside the other leg for later, moves her lips to the squirting slit, opening even wider than ever, taking in the entire waistline into her jaws, the fangs unable to be prevented from digging into the flesh as she shoves her prey further, moving up to the mildly pudgy gut of the meal that squirms happily as it feels itself being squeezed by the powerful esophageal muscles that pull it towards the final destination. Surprisingly, the feline officer moves her arms downwards and allows the murine predator to ingest the paws along with her abdomen, the walls of the gullet kneading hot slime into each streak of cuts that results from moving across the razor-sharp teeth.

It's only another six minutes of slow gulps before Miwarr's bra-covered chest is reached, the flexible tongue rasping against the back of the meal and then, Jenny uses her hands and presses down on the sloshing jugs of her prey before they slip past the lips, the fabric becoming torn to shreds, caught on the upper front fangs as the breasts go down the throat. At this point, breathing is hard to do, the chest compressed fiercely from the esophageal muscles that pull the preyslut to her doom, threatening to crack a few ribs and despite this, the preycurity officer purrls in ecstasy, her stumps pressing into the bottom of the stomach, covered in nothing but blood, chewed-up bits of flesh and bones, and a fair amount of saliva. There is no trace of acids just yet, such is the control of this predator over her stomach as she now sits up and leans her back against the couch with her hands on the head of her prey, gently pushing down while swallowing forcefully.

The last thing the catte can see is the screen of a television in the living room of her predator before her head sinks down past two rows of teeth, the tongue licking at the face, gently curling upwards and pushing towards the back as the throat does the rest of the job in pulling the prey's head downwards a ring of muscles, the light of the outside disappearing behind closed lips. Though it's not the end just yet, since because Miwarr was a Tajaran, she could see in the gloom of her predator's insides, the slimy walls of the esophagus rippling noisily as it compresses around the head of the catte. Glkrt after slkrt can be heard by the meal as it moves well out of reach of recovery, down the flexing muscles of the throat, a faint squeak of pleasure as a finger traces down the outline of the Tajaran face, the facial expression comically one of pleasure as it disappears down below the murine's impressive cleavage. After another twenty seconds, the powerful muscles pushes Jennifer's prey the rest of the way through, the sphincter sealing up above as the stomach walls vibrates with the purrling and squeaking of both prey and predator, respectively.

Groaning in pain, Miwarr murmurs out while coughing from the foul smells of the carnivourous mouse-girl's stomach. "Nnghhhh......~ Herrrr l-l-legs...... G-g-g-g-gods......~ She rrrreally....... It hurrrrts so much, m-m-m-m-mistrrrress.~ C-c-c-can she..... Just say...... She thanks you..... Forrrrr allowing herrrr to have this honourrrrr of being yourrrrr prrrrey~? It...... NGHHHHHHHH!!! Feels....... So warrrrrm in herrrre......~ But..... Why does it not burrrrn yet? She norrrrmally expects to feel such at this point....."

In response, amidst a wave of belches and squeaks of amusement from Jennifer, she says, "Blimey, Miwarr.~ I'm surprised you're still conscious despite the pain y'must be feelin' from both of your legs gettin' the crunchin'~!!!! Kyehehehehehehe.~ Anyway, 'bout th' acids, dearie..... I 'ave complete control over my stomach so..... Let's see...... D'you want t' go nice 'n' slow~? Never mind, I'll do it~! It'll give me th' inspiration I need t' write wot I want b'fore I went out t' hunt for a meal and gods, I was lucky 'nuff t' get you, my delicious pet.~ Now...... Enjoy your end and fate as pudge on my hips.~ Maybe you can come back 'n' rub on th' bulge you make when y'get resleeved.~ For now...... I'm goin' t' begin.~"

With that said, Jennifer's stomach dutifully emits a grumbling sound, the walls growing rather tight around the occupant as it secretes a fluid that is warmer than the chamber, stinging as it seeps into the cuts on the prey's body. This stinging does grow worse by the minute, burning as it slowly rises from the bottom, collecting and bubbling gently for the moment as the catte rubs away at the walls with her surviving limbs, purrling in contentment, knowing that her end wasn't far off. Between a final series of gagging on the increasingly caustic and stale air of the chamber of death, the Tajaran officer mewls out, "Nnnnnnghhhh~!!!! Th-th-therrrre it is........~ N-n-n-now it....... GAHHHHHH~!!!!! It b-b-b-b-burrrrrrns~! Th-th-thank you......~ Thank y-y-y-y-y-o-o-o-o-o-ou m-m-m-m-mi-i-i-s-s-s-s-t-t-t-t-rrrr-rrr-rrrrre-e-e-e-s-s-s-s-s-s~!"

It seems that the feline has succumbed to shock, stuttering just before passing out from a lack of air as a loud belch rips out a majority of it from the belly of the predator. Now, the preyslutty catte is blissfully unaware of the rest of her fate, even as her body writhes reflexively as the nerves fire from the acids digging and sloughing off bit after bit of flesh, working their way to the bones. Meanwhile, from outside, the predatory mouse-girl picks up the second leg and takes the bloody end into her maw and starts taking bites out of it, chewing noisily and swallowing down all of it, each mushy piece dropping down onto Miwarr's head as Jenny's stomach moves to full intensity, the acids bubbling and churning violently as the ocean of death moves to just under the chin, the breasts of the feline dissolving under the onslaught, gushing out a massive flow of milk from within which evapourates almost instantly on contact. This slightly weakens the juices but only for a few seconds as it digs into the chest cavity, eating away at the lungs and the heart of the occupant, completely ending its life.

After the chamber of death finishes one task of ending a meal's life, it works hard in reducing the carcass to nothing but slop, the walls kneading harshly, the arms reduced to nothing but whitening bones as the flesh and muscles are sloughed off by the unforgiving acids of the mouse-girl's stomach, the ribs following suit as the joints and cartilage connecting each bone to each other are dissolved. This allows all the bones to fall in a pile at the bottom, soon to get reduced to a white slush as the corrosivity of the juices grow strong enough to melt anything within, even the skull of the Tajaran, eyes long since dissolved from the juices secreted from the walls and the brain following suit. The spinal column collapses in a heap next, allowing the bleached skull of the feline preyslut to fall down into the ocean of death.

Luckily, for both Miwarr and Jennifer, a forceful belch compresses the stomach, snapping the arms as well as forcing that skull upwards through the sphincter, travelling the length of the esophagus before being coughed out in a unpleasant manner. Though after the gasping for breath passes, the mouse-girl smiles at the sight of her meal's skull, letting it rest on the tiles on the opposite side of the living room, a few traces of stomach acids sizzling as it travels down onto the tiling, a few faint grooves showing as a result while the murine predator's stomach finishes its work of digesting such a large and willing meal.

Amidst a pool of blood and specks of bone and flesh as well as some femcum from the horny meal, the satisfied predator belches heavily, the action squeezing the stomach walls, breaking several ribs of Miwarr's former body whose life has long since passed from a combination of blood loss, lack of air, and exhaustion in her afterglow. Several minutes of lewd and noisy glorps and a slowly receding bulge, once shaped with a legless occupant, would comprise of the abdominal region of the murine predator who slowly gets up, squeaking happily and sits down in her chair, picking up her pen and writing down a set of memoirs, knowing that the delicious preycurity officer wouldn't mind going down in history as being a kitty who was a meal to a mousey. The preyslutty officer would get resleeved later when the alarm sounds at Central Medical about a mind backup being overdue.
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