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GTS Vore / Soft / Psychological

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 12:38 pm
by justfortribute
Good Day All,

Longtime lurker first time posting, I have written a few GTS stories that don't fit into any of my longer stories on GTSworld, I would like to poke them here as they are VORE stories the first one is soft and I would like to know if people think this is the right place for these kind of stories, or should I stick to GTSworld.

--- Expiry Date---

Sitting alone in the dark, he could hear the soft cries from his wife behind the metal wall; He wanted to offer her comfort, let her know they would get through this. The problem was he didn't believe it himself; they were in an impossible circumstance that he was unable to comprehend. Wiping the tears from his face be lurched up into a crouch, feeling the cool ceiling brush his head, running his hands along the walls as he has done a thousand times, nothing had changed, he was trapped in a metal room, three feet high with barely enough room to lay down. The pained voice croaked through the wall, "how long have we been here…?" His beloved so close, only a chill thin wall separating them, he sat back down against the wall, "Hard to say, maybe two days, if we don't get some water soon, we'll die of dehydration." he replied hoarsely through the wall. The soft weeping returned as they existed, back to back in the dark, fear of death looming.

Consciousness surged back to him as he slid and smacked into the cold wall, hearing the thud and cry from the room next to him as his life partner do the same. The place had flipped vertical, his wife now below him based on the sounds of the crying, "Sam? Are you okay?" he croaked down through the floor, the whole room swayed again like it was afloat at sea. "I'm fine, think I've sprained my wrist." the quiet dry reply came from below. The pair felt weak, hungry, thirsty and exhausted when the world tilted back up the way they had been used to a loud metal bang vibrated through the walls, making their ears ring as they fell hard to the new floor once again. "Auch, That...was painful" he cried out as he heard the whimpering through the wall, "Hey Sam, This is a good thing, Something has happened, We are not lost to the world just yet, Can you hear that?" they both listened to sound of flowing water that reverberated around them. "Water…" the pained woman cried out in the other room, "No Honey, Hope!"

Crawling to the edge of the wall he pushed his ear to the heat draining surface; this was the first significant development since becoming trapped in this surreal darkness. Loud cracks of and clangs of what could only be described as machinery rhythmically pounded somewhere outside. A rush of water could be heard again, splashing just through the wall to the prison, "It's close, whatever it is, Maybe a waterfall?" Sam's' voice croaked through the wall, "What kind of waterfall takes a break?" He tried to suppress the frustration at her sarcastic tone, trying to find even the smallest glimmer of hope in their dire situation, "Well what do you think it is then!" trying to sound annoyed, but his voice only came out as raspy and desperate. "I don't...listen... It's stopped" the pair slumped as silence returned, they didn't have to wait long before their world shifted once again, the scream that came from below this time made his stomach knot, "SAM!" he pushed out with painful force. "I'm fine...I just...landed on my bad wrist," she sounded pained, and his heart sank.

The pair were braced when the loud slam came again, rolling them across their respective cells — pushing himself back to wall his listened yet for the sounds. "Sam, voices, life!" he dragged the words through his rough throat, her response was inaudible as he moved alongside her wall, "What was that?" a few moments pass before she tried again, "They sound far away." her cynical observation was again correct as he slumped back down into the darkness. "If I could I would call out to them…" the muted thud that came from his wife made him realise how futile their struggle was, she had tried banging on the wall, her weak attempt barely audible to him. "Save your energy Sam, Let's try and stay alive until we are discovered. No sooner as he finished his dry sentence than a loud crack boomed through the walls, bright blinding light bathed him.

Laying on his back he covered his eyes, the pure white light above him was blinding; he rolled onto his side when he heard his wife scream in terror, seemingly ignorant to her dried out vocal strength as her screams faded into the distance. "Sam?" he crawled to the dark wall, "SAM?" now bathed in light he could see the small cell around him. It was barren as he had pictured it. Pushing himself up along the wall he looked over the top the three-foot cell to where he expected to see Samantha, his life-partner, the cell was empty. Still squinting against the bright light he scanned the surrounding area, a deep purple fabric rose up above him, the rest of the landscape seemed impossibly far away. Tracking the purple fabric he struggled to comprehend the vision before him, a building-sized mug loomed just above him, gripped in the hands of a huge brunette woman of impossible scale. Unable to break his awestruck stare he watched her hand pulled back from the large container, Samantha dangling between her meaty fingers, soaked in liquid, their eyes met briefly as she hung upside down, looking half drowned and scared for her life. "SAMANTHA!" he found the power to call out before gripping his throat in pain.

He fell back as he watched the titan elevate his love further into the sky, her long tongue extending to probe at her as she dangled before her colossal face. "Sam...No…" he croaked as he stared in horror as the great being licked his wife before slowly dragging her back in between her supple lips. "What…" he muttered, his mind not comprehending the horror unfolding before him. The loud crunch that followed caused him to shriek as he keeled over in self-inflicted pain. "MMMMMMMMM" the giantess moaned in pleasure as she brought the huge drinking vessel to her lips and slurped greedily at the liquid. "Samantha…" he cried into his hands as he rolled over in his cell, looking up at the monster who had stripped him of his love, death suddenly felt like a welcome fate. The undeniably beautiful face smiled down at him as the sky went dark, a loud thud boomed around him as the light was once again shut out. He rolled over and started bashing his head onto the hard floor, what cruel fate had he fallen into, he continued his self-abuse until he passed out of consciousness.

Amber's Point of View
It had been a long day at work and Amber was keen to kick her feet up and watch her shows, the long days were starting to wear her down. Scanning through her cupboard, she remembered the small tin she bought the other day, tilting it up she read the best before date on the top, shaking her head at the short life she pulled the small tin out and placed it on the kitchen counter as she poured her tea. Thinking back on the troubles of the day she reasoned things needed to change in her life or madness would soon follow, stirring her brew she carefully poured the mile into the cute kittens' mug that cheered her up a little.

Taking her mug in one hand and her small tin in the other she headed into her living room, flopping back into her sofa she placed the small tin in her lap as she flicked the TV on. The news came on, and she sighed exasperated, popping the lid from the small tin she looked down at the four little snacks, two were already dead. Annoyed with herself for purchasing snacks with such a short shelf life she went for the healthy looking one, dragged the squirming woman out by her feet. The healthy squeak the creature made confirmed it hadn't gone bad as she casually dunked her in the tea, turning her eyes back to the TV. More politics, the news felt single issue these days, it was despairing she thought as she dragged the squirming woman from her tea, probing the creature with her tongue. Humans were her favourite snack, but she just wanted to sleep, sucking the small thing into her mouth; The small wet girl squirmed and pounded on her tongue as she rolled her around, glancing down at the other snack as she sucked slowly on her living treat. A wave of exhaustion passed over her, the long days work finally catching up to her; she quickly chewed the flavour from the savoury morsel, causing her to explode in flavour in her mouth.
It tasted great, taking a few sips from her tea she looked down at the one remaining human still alive in the box. He looked scrawny and drawn; it was her fault for letting them wither, sighing to herself she put the lid back on the tin and dropped it into the bin, scolding herself for being so fiscally irresponsible.


This was written as practice, feedback welcome. If this is not 'enough' vore for EKA's let me know as the others I have written as stand alone shorts are similar in composition.

Kind Regards


Re: GTS Vore / Soft / Psychological

PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2019 1:20 am
by Adelais
I really liked the setting and imagery from the different perspectives, and the indifference of the giantess was a nice touch. I'm really not into hard vore; I'm a soft vore/full tour fan, so this wasn't really my cup of tea. However, I think it was well written, and I think you should keep at it.