Kind of cruel stuffing/softvore story "Royally Gorged"

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Kind of cruel stuffing/softvore story "Royally Gorged"

Postby SilentViewer » Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:47 pm

Hey y'all this is my first time writing a story here. I'd love some feedback on how to improve. I also am looking to possibly commission someone to illustrate this if you are interested please let me know. Anyways ENJOY.
UPDATE* I started up a gallery so you can check it out there. I also plan on continuing this there.
Story Overview :
Spoiler: show
A queen engorges her self with food in front of several starving prisoners with a lil vore

Royally Gorged

It seemed like we had been chained up for weeks ,but based on the number of feasts we have experienced its been around five days. I haven't eaten since I was sentenced to death for tax evasion. I hadn't actually evaded my taxes rather I was unable to pay the exorbitant amount that was requested. Partial payments are unacceptable under the rule of the new queen. She announced publicly that she would make an example of anyone who attempted to evade the law. The new tax law essentially meant that 60% of your income (produce/livestock) now went directly to the queen. The previous amount was 25%. Under the new law I was unable to feed my family and also fulfill my tax duty. Within a week of my payment defaulting I found myself chained up with five other offenders in a well lit chamber deep within the queens castle. The room was large about the size of an average mess hall it has one large wooden door and one window. The only other notable item is a long wooden table that could comfortably seat twelve people although it only has a single chair. It was definitely not the cold and dark dungeon I imagined awaited me in fact it was quiet warm. We were all shackled at the neck with about five feet of steel chain firmly attached to the wall opposite the table. It was just enough room to reach the bucket placed in front of us that was filled with water daily. We also had a hole that was for waste although not much waste had been produced among us for the last three days since we were never given food. We had all lost a considerable amount of weight to the point that our ribs were visible. The hunger pains had ceased after a while. Although the constant lighting and moaning of the other prisoners made it a nightmare to try and get any rest. The sun had begun to rise after what seemed like another night of hell. As the sun light crept in the large wooden door began to creak.

"Good morning loves...".

I knew it was time again for our sentence to resume. The queen quietly sauntered into the chamber. She was a young woman no older than twenty six. Her figure was that of a model with a hefty bust and curvaceous posterior. She was wearing a crimson silk night gown that tightly hugged her figure and seemed to trail behind her forever. You could see through the gown revealing extravagant lingerie underneath. This would normally be a wonderful sight for sore eyes except for one glaring detail. Her lower abdomen was very visibly swollen and distended. She would almost look pregnant if the bulge didn't isolate itself to her imposing paunch. As she walked past it sounded as if there was something brewing. Gurgles and steady rumbling reverberated through the chamber. The queen placed a gentle hand under her protruding belly caressing it as if it she was expecting.

"I think it's time for me to birth my fifth baby for the week.", her voice had an almost sinister tone to it.

"I'm going to go and make some room for our next feast you all sit tight loves I'll be back real soon.", she then made an excited dash back to the entrance.

After what seemed like hours has gone by the door swung open and several royal chiefs flooded into the room pushing catering carts.The delicious aromas of freshly cooked cuisines seized the room. They unloaded from the carts what seemed like enough food to feed a small brigade of infantrymen. The table was quickly covered with diverse plates and dishes that consisted of every meat and vegetable available in the land. With an entire fully grown glazed swine in the center of this typhoon of cuisines. By this point the prisoners including myself were all straining to try and reach the table that was just out of our grasps. With our hands extended we could feel the heat emanating from the feast laid out before our eyes. The hunger pains were back and my mouth was fiercely salivating all I could think about was getting as much food into my stomach as I could possibly fit. A reality that was eminent for only one individual who had just leisurely strolled in.The queen was now wearing a form fitting black dress that had been tailored to fit her unique frame. The mass that had occupied her gut was also now completely gone showcasing an almost completely flat abdomen. The chefs stood around the table awaiting the queen's approval.

With the driest possible tone she murmurs" A wonderful feast...", her eyes seemingly glued to the sight of us all attempting to reach the massive spread of food.

"Where is that wretched witch at. I'm starving!"

"Quit yer bitchin tis potion requires fresh ingredients.", a decrepit woman hobbled into the room carrying a pint sized flask that somewhat glowed.

She places the flask into the queens extended hand." Tis version here ought to be de strongest batch I ever den brewed. I wouldn't trink it all if I were you. "

"Whatever you old hag begone....All of you!", she snapped at her staff.

The chefs all scooted of out the room just as quickly as they had entered. The old woman mumbled "Dumb bitch.",scornfully as she slowly made her way to the only exit. Once the door shut the queen then turned her attention to us. We somewhat resembled rabid dogs straining on their leash to be free.

"It truly has been a wonderful week has it not? I'm feeling rather generous today.", she formed a mischievous smile. " I'll let one of you gorge yourself's tonight along with myself if you behave yourselves."

The idea that we might get even a temporary alleviation from the constant hungry pains sent us all into a wild frenzy.We were all thrashing wildly at the space separating the table from our collective bondage. The queen's face began to turn red as she seemed to be really enjoying our agony.

"Time to eat!", she flicks off the top of the flask and chugs the entire flask in what appeared to be a single swallow. ~GULP

She then keeled over clutching her stomach as if someone had struck her abdomen. The smile never left her face even though she appeared to be in immense pain. About five minutes go by and a massive rumbling completely engulfs the room. The queen's scleras become completely dark and her pupils became fully dilated. Without saying a word she lunged at the table.


The sound of her crashing so suddenly into the sturdy table was enough to snap us out of our collective trance. What we witnessed next was truly horrifying.


In the same manor in which a snake would dislocate its jaw to consume a meal the queen had dislocated her own jaw opening her mouth impossibly wide. Our moans of hunger quickly turned into shrieks of terror as we had never seen her do anything this horrific. The queen then in a sweeping motion as if she was collecting poker chips after a winning hand swept a large portion of the table toward her gaping maw. at least twelve plates fell into the abyss and I watched as it all funneled down her now massively engorged esophagus. You could see as the plates worked their way down disappearing behind her large breast and reappearing in her now rapidly swelling belly.


A relaxed smile forms upon her face as she says sheepishly, "Excuse me." She then turned her now predator like gaze towards her audience to see if we were enjoying her horror show. She was pleased to see us now hugging the wall trying to get away from the table we had once viewed as salvation. She stood up her gut swayed heavily as she arose as if it were its own entity. The shape was now round and evenly distributed she could have easily passed for nine months pregnant. It looked much more natural than the massive paunch she wore this morning.

Less than a minute passed by before she had fixated onto the glazed swine. Her mouth began to salivate intensely preparing for the bulky creature that lay before her. She then made her way onto the table positioning herself over the long dead creature as if she were trapping her prey. The swine was about 2/3 the length of her body and easily weighed over one hundred pounds. She then swung her body around on the table re-positioning herself on all fours and face to face with her prey. Using her belly that was now comfortably resting on table as a weight to shimmy the jumbo glazed ham into her awaiting gullet she lowered her jaws and began to submerge the creature head first into her being. She moaned in ecstasy as she was able to savor every bit of its body. In about thirty seconds she had already worked half of the creature inside of her hungry belly. She then glanced at us to ensure we were still watching. She seemed to swallowed harder and faster after seeing that one of the men had broken completely down and was sobbing and shaking uncontrollably. It was almost as if she seen something tastier. With a final swallow the swine's feet disappeared behind the queen's voluptuous lips and down her tight throat. She then laid on her side as if allowing the swine more room to get acclimated in its new home. Her gut now spilled out through her dress completely bursting at the seams. Her posture now resembled that of a snake that had just consumed a large meal and she had a massive belly to match the imagery.

She then let out a yawn while gently stroking her pulsating belly that was now filling the room with intense rumbling.

"I just need a quick nap loves then we can continue din~~~", she had dozed off before finishing her sentence. The chamber was now filled with a snore that resembled a lawnmower attempting to start and gurgling that sounded like elements being broken down to their base forms. We all knew what would happen next as we looked down at the sobbing man with pity. His sentence was soon to be coming to an end as soon as that swine had made its way to her colon.....

To be continued???
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Re: Kind of cruel stuffing/softvore story "Royally Gorged"

Postby StufferVore » Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:40 pm

In my honest opinion, this was really well written ^^ Would love to see a continuation and I will definitely check out some of your future work!
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Re: Kind of cruel stuffing/softvore story "Royally Gorged"

Postby Assimilation » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:33 am

Oh, please continue! It's well written and I'm excited for the next part.
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