Warrior Cats Vore Story

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Warrior Cats Vore Story

Postby Hungry0nMaIn » Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:07 pm

I actually wrote this story awhile ago, but been meaning to share it, and while I wait to get a gallery going, I'll just post it here. In the meawhile if you enjoyed this and might wanna see more, check out my fA here! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/hungryonmain/
Contains: M/MMMM, micro prey, male pred, feral pred, male prey, feral prey, implied digestion

Jayfeather rose to his feet, giving his body a good stretch before taking a moment to scan around as his vision came in. It was a simple den, much like the one he fell asleep in just minutes ago. Deciding to wander further in, Jayfeather stepped along the rather cold ground before catching a glimpse of a familiar presence. Tucked away in the shadows, Jayfeather could see the figure of the thinly framed hairless cat who he spotted in his dreams numerous times before. While Rock often didn’t visit himself, he occasionally sent him an already laid out dream to speak with him. Making his way over towards Rock, Jayfeather spotted something resting on the ground beside him. What might those be? Are they something he wanted to talk to him about?

Finally stepping up to the ragged cat, Jayfeather met his gaze and gave a greeting nod. Before he could say anything, Rock spoke up himself, turning his gaze over to the other tom. “Jayfeather, I’ll be straight to the point with this, what I have in store for you is rather bizarre, but promise me that once we start, you will see this through until the end, alright?”. While rather concerned with the ambiguity of his statement, Jayfeather gave a slow nod, bracing himself for whatever came next.

Rock gave his hairless tail a soft wave, signalling him to approach. Following the command, Jayfeather stepped his way over to the other cat, sitting himself down beside him and taking a moment to examine what Rock had placed in front of them. They were bundles of leaves, similar to the kinds he would use to carry travel herbs. Curiously looking over them, Jayfeather hopped back a bit, startled as he saw a sudden movement from within the bundle, which on recollection, was much larger than the ones he used to contain herbs. Gathering himself back together, Jayfeather turned his gaze over to Rock, giving him a questioning glare. “What are these, and why are they moving?”

Without speaking up, Rock began to unfasten the first bundle, which appeared to be the smallest of the bundle. Keeping his attention focused on the wrappings as they came undone, Jayfeather gaze widened when Rock finally undid the leaf bindings, discovering that the bundle didn’t contain herbs, but a cat much smaller than should be even possible. A small black cat with a single white paw came tumbling out, quickly scrambling to his feet before shooting an angry gaze to both Jayfeather and Rock. “W-Who are you two? And what is even going on?” Jayfeather couldn’t even reply, all he could do was stare at the cat that despite looking fully grown, stood only at the size of a small rat. Before the black tom could continue ranting, Rock leaned himself in, lifting him up like he would a kit before turning to Jayfeather and speaking through a muffled voice.

“...Open your mouth as wide as you can.” While the request was rather confusing, Jayfeather gave a compliant nod, tilting his head back a bit as he opened his muzzle as wide as he could, extending his tongue for a little extra distance. What was Rock planning on doing with this smaller cat, let alone how he even got him that small. Suddenly, Rock swiftly crammed the miniature cat into Jayfeathers gaping maw, shifting himself beneath Jayfeathers chin to push up and clamp his mouth close, the black toms angry protests becoming muffled. “Quickly, swallow him whole like you would your prey.”

Jayfeathers eyes shot wide open, utterly confused by the statement Rock made. Wanting to eat other cats? What kind of twisted message was this? Struggling a bit against Rock, Jayfeather was left with little choice, choking a bit as he tossed his head back and gave a firm swallow on the cat in his mouth. Despite his minimal size, the first swallow only partially brought him into Jayfeathers throat, a slight lump visible as the black toms body was squeezed into his gullet. Having already sent the cat too far down his throat to turn back, Jayfeather blinked a few tears of pressure from his eyes, looking to see Rock as expressionless as ever. Deciding that it was either finish swallowing the cat whose movements were growing more and more frantic by the second or choke, Jayfeather struggled a bit and gave a few choked gulps, finally squeezing the cat down his throat, a visible bulge sliding down his throat and fading into his abdomen, leaving an ever so faint squirming bulge in Jayfeathers gut.

Feeling the weight of the cat settle down into his stomach, Jayfeather panted heavily as his airway finally cleared up, taking a moment to fully comprehend what just happened before shooting a confused look towards Rock. Jayfeather could barely compose himself with the mixture of his struggled breath and the feeling of the cat still wriggling inside him. “I-I… What was that!” Jayfeather couldn’t help but lose his cool, he just swallowed another cat whole like he was some sort of snake. Still expressionless as ever, Rock stepped up to the second bundle before looking towards Jayfeather. “The cat currently resting in your stomach is Scourge, the former leader of BloodClan. If you were around when he was, you’d most likely feel little pity for him right now.”

Scourge? While he’d only heard stories of his grandfathers conflicts with BloodClan, Scourge definitely deserved some form of punishment, though Jayfeather wasn’t sure if being eaten alive was a fitting punishment… Or even an option for punishment at all. Starting to unfasten the second bundle, Rock turned his gaze back to Jayfeather, who was still staring in confusion at the faint lump in his belly. “I’m sure you’ll recognize this next individual…” Tearing off the bindings, a stocky brown striped tom came tumbling out, and despite being similarly small, this one was a fair bit larger. Jayfeather took a moment to look over the next cat, his eyes going wide at the recollection of who this was. Was this a smaller version of Tigerstar?

Rock quickly lifted the smaller Tigerstar, which was quickly met with displeasure from the large tom. “Set me down this instant, you freak!” Rock disregarded his anger, looking back over to Jayfeather as he gave another muffled sentence. “I take it you know what to do now…” While the situation utterly confused Jayfeather, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel Tigerstar deserved a punishment like this… Reluctantly, Jayfeather opened his mouth wide again, which was met with vigorous struggles from Tigerstar. “W-What!? You must be joking, I’m no prey!” Quickly, Rock settled the wriggling tom down into Jayfeathers open maw, who quickly got to work on swallowing down the larger tom. Tigerstar, despite his much more compact size now, was still a good bit larger than Scourge. Gathering his breath, Jayfeather quickly got to work with pulling his lower half into his throat, the tom pointlessly gripping at anything just to spite him before Jayfeather closed his muzzle around the large tom, giving a firm swallow to send the rest of him trailing down his throat, a much more visible bulge pushing down his throat and settling in his belly, making it swell even more.

Once Tigerstar settled into Jayfeathers stomach, Jayfeather let out a soft huff to catch his breath. Now that he had a hang of this whole swallowing things whole matter, the only thing really challenging about that was Tigerstars much larger size… Speaking of, the additional weight of Tigerstar in his belly had rounded it out even more, making him look like he’d been to the freshkill pile a few too many times… Jayfeathers stomach hung slightly down in front of him, the faint struggles of the two toms faintly visible, which resulted in Jayfeather letting out a faint belch to himself, averting his gaze away from Rock as he worked on the third bundle. While he wouldn’t dare inform Rock, but even though it was unlike anything he’d thought he’d experience, he was actually rather enjoying the feeling of the smaller cats wriggling inside him…

Curious as to who would be in this next bundle, Jayfeather quickly knew who this next cat was as soon as he met his icy blue gaze. Hawkfrost, the son of Tigerstar… Hawkfrost almost entirely ignored Rock, even as he was lifted up to angrily shout at Jayfeather. “You release my father right now or I’ll carve him out of you myself!” Jayfeather doubted that, considering that Tigerstar had been digging at his insides with his claws since he was swallowed, but they seemed to have no effect on him… Jayfeather didn’t even wait to be told before tossing his maw, tilting his head back a bit and giving his tongue a good stretch out to fit all of him into his maw. Luckily for him, Hawkfrost was not as large as Tigerstar, and while he was still larger than Scourge, he’d be little trouble to get down. Curling his tongue around his figure, Jayfeather pushed the angry cat back towards his throat, giving a few firm swallows before giving a single firm gulp, sending the tom down into his belly.

Feeling the cats figure finally settle down inside him, Jayfeather gathered his breath once again as he took a moment to evaluate his growing size. If he was a queen, he would have told himself to move to the nursery days ago… There was still two more pouches left, leaving Jayfeather curious as to who might he be told to eat. That question was answered soon, since Rock had undone the bundle while Jayfeather was looking over himself. From Rocks jaws hung the familiar figure of a mottled tortoiseshell cat, trying extra hard to keep his cool. Sol… “J-Jayfeather, I didn’t expect to see you… Or your additional weight there.” Jayfeather didn’t even bother, simply opening his maw and waiting for Rock to set him in. “W-wait, put me down!” Feeling his weight placed into his maw, Jayfeather quickly closed his jaws around him, sending him down into his stomach with a single hard swallow. He was getting pretty good at this, to his surprise...

Suddenly, Jayfeather staggered a bit, letting out another belch before sliding down and resting on his side, letting his rounded belly settle on the ground with him. The larger his stomach grew, the less visible the squirming from within became. Must be getting cramped in there… Jayfeather honestly wasn’t sure if he could handle the last one, though was Rock pulled off the bindings, Jayfeather instantly recognized this one, and a fire inside him ignited… He could see the figure of a spotted grey cat looking around confused before meeting his gaze. “It’s been awhile, Ashfur…” Oh, Jayfeather was gonna enjoy this… “U-Um, hello there, Jayfeather…” Before he could go on, Jayfeather shot a gaze over to Rock, who gave a nod and scooped up Ashfur, bringing him over to Jayfeather who gave his lips a slow lick. He was letting his enjoyment show, but he didn’t even care right now, this was personal… Jayfeather still wasn’t over the anger he felt when he found out that they had the nerve to send Ashfur to StarClan despite his actions… “You’re going to be my favorite prey today…” Ashfur wriggled vigorously in Rocks grasp, Jayfeather let out an eager sigh as he felt Ashfur get slowly settled down into his maw, closing it around him and deciding to roll him around in his mouth for a moment. While it was rather bizarre to think, Ashfur actually had a fairly pleasant flavor… Unexpected for someone as vile as him. Deciding that he’d had enough of tasting him, Jayfeather slowly lifted his head, giving a few soft swallows to draw out the time Ashfur would spend sliding down his throat, a faint purr rising up from him as he felt his struggles before watching him settle down into his absolutely full belly.

Letting a content belch slide up from his throat, Jayfeather gave a vigorous purr once Ashfur settled down inside his stomach, letting him know that he was now his meal as payback for his wrongdoings… Though at that, Jayfeather felt like he was enjoying this a little too much… Oh well, this would mean something, right? Turning to talk to Rock, he notices that he seems to have vanished. While this was rather normal for Rock, Jayfeather expected at least some sort of explanation as to why he would shrink down various cats for him to eat alive… Oh well, this simply left Jayfeather to lay content, stretching out and showing his rounded out belly as the various wriggling inside his stomach began to slow and lull him to sleep.

Suddenly jolting up, Jayfeather found himself back where he fell asleep, curled up in his nest in his den. Slowly pulling himself up to his feet, Jayfeather decided to make his way out and find Rock, determined to find out what that was all about… Or if he could possibly send that dream again… Maybe.
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