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more4sure's Stories

Postby more4sure » Sat Jun 27, 2020 4:51 am


I felt like sharing one of my vore stories here on Eka's Portal. I might share more if people like it.

Tags: f/m, human pred, human prey, unwilling, soft vore, oral vore, digestion, gore, fatality, disposal, sex

Workout and Take-Out

The blonde's arms and shoulders flexed as she pulled the rod down behind her back, the rope lifting several slabs of weight. She was the most muscular woman Charlie had ever seen, and also the tallest. As she let go of the rod and stood back up she towered over everyone there. No one else seemed to pay her much attention, so she had to be a regular. The gym wasn't a place Charlie visited frequently, and usually he was here on the weekends. Had he known this beauty came here during the week he would be a lot buffer; as long as he remembered to actually use the machines he occupied.
He pulled the handles out to his sides and around to the front, then let them return back. His eyes remained fixed on the big woman. She was muscular, but she also had a bit of a pudgy belly. Some of the meat on her legs looked to be amplified by fat, and it was the same with her arms. Charlie didn't mind, he actually thought it made her more shapely, but he wondered how much she had to eat to be overweight in spite of exercising so intensely. He imagined taking her out to dinner would be costly affair.
As if he could take her to dinner. Her focused gaze was enough to tell him she was out of his league. Some men were turned off by big women, but Charlie imagined her pretty face made even those men think again. She had high cheekbones, sharp eyebrows and a pointed nose. Her jaw was big but soft and her skin was spotless. Her mouth was wide and her lips were full, painted scarlet by her lipstick. Long, black lashes surrounded her big brown eyes, eyes that seemed to drink Charlie's gaze.
Charlie had to look away for a second, as the beauty turned his way. She adjusted the weights of a machine in front of him and sat down, facing left. It was one of those machines where you have two pads spreading your legs and you have to press the pads together. The exercise was a delight to behold, and he wished he could have seen it from the front. Her grey leggings hugged her curves so tightly he could see the contours of her underwear underneath – some sort of sporty thong by the looks of it. Her sports-bra was equally inadequate at hiding anything. To be fair to the bra, her firm Es were difficult to cover.
Suddenly, her head whipped around to face him, her short ponytail flicking the air as she did. “Are you just gonna stare or are you gonna say something?” she asked, glaring.
Shocked, Charlie's voice caught in his throat. The beauty rolled her eyes and exhaled sharply, then turned to look ahead again and continued with her exercise. Charlie blushed and looked around the room anxiously. The beauty had a powerful voice and most of the visitors looked their way. They swiftly resumed their workout when they saw Charlie looking back at them. The embarrassment must have been clear on his face.

Charlie cut his workout short to escape the humiliation. He showered and changed and was about to leave when he met the big beauty in the corridor outside the locker rooms. She had just finished up and was heading toward the women's lockers. She was soaking in sweat. Charlie's eyes darted to her sneakers as he approached to pass.
“You”, she said, stopping Charlie in his track and forcing him to make eye contact. She looked impatient and annoyed. “What's your name, kiddo?”
It felt a bit emasculating to be called “kiddo” at twenty-five, though to be fair, he felt more like a boy than a man. “I'm...” he said, but had to swallow and begin again. “I'm Charlie.”
“All right, Chuck, here's the deal:” Chuck was better, he supposed. “I live a ten minute drive away. If you can make it to the front door without staring at me, you can come inside.”
He gave her a blank stare. “You... want me to come home with you?”
“Oh, and I don't want to hear a word from you while I drive either. Got it?”
Charlie looked around, as if to make sure no one was hearing them. This woman was a lot more forward than he was used to, and after the incident earlier this was the last thing he expected.
“Hello? Are you game or not?”
Why would he turn her down? “Yes. I'm game”, he managed to say.
“Good. Wait outside.”
She didn't shower or change, only fetched a bag from the locker room. Charlie assumed she was one of those people who preferred to shower at home, which was fine. Still, he could smell the sweat throughout the entire drive. It was awkward to just sit there and pretend not to exist, though he was used to it. He felt uneasy, as if anything he did could set her off. Her driving suggested she was actually quite composed. When a pedestrian ran out in front of the car, she only sighed and shook her head. It was mildly amusing to see her in the driver's seat. She had to have it as far back as possible. The stick and the steering wheel looked oddly small when she held them.
The beauty lived in a respectable apartment building and her place was neat and clean. She put a hand on Charlie's shoulder and led him into the bedroom as soon as they entered. There was a king-sized bed with a heavy, wine-red cover in the centre. A thick, white carpet covered the floor and the walls were all dark purple. On either side of the bed was a bedside table and bookshelves lined the wall to the left of the bed. To the right of the bed was a window, through which he could see the lights of the building opposite. The big beauty closed the blinds.
“Take off your clothes, kiddo”, she said, her eyes wanting no argument. He was already half-stiff and grew harder as he undressed. Standing completely naked before her judging eyes, his member pointed at her like an arrow. That embarrassed him.
The beauty removed her shoes, then her socks and then her bra. Charlie's eyes widened at the sight of her massive breasts. He couldn't imagine a more perfect pair. Then she dropped her trousers and her panties. Her vagina was as clean shaven as her legs. He could see it was already glistening wet, although her sweat probably helped with that. It didn't look like she was going to take that shower first.
She strode up to Charlie and pushed him to his knees. The smell of her sex was ripe. She put a hand behind his head and moved him to her lips. He was happy to kiss it. His tongue curled, tasting fish, salt and lemon. He actually liked the taste, it was just very strong. It didn't take much licking to get used to it. A groan confirmed that the beauty liked what he was doing. She pressed a little harder on the back of his head.
As Charlie licked, his hands moved up her legs, squeezing the tough muscles. It must have teased her, because she stepped forward and wrapped her legs around his head, over his shoulders. He was now locked with his lips to her clitoral hood, arms free behind her. He groped her buttocks, which tensed up whenever he licked her clit the right way.
“You're actually quite good at that”, she panted. She gave him a hard push into her pussy, then she let go. Her thighs unclasped and she grabbed him by the arm. She dragged him up and threw him onto her bed. Lying on his back, the beauty climbed on top and pinned his arms under her legs. She sat down on his face, so that his nose entered her slit and her asshole was between his eyes. When he stuck out his tongue, her clit was right there waiting.
Charlie could barely breathe, nor see, nor move, but the smell and taste of her made it worth it. The more eagerly he licked, the louder the beauty moaned, which made him more eager to lick. Her thighs squeezed the sides of his head again, though not with the same intensity. His arms hurt under the weight of her legs, and he wished he could wrench them free to reach his cock. Thankfully, the beauty had him covered.
The grip of her hand was hard and she tugged with every groan that left her mouth. The groans grew more throaty, like a bear roaring. She was so loud that the neighbours surely must have heard her. She bounced lightly up and down, pushing Charlie into the mattress. He couldn't breathe at all now and was hoping to finish her off before his oxygen levels grew critical. His lungs complained while hers sang.
Charlie heard she was close, and so was he. As she cried out, her thighs clamped down on his cheeks, her asscheeks flexed, and squirt gushed out over his face and into his mouth. Her grip turned to iron and she beat his meat furiously, pumping the cum out of his balls. The pleasure was so intense it made him dizzy.
A burning in his chest cleared his mind. He needed air, but the beauty wasn't getting off. His body jerked and he squirmed to break loose.
“Just relax...” the beauty said in a serene tone. “Enjoy my pussy...”
Black spots clouded Charlie's vision. He thrashed and kicked with his legs. She wasn't going to let him suffocate, right? She was just being kinky and playing rough. This was too kinky for Charlie, though. Thinking became harder and harder, until finally he lost consciousness.

Charlie woke up with a headache. The taste of pussy was still in his mouth, but something dry was on his tongue. A piece of cloth? The bed underneath him felt wet and his legs even more so. And hot. Was that a tongue and teeth at his kneecaps? His vision was blurry, but soon the world came into focus. He was met with the beauty's hungry stare and the terrifying sight of his legs disappearing behind her lips.
Charlie sat up in shock. The beauty stood bent over the bed, jaws open impossibly wide, with his calves stuck down her throat. She was swallowing him whole like a snake.
“What are you doing?!?” he tried to shout, but the cloth gag muffled him. Since the beauty had her mouth full too, she simply rolled her eyes in reply. Charlie looked around the room, wondering if he was dreaming. No, this was real. However the beauty was able to do what she was doing, he was not going to let her do it. He tried pulling his legs out, but her maw held them tight. His wrists were tied together, he noticed. Still, he reached forward and pushed at her face, attempting to wiggle out. The beauty grabbed his arms with one hand and held them at bay. Her throat countered his wiggling.
Charlie watched in horror as his thighs were ingested. He was partially erect and his crotch was splashed with drying semen. She grabbed his cock with her free hand, massaging it hard. As soon as it was rock solid she let go. She gulped and took his crotch and ass into her mouth. He felt her tongue lick his ass crack, and the roof of her mouth rubbed against his erection. It felt good, that he could not deny. Not good enough to be eaten for, though.
His feet were pushing at a wall deep within her. Leaning to the side, he could see his heels bulge her belly. Could she really take all of him? He didn't want to know. He had to free himself somehow. He shook his body as hard as he can. Her gullet was so tight that his legs didn't move an inch. His hips basically just humped the back of her throat. Outside of her he bounced in the bed. He tried kicking her stomach from the inside, but the walls snapped back in place. Nothing worked.
The beauty sent his cock and ass down her gullet and rested her teeth above his bellybutton. She stuffed his tied up hands into her mouth, then worked them into her throat with her jaws. Grabbing his shoulders, she stood up straight and tilted her head back. Charlie began to slide down by force of gravity alone. As she swallowed, he ended up with her lips on his nipples. He looked down at her and screamed through the gag. Her eyes smiled back.
Another swallow put her teeth around his neck. For a moment, Charlie feared he was going to have his head separated from his body in one fell bite. As the beauty's lips slid over his face and the back of his head, he realised that perhaps a beheading would have been preferable.
Her lips sealed above his scalp and all of him was now inside the tight confinement of her wet and fleshy digestive tract. It was dark and hot, and there was no air to breathe. Her tongue slithered in his hair, then came a gulp that echoed in his ears. His head was in her gullet, and it only took one more to bring him entirely into her stomach.
Charlie was pressed together in the fetal position by the beauty's stomach walls. Some light made it through the stretched skin, so he could make out his hands and knees in front of him. All around him beat the beauty's heavy pulse. He could also hear the slick movement of the walls, but mostly he heard his own rapid breathing. The air was musky and poor. He wondered how long it would last him. His skin tingled strangely. He had never been so afraid.
The beauty patted her belly and Charlie felt it on his back. “Thanks for the oral!” she said. Her voice was booming, but the individual words were difficult to make out. “It gets the juices flowing, which makes for faster digestion.” A tear entered the corner of his eye. How could she do this? “And thanks for the meal too! I really needed it after today.”
His hands were still bound, but they were by his mouth, so he managed to pull the gag out. “Please!” he cried. “Please, let me back out!”
“If you shut up, maybe I will!”
Charlie wept, scared to say anything more. The tingling had been replaced with an itching and the walls were wetter. A pool was gathering around his feet and buttocks. Was it gastric juice? Was he really going to be digested alive? It was fucked up. He couldn't die like this. He didn't want to die at all. He had to get out. There had to be a way.
He started thrashing. The walls might have been stretched thin, but they did not yield much. He tried scratching them, but his nails did nothing. Then he tried to bite her. The walls escaped his teeth like the surface of a giant beach ball, and all he managed to do was get some juice in his mouth. It tasted bitterly sour and left a burning sensation. Finally, he focused all his energy into a kick. That at least bulged the belly out a foot.
The beauty flexed her abdominal muscles, pressing him against her back. It made every breath was a struggle, so he had to stop moving. She belched, then relaxed her muscles again. “You really thought that would work?” she said mockingly. “Just accept your fate. I'm gonna take a shower, and by the end of it I guarantee you'll be dead. It won't take long.”
The stomach wobbled as she walked. Charlie was overcome with dread and desperation. The juices were starting to burn him and his prison was shrinking. Breathing was difficult, but he was frankly surprised he could breathe at all, given how tight it was. “Please, Miss! Please don't let me die!”
Her abdominal muscles flexed again. “What did I say about talking?”
“I'll do anything! Please!”
She flexed again, harder this time, hard enough that he was unable to reply. The wobbling stopped, but now her walls were kneading him. The pool, he realised, had filled up half the stomach. It was burning him badly. He cried in pain.
Charlie heard water splash against a hard floor, then he heard and felt it pattering against the beauty's belly. Suddenly, he was thirsty and hot. What he wouldn't do to feel the coolness of that water on his back. He imagined it would wash away the acidic burn, but he didn't actually know if acid worked that way. The pressure of the shower head would probably wash away his skin. It felt so soft now.
The acid filled three quarters of the stomach, so he had to bend his head sideways to keep his mouth and nose above the surface. The pain level was constantly increasing, but now it shot up sharply. His eyes stung so badly he had to scream, which allowed acid to find its way into his mouth. He wanted to close it, but he couldn't. He couldn't stop himself from trying to breathe either. That was when the beauty shook her belly.
Acid splashed right into his face as he inhaled. He choked and his chest turned to fire. Panicking, he thrashed with all the fight that was left in him. The beauty tensed up her abdominal muscles harder and harder and harder. Something snapped in his right leg.
Charlie knew only agony now. He couldn't feel his toes or fingers, but the rest of him felt everything. His skin was gone, he knew, the acid at work dissolving his flesh. He was weak and the pressure around him was immense. Darkness was taking his mind like the monster in some terrible nightmare. All of his being was crying for him to find an escape, but there wasn't one. He felt a crack in his neck, and then he felt nothing more.

“How you doing in there?” Chrissie asked as she dried herself off. “You haven't moved since I gave you that squeeze.” She smacked her bloated belly and received no response but a sloshing sound. “Nothing, huh? What did I tell ya?”
Charlie was indeed dead and her gastric juices were working on his meat. She spent the rest of the evening in front of her TV, letting her stomach break down the boy. By bedtime his imprint was already losing shape. She squeezed her meal with her tummy and heard a series of snaps. It forced some air up her gullet and she burped contently. It tasted of blood and meat.
The bed was stained with cum and squirt (mostly squirt) and the smell of it aroused her. She reached down between her legs with one hand and caressed her belly with the other. As she masturbated, she thought about Chuck's tongue licking her and his body disintegrating within her. When she cried out in pleasure, she crushed her stomach content with her belly, creating a sickly crunching sound. It was a good orgasm.
Come morning, Charlie was a soup of fine gore, half of which was being processed in Chrissie's intestines. Her belly had been reduced to a size that could almost pass for pregnant. Still, she would have to work from home today. It would be difficult enough to hide the belly, let alone explain the constant gurgling emanating from it. And she would have to visit the bathroom a lot.
When evening came, half of Chuck had passed into the sewers, which meant that her belly was of an explainable size. There were too many regulars at the gym who could grow suspicious, though, so she had to settle for a run. Running was awkward with half a man inside of her, but Chrissie liked the challenge. The miles burned off some of her newly acquired energy and sped up her digestion. She visited the toilet once more before bed, and the next morning she passed last of him.
Chrissie felt stronger and the scale told her she had gained some weight. She knew the evening workout would make her hungry again, but as a rule she only ate like that once a week. More than that was risky and added fat to her figure instead of muscles. As evidenced by her pudgy belly, she tended to cheat on her diet. Maybe she'd catch another gullible morsel staring at her tonight. If she did, she doubted she could stop herself. Her belly growled.
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