Attempt at a vore story

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Attempt at a vore story

Postby Devidra » Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:33 am

This is my first actually concentrated attempt on a vore story (though I've posted an earlier one on the forum years ago). I'm looking for some feedback, though this is only the first part of a two-parter. I started getting second thoughts on the style and length midway through, so I decided to turn to the forum for opinions.
Formating probably needs a little work too.

Opinions and feedback are welcome and greatly appreciated!

At the moment, the story contains: M/F, Multiple preys, Oral vore, Anthro pred and Anthro prey.

The sex part starts at (*) and the vore part starts at (**) for those concerned.


The chestnut-coated stallion laid his back on the luxurious bed, idly bouncing his weight on its springs. He had a pretty good idea of what was expected of him by his clients, though he found the extravagant room a bit off-putting. It was far from the simple lodgings he was used to.
He idly pursed his lips and glanced at the card held in his hand. The invitation had got him into the room, and he could recognize his friend Laura’s cursive handwriting. He had come along to the north with her due to some sporting event she was taking part in. The stallion assumed Laura wanted his usual service for the afterparty. As he stretched on the bed, he hoped he wouldn’t have to wait too long. Well, at least he didn’t have to stay outside in the cold.

Laura whooped as the group walked along the corridor towards their room, their hard-won medals softly jingling against their snowsuits. This drew an irritated glance from the team’s captain, but Laura just couldn’t contain her excitement. They’d actually won, and the prize that waited in their hotel room was just going to make everything so much sweeter. She hadn’t actually told the others about it yet, but she was sure they were going to be thrilled. Things couldn’t have gone better if she’d planned them this way.

“I guess it is nice to end our career on a high note?” This came from one of the twins, Arina. The other Samoyed sister, Ance, was currently lugging the team’s trophy. Laura had never really stopped seeing the two’s appearances in their outfits as ridiculous, with long fur around their neck compressed into a sort of fluffy ruff framing their faces.

“Of course.” Ance grunted, uncomplaining about the heavy weight of the trophy. “It was our last race, so of course we were going to win. Stands to reason. And then it’s on to retirement.”

The girls all trod on silently for a moment, imagining the future they’d planned together. It had been a spur-of-the-moment thing, and they were still searching for the right person for the job. Or rather, that is what the others thought. Little did they know that the perfect candidate for their retirement plans was resting his hooves in their hotel room. Oh, Laura couldn’t wait to see the looks on their faces. Philip was a treasure of an escort, of course, but he had… other talents that Laura and her friends were going to be far more interested in.
Finally, they reached the door to their room. As the team’s captain reached to open it, Laura quickly sidled in front, covering the entrance. The copper-furred husky raised an irritated eyebrow, a silent question in her expression. “Signe, girls… I have a bit of a surprise ready in the room.”

“What kind of surprise?”
Signe gave a withering glare to Arina, who’d spoken the obvious question over her. The Samoyed girl withered, raising her hands in a gesture of apology. Turning her cool blue eyes towards Laura again, the husky captain tilted her head as if to emphasize the question.

“About our retirement plan… I might have the perfect guy for it inside. He’s a friend of mine, and he can probably pull it off…” In the silence that followed her words, Laura added: “… Surprise?”, feeling a little crestfallen at the reception. Then she noticed the blush creeping across the usually frigid Signe’s face, and the captain’s expression just melted.
Suddenly, Signe lunged, wrapping her arms around Laura’s body. “Really?” Signe said, her voice suddenly chirpy. “Did you really find someone?”

Taken aback by this sudden shift in Signe’s tone, Laura just nodded the affirmative. Over the captain’s shoulder, she could see her tail wagging like crazy. The tell-tale swish of fur revealed the excitement of the twins, too. “Well… Let’s not waste time, shall we?” Laura said, gently brushing Signe off as the captain still squealed in delight, and quickly unlocked the door to their suite.

At the sound of the opening door, Philip sat bolt upright. He contemplated striking a pose of some sort for a moment but decided against it. Instead, the stallion just sat back and waited, trying his best to appear relaxed and confident. This wasn’t his first rodeo, but he usually had a better idea of what his customers wanted from him.

The sound of whispers came from the hall, and then Laura and her friends stepped into view. The group came dressed in matching blue snowsuits. Laura was still the pretty, blonde Labrador she always was, and was gesturing dramatically towards him. Her companions were a husky, her blue eyes fixed almost hungrily on the horse’s all-but-nude body, as well as a pair of Samoyeds, one on the lithe side and the other stocky. He noted that they all had a sash with a medal upon it draped over their shoulders, and the larger of the Samoyeds was lugging around a golden trophy, which reached almost to her waist.

“Ta-dah!” Laura said with the accompanying gesture.
Philip took this as his cue and nodded his greeting with a charming smile. “Ladies.” This seemed sufficient to break the ice, and as the dogs all but swarmed over to him, he assumed Laura had talked them through the motions. If only she’d done that for me too. “Congratulations on your win. I’m here to be the prize of your afterparty… Courtesy of Laura.” Dressed in nothing but his boxers, he felt a little embarrassed in the press of bodies, though the swinging tails of the four girls told him that they were pleased with what they were seeing.

Having left the trophy in the hall, the stockier Samoyed pressed her hand against Philip’s chest, letting it slide down to his abdomen. “Are you sure he can pull it off?” She asked, clearly talking to Laura.

Philip stepped up to the plate before Laura could answer. “Miss, I can do whatever you want, whichever way you want it. I guarantee it.”

The Samoyed pursed her lips at the answer but seemed pleased. The other Samoyed had laid her hands on his forearm, but Philip noted that the Husky seemed almost timid, afraid to approach. That, or judging by the deepening blush on her face, too bashful. Seeing this, Philip rose up deftly, taking a step towards the Husky. “Would you like to go first, miss? I promise I’ll be gentle.” At this, the Husky’s face turned beet red, she giggled in a delirious way and promptly fell over. Philip moved to catch her, but Laura, apparently having expected this, reached her first, stopping her fall.

“You know, Philip, maybe we had better freshen up first. Signe probably needs some time to gather herself, too.” Laura said to him. As Ance moved to assist Laura in moving their captain toward the bathroom, Laura gave Philip a quick thumbs-up to signify a job well done.

“Aww, but I wanna ride the horsey!” Arina whined, glancing at Philip with an eager expression.

Laura glanced back and rolled her eyes. “Fine. Just don’t tire him out too much. Leave some fun for the rest of us.”
“Yes!” Arina said, pumping her fist. As the others escorted Signe to the shower, the Samoyed stalked a little closer to Philip, slipping the sash of her medal off and letting it clink to the floor. A sensual smile spread across her face as she slowly circled the horse, making appreciative sounds all the way. To her delight, the bulge inside the horse’s briefs was steadily growing larger.

“Miss?” Philip said, keeping the pacing Samoyed in his view. She was clearly enjoying what she saw, and so was he. She must’ve been doing it on purpose, but as the dog walked a circle around him, she gave him a fine view of her ass, the waving of her tail only serving to accentuate its shape and firmness with movement. Philip felt her pants start feeling several sizes too small. He shifted his weight a little, allowing the building pressure a release upwards. “Do you want to get on the bed?” He asked her conversationally, his breathing starting to accelerate.

Arina’s ears perked up at the word. “Bed? No… You did say you’d do whatever we’d like, right?” She stretched out the last word mischievously and reached for the zipper of her snowsuit. “A stud like you can take me standing. I want a real horse-ride!” She unzipped her suit, and the fluffy collar that had framed her face settled into a furry down around her neck, shoulders and chest. The sides of the opening lay taut against her perky breasts, giving a good view of her midsection.

“You don’t wear anything under those?” Philip asked, his eyes glued to the Samoyed’s revealed body.

“Of course not, silly. We’re doing heavy work, so we’d get baked if we stuck more clothing in between…” She let out a drawn-out, weary sigh, and the movement of her chest made her breasts jiggle. Noting the rapt attention she was receiving, she theatrically peeled her arms out their sleeves, letting the fabric of her suit fall of her upper body. Just as the horse was catching a glimpse of her breasts, however, Arina turned away. She grinned as she felt an annoyed snort from behind her.

The girl certainly knew how to tease. Just as the clothing on her upper body had begun to fall off, she’d turned away. Even so, Philip rather liked the view. The Samoyed bent over, presenting her hindquarters and began to pull off the rest of her snowsuit. The lovely shape of her butt wiggled a little as she eased the fabric over it, but once again she turned her body slightly just as her bare body was coming into view.
Still, Philip couldn’t complain. Usually, it was his job to provide the striptease. He adjusted the band of his underwear a little, loosing the lengthening shaft of his penis. He dropped his briefs down, stepping out of them deftly.

When she’d finally finished peeling off her snowsuit, Arina glanced coyly at Philip. “Ready now.” Her little show had evidently done its job, judging by the member jutting out of the stallion’s underwear. She took a few brisk paces toward the horse and then jumped. “Catch!” The horse did so, surprised as he was, leaving Arina in his arms and her pussy oh so close to the tip of the stallion’s penis. As he lowered her a little, her nether lips touched his tip, eliciting a small yelp of pleasure from the dog.

Philip kept on lowering Arina gently. He figured he’d better be gentle, eager as the dog was. The girl moaned as his tip sank inside her. He eased her a little further, and then lifted her back again. Philip adjusted his grip on the Samoyed a little and then started to pump her up and down, sinking her a bit deeper with every repetition. She pulled him into a tight embrace as she sank deeper and deeper. The musk of exercise flooded Philip’s nostrils, but the smell wasn’t uncomfortable. Kinda eau d’exercise, really.

“Not… Deeper… please…” Arina panted, gripping the stallion tightly. Her cooch was really taking a pounding from the horse’s dick, and she doubted she could take on much more of its length. She might’ve bit off more than she could chew, there. It was getting awfully hard to think though, and every drop felt so good. By the sound of his groans, the stallion was enjoying things every bit as much as she was, too. He was getting close to climaxing, so Arina decided it was time to tease him some more.

Just as Philip was about to drop her once more, the dog clung tighter, keeping him just on the edge of going off. Though disappointed, he slowly eased her off of his penis, an act that drew a contented moan from Arina. He backed a little, and sat on the bed a little heavily, the petite Samoyed still in his arms. “So… Miss…” He panted. “What next?”

Arina waited a moment before answering, catching her breath. She dismounted from Philip, pressing on his belly so he would stay put. Thinking on what her and her friends’ ‘retirement plan’ was, her fingers played on his abdomen a little before she let go. She settled on her knees before the bed, her face level with the shaft of the equine penis. She blew gently on the member, making Philip take a hissing breath. “Now? Now I’m going to make you moan...”

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Laura was keeping an eye on the team’s captain. The team, sans Arina, had ditched their snowsuits and were enjoying a refreshing shower. Signe had calmed down, but Laura wondered how the normally unflappable Husky would react once they got back into the room again.

“You okay now, Signe?” Laura asked, placing her hand on Signe’s shoulders. “Ready to face the sweet horsey?” The mention of Philip made the captain blush, and she shivered despite the hot water. Laura grinned, noting the slight swish Signe’s tail made.

“And you’re sure he can take us all?” Ance said, still sounding sceptical. She was in the process of drying herself off, working the towel carefully through her matted fur. “I wouldn’t put it past you to get our hopes up for nothing…” Though she hid it well, Ance seemed just as eager as Signe to Laura’s eyes.

“Well, he did once have a whole pack of lionesses…” Laura said, thinking back. “I think there was a tiger in there somewhere, too.” Ance’s eyebrows leapt up at her comment. “Her sister once went for an elephant, and she says he can take more than she can, so…” She glanced at Signe, who was blushing again. Some of the water hitting her head might’ve turned to steam, too. Laura placed her other hand on the Husky’s shoulder, steadying her. “Come on, cap. Just be cool about it. You won’t have to wait long.”

At that moment, a loud, hugely satisfied moan came from the room outside. By the sound of it, Arina had finished her fun with Philip for now. “Sounds like Arina and Philip are done for now. Shall we, ladies?”

The girls came from the bathroom to find Philip and Arina sprawled on the bed. Each had been occupied with pleasuring the other, Arina straddling the stallion, her rear situated over his face. Both were breathing heavily with exertion, and the Samoyed at least seemed pleased with herself. At the moment, she was licking her lips, slurping up the remnants of Philip’s load. She gave one more long, playful lick at the sensitive, shrinking shaft of the stallion’s cock before clambering off.
“Thanks for the meal, stud.” Arina said, stifling a small burp.

Philip remained lying there for a moment, panting and seeming stunned. “Y-yeah… You’re welcome…” He groaned, waving a hand vaguely. It took him a moment to recover, but he slowly became aware of the shifting weight on the bed. Prising himself upright, he noticed the girls had taken position on his sides. “Uhh… Ladies, I might need a sec to recover…”

Laura clapped her hands together. “That’s just fine, Philip. Gives us time to discuss the... entertainment.”

Finally. The stallion settled down a little more comfortably, taking stock of the now-nude girls. Though his groin was still sore from Arina, he was looking forward to where this was going.

“So…” Laura started, apparently the spokesperson for the group. “You know how I’ve talked about this race… You know, how we were planning to retire after?”

“Yeah? I remember. So is this a retirement party, too?”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s just that…” The Labrador seemed to be searching for the right words. “We’ve really been looking for the right kind of retirement. The right place, I guess.”

Ance interrupted Laura with a groan. “Laura, stop beating around the bush.” She looked Philip in the eyes. “Philip, yes? The thing is, we were thinking of retiring…” She placed her hand on the stallion’s abdomen. “… Here.”

“Uhh…” Philip answered eloquently.

“And here.” Arina added, slapping Philip’s thigh. Though backing up her sister’s gesture, Arina stretched her fingers a little, giving the horse’s balls a playful fondle.

Despite his tenderness to the Samoyed’s touch, Philip turned stone-faced. She cast a glance at Laura and raised a quizzical eyebrow.

“Uh… You don’t look very happy about that…” Laura wondered if he should’ve brought the matter up beforehand after all.

Philip stayed silent for a while, mulling over his answer. Then he took a deep breath and sighed. “… You’re really all in on this? All of you want to get eaten?” He felt a little bad at the excitement he felt to see all the girls nodding. “I don’t know…” He said, drawing the phrase out and crossing his arms. He felt the touch of hand on his shoulder. Raising his gaze, he saw the fainting-prone Husky looking at him pleadingly.

“Please?” Signe said gently, pursing her lips. “You did say you we’re going to do anything I wanted… And anyway I wanted, too…” As if on cue, the stallion’s belly growled.

Philip’s expression softened and he scratched the back of his head. “Ahh… I guess I did.” He slapped his hands on his knees. “Right! A few ground rules, first.” He placed a hand on his stomach. “This only works one-way. You go in, there’s only one way you’re coming out.” He glanced around, seeing the dogs nod vigorously. He mentally executed a sigh. “Second: Your names. Laura I know, but the rest of you…”

“Um, I’m Arina.” The slimmer Samoyed said.
“Ance.” The other Samoyed said, though she seemed a little confused by the question.
“And I’m Signe.” The Husky finished, a blush once again rising onto her cheeks.
There was a slight chafing sound as the dogs’ tails began to swish, their excitement building.

“Arina, Ance… and Signe.” Philip clarified, looking to each in turn. He noticed the dogs had once again pressed in a little bit closer to him. “So. Do you want to start right away, or…?”

“Nonono!” Laura said, lifting her palms and forestalling anything to the contrary. “We have to make preparations, first.” The Labrador rose to her feet and beckoned the rest to follow. “You just sit here and wait. There’s a few things we’ve still got to take care of. We also need to take some pictures…”

The stallion shrugged and settled in to wait, watching what the girls were doing. Chatting and bustling about, the dogs set up a camera stand for one of their smartphones. While Laura and Arina fussed over the angle and adjusted the blinds to get the lighting they wanted, Signe and Ance seemed occupied dragging the large trophy closer to the bed.

Philip heard some mention about medals from Arina, a suggestion the rest seemed to agree with. He yawned, stretching his jaw a little in preparation. Signe glanced heatedly at him, turning back to her tasks with evident reluctance.

After a while, whatever preparations the team of dogs had wanted to set up were ready. Philip had, somewhat reluctantly, posed for a few shots with the girls. They’d squabbled for a while over which one they should post on their feed, eventually deciding on a shot were the girls flanked Philip and posed around his midsection. It was something to do with giving their fans a little inkling of the content of their future posts. Laura was still in the middle of explaining what he’d have to do afterward.

“-and that’s what we’d like you to do after… Well, after. But knowing you, I also wrote the instructions down.” She brandished a piece of paper. “Now, make sure you actually do this stuff. It’s kinda important to us. Should give us our fans some entertainment, and maybe some closure too.” She gave him the pointer finger. “So promise, alright?”

Philip raised his hands placatingly. “Okay, okay, I promise.” He took stock of what was to be his meal again. The girls, still lovely, stood arrayed in a line before. They’d put on their medal sashes again but were otherwise naked. Philip had impressed upon them that he wouldn’t be eating the medals, but apparently, they had something else planned.
Taking a deep breath that did interesting things to her ample chest, Signe stepped forward first. Though she was still flushed, she maintained her composure. “I’ll… I’ll go first. I am the captain, after all.” She turned her face away a little while she spoke, seeming embarrassed. Still, her tail had begun to swish the moment she’d spoken.

Philip sat on the bed, beckoning her closer. The horse looked meaningfully at the Husky’s tail, which was starting to move faster and faster. “Been looking forward to this, huh?” he asked.

“Uh-huh.” Signe mumbled, and appeared to muster enough courage to look the horse in the eyes.

“So,” Philip said, grasping the dog gently. “Any wishes on how you’d like to go down?”

“Uh… This way is fine. I- I’ll leave the pace to you.” Signe let out a shivering huff of breath. She came closer until they were almost nose-to-nose, and brough her victor’s sash over Philip’s head, placing it to hang on his neck. Then, she wordlessly offered the stallion her hands, the red colour on her face growing steadily stronger.

The stallion took hold of the Husky’s hands and guided them to his lips. He tasted them gingerly and then slid Signe’s fingers into his mouth. The dog seemed eager enough, and leaned against him, pressing her hands steadily deeper. Philip met the intense, longing stare she was giving him, just as her fingers reached the back of his throat.
Matching her gaze, Philip swallowed deeply, enjoying the feeling of the dog’s hands sinking into his esophagus. The effort took Signe’s arms up to the elbows into the horse’s mouth and drew a sharp gasp from the Husky.

“J-just like that…” Signe moaned. She pressed her head down to be more in line with her arms and pushing inward as the horse gulped again. She felt her heart, already throbbing, skip a beat as her nose was pulled past his lips.
There was a bit of a struggle as Philip switched his grip, the better to guide his meal into his stomach.

Signe squirmed a little and pressed her shoulders closer together to ease herself in more smoothly. She stood on tiptoe as the stallion leaned forward, straightening his neck and thus the Husky’s way into his belly. The movement also caused Signe’s shoulders to slip inside Philip’s mouth, with a deep swallow pulling her even deeper. As her muzzle was pushed down his throat, she could hardly control herself anymore. The wagging of her tail had reached a fever pitch, rocking her hips this way and that. She only hoped this would not make the stallion’s job more difficult.

Philip gripped the squirming Husky’s waist more tightly, trying to hold her steady. Not only was her tail setting her hips into a sway, but Signe had started kicking with her legs, too. He’d skipped running his tongue over her breasts as they slid inside, figuring it was more important for her to just get inside. She was, after all, all but crawling down his throat.
Just as Philip wondered how to get her to stay still, the rest of the girls stepped in to help. Laura, Arina, and Ance helped steady their captain’s struggles, even as they provided leverage that she could use to push deeper. Laura, angel that she was, even pressed Signe’s tail into place between her legs just as another hearty gulp brought the Husky’s rear to his lips.

Inside the horse’s throat, Signe was gripped by euphoria. She could already feel her hands inside her stomach, though she had balled them into fists so as not to cause discomfort to the horse by grasping or clawing at anything. The muscular walls of his throat pressed in from all around her, and the peristaltic movement felt like a lovely, rough massage. With another swallow, the tube around her squeezed tighter and then pulled her down deeper with a sweet feeling of release.
Signe still felt hands, which must have belonged to her teammates, on her legs and feet, though the swallow just now had almost pulled her knees through his lips. Her nose had also been brought to the entrance of Philip’s stomach, and she could smell the sting of its contents.

Not long anymore. Philip took another gulp, taking in some much-needed air along with Signe’s knees. From here on the only thing left for the Husky was the last slide downwards. With the dog’s wriggling paws sticking from his mouth, Philip made a thankful gesture at the other girls and then made the last swallow. Signe’s toes slipped inside, and he lifted his head up, letting the girl currently filling out his belly savour the last of her sliding down his throat.
He groaned a little as the Husky shifted inside him, and his stomach, having stretched to accommodate her, slipped from its usual position deeper into the abdomen. He panted a little, leaning back and stroking his heaving, distended gut.

“Wow…” The girls said almost in unison, pressing their hands against the bulge that contained Signe. They could all but feel the shape of the Husky’s body inside, though the thick muscle of the stallion’s stomach obscured some of the details.

“Me next!” Arina yelped as the moment of wonder had passed. She pushed the others aside and clambered over Philip’s belly, only to be stopped by his grip.

“Hang on… a sec…” Philip breathed. “Let Signe settle in there for a little… I think I need a breather, too.”

The Samoyed pouted and then glanced down. “Okay…” She said, her tone drawing instant suspicion from Philip. She backed down, putting some undue pressure on the horse’s abdomen as she went. Probably on purpose. As Arina went, she brought her hand to fondle Philip’s testicles. She giggled a little as his member surged in reaction, going to kneel in front of the bed. While she gently rubbed more life into his penis, she glanced at Ance and Laura. “You girls don’t mind if I get my ‘waiting seat’ ready, right?”

Laura seemed occupied with massaging Philip’s gut, but the comment got an eye roll from Ance. “Really, sister. You’re so selfish…” She sighed; her eyes drawn again to the bulge made by Signe. All the dogs were excited now, eager to go the way of their captain. “Uh… Philip, are you able to take two of us, at the same time?” Ance asked hesitantly.

The stallion made a pleased groan, the belly massage by Laura doing wonders. “Nope, sorry. My throat has its limits…” He felt his dick harden to its full extent and laid back to see what the teasing Samoyed was going to do next.
“Don’t worry about it, Phil… Let’s see if my cute little cooch shares that problem.” Arina said, clambering on top of the horse again and pushing Laura aside. “Sis, can you give me a hand?” She said, steadily lowering herself into a reverse cowgirl.
Though she did so with a grumble, Ance received some of her sisters weight, easing her down onto Philip’s tip. Arina let out a deep breath as she and Ance lowered her deeper. Despite her high hopes, the Samoyed seemed to reach her limit at slightly past halfway down the equine shaft.

Hearing Arina’s hiss of frustration as she went down as far she could go, Philip reached past his stomach to help Ance lift her up again. As she caught her dick again and again, the stallion noticed that the other Samoyed was starting to give him some more attention as well.

With her sister bouncing up and down above her, Ance started to lovingly work over the stallion’s balls. With her hands and tongue she gave him the best treatment she could offer. Her efforts, along with Arina’s, made the horse moan softly, giving a sharper sound every now and then.

“Ance!” Arina panted. “Don’t you dare make him cum!” She was steadying herself on the stallion’s stomach as she fucked him.

Philip, for his part, tried his best to think unsexy thoughts and hold back his climax. She stopped bringing Arina’s hips down on his shaft for a moment, trying to buy a little time before he came. As if on cue, his stomach let out a loud gurgle, its surface visibly shifting with the sound. He thought he could hear Signe all but purring as the walls of his stomach undulated against her. “Arina… Your turn, now…” Philip said, helping the Samoyed dismount him.

Arina did so reluctantly, though her tail betrayed her excitement at what awaited her. She clambered roughly over the mound of Philip’s belly. The bulge shifted, and the Samoyed decided to tease Signe a little more, taking a seat on top of the horse’s stomach. “Legs first if you please, Phil…” Arina said, dangling her feet near the stallion’s mouth.

Philip gave her an annoyed smile, but gingerly took hold of her feet. The extra weight on his midsection was a pain, but nothing more than what he’d come to expect from Arina. Being sat on couldn’t have been pleasant for Signe either, even if her squirms under the Samoyed felt so good. The horse pulled Arina’s toes a little closer, teasing them with his lips and tongue, making the dog squirm a little.
Let’s see how she likes the taste of her own medicine. He moved his hands to grip her ankles firmly and then gave her a little shove back. Inside his stomach, Signe just happened to shift her weight, causing Arina to topple off of Philip. With the Samoyed’s momentum, Philip managed to scramble upright, pulling a little on the dog’s legs so as not to have her drop from the bed. “Ance, help me with her a little.” Philip said, dragging the surprised Arina a little further onto the bed. “Flip her over.”

Ance seemed to pounce on the opportunity to play with her sister a little. She helped push her a little, and then turned the bewildered Arina by the shoulders as the horse turned her by the ankles.

“H-hey!” Arina yelped, thrashing a little, though the pair’s grip on her held.

Now kneeling, Philip pulled the Samoyed’s feet into his mouth. Ignoring the yelp caused by the sudden wetness, the horse hungrily gulped down Arina’s legs.

“No fair!” Arina protested, wincing at the pressure her legs were going through. “You swallowed Signe way slower! And she was helping!” The angle of her entrance was far from pleasant, though Ance lifting her upper body eased the situation a little. She wondered if Philip had heard her, as the rate of her descent slowed a little. Arina took the moment to enjoy the warm, wet confines of the horse’s throat, even as she sank deeper. “You like my thighs going down? Or do you just like the view of my ass?” Arina asked, wiggling a little in the horse’s mouth. The upper part of her legs seemed to be giving him some trouble, and she had no problem adding a little to it.
She yelped a little in surprise as Philip’s tongue went against her inner thigh, loosing a breathless laugh as she realized what the feeling had been. “Or is it just the taste, hmm?” She added, glancing back at Philip. He’d almost gotten to her hips, and her wildly swinging tail was getting close to tickling his nose. She tried to still its movement, not wanting the horse to sneeze while she was still inside his mouth.

With another swallow, Philip had the Samoyed more or less where he wanted, with his lips on the curve of her backside. He’d slowed down the process a little to enjoy Arina’s taste more, the sweat still in her fur giving her a satisfying, saltier taste than Signe. The horse breathed in through his nostrils and moved his hands over to the Arina’s abdomen, taking her weight off Ance’s hands. For her part, Ance seemed to have gleaned what Philip had planned for her sister and was watching the two eagerly. Off the bed, Laura was scrambling for her phone, clearly intent on snapping a few photos.

Arina started to wonder what the holdup was. It wasn’t as though she was stuck or anything, and Philip was just breathing. Maybe he really does like how I taste. “Hey, Phil, wha-“ Her words ended with a sudden yelp as she felt the horse’s tongue slide against her nether lips. She squirmed a little in his grip despite herself as Philip’s tongue dove deeper into her folds. “Ohh… So, this is what you we’re going for…” Arina moaned. Her hands flailed a little, finding Ance’s hands and gripping them tightly. The horse’s tongue lapped at her pussy, sometimes slipping out to caress its tender surroundings.
Meanwhile, Philip’s hands moved to cup her breasts and his fingers started to massage them. As she enjoyed the treatment, she tried to pump herself a little deeper down the stallion’s gullet, trying to grind against his tongue. Philip abruptly shifted underneath her, laying down on his back and leaving her all but sitting on his mouth. His hands still supported her, lifting her up a little and allowing his lower lip to start working on Arina as well.

Philip kept at his task, though his tongue was starting to go numb. Arina had more than deserved what she was now receiving, and he figured not being in control like this would be enough payback for her teasing. The horse was trying every trick he’d ever learned, working over the Samoyed’s pussy. He’d started getting a little rougher on her breasts, too, but Arina voiced no complaint. To top things off, Ance had taken a seat between his heaving belly and his erect penis, even as she helped steady her sister.

Arina’s moans were getting louder as Philip’s servicing kept going. It was hard to even concentrate on anything, and even her grinding motions had turned into unfocused swaying. Then, the pleasure finally reached its peak. Her thighs spasmed inside the stallion’s throat, all but going numb, and she squeezed her sister’s hands tight as everything went white for her. As her orgasm faded, she found her tongue lolling out of her mouth, herself gasping, and a grin of ecstasy on her lips.

So that’s what it looks like from the outside. Ance had kept hold of her sister’s hands throughout her climax. She felt a little embarrassed at what she’d witnessed, but it wasn’t like it mattered anymore. The moving bulge that sat in front of her was a reminder of that. As it seemed that Philip was about to return to the task of getting Arina down, Ance held up a finger to forestall him. She still had a trick to play on her mischievous sister.

Arina had basked in the afterglow for a moment but was starting to return to her senses. She was vaguely aware of Ance’s grip on her hands shifting a little. The Samoyed opened her eyes to Ance staring up at her, grinning. She squatted on the other side of Philip’s belly, and as Arina watched, her sister came down on the stallion’s cock. Ance gave a satisfied smile as she sank down, taking the member deeper and deeper into her pussy. Arina’s ecstasy faded a little as her sister took Philip down to the hilt, giving her a smug smirk all the while. Oh come on, how the fuck!

Ance laughed at Arina’s dejected expression, pulling herself all the way up and planting herself down again with a meaty thwack. She could all but feel her sister’s frustration as her grip tightened. The horse seemed to be enjoying himself almost as much as Ance was, muffled sounds of pleasure escaping from around Arina’s backside.

Philip couldn’t help himself and swallowed, finally allowing Arina to continue on her journey down. The juices of her climax had already made him salivate, adding a delicious tartness to the Samoyed’s already impressive taste. Gulping down, the horse managed to fit the dog’s scrumptious rump wholly in her mouth, the additional lubrication helping it slide inside. Down on his nethers, Ance seemed intent on milking him for all his worth, having achieved a steady beat on his dick. Having someone take him all the way was distracting to say the least, but he tried to focus on the task at mouth. Ance’s insides were like a furnace, though, his member feeling the heat with each entry.

Arina felt her hip enter Philip’s esophagus, and his mouth was just about to reach her breasts. Though it was enjoyable, she was distracted by how well Ance was taking in the equine cock. She considered herself more experienced than her sister, but could still only take the pole halfway. Naturally, she’d immediately started plotting her revenge, but the effort seemed a little pointless now. As the horse’s lips came up to her chest, he removed his hands and let his lips play with Arina’s breasts a little. She wondered if he was trying to lift her spirits or something. Soon, they too entered the stallion’s maw, leaving just the Samoyed’s shoulders, arms and head sticking out. She sighed, only half-heartedly holding on to one of Ance’s hands.
Wait a sec... Suddenly, she grinned. “Hey, Ance. Sis!” Her sister looked up at her, still smiling faintly. “Could you…” Arina began, her voice taking a pleading tone as another swallow took her deeper, making it hard to move her arms. “Could you give me a kiss goodbye?”

Ance looked at her for a moment, having stopped pounding Philip. “Fine.” She said, shrugging, and leaned in. She gave Arina a chaste kiss, and, as expected, her sister immediately pulled her into a deeper embrace, even slipping in some tongue. Expected as it was, she still recoiled a little.

Gotcha bitch! Arina held on tight, and with the next, deep gulp, intended to pull the Samoyed’s head fully into the stallion’s mouth, Ance’s face got pulled in too. Arina had no intention of letting go and held on even though her sister tried to squirm. Philip, being a little preoccupied, apparently hadn’t noticed. With another swallow, the sisters got pulled in together, with Ance gripping her sister’s upper body tight. I hope he’s not really going to choke. Should still be pretty unpleasant though. As the stallion’s powerful muscles contracted again, Arina’s head finally entered his throat, and as he went, Ance got pulled in with her.

Wait, what? Philip now noticed the additional content in his mouth. Had the other Samoyed decided to force herself down anyway? He couldn’t really stop swallowing right now, since he’d have to get Arina down properly first. Panicking a little, he swallowed, taking the stocky Ance’s inside up to her shoulders. It almost felt like Arina wasn’t going down either, and he still felt only her lower half inside his stomach. Oh well, all or nothing! Philip peeled the Samoyed’s medal off of her and then gripped Ance’s arms, pressed them to her sides.

In a few hectic moments, Ance found herself staring straight down the stallion’s gullet. He had managed to squeeze her shoulders inside and was currently trying to work her breasts into his mouth. Arina’s grip had finally loosened, and she’d vanished down into the stomach. Damn it! She’d have liked to savour this, but her sister had made that hard to say the least. Philip seemed to be intent on choking her down before he ran out of air. I hope you can take it, big guy. For her part, she was going to try making things easy on the horse. She pressed her arms to her sides and tried to go along with the horse's swallowing motions.

Through quite a bit of effort, Philip had managed to force the Samoyed’s heaving breasts inside and now tilted her body up to make swallowing her easier. As Ance was drawn further in, she slipped off of the stallion’s cock, leaving him unsatisfied once more. If I can just get past her hips, I’m in the clear… He kept swallowing despite the soreness of passing two large meals through his throat in such quick succession, devouring the dog up to her waist. Unlike the first two, Ance didn’t struggle, and seemed to be actively helping herself down, a fact for which Philip was grateful.
Still, the Samoyed’s expansive rear was going to be an issue. He kept at it, swallow after swallow, but his lips barely inched up the curve of Ance’s buttocks. Just as he was beginning to worry, Laura came to his rescue. She helped push Ance’s ass inside, kneading it steadily into the horse’s jaws. After moments of effort on both their parts, the Samoyed was clear, her thighs slipping down easily. Not long after, all that remained outside were the dog’s feet. Philip, finally able to breathe a little, gave them a teasing lick before gulping them up as well.

As Philip sat on the bed gasping, desperate to catch his breath, Laura continued to caress the mound of his belly. While she watched, Ance entered, bulging the mass of flesh out even further.
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