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TheArcOfZexal’s Short Stories Thread

PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2021 12:28 am
by TheArcOfZexal
Hello! this Is My Short Story Thread, Im TheArcOfZexal. I Just Write For Myself And Post In Case Anyone Wants It. My Stories are Styled To Have A Small Segment to Show How The Character Got Into That Situation and Then Vore Happens. If You Want To Leave Feed Back, Probably just private Message me Sence I Don’t have a comments Thread, Please Just No Pure Hate, If You Hate My Stories, Don’t Read Them, No One Should be Forcing you To. And If Someone Is Forcing You Too, (Not Including yourself) Then You Probably Have A Bigger Problem to deal with.

Kris’s new beginning. (Anal Vore Story)

(Note: this is my first ever story so it might be bad. Also im not sure but i think this is the right place to post this if not tell me where i was supposed to)

( story includes: kris, valt aoi ,Free ,rantaro, silas and mentions of the BC Sol Team, all from the series beyblade burst evolution)

*Its Near The end of the day at BC Sol and Valt heard about some rumors From his friends about Missing members.

Rantaro: Hey Everybody! Have you all Heard the Rumors?

Silas: What Rumors?

Rantaro: About the Missing Bc Sol Members! A lot of People are going Missing out of nowhere guys!

Silas: There Probably Just Running Away! We are on a terrible losing streak ever sense free Left The Team.

Valt: No Way, I Know this Team And They Always try To get Back Up On their Feet!

Silas: But What if We Can’t Get Back Up?

Valt: You Know What!? Bey Battle Me Right Here And Right now!

Silas: Always trying to fix things with a bey battle. You Can’t Fix Everything With You And Valtriek! Im Heading Back To My Room.

*valt Now Angry goes into the forest To Try And Find Any Members.

*Kris Sees This, Smirks And follows Him

*They Are now At The Stadium in the forest,It Is Now Night And Now Most Members are asleep.

Kris: Oh Hey Valt!

Valt: Oh Hi Kris! I Didn’t think You Knew About this place...

Kris: Oh I Do. You seemed angry earlier. Wanna Talk About it In My Office?

Valt: Sure, But Why The office?

Kris:Its Really chilly Out Here And I Don’t have a Jacket.

Valt: Oh Ok.

*valt follows kris to her Office.

Kris: So What’s Up?

Valt: Its About the Missing members...

Kris: Oh That? I Can Show You Where they Are.

Valt: Really? That’s amazing!

*Kris Pushes aside A Laundry basket full of clothes not her size and reveals a Hidden trap door With A Stair Case under.

Kris: You First!

Valt: Should I Get My Friends?

Kris: Oh no I’ll Show Them This later

Valt: Alright!

* kris follows Valt Down And closes The trap door locking it with a key She Then Hides.

*they then Reach a blank room With chains On the Ground

Valt: where Is Everyone?

*Kris Then pins Valt Down With Her Foot

Kris: Your About to Find Out!

*kris then chains And Strips Valt Down So she Can Get Ready For Her Snack.

Valt: What’s Going On!?

*kris Then Strips Down Naked.

Valt: Wha-

*Kris Pounces Her Ass on Valt’s legs and Unchains Them, Then Shoves his feet and lower legs Into Her Ass.

Kris: (Moans) Ahh!

Valt: Why Are You Doing this?!

Kris: BC Sol Is Already Going To Lose Everything And Everyone! So I’ve converted the team from Beyblade To Being My Ass Toys And Food!

*Kris Sucks in all Of Valt’s Legs Into Her Ass

Kris: (moans) Ahh!

*kris Then Un Chains Valts Hands And Takes valtriek

Valt: Valtriek!

Kris:You Won’t Need This Anymore!

*kris Then Sucks Up Half Of Valt’s Chest Into Her Ass

Kris: (moans) Ahh!

Valt: Someone! Anyone! Help!

Kris: This Place Is Far underground And Soundproof! No One Is coming To Help!

*kris Sucks Up The Rest Of Valts Chest into Her Ass

Kris: (moans) Ahhh!

Valt: Kris, Please Stop This! I’ll Do Anything!

Kris: Your Anything Will Be Being My ass Food!

Valt: No!

*Kris Then Sucks Valt’s Head Into Her Ass Leaving Only His Arms.

Kris: (moans) AHH!

Valt: (Muffled Screaming)

*Kris Then Sucks in The Lower Parts Of Valt’s Arms

Kris: (moans) AHHHH!

Kris: Time To Seal Your Fate!

*kris Then Sucks In the Rest Of Valt’s Arms then Again Sucks In His Hands


*Valt Is Now In Kris’s Stomach slowly digesting

Valt: Kris....Why?

Kris: You Know That Already Valt. Now Shut Up!

*Kris aggressively Slaps Her Stomach Where Valt Is.

* A Few Hours Pass It Is Now 3:30 Am

*Kris’s Breasts And Ass Have Grown Giant.

*kris heads back to her office, planning her next meal.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2021 4:00 am
by TheArcOfZexal
For Personal Reasons I will Be Deleting this And some other posts.

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by TheArcOfZexal
For Personal Reasons I Will Be Deleting this And Some Other posts.

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by TheArcOfZexal
For Personal Reasons, i will be Deleting this and some other posts.

Yubel’s Love (Anal vore Story)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:31 am
by TheArcOfZexal
(Story Includes jaden yuki and yubel From Yugioh GX)

*After The Duel (Jaden lost, Yubel's Win)

Jaden: No....

Yubel: Jaden, Do You Know How we Do Things Around here?

Jaden: we get “sent to the stars”

Yubel: Not If Your Battling Me.

Jaden: Then What?

Yubel: You Become My Ass!

Jaden: What?! Wait No!

*yubel Pins Jaden to The Ground With Her Foot And Strips Him Down

Jaden: Yubel You Don’t have To Do This!

*Yubel Shoves in Jaden’s Feet and Lower legs into her ass

Yubel: (moans) Ahh! I Know I Don’t Have To, But I Love To!

Jaden: Yubel Please Stop!

Yubel: I Won’t Jaden! Your So Good!

*yubel Sucks in the Top Parts Of Jaden’s legs into her ass

Yubel: (moans) Ahh!

Jaden: Somebody! Anybody!

Yubel: No one Can Hear You! This is my dimension and our private match!

*yubel sucks in half of Jaden’s chest into her ass

Yubel: (moans) Ahhhh!

*jaden tries to push himself out of yubel’s ass but he's too deep, resulting in him just going in slightly, and making yubel moan a little

Yubel: (moans) ah! Oooh Keep Struggling Jaden! It Feels So Good! But Not As good as this,

*yubel Sucks in all of jaden’s chest into her ass

Yubel: (moans) Ahhhhh!

Jaden: Yubel, why...?

Yubel: Because you Will forever be apart of me!

*yubel sucks in Jaden’s head into her ass

Yubel: (moans) Ahhhhhh!

Jaden: (muffeled screaming)

Yubel: time to make you a part of me forever, Jaden!

*yubel sucks in all of jaden’s arms and hands at once, creating a massive moan

Yubel: (moans) AHHHHHH!

* 2 hours later

*yubel’s Breasts and ass are quite big now, and yubel plans her next prey.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:44 am
by TheArcOfZexal
Because Of Personal Reasons I Will Be Deleting this post.

Re: (Hypno(The BlackRose’s Punishment (anal vore story)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:52 am
by TheArcOfZexal
My First Pov Anal Vore Story! I hope I do Good! I also added one Part of Interactivity, But Im Going To Keep It In This story Thread So All Of My Stories are in one place.

(Story Includes: Akiza (black rose alias) and You! Akiza is From Yugioh 5ds.)

*After A Loss to Black Rose

Black Rose: Now My Rules Come Into Play!

You: What Rules?

Black Rose: Follow Me!

*for some reason you go with her even when you don’t actually choose to?

*you follow Her To a Place Under Presumably her House, With Chains on the ground, and a large toilet

*you regain Control of Your Self and Ask Where you Are?

* Black Rose Pins You to the ground with her foot and undresses you and the chains lock in place

* Black Rose Unmasks and undresses to reveal her self as akiza

Akiza: your Final Destination, and my name is akiza

You: what does that mean?

Akiza: Im Going To eat you with My ass.

You: (starts to panic) What?!

Akiza: Which Way Should I Shove You into my Ass? Feet First Or Head First?

You: (in a panic says:

*( interactive split! You can Choose this part, Feet First goes first, Head Goes second, if you choose head just scroll down until you see a large line. if you see a Second large Line Thats the ending of both Paths.)

Feet First Path:

You: Feet First! Wait no! I Don’t want To be Eaten At All!

* it suddenly clicks. Black rose/ Akiza played a mysterious card in the duel that lets her choose what i do slightly.

Akiza: alright!

*akiza unchains your feet and lower legs and shoves them into her ass

Akiza: (moans) Ahh!

You: wait please stop!

Akiza: I Won’t! it Feels So Good!

*akiza sucks in the rest of your legs into her ass.

Akiza: (moans) Ahh!

You: Bla- Akiza! why Are you doing This?!

Akiza: So Many People Have Ruined My life and given me nothing but Pain, Im just giving it back In My Favorite Way!

*akiza Sucks in Half your Chest Into Her Ass

Akiza: (moans) Ahhhh!

You: Someone! anybody! help!

Akiza: we Are Too Far Under Ground! No One is coming!

*akiza unchains your arms and Sucks in the rest of your chest into her ass

Akiza: (moans) Ahhhhh!

You: Akiza...why?

Akiza: You Know why. Now Shut up!

* akiza sucks your Head Into her ass, and you see a meat tunnel instead of Akiza and hear a muffled moan: Ahhh!

Akiza’s side: time to seal your fate!

*akiza sucks all of your arms and hands in

Akiza: (moans) AHHHH!

Your side: You see a stomach, and start burning and digesting inside of it while losing consciousness

Head first——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

You: head first! Wait no! I Don’t want To be Eaten At All!

* it suddenly clicks. Black rose/ Akiza played a mysterious card in the duel that lets her choose what i do slightly.

Akiza: alright then!

*akiza Presses her ass on your face and it slowly eats you and now you only see akiza’s meat tunnel

*You try to ask her to stop and why, but your mouth is muffled as Akiza’s tunnel presses on you

Akiza’s side: (moans) Ahh!

Akiza: Don’t try talking, its impossible. Just relax as i eat all of you up!

* akiza sucks in your top arms and top chest into her ass

Akiza: (moans) AHHHHHH! Wow, your big! Thanks for asking the head way!

* you get pushed deeper, but as a result your head is forced down by gravity and you lose consciousness as you drown in akiza’s acids

Akiza: oh can’t handle a little acid? Too bad!

*akiza sucks in the rest of your arms and chest into her ass

Akiza: (moans) AHHHHHH!

*akiza then Sucks in All of your legs and feet

Akiza: (moans) AHHH! You Were Big!


* 1 hour later

*akiza’s ass and breasts are giant, and she plans her next meal

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2021 6:30 pm
by TheArcOfZexal
Because Of Personal Reasons I Will Be Deleting this post.

few Missed notes (anal vore story)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 6:57 pm
by TheArcOfZexal
(Story Includes boyfriend, Mother , and girlfriend from Friday night funkin . This is told from girlfriend pov and im assuming mother can talk like her daughter.

*after a loss to mother during the song because of that extremely hard part

Mother: You Wanna Know What Happens to my Opponents who’ve Lost?

Boyfriend: Beep?

Mother: I’ll show you.

*mother removes the clothes she was wearing and steps on boyfriend and removes his clothes and takes her foot off him to let him stand up

Boyfriend: (confused beep)

*mother shoves her perfect, purple ass on to boyfriend’s face

Boyfriend: (suffocated and shocked beep)

Girlfriend: Down, and In!

Mother: prepare to meet your fate!

*mother Presses her purple, perfect ass into boyfriend’s face even more, pulling his entire head into her ass

Mother: (moans) Ahhh!

Boyfriend: (muffled panicked beeps)

Girlfriend: down, down In!

*mother’s purple perfect ass sucks in boyfriend’s top chest and arms

Mother: (moans) AHHHHH!

*mother’s purple, perfect ass sucks in the rest of Boyfriend’s arms and chest

Mother: (moans) AHHHHH!

*mother sits down as she continues to watch boyfriend go, currently his legs are wriggling out of her purple perfect ass

Girlfriend: In,In,In!

*mother sucks in his hands and top legs into her purple perfect ass

Mother: (moans) Ahhhh!

*mother Sucks in boyfriend’s lower legs into her purple perfect ass

Mother: (moans) Ahhhhh!

*mother sucks in boyfriend’s feet into her purple perfect ass

Mother: (moans) Ahhhhh!

Mother: wow, daughter this feels amazing!

girlfriend: we gotta go home now, But i hope he enjoys Being your breasts and ass!

Mother: I definitely will. Lets Hop In the Car We Have been standing on all this time.

*2 hours Later, Mother's breasts and ass are significantly bigger.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 7:08 pm
by TheArcOfZexal
Because Of Personal Reasons I Will Be Deleting this Post.

Himiko’s "Magic" (anal vore)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 7:10 pm
by TheArcOfZexal
(Story includes Himiko, and rantaro, Both from Danganronpa v3 Killing harmony.)

*setting is in the basement library, as rantaro is checking out the hidden door, as himiko walks in, and checks the door with rantaro

Rantaro: hey Himiko, do you know How to open This door?

himiko: I bet I could use my magic...

Rantaro: magic won't work as it doesn't exist...

Himiko: It Does! Though, i can't show you cause i only have enough mp for one spell

Rantaro: Might as well Show me then.

Himiko: o-ok then. lay down, and ill get r-ready.

*himiko slips off her leggings and panties to reveal her ass (btw at this current time frame i think she is 16, now a days would be 19)

Rantaro: Ah-

*rantaro still not looking suddenly gets smothered by himiko's ass, and his head gets swallowed up by himiko's ass

Himiko: (moans) Ahh!

*rantaro can't scream out cause of himiko's meat tunnel

*himiko Sucks In Rantaro's upper arms and chest into her ass

Himiko: (moans) AHHHH! W-Wow... This Feels So good!

*Himiko Sucks The rest of Rantaro's Arms And Chest Into Her Ass

Himiko: (moans) AHHHH!

*himiko Sucks Rantaro's Hands And Lower Legs Into Her Ass

Himiko: (moans) AHHH!

*himiko Decides To Suck The Rest Of Rantaro Into Her Ass

Himiko: (moans) AHHHHH!

* An Hour Later

Himiko: Yay! I Finally Got Some Breasts! And A Thick Ass Too.

Marina’s Always Off The Hook (anal vore story)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2021 3:32 pm
by TheArcOfZexal
(Story Contains Marina, Pearl, You, Random Squid-kid, all From Splatoon 2)

*you got an Invite from marina and pearl to meet them in their office around 10 pm, you accepted wondering why they invited you. You also had to pick one for a reason unspecified

*in the office

Marina: oh! Your here, pearl They are here!

Pearl: nice, im coming.

*pearl comes down

Marina: come sit down already.

* there is four chairs placed in a way for 2 2way conversations, though no table, sense you chose marina you go to her

Marina: Hello! I guess i should start with, why did you choose me?

*a Conversation goes for about an hour and a half and she

-Gets To the Point


-Starts To Take An Interest in you

-Opt 1 Gets To The Point

Marina: Well Your Probably wondering Why I Called you Here...

*marina Pins You Down

Marina: Lets Get To It Shall We?

*marina Forces Her ass on to your Legs, pulling them Into Her Ass

Marina: (moans) Ahh!

You: Wha- Why are You Doing This?!

Marina: Well im Looking for a Partner for A love Relationship, you Bored me So I Made you enjoyable.

*marina Pulls the Rest of your legs into her ass

Marina: (moans) Ahh!

You: Is That The Reason of the Disappearances?

Marina: Yep! Your starting to think A Little more Logically. Maybe if you picked right we could have gone out.

*marina Sucks in all of your chest into her ass leaving your arms and head left

Marina: (moans) Ahhhh!

Marina: ready?

You: i guess. Im kinda into this stuff

Marina: not the answer i expected but ok.

*marina pushes your head in with your arms into her ass

Marina: (moans) Ahhhhh! Well They Were interesting near the end there.

*time passes about 3 Hours and Marina gets Even bigger Breasts but no ass while pearl gets more ass and no Breasts and both are a little mad about it but marina starts to get bored of pearl. They are about 4 feet away from each other.

*Marina jumps at pearl pinning her down and restraining and muffeling her with one arm while her other arm grabs her legs and shoves them up her ass

Marina: pearl, you’re getting quite boring

*pearl trying to talk cant because of marina’s arm

Marina: (moans) Ahhh! Oh your Fat Ass Is next.

*marina Sucks in All of pearls fat ass into her ass

Marina: (moans) AHHH! Wow, Your A little useful!

*marina Sucks in all of pearl’s Chest into her ass leaving her head and arms, she lets her arm off pearls mouth

Pearl: Marina Let Me Out You Traitorous bi-

*marina pushes in pearl all the way into her ass

Marina: (moans) Ahhhhh! Wow how did i ever put up with her? Well It Doesn’t matter, Inkopolis needs only one idol.

3 hours later

Marina: Finally! I have the Ass And Breasts!

* marina makes an announcement that pearl left for no reason, and the kick off of marina’s show Octo-lover where she talks to people seeing if she loves them, if not they get anal vored off camera if they win the become one of Marina’s boyfriends and the first people are pearl fans, and most of the world soon forgets about pearl.

-Opt 2 Starts To Take An Interest in you

*During the end of the conversation

Marina: You Know, Im Starting To Like you. Do you want to take this Further?

You: Sure. Im Starting to like you aswell.

Marina: Alright, let Me just get something out of the way. Lets Add Each other K?

You: alright marina.

*Marina walks up to Pearl Who Has Already digested her partner and Presses her ass on pearls face, pushing pearl in

Marina: (moans) Ahhh!

*you see this but you start to like it instead of hate it so you say nothing

*marina Sucks in the top part of pearl’s chest and arms into her ass

Marina: (moans) AHHH!

*marina Sucks in the rest of pearl’s chest and arms into her ass

Marina: (moans) AHH!

*marina Sucks in the Rest of pearl into her ass

Marina: (moans) AHHHH! Oh Im Sorry Just had to take care of her. Whats your number?

* you exchange numbers and start dating while pearl is muffled screaming while becoming marina. You take pearls spot in the turf war news show. You love marina and you have a happy life with her, Including when she vores other people and jokingly almost vores you some times. People start forgetting about pearl and think it was your and marina’s show all along.

(Condom filling) Madoka’s Care (cock vore)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 3:51 pm
by TheArcOfZexal
( im trying out cock vore now, i just think all of my stories are semi repetitive.)

( story includes madoka and gingka both from the metal saga of beyblade, current time is metal masters.)

*In Madoka’s shop

Madoka: GINGKA!

Gingka: y-yes Madoka?

Madoka: i Told You To Stop Battling Until I could repair Galaxy Pegasus! And Why is It Off My desk?

Gingka: I D-Don’t Have It!

Madoka: I Found It In Your Backpack Gingka!

Madoka: I Have Had It With You, gingka!

*voice Recognition confirmed ( chains now rise up and pull gingka’s arms to the ground and windows and the door start closing.)

Gingka: m-Madoka!?

Madoka: Your About to learn What happens to people I Can’t Handle Anymore.

*madoka Pulls Down her pants And Underwear Revealing a Smallish cock and pulls a blue see through condom out of a drawer

Gingka: wha-?? Madoka, aren’t you a girl?!

*madoka then forces gingka’s feet into her cock

Madoka: (moans) Ahh! Well gingka, im both female and male.

*madoka sucks all of gingka’s legs into her cock, also snapping off the chains, unclamping them

Madoka: (moans) Ahhhhh!

*gingka finally realizes he’s in Madoka’s cock as Madoka grabs his arms to force into her cock, which she does while sucking in half of gingka’s chest.

Madoka: (moans) Ahhh!

Gingka: Wai- Wait What?! Madoka! Why?

Madoka: The Amount of Damage Galaxy Pegasus is taking is too much! After i turn you into my cum, I Will actually take good care Of The Legendary Bey!

*madoka sucks the rest of gingka’s chest and arms into her cock leaving only his head.

Madoka: (moans) Ahhhh!

Gingka: Y-your Gonna Turn Me Into Your Cum!? Wait Madoka Please Sto-

*madoka Sucks gingka’s head into her cock.

Madoka: (moans) Ahh! Maybe You Should have Taken Care Of Your Bey.

*as Gingka Slips And Falls completely into Madoka’s balls, Madoka slips on the blue Condom And starts to jerk gingka off.

*madoka starts with a slow pace, and gingka is worrying while starting to digest into madoka’s cum

Madoka: (moans) ah-Ah

*madoka goes to a medium pace, as gingka is almost digested into madoka’s cum

Madoka: (moans) Ah-Ah-AH

*madoka goes to a fast pace, as gingka is now completely madoka’s cum

Madoka: (moans) AH-AH

*madoka finally cums.

Madoka: (moans) AH-AHHHHH!

*madoka’s condom Fills up Rapidly with gingka, who is now cum. As Madoka finishes she Ties the blue condom up, slaps a picture of gingka on it, puts it in a secret locked closet, And Takes Galaxy Pegasus from Gingka’s back Pack, laying on the couch, to fix and use it.

*3 Weeks Later Madoka is now 5th in the World rankings, soon to become the 1st. A lot of people asked where gingka was from madoka, lets just say She Showed them where gingka was.

(Condom Filling) A Teacher’s annoyance (cock vore)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 9:53 pm
by TheArcOfZexal
(Story contains ms kawakami from persona 5 and pov you)

*after class while ms kawakami kept you, while even the teachers have gone home.

Kawakami: Hey! Were You even listening?!

You: gonna be honest, no.

Kawakami: Really?! Ugh..I knew it, Well Basically You Have Done NOTHING, I know about online school and its different, but the third semester was physical! You know, Students like you need to be Turned Into An example! And I Know Just How!

*kawakami grabs you, pins you onto her desk and chains your hands down with handcuffs from her locked drawer and puts the chain on a hook connected to the table.

Kawakami: time to make an example.

*kawakami slips off her pants and underwear, revealing a cock, she then puts your feet in her cock

Kawakami: (moans) Ahh!

You: a-Aren’t you A Girl?

Kawakami: im half girl half boy.

*kawakami sucks in all of your legs into her cock which breaks the handcuffs, unclamping them

Kawakami: (moans) Ahhhh!

* you would say why but you know why

*kawakami sucks in half your chest, along with your arms into her cock

Kawakami: (moans) Ahhh!

*she looks at you, wondering why you aren’t saying anything, seeing that your shaking in fear

Kawakami: Oh? Too Afraid to even Speak? If had your homework maybe i wouldn’t turn you into my cum!

*that shocked you while kawakami sucks the rest of your chest and arms into her cock

Kawakami: (moans) Ahhh!

You: w-wait y-your turning me Into Your Cum?! Please Don’t!

Kawakami: Should Have Done Your Work, Kid.

*kawakami sucks your head into her cock.

Kawakami: (moans) Ahh! Well Time To Get the rest of this done.

*kawakami gets in her car and drives home, while you flip over on the side, trying to survive your teachers cock. Kawakami arrived home, goes to her bedroom to get an orange condom, lays on her bed looking into her cock seeing your face, even taking a picture of you with her phone.

*you got your hands free as your left pushes the wall Of kawakami’s chamber and your right hand reaches out only to be stopped by some orange latex, which you then realize is a condom, giving up hope, your body slides down into kawakami’s balls as she grabs her cock, beginning to jerk you off.

*kawakami starts with a slow pace, as you notice some cum generate as you slowly digest into cum.

Kawakami: (moans) ah-Ah

*kawakami picks up the pace to a medium, as you’ve almost been completely turned to cum.

Kawakami: (moans) Ah-Ah-AH

*kawakami goes to a fast pace, as you are now Completely kawakami’s cum.

Kawakami: (moans) AH-AH

*kawakami cums.

Kawakami: (moans) AH-AHHHHHH!

*The Orange Condom Fills up In About 7 Seconds, As kawakami takes off and ties the condom, then tapes the picture she took earlier onto the condom. She Shows it to class next day, and they work harder. After the day ends she throws the condom in her locked closet, sometimes playing with it.