Never Trust a Manta Ray [POV fatal]

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Never Trust a Manta Ray [POV fatal]

Postby TheBagLobster » Mon Nov 22, 2021 2:54 am

POV fatal digestion vore complete with an unwilling prey

"I can't believe I finally get to see them!" The excitement in Daina's voice woke me from a pleasant dream, "I've been dying to see manta rays since I was 12!" She was speaking on the phone in a hushed voice, but it was still loud enough to disturb my sleep. I stirred in my cot and she noticed. "oh, Jack I'm sorry did I wake you?"

I felt the urge to say yes, "no, what makes you say that?" I muttered and pushed myself into a sitting position. The blanket fell, exposing my bare chest "what are you doing on the phone anyway? There's no service out here."

"I'm recording this for my vlog, I'm not actually on a call or anything," she said, waving the device around a bit "I'm just so excited." she shoved the cell phone into her pocket and looked out the small round window to her left, her red hair falling from behind her ear. I followed her gaze to see the rush of blue water splashing by. The boat surged to one side, nearly toppling Daina from her cot and into mine. Luckily, she grabbed onto the handrail installed on the wall beside her before that happened.

I stretched, drawing in a yawn, then threw the blanket to the side so I could get up. I reached for the nearest post and hoisted myself to my feet, grabbing my hanging shirt off of a hook attached to the wall above the cot. I looked at Daina after dressing myself, my mind clearing from it's previous dream state. This was Daina's first time at sea, and I was not excited to listen to her squeals about the giant rays we were out there to see. I'd visited them a dozen times before, and finally let her tag along for a trip.

Her bright blue eyes stared at me as I looked back at her. Was she expecting me to say something? I cleared my throat and looked out the window again, "we ought to be getting close. I'm gonna go out to talk with the captain." I quickly turned and stepped up the small ladder and opened the latch to the medium sized metal door. As soon as I opened it, cool air and ocean spray hit my face like a winter storm. I stepped out and closed the door behind me.

Another deep surge had me stumbling to the nearest post as the boat rocked heavily to one side, then drifted back the other way. The weather was mostly calm, but the water was not still. Diving couldn't happen until the waves cease, and the wind slows down. I carefully made my way to the Captain's quarters and stepped inside, "Samuel?" I called out blindly, quickly catching his attention. Standing at the wheel, a tall man of dark complexion turned his head to find who was calling his name.

"Oh, hey Jackson, did you rest well?" He asked, looking back out the large front window. I shut the door, cutting off the cool air, and keeping what heat there was inside the cabin.

"Yes.. until Daina woke me up with her vlog or whatever." I muttered, slightly irritated. "How far are we?"

"Close, only a few more miles to go," Sam responded and chuckled "cheer up, we get to visit some old friends. And even better: it's breeding season. How cool would it be to watch their mating rituals?"

I closed my eyes and let you a short sigh, he was right. Sam and I had been visiting the manta rays twice a year for at least a decade, and this would be the first time we get to see them during a mating season. We were both usually busy during the summertime, but this year finally matched up. However, Daina asked to tag along this time.

Daina was a sweet girl, normal build with flaming hair and a densely freckled face. I had to admit she was quite attractive and, for being twenty something, she was fairly mature… mostly. Sometimes she would get on my nerves with that vlog of hers. Always posting to her fans, always recording herself, she only stops to sleep. Daina was my roommate for several years in college and we both knew each other well. I enjoyed her company for the most part and she enjoyed mine. She and I had never had an attraction to one another; she would bring home boys every now and again, never being able to keep a stable relationship. Personally, I never had any relationships to compare to. I had no need for a partner, and I intend to keep it that way, even though my looks were fairly favorable. My hair was of medium length, and swollen to the side, I had ragine green eyes and a chilled face. I worked out enough so my figure was pleasant to look at.

"Well, looks like we've made it." Sam's words interrupted my thoughts and I opened my eyes. Looking out the front window, the water ahead of us was still and reflective as a red and yellow sunrise shone splashes of violets and blues through the sky. This was the perfect spot. Almost immediately, a young manta ray jumped from the water, sending huge ripples across the surface as it splashed back into the ocean. We were here.

I turned to the exit, ready to alert Daina of the sighting, but the door opened and she stepped inside, excitement filling her eyes,"did you see that? It was so cute!"

I smiled and chuckled, "Yeah we saw it. Magnificent aren't they?" I looked back at Sam, who was working on lowering the anchor. "you ready, bud?"

Time passed quickly as we assembled our diving gear. It was time consuming to get everything on and functional, but once we got it all on, we were ready to dive. Sam decided to stick on the boat this time, lending us his gear for Daina to wear. It was safer that way, the radio system we shared was a helpful key to communicate with each other. I wrapped the device around my head and gave a few taps to the microphone "you read me?"

"Hear you loud and clear Jack." Sam's voice echoed in my ears and I looked to my counterpart. Daina was suited up like I was and shared my enthusiasm for the dive. Daina looked at me with excitement pouring from the oceans in her eyes. We were ready to go.

I dropped down first into the warm water, quickly followed by Daina. I tested my mask for leaks in the water and after confirming it was water tight, I looked back at Sam and the boat. Tightening my straps, I slowly lowered myself beneath the surface. A burst of excitement flourished through my chest as the smooth gray figures stood out against the deep blues of the ocean. There they are, I thought with a smile on my face, beautiful.

The manta rays before me stretched almost 30 feet across, their cephalic fins outstretched in front of their mouth as they fed on schools of fish around them. Their long tails trailed behind them as they moved about, gliding through the water like birds.

"They're beautiful!" Daina's voice played back in my ears. She must have joined me under the surface not long after I went under. We had to move quickly in order to get close to the rays before they took off. The rays weren't particularly afraid of humans, as they were frequently visited by tourists and locals, so they should have plenty of time to swim alongside them.

Bubbles roared from the mask as I finally let out the breath I had been holding. It was time to approach. I made the first move towards the rays, leaning forwards and slowly paddling with my legs. Daina followed closely behind me as I led her around in front of them. We swam about a hundred yards from the boat by the time we reached the nearest one.

I hung back a bit and let Daina take the lead as we neared the magnificent beast. "Go ahead, you can touch him" I spoke into the radio in my mask. Daina nodded and moved in, reaching a hand out as it slowly swam by. Her fingertips brushed the rough skin as it passed in front of her, the wings of the ray raising up and then back down as it propelled itself forward.

Fifteen minutes passed, feeling like a lifetime as we swam with the group. Time passed slowly as the two of us enjoyed the company of the manta rays. Suddenly, Daina's voice piped up "Jack I think there's a leak in my suit." She said, her voice muffled by the mask she wore. "I need to go back"

"Head on over, I'll be waiting" Sam spoke up before I could. I watched as Daina turned towards the boat and began to swim away. She paused a meter away and looked back "are you coming?"

"I'll stick around here, you go on ahead" I said, waving a hand at her.

"Don't go too far Jack, these radios only have a range of 110 meters." Sam added, but I already knew that. I watched Daina turn towards the boat again and swim away. As soon as she left the water I looked back at our friends, only to suddenly get smacked by a passing ray's fin. Stars filled my vision as everything went black.

I came to, opening my eyes to darkness. My head throbbed from the point of impact and I figured that I must have been knocked out. I felt as if I was being embraced in a tight hug from the waist up as my legs hung freely in the water. What? I thought as I tried to move my arms, but they were pinned to my sides. "Sam? Sam, can you read me?" I was met with silence and my confusion turned into panic. Where was I? What was I stuck in? I began to squirm and kick my legs, my mind spinning with questions and fear.

"Sam, can you read me?" I said again, fear shaking my voice. As I struggled, the grip around my waist opened, and there was a rush of water, pulling me deeper inside. The force was stronger than anything I had ever experienced, sending me barrelling into a soft wall just in front of my face. I yelled out as my legs quickly collapsed into the tight space I was in. The force of it all knocked both of my flippers off of my feet. As soon as the pulling force ceased I turned my head to see an opening close just beyond my feet, sealing me away in the darkness "Wait!" I reached out and grabbed blindly at the opening. There wasn't much room to work with, but my struggles intensified. I was locked in some sort of soft chamber. It wasn't until it began to tighten did I realize what truly must have happened. Was I swallowed by a manta ray? Thoughts swam around in my head as water emptied out of the clamber I was in, or more specifically, the stomach. My realization brought on more struggles and yelling.

"Sam! Daina!" I screamed in horror as the small space clamped tightly around me. I was unable to move, and most of the water had gone. Stale air emptied out of my mask as I breathed out, filling the space around me a little, and relieved some of the pressure. I closed my eyes, trying to calm down. I had only a few hours of air in my tanks and I knew that I had to escape before I ran out. I slowed my breathing and tried to focus. I must be out of range for the radios to work, and I wondered how far away I was from the boat. Feeling around what space I could, I tried to find an exit in the pitch darkness. I could feel the ribbed lining of the stomach and my heart flipped as it sank in. Was I stuck in here for good?

As my pruny fingers felt around the space, I began to notice that it was not only slick with wetness, it was starting to feel slimy. Horror set in again as thoughts of digestion crept into my mind. Was I going to die here? Tears welled up in my eyes that I couldn't wipe away. I knew that if I removed my mask, the air in the chamber would suffocate me, so I kept it on.

Time passed as I worked my hands along the areas I could reach, but I was stuck there, almost in a fetal position, unable to find an escape. As I breathed, the space around me opened up even more as air escaped the mask I was wearing. Once it got to a point where I could move my arms enough, something incredible happened. The stomach around me clamped and a hole opened up in front of me. I gasped as everything happened so fast. Air rushed out of the space in a monstrous burp, crushing me with the pressure. Before I could respond, the stomach had me pinned down again and the hole closed up. That was it, I thought, that was my way out! I just had to wait for the area around me to expand enough again for the ray to let out another belch, then shove myself out with the air.

I layed there uncomfortably as I waited for my next opportunity to escape. As air filled the chamber again, I was able to move around a bit, but I noticed that the sliminess had begun to coat my suit. There was more and more of this stuff seeping into the stomach the longer I waited, and it began to scare me. It wasn't long before my bare hands and feet began to itch, along with the back of my neck and scalp, and I started to worry. What if I can't get out? I thought fearfully, but quickly shook my head and pushed away the thought. No, I had to escape. There was no way I was letting some sea monster eat me.

It wasn't too long before the chamber was full of air again. It took about twenty minutes to get there, but I was ready. I was able to position myself so that my feet were at the opposite end of the stomach from the opening and I was curled up, ready to spring forward once it opened up again. Then, just as I had expected, I felt the stomach tremble like it had before and finally the mouth gaped open. I kicked hard against the stomach wall and for a split second I thought I had launched myself out. However, the motion happened so quickly again, that I was only able to get my head, arms and chest out before the mouth closed around me, squeezing me with a mighty grip. This manta ray was not going to give up it's dinner.

I wheezed as the air was forced out of my lungs and I struggled to breathe in. My heart pounded, and my head spun while I struggled, unable to take a breath. I placed my hands on the lips and began trying to pry them open. With no luck, I looked around wildly, my vision beginning to blur as I squirmed helplessly in the ray's mouth. I reached out for the cephalic fin, but it was too far away. I could feel myself starting to black out as tunnel vision took over my sight. I looked back again, only barely seeing a spec of black on the surface of the water behind the manta ray. The boat, I thought, as darkness took me, the boat was so far away.

I woke again, gasping heavily. I quickly felt my chest for the tight lips of the ray, and was relieved to feel that they were gone. I was able to catch my breath, but quickly realized that I couldn't see again. "No!" I screamed and pounded on the stomach walls around me. "This can't be happening!" I felt my eyes watering again as I began to sob. My efforts were futile, there was no way Daina and Sam could catch up to such a large and fast swimmer, let alone even know where to start looking. To them, I probably just disappeared, leaving a mystery behind. They will probably determine I drowned and eventually give up the search. My heart sank and I lay there, curled up inside the stomach of a beautiful sea creature.

The water had washed the digestive fluids from my hands and hair, but it was quickly beginning to get itchy once more as I cried. I couldn't remove my mask, and I didn't want to. I couldn't imagine what it felt like to get it in my eyes. Maybe I'll find out anyways, the morbid thought sent me into another fit of crying. Half an hour went by as I accepted my fate. Belch after belch had the digestive fluids kneading into my skin. The acid began eating large holes into my suit and I had realized fairly quickly that it wasn't going to survive the process. The tanks and mask, however, seemed to be completely resistant. My hair began to fall out and the burning covered my scalp. I groaned as more of the fluids seeped into the organ, coating me thoroughly. It wasn't long before I felt like I was swimming again, the large puddle had started filling half the stomach. Every belch expelled some of the liquid, but more of it always filled it back up.

Another thirty minutes passed and my suit was completely gone, exposing my nude body to the elements of the stomach. The burning sensation became unbearable. I began to squirm again, but any movement only rubbed it in more, stinging worse than before. The agony was peaking just as my body was finally going numb. The acids had eaten away at my nerves enough that I finally couldn't feel the pain anymore. My breathing was shaky as I stayed still, waiting for the next crushing force of a belch. When it happened, I felt something snap, both something on my leg, and deep in my chest. I let out a gargled scream

The belch forced my entire body to be submerged in the digestive enzymes. Thankfully, my mask was still protecting my face. I placed a hand over my bare and raw ribcage, feeling the skin peeling away from my body. I whimpered as I awaited my death, and cursed that it didn't come sooner.

Twenty more minutes and I could no longer feel my lower half. I was coming apart, softening into a digestive sludge. Another surge of air escaping the chamber, and I felt another break down below my waist somewhere. I couldn't move my arms, my mind was spinning, and I knew that I only had approximately 40 minutes left in my tank. Was I going to make it that long only to suffocate to death? Or will the next belch crush my body?

Flesh sloughed off of bone, contributing to the chunky soup I was in. The liquid began to thicken, I could feel chunks of flesh and bone scrape past my face as my oxygen began to run low. I felt less and less of myself as the acids ate away at my body, turning me into a slurry of nutrients for the manta ray I previously respected. Suddenly, the final belch came, squashing what was left of my body. My ribs gave in, my pelvis shattered and my skull crushed within a matter of seconds. Between the power of the stomach and the metal of my air tanks, my body gave in. Finally, the air had emptied completely, allowing the stomach to properly knead it's contents. It ground into the larger chunks of meat and bone left until the slush was uniform. The reddish paste stuck to the walls of the stomach as it continued to mash into it. Eventually, a sphincter opened up to accept the paste into the ray's intestinal tract until there was nothing left but a pair of tanks and a mask inside. Only then did the ray regurgitate it back into the ocean.

Daina and Sam eventually did give up looking for me. They got back onto the ship and headed for land. That was the last time either of them ever went out to sea.
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Re: Never Trust a Manta Ray [POV fatal]

Postby Ekser » Mon Nov 29, 2021 11:11 pm

I love this! The digestion at the end is very visceral and not really something I have encountered before. I love it!
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