Selene's Journey (soft vore)

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Selene's Journey (soft vore)

Postby flamebane » Mon Nov 22, 2021 5:41 am

First vore-themed story from me.

Chapter 1
The ring of a bell awoke Chris. He had fallen asleep at the counter again. He rose from his bedding of papers and receipts in front of him stood a woman. She was clothed in what appeared to be dark green drathorian leather pants, and her upper body was drathorian leather as well inlaid with shadow scales. She smiled at him. Her skin was fair, her eyes a silver-blue, and her short hair was silver.
"Are you open?" she said. Her words broke Chris's trance.
"Eh, yes..yes, I am." He muttered.
"Good, can you get these items please" still smiling as she handed him a small piece of parchment. Chris grabbed the parchment, his eyes scoured over the contents. He turned towards the shelves then came back.
"Do you have your guild Tag?"
She nodded and pulled on her necklace and flashed her scarlet-colored metal tag at Chris. He opened his mouth to speak.
"Selene, my name is is Selene," She stated.
"That was my next question," Chris grinned.
He turned and went towards the shelves and went into the storage room. In the dimly candle-lit room, the walls were covered in shelves filled to the brim with countless items magical and ordinary alike. In the corner of the room sat a short, plump man, his boss Leon.

"what are you after?" Leon's voice cracked as he spoke.
"some breath stones, and some," Chris eyed the parchment. Also a spool of shimmer steel rope and-."

"Let me see that," Leon said as he snatched the parchment from Chris's hand. "Go man the counter while I fill this order," Leon spoke as he went with remarkable speed for his body size and began traversing the shelves for all the various items on Selene's list.

Chris returned to the front of the store from the storage room. He smiled as he approached the counter, "your order is being filled as I speak."

"Excellent!" She said as she removed her bag from her back and laid it on the counter.

"Ah, a bag of holding?" Chris inquired, staring at the black leather bag.

Selene shook her head, "no, it's a cavern bag," she said.

Chris looked puzzled, sensing his confusion. Selene spoke, "It can hold as much as a small cavern worth of goods and items."

Chris nodded his head in acknowledgment. Leon came bursting out of the storage room hidden beneath a mound of items and supplies. He unloaded on the counter, and Chris watched in amazement as Selene loaded the counter worth of goods in the relatively small bag.

"That will be thirty-seven silver pieces," Leon barked.

Selene Produced a sack of coins from her cavern bag and handed Leon the small pile of silver coins. Leon slid the coins over to himself and smiled greedily.

"Pleasure doing business with you Selene, see you on your next adventure."

Selene slung her bag on her back and smiled, "see you next time," she waved to Chris and walked out of the shop.

Even though she was gone, Chris could still see her beautiful face in his mind. Something about her eyes he found enchanting.

"Careful my apprentice," Leon whispered. "Don't shop from your customers, it's bad for business." He slapped Chris on his back," and your health," he laughed. He began to cough, and after a few seconds of his face turning purple, he cleared his throat. "Besides, she is a Scisperian."

"Scisperian?" Chris looked at Leon.

"Couldn't you tell?" Leon pointed at his eyes and hair. "She's not full-blooded by her appearance, but even the mixed-blood ones are very strong and durable." Leon produced a stool from under the counter and sat. "She would break you boy," he then burst out laughing.

Chris blushed and turned away, looking at the floor in shame. He noticed a rolled piece of parchment on the floor. Chris walked from the counter and retrieved it. He glanced over the parchment, reading it when Leon came over and snatched it from his grasp.

"That is a job request from the adventurers guild, and your girl must have dropped it," Leon chuckled.

"You can't be serious, and how is she going to complete that by herself."

Leon scanned the job request and grinned. "Don't doubt that Scisperian blood, go and check the guildhall at sundown, and you will see."

It was around mid-day when the dense forest patch Selene was following gave way. She found herself at the shore of a massive lake. The water was sapphire blue and churned in the wind as it swept across the lake's surface. Selene closed her eyes and breathed in a large breath of the revitalizing lake air.

She opened her eyes and smiled, "Time for work."

She walked along the shore, eyeing the tree line and scanning each tree as she passed. She spotted a large elder tree, Selene approached the elder tree and began to inspect its roots. She was pushing on the trunk in various places.

"You are strong," Selene said as she patted the tree. "That is good, and I will need your strength today."

She placed her cavern bag down and began to rummage through its contents. She started placing items on the ground, the large spool of shimmer steel rope, a small sack with the breathing stones, and a Scisperian sunstone.

She shut the cavern bag and hid it between the roots of the elder tree. Selene began to unwind the shimmer steel rope. The rope felt silky and soft in her hands. It is made from shimmer spider silk, and it is lightweight and durable as steel. When woven as rope, its durability is strengthened ten-fold.

She wrapped the rope several times around the trunk of the elder tree and tied it tight. She sat the rest of the rope spool down. Her gaze turned towards the beckoning water of the lake and its inviting aroma.

Selene looked around at her surroundings, and she was alone. She began to undress. The thick drathorian leather gave way to soft pale flesh. Her chest piece released her supple breasts and revealed the curse of her midriff. She unbuttoned the belt and straps to her pants and slid them off.
The wind picked up, flowing through her exposed legs, tasting her thighs, lapping at her womanhood. She shuddered as the perverse wind enveloped every crease and curve of her form.

She took the end of the rope and tied it around her waist. It felt soft as it clung tightly to her body. She bent down and attached the small sack to the rope around her waist. Turning and facing the lake, she unlatched her boots and placed them with her clothes. Selene entered the water, and it was frigid as it rose above her ankles. Her body was acclimated by the time it reached her breasts.

The lake bottom dipped as she journeyed further away from shore, and she began to swim. The sapphire-colored water was only clear for ten feet before it became murky and hid the lake floor below. Taking in a large breath, Selene dived towards the bottom.

After a minute or so, the muddy lake bottom revealed itself. Swimming along the bottom Selene looked between the stones and debris for anything of note. Ahead of her in the distance, a light gleamed off something in the rocks. But she stopped and began to ascend to the surface. Even a Scisperian must come up for air, and she had reached her nine-minute limit.

Breaching the surface, Selene refilled her lungs with the cool lake air resting for a moment and returned towards the mysterious object on the lake floor. At the bottom was a small pile of rocks. In between the stones was the source of the glinting light. Selene gently reached her hand and clutched the object, and from the mud and gravel, she held a ring. A silver ring with runes on the side and a single embedded blue gemstone in the center of the band. Holding the ring to her face, she turned it to marvel at its craftsmanship, sending reflections of light in all directions.

A flash of silver shone in the corner of Selene's eye. She turned and placed the ring in her bag.
What was that?

She circled around, and another flash of silver. A small fish appeared in front of her, about a foot and a half long, with a thick streamline body with a large head.

A Silver Sharper.

It darted at her, opened its sizeable toothless mouth, and latched onto her right breast, engulfing it up to her chest with her whole breast inside its mouth. It began to open its mouth slightly and pull in a suction-like manner. Attempting to loosen its prize as it greedily tugged and gripped tightly at Selene's breast.

At first, it startled her, but she relaxed as she enjoyed its futile efforts. The suction of the swallowing and the grip of its mouth was fondling her breast in its slimy embrace. Reaching to remove her attacker, a flash of silver and another sharper set upon her left breast. Selene tilted her head back in uninvited euphoria of both her breasts being molested.

Her lungs began to burn as her time was up, she began to surface. She would have to endure her gluttonous company a little longer. Refilling her lungs once more, she looked down upon her attackers.

"Time to go, gentleman."

Then she felt a tug on her feet. It moved to her knees, and she was pulled beneath the water. She peered at her legs and found a large Silver Sharper instead. This one was much larger at around seven feet, a giant compared to her current molesters. The large Sharper was up to her knees. Selene tried to lean towards the fish, the sharper opened its mouth slightly and sucked her deeper within. Now her waist was inside its mouth, and Selene's feet could feel the bottom of the fish's stomach against her soles.

Bracing her feet against the slimy walls of the stomach, she reached her hands and grabbed the fish's lips, and tried to open its mouth. The large Sharper, like its smaller brethren, gripped tight and began to tug and attempt to swallow her further. The sensation of the smaller Sharpers fondling her breasts and the larger one sucking on her was overwhelming.

Inside the fish's maw, the water and slime pumped to and fro. Pumping around and within Selene. The fish wouldn't give up until she released her legs and let herself fold within its belly. The large Sharper's assault intensified, gripping her harder and faster, massaging her buttock in its tight throat.

The churning and pressure in its mouth also increased, pumping its slime deeper and deeper inside her. Selene was consumed by ecstasy, the pressure, the rhythm. She could feel the warm slime inside her pumping in and out. Reaching deeper and deeper, she couldn't last much longer her strength was waning.

The large Sharper flexed its whole body and shook Selene violently. The pressure reached its zenith, and the slime and water finally reached and penetrated her cervix and filled her womb. She threw her head back and climaxed, and her sweet juices filed the mouth of the fish. Her body quivered in its maw, and her legs went limp. Releasing her brace keeping her from entering further within its stomach.

Sensing her defeat and impending fate, the lesser sharpers relinquished their hold and claim to her breasts. The large Sharper floated motionless in place with Selene limp in its mouth. The fish began to swallow its meal. Her midriff entered its throat, and her breasts filled its mouth. Only Selenes head and arms remained outside now. The Sharper opened and closed its mouth, squeezing her breasts against the roof of its mouth. It prepared for the final swallow when its body became rigid, and it glanced to the side. Its body shook and regurgitated and released Selene and swam into the distance swiftly.

Selene floated in the water, and her body was weak, and the slime coating her began to dissolve in the water. Her lungs began to burn, and she needed to surface soon.

Why did it release me? She thought to herself.

Selene felt by her waist the shimmer steel rope greeted her touch. The small sack was still attached as well. In the distance, a large shape came into view, a gigantic mud-colored fish. At least twenty feet long, whiskers lined its head like a giant catfish, but this monster was no catfish. It was a sabre fish.

Its whiskers twitched in the water, sampling it, tasting it, and it tasted her juices in the water. Now it came to taste her. The sabre fish opened its massive mouth and swam towards Selene. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, and she regained her strength. She began to swim towards the mighty fish.

The sabre fish beat its tail and sped quickly towards her, its gaping maw aimed at its prey, inviting her in, a preview of whats to come. In an instant, the sabre fish was upon her. With his powerful gills, it sucked her soft, pale body into its mouth. The fish's jaws clenched shut. It had tasted her juices from a distance, following her flavor in the water. Now with her inside its mouth, she marinated the water in its maw. A personal soup of her sweet tender flesh.

The fish strained some of the water from its gills, bouncing Selene against the roof and bottom of the mouth and setting off the fish's many taste receptors. She rested on the pink squishy bottom portion of the mouth, a large mattress of meat. She was laying on her stomach with breasts and her body pressed against it. The fish's senses were flooded with flavor and bliss, and it couldn't handle it any longer. It flexed its gills, and the suction pulled Selene down its throat to its gullet.

The sabre fish was alone now. The only remnants of the woman left were her taste on the water and the rope floating out of the fish's mouth. Satisfied and with a full belly, the massive fish floated lazily toward the muddy lake bottom. Upon reaching the lake floor, it rested its engorged stomach on the soft mud. Twitching its whiskers, tasting the scent as it faded away in the water.

It sat and enjoyed the fullness it felt and her squirming and moving within its guts. Its mind began to drift to sleep and to digest.

Selene was greeted with darkness entering the stomach. She found herself on her knees, unable to stand within the muscular tomb. Feeling on her waist, Selene found her small sack, reaching inside and retrieving a small stone. The stone was warm in her hand, and she opened her palm. Light flooded out, revealing the entirety of her fleshy prison.

She let the sunstone fall from her hand to the bottom, and she had more pressing matters. Her lungs burned as she hurriedly grabbed a small white stone from her sack. She exhaled, releasing carbon dioxide bubbles into the stomach. Bringing the stone to her face, she crushed it, and a giant bubble of air formed and expanded. Placing her lips on it, she consumed the air restoring her lungs and breath.

Now restored, she took stock of her limited surroundings. On her knees, in the fish's belly, she gazed at the reddish-pink walls. They pulsated and contracted slowly, churning the water in the stomach as gastric juices were being released. At the Partially closed entrance of the stomach, the only thing blocking it was the shimmer steel rope. Clasping the rope tied to her waist, she slowly pulled on the rope, and the slack slowly trickled into the sabre fish's mouth and its gullet.

Now it is up to you, Mr. Tree, be strong. The thought raced through her mind.

She spread her legs and braced her knees in the walls of the stomach. The muscles contracted, gripping her holding her legs in place. Holding the taut rope, she pulled with all her might. The rope began to come slowly, and the leviathan moved. She reached further and pulled again. The beast moved and was dragged further.

Outside, the sabre fish awoke as it was being tugged from the mud. Fear washed over it as the slack rope in its mouth was now taut. It bit down and shook its head, but the rope did not sever nor loosen. The fish flapped its tail to escape, and it tried to turn to deeper water. Suddenly it was pulled by the rope towards the shore. Struggling and thrashing against the rope, the stomach sloshed and churned. Selene did not falter, and her legs were still braced. The Scisperian strength in her arms held the rope true, and with every pull, she dragged the beast closer to shore.

The calm water of the lake was shattered as the sabre fish surfaced. It flailed as its gills filled with air, and its power fade began to fail. It tried to vomit to release the strain on its body. Half of the water in the stomach was ejected and replaced with air. Inside the fish, Selene cheered and doubled her efforts.

The beast was dragged onto the shore toward the elder tree. The fish opened and closed its mouth gasping, and it twitched as it lay near the base of the tree. The spool of shimmer steel rope empty, coiled inside its stomach. The sabre fish's strength was gone, and it felt a sensation and clenched its jaws shut. Tiny hands penetrated its lips and forced its mouth to open. Selene's head slid out between its lips, and her body was coated in slime, she glistened in the sunlight. The fish's lips closed on her belly and attempted to suck her back inside. It was only accomplishing to massage her stomach and jiggling her breasts.

Freeing herself finally, she walked out and stood in front of her catch.

Not bad for a short day of fishing, she thought to herself.

She went and cleaned herself at the water's edge. She untied the shimmer steel rope from her waist and the tree and packed them into her cavern bag. Rummaging in the bag, she retrieved a blue flask and a long iron chain. Opening the flask, she poured the contents on the fish as she walked down the length of its body. Frost and ice formed and spread around its body, encasing it in ice.

A quick dressing and thanking the elder tree, Selene grabbed the chain and wrapped it around the neck of the sabre fish like a leash. She pulled at the chain dragging the fish down the forest path towards town.

The sun was beginning to set as Chris made his way towards the adventurer's guildhall. He turned the corner on the main road and saw a large cart bearing the Delthiria Kingdoms royal crest parked in front of the guildhall. Peached on the cart was the largest fish he had ever seen. It was half frozen and hanging partially off the cart.

She actually did it.

Chris entered the guildhall, and the room was filled with numerous adventurers of all races and creeds. They sat at the tables drinking and feasting. Making his way to the counter, he found himself face to face with Selene. Caught off guard, He nervously spoke.

"You caught that, that thing?" He motioned toward the guildhall entrance.

Selene took a swig from her mug and nodded. "I claimed the bounty, and the fish is going to be served at the King's feast for the Soliste." She leaned closer to Chris and flashed two fingers at him."The royal chef paid two hundred gold pieces for it" She smiled. Her intoxicated breath bombarded Chris's face. She placed an arm around his shoulder and leaned on him.

"How did you catch it?" Chris stuttered the warmth of her body so close to his own.

"I fished, of course." she laughed and took another drink.

"What did you use as bait?" Chris asked, his words barely piercing the noise in the hall. Nothing Selene had purchased today could have been remotely used as bait for fishing. Let alone bait for a monster like that.

She placed her other arm on him and looked him eye to eye. She leaned on Chris, pressing her breasts on him as she did, and whispered in his ear.
"It's a secret."
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Re: Selene's Journey (soft vore)

Postby NightRoller » Tue Nov 23, 2021 4:22 pm

Excellent work! The descriptions were vivid and the story was by and large engaging and interesting. I enjoyed the read, and it felt plausible and mostly clear and the fanservice didn't overbear the narrative. I enjoyed the prose so much that I wanted to comment about it, as well as comment what I thought detracted from it.

(Because I'm a jerk of a critic (even to myself), I won't neglect to mention that) there were a few small spots where word choice felt off, grammar was a little shaky (e.g. using two verbs that should be in the same tense, but one is in a different tense), or something otherwise felt "wrong" in a sentence, but those bits are far from impacting the story or its enjoyability. On a more specific note, the beginning of the story itself felt a bit slow. I skipped the first two or three dozen paragraphs and only went back to read them when the story had interested me enough; some readers won't do that, so I feel like using "en medias res" for the opening (i.e. starting with Selene's preparations and the two small fish and the one that made her orgasm), then using a flashback or memory or similar to give readers the info/actions of the beginning (which they'll more likely sit through because they've seen your quality of vore-writing already), then switching back into the present as she gets spat out and the target fish comes after her, would amount to a more effective draw for your readers.
(I'm currently writing a novel-length story wherein I need to rewrite the beginning in a similar fashion, but it's perhaps easier because I wrote the beginning years ago and as a writer have lost my attachment to the writing (and can see how horribly dull and mundane it is as it is now). Now that I think of it, starting with a short vore scene from one of the antagonists would be a superb way to start it out!)

By the way, is there any particular reason "Selene" was chosen for her name (non-canonically, why you chose that name)?
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Re: Selene's Journey (soft vore)

Postby flamebane » Tue Nov 23, 2021 8:48 pm

Thank you for feedback! I will try to improve on it and use better grammar. I picked the name Selene after the moon goddess in Greek mythology and the Scisperian race that Selene belongs to is a underground dwelling race. Seeing one of her people in a guild hall or on the surface world for that matter is supposed to be rare occurrence. Like seeing a full moon during the day.
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